Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 20, 1944 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 20, 1944
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 1944 "Happy Jacks Fly Catcher" Gives Calcutta Yanks Heebie-Jeebies NAU&ATUOK DAILY NEWS I'.y JACK OriNX I'liili'il I'IVSM SlnlV diriT.spoiidriit Oaktllta, Viuli.-i (UP) — In '!ndi;i. man whn nuule :i bettor t'ly ti!i|i Ulan his iii'iy.hbor In-lit n ;mih- «-;iy in llir I'. ^. Army's "'door. U-llli fi'l'U " 1('"1S »t tli« MinchillU ami ••» w"'P "" i-'i<:m,i(.'lvcn und nuked l, im [..>.•/!.-<• l.> KI- ;i\vay. !MIV u li»iU :i! tho "Happy Jiieks Army nii!irli'Mn;isti'i' ntlU-Uils in hv an Indkiti nKiiiii'Jacuircr to (•:il'-iiit!t, i.s ciHiiijrh to convinci. 1'ii an iil'Ji'i'tivc ohsrrvor Una this iiiti'i 1 :!.-!!!!'"-''' stjiii- ol' mind l.-i nip- lilly njiju-oMi-liinf: thu paper doll ,:n,-; s-i'i-i'iilly tin 1 Aiiirricrxu Army I j ; , 'in- t'l'.iaa-l'iirnia-Ciuliu tlicutoi ili'i'nli'il il<"' i[ luul UK ' N for sonic fly ti-:ip.-<, :i ilrcl;U',U ion which proli- ,il,|y i-iiiii'i:.-""! lln 1 [ncliniis in the Ill's' I'liU-i 1 , I'lii 1 :: bi'in^ iillowotl com- p:u;it^'i 1 t'ti'fdoni huro, inul ^.t:ij. \\';;ii:i;il li. SlmUlant of Ho\ivll» M:i-h.. in -Miifi'i'iii'iiifo with Army priii'i'ilurc, sutimittod :i rcquost to in,- i/nli.'ii! K" v ''rn:uui»t Tor J'ly Tin- Iivlian iWormniMU, in tui'n, i;MI in ;uv":<laru'i: with so: pro- liiiv. rvl.-iyi'il tin; Army roquost ;,i viiriii'.is dulian conCr.-ict tiuiriit- t;i.-:uiv:> pii.isilily lu-qiiuilltcil with tin- niivh:\iiU':i <if Oivpturin;; tliva, aril !!it'sr furitrrii'tors thon subniit- I.M! s:i!!i)ili"» ol' tlu-ir work. This iimli s«:i!r ti:nf. bur tlnnlly tho In- ili:i;i i;i>v<'rii!iii'!iT .sent what it con. n.ilfri-il iIH> iir-sit I'Xnmplu 1 of J'ly trips l>:ir|< to CM ut. Stimli'V R. I.-..)-i-J.-i i.:' i 10-1 M;inlo RttviH) Kc.-ir- n.v, N. J,, i.hc American \vnrchousu olllcci- nt Calcutta. 'I'-:: PJU:] H. Shannon of Carl!">". Minn., chiof tk-rk of tho niinr- tenn.-istui- soclion oC Calcutta, was this nrs:t American to lay cyos on ihu ,ll;i[)[>y Jack. Rumor is Umt ho still wnki-K up sicrosiminij. Me Kot rid o" ihc UiiiiK, passed it. on to the chief wiirchuuaomun, M:isti!i- SKI. Thomas J. Mui-ruy, Jr., of CU', Sterling; slrooL) Hfirtl'ord. Conn. Murray p.issoJ it 0:1 to CsijH. 1'Vrri.M as quickly :in yios-Jiblo and then clociduJ it would probably ho I'ost, not 10 think ubuut Jt anymore. Then tho device was sent to 2nd f-.t. Trwiti I. Bellman of (2200 iScottwood) Toledo. O.. properly oillcci- at the tiimrturmaster jxon- i' depot, who with shnUisig h.'Liul.M, : -,lj;nod an order turning clown the contractor's ol'fur in huild 25 Happy Jacks F!y Catchers per \vuek. Now l\i-|)t llidtliMi The Hajipy Jack is now usually ki'pt hidden fi-oni the jirenoral public, but is brought out from time to time lo rrijrhten people who wander in and out of the oillce of J-C. Lo.stor Cotes of Forest Hills. N Y.. public relations, , • The Happy Jack is a wooden' box about 2"j Inches square with a wire mesh top and equipped with sundry roller*, flaps, cranks, pulleys and slriiiRS, plus a sliding drawer in the rear through which the flies lire removed after they are caught. Generally, it looks like Eli Whit- noy's tlrst cotton «in, or, rnthei-, like something- Whitney would have made after drinking yin. Directions for operating the ma- Three-Star Pup Page Five ; jt suilor-riKHlo "Mao West" life jaokiit Is Blackout, iiiUNcot. of a Coast Gnurd-imiiineU LCI that has seen plenty of action. Tlii-rr nre three battle stars cm lllac-kout'» t4i:rvi<;e rililion for action in the invasion of Ituly, Sicily, anil Normandy. Offlcinl Coast. Guard photo. (Intfrna- tioiml) I chine came .ilonK with if., no.-Uly I typed ;md pa.stod on tho 1'ront; INVEST IN QUALITY RE-UPHOLSTERING By GRIFFIN New Fall Shewing- cf Beautiful -Materials At Moderate Prices ••.HAPPY JACKS FLY CATCHER' 1 Instructions ".[. Pluco hoiiuy on wooden revolving block, "2. ' Have coolie tun; handle twice n (l.'iy, flies become enthused with there (sic) e.-itinc and uro caught :is hlock turns over. "3. "To remove day's c.itch, pull out drawer on back of machine. .. The thoiisrhlftil inventor h:ui added at the bottom of the in- -strnctiotis, appnroiuly :is an after- thouprht. : ^; "Pnt. Pending .IB-IS." "~" ! Rolls Bandages For Third War J SPECIAL OFFER j 2 PIECE 5 SUITE I-'OK KSTIMATE PHONE 4690- FREE DECORATING SERVICE GRIFFIN UPHOLSTERING CO. PHONE 4690 Mansfield, O. CUP)—A 03-year- old native or Crusllino. O.. Mrs. Puncua Guttridgc has made surgical cfressings during three wars. During the Civil War Mrs, Gut- I ridge, presently the oldest Red Cross worker at tho Long Bench. Cal.. chapter lived with her grandparents ,-it P.lanchard O., where sin: was ,1 hcime-front volunteer. At the time of the first World ! Wnr Mrs. Cnllridge was visiting in I Canada and made bandages foi the Canadian Kei! Cross. Cal'os nf Lho U. S., exclusive of .-ibont inn.OOn "drinking- places," i tola! 00.000. About Jj.OflO new ones i open each yen r, ' many of them ' only short-lived. PRECIOUS EYESIGHT IN DANGER! •k * * * * * * * * * * S TUDY lliis picture carefully. Here arc IM-O young people unknowingly causing damage to their precious eyes. They are doing ivhat ninny thousands of other school children do lo contribute lo the alarming situation of defective eyesight among young folks. They arc injuring their eyes because of the glare of improperly diffused Jight. The lamp i.s a pretty one and giving sufficient illumination. But its direct light from hare bulbs is reflected from reading surfaces with glaring results thai cause cycslrain. If this lamp ivcrc raised to a higher level and had a light-diff using bowl these school children could study belter in the soft diffused light without danger to their eyes. Now is the time to check over your home lighting. See that it is arranged lo safeguard eyesight. Clcau the bulbs and shades so that you get the full benefit of the available illumination. Prevent glare and waste. If you need light diffuscrs we still have on hand a slock of various adapters for your present fixtures and complete units designed lo improve home lighting. THE CoNNECTicu IGHT& POWER Co, If You Use Electricity Wisely, You Save Coal and its Transportation * * * * * * * * * * * •*' Inmate Of Insane Ward, flio Escaped, Is Back In Custody Hartford, Sept. 20—(UP)—-An Inmate of the criminally insane ward at Norwich wt'nte. .hospital—Curl Wilson of Hartford—is back In custody after his third escape, Still at large, however, -is* Ed ward Dy.cidx.ic of Unionvillc, who broke out of the ward witii .Wilson Sunday, It was Ozeid/.ic's fourth escape. Meanwhile, Governor Baldwin has started a special investit'.'.L.tion of conditions which led to the cs- ea'pes, and ha.3 assigned nine state police ofUccrs to the hospjtuJ to the hospital to provide escape-proof assit the hopital guards. A special committee is studying facilities, while another committee Is trying to fix responsibility for the .escapes. Additionally, the governor .proposes changes in the state laws to permit the criminally insane to be committed to prison. Held For Homicide Zigs And Zags At Right Time Rolla, Mo. (UP)— PFC. Keith Stair of the third Marines, in a letter to h_is parents, Kave his formula for keeping In one piece in this man's -wur. Just x\g at the right time-and zak at the ri^hl time and-'kecp both ends down when yoti'rojin u foxhole. ,'. '''."' "So far," ho wrote. "I hnve y.ifjpred and xaffred at the right times,and) kept both ends down and "man-' a/red to keep .vjul and body together." WCTU Wants Sale (Sailor Pleads Of Liquor Banned • On Victory Day i _ Columbus, Sept. 20— (U P)— The 70th national convention of the Women's Christian Temperance union lui.s adopted resolutions u iiiy a bun on the sale of alcohol on the day of victory in Europe. And it condemned the so-culled "holi day" grunted distillers to product civilian alcohol. The resolution on the Victory Day liquor li,in asked President Roosevelt to set aside a period for Innocent To Murder Charge Espotdhs nation,')) prayer and uj-^'ed , that "the American people abstain voluntarily from all alcoholic liquors on the day of victory. IX 1'KISON CAMP Paris, Sept. 20 — (U P)—One French prison camp alono holds more than 5,000 alleged collaSiora.- lionistB. It's revealed thjjt !3,300 men and women accused of cola b o r a t i n g with the Na/.is in FIVJJICO .-ire being-held in the Dj-an- cy camp availing- trial. Here expression reflecting her plight, Mrs. Gloria Steinberg, .'!!, Qiieenti, >'. Y., is pictured :us she \vns hooked mi homicide charges In connection with (he death <if her son, David, G, who wus horn out of wodlock. Police say sb<; eonfesse<l to killing thi: hoy witli his Boy Scout :wco hec:iiis(; he was "unruly and disuhodient." (Tnt«rn.';ial) New Mexico has the highest birth rate of all of the states with 27.3 per J.OUO of population. New .Tor- soy has the lowest rate with only 13.G per 1,000. \VATCII ,V ,IK(VKI.RV Ki:rAiin:.;; William Schpero .M:»-i>li-r ISO f.'lll'ltCII ST. — i rriiciii. un — 2 Store Closed Next'Monday J < and Tuesday J J For Heligions Holidays * 1 D. LIEBERMAN 1 J X'li C/II.-UCII STItBBT J Ne\v London. Sept.. 20—(UP)—A sailor attached to the New London I submarine base—38-year-old Francis Miggins of Boston—hos pleaded innocent to a first degree-murder charge in connection with the death of Miss ]d,1 K. Sicnn.a. Miss Sienna.—a 23-year-old PorU land \v.-i.r worker—was found dead behind .1. billboard .11.- Old Lymc August third. Police claim Kh<: h.-id been attacked und strangled by HigginK, Higgins will go lo. IrL-il in Xt-w London Supo-ioi- court the or October. Smart Fall DRESSES Wools - Crepes, i I CltVSTAI, IS VKIIY I>OI'IJJ.AR AS A. WKDUING GIFT Human blood conuiins about 13,000 white corpuscles per cubic centimeter. ' . CEXTICH ^^T. DIAL' 3-27«t Heavy Turkish Towels 49c I-irffc sixf? bath towels ot quick- dryinsr, flurry cotton lorry.. Firm lone wearing weave. CHboso from ^olid pastels, colored "borders or WASH CLOTHS G. C. MURPHY GO. Church Street Naugratuck, Conn. start it! There's a o'ciy coming when the enemy will be licked, beaten, whipped to a fare-thee-well — every last vestige of fight knocked out of him. And there's a day coming when every mother's son of us will want to stand up and yell, to cheer ourselves hoarse over the greatest victory in history. But let's not start the cheering yet. In fact, Jet's not start it at all—over here. Let's leave it to the fellows who are doing the job—the only fellows who will know when it's done—to begin the celebrating. 'Our leaders have told us over and over again that the smashing of the Axis will be a slow job, a. dangerous job, a bloody job. And they've told us what our own common sense confirms: that if we at home start throwing our hats in the air and easing up before the job's completely done, it will be slower, more dangerous, bloodier. Right now, n:*6 still up to us to buy War Bonds —and to A-eep on buying War Bonds. Let's do that. Let's keep bearing down till we get the news of final victory from the only place such news can come: the battle-line. If we do that, we'll have the. right to join tl-- cheering when the time comes. Buy your Invasion Bonds This Advertisement is a Contribution Toward America's All-Out War Effort by The NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS I I

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