Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 20, 1944 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 20, 1944
Page 4
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Page Four NAUQATUCK DAILY NEWS WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20. Published Every Evening (Except Sunday) by THE NAUGATUCK NEWS CORPORATION NAUGATUCK, CONNECTICUT DO YOU REMEMBER? From The Files Of The News lVU-|>lioni'ii SIKH wild 222!>— All ]>i)|>iirtiiu>iHri Enlurotl UK xocorid clusit mutlnr at the post offlcu in NaugiHuck, Conn. SUBSCRIPTION KATES Payable In Advance 1 month $ ."5 fl months $4.50 3 month* J2.25 ' 1 year The Unitucl I'russ has thu exclusive right to use for rcpublication In nny form, all news dispcitchc credltud to thi* paper, tt Is ulso exclusively cntitlec to ustu for rcpubticution all the local and undated new publlshud herein. J'l.UDGK TO THK FLAG—"I pli!(lKu i leiunci; ti» tli<- J-'li»fc' ol Uio fniti.-il S*l;it«'.H o Aiurrldi mill to tin' Hi-piil'lle f»r which U itimiln. Ono initlon lndivl*il>lc, with ],llii>rt.> NIK! ,lti<itlcu for nil." WJiI»NKMlAY. SKI'TKMIIKB ^0, .1SM-I HAPPIER NEW YEAR FOR JEWS IN EUROPE Throughout, tliu world thu Jewish people this week havt' l)octi oliserviuy the commencement of the .ye.'ir 0705 of the Hebrew calendar. The uhsei-vaiice, however, has been saddened by the shock- iiiir; cruelties commit led in .I'luropo lili^ninst i;'i'eaL numbers of their race tlur- ini; the terrible, ruthless, and vicious 20 Years Ago Calvin Ka/nnjian headed the' YMCA' physical council, succeeding the late Lewis C, Warner. Winchester Packard was elected secretary,, succeeding John Cnshey. o—O—o Amonp those attending a school board mcutlns' in Beacon Falls were Frank E. Bronson, Chester .Rudolph, Diinicl CntTinRton. Ernest Clark, Fred C. Curtis.-!, Frank Curtiss, Frank T.. Johnson, and Martin P. aialono. o—o—o 30 Years Ago Amonfr the men reporting to Coach Michael Clnl'l'ey Cor the All-Nrui^atuck football team were J. Grant, F. Donnelly. J. Cuddy, J. Baummer, R. K:iUibourne, T. Carriety, and R. Gormloy. o—O—o The Indies of the Methodist Episcopal church mot and orcaniy.od the Perseverance society, electing the following as officers: Mrs. Flora Gibhud, Mrs. Clayton Bailey, Mrs. Albert Barnes, and Mrs. Frank Taylor. SWORDS OF SAM-OCLES \Around the Clock campagn l»y the X;ixi war mon- T-oday, (hanks to those forces of rii;]it and justice whose military miji'lit', at lojix hist., is winnin.L;' its fiyht for the presorvation of human rights, the .Jews of war-torn countries are animated with new hope as they await tho dawning of lirighler, littler and happier days. That the people ol' any nation would, in this so-called a^e of enlightenment, persecute-, kill and plunder their brethren of another race because of racial hatreds seemed unlikely and unthinkable a few years ago. But the fact that it could happen was all too true. The inhuman treatment of the Jews by their oppressors bears most convincing Ic'iigths to which SMioh carried when aroused people who have the lustiinony to t'lio hatreds can lie in the 'hearts of PIASMI- l''i nuirdc.'!' and massacre human heings. The persecutions to have been subjected world the evils and dan hatreds. They should mak, if civilization is to survive must be banished forever •hearts. It iniioeent and liolp'.oss •\vlii.c!i tl:o Jews hould teach the JOTS of .racial ; it plain that , sucii hatreds from human s year will be to be sincerely hoped that the new everything to the ,'Jews in Km'Dpe that lovers of liberty everywhere pray it will be, and that their days of suffering and hardships will speedily be brought to an end, COUPON CHEATING traffic in l in many Tin. 1 scandal Visitors in Chica thai: ''everybody tions." Those who g tions of presenting or gasoline coiipons is a parts nl' this country, ;u, fni- instance, report laiiJLj'lis at ya.s rosLric- liifuun'li the mo- roct'ivinj;' yas(i[;nc Jim J-3rain!iall, ol' North Main street; \vas Li'ix'cit ijiiite a. calliiiL;' down the ulher ex'eniny hy Juo iMulc'sky, .his yiicn.1 .friend and neiyhliov. It sueins that Jim was as- v i;' Ids "wife witli her housewurlc find olio dl' (he chores required his !eavit:.y the jmi'ti'ils nl' the home and goiny outside, lie was hy Joe who promptly rushed nut on his hack porch and proceeded lo enlighten J'ames on the laws and liy-law* uf t.lio Flals A. 0., of which Ixitli are memliers, .'1'iilliii^ mit tin.' little i^'reen liook, Joe said: ''Jim, J'm ivoini;' to read you l.''ai"iL;'ra|.i!i .'.1, Si-c- tion t!. Article .XIII (VoiTi ilie liandiiook of iiii- Flais A. (.'.; No married memhcr shall assist his wife wiih licuisojifild chores, if said chores compel said niem- her lei Iwivi.' the interior of ihe house; for i.'xampk 1 , lian.n'iii.n' clotlii:s, .sweopiny porches, huruiny refuse, etc. The irieinher mns! coiifino his acli\'ii,ies Lo the in'.erior —ilustin.n' I'uriiiture, nii'.pniu.n' and wa>»- in^ 1 floors and riiimiuy a carpe',; swec'per, -And in Ptii'.'ig'iviph 4, it says: All chores must he clone out of slylit of; nny human' eye, especially since ('he other mem hers' u'lYi's m;iy .yet tiie same idea and impose ihe same duties on their own liiishands. WALTER WINCHELL Coast-to-Coast Trade Mark Registered. Copyright, ISl-I. Dally Mirror BROADWAY BAM.AI) blowin th arc The sudden winds onco again . . . The lightning streaks across So hire wo stop—for we arc for r.iin. And there is not a hint of sheltc nigh. Small use the careless phras'. that we flung Small use tho Jnns that bcckonc in the night. And all Lh<; scarlet pennants ih.i wo hung Arc blown away against th tempest's night; thr; moon«Iow li the stars were Remember when our way? Remember when ours lo touch? When fiddlers never y.sked us foi their pay? And nothing really mattered very much? Hut now HIP winds an; Wowing T!i<- lightning streaks . . . and we :ir<:,in for rain! —nox WAIIX. "YOUR MINI) AND BODY" .I'.y LOGAN CUC.N'mCNlXG, M. D U.v Writer Discusses Fun Of Being- Maryland Democrat KSSAKY J'ress Coluiiinist) Recall Steady Loyalty Of Tumulty To His President 1 understand, Jim, we bands g(--[ [.-I stick together." Mr. and Mrs. John Sawa of 105 School street, became the parents of a baby g'irl at St. Mary's hospital Tuesday at 12:40 p. m. Both mom and daughter were reported doing well. The 'dad is in France with the U. S. Army W, W. Clymer, of 11 Southview street, is taking- the rest of his vacation period this week from his duties at the U. S. Rubber Co. office. Advice On A Common Problem I HAVE i-V.'o loiters from two mothers u.'icli of whom has the problem of constipation i:v one of their children. One enild is !•! months old'and oni: 33 years. Both are girls, which brings Lo mind the old doctor definition—"Woman is a oonstitpatcd biped," Tl is well for everyone to remember occasionally Dr. Tom A. Williams'* list of: "Popular Mis- ccnci'ptions About the Bpdy— ".I, Eight hours sleep is cssen- tini t.o health. '".'. Overwork loads to nervous coupons are well aware of the counterfeiting and the substitutions, but do nothing about it. .All Iliis sort of thing is a shameful imposition on hones! people who do ohcy the law, ft is also a. glaring defiance of' state and national governments and a promoter of lawlessness in other forms. Jf 'he cities and states cannot or will not clean up this situation, couldn't the national government do something about it"/ "RELAXED SHOES" "Despite rt'l.'i.vnliun of n \\';ir Pron .BonnI reyuliition l.luit. lias limited the niiinlicr of colors used in shoos," writes n business c'linwirtiUilor, ''(.here K>erns little likuliliom'l llmt women can soon mutch their suits niicl dresses as they would wish." There is a scarcity of tlycs and ijiyments. It, is a terrible privation, no doubt,: but human nature is elastic, and may survive. And wbeu llio rainbow shoes arrive, they will be appreciated all the more. The matter is chiefly interesting, however, because of the contrast between this fortunate nation and most of the others, in the matter of shoes and clothing. The averaice Knylish woman is said to be Dotting one pair of shoes, of doubtful color, in several years. As for clothes, 1hcy are nearly all wearing what remains of the garments they had before- the war. Li (!.lu Judilh X.'mg'c'.*, drtii^lilor "I' Mr. ;:inl Mrs. Xordhill Xauges, of North Main street, celebrated her first birthday with a party at her parents home. Judy received many gifts from those in attendance. The party table was decorated with a Iio!iby horse, which was accepted with the keenest delight by the youngster. Among those attending were Holly Moeckel, '.'(loverly Nanges, John and .Edward Titley, Norman' Nanges, Tommy and .Jim M'mnicncci. of'Beacon Falls, and Krihert Fox of fteymoiir. Mrs, George Fn.v, Mrs. Arthur Nauges, •Mrs. John Titley, and Mrs, Dominic MLimicucci were also present Mrs. Mii'dred Painter, :>1 Qniim street, and Mrs, Esther .Burkns, n|' (i4 ] : lighland avenue, are both receiving their friends and relatives ai; "\V~aterhnry hospital. Mrs, Painter underwent surgery and Mrs, Bnrkus is a medical patient. Helen Mariano of Pond street week- ended in New York city, where she visited relatives Burton Comp, 157 South Main street is spendng- a shore leave in the borough After the hurricane last Thursday night, the song 1 ,, .written several years ago, "When the Lights Go On Again," had a little more significance than usual. Especially since the lights went on again in the borough last night. That makes two places now: London, England, and Naugatuck, Connecticut. . Little John Hayden, son of Mr. and Mrs, Frtnik Hayden, of 0 Beacon rond, .Bencon Falls, is ;i medical patient at T\ 7 u- torhnry hospital. . , . . . Anybody got an old ">.;jb x 1G tire tube thcv don't want? "S. A carefully planned diet is essential to health. A variety of food is harmful. • ' ' "•I. Constipation is at the root of most physical ailments." r.omombt;r these ai'e misconceptions. They ar<; not true, although widely held as beliefs by large numbers of the population, 1 would direct the two mothers' attention particularly to the sentence on consipatiim. The first thing (or ihc parents in both cases is not to got excited aliOLit it. Constipation is net going to undermine her child's health. The idea hat u constipated person is absorbing poison \ill the time is a myth. Everyone of us .no matter How regular our habits, has food residue and bacteria, in our intos'- tincs every minute of the -•! hours. Wo do not absorb poison from this mass. So don't surrour.d children with an atmosphere of fussy solici- tnde. V.'ilh .in older child this is especially bad. It automatically makes the condition worse. Don't badger the child to go and sit on the toilet right after breakfast. Sneh procedures simply paralyse every movement in every millimeter of the inlosiinc. A large number, I suppose the majority, of children ;irc constipated between the ages of ten and about sixteen. They get over it. Don't make them suil'-conscious. In the case of the l-l-months-old in [Vint Hie constip.-il.ioii is probably ti signal from the digestive tract that it is ready to tackle more substantial food. I can have raw us well as cooked, fruit and whole vegetables (not puroed) and you car, begin to cut clown (not stop) tho milk. Holt, in his Dis- e.isos of Infancy nnd Childhood, writes: "During the second year children who suffer from constipation arc usually benefited by reducing the amount of milk and giving more solid food. Especially valuable are addition's of bran instead of gruels. Fruits arc: valuable in all cciscs." Use of Mineral Oil Eoth the children under consideration arc reported to be taking mineral oil and frequent enemas. The enemas should be stopped. They will ,if pcsistcd in, eventu- aiy infoct the bowel mucosa with punctate ulccrations that "are difficult to heal. The effect of infection of the lower bowel by daily enemas was pointed out by Dr. Horace Sopor, of St. Louis, years YVASTillMG TON— "Den r. Mada ni : " •.vriiosa not-too-wcll-wishcr. "What kind of politics .'ire you. anyhow? Arc you a NuwXJunlor or .ire you a de-.vyuyud D<!«'oy-iLO" We've been arjruiiiK in our lunch club : about you. And we say maybe you' know know yourself what you arc. — (Signed L. L.)" Dear L. L.: I'm .1 Democrat. Thais what I am. But I am also a n.'ilive Baltimorran. Born ;L n d raised in the Maryland Prco Siato. .Such a background makes anybody peculiar. Especially when you add to Free c propensities innny years of living in Washing-. ion, watching The Great put on their hip- and little acts. How do I know whai I am lil.icril].\'? I nm sure of tJii.s J ever, it is a ]iowcrful lot of fun to stir up a little constructive confusion now and then. That is my M.'irykinc! Free State disposition ajjain. V/c are natural a^'ir.'-ers. son.iliiy.. Wholhnr you believe in th'e L(>:J.RUC of Nations or .not. you cannot deny that. Wood row Wilson was a por-sonality. Hollywood lias hardly thou^lit of tlie rich niatci-ial—tho Wilsons and the Dr. Wnssclls—that have helped luiiM up this nation. You may sec any day in Washington men and women whose thrilling lives offer the motion picture artists a chance U) irive .substance as well as entertainment to the screen. po- JOE TUMULTY, famous secretary to Woodrow Wilson, is well portrayed in the inspiring film, "Wilson," Mr. Tumulty was a colorful personality in the Wf! era. I am happy to see that Hollywood has caufTht his charm and made real on the screen the loyalty and encouragement he R-ave to the World W.-ir T president. Tho success of "Wilson" Rives me a chance to say to .Hollywood; "I told you sol" (I realise that all Hollywood is not waiting anxiously on my next sentence.) For years I've hcnn ai'Kuir.g with the help of printer's in If that the film producers should build their scenarios on the iivcs of individuals who have had dramatic careers. Cooked up lots and imaginary people are SUCK PECULIAR THINGS pop into my head. Take for example this supposedly.noble superiority of the white races. Of the civilized races—if we may bo more gcnoi In this war, the whito races ha .-ilmost outdone ihc cannibals cruelty. Indeed tho .cannibals ha certain more admirable qualit than civilized peoples. I never ha been close enough to help pro the superiority. But cannibals kill to cat, n traveling: friends tell me. They c human beings because they boli that by so doing Uicy absorb i strength, the best qual'itios of tho they are oating. I'd rather ko even my weaker finalities with my own poor frame, but you w have to admit that civilized peop kill with no. thought of picking u a few human vitamins, physical o spiritual, thereby. They kill and then bury the vi tims—if they have time,' Get n value out of the nasty business a all as far as I can sec. They jus I do not advocate cannibalism my own personal post-war pro gram. Besides, the people I migl- to kill, come some dark Mo:- FACES ABOUT TOWX: Arleno Fr.'innis. the "DoughRiris" nnd 'Blind Date" star, \venrins bright Autumn leaves in her chestnut iair. .Morton Downey, back from iolidayin;.r on the Wyoming rrinch f Woodruff, his Cola sponsor... he beautiful brunette (whoever ;he was:) in black satin at Oth md OTth St.—smoking a bisr, black iipe ..Jane Dec-ring, the lovely i.'tllerina, leaping a puddlo of r.iin- ter at Madison nnd OTth with n, :rfect arubesque . .Sheila E.'tr- eti.. back from a long tour over- ens, starved for chit-chat about he towners. . .Mac West, disguised i dark Specs, black v.'ig and oth- gadgets, jfcidnighting in the yric The.'nflPljn '12nd St.. to wit- ess a revival of one of her early ickors ..Marie Monioz, at the Colony, refusing to veil enchanted women the name of her seductive perfume. It's "Fabulous," giris... Dorothy Arnold, who looks like The V.'irga Girl. "Nobody In my crowd will think of phoning me her*" .'IrKt night ho discovered why J':t its v.'Crv; .10 7*o"*J3Of?»1blc T n next room a nongwritor h.ijn m , away at .1 tinny pi.-i.nncr a]] rs ...In this room on hi« left „, hack w;is trying to wreck a l< writer until dawn .Aftir u nights of going practically loss he approached his no;>Jir;Uf;ly—offered each a uus sum—to movo to some room in the hotel .vlioth" :ind took hi.s money. ..Anil ;h'cn-I exchanged rooms with each o'.hc« Th h fit» St. fa MANHATTAN' woman with a duck on Jta fc-ot nail-polished I) on 3?ih the rain. . .L-'isi. week's Jlov/ing down one of the signa <,j the }iurricano night c!ub...Tht )lacn."d j* thr; beauty salon: ,"i; Your H.iir-Do Jsn'i Kocoming '•! You, You Should &<: Coming to Us" . .Hai-ri' the Kipsler, a groovy character who hangs iroynd tJj t Ony?: and other Swing St. joyn(« t nightf pj.-i.ying boogic-w.xjgi^ P j. . During tho day ha teach« t Juilliarfj. . .The dignified loofc! ng white haired old l.idy, s^i, fternoons on .1 Central Pif), ench, playing the fiarmonica: SALLIES i.v OUK ALLEY: Jessyca Russell, an ed. of Magazine Digest, was introduced to a uirl night..."You once made some insultins; remarks about me," reminded the stranger. . ."I'm very soiTy," said Jessyca. .."Why do you tell mo this now?" .isked the other ."Because." admitted Jessyca. "confession is good for th heel". . .One of the town's popula. chorines ran into Club JS all ovi of breath. . ."She had the devil o a time," explained Jackie Gleasor "escaping from the show's angel.' THE LATE WATCH: Life has ignod Sgt. Phil St':rn to phoio- raph Life photoggcr Cjon ifjjj aj e directs his first film for Wtr- oj-'s .The Ring Crosby projrajs nd Carroll Carroll (who crea;«! ho delightful format for tht: star) lave divided ..It's a boy for ths l.-Comdr. Richard Koldcns (Sut oslcy). ..Bill Bcndix's playing la \broad with Two Yanks" has woj m a long Term-M' with Kd ST.all .Phil Brito's lawyers will sun his jonsor for omitting: him from leir now program. Th^y had si;pod him..'.Betty Hutton and Eoyd Racburn are having their own war . ..Mi^ricl Morris, who b:ilk«il t: the altar to wed Red Skelton, now says she will marry Lt. \Valte- Kane. -Iz Elinson says the Loysl Opposition claim they knew hov to got jobs for everybody aa! thinks that sounds a little sillr coming from people who have beta out of work for 32 ve.-irs. t BROADWAY CONFUCIUS: Decent Men Hate Politics Eecausc the Rungs of the Ladder Are the Faces of Friends. convineing and seldom en- ' d » v > would be too-tough for goo ne\ r er tcrlairing when they como out of that purple atmosphere of Hollywood. The best recent war picture is "The Story of Dr. Wassell," founded on actual happenings in the life of a physician in the South Pacilic. "Wilson" will have an enormous appeal. It is well done. But more importantly, it is based on a grca.t personality, a great American per- catin'. not have the diet furnish the bulk? High residue diet for constipation — (for adults as well as chi!- •dren over ten years of age) is: Drink plenty of water between meals. Eat some fruit every n fore going to bed — apple, pear, or peach. Favor— (1) vegetables '— cor n, cauliflower, cabbage, c e 1 e r y, onions, (i) Cereals— bran, oat's,' mush. (3) Fruits-^Pi-uncs, dates, figs, berries, melons. ight be- orange, You're Telling Me! My Wn.LIAM KITT (Central ITCKH Writer) JUST A FEW HOURS afle Russia dcclnrod war on Bulgaria the .Bulgarians yelled for an ru-mis '.ice. What's this—a blitz peace? Add similes: As proud ,-is a jcop rolling through cnptured Sednn. r.ntosd MOWS from Kiirope Inill- ciit.cs wij may not hsivc lo wall niiK'li iDiitjei- until «•« llntl out liou- lon^ Is a "tlur:ition." The mineral oil is probably all I'iRht. 7t is tho least barmfui of the cathartic's. If it has 'cathartic properties, Kenui-ally It is considered to u-ork because it furnishes iHillc. If is what it does, why QUBSTIONS ANI> ANSW.EKS K. W.:—You mentioned that keratin nourished the hair. What foods have keratin in them or should it bo taken like medicine? 1 .-Answer: .1 am afraid I did n6t 'make myself clear on. this. I said that oil or fat massages of the scalp do r.o good because the hair does not live on oil. It lives 'on keratin, which is tho horny material of animal tissues. You cai>. net increase keratin by getting more in the food, or in chemical form. The body always supplies what, it can utilize. The problem of restoring lost hair . is pretty hopeless. When it'is gone it is gone, and only philosophy conies Lo the rescue. ' "Wide, important shoulders' ' a feminine fashion note describes n new style. Sounds like an ideal costume for those women war workers who have been shouldering such a great part of our industrial effort. In smiling', according to Facto- ffrnphs. only 13 facial muscles are put to use, However, n frown brings move than SO muscles to work. Take it c;isy, bud, ..Speaking of post-war reconver- sion, wluifs going (o happen to Hie Swiss. :uid Swedish . rumor factories? BROADWAY .CINDERELLA Jean Lewis is Broadway's neivof •ictfuss .She inherited the rolo o Helen Kayos' daughter in "Har "Set." which resumes on tho 2TU' ...Jean was born in Shanghai . he landed ihis fine rolo althoug]' •=he never beforo appeared on Th_- ig Apple — withou; knowing an ageni or any producers.. JusL walked into iho ollicc of Gilbert Miiller. The sec'y took her nam? nnd phone number. "If anything comes up." she was to3d, "we will let you know"...Jean walked out a litlte beaten. She had heard that one before . .The next morning she was summoned for the job; MEMOS OF A MIDXIGHTER: Former "Vanities" darling. Rose Heilner, companion of millionaires, irts soon at El Morocco as hatch, cck girl. ..Xntachn.' Rambova. the ex-Mrs. Hutiy Valentino, is back afier escaping from Majorca on n coal barge. She was wed to ihe son of tho TJukc of Alba 'Star Time," starring L. Holt?., is )laying lo standees at tho 1SOO- cap.ncity Majestic Theater, despite t.ilf ihc critics. . .Insiders hear Eugene Casey, an ,-iss't 10 the Presi- lent, may onicr the Xavy.. .Since lor husband'has l)een to" ihe bat- lefronts, Mrs. Brooks Atkinson wife of ihc Times critic) hasn't :one to any shows. . .Pals insist John J. Astor's ex-wife, Tucky French .will marry Benson Haves "Frenchman's Creek" is smarty all: for the Seine River. Since Alaska was acquired tr liie United Stales, Jaw ,in<! order along it-s coa.sts have been maia- mined by iho co.-ist A fresh coat of paint on tfac wood-\vork and walls will make that room new again* And if you use the tight paint you caa easily keep it clett •nd new-looking with soap and water. We recommend Murphy Paints fxtoriot • THE OnCHID GARDEN': Kitty Carlisle's Dccca discs of the "Ro"- crta" score, ..Jo h nny Long's woliodioa from Tho Xe'w Yorker loto! via CBS... Kay Kyser in olumbia's "Carolina Bliies".... he "Casanova Brown" cocktail at Houge—with Jamaica j-um . .. he new Romanian Village cuisine .Helena Bliss, ihc curvaceous va in "Song of Norway". . .Conv ont.itor F. Kingdon's" radiornry: "There are some people born America—in whom America was ever born!" MIDTOWN VIGNETTE: He is o 01 the better known playboys .The other weekend, weary from £. ho decided to hide out in mo Broadway hotel and take it sy for a while...He reasoned: CANS, Inc. MAPLE STREET TEL. 3507 Your Eyeglasses Shop C. H. Tomlinson No:»ry k, Conn. « ACCOUNTING KVEXJXG CLASSES i-cc Mull Course. Mon. Knroll now. Phone *• Post Junior College "Nazi Big Shots May Fleo to Ja- pan"—headlinc.' This must be quite upscUina: to 'those of To jo's pals who had been planning to to German:/. escape Night haschj,)!, , vc rc;((1i . lUr . lc( . s many ins-nets. JncliMHns; (he loud- umpire bailvr. WAK ROXDS* .» It II V REYMONDS 1

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