The Kansas City Times from Kansas City, Missouri on September 23, 1972 · 2
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The Kansas City Times from Kansas City, Missouri · 2

Kansas City, Missouri
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 23, 1972
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4A THE KANSAS CITY TIMES Aid to Teachers Cited Lawrence Kan (AP) — Retired teachers have been told by an assistant to Gov Robert Docking that the governor will continue his light to make equitable the retirement benefits for schoolteachers who retired prior to the merger of the teacher retirement and Kansas Public Employees retirement programs John Ivan administrative as sistant told the Douglas County chapter of Retired Teachers: “We are anxious for you to compare Governor Docking’s record in the area of teachers’ retirement benefits and that of his opponent’’ Docking a Democrat is seeking a fourth term His Republi can opponent is Morris Kay of Lawrence “Governor Docking fully supported efforts prior to 1970 to improve the Kansas Teachers’ Retirement System which ranked low among the 50 states by merging it with the Kansas Public Employees retirement system” Ivan said Kansas Judge Knocks Down Obscene Film Statutes Wichita (AP)— J u d g e Wiliam Kandt ruled yesterday in Sedgwick County District Court a Kansas nuisance statute unconstitutional because it appeared provisions of the law violated constitutional standards on vagueness and prior restraint Judge Kandt’s ruling was made in an obscenity case brought by Wichita against five films shown by Las Vegas Cinema Inc which operates two movie houses here The city had charged violations of their Kansas nuisance and obscenity laws Judge Kandt made his ruling after seeing the five films during trial in his courtroom He dismissed the case after a defense attorney moved that the nuisance statute is unconstitutional on its face as providing for prior restraint of constitutionally protected freedoms of speech and press and for vagueness by failing to provide guidelines to enable the court to determine what is and what is not obscene The city will appeal the ruling to the Kansas Supreme Court The trial marked the seventh time the city and theater com pany have been in court over alleged obscenity of films shown by the two theaters Two suits are pending in district court and three others are on appeal to the Kansas Supreme Court by either the city or the theater company Another action is pending in US District Court in the legal war between the city and the movie chain Las Vegas Cinema brought a suit against the city I seeks to have the city enjoined from filing additional suits pending the outcome of the cases before the -State Supreme Court Television Listings (Additional TV and radio schedules on the opposite editorial page) SATURDAY (el— Denotes color KQTV-TV (Channel 2 St Joseph) 4:00— nee Haw (c) Jir - ” 00 — Alias Smith and Jones (e) 8:80— Streets of San Francisco lc) 9:00 — Sixth Sense (c) 10:00— News weather sports (c) 10:30— Wrestlinq (c) 11:45— ABC News (c) 12-00— News (c) 12:10— Story of Jesus (c) KOMU-TV (Channel 8 Columbia) 7:00 — Underdog (c) 7:30 — The Jetsons (c) 8:00 — Pink Panther (c) 8:30 — The Houndcats (c) 9:00 — Roman Holidays (c) 9:30— The Barkleys (c) 10:00— Sealab 2020 (c) 10:30— Runaround (c) 11:00— Around the World in 80 Days (e) 11:30— Talking With a Giant (C) 12:00— Collage 12:15— Soil Conservation 12:30 — Across the Fence 1:00 — Baseball Detroit vs Boston (c) 4:00— Soul Street (c) 5:90— Untamed World (c) 5:30— NBC News (c) 4:00 — Missouri Forum 4:30— "Southern 500" (c) 7:00— Emergency (c) 8:00— Movie "The Thomas Crown Affair" (c) 10:00— News Weather 1C:T5 — Movie "Caught in the Draft" 1U4S— Wrestling 12:45— News Weather KCBJ-TV (Channel 17 Columbia) 7:00— H R Pufnstuf (c) 7:30 — Jackson 5 (c) 8:00— The Osmonds (c) 8:30 — The Saturday superstar Movie (e) 9:— Brady Kids (c) 10:M— - Bewitched (c) 10:35— Kid Power (c) 11:00 — Funky Phantom (c) 11:30— Lidsvtlle (c) 12:00— The Monkees (c) 12:30— Football Nebraska vs Army (c) 4:00— wide World of Sports (e) 5:30— Timmie and Lassie 4:00— Kitty Wells (c) 4:30 — Good News (c) 7:00 — Alis Smith and Jones (e) 8:00 — Streets of San Francisco (c) 7:00— Sixth Sense (c) 10:00 — Western Star Theater (c) 10:30— ABC News (C) 10:45— Movie "The Mindbenders" KMOS-TV (Channel 4 sedatia) 3-TV KRCG (Channel 13 Jefferson City) 7:00— Bugs Bunny (e) 7:26— In the News (c) 7:30— Sabrina the Teen-age Witch (e) 7:56— In the News (c) 8:00— The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan (c) 8:26— In the News (c) 8:0— New Scooby Deo Movies (c) 9:36— In the News (c) 9:30 — Josie and the Pussycats In Outer Space (e) 9:56— In the News (c) 10:00 — The Flintstones comedy Hour (e) 10:56— In the News (c) 11:00— Archie's TV Funnies () 11:26 — In the News (e) 11:30— Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids (e) 11:56— In the News (e) 12:00— Children's Film Festival (c) 1:80— Movie "The Crimson Blue" 2:30— Death Valley Days e) 3:00— uoyd Bridges Water Wonders (e) 3:iO— Pastor's Study (e) 4:00— Nashville Music (c) 4:30— Bill Anderson (c) 5:00— Lassie (C) 5:30— CBS News (C) 6:00— Lawrence Welk (e) 7:00— All in the Family 7730— Bridget Loves Bernl Aary Tyler Moore 8 : S— Bob Newhart Show 9:00 — Mission: Impossible " ither (e) 10:00— News Weatf 10:15— Thriller 11 :1$ — Movie "Oeai t" (c) -Dead Man's Ryes" 12:30— News (c) WIBW-TV (Channel 13 Topeka) 6:00 — Hee Haw (e) -All in the Family (c) -Bridget Loves Bernie (e) Aary Tyler Moore (c) - - - () 0:30— Bob Newhart Show 9:00—1 -Lawrence Welk (c)) 10:00 — News Weather Sports (e) 10:30— Movie "The Women Hunter" ) 12:00— News Weather (e) KTSB-TV (Channel 27 Topeka) 6:00 — Mod Sduad (c) 7:00— Emergency (e) 8:00— Movie "The Thomas Crown Affair" (c) 10:00— The Explorers (e) 10:30— Tonight (c) SUNDAY KOTV-TV (Channel 2 St Joseph) 7:15— Story of Jesus (e) 7:20— News (c) 7:30— r 8:00— Dr Zrusade (c) Oral Roberts (c) -Rex Humba-d (c) 10:00— Old Time Gospel Hour (e) 11:00 — Focus on Faith (c) “ Fires (e) (C) 12:30 — Issues-Answers (e) 1 :05— Football Notre Ot western (c) "Too Late Blues" Days (e) 4:30 — Sportsman's Friend (e) 5:00— Nashville Music (e) Lassie (c) -Lawrence Welk (c) -The FBI (c) ovie "The out-of-Tewners" (e) Faith for Today (e) Billy James Harglss Christian j 11:30— Revival 12:00 — You 12:30 — Issue 1:00— Footl wester 2:00— Movie 4:00 — School 4:30— Sports S:l SHl 6: 90 — L 7:80 — Thf 1$:M— ABC "News (cl 10:15— News Weather ict 10:35— College Football '73 12:00— News 12:10— f (e ot Jesus (c) 1 -TV (e) -Story — KOMU-(Channel 8 Columbia) 5-30— Movie "The Tender Trap " I0s30— Football Notre Dame v western (c) North- 11:30— Meet the Press (e) 12:00— "Me Tom and the H 12:30— Day of Discovery (e) 1:00 — Football Oakland vs Oreen Bay (e) Farm Auger Pulls Man to His Death Alma Kan (AP)— A farm ac-c i d e n t near Alma Thursday claimed the life of Leslie S Blanton Jr 47 a farmer Wabaunsee County sheriff’s officers said Blanton apparently was pulled by his pants cuff into an auger on a feed wagon September 23 1972 Vol 105 No 14 Th Kansas Cfty Time (The Morning KBneas City Star) Tha Kansas City Star j 5Jry morning evening end Sunday (13 uhjm e weekj home delivery rate 8350 mmonJi By rneli postage prepaid morn-frteVevenlba end Sunday (13 issues e rUk-inS Hilt y?3&7"7 ndaa wv5? ry rate 85e month 8 mall iues a week) cents a week (here m the Tmttii States end id states possessions 80 cents a j In fore gn countries 113 ltd class postage paid at Kansas Mo Publication office 1729 Grand me Kansas Cfty Mo 6410 4:00— Movie "Caught in the Draft" 5:30— NBC News (c) 6:00 — Wild Kingdom (C) 6:30— world of Disney (C) 7:30 — Mystery Movie McMillan and Wife (c) 9:00 — Movie "Many Rivers to Cross" 11:00 — News Weather Sports 11:20— Al Anofrio Show (c) KCBJ-TV (Channel 17 Columbia) 8:00— Amazing Grace (c) 8:30— Let the Bible Speak (c) 9:00— Curositv Shop (c) 10:00— Bullwinkle (c) 10:30— Make e Wish (c) 11:00— The Hour of Power (c) 12:00 — Direction (c) 12:30 — tssues-Answers (c) 100 — Patterns for Living (c) 1:30— Lester Family (c) 2:00— Gospel Singing Jubilee (c) 3:00— Blackwoods Family (c) 3:30— Kitty Wells (C) 4:00— Western Star Theater (e) 4:30— Timmie and Lassie 5:00 — Roller Derby (c) 6:00— Big Picture (e) 6:30 — Roilin' on the River (c) 7:00— The FBI (c) 8:00 — Movie "The Out-df-Towners" (e) 10:00 — My Friend and I (c) 10:30— ABC News (c) 10:45— college Football Highlights (c) KTSB-TV (Channel 27 Topeka) 11:38— Meet the Press (e) 1200— "Arthritis: 100 Remedies No Cures" (c) 12:30— NFL Game of the Week (c) 1:00 — Football Oakland vs Green Bay 4:00 — Movie "Forbidden" 5:30— NBC News (C) 6:00 — Wild Kingdom (c) 6:30— world ot Disney (e) 7:30 — Mystery Movie: McMillan and Wife (c) 9:05— Night Gallery (e) 9:30 — "Arizona and tha sun City Story" 10:00— News Weather Sports (e) KRCG-TV (Channel 13 Jefferson City) 8:00— Revival Fires (c) 8:30— Oral Roberts (c) 9:00— Old Time Gospel Hour (e) 10:00 — Rex Humbard (c) 11:00— Dr Billy James Harglss Christian Crusade (c) 11:30— NFL Today (e) 12:00— Football st Louis vs Washlng- 3:00— Fool if) Ma Minnesota vs Detroit 4:00 — Hee Hew (c) 7:00— M-A-S-H (c) 7:30— Sandy Duncan (c) 8:00 — Dick Van Dyke (c) 8:30— Mennix (c) 9:30 — Anna and tha King (c) 10:00— CBS News (c) 10:50— Movie "Die Die My Darling" 12:30— IfU Weather WIBW-TV (Channel 13 Toi 4:30— This Is the Life 7:00— Encounter (e) 7:30— Day ot Discovery (c) 8:00— Revival Fires (c) 8:30 — Herald of Truth (e) 9:00 — Oraf Roberts (c) 9:35— Rex Humbard (e) 10:30 — Face the Nation (e) 11:00— Football Notre Deme vs North western (c) 12:00— Football st Louis vs washing “His opponent abandoned the retired teachers and failed to support this important land mark legislation which made the Kansas teachers retirement program one of the better programs in the country” Ivan said Docking urged the 1972 Legislature to increase retirement benefits ifor teachers and supported a bill offered by state Rep Richard C Loux (D Wichita) to provide a 5 per 4jpnt cost-of-living benefit increase for all retired employees including teachers “His opponent again abandoned the retired teachers and failed to vote on the cost-of-liv-ing benefit increase which passed” Ivan said “Being absent and not voting was also his opponent’s approach to important laws in other areas related to the interests of our retired citizens— the original homestead property tax relief law and the expanded version passed in 1972” Purple in Red 4y The Star' Own Service Manhattan Kan — Kansas State University’s Student Senate has vetoed budget allocations for the Kansas State’s yearbook the Royal Purple Brad Murphree editor of this year’s Royal Purple said may be the last if money is not found for its publication next ear About $415000 was a oca ted for other purposes Rehearing Asked On Rail Branch By The Star's Own Service eapeJirardeau Mo— The Interstate Commerce Commission has been asked for a rehearing on a proposal by the Missouri Pacific Railroad to abandon a branch line serving four counties — Bollinger Cape Girardeau Madison and St Francois The counties and businessmen along the route expressed opposition to abandonment at a 3-day hearing in May 1971 The examiner ruled that the railroad be allowed to abandon the line and last Sept 1 a commission review board voted to uphold the examiners ruling with the order to be effective Oct 3 Opponents of abandonment of the 65-mile Belmont Branch line sav fhe raiiroad did not want it to show a profit They say the service is vital to be economy of the four counties and 16 towns on the line Threat Against Nixon Results m Arrest New York (AP — Police arrested a man in a phone booth in the criminal courts building and accused him of telephoning a threat to a nearby police station to kill Presiden : Nixon The arrested man Identified as Donnelle Carter 38 of Manhattan was questioned by Secret Service agents but no federal charges were placet against him Police chargee him with telephone harassment Gov Docking Opens New US 77 Route ton (c) it ball Minnesota vs Detroit 3:00— Footb (c) 4:00— Lassie (e) 6:30 — Anna and the King (e) 7:00 — The FBI (c) 8:00— Dick Van Dyke (c) 8:30— Mennix (e) 9:35— M-A-S-H (c5 10:00— CBS News (c 10:15— News Weather (c) 10:35 — Vince Gibson (c) 11:05— Mission: Impossible (c) 12:05— News Weather (e) KTWU-TV (Channel 11 Topeka) 5:00— Issue Debate 4:00— Electric Company (c) 4:30— French Chef (c) 7:00— Firing Line (c) 8:00— Masterpiece Theater (c) 9:00 — Evening at Pops (c) 10:00— Weather Report Arkansas City Kan (AP)— Robert Docking yesterday hailed the opening of the new US 77 route between Arkansas City and Winfield as a historic day for Kansas Docking was at Strother Field the revamped World War II air training base for ceremonies marking the opening of the 14-mile link between the two Cowley County communities “Winfield and Arkansas City today are being linked by an ex-jressway that saves more than wo miles in distance and 10 minutes of driving time” Docking said “These two cities are now closer together in travel time than Overland Park is to downtown Kansas City Mo” Docking recalled how the narrow concrete pavement of US 77 had connected Arkansas City and Winfield 44 years since its completion in 1928 He said the cost of the original stretch of Into New Role At William Woods Fulton Mo (AP)— Roy D Love admissions counselor has been appointed director of admissions for William Woods College Fulton The announcement was made by Larry D Miller vice-president and dean of promotional affairs road was $340000 less than the cost of one mile of 4-lane highway today “The freeway design being used now is approximately three times safer than the 2-lane road it is replacing” Docking said “It is as safe as 1972 engineering can make it” The governor called Strother Field the “hub of transportation in Cowley County” and said it is “an example of an integrated transportation system — a fine airport facility a 4-lane freeway and at the east edge of the field is the Santa Fe mainline from Chicago to Houston” The Strother industrial complex has six firms employing 1-200 people with an annual payroll of $10 million Georgia Firm Into Missouri St Joseph (AP) — Peachtree Doorjs Inc a Georgia-based manufacturing company will build a $3250000 plant in St Joseph The 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