Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on May 8, 1973 · Page 15
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 15

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 8, 1973
Page 15
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Disarmament Day At Wounded Knee PINE RIDGE, S.D. (UPI) Indians holding Wounded Knee since Feb. 27 put down their arms today in front of a symbolic tepee to submitted to processing by federal authorities. it, The dlsarmanent day followed the surrender Monday of two of the chief AIM leaders, Carter Camp and Leonard Crow Dog. ' 1 Federal authorities trying to gauge the sincerity of the militants who had held the historic hamlet for 71 days reported that a fire was seen in the village. But an FBI source said it could not be immediately determine what was burning. The fire was reported out shortly before midnight. 'The fire broke out about four hours after Camp and Crow Dog left the besieged village and submitted to arrest. They were flown to Rapid City, S.D.. for a bond hearing. , Ramon Roubideaux, chief Counsel for AIM who had said Monday that "the confrontation is over, no doubt about it," was reported to have objected to bond conditions requested, by a federal court in Rapid City for Camp and Crow Dog and hinted that the high bond might have an effect on the scheduled surrender of arms. Richard Hellstern, deputy assistant attorney general, announced Monday that militants holed up in Wounded Knee had agreed to begin surrendering their weapons today—advancing the time by 24 hours. Hellstern said the stepped-up time was suggested by Crow Dog and Dennis Banks, another AIM leader still believed inside Wounded Knee. Thirteen Indians, carrying "substantial weaponry," were arrested trying to get out of the village past federal blockades Sunday night, Hellstern said. At least 10 women were known to have come out of the hamlet Monday, and Roubideaux said there were "rdughly 75 persoa<? left in there." Roubideaux indicated that if all goes well Crow Dog, known as the medicine man and "spiritual leader" of the militants, might be brought back to Wounded Knee today to lead the remaining Indians and whites out. Under the terms of the agreement reached Sunday, the Indians and their sympathizers will abandon their roadblocks, bunkers and other fortifications and assemble at a tepee chapel at the edge of Wounded Knee. Two Towns Retaken By Cambodians PHNOM PENH (UPI) Cambodian forces recaptured two towns near Phnom Penh today and linked up with other government units to consolidate the positions, field reports said. In the air war, U.S. fighter- bombers stayed away from the Phnom Penh area again today, but U.S. spotter pilots directed heavy raids elsewhere in Cambodia. The U.S. Pacific Forces Command in Honolulu said American B52 and tactical warplanes were active Monday throughout Cambodia. The two towns reoccupied by government ground units were Setbo, on Highway 21 about 15 miles south of Phnom Penh, and Chhuk Sar, 28 milea to the northwest on Highway 5. Field reports said reinforcements relieved 150 troops who had been surrounded at Chhuk Sar while other ground units reestablished the garrison at Setbo. They met no rebel opposition, the reports said. At the beleaguered provincial capital of Takeo, 55 miles south of Phnom Penh on Highway 2, the spokesmen said, government troops conducted operations aimed at "widening" the defense around the city. In Honolulu, the U.S. Pacific Forces Command said American planes, including B52 bombers, hit Communist posi tions Monday at the request of the government of President Lon Nol. galesburg Register Ma.. GALESBURG, ILL., TUES., MAY 8, 1973 SEC. 2 PAGE 15 Israelis Extend Appeal for Peace, Warning for Arabs Denver Bridge Destroyed The South Platte River rushes over the collapsed 15th Street Sunday. A heavy 4-inch rain and approximately 14 inches of Bridge near downtown Denver. Floodwaters destroyed the snow in the nearby foothills of the Rockies caused the flood- bridge and forced thousands of persons to flee their homes ing. UNIFAX U.S. Consul Freed By Guerrilla Captors Real Estate Today By DICK ROZYNEK, GRI Realtor GUADALAJARA, Mexico (UPI) - U.S. General Consul Terrence G. Leonhardy walked into his home late Monday in borrowed clothing and a threer day growth of beard, freed after leftwing , guerrillas held him for nearly four days as a political hostage. Diplomatic colleagues said the 58-year-old career diplomat was "okay." Lonhardy said in a statement that, his ordeal again emphasizes the need for all governments to cooperate in stamping out international terrorism. Leonhardy said in a state- details of his kidnaping, carried out by four men who later identified themselves as members of a leftwing group called the People's Revolutionary Armed Forces. But Leonhardy did express thanks to Mexican authorities who bowed to demands of his captors and freed 30 so-called political prisoners. The guerrillas had warned they would kill Leonhardy if the 30 prisoners were not freed and flown to Cuba. Authorities freed and escorted the 30 prisoners, including four women, to Havana on Sunday. Then began the long wait to see if leonhardy would go free. He appeared at 10:45 p.m walking into his suburban home through a back door past two newsmen who recognized him. j He was wearing a yellow shirt and pants and shoes- different clothing than he wore Friday when four leftwing guerrillas stopped his car and forced him away at gunpoint. Leonhardy also was unshaven, but appeared in good shape. Leonhardy later issued a statement saying: "I want to express my feeling about how happy I am free, free again, reunited with my family, friends and colleagues, both Americans and Mexicans. "Furthermore, I want to express my deep gratitude to everyone whose efforts helped in my release — especially I Senate Investigates Military Racket Ring Exclusive Right to Sell When listing your home with a Realtor to sell, there are a variety of arrangements you can make. But if you are sei- ious intent on selling your home within a reasonable time and st the price you are asking, it would pay to consider making an "exclusive r'ght to sell" agreement. This gives the Realtor the right to his commission if he actually seels the house during the listing period, or if another broker sells it, or if you sell it yourself. Under these conditions, trie Realtor will have the added incentive and protection to go all- out in heavily advertising your house and showing it to prospects. He will not be afraid of bringing it to the attention of other Realtors who may have qualified prospects. As a nuc, Realtors are willing to cooperate and share the single commission. That gives you the advantage of having several Real tors make a determined effort to sell your home. —o— If there is anything we can do to help you in the field of real estate, please phone or drop in at DICK ROZYNEK & ASSOC., 334 N. Henderson. Phone: 343-6167. We're here to help. —Adv. WASHINGTON (UPI) - Four military men convicted of fraud for running a billion - dollar racketeering ring on Army posts planned to tell a Senate subcommittee today how they did it and about coverup actions by their superiors. Their testimony involves a tangled web of kickbacks, theft, black marketeering, influence peddling, and other illegal activities in the operation of post exchanges and mess halls in Vietnam, Germany and the United States. In several instances, military ^investigations intended to root out the corruption were curtailed or ignored by Officers higher up in the military chain of command, according to investigators. Meet A Low-Priced Indian 1973 LeMANS 2-Dr. Hardtop —-Pingree Cloth Seats —Tinted Glass — All —Front Mats —Power Steering —G78.14 WSW —Deluxe Wheel Cover —AM Radio Gerry —Full Carpeting —Bodyside Mldgs. —Factory Air Conditioning —Power Frt. Disc Brakes -350-2V Engine —Turbobvdramatic —Dual Horns Pontiac-CadilieiG? Inc. 172 S. Prairie Make Galesburg Beautiful-Buy a Pontiac Ph. 342-1188 Former Sgt. Maj. William O. Wooldridge, Sgt. William Higdon and former Sgts. Seymour "Sandy" Lazar and Theodore "Sam" Bass, all convicted in the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles Feb. 28, were to appear before the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. All except Bass took the Fifth Amendment and refused to talk during subcommittee hearings on fraud and corruption in the management of military club systems in 1969. Sentences for the four were deferred by U.S. District Judge Warren Ferguson who urged them to cooperate "fully" with the subcommittee. The Senate investigation, which went on from 1968 until November 1971, uncovered widespread corruption and mismanagement of open messes and post exchanges and the existence of a currency black market in Vietnam. The probe uncovered a ring of sergeants who controlled Army post clubs in Augsburg,, Germany, went on to infiltrate the club system at Ft. Benning, Ga., and by 1968 had taken over the clubs at the 1st Infantry Division in Vietnam. According to subcommittee investigators, Wooldridge said an Army Criminal Intelligence Division probe into the ring was closed out with no charges filed even though he and four others knew about it. Another investigation into irregularities in 1967 at Ft. Benning and into liquor smuggling by Wooldridge was curtailed by Army Provost Marshal, Maj. Gen. Carl Turner, according to LaVern J. Duffy, the subcommittee's assistant counsel. Wooldridge has said that Maj. Gen. William Cunningham, commanding general of the 24th Infantry Division in Augsburg, Germany was aware of "the improprieties in the club system," according to Duffy. "Wooldridge said Cunningham allowed the exploitation to go on because he, Wooldridge, and...others supplied the general with favors and gratuities," Duffy said in a statement to the subcommittee. want to thank authorities who made my freedom possible. "The ordeal I have experienced again emphasizes the need for all people everywhere to work closely together to take firm measures to beat international terrorism that inflicts the world." He did not mention his kidnaping, where he was held or how he was released. But Jack Higgins, press attache at the ( embassy, who read the statement, said Leonhardy himself telephoned home at 10:25 p.m. to say he was free. A car was sent to a Guadalajara street, Higgins said, arid after picking up Leonhardy took him home immediately for a "delirious" welcome by his wife Eileen and daughters Kathryn, 6, and Eileen, 3. A U.S. Embassy spokesman said in Mexico City that a doctor examined Leonhardy. "He looks okay," Higgins said. "His wife and two daughters are...ecstatic, as you can imagine." i JERUSALEM (UPI) - Israel ended its 25th anniversary celebrations Monday by extending an olive branch of peace to its Arab enemies—and a warning if they choose war instead. Foreign Minister Abba Eban issued the appeal for peace in a television speech in Arabic, addressed to President Anwar Sadat of Egypt. Defense Minister Moshe Dayan sent the word of warning. Shortly after screaming, jets, clanking armor and marching infantry paraded in Jerusalem, the first such show of power in five years, a UH1E Bell helicopter made an emergency landing on Mt. Scopus and injured nine soldiers aboard, all but one of them only slightly. The helicopter did not take part in the nationwide flyover of jet warplanes, droning propeller - driven Stratocruisers, Dakotas and Hercules and clattering assault helicopters. It was on an observation flight guarding against possible Arab guerrilla attacks along the parade route. But there were no incidents. Most Israeli officials went to Mexican,parties to usher out the end of their country's first quarter century. One party was held for the crews of the 400 planes that participated in the flypast. "The air force flyover.. Dayan told them, "was not meant as a demonstration to deter the enemy, but it may have provided food for thought to those who have recently been voicing threats of war. "We all desire peace, security, a just society and a healthy economy, but all of these cannot be achieved just by talking but rather by doing," he said. Dayan described Israel's air force as the peak of the armed forces power and "its crowning glory" and said that if it must fight, it will do so briefly and "beyond the skies of Israel." Eban's peace speech came earlier on the country's Arabic language television channel, heard or seen in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and most of Egypt. He appealed to Sadat for negotiations between their two countries to break the Middle East political deadlock. Referring, to Sadat as "honorable president," Eban said Israel sought an end to the current "no war, no peace" situation in the Middle East— "If the meaning of a departure from that is in the direction of peace." But, he said, Israel would maintain the current stalemate "at any price so long as the meaning of any change is in the direction of renewed adventurism and war. "Some Arab leaders know well," Eban said, "that Israel is in no danger of abolition or destruction, and yet they still deceive their people and promise to turn night into day and day into night." Sneezing Accident BIRKENHEAD, England (UPI) - Truck driver Alf Hart drove his six-ton truck past a stop sign, crashed into a car that had the right of way and then ran into a wall. But magistrates dismissed a charge of careless driving when Alf told them it all happened when he had an uncontrollable fit of sneezing. FOUR SQUARE GOSPEL CHURCH YOUTH CAMP FUND Let Us Solve lour Baby Sitting Problems. Run An Errand cr Two For You. How About Help Cleaning Up That Yard or Garage or Someone To Do The Weekly Mowing. Going Away? We'll sit with your dog, or just take him for a walk. How rbout a Mother's Helper for those hot summer days. W<? offer very good Dishwashers, Window Washers or Car Washers. Even take your Laundry to the Laundromat. We are tops at Ironing or Polishing Silverware. 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