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Saturday, August 7, 1926
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THE MERIDEN DAILY JOURNAL MERIDEN CONN SATURDAY AUGUST 7 1928 TODAY’S WALLINGFORD NEWS TO Notorious Shoe Box Murder No Mystery T o Dan O’Reilly Knows Who Was The Slayer Former Police Chief Says Murderer Is Dead — Crime Was Committed to Cover Up Another Crime in Fairfield County — Slayer Is Now Dead He Says Today which marks the fortieth anniversary of the famous "shoe box P murder" flnda the state county and local authorities no nearer the official solution of this mystery the most baffling in the annals of Con ectlcut criminology (han they were on that Sunday morning August 7 186 when the dismembered torso of what had been a man was found In Broad Swamp in this town tightly wedged into a email wooden box ol the type then used for packing shors which had been hermetically sealed And with the insides of the box lined With tar paper while the lorao itself was covered witn oat straw Wallingford resident who recall that red letter day in criminal an pale which bathed the town lor loiilhi in nation wide publicity of the moat unfavorable variety i'i never forget the leeltng of horror that swept the community when the gruesome discovery waa amde by Edward Terre'l now deceased who lived In the vicinity of the swamp And who had left hi house to pick Serries About SOQ yards from the road leading to Cheshire from Yales-wille Terrell came upon the box hidden in a clump of underbrush The vnmlatakeable odor of decaying human flesh appraised Terrell of the ghastly content or the box even before it wag opened by Coroner Eli Mix who was summoned by Medical Examiner Dr James D McGaughev to whom Terrell had narrated his ex perience The shoe box mystery was the first ease of any importance for Coroner lflx who had only recently assumed the duties of that office and besides him only one official of ail those Who actively participated In the vain Attempt to solve the mystery is alive today That official is ex-Chief "Danny" O’Reilly until recently head Of Wallingford police department Which he organlxed and directed for NEWS OF SOUTHINGTON Registrars of Voters Had Quiet Session — Select-men Order Bills Paid — John H McKenzie of Hartford Dies — Beer Case Scheduled For Monday — Dog Quarantine Ends The session of the registrars of voter held yeeterday at the town hall was unusually quiet and were it not for the fact that the registrar epent their time In the revision and the correlclon of the primary Beta there would hive been practically sothlng to do During the day and the evening there were but two who Appeared for caucus registration Julius M CArley and A Grace Carlev registered in the Republican caucus Mr and Mr Cyley were formerly registered in tb' Democratic caucus And last February caused their names to be atricken from the Democratic caucus list Mr Csrley ha cn numerous occasion bean eandi-ilat on the Democratic ticket for various town offices There will be another meeting of the registrars next Friday between the hour of noon and 9 o'clock in the evening The session next week will be the last opportunity for elector to become registered In the Hit ®f either party caucus Only those who are enrolled in party caucus are privileged to take part in the caucuses at which candidates for elective offices are placed in nomination and at which delegaies are elected to the aisle congressional and the county conventions Th caucuses for the placing in nomination candidate for the annual town election will be held next month and the annual town election will be held on the first Monday in October i SELECTMEN PAY BILLS At the regular weekly meeilng of th Board of Selectmen held yester day bills to the amount of $3 too were ordered paid or this amount 91400 waa paid on the new school building and the other 42 non was for other bill incldented to the obligations ot othei town departments Selectman Foley announced that the work of widening the road from the New Britain town line to the blander school has been started There are several very narrow place In the highway which have become dangerous to traffic HARTFORD MAN DIES John M McKenile of Hartford Who for several days in company With hi wife waa staying at the home of Henry Moot i‘n the eastern aeellon of the town died suddenly At the Moore home yesterday Med ieai Examiner Dr William T Nagle a called and pronounced death due t natural causer The deceased was formerly a conn Oilman In th city of Hartford where he fra very well known The body wee taken yesterday to (he home of Um deceased In Hartford and the VNtjN Mted lh Hartford and th funer tl will be held Monday afternoon at I o'clock with eervlocs at his late ftttdMCf 319 South Whitney atreet BIER CASE MONDAY ot Mike Zarillo who waa MW under the direction ft' 1 many years and who la one of the most widely known police officials 1b thi section of the country In an exclusive interview granted through The Journal' Wallingford office to the Associated Press at his home here on the eve of the famous shoe box mystery "Chief Danny” as Mr O'Reilly Is familiarly known to the thousands of friends whose esteem and admiration he won during a service period extending over three decades supplied freely facts and features concerning the sensational crime which he has harbored all these year in confidence ami which are today made public for the first time KNOWS THE MURDERER "I have consistently refused” began Chief Danny “to discuss the shoe box myatery at any length although 1 have been requetsed hundreds of times to do so and have been offered large sums of money by newspapers and prea associations as well as magazine and ii-iHon vnit-eia to do so I have several reasons lor thi silent attnude among which a:e the fact that the perpetrator of the crime that is the act-iaf killer las now beet dead near! twenty years and i know ot no good reason wiiv the descendants or relatives of iho murderer should be mad - io bear the ignominy which revelation o' his identity wold impose upon them ’ “Unless ronething which I cannot now foresee compel me to change my mind on this ooict I (hall carry the secret already locked In mv heart for nearly twenty years to te grave with Tbd veteran police official who Is remarkably active despite the fact that he baa already traversed the biblical span of three score year and ten of man's allotted life proceeded to explain that the killer was no outcast beyond the pale of so- of County Detective Edward Hickey and Chief Thomas Morphy last Saturday night will be heard in the town court next Monday at 10 o'clock Zarillo run a gasoline station on Queen street and upon the occasion of the vialt by the officer S3 case of alleged beer were found in bis possession Samples of the beer were taken to Hartford for analysis and It la understood the alcoholic content ahowed greater than one naif of one per cent DOG QUARANTINE OFF The town clerk's office waa in receipt today of g letter from the state commissioner of domestic animals James M Whlttleaey announcing that the rule ot quarantine ppon all dog in (he town of Southington was lifted August 5 Just how effec lively tbev were enforced is hard to determine It has been a uotk-eable fact that every day there have been numbers of dogs running about velr-ou sections of the town without anv restrictions Because of the fact that dog which have been vaccinated were not Included In the qusrsn tine restriction and were permitted to run It ha been hard to tell which dog were entitled to liberty and which were not VALUABLE DOG KILLED The valuable pedigreed Boston bull terrier owned by Assistant Prosecuting Attoney Harry C Camp was killed yesterday by an automobile In front of the Camp residence on Meriden avenue ENJOYS EUROPEAN TRIP Word received from Gerald Woodruff aon of Mr and Mrs Paul B Woodruff of Meriden avenue is to the effect that he and his companions are thoroughly enjoying their trip to Europe Reyent letters have been received from Mr Woodruff dated In Paris He tells of the manner in which American dollars chanfled into franc will for very little money purchase the best of accommodation transportation and merchandise Mr Woodruff was graduated from Amherst last June and next month will accept a posl-tion as teacher in an tnstlutlon of higher education In Deerfield Mas He will return to the United Slates the latter part of this month ITALIAN PICNIC The united Italian aoeletle of this town will give a picnic at Huheny’s grove mi Marlon avenue tomorrow afternoon The committee in charge of th event ha made extenalve plana for It success CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL The final game In the Southington Golf cluh championship tournament will be played probably Tuesday or Wedneaday of the coming week Th conteat has narrowed down to John J Higgins and Samuel Cook The winner of the final game will be ’ today it FORMER CHIEF O'REILLY ciety but the scion of one of New England's oldest families a native of New Haven county whose ancestry traces directly back to the Mayflower CHIEF DANNY'S STORY Chief O'Reilly' version of the shoebox mystery as given through The Journal to the Associated Press is as follows: "A serious crime had been committed against the state ot Connecticut a crime which meant a long term in state’s prison for Us perp-e trators If convicted The murdered man who came from a email town in Fairfield county knew all about the details and was acquainted with the principals in thi crime The authorities knew that he knew this and what Is more Important the principals In the staying knew that the authorities were aware that the victim in the slaying knew about If “In other words the murdered man had he been permitted to live would have proven a powerful state's witness against those whom the state had resolved to prosecute for lb crime I referred to I will not mention the nature nor further Je-tails of the crime because everyone awarded the president's cup which will be presented by Dr William M attracting much attention It is of whenever the wind blew sliver and is suitably engraved Jo- seth D Frhe v The aempts made to divert at-1 Ingdon in he contest w hTh ntir from the real clues to the htld betwLn the mernh-r! ‘ hbox oyilttr't olution and the ! healer eight and as a 'nrire receiv’d monpy epnt 10 huh il UP‘ hav been : I k!? reehp1 duplicated in the Hall-Mlils case in 1 r Commencing Nw lf layers can throw V k ’Y ‘ h out ®oke screens to detract official pionsbip match is finished there will I be a handicap matrh in which members of the dub will participate The handicap match will he productive of great Interest and it is expected there will he many of the club member who will qualify for entrance In the match The handicap match will he finished early In September CARNIVAL WELL ATTENDED The first night of the two nights’ carnival being conducted under the auspice of the Plantsville firemen rm the lot at the corner of Main and Bristol streets was very well patronised last evening The attendance comprised not only people from Southington and Plantsville but many autoists who in passing through town shopped to enjoy the pleasures of Che carnival Thi evening there will be a band concert given by the 118th Medical Regiment band of Meriden in addition to fh concert program the band will furnish the music for the open air dancing BASEBALL SUNDAY - On Sunday afternoon there will be baseball at the Sand Hill grounds between (he Pexto team of this place and the Plymouth Endee team of Thomaston The game will be started at 3 o'clock end ft Is expected there will be a large attendance because of the reputation which the visiting team has established in games won from teams In Lithfiold county and also because of the fact that the Pexto team a it I now lined up Is composed of the best players in the Polish Falcon team and (he Pexto team In the village of Mildale there will also be baseball on Sunday afternoon and (be fast Milidsle team will play the Colored Giants of Waterbury The game in Milldale wil start at 3 o'clock and will be played on the DeBisschop field on Peck Labe Miss Frances Tobin I spending her vacation at Woodmont Miss Rose M Rlnn who has been vacationing at Woodmont returned to her home here today Mrs Joseph Emily and daughter Bessie Emily are spending their vacation at Short Beach A son ha been born to Mr and Mrs Charles Traverse of Milldale Charles E Phillips of (iolumbu Ohio formerly a resident of this town is spending a two weeks vacation visiting with friend and relatives here There was the usual weekend exodus by resident of the town te th shore and 'mountain resorts FACTORY P OUTING IS PLANNED FOR SATURDAY Next Saturday afternoon is the I date set for the Factory “f“ (Wat-I tous Mfg Co) outing- to be held at I Gehrmann s grove Meriden To start the ball rolling a baseball game has been arranged between the married men and the single men Edgar Eaton who once managed a team in the bush league will captain the single men while Vernon Rogers will lead his speedy aggregation of fence busters Into the fray Following the bait game there will be several field events and other minor sporta for which the officials have generously donated several attractive prixes The prUes consist of Tony Is Likened To Another Judas Man Held as Material Have Betrayed Dixie Like Judas Iscariot "Tony'' Eapoaito who was arrested last night in Providence R I and held for Coroner Mix as a material witness in the Dixie Kid murder mystery i said to have betrayed hit friend after breaking bread with him under the Kid'a own roof in Jackson Height Long Island last Monday night where he waa the gueat of honor for whom a special meal waa prepared by the Kid’a wife After enjoying the hospitality of De Molino a the alain gangster was known in private life "Tony” persuaded would know who was of ago at that time what criine I mean “Therefore it was decided to put the victim out of the way on the theory that "dead men tell no tales" and the man whose torso was found in the shoe box was consequently lured through a ruse to the lonely-spot where he had to pass by an j opening In a fence which stood near-I by "The marked man totally unsuspicious of the fate which awaited him passed through the narrow space and his body termed a perfect target The slayer did their work well and the victim probably never knew what struck him In alt likell-1 ! hood he died instantly from a bullet wound His body was then horribly j i butchered and hfe head legs and j arms were hacked off it was never ! discovered where the dismembered parts were concealed All that was found was the torso In a horrible prosecutors from the main issue they feel reasonably certain ot escaping : arrest and conviction" Pressed for an opinion regarding the murder mystery which visited Wallingford this week when The j Dixie Kid was slain and his bullet j riddled body abandoned In a side street Chief Danny said: “When the mystery is cleared up j you’ll find that the killers were familiar with this territory otherwise ! they never would have selected the avenues of approach the site tor dumping out the body and (he road of escape they chose They have undoubtedly been through Walling ford often and in all probability they have either some business here or have acquaintances here who posted fhm on local features and circumstances which aided them in the ac compliahment of their foul deed as well as In their escape" RAPS RED-TAPE In concluding his remarkable Interview with Its astonishing and sensational disclosures Chief Danny complimented The Journal on its exclusive ''scoops”in covering the Dixie Kid slaying and then added— "The police need and should atm to secure at all times the powerful aid and cooperation of the press whenever it is proper to do so in unraveling mysteries of this kind The press today has high ethical standards and I have never known a good newspaper man to violate a confidence which I reposed in him Such tactics as trying to conceal crime stories from the press and the public and the deliberate placing by officials of obstacle in the wsy of newspapermen who are performing a public service in the discharge of their duties entirely obsolete and engaged In today only by small town minds with limitations that are soon reached" Borough Sport News The Lenox will play the New Britain Falcons In the Hardware city tomorrow afternoon at St Mary field In the first gamp with the New Britain club the local team batted out a 7-5 win and borough fan expect the team to do the seme tomorrow A number of fan are accompanying tha team to New Britain Man ager Tom Brennan has made arrangements- for a large number to ride on the truck with the team GAME TOMORROW The Quinnipiac play at Paden's Grove tomorrow afternoon against sterling silver novelties and will be well worth trying for The list of events are aa follows: 100 yd dash cracker eating contest relay race corn contest bag rare running broad jump three-legged race whfeelbarrow race shoe race quoits water glass race pinochle (t handed potato rare After these event are held a roast prepared by a competent chef will'be enjoyed The committee in charge includes Adolph Stumpf chairman: William L Pere Harry Griffin and Ford Perkins T Witness Thought to Kid to Death the Kid to drive with him in the Kid's own ear to Providence where De Molino’ aworn enemies were plotting the death tryst and the fatal auto ride to Wallingford from which the Kid never returned alive When The fpurnal last evening furniahed it reader with the firat new of The Kid's laet aupper at home in the $20000 maneion recently built by him with earnings netted from hie illicit traffic in dope and rum it depicted an episode not unlike another Last Supper at which Judas Iscariot while breaking bread with hi Friend secretly plotted to deliver Him to Hi enemies The Kid'a wife did not know the supper gueat although she had teen him several timet She knew him only by the name of "Tony" No the only knew he was supposed to be a friend of her husband and any friend of The Kid'a waa welcome at their home The Kid had even requested hit wife to prepare a special chicken dish for 'hit "friend" Tony and the three tat down to enjoy the meal In tha beat of spirit according to Mrs DeMolino th Kid and hie guest arose from the family table when the meal was finiahad and they announced that thay had to leave at once for Providence The Kid kitted hi young wife ‘‘good-bye’’ and the two men departed in the Kid' new Cadillac 1926 coupe which had only been driven about 6000 miles Late that night or early the following morning the Kid's wife received a long distance call from her husband and he told her over th telephone that he was near Providence and that ha would not be home until the next day The Kid'a wife never heard hi veic again H did not com home the next day because twenty-four hour later hi lifeless body was found in Wallingford riddled with bullet When he did return home on Thursday night ail that waa mortal pf Th Dixie Kid waa encased in a casket ready for burial Tha Kid had been betrayed into the hands of hit enemies by the man whom h called "friend" and whom he had dined under hi own roof Tony may not have killed the Kid but at sure-ly at tomorrow's dawn he lured him to a spot where those who had sworn to take the Kid's life were marking time in th rendezvous with death Tony has been arrested He was brought to th Hartford City jail last night from Providence and than later to New Haven and will be grilled until he tells what he knows of the laet move mentt of The Dixie Kid If convicted of participation In the Kid’a murder he may forfeit hie life but if freed hi days are numbered unleas he can evade the relentless hounding he will be subjected to by th late Kid’a "mob” who will leav no atone unturned until their slain champion's death hat been avanged "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" it the law of the underworld and thoat who killed th Dixie Kid art marked today for destruction even though they never face a legal tribunal ot justice Their day are numbered and th flret man on the Hat la Tony The Dixie Kid'a betrayer Nearly 100000 electric light an used In the new Metropolitan tbea ter In Boston their strongest rival in the playground league the West Side The game will he a warm battle from start to finish aa the West Sides arc out to place in the second round af iff having been topped by th Quinn's In the first round of the t-rles ARROWS PLAY TODAY The American Legion Junior league team the Arrows played the firat elimination game today with the West Haven Junior league team Transportation waa furnished by the post members ITendered Party to Helen Zempke Mis Helen Zempke of 147 Hall j avenue daughter of Mr and Mrs Benjamin Zempke was tendered a birthday party in honor of her fourteenth birthday at her home yesterday afternoon Games and refreshment helped to pass the afternoon In a pleasant manner and the hostes was the recipient of a number of Pretty gifts Among those In attendance were: Mrs Frank Cook and children Mildred and Edward Mrs Charles Hewitt and daughter There Mrs Edward Bellows and daughter Doris Mrs Frank Bacon and daughter Viola Mrs George O'Dell of Bridgeport: Mrs I Beauchamp and daughters Elaine and Bertha and son Alfred Appell August Stans-laakl Mrs Zempke and children Bernice Edward and Helen PLEADED GUILTY James Cullen of 134 Monroe street New Haven was found asleep yesterday afternoon on Ward street j The sleep was caused by an overdose of alleged "moonshine” and Officer Dorau brought him Into the local jail to finish his nap In peace He was arraigned in Borough court thi morning on a charge of intoxication He pleaded guilty and Judge M T Downes issued a fine of 91 and costs of 8SS besides cautioning the man not to come to Wallingford to get drunk SI 0000 Addition to Steel Plant Chief among the building permits issued last night by Building Inspector William F Stevens was one for a 110000 proposed addition to the Wallingford Steel company's Valley street plant the specifications for which provide for the erection of a brick building S4 feet by 100 feet one story high and with Steel trussed roofing with tar and gravel coating Ft I expected that the new addition will Increase the rapacity of the plant about 50 per rent Other permit issued during the past week Include the following: Mr J Simpson Academy street re-cover roof with asphalt shingles Tilo Roofing company at a cost of $253 Victor Goble 45 Clinton avenue rear stairs and platform at a coat of $100 Mrs Del Grego 476 North Colony street re-cover roof with asphalt roofing Tilo Roofing company at a cost of 1135 Harry Liversidge 407 Ward street two car garage 18x20 feet at a coat of $250 S Oodo 14 East street re-cover Mr Mamie Dombroski 52 South Orchard street a veranda at a cost of $100 L Soraelyr 72 Lee avenue re-rover roof with asphalt roofing Tilo Roofing compauy cost of $112 Tony Rlecitelli 206 North Cherry street foundation for cellar on Wallace row cost of 9300 A DeNegri 414 North Colony street re-cover roof with asphalt grave roofing $9A t THE MERIDEN DAILY JOURNAL Publtihd frry wrek ajr ftfrnMR il Jiunal Build-tiffs Cimcf Crown nd Pipkin rttrert FtmlilUM I VI Knttrrrf i wrrmff rim mitfrr April II IAHA it tht pwtofTW it Mrrtdn Guilt nnilrr thr art if Nirrlt t Wllvftrrd hjr cmrrlvt Ikr per work inhurHpt lot p fir bf mill nrr trmt Enjoy Your Trip Put your valuables where they will be protected against all danger of loss— in a Safe'Deposit box at this reliable institu-tion ABOUT the TOWN I WWV i Waldo Htllbom of Miami Florida la spending a few days with his parents Mr and Mrs Hendryx Htllbom of North Main street Lockwood chapter R- A M will meet Monday evening in Masonk Temple The committee n charge at the Country club card party this afternoon included Mrs J W Leavenworth Miss Leavenworth Miss Marguerite Jones Mrs E C Stevens Mrs R H Rurghoff and Mrs Ralph Bartini Miss Claire Smith of North Whittlesey avenue is spending a ffw days at the Lake Spoffard club LkP Spoffard New Hampshire F M Cowles of the First National bank and Mrs Cowles have returned from a trip to New Hampshire Mr and Mr William Lane have returned from a -stay at Money Island Stony Creek Mias Ellen Godfrey ha returned from a atay at Cape Cod' The annual Sunday achool picnic of the Zion Lutheran church will he national Fictui? with BEN LYON MAY McAVOY Meet the savage-he's a bad bad boy but you'll love him -he never was much In a dinner coat- but in hear skin he knocks ’em all cold! AL CHRISTIE COMEDY “SHORE SHY" SPECIAL ADDED ATTRACTION VICTOR VALENTI of the Eddie Miller Co Avon Comedy Four now playing in AH the De Luxe Picture Houses The cost is trifling compared with the protection and the peace of mind you will enjoy (Storage space for large packages WHaltl tin fora THE first National Bank OF WALLINGFORD Open Friday Evenings held at Doebr'a farm tomorrow lrn-ineiidately following the church services Miss Dorothy Roper has returned from a stay at Cape Cod Miss Florence Harrison Is spending a two weeks’ varation in the White Mountain and Maine Mrs John M Cannon left yesterday for a stay with her stater Mrs Henry Norton at East River Confessions will be heard this afternoon and evening at Holy Trinity church at the usual hours Owenoro tribe 1 O R M- will meet Tuesday evening In the wig warn on tSouh Whittlesey avenue Pints council K of C will meet Tuesday evening In the T A B hall at 8 o’clock Broadcasting heat won't be new Frequently a super sweet announcer causes heat under distant collars Additional Wallingford On Page 12 I

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