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The Humboldt Union from Humboldt, Kansas • Page 1

The Humboldt Union from Humboldt, Kansas • Page 1

Humboldt, Kansas
Issue Date:

w.r. Mcelroy, JF.XERA 1 PRI TER. Ninth Street HUMBOLDT, KANSAS per Annumin Advance. Best JofcOacelnSoutteiEXars. OMfriFron anistenrePromptl) llltt LariestClrculationlnSoathernKansas. 1DVBBTISINO BATES REASONABLE. HUMBOLDT, KANSAS; JULY 13; 1889'. VOL. XXIV--NO. K5. WHOLE NO. 1203. w. t. Mcelroy, HUMBOLDT UNION. HUMBOLDT, KAN8A8. i lb a CHURCHES. CALIFORNIA'S POISON OAK. MISSING LINKS. MUST WOMEN BE INVALIDS? Rational Dross aad Plaatr of Exareisa Bt-tarTbaa Modlclaa. BEAUTY IN THE FOOT. Hot an Unimportant Blatter la the spots ferfoct Woman. PROVERBIAL PHILOSOPHY. Additions to Solomon and Inaprovements ob Yineirar helps digestion, but a sour LET 3 1 go Cj ft i a i ri HBEaVB9BffBBHBnBnBESBBlSBfiEBBSVBBH Make- The girl of the period," generous! says a prominent chiropodist, "is de-Voting herself more and more to the study of her foot. She has found out that this instrument is capable of almost as much development for strength and beauty (really synonymous terms) as her hand. She knows that tht splendid exercise of piano playinsr. ir which each finger and every muscle ol the hand, wrist and arm is developed to the greatest state of elasticity and to beauty's own mouldings contain the very hint she wants to follow in the development of the foot. No, shf is not going to play the piano with hei feet, but she is going through a lot ot gymnastic exercises with them. She sits on the bed everv morning working her toe3, then she walks around the room on her bare toes, and straighten ing out her ankle, like a ballet wun every step, bhe finds at first that she can hardly raise herself on the bait ot her.leet and walk on them. "i resentiy that becomes easy. In a week or so the exercise will accom pusu tuat much, men sue grows able to lift herself off even the balls ot her feet on to the very toes alone fot moments at a time, then she sit down on the bed and gives them lighter exercises, just by working them until they will move independ ently of each other. At first she has to pun tneni with her nanus as far a ftossible in all different directions, just ike the piauist practises his hand op the tecnnicon. I hey are very awk ward at first, just as the fingers would have been if not practised, and, indeed, as many people's fingers are. She no longer the victim to the foolish prejudice against spreadiug her foot out ou the floor. She is no longer a victim of the illusion to the eye ignorant of art, that littleness is beauty. She no longer desires a set of cramped toes, bat spreads them out on the floor and tries to make them assume the square beautiful proportions of the babv's sweet foot. "In fact the foot development craze with the fashionable progressive gui of the period lnay be called the 'baby foot'- craze. Ihese exercises of the foot and toes make them able to spring twice as far on their Icct. She is con stantly seeking oettcr shoes, she is doing just the reverse of what she used to do when she fought with her shoe maker because the shoo was not tight enough. She is now constantly light ing with him to get them broader at the toes, and many a girl who is proud of her new sensible, progressive idea will hold the toe of a broad shoe in view for you in the streetcars, at home, and elsewhere. "Many jokes are cracked on the corn doctors in the papers, but we always advise people to wear auything but pointed shoes. the foot and toes should have all the freedom of the hand and fingers. A great many gins also ask us tor advice about cur ing pigeon toe. it is a curious thing that many girls live all their lives and are laughed at by the boys walk tug pigeon toeu, when they never notice that they walk differently from other people. But those who have it can correct it to a great extent by practice. I advised several young ladies in a practice which they say has greatly improved them. That is to get before a mirror in their dressing rooms and walk toward it, stepping nign and extending the leg straight out toward the glass at everv step. They thus find when the foot lights how it crosses in the vertical plane which the other foot must reverse for its movements. Thev thus see how the legs are not hinged quite properly. and learn to move them in parallel panes. Stepping forward and back ward toward the mirror will frequent ly correct pigeon-toed walking." Philadelphia Inquirer. "Bad Word" Socle lea. "Bad word" societies are the latest institutions at several of the New York City schools. They are destined to do a deal of good that is of a nature that generally lies beyond the reach of teachers. There are few play grounds attached to boys' schools in this country where language is not constantly used which would grieve and astound the mothers of those who utter and of those who hear them. The rules of the' Bad Word Society are usually not written down; but they are something like this: "One cent fine for every bad word spoken; every boy to report his own bad words to the treasurer and pay up; no telling of any other boy's bad word; the money to go to the school library. This is simt-'e and practical Perhaps the might be enlarged a little so as to include the grosser forms of bad grammar, such as "I done it," "them cabbagoV and you was." It is highly absurd that the boys who have been goi ng to a grammar school for years should violate the most rudi- mental laws of grammar every time they speak ten consecutive words. But the main point is to destroy the habit of polluting the mouth and corrupting the heart by the use of words which they. call Every boy knows what they are, for no one can keep beyond the sound of them. Tbey pollute the air of every street and are heard more or less wherever there is a company of boys playing together. They partly cause the dread that mothers feel when they see their sons going forthefarsttlmetoaboys' school. The mothers watch their boys' de parture with a mixture of pride, plea- 1 ure ana apprehension, anu turn away from the wiudow at last with a sign. because they know that few older boys yet realize what a duty theyowoto younger ones in the way of good ex ample. The Junior Mrs. Blaine's Talisman. Mrs. James Ci. Blaine, possesses an old Kgyptian coin supposed to have been taken from the tomb ol llameses, and that no accident can befall the wearer is one of the beliefs attached to iL She obtained it in a enrious way. JWhen James G. Blalno was ex-pectefl from Europe young Mrs. Blaine used take daily trips down the bay with! the Chicago all of whom became very fond of the little blonde-haired lady. One of them had some knowledge of palmistry, and in carelessly reading Mrs. Blaine's hand saw some lines he did not like, for they presaged trouble for the fair young face. He drew this queer Egyptian coin from his pocket and begged her to accept it as a remembrance of the trip, which she did, little thinking it was as valuable as a scientist lately Eronounced it to be. It has two gyptian heads on one side and one of a woman on the reverse. Mrs. Blaine has great faith in her talisman and carries it constantly. Ntw York Morning Journal. An Italian boy having four ears was found sleeping on a I'liiladelphi door-Step a fow evenings ago. A man named leathers, of Pitts-ford, died from the effects of drinking maple sap to excess. The Czar of Ku.ia is learning to play the cornet. This may tacconnt for tho recent attacks ou Ida life. An egg the shell of which shows all the colors of the rainbow is t'at product ot au Ellsworth, hen. Ail the men in lleriuausville. are wearing whiskers now. The only barber iu the town went to Oklahoma. Bishop Potter of New York and Bishop lloano of Aloauv both affect the English costume of knee-breeches in the evening. Mr. Piilvcr of Vim-land. N. has eaten an egg every day for the last half cent iirv. Up to date he hat pulverised Braxil scuds us 6 pr cent of the total amount of coffee ihKrted, and the cost per pound is 6-10 of a cent cheaper than auy other. Bice birds are settling in immense droves ou Alabama oat fields aud doing much damage. Hunter are re quested to lake notice. A Bay City, constable went to serve a commissioner' uyliee on a woman of that place, aud she threw a cup of hot tea iu his face. He Med. Mme. Hukmabai, a famous Indian lady, has arrived in Iondon to be educated in medicine aud become the first womau doctor kuown to India. Postmaster Slaymaker of Lancaster, lias a -nk of brandy that was imported in Simon Cameron tried, but failed, to buy it at a gallon. Mon Caird. who raised the question "Is marriage a failure? has her uew book iu the press leariug on the subject. It is called "The Wing of Ezracl." The empress of Austria is rapidly failing iu health and her mental weakness increases. She now apeuds ail her time nursing a doll which she supposes to be iter dead sou. E.vGov. Scmple of Oregon hat withdrawu entirely from politic and settled down to hard work in his sawmill at Vancouver. In other words, he says nothing, but saws wood. Peter E. Voe is the Pooh Bah of Dcnnvsvillc, Me. These are the offices he holds and the "honored" leugth cf service: First Selectman, years; Treasurer, 2-1 years; Assessor, 31 yeart; Town agent. -M years. James Shannou. with his wife aud little girl, walked from Kansas to Washington, miles, to see President llarriaou about a pension which bad bceH refused Shannon, who ia a veteran Union soldier. Arthur L. Thomas, the Governor cf Utah, was a messenger boy in the office of the Western Union from 1S07 to 1869, and every night in the year made his rounds hour by hour with a batcU X)t pteas reports for the papers. Miss Belle Johnson of Chicago has been engaged to sing in tho choir the East End Presbyterian Church of Pittsburg at a salary of a This is aid to be the largest salary paid to a church iingcr in the United Mates. Gypsy Smith is the name of an evangelist who is conducting a great revival in Cincinnati. He is said to possess as uinch power as Sam Jones without any of Sam Jones' slang. A few years ago Smith was a leader of the ilotnanys. Congressman Bliss of Brooklyn re cently said: "It costs money to be a member of the House. I hare been a Congressman for fifteen years, and have spent 10,00 a year outside of my salary. It has cost me loO.OOO, therefore, to represent my constitu ents." Gideon Adger of Madison, un dertook to break the ef-ealinir rec ord, but the nun egg restrained uis enthusiasm. He thought it was not quite well, and he was positive the sixth wan suffering from some awful ailmenL Two eggs Adger- ate were unnecessary. lie retired with bis egotism much disabled. Tambcrlik, the tenor, who died the other day, was once strolling through the market at Madrid, when he noticed a great lot of song-birds in cages. Lie drew a l.OOO-fraiic note from bis pocket, handed it to the proprietor, and threw open all the cages, saying: "Go and! be free, my brother! as the birds flew away. M. Fournier, chief of the Parisian claque, is a cultured, clever man, in middle life. He is a millionaire, keeps his carriages, has a fine country house, and wields a wide influence in various directions, lie is comuiander-in-chiet "of the Opera Comique. the CuoteUt. therolies Dramaliqiie, the ZSouvaautet, the Ambign, the Ciiiny. and the lie-jaxet. Gen. Bates, a retired Eogliah army officer of means, is ou a lour through Washington Territory. Whea he sat down to dinner at the Occidental Hotel, Seattle, he met with quite a surprise. The waiter who took his order was his own son. who had run away fioni home to scalp Indians several years ago. He had switched off to hotel scalping. Eugene Smith, a lawyer of Youngs-town, abnormally conscientious, hat gone insane over the thought that he had done something which would injure or inconvenience others. Myron Wood, a politician of the same place, is reported have recently declined au office. The remarkable nature of these nnpreeeDdentcd events will be fully realized when it is remembered that Youogslown is located in Ohi. Mrs. Garfield's fortune. The subscription raised for Mr. Garfield through the instrumentality cf Cyrus W. Field aggregated, when invested iu government bond, aboi't $312,000. Gen. Garfield's life was insured for foO.OUO. the payment which the com Dante, for the sake of the extended advertisement it would give them, if for no other promptly made. Congress alo voted her the remainder of the salary which would have been due Gen. Garfield for the first year of service as prenident. i 111 mm Tin. littin. Ml.t.k fla.filil loft some 130,000. This was all b- had been able to accumulate after a life cf unusual activity. This makes her total estate, iu round nuuilftrs. att 150,009 ia money well invested. From, this an income of probably 1G.0"0 ia derived. In addition to she has from congress an annual, pensiou of 5.000. which is now voted lo the widows of all ex-president. This fortune hasn't decreased since Jaiura A. Garfield's death. Vtevelaud riuil JJealer. It Looks Pretty, bat Is Not a Pleasant Plant to Handle. California has within its borders at least ten varieties of the oak family. isot to enumerate tne rest, mere is the "Doison oak." which nresenta avariet of peculiarities in its growth, according to the location in which it is found Where it has been browsed by cattle! or otherwise "stunted in its growth it assumes the appearances of a dense 1 shrub. If a young plant chances to spring up in good soil at the base ol some tall tree trunk it will clamber up such support in a vine-like fashion. Sometimes it is found as a good-sized tree; often the young plants covei acres of ground and never attain to anj size. But wherever found it always possesses one marked attribute that causes it to be dreaded and avoided by human beings, though some find that its subtle poisou hasno effect on them, savs the San Francisco Ii is this poisonous of i variety 01 quercus tuat 111 a tea it worm while for all to know just how to distinguish the pest when rambling through the woods bunting, fishing, ot at work among the trees or on recently cleared land. First, to give an idea of how il "poisons" the average human who handles it, it may be said that this is done by the unwary victim rubbing its juices into the skin ot the face while wiping off the sweat engendered by a warm day's tramp in the woods. Attracted by its pretty trifoliated leaves, which, in the spring especially, have many bright tints, one is pretty sure to gather some to "press" as souvenirs. Not much attention is paid, as a rule, to the abundant sap that exudes from the broken stem, a sap that, by the way, will be seen to stain anything white an indelible black. One goes on completing a collection, and now and then using his handkerchief vigorously. In this way the poison is rubbed in, and a few hours afterward the fun commences. In tho first place the eyelids begin to itch and a puffy feeling i's felt under the skin about them. Then, generally, the next morning, when the victim awakes, he finds some difliculty In getting his eyelids far enough apart to take a good look at himself iu the glass. Then, when he doos so what a "fright" he finds ho looks like. Eyelids, cheeks, forehead. Iip3, perhaps, swollen and shiny. Eyes just seeu peeping from bet ween a' pair of lids au inch thick, and lumpy cheeks as though he had been pounded in a brisk set-to with some fistic scientist at the California Athletic Association. Added to this is an intolerable itching that drives one frantic. Bathing the face in cold water feels good under these circumstances, but when dry again something cold cream, glycerine, vaseline, tallow, sweet oil, anything of the kiud is applied freely and hastily The end is not yet, tho swelling goes ou and little pustules begin to form, each one of which itches most horribly. lhe wrists are often attacked, and being chafed, are soon aur rounded by a riug of irritating little blisters. Then thev appear between the lingers, are found ou the cars, cx teud Koine cases to the whole body. aua nan iron most persistently lor a week or more. ji court-, remedies so-called are freely applied, and the writer, during a siege irom wiiu-ii no lias just re covered, tried the following, all of which were recommended by those who had "tried Bathing in boil ing water, and ditto in water that was as "cold as ice;" applying an emulsion of honeysuckle leaves (a Chinese remedyjT; hot saleratus water; two or three "patent" remedies and the free application of glycerine. "Under this treatment the swelling finally began to subside and his friends began to recog nize Inni again. His was not what may bo called a "bad" case that is. it was not considered so by one man who told him that he onco washed his underclothes he wan uroiect.incr all alone and hung them unwittingly on a bush of this oak to dry while he sun ned himself ou the bank. Finally he resumed his undershirt and drawers and in a few hours thought he was "in hell." His condition can be better imagined than described. As has been said previously, some are not anected, ana others ciaim -a -a that thev have become "used to it. inoculated, as it were and no longer dread it. The Mexicans believe that if one chews the leaves, especially in the spring, when the poison is the most violent, the poison will never affect them. Perhaps not, but I have found no one vet who has tried this preventive. Those who are super sensitive to the poison will be affected by passing near a tree even. The poison has never been isolated as yet so far as the writer knows, nor has any real antidote been formulated. Jewels for Lncky Doge. It costs a lot of money to keep fashionable dog nowadays, for society ladies are following very closely the elaborateness of their wardrobes in the outfits of their pets. Up to a com paratively recent period women were satis tied with adorning their canine friends with more or less costly collars. All kinds were used, from plain leather, studded with nails, to more or less expensively worked metal bands of brass or German silver. Then the fad of nsing solid silver aud even gold collars began to gain popularity, and often family crests or monograms were thereon engraved. About the time that bangles were iu the height of their popularity a few dog collars were made of silver "or gold pieces joined together, ltussia leather and alligator skin bound with gold were also used for canine neck cncirclcrs. The dog bracelet is the latest fad. These bracelets are made of gold aud silver and are ollcn set witn precious stones, They aro fastened with littlo padlocks and are usually about the size of finger-rings, as the larger dog scorn such frivolitic-s. What the dear creatures will take up next in the way of dog ornamentation no one can telL Erwklyn A Koland for an Oliver. "Do you ever feel lonesome, deserted, and as though yoo had not a friend in the world. Mrs. inquired John-son of his widowed landlady. "Yes. indeed, Mr. and my heart always goes, out to those poor unfortunate arc left alone in the Tlw.n I taka it that von have be stowed the full mcanre of your pity on that strawberry in the Khortcake, Mra. llohbs?" "1 wiuiM remind yon, Mr. Johnson, 1 1 mat- A conuutri uj iij cash basis, she replied, with' wither- ing scorn. Mumtapolii Tribune. a. Methodist Episcopal New York street! art of aqoare. Preaching every alternate Sabbath, at 11, m. and every Sabbath at 7:30 o'clock p. m. Sunday School 9:30 a. m. Prayer meeting every Thursday evening at C. E. Ckkagsb, Pastor. acsBTTKBlAK Come; Eighth and Cherokee streets, fiervlces at 11 a. rn. and at 7:30 P.m. (Sabbath School at 0:30 a. ra. Pastor's bible class at 9:45 a. m. Prayer meeting Wednesday at 7:30 p. ia. L. I. Drake, Pastor. Christian CornerofXInthandOsatTests. Preaching; at in. p.m.satobath school 9:80 a.m. Prayer meeting Thursday veninf Saiwt Joseph's first and third Sundays ol each month at 8 and o'clock a.m. German Evamoewcai. Lcthebaw One square east of the school house. Services every 1st and 3d Sunday in the month, at 10 o'clock a. m. Stemebman, Pastor. Evakoeiioai. association Church(Ger-man)on Bridge street Sunday School every Sunday marning at 9:30. Preaching every alternate Sabbath C.Meeder, Pastor. SOCIETIES. abowic Regular communication of alflr I.odire No. 2S. A. F. A. ursi anu third Tuesdays oi each month. All Masoro- ra invtti-ii to attend. Geo. Fox, W.M. Royal Arch MAsosa-Regitlarconvoca-tlon ol Valley Chapter, o. 11, R. A. M. Thursdayevenlng3 on or before the full moon, P. H. Moore, xl. P. I.O.O. F. Humboldt Lode, No. 80 meets very Wednesday evening, in Odd ellows Hall, north side of public square. Visiting brethren are cordially invited to attend our meetings. Johx Kexhebxr, N. G. P. Pickarts, Sec'y Knights or Honor Stated meetings of Neosho Lodge No. 1, will be held on 1st and 3d Monday evenings, of each month, at Odd Fellows Hall aorth of Public Square. All Knights ofaood standing are invited to meet with ns. E. Oittooi-y. Dictator. A. O. TJ. W. Humboldt Lodge, Np. 233. meets second and fourth Mondays of each month, in the I. O.O. north of the Park. Workmen in good standing are cordially invited to attend. Jcses Barker.Master Workman. Edoar Miller, Recorder. irslNESS DIRECTOR XT A. Attorney at Uws novi4-8 Humboldt Kansas. ME WOLFE, intist. Mokes a specialty of Uood Work Humboldt, Kausas. Oct. 18, 1377. S. LAFARY, 13ESTUT. Iola Kan. Satis raoMnn vnarRuteed witn very low rate Aug. iU-so M. CUNNINGHAM, Notary Public, In- AV. suranceand Keai fciaie a gnu nun boldt, Kansas. Mar IB-' H. A. BROWN, Physician and Sck- IV OEON, HuruDoldl, kiums. mu" Bridge street, first door east of H. A. Brown rW. Hon ir Residence over Perrenoud tnr. Hnecal attention given to diseases of women and children promptly attended day or night. Calls DRUG STORE. J. R. RUSSELL Has In Stock a Fal Line Orug, Chemicals, Paints, Oils, Brushes, Lamps, Lamp Chimnoys, Combs, Brushes, Perfumeiy, Soaps, And Toilet Articles Generally. We mart a Specialty of Pure Drugs. WINES For Medicinal Purposes. OUR STOCK Is New and Selected with a rlew to PURITY of QUALITY. We make AllonrCOMPOUNTjSandKNOWthemto be RELIABLE. Parties will be furnished the Doctor's prescriptions without extra charge for the prescription Private Store Bnlldlna. Three Things to Enow Y-MT3 That the best Eye Tester In the world is the Johnston Dioptric E3'e Meter. 2. That the frames of the Johnston Patent Easy Fitting Spectacles and Eve Glasses are unparaUed. 8. That these frames are filled with the finest Flint Lens and Transparent Stone. FOR SALE BY Dkalkb is FINE WATCHES and JEWELRY Repairing promptly and neatly executed. FHHKR'S BUI DIXQ, BRIDGE STBEKT. Humboldt Kansas June a. 1885 O. jSMITH, QONTRApTOP apd SUPERINTENDENT of work on buildings. Ektlinates made and plans and eptiiacatlons drawn op on short notice. Eighth HUMBOLDT, KAN. 'i It would surely be time well spent for such women to learn some of the laws of health and wisdom to obey them. The first requisite for this work is them to disabuse their minds of for the idea that women are by nature feeble; and that efforts to change the prevailing; conditions are futile because contrary to natural laws. It would seem to have been demon- a sirateuumes enougn to sausiy reasonable person that if women would i A a I 1 treat tuemseives rauonaiiv vigorous health would be easily within their reach; indeed, their present condition, notwithstanding the many ways in which they outrage their bodies, proves that they have great powers of endurance. The wonderful achievements of many female gymnasts and the fact that in some countries women are yoked with oxen to draw heavy loads demon strates that are susceptible of great muscular development While such extraordinary physical culture may not be considered desira yet these instances are reassuring, in view of so much testimouy adduced to demonstrate that women are un equal to ordinary work of either mind or body, or even to that most feminine of occupations maternity. inere are nowadays women who persist in believing that invalidism was not the original intention in theii creation, and that their misfortunes are caused by art and not by nature, their own mistakes aud not the Creator's. This is a hopeful state of things, for when we begiu to look earnestly for causes there is reason to believe that remedies, or better still. preventives, will be forthcoming. It is beginning to be understood that the trouble commences far back iu when the child exchanges for indoor occupations, rolling hoop and playing tag. and. other amusements which excrciso the mnscles ia the fresh air at tho samo time that they keep the mind pleasantly occupied. At this lKn iod the rational dress of childhood gives place to corsets and tight dresses, and instead of an abundance of exercise aud air they too often sit in a heated room from morning until night crocheting, sewing, or reading, eating their meals irregularly during the day, and nibbling candy at convenient iutervals. When they go out of doors it is for a short, slow walk, and their exercise consists in a dance. which perhaps lasts all night. With no aim in life except to kill time and to amuse themselves, is it any wonder that their health fails? Many ol the women now found in a a a. mm business came from this class. Ra verses of fortune, or dissatisfaction with this kind of life, have induced them to undertake some kind of oc cupation. The attempt to be of some use in the world, so full of work, is soon rewarded by an improvement in both health and spirits, proving the trutn 01 fcinerson words, that "a high aim is curative as well as arnica." But -a life of work also has its risks and dangers, which most be appreciated to be prevented, and forewarned is forearmed. One great danger to health is unsystematic exercise, overuse and work of one part of the body, until it is abnormally developed at the expense of other parts, which are wholly neglected, There are two sources of danger in this organs which are overworked may, by over-fatigue, become weakened, but the parrs which are neglected may be the first to break down. Brain workers are sometimes able to do their regular work when it has become impossible for them to digest their food or keep their feet warm. George Eliot used to sit and write with her feet on a hot brick, and Carlyle conld write when ho was unable to eat or sleep. The despised and overlooked members frequently assert themselves and compel us to consider thoir claims. Women who are making extraordinary efforts to become proficient in special direction must remeipr that nature does not sympathise with onesided development, but demands fair treatment for every part, if we would have that even balance which we call health. This should bo borne in mind when we choose onr recreations. An entire change will be found to be the greatest rest The members and muscles which have no part in our regular work must be brought into action. A little thought upon this subject will enable each one to determine the exercise which she most needs. Gymnasts understand this and examine carefully until they discover which are the weakest muscles. Then by wisely chosen exercises they bring these unused and undeveloped parts up until they are as strong as the rest. After this has been done general exercise is safe and profitable, but by neg lecting this precaution much injury may be done to those inexperienced in physical culture. Ten minutes spent in simple exer cises morning and evening will do much to fortify one for the day's work America in Aela. "After long and diligent search in a queer, dark, second-hand booth kept by a swarthy Mongol. I was rewarded by the discovery 01 a product 01 Amer ican genius that partly satisfied my patriotism and served as a tangible proof that New England marks the time to which all humanity keeps step. It was an old seond-band clock, made in Providence, Rhode Island, the battered and somewhat grimy face of which still bore in capital 'letters the characteristic American legend, "Thirty Hour Joker. Mongolia might know nothing of American literature or of American magazines, but it had made the acquaintance of the American clock; and although this particular piece of mechanism had lost its hand. its Thirty Hour Joker1 was a sufficient- ly pointed allusion to the national characteristic to satisfy the most ardent patriotism. An American joker docs not need hands to point out the merits of his jokes, and this mutilated New England clock, with its empty key-hole eyes and its battered but still humorous vuage seemed to leer at me out of the darkness of that queer old second-hand shop as if to say, Tou may come to Siberia, you may explore Mongolia, bnt yon can't get away from the American I was a little disappointed not to find in tbis bazar some representative masterpteco of American literature, but I was more than satisfied a short time afterward when 1 discovered in a still wilder and more remote part of the Trans-Baikal a copy of Mark Twain's, 'Life on the Mississippi' and a Russian translation of Bret Uartc'e 'Luck of Roaring Camp. (Jeo. Kcnnan, in the Century A mounUin of nearly pure iron hat ugt been discovered near Lewiaburg, In Greenbrier county, West Virginia. temper ruins it. Wait till after dinner before you fall out with the cook. How beautiful are. the feet of her that bringetu in a good dinner. Women insist on raising bread because they think it will be Before picking a quarrel with the gas man, buy a gallon of -kerosene. A soft yet persistent answer turneth away a borrowing neighbor. Yon cannot measure a man's daily walk by the thickness of his carpet. It is vain for yon to rise up early ii the kitchen chimuey will not draw. Let me make the bread of a nation, and I care not who makes its pies. Ma ay a woman is expert with the craj-ons who is not skillful in drawing tea. There may be too much of a good thing of in the soup, for instance. If cleanliuess is next to godliness, then neatness is side by side with pietv. A stitch in time saves nine but this was said before was invented. the sewing-machine The foolish man maketh haste lo remove his winter flannels, and pneumonia taketh their place. When a man disagrees with you, it is often best to leave him alone. The same with rich food. It is better to lock the stable dooi after the horse is stolen than not to ock it at all. It may save the cow. It is never too late to mend; but if the mending had been done earlier, the patch would have been smaller. Caesar had his Hrutu3 and Charles I his Cromwell, but neither of them ever eneountered the carDet-bug. Fip-ures in the arithmetic do not lie: but. the figures In a- cook-book sometimes represent indeterminate equations. Seest thou a man rosy in his cheek. joyful in spirit and amiable in all his waysr He hath taken a good cook to wife. If you borrow, you mustlend; there fore whatsoever you are unwilling tuat men should borrow ot you, borrow not of them. Don't put out your furnace tire till the sun is ready to take its place: A ton of coal at $6.50 is cheaper than 9 doctor's bill of C5. he bread of sorrow is leavened with error, mixed with imprudence, kneaded with perversity, and baked in the oven of dissipation. liive not that which is useful to the pigs, neither cast away stale bread which may possess the promise and potency 01 a good pudding. flattery is foolishness, and whoso ever is deceived thereby is not wise; nevertheless the discreet woman may use a little of it for her husband's sake. Elbow-grease hath an honorable name and it is not derided; neverthe- ess the clothes-wringer and the car pet-sweeper are very popular in this country. 1 he cneese-narer is an ouiect ol scorn; yet he layeth up of his substance against a rainy day, while the wasteful man journeyeth toward the poor- nouse. The foolish woman darkeueth her house to save her carpets and keep out flies, and behold her children irrow pale aud disease marketh her for its prey. there are as vet more tinners in heaven and earth than have b.een dreamed of iu hash; but the resources for novelty in its combination are few er than uie' have been. Good House keeping. Ad Immigrant is something pathetic about the shyness and forlorn appearance of a newly arrived immigrant. It true enough that his bashfiilness wears oil rapidlr and that he soon becomes ex ceedingly self-assertive and independent, but on the day that he arrives at Castle Garden he is so weak tired that he hardly dares to ask a question of strangers. A family of Norwegians were landed from a steamer the other day, who were, perhaps, rather more timid than the average immigrants. Thev were an odd-looking: set. The father ana mother, notn stout ana rea face, dressed in rough, heavy gar ments, and five children. Ihe children ranged from a little girl about five years old to a lumbering, large-limbed boy 01 eighteen, the cniia was so terribly overcome by the strangeness of her surroundings that she hem her dirty little face pressed closely against her mother's gown whenever anyone looked at her. Of the three other children, one was a tall, awkward girl, who oeemed to have lost her power of speech, and the other two were chubby-faced boys, fat and healthy-looking, but too diffident to look a stranger in the face. The whole family started up-town along Broadway. Each one of them, except the youngest meas ured the height of every building with i his eye, and lhe whole group seemed amazed and stunned by the sights around them. The writer happened to walk behind them as far -as City Hall Park. Here he lost sight of them. An hour or two afterward, however, he saw the same group at Fourteenth street and Broadway. They bad made their way up the street in a half dream, bumping into people and hurrying over crossings. Where they were going it would havebeendifficult to tell, for they asked no questions. The crowd was breaking around them, hurrying and pushing and scattering away, but they were fixed, the child's face still pressed against her mother's gown. The new world to them must have seemed at that moment an uninviting, cheerless place. New York Tribune. A Story for Boa Vivants. One man invited another to a dinner at the Manhattan Club, of which both were members. It was agreed that the one who arrived first should order the meaL Some time after the appointed hour the host of the occasion found his guest at a table in a remote corner of tho cafe. 'Have yon ordered?" asked 'the host. "Yes." "Well, so have was tho answer. Both langhed, and then the host with a flash of the eye inquired what sonp his guest had ordered. The sonp was named and the host answered: "Then we've ordered the -same dinner; any man with proper notions of sequence in dining would follow that soup with inst Yhat I've ordered." The scientific diners compared menus and found that the orders agreed every particular. Both dinners and all the wines ordered were served. New York Letter. Plenty of Teeth; A scientist says that a roach has over COOeetli. The Chief Beasaa for the great success of Hood's Sarsaparllla. found In tha article Itself. It is merit that wins, and the fact that Hood's Sarsaparllla actually accomplishes what is claimed for it, Is what has given to this medicine a popularity and sale greater than that of any other sarsapa- Mrit Win riUa or blood puri" I VI 1 1 1 1 1 fier before the public. Hood's Sarsaparllla cures Scrofula, Salt Eheura and all Humors, Dyspepsia, Sick Headache, Biliousness, overcomes That Tired Feeling, creates an Appetite, strengthens the Nerves, builds up the Whole System. Ilood'e Sarsapariila is sold by all druggists. six for 5. Prepared by C. I. Hood Apothecaries, Lowell, Mass. Closing out Sale As every "Tom, Dick and Harry' from 10c "counters to hardware stores have engaged inthe jewelry line in- this and consequently the exclusive jewelry, trade, misrepresented bjr cheap and snide goods, has ceased to be a profitable business, I have concluded to quit the jewelry business and engage in some other branch. I therefore offer my entire stock of watches, clocks, plated ware, optical goods, beside fixtures, such as regulator, show cases, counters, safes, at first cost. is no scheme but solid truth, and to substantiate this I will mention a few items: Great Reductions ELGIN WATCHES in Sllverine oases. $5.50. WINDER, SH.80. 23 Gentlemen's good vest chalus, going at ssots, former pnre, A nobby rolled plated charm at 4-3ets, usually sold A splendid htriking clock at 82.4'i, stoid the world over al Rod trers Bro's ri Die pi a ed i es set Triple plate cup, only castor, 5 bot tles, you can have for 83.00. Good rolled idate Ladies' breastnlns. at usually sold from 5tic to 75tr. Job lot of ladies' necklaces and bracelets less than cost For want of space I cannot mention more items now, but remember these goods are first-class, and fully warrant 1 1 ed by L. PERRENOUD. UUKtS WHtHt ALL tL5t rAILa. Best cough Syrup. Tastes good. cJ in time. Bold bydrnggists. tT I believe Piso'a Cure for Consumption saved my life. A. H. Dowell, Editor Enquirer, Eden-ton, N. April 23, 1887. The best Cough Medicine is Piso's Cure fob Consumption. Children take it without objection. uy an druggists, zoc. CURES Whiitt ALL ELSE 1AU.3. Best Cough Syrup. Tastes good. in time. Sold by druf trieta. Patronize Home Institutions. in 11 IS A KANSAS ROAD, Anil is thoroughly identified with the inter ests aud progress of the stale of Kanros and lis people, ana ntrorJUts patrons lavJitwn unequaled bv any line in Eastern and touih- eai.tvrn Kansas, running TH ROCGH EXPRESS trains daily between Kansas City, and (Maine. Ottawa, tirtrnnt. l.ia, Humboldt, Chanute. CnerryVHle. In dependence. Wiufiet.l, Wellington, Harper, Alt Ira ana intermediate poinm. THROITGH MAIL trains Ually. except San day between Kansas City aud Wellington and Intermediate stations, makinif close connections at Ottawa. Chanute and Cher- ryvalewlth our trains for Kruporia, Bur- walnut ana convyTitie. ACCOMMODATION tralusdally.exeeptSun REMEMBER, that hy purchaslnstickets via in is line, at auy of the regular Conpoa stations, and your l.agtrae checked through lo oefiiination. t-aHt, west, north or aout h. PUt.I.MAX SLEEPERS on all nlaht trains. For further information ee mapx and fold- Msiirrallon oraddresa Oeul Passenger Ag't, Lawrence, Kanan. C. B. Yocsg. Agent. Humboldt. Kns. FOR TORPID LIVER. A torpid liver derange the it hole ay. Sick Headache, Dyspepsia, Costivcness, Rheu matism, Sallow Skin and Piles. Thar is better remedy forth rommta diaeasea thai 'fatt'a Liver ftm sua a trial vUfpraTS. Itrtce, a So. Sold Everywhere. SO hi Mm PROPRIETOR OF Humboldt Livery Barn, DOE3 General Livery Feed Business. Keeps Buggies and Wagons For Sale Will Bay and Sell HORSES and PONIES. 1. 1883. WEAKlUNDEVELOPED Oi'Kl. 1'HKNGTHEN KU.Ktc. an intere-uipg al vesti-terjiftnt long run in our pafr. la rupty to will wfty thnt here is no evtdancft of humbug ahout th jiighlr in1trwd. Un the contrary, tno adt nrttrtwr are very ntfiepTed persons may et HleJ cicvuar fiivliw 11 ly rtilf-iu nig FOR ALZ. SISOItDERS OX TI1B Stl oweis LIVER PILLS STRICTLY VEGETABLE. Cure Constipation, Indigestion, 8ick Headache, Liver CmnpIainU. Loss of Appetite, Biliousness, Nervousness. Jaundice, etc. For Sale by alV Druggists. Price, 25 Cents. PACIFIC MMUFACTUKIKS ST. LOUIS. ML When I say Cure I do not mean merely to stop them for a time, and then have them return again. I mean A RADICAL CURE. I have made the disease of FITS, EPILEPSY or FALLING SICKNESS, A lifo-loug etudy. 1 vtarrast my remedy ta CORE the worst cases. Because others have failed is no reason for not now receiving a cure. Send at once for a treatise and a Preb Bottle of my Infallible Remedy. Give Express and Post Office. It costs yon nothing tor a trial, and it will care yon. AdJvees H.C. ROOT, M.C,, 1 83 Peak, New York 109 111 W. Ninth KANSAS CITY, M0. Tki tmXy Specialiit in th City who it a Regular Graiuati in Medicine. Over 20 yeart' Practice, 12 year in Chicago. THE PLDEST IN AGE, AND LONGEST LOCATED. Authorized by tee state to crest Chronic, Nervous and "fcpecial Dis eases, esemintit Henue powervNervous DebUtty. foisonea kiad. Urinary Diseases, and in fact. all troubles or diseases in eitber male-or female. Cures guaranteed or money refunded. Charges low. Thousands ot caaes cured. Experience is importaut. Allmedi- being compounded in my perfectly appointed laboratory, and are furnished ready for use. So running to drug stores to have uncertain prescriptions tilled. No mercury or injurious medicines used. Nodetention from business. Patients cinea sent everywhere free from gaze or break age, (state your case ana genu rar terras, consultation free and confidential, or by iBiier. A 64 page TnnT? For Both Hexes, sent illustrated JUUua. sealed in plain envelope for 6c. in stamps. Every male, from the age ot 15 to 45, should read this book. RHEUMATISM THE GREAT TURKISH RHEUMATIC CURE. A POSITIVE CCRS fcr RHEUMATISM. fur may ease this trcuneaft hula to ur or kHp. Uretc duearrj la ansU fawdieia. Ow dotw fives relief; a few 4om rrakovas fern and pia la ioiots Car eMBjted ta a dai a. Sed stat-am( 9t cm vita ataap IW Circalara. CalL or addrono Or.HENOERSON.I09W.9thSt.,KiniC.t,Mo. OF PURE GOD LIVER OIL antj HYPOPHOSPHITES Almost as Palatable as Milk. Bo dlasralMd that It earn be tail en, dlcested, and auistutlated by th naat Itlv atomaveb, when the plarfm ell taaaot be tolerated; asd by the combination of the oil with tba toypop-baa-pfaltea la much more efficacious. Beiaarkttle as a lesb producer Persons gala npldlj vbiie UUng It SCOTT'S EMULSION is aoknowledgedby Physicians to be the Finest and Best preparation in the world for the relief and core of CONSUMPTION, SCROFULA; GENERAL DEBILITY WASTIHO DISEASES, EMACIATION, I luwa ana nanwniw 1 Th areat rtmedu for ana Wasting in. CkUdbnn. Soli by all Druggists, omach, Li o. i a ask DMDERSOw 'IS

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