Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 19, 1944 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 19, 1944
Page 8
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Page, Eight NAUGATUCK DAILY, NEWS TUESDAY, SEPTEMBIE 19, 19U : : News Of The World In Pictures Where Nazis Launched Scorched Earth Policy ^-,,1^ s( , IIV month.-. ai,-i>, German pn>|i:ig:uuli*l> wen- seoriifiilly mid critically sliniitng when Hussia Illinium-Hied' Hit- "sciirclii'il mirth" pdlk'y tu i-urli III • progress nf n I he/i-aih juicing Oriiiiin uriiiy. JS'nw the .Na/,N use tin- same melliml and this |iiclliri> .shu.f.s how (lii-y li'ft the Frene.h tnwu nf Uniiine l.os DIIIIK-X ill flames sis tlii' U. S. Ttli Army iii:irulii-cl in. U. S .Signal Corps photo, (liituniiitinuul Suiuiil- plm'.ii) Bcaufighter Rockets Blast Liner Rex Brig. Gen. Frank Hines Praises The American Legion Chicago, Sept. 19—(UP)—Disabled veterans of this war now are receiving financial . benefits which it took veterans of World' War I, 20 years to obtain. This was revealed today by Brigadier' General Frank. HInes— administrator of veterans' affairs., spoke at the 2llth annual American Leg-ion convention. Hincs said: "One ,of the most unselfish "things which the Legion has over done, in my judgment, was to conceive, formulate and take a leading part in .the cnact- iient of the G-l bill of rights." He revealed that' already some 10,000 veterans have applied for training under this law and about 'i.fiOO of them have been declared eligible and now -are awaiting the opening of schools next month." Tin- lm--liiin* Ui.viir.v llarr ijr.\. jirUI.- nf l.'u- Italian 'ioiirKt (r::ili- f!<•<•(, is *li<i\vu ln'-i- (mriiing IUKII- Trii-sti- al'li-r nicl.-firiiii; !!.M'' !'.i'aiil'i^h[rr> llacl iiprm-d u Ilir hiy: shi|i which li:i.-% in-i'ti in Nav.i liiiiids. 'I lif hii; ship K M',':r>rtrd \iriiiall\- tlc-tt royctl O'^X'l K:uli<iplu)to. (Internal innal SoiiiidplU'to) I.alior Lender's KcquoMt Chicago, Sept. 10—(UP)—William ruen, president of the American federation of Labor, urged the American Legion today to pass a •esxihition pi'aising American la- jor. This, he said,- -would help mend he broach between the Legion and ho A. J 71 . of L, occasioned by the <cgion's statements against labor. !reen said that "in time past, rhen n gruaL clamor arose In the ross and the radio against labor, ondcmnai.ory statements from 1-ugion representatives were plcn- "ful and prominent." ' Now, he said, when the President, the army, the navy, and the U'.-u- Production hoard .all praise labor's magnilicunt job, "the workers of our- country cannot find a iingh.' expression of this Iriud from any qualified spokesman- for the American Lcgiun." "This," said Crei;n. "is a cii-cum- tance which give* rise to the un- fortunatu misunderstanding be- -wuen the two organizations." , Rubco-Tcol Softball ' 'Game Scheduled ! For Sunday The U. S. Jluhlicr Co. iind • VVatcrliury Tool Co. softbull . tuaniH will piny the MCcond .gmiiu of ~tlie Wntcrbiiry In- dustrlal championship nerl<:n 'Sunday, it; was uiiiiuuiiced this afternoon. Mfcr. Jlownrd Scl- itcrllng <>r the local *(|iiiul and "rival manager Tom Curmody Broached an ai(ri:eineiit which 'calls for « single game Stim- '<lny. The Kubeo manager wanted a douhlo heailcr pluycd 'if the Tool lout Its rir»t game, with the purpose of getting the playoff oVer with. The V. S. lliihhur lias a one game edge In the scries HO far. Hose Co. To Hold Annual Outing Oct 8; Committees Named Parking Laws To Be Strictly Enforced With New Meters The annual outing of, the Naugatuck Hose and Hook nnd Ladder Co. will bo held at- Linden park, October 8, it was decided at a meeting of the general committee last night. Noi-dhill Naugcs. general chairman, appointed three committees to arrange for the annual affair. Serving on the ticket committee are Jit. John Phillips, chairman, James Murphy. Herbert Cockroft, Walter Gcsscck, and John Moroncy. • The entertainment committee is headed by Frank Mulesky, a"ssist- ed by Raymond Dccgan, Clayton Fellows, William Woods, and Fire Chief John J. Sheridan. James Sullivan is chairman of the sports committed, with Capt. James J. Grant, John Hackett, and Edward Calvin also included on the committee. The food committee, with John Industrial Group To Plan Quiet V-Day Celebration The bells of peace . will tell conservative note in Naugatuck according to the discussed «•' a meeting of representatives of Interested groups, it was an nounccd this morning. Local indu8tri;il officers met late last week and expressed opinions that a large, joyful celebration to observe the exit of Germany from the war would be out of place, while the huge task of defeating Japan Htill remained. At any rate a parade, with several bands participating, and lead up to Linden park, with dancing following; was discussed. A motion endorsing; the purposes of the Naugatuck Post, American Legion, in connection with the observance and leaving arrangements with the Legion with u. pledge of cooperation. Local Protestant churches will hold union services at % p. m. ol the day, it was »nid. Further plans for the observance will be made later, as George E. Lewis, who presided, will name a committee. Weaving- Tborr.ns I^awlor, Veterans Will Hold Get-Together Here On Friday .;' /» ''.{' '•• .* U14IAM"" i.Ml THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT WELL GROOMED MAN ALWAYS RATES A SECOND LOOK. He looks like a inan who will live up to his clothes—a man who will live up to his appearance and in most cases his obligation anyway —if he doesn't live up to all those things—you can't blame it on his clothes—he's good to look at— while your looking. We don't claim our clothes make a man— that's up to the man—but they help a man over many hurdles— .$45 to .$75. The first "Get Together" of the Fall season for old and new members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars will be held on Friday of this week at the Veterans' Hnme on Rubber avenue, Commander Gaston Adams announced today. A sauerkraut and frankfoj-t supper wii; be served and there will be card playing and a general social occasion for nil who attend. Commander Adams indicated. It is also planned at that lime, comists of Commander Adams stated today, Francis Calvin, <. o mukc formal plans for the Vet- Fij-c- Marshal Michael F ,Shca, and erans of Foreign Wars observance Records! Courteous Service i««»»^»*^ LOVINF. KLICCTRIC CO. 8 Church Street Beautiful r. Fireproof Quebec Hints Tied Aid On Japs Gets Purple Heart VVorkmcn were installing ro- •ja.ired [larking meters in the bor- -.ugh today, Pnlico Chief John J. Onrmley said. The parking laws will now be strictly enforced, he ijiid. Many curs were tagged on Church -•troot this afternoon as ' people ;i;irked their vrhiclos during lunch hour. The repaired meters will no tongor allow nn excuse of a broken metiir for parking overtime or failure ir.sorling a coin, it was said. About IS motors were returned 1 from Hartford: and wore being vised MS replacements for those out of order on the busier streets. Others are expected back soon. Thomas Grant. The bake will bo prepared by Edward Haepp.. The volunteers arc looking forward .to a successful outing with the committee providing varied cn- tertnininent and activity, A menu of refreshments will be announced later. Death Of Lynn, Mass., Woman Investigated of V-Day. If the event should occur before formal arrangements have been made, Commander Adams stated, nil members of the post are asked to report just .as soon as possible j at the homo on Rubber avenue, from which point the organization will take part in .1 body in the celebration activities of the town. . CHINA PITCHERS ____ 50c BOWLS ........ 60c BUTTER DISH 75c CREAMER ..... 50 Salt & Pepper Set 50c Casserole Dish S1.30 <}ui'lii'(: I'liiifi-rrncc that Stalin had IM-I.-M in- vllril—iihliiuigli Jin- i!| nf .Inpuii Is !i i:i:i,j»r lupic—i::iu>ii-d iirws- liM'ii In srrnt u Mirnifirn h 1 ([|;-«)ff. I Ifri'tol'itrc, Stalin lt:i> bi'^n *.'lini- lnnti'il I'l-nin any t;ilks invulvlng Japan, it was iissiimiMl, tln'ii, that ICiissia would pniviilr :iii| fur tlif -laii Isiinc'kunt ;unl that iissi.slaiici' wniilil [inili:ilily include nm- by Ihr Allies of I hi: vital Silirrifin tiir- IIIINCS (I) ni-ar VliiiliviislnU and aK'i CM at Kanichal l<a, -Mi'amvliilc C. S, sluiis linvi- i;pciu<(l mi tin- I'lillijipini'S (.'!) and I'lilan. while grim-lug liiipiirliiiii'M i> :il!ac!iiMl to drives In tin- I'niist "f Cliina ('I) wlii'n- riiiicliiiw offers Hie best riiniiniiniratinns connc'C'tinns. 1I"W- ever, T'orniosa (.1) is a niii.joi' nbs'ai-le tn hi 1 o\-encoine but II is pre- Miineil tin- Qtiebei: agrei-nienl- will devise mean-, of raring all tuugli IH-iilili'iiis. ([iileriiatidiial) Zoo Caq-c For Belgian Traitors Commander of a task, foree unit, Adm. .). .). Clark pins the Purple I.'elirt inodiil on l.t, C. II. Carroll (on streliilier), of .lacksullvillc, (•'la. Carroll was injured in the foot li.v ack-ack while on a mission over tile lioiihi Islands in the I'aeifh:. U. S. Navy pliutn. (In- (t'roatimial) One Nazi A Year American Legion Will Honor Lost Sergeant Tonight Commander George Lewis of Nnu- ^utnck post, American Lccrion hns culled a special meeting of the organisation tonight at 7:'13 o'clock. A delegation of members will go to the Fitzgerald funeral home on North Main street '"id pay llnnl honors to Sergeum John Kowalew- stki. who was k';lled J.-ist week in an airplane accident near-Florida. The; body of Sergeant Kowalcw- ski arrived here today from the South. Lynn, Mass., S«pt. JO—(U F) — Police are investigating suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of Mrs. Ellen Sugarman of Lynn. Mrs. Sugarmall's body w.'is found by her husband on the bedroom floor of their apartment. Sugar/nan told police that he and his wife had left their a.pai-1- mcnt yesterday morning when the owner informed them of his intention to fumigate the entire building. The victim's husband said he was to spend the night in West Lynn, while his wife slept at a sis- tor's home in Brookline. • When Mrs. Sugarman failed to meet him at a pre-arranged spot today, the woman's husband returned to the vacated apartment and found her body. Polio Total In State Dropping At Slow Rate TEMPLETON'S TK.MIM.KTIIN-S CIIKNKIC XVATKKIirilY DIAL -KISU (N.i Tnll Chariti-) Summer Dance Program! For Friday, Saturday and Sunday Kveningn JOE ItOCK and Hin I HOCK and JIVE BO.VS In 1'oIKMK and Modern Dance Music Sunday Dancing 5 to 9 P. St White Eaglt Restaurant BRIDGE STREET Member of Connecticut Town Hall Electric Survey (Continued from Page Z) J'",Mi|ity vino or.yvs in hold rltart,'ci/ u'ilh InviMHi.'iliJ.v aliliiig the N:iv.i Orsliipo. riacod Ix'liliul thi' l>ui"i of a lion's ratfi', tin- group almvr cun In-. vir\vt'cl by tltrlr .scurnful frllow-coiinlrynini prior to llu-ir trial, (IntoriintioimO S|/orting » 7'ifli. 1 .'mil n licit of hand gi-rnadrs, tliirtoi''iir-nUI ,'osi-pli .Tiirrachinr of Car|iciitni>, i''r:iin'c, is cnvlitinl with killing .IX Gi'i'mans wliili- oprrating with :i unit of the I-'ri'iich Forces of the IntiM'ior ;is tlic'lr mascot. TJ. S. Army Signal Corps liadio- |iho(o, (Intnrniitionnl) interpretation is fdvrm to the wiring in the basement of the building. The wiring in general throughout the building is said to be in a st.-n.c. of needed repair. The general ofllce area wiring of thr> Town Hall is indicated to be in good condition, with some minor repairs needed. The Swan r.rm also points out that additional electrical outlets should be installed in the building to offset the usn of electric cord, and also states I hut some wirinc sections in the structure ca.n b» c!'iminated by cutting off defective sections thus removing some hazardous circuits and also reducing electrical coverage, unless replaced, Estimates on this work. Warden Leo J, Brophy indicated today will bo included in the general estimates prepared by- W. J. Megin, Inc., in connection with any contemplated chn'r.gcs and repairs on the Town Hal! building. These figures wil be submitted to a special meeting of the board of welfare hero in the near future for a do- cision on just what will or will not be done in the matter, as the Town Hall jurisdiction is under control of this borough group. Couple Files Wedding Intentions Marriage intentions were filed by Burton N. Camp, USN., of 157 South Main street, and Beverly L. Douty, also of 1S7 South Main street, at the office of Town Clerk Raymond J. St. John, No date has "been set for the wedding. Paper Salvage Meeting Sept 27 A meeting of the Naugntuck Paper Salvage Committee will be held in (he office of the Knug.-itiick Daily News -on Wednesday, Sept, 27th, at 8 o'clock, Chairman C, Arthur Fagcr announced today. Chtiii-tnan F.-i^er stated that it is originally planned to hold a meeting during the present week, but than Clarence Jones, head 'of the Naugntuck Defense Council, could not be present. Mr. Jones; will be available for the meeting or. Wednesday. Sept. 27th, and all members of the committee are asked to keep thfil evening-open in order that there may be a full attendance at the session. - The total number of cases of poliomycHis in the state is dropping- at 7i very slow rate, reports from. the struc department of health, released today indicate, with 32 c.-ises being listed for last week as against 13 fo:- the week previous. Health authorities have been confident that the total number of cases would show a sharp drop once the middle of September had been reached, but today's report shows thnt the number is still sticking at a comparatively high point. One case was reported in Now Haven county for the past week, that being listed from Watorbury. No c.iscs of roportablc disease were listed from Naugatuck. War Fund Heads Meet Tonight There will be a meeting of the Advisory Committee and nil committee chairmen of the Naugatuck cnjnpoipn for the National Wai- Fund, lonight at the Naugatuck t-nrimbcr of Commerce at 7:30 p. m. BUYING A NEW HOME? Your Saving-s Bank Can Help You NAUGATUCK SAVINGS BANK All Deposits Guaranteed Registration For Night School Light People wishing to enroll for evening classes should call at the high school between 7 and S:30 p. m. tonight, Mrs. Gertrude Miidiean, director, announced tqday. , Registration held last night was light, she said. Tonight is the last night for registration. No formal registration is 'planned fo:- non-English speaking classes, Mrs. Mndign.n said. . Classes ^ill start next Monday night. Street Lights May Be On Tonight Street lights arc expected to be on again tonight, Milton Lent., manager of the Naugntuck Connecticut Light and Power Co. office, said this afternoon. The lights have been out since ihc hurricane struck last Thursday night. Mr, Lent said that all the street lights not expected to be in use as some work on repairs remains. Tests were mode this morning. Most of the work in Naupatuck has been done on electricity connection to homes, and the last areas affected should be taken care of today, he said. QUALITY RUBBER FOOTWEAR Made In Naugatuck Is Serving AH Over The World UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Naugratuck Footwear Plant Naugatuck conn. Sale Price Is $1 For Legion Lot According to warranty deeds "iled at the office of Town Clerk Raymond J. St. John, the Borough of Naugatuck sold a lot on Millville avcnufi to Naugntuck Post 17. American LoRion. for the sum of one dollar, and Arthij:' Swan sold lot on Park avenue to Carl and Josephine Manuson. Some of the self-sealing rubber jas tanks now xised on warplanes may be used for safer tanks after Condition Of Boro Clerk Is "Good" The condition of Charles Only, borough clerk, who is recovering from a surgical operation at St. Mar y's hospital was reported "gojd," by hospital authorities this afternoon. Mr. Daly entered the hospital last Wednesday, LAWNS he war in buses, trucks and other | pl ' ornpter ' Too Late To Classify BAUN DANCING At Green Acres, Waterbury-Pros- pcct highway in Prospect every Friday and Saturday night. Steve -rucci's orchestra Percy Knox, motor vehicles 1 Tho hot. dry we.-uhor hns ruined many of X-uig-.ituck's beautiful lawns. Before the fail rains set in it would help to apply a generous amount of Dricomirc. This if peat moss and cow manure—treated to remove wceJ sco.ds. This is an excellent fertilizer and ground conditioner for new and old lawns. We Have Monty in Stock. — AlKO — Turn in your fuel oil coupons and have your tank filled now—this is important. The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 Church St. Phone 5236

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