Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on October 24, 1883 · Page 2
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 2

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 24, 1883
Page 2
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aMawi cenimj SSriiune PUBLISHED DAILY (Sunday Excepted.) AV41 J fe 41T EIGHTH BTHBKT '' ; " bt ras TRIBUNE PUBLISHING CO. WH. B, OAROIB, MuiagMI V HUnUI V CUiilM 4VT FIFTKTOJ CKNTS PER WBEK. Tsajts, st mui., fob. thb dau.t: OKI YEAR Q CO ! SIX MOXTHS....fs 00 THB WEEKLV TBIBINE, ruausass imr utuuat, ONE YgAR... -?2 60 1 aLVMQNTHn Cltr wd Coumty OCtcisd THK TUIBVNB bats elreiUettoai mora tkan double tkafef ur other paptr pwbliatiod '.n A'nmdt County WEDNESDAY. .OCTOBER 24 One Peiat Settled. , !' The Ohio election has settled one point at least, and that ia that the Civil Service reform cry of the Democracy one year ago waa all a sham &yi; fraud. In Ohio, the author of the Civil n vk measure which therDemocrata Jrepe sented last year aa the pffl-feotionj o human wisdom and the last hope ef-oni national ealvatiou, has been ruthlessly slaughtered for the sole crime of his acting upon the supposition that the Democratic party was honest and meant what it aaid, 'and really waa in favor of reform. In Jsew Jersr y the Democratic State Convention denounced "Civil Service reform, and its nominees have emphasized the denunciation by a promise in case of success to reward exclusively those who have labored for the success of the party. The reason of this is apparent. The cyclone of Tout year ago so elated the Democracy ibkt they have labored nnder the delusion ever since that a Democratic President was as good as elected in 1884. Their noses have soiffed the, fleshpots, tbsy have thrown off the disguise of a year ago, and no w raise the old Democratic banner bearing the inscription, "T the Victors Belong the Spoils !" So much forv Democratic honesty, consistency and Democratic promises. The people ought to have learned long since that the party cannot be trusted. They hare found it. out again and again in this Stabe, 4and most forcibly since the last election. It is a conscienceless party. It will promise anything for votes. It will violate its pledges . before they are ee4dr and swear that they never made them. But one thing is very certain, their Civil-ServicQ reform professions have been thoroughly exploded, and they can no longer deceive the simple with fraudulent professions of that nature, and those who are Civil Service reformers from principle will no longer look to the Democracy for help or sympathy, or hereafter believe in their professions. And of the same character are all of their reform professions. Stony Creek CanaL Will S. Green, editor of the Colusa Sun, claims that the Stony Creek canal ia now an assured success. All trouble about the right of way has been removed, and the work is progressing-aa rapidly as could be expected. The canal taps Stony Creek at the point where it debouches into the plains from the hills known as the Black Butte canyon, about two miles from the southern line of Tehama county, and runs tbenee in a southeasterly direction along the foothills of Colusa county as far south as the town of Berlin. The Sun says: "There will be several branches in fact, when the system is completed it will make a regular checkerboard of the valley. Reservoirs Are to be built, both above aud below the head of the canal, in which to store water for late summer use." Mr. Gbkkn thinks the stockholders will only have to spend abont $100,000 before tbey begin to derive a revenue from this enterprise. The success of this scheme will not only be of great advantage to a large aud fertile portion of Colusa county, bat a big feather in Mr. Green's cap, as it was born of his faith, and has been put into operation by his tact, patience and, skill as an organizer. Condition, of Arizona. The Governor of Arizona in his annual report to the Secretary of the Interior, recently submitted, states that the population of that Territory is now 75,000 and the taxable property $25, 000, Q00. The yield of cereal for 1883 is 14,000,000 pounds of wheat and 18, 000, doo ponnds of barley; the wool yield reaches 24,000,-000 pounds; and the product of gold, silver and copper shows a grejtt advance on the preceding year. He says : "The fact that the Apaches' who had been war-like and murderous, are living in comfort at San Carlos, has a dangerous significance to peaceable Indians, Who are living in want." He claims that the ChiricahaaSg who still remain in the mountains, rs standing terror to the southern part of the Territory, and should be treated by the army as in hostility with the Government. Lord Habtington practically1 admit .4 that the principal measure that will occupy the attention of the Government on the reassembling of Parliament will be alterations of the franchise law. A bill will nndonbtedly be introduced extend-ign the franchise in the counties and making the qualifications like those now existing in the boroughs. He thinks it pot sible that a general redistribution of representation will be agitated, though both the Conservatives and Irieh repre sentatives will oppose, it. Thai more general the reforms in the election laws of England the more the privileges of the aristocratic cfsss are endangered, but fiom presentfnaraooes it is sot certain the Liberal .VBl bold together long enough tft Mnxdish any important result. From present appearances we should judge that Ben Bctlke will -fc ' badly left ia Massachusetts next . month. Should he win, owerer, tha if old ticket " will have to ccrn 4ewn, and Bkh will be the nominee of K? .XJemoc- racy for President. . . . Thb Secretary of : the "Democratic State Committee yajl MasMehustts ts named Drink water, but he doesn't do much of it. Another instance of the truthfulness of the old adage, "There is nothing in a name." ; Tkxas has ,OT J2,(M(IO(ttJieF treasury. ' What a field for the average politician to. take band in. rating that treasury in the -words of the immortal ounwaxava, ok otssuyon HANDSOME HARDIE. Tbo Yeatbfal Bride of Freak It. Hhcrwia AccsMd of Intimavty ffithu Actor.) i j- Ohicaqo, Octobarl 23d. Th criminal inrlietmemta-whieb. VS-nnk R Sherwin. the millionaire raelMT of New Mexico and once a uroiuinetit politician of New York, ia now answering in the latter State are not the greatest his troubles. Those severe because epet embarrassments which attack a man Jin his nearest family relations and which the entire world talks about, while he perforce keeps silent, will soon prove j sftbbrt) in his aide, sharper tfcsfi&hl sttac of the prosecuting attc- Wafers the aeirsf: the sternest Judtfe. SherwiVs history was too . 1 . . 1 J X recenur wnnen to aeea nyeuuuu. jcmr- fV Nevrl?AJ-vHttr Wfly suspicions and indictments for complicity in official mis- bred and well-f jeit&ig maai went to iew Alrxicp aiiai cngagea; isimm je tmaineS ntt scaMooiaaieiiSurate jn tax tensiveness" with his then great wealth. His affairs in tbe Territory prospered and he often visited De-ver. While there be often met Governor William Gilpin, an aid. resDScted and wealth v resident of taat city andMhe firs Territorial iGjoverncT of Colorado H 4 l f. f Li LAUBa TJICKTJiaDi - Governor Gupta's faMI; oily consisted, of himself, wife and a step-daughter. Miss Iotura Dickinson, daoghfeK pf Mrs. Gilpin by a former marriage. The latter was a lovely-girl, 19 years of age, with eyes of blue, and hair that rippled over her shoulders in streattis tsl shimmering gold-She was the belle in a city of belles. Into taw family Governor . Gilpin Introduced Mr. ' Sherwin, supposing that the disparity in age between him and his stepdaughter weald pfwnfenyitenderness toward her note ,than acquaintanceship, but Sherwin soon took np the role of lover, and his attentions) in that capacity were soon so assiduous that . the Governor for bade him enterintr th bouse. -and Sent back rthe bouquet, which the loyer-continued ceaarng wiir fair oeim. one waa wut w VVashington, D. Ci, for the purpose of finally separating (the pair, but, Sherwin was more if -an ttnpasrioned lover han his man-of-the-world ways led people to expect, and four months ago all Denver waa astonished tq learn that Miss tanr a Dickinson bad been married at Washington: to Frank B. Sherwin by the Bey. Dr Howard . an Epitcouar soinlater f of that city. This last Utot' waaf aiv added surprisS. as Mrs. Gupin, the bride a mother, was a de vout and zealous Roman Catholic J- A CROSS BETWK1N 1 COWBOf AND1. DOTB. The newly married couple at once started wesi lor, spiau caaio, bo m xjm o uu, ICoL, wreiiearty af-fiherwin's friends, who escorted them to their home in New Mexico, where feasting and rejoicing held sway. The bridal tour came afterwards. In September the tour was begun and. the 20th of thutt month saw thaoa.ia. Ubksafo. v itb t pndai Conpls was a years of aftea oroas between a cowboy and a dude. lie was Sherwin's son by a former marriage. rA sister of his, yemnper in "years," tvar also fn the party, which was supplemented by a number of servants, r .They sttppecf at the Tremobt House, and? thereJon September j2Ttb, Sherwin wits arre.5teJ and taken to New York to answer the charges against him. He left his bride behind in charge of his son. They continued boarding at the Tre-mont, but gossips Say she did not cry her eyes out at her husband's departure. Tbe tfaeatresv offered af means of, amusement during her lord's enforced absence, and her youthful cavalier,) older, however, than nerseif, took ner tq tnem. habjjieI thk actor. 1 At Haverly's, J.jL. llardie . was playing "Jack Hern" in Te Romany Rye and she went often to see him. It may have been that tbe handeomej face and figure of that actor wincn captivated the rancy or so many maidens sndi matroDa' when Le was playiog in The Child of the State moved the mind and ruffled the feelings of the young bride, so Quickly widowed by tbe law's demands. At all events, an ac quaintanceship sprung np and dinners at the Tremont afforded a more satisfactory meeting than evenings at the 1 theaters. Calla and drives! played their part, and theatrical people were agog over what tbey considered a sensation. In the meantime the son was chaperon but ; on Thursday last Governor Giliin appealed. !j His visit was short, but decisive. Be came in the morning, and in the evening 'left with his stepdanghter for tee- East, taking also the aaugbtes with bins, and. the son of Sherwin, whose-existence Moveraor uupln was : - . - I i a! - j i d: resence . bs bitterly, resented. , Sherwin 1 had kept them in ignorance -af - any pre-" viotia maritial ties of his, and thU sadden apparition of a geown-up family was,' to put it mildly, displeasing. The next day Mrs. Gilnin came from the West aad de parted for tbe Bast, and it looked as if there was to be a prf at family row. A OEMQCIATm OPINION. Blaine, Tllden Bind Grant Dlscaaaed The Democratic Weak Point. CmCAOd, October 24th. A daily ..Jfewt -Washinten special sayS; A Pacific Coast lawyer, formerly a Democratic Member of Congress, here. arguing cases in the Su preme Court, speaking to-day of the politk cal situation, sai4: "I do not believe the Democrats will win next year. I have no faith ia the. sveeess of the Democratic party any more. Our success in Ohio was af a purely local characterahd catnot be repeated nextyear. Yon see'tbsre are so few DemocTatswith a general following in the party. Tildes is about the only man Lkoow wha haa.1 Perhaps Tilden could elected. Certainly he is the only Dem-ocrsfWDO onldw I think Blaine-has the largest" foll6wiag"lnhIf Varty bf any"one man. . He is the most popular Republican I know anything about. Americans like his dash and snap. Say what yon please about his South American policy, he would have found a majority, of. the American people in sympathy if he. bad been . permitted to carry it out. Americans like adventure, and if Blaine t& "1eeona involved ia a -war! oft conquest" in South America he would have found It a popular thing. Americans look kindly , upon projects for the extension of dor territory; I have no doubt but what the annexation of a Urge portion of J Mexico will be one of the war cries of soma future political cons- 4 bination. -J., do foot mean tive Blaine credit for being' tsr ority' Republican whb has a general following in the party. think Grant has a strong hold upon the people. ? He has been, behaving wall in the last two or three fears, and if nominated I think he could be elected. The objection Wfed agahisthim during the third term excitement does not cxiat,now." A fiw LBMbor Bntrprlse. ',The Encinmt aai'a there is a to mot afloat that a cmrriyj Hi egatinr wftlrM. A. Mecartney fo the purchase of a consid- aaBItiHr tf - -him .niliM V. lands boederftij otayTarsn JalaaJJwith the v(ewtsitaWishrn tiafaon sawmilL Should the Durchaao he m. it ia aald to be the .intention of the cum- pany to float m.K.fnast. ea States, fro om the lumber Tegrohs or the north, The location selected is admirably aaapie(fe rer ,su nd better focflit land borders on an leoUrprise: in fact, dull be selected thin bay; ; can l.Wiae,t with little outlay, be made aceeoaibla to rail facilities. mhvtfttry 53fHroi i'.-r. A Car Batldlnir Csatpasy. r Mm tjjm&? Mfr4r$f western ManalaetasaaiV 'aad Car Obistpaa f have been filed with tha County Clerk. This is a Minnesota cewpaoy with a capital af $o.000.600: cuttht artScfes Tiledhera BntldJ a4wn Van. iwlm:2 ..msVmM. ta. I- J .ftended SfcjytaWMf sbfMch fWCory .4ter the Un4L.ialsadadh2usussa company jwtoMtdakd f saight and passsnget ears of all kindsi fanning implasnentt and macrjisrfry at itkiads.w i ucocrmnoff oi 1 a,vuw aim, a, aBSs mid FranooW CirtoL with 94BSMQeC formed themselves into a '-Corporation to I Cafto Jklotor. . and manufacture oporase a cerwaf inveauoi Known 44 ta the same .in tha, QAEXlAOT) DAILY EVENING- XHTBTJINT3. WEDNESDAY, BERKELEY ITEMS. i Specially Reported for The Tribune. Mr. J. J. Dana has bean prospecting in Tulare county. The cottage of Mr. Allen mr A the dwelling of Mr. Brackett's, at theoorth end of town, are nearly completed. Mr. Johnson' has sold his dry goods store, at Dwight way, to Mrs. Booth, who will hereafter conduct the business. Since C FBnsoa has said-his jjaoa at Livermore .bis .pare ntswho,made .. their, home there, havt moved to TemescaL Mi. J. G. Wriefit U addine two new rooms to bis "Alpha" block.. They will be occupied by Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Burn. It is reported that considerable aicknees prevails in and about San Pablo. Antonla Valencia is aait low 'with rnewnonia and threej children in the family of W. Ward have scarlatina. A .ser prise party waa . riven, to Miss Lillie Welt"n, at her borne en Ellsworth street, last Friday evening. There was a large) number of young folks present, and a very enjoyable tune was naa. Tbe Society of Christian Endeavor held another of its meetings, at the First Congregational Church, last Saturday evening. Mr. J. C. Domin spoke on the subject. "Tbi Purifying Hope," choosing his text from 'i John, 3, 1-3. ! Prcf. King, of Sao Francisco, has' noti fied ths West Berkeley Fire Department that he will be unable to present his stere-optioan' exhibition at their entertainment to ta given on tbe evening of tbe Zbth instant. The department, nothing daunted. have. prepared on 'short notice, an excel lent urorratsme for a minstrel entertain men4 consisting of ballads, medleys, comic sonrt and laughable sketches, to conclude with a humorous burlesque, entitled: tsiacK EuetP William. Dancing will follow. Inasmuch as several person 'of 'Berkeley have-been malicious enough to cast reflections upon the character of Mr. Horton. teacher of the West Berkeley schools, who whipped the lad named Aine some days ago, Mr. B. M. Fisher, County Superintendent of Schools, has addressed the fol lowing card to the -public? To' alt whom It may concern: Any reflections upon the humanity or ability of G. W. Horton, Principal of the West Berkeley Schools, is without warrant from me. I ocnsMer him a superior teacher one of tvevery best in tnis county. ir. M. J ishkb. PERSONAL MENTION. - H.Denison, of this city, returned from Southern California to-day. f-E. G.'Uittfeman and wife, of Alameda, returned from JJos Angeles to-day. i A. Booth, of this city, arrived from the southern portion of the State to-day. Mri. "M. Tichenor ! and children, of Eait Oakland, returned from the East to day. : ; At Uto Jaaetion. William Walsh has opened a first-claj-a cash grocery store at the junction of Seven lean in, uencer ana i eraita streets, an es tablishment sadly needed in that locality. Fair' dealing and low prices are M. Walsh's business principles and tbe peop.'a oi tne neighborhood in wnicn be has loca tea are extremely tortanate in securing this opportunity of discarding the expensive credit system and embarking upon a paying cash basis, a system which is profi table alike to the purchaser and the pro prietor. Those who patronise the Junc tion Cash Grocery will never have cause to reject it. rh Cntmes or Normandy. The Alameda Opera Company will give Mrs. . M. Varden a benefit on Friday evening at the Park Opera House in that town, on which occasion the Chi met of Normandy will be given with the following powerful cast: Henri, Marquis of Ucrne- lliey W. B. Jiartlett; "lirenichienx, a fisherman, G. H. Mastick; "Gaspard miser, J. E. Baker; "Tha Bailiff," A. M. Hill; "Notary," J. W. Hand; "Serpo- lstte, JM.18S .Nellie bmith; uermaine. Miss Nellie Morrill; "Gertrude," Miss K. T. Ogden; 'Jeanne," Miss Kate Smith; "Fanetie," Mrs. Calvert; "Susanne," Miss Kittie Heath. Lyceum JLectatfos. JLhe programme ror tbe fourth evening in this attractive and successful course at the First Congregational Church, will be ss follows: Piano duet. Misses Fannie Danfortb and Helen Coe; readies?, scene from At You Like It, Prof. John Murray; sonj, Miss Alice Uyer; reading, "Jeannie Deans and the Duke of Argyle" (in Joo ten, accent), Ir rot. Murray; piano duet, Misses Dan forth and Coe; reading, "Bar-box Brothers," a story by Dickens, Prof. Murray. Admission, 25 cents. Course r;,!" . 7 . Tr. "U" ' "If An insitratad eataUfa of Made Pottery. Bome The "California Pottery and Terra CotU Company," estabUfhed Jwrl871, at I Avenue' Station' (Kennedy's Cut), Park by Messrs. Miller & Winsor, has grown from a comparatively insignificant barn-like fac tory to a series of buildings covering almost a block, where they now manufacture every article in their line. They have jast issned their illustrated catalogue of twenty pages. snowing the goods they make and the prices at which they are sold. Sontleaaen Should call and examine tbe large stock of shirts just finished by M. J. Keller, at his shirt factory, 1007 Broadway. They are tbe best in the market, and a trial will convince all that Keller's shirts are as represented. j . 1 r- Over tsto Sills to Piedmont. Thsrc is not in the whole range of rides ana anves on tne iracinc coast, one so attractive, and at the same time so cheap, as the rideon the horse cars from Oakland to Piedmont Springs The open2 cars re comfortable, as well as elegant, aad on a pleasant day tbe prospect Is romantic and the trip thoroughly enjoyable. San Fran- ciecaas should make a note of the attractions of a sajl round and over the bills, to Piedmont Oars leave in connection with the local trains from Washington and Seventh streets. 1 JTWb hestSpriBmediciiM knows 4a that wonderful tonic, BROWN'S IRON BITTERS. Fnrnlf owe stavaV HonoeholpV Coeds Wanted tor cash, by KTAS STELLOR. ! . i : Hattroases Made sad . BopsUrod. WHABTOX BEOS., 1S and 428 Tairteanth street : - - - . Cash tar Mreond-hand.Farnltnro. W BARTON BROS., Tturtsenth. street, ens door Soot of Broadway. -; L ' i ' ' ' ' ' ' i Practteal Horsesboolnir. DA. aaTJBX.KtT jasveats rttsst. assr City Karkst, will do you a first-class J .b in horae-ahosiair. He has beea -fourteen years In the bosinoss la Oakland, aad Is master of the trade, lnterferio?, tnmmmakunk aad quartw eracka earodjor bo cbargs. ; j.'. , : J ,. .; Tms PETAB DRSSCO'S Port Wine. x IS Hn ii ! t' c aauULTVAH, aarst-etsss entter aadtanor of yswsl ate Bdinc haa opened a taUortna; estaouah-meat at 1306 San fabls avoauo. whoso- ho ha UousmI assessed soisakt to order attooir. wofiiL , I strhafc, aad weu-madaonita fee gsattemen from V&v mm . nnw tHKIV wraruf u HIV iltUlJ, his eaporiesos Justiaes a elatas to pobiie patroD-age, tPBrnes fursdahtmr tbetr owa etotfc, :-"ean have yaita ssado np cheap aad aartsfastory , with awrinrtctheaof ttnrty srsat rint-eiaas 1 fltfwsrraal-o. 'Clomina;, dyins; aad npairlng loons ehsan and a abort aotios. - 'ZL-J-.L a. ' eaa mmr su per oeni. oj taaina; laiii so C BUlo UTAH, 130k 8an PaWo avenue " f " JSsV-TS"sS4apo"Baaaam,...,- M (wht(( dyeing and repairing done cheap at short aotlce at 1305 San note T HATTMCHTLDT sakos aTsaauie la nro- tias his ehwar t tail Importations of Una mhoaa to the ladies of this city, eorasr Broadway and nth fit f .WV"! f all kinds, at H. SCHKLLBAAa. rOS la a eoloHoaa state sad Peruvian hark. Snmbinad wHb wail ksowu aromatka, make in tiadssv and ' ehoiccttt VecUoh at lskisses and children' achool shoes, story pair wamassd. atns s-atAuovoiiaT, -escnsr B(sarwsxaad - in sno sngnt Mxiooa of youtb, taat i aa such word aslaa." MeJ)ecMns neves tails so five satisfsetkm. Call and -be coat laced.- A. aUOMMusht 1 lei firoadway, between Tlurtsenth aad fomrtconth. A mellow : A wet ion t i Hans head Bros, Aactionetra. 463 Teath street, Qaalaotf , will sell at public auction oo Tbnradey, October JbOt, i&S, at 11 o'ekik a. M. tbe promises. Ho. Webster streak, aortfc- oaat ooroor at Seveatb, the aura faraitmw of six good famished roaas. all ia Bret-dans eea- aitioo, cooBprlakns; tw aaadsome Mack waloat bad-room onitos. complete, with CHppar kair-top spring mattress ; 70 to 80 yards at brass ; nan and ssauearp ; atMoop osatw bouuuet table: ose whata.t: dooblo and tereo-e, aarter cm-taa naw iiialliiiiMi; Uve (oeae feather ' pillows; three-quarter higS-top Dod-ttesd , with tprtaff mUtussis; eornieo and laee curtains; loorgu, t.blea, chairs, wash stisds, toilet seta, blankets. qoilW. swraads. vaaes. eastor. wart'robe; ono Na T raLS, with water-back ind ttsrs eoaipletrf croc ery ete.- f ale wit .out reaerve. Terms, cash in U. 8. gold coin. D B, BAKKHEAO, Auctioneer. Stoves and erockery at 1158 Broadway. Tet that fine russet eider, ruaranteed pore apple juice, at PaTAR A DRESCO'a. RYAN A MKUiOR aell cheap for cash. Tar Phillip Best' Milwaukee beer. PETAR DRCSCO, sole agents for Alameda county. Tha est beer imperteii. A SnsToror from RhaauUias. I limped about for yearn with a cane, aadoould not bend down without excruciating pain. PARKER'S OINGER TONIC effected an aatonishinr euro and keeps me well. , It is ta'aljibje. . M Ouilfbyle; Bi ogham ton, jf. Y. ' ' .' Tn Bhsest lunch rooms hi San Praociaoo, for ladies and sjenUemen, ia at the original Swain's Bakery, S13 Butter street. 1 t -t New To-day. BUTTERICK 7 PATTERNS. Send for Catalogue. 1163 and 1166 Broadway. THE PACIFIC INCUBATOR. ' (Patented Dec, 31. 1883.) Manuiactored io roar sues at the Oakland Ponltrr Tarda. cor. 17th and Castio act, Oakland. CaL No. 0, capacity, 100 .rags, fnce 9su; no. i, capaoitT. 300 mar. price, 45- No. S, capacity, 300 eggr, pnoey 66; 3. oapacrey, euu egg? price 890. Any soqnfoed sizs manufactured to order. Aiao for aale (thMseaeon i hatch), Brahma. Cochina, Ltntihtnt. Lea- homa. etc. in sreat variety, iroui cj m ifzo per trio, ror itmner particulars, aend 2c. stamp for Illustrated Circular to GEO. B. BAYLKY, Importer and Breeder of blooded fowls. I3U7 Uastro St.. Oakland. N. B. A few pairs of Yellow Fantail Piseons. TnrbHa and Canier (Belsiaii Voyaaeurs) can be sparea at sic per pas. I ney are x and from the finest imported stock. year's hatch BEFORE PURCHASING Toca Falll ani wmtsr Dry Goafls Don't FaQ to Visit M. H. COFFEE'S Dry Goods Establishment, Where can ha Heap a fine stock of FALL IMPORTATIONS, , Causi sting of Plushes, Velvets. Dross (Joe da. Silks, Brocades, ladies Cloth. BJbbona. Hosiery, Glover. Fancy Goads. GloTes. Trimiaiaga, .to , etc., in endless variety and at lower price, than any other estaa-nahment in Oakland are sailing. For fine eboes of tbe best make and material in the market. Coffee 8 Shoe Department is the place to select frem. For children's and youth's suits, and ladies aad Misses Cloaks, call and examine Coffee's Trimmers' stoek before urchasinc elsewhere. LOW PRICKS, Fine Goods and the large stack to select from at Cor. EIGHTH and BROADWAY JOSHUA HENDY MACHINE WORKS Dealers in New and Second-Hand Engines and Boilers, Machinery of All Kinds. Hendj's Concentrators, Automatic Ore-Feeders, Hydraulic Gravel Elevators, Mining and Sawmill Ma chinery. tST Attests for Baker Rotarr Pressure Blower 1 Wilbraham s Botary Piston Pomps, Afcmn (O ) Hot r-onsnea nnarttng. ttlaiadell Cos Marfilnlnts' Tools. 49 to 51 Fremont Stroet, S. F., Cal. SUE WOO SING & CO., i 465 Twelfth Street, Between Broadway and Washington (south side) 1 HATE OJ IIAXD A SPIaElTDID STOCK ! or .... Chinese & Japanese FANCY GOODS. To which the attention of the public Is respectfully ? uinwu. IsVCIFIC , KESTATJRAJrT OYSTER HOUSE, 460 Uth St, between Broadway and Washington ! - v a no nr. CREBBIN A WALKER .Pkopriasors Public and nrivrte parties BuDulied at Short So. ticeaad so neasonsi able Terms. Open Pay and hh FOR SALJE CHEAP. ABOUT 65 MET OT THE HATTTAX PATTNT aaaokoataak;n uiawarly new; applrat tins BO Jf BOW PARTY. PROF.? A. -a. SA1TDKRS WTLt. OTV the first of a series of Satarday Evenior tiw tmm m uzs i. b w 11011. uuianw mn rMitiu. or icq, i, .1 ii 1 , ' 1 1 ivans luun, 00 oaturua r s;ventnir. ior uemseives ass msnaa wui apply at too halt MooxJay, WadB-aadav aad Satarday' avaninra. uhw iraTav h aua usa and ovdiaSeeota. , - xjcahamt atvsiKT cottacsb - s)p s ' room, hot aad sold water, bath, ete.: also ly rooms, to suite aad atngla; lorn yard; also i...i.i..-..i t. ff-ura Tfnj,, jKiga- teaath n.m w amm now aiaaue, uaasano. cajt las AJ. toosr sad, the lef t class aad gold rim of a pair of eye gbMsas; nader wUi ha soitably rawarded by reaving ana aaaaa aa is a. ilim sim 1 1 a Bo. UlABreih street. iniiwvsw PHUAHT. - SlTXwT KS)S)M8 TO UCT with beard, torso aiiiint is walk from statwn; Aip. jfssfs-wg wiwuy , y ' - g - 9Cn-lWE ' FMt BtB.T-A YtTsTvISsTEs CWTTACK i ofaia rooms. wHh ail modern eooveoiences.- fotar bleeks from Adalina .lallna f w nu4im,l.H .. wry at No. HIS Broadway, room 8. oc84-lwx J. eafflr rooms as im. with or wiUioaS hord - u3 Btyas CSS Fourteenth street between Orove and vwy." ; . , - oeaMwx Ai wjtreTMT s-uN cm, wmiibs .: asitaatioa as cook or aaaaod airl. or wanU din general koaaework without waehiag; eaO. Sx l&6i wmiams swat aj-vr sat ttaasancu no cards aaswaiad. - : -v-oe-lwx-. aVAIJB-llClslATsr AXIS BKS1 aaEeetTeuthtnA ;. : . -. - vvors w ja A jKUUt VWt AatsUTSB rstBf m-t k.t aaa. waaiaaawmMeaaaoaoomwcrs. aa a imnii ramny; appv as 13 '. t n f f -en 5w TAFT& PENNOYEB 1 OCTOBEB Wtw B. Genuine W. MILLER & CO'S, No, 413 Twelfth Art Paper ; CEILING DCpRATIONS. We employ none biil rirst-class nvura.uiuu tsrauneftior mm" WHITTIEB 412 and 414 Twelftli Street, Oakland. New To-aaj. TAGGART & DlflGEE, Real Estate Agents and General Auctioneers, Ofnce-460 art4 46a ,lhth St., . J. a IXDBXDGK. , ..notioaeor. Parties having money to Invest will do well bo examine the following list of desirable real estate: t A A A charming cottage of 8 rooms, with r l t ererr eonrenience: hntiM alonn orat S5.700; stable, etc.. lot 50x130: north side Charter arenne, west of Telegraph avenue. 'J I U II l-r-saoaern cottage, a rooms, bath.tc., t.lrJ nnehiirh basement: lot 31xlliU. west side Chaster street, between Ninth and Tenth streets. . SO TAA -Nice 6-room cottage, with bath. etc.. . I UU lot 30 1 83. Jfyrtie street, between Fifth and Seventh streets. j?Q KAA-Very handsome, new East Lake cot-&tt. t)JJ tage of 6 rooms, bath and every convenience; large closets, etc., lot 31x100; north side Fourteenth street, between Linden and Filbert streets; terms to suit. streets; terms to S4.000 buildings, etc.. In Alameda, desirable, modern 8 room house;' every oonrenieaoa, out . artesian welk lot 50xia: Morton street, between Santa Clara and Central avenues. ,Cj AAA 1 acres of fine orchard land; bearing PIJ. vllvl trees, house, stable, sheds, chicken houses, etc.. on old county road. near Fruit Vale station. 12" A i AA A oharmina oottaseof 6 rooms, bath Drr.UUU aad every convenience; tot 66x133; Chestnut street, near (Sixteenth street; elegant surroundings. Gf( t A A-Modem 8-room .house, bath, station- pfj. t)jf try washstands, tuba, etc, complete; lot 50x109; Alios street, near Thirteenth. jQ QAA -Gooi house of 7 rooms, bath and OO. O V' Vz a modem coaveniences, nearly new; lot 3ixll5; Kh-kbam street, north of Tenth. Cg A f ser foot 100 x 100, south side Fourteenth tuHbtJ between Market and West. tigEAA Each Lota 38x100 each, on Sycamore nPtUl street, near Grove, .. on terms to suit; streets all improved, surroundings the best. 11 OA A 9.27 acres of the finest fruit land, J I. OvU near Mills' Seminary, all tillable. ST Q AA A very desirable house, 5 rooms, 1 . OVtv modem, patent Hone walks, eta, lot 35x75; house alone coat 83.500 to buikU Third street, between Alice and Jackson streets. (2QAA To $250 per acre. Orchard land in lots vS)WV of 10 acres or more, near Mills Seminary, all level and the richest soil, is offered cheap to close an estate We have a large list of improved and unimproved properties in all parts of Ookland and vicinity; also some very desirable ranches of various sizes and prices. We have also a complete set of Block books of all the property in the city, and will be pleased to gtre informat'.on at any tune. Care of property and collection of rents a specialty. Property subdivided and sold at private or auction sale throughout tbe State. Also live stock and furniture so'.S at auction. TACiVAJtT ft lilMGEE. Awarded Sllrer Medal at the State Fair, 188$. Patronize Home Industry ....ASB.... WHITE LABOR, By seeing that our Trade Mark is stamped on the soles af your shoes. E. BERNHEIM & CO., Manufacturers of Man's. Boys' am d Youths' FINE SHOES, OAKLAND, CAL. MOUNT & BUTEAU Stalls lf 3 and 5 CITY MARKET, 417 Twelfth Street. Poultiry, Game. Fruit, Vegetables, BUTTER, EGGS AND ALL KINDS Of Farm uce. C F. BDBNHAM. 3. A. WISWEtU Burnham & VIswell, . , PSALBRS IS PAINTS, OILS, WINDOW GLASS, Deoormtiws) Papa llsuiains; . , HOUSE AUD SltiM rAISTI.V;, DEtOKATITE PATES BAXCSMG, WBTTEXIXC JaJO TXXTUrti Orders for work will in all cases be xaoutod with ... OIT . 060 Broadway, v 3 k Oakland sL KaJMtfSB. t. a. DiccnrsosT. Ma reuse & Dickinson scoosaaosji 10 . R E A D et V(. S. READ A C O., Collectors. and Auctioneers, j 853 BROADWAY, OAKLAXD. . i ? t . I . f "Bmdnsawrs boncht aad sold. Partnership troubles adjusted and books asptitod. Momky Advanced on Adctiqw CoNniBHsmt, .j J. ROM MICK, Carpenter. Cabinetmaker , AinfiNiida.t isMj3itif. "'. "! No. S1 Testtla Street; si eaurBrosMlwar LARGEST AIIORTMEVT VartlemanVIediea' and ChndrenV - . ' MASQUE RA D E S U I T S , ! Also Fancy Shoes aad Wigs, at MRS. M. PETEB'S, . T36 Jtlavratet St TJp atslia, botoeen Dapont and Koamy, rcaaaiaeo. On&ars frntm the omutry imaaally Moderate rntea. IVill lilnilinit if i imaaim to any part of Oaliforaia when required. FIRST QUAILTY XEAF ' LARd j " !? Seven Pounds for tl, at . ' ' TBE BAT C IT Tt MARKET. 1 Us -irnui .MAKR COIB Will ronMKfCaT IVi. a, 'urfrata achoet ia of ,ta' wahiis -school bnrMing fa 1 Haywardi : oa Mcedaythe t9th iast., to oondttuo darina th a or vi - SI1 ""i"ma"'' VBr wy. one Braau, zroj a OS so ea wTOllui.llllrmu. . TtKBM aaAat's1 FtAlV SEWXXG -! rt jut oy aaw aaw er se sgaw, as. a. DU, I ma ssraa t, oeM-iwa- 24; To-day. L;;K. BalwiiiiButter Squares, at Street. Oakland. Hangings Decorrs and rnaranteVall of onr wur. e solicit j onr patronage. FULLER & CO. New To-day- or 1883 Wui'llaiolai. Its BtatkMi as'ibs REPRESEHTaTIVE'IIEWSPAPER ALAMEDA COUNTY. saasaBBBBBSBBSi 1 ... ! Pnbliabed worjr Batardavy AT" 413, 415 and 417 Eighth Street ST TRIBUNE PUBLISHING CO ' TBEMS, -InclMdxng Portage, - One jearCinciui'inif aaap).. ...... SS 60 Six months..'. . 1 60 Throe months. 76 CLUB RATES, Including Pottage. Club of Five, $3 46 each, or. $11 26 " Ten, t S5 each, or ... W 60 " Twenty, 2 00 each, or. S40 00 An extra copy will bo Sent free to tha party geranc up each ciuo. HAVEVB A BEsIOBNT CORHES PONDEtTf in every town and village in the County, every item of interest in each locality is Kasoerea ana paDuaaoa in its columns. ITS-EOITORIAXS sso earefullv ereoared aad all quesaoas of tbe day will be discussed ina oaaaia spina, wita aa especial aim to promo the Interest of tha people aad especially to aid ia the devel-apment and prosperity of the County ox Aiameaa. THB AQWICTTL.TTJRAI, DEPART-MK.VT ia replete with valuable information for the Farmer, Horticulturist. Vine Grower and Stock Baiaer. ALL IMPORTANT NEWS by telegraph and mail from all parts of the world will be pub lished in a concise form. It fa the aim of too publishers to maks The Weekly Tribune A Neeetsaity 1st Every How aaMolet. Send it to Your Friends In the East. NOW IS THE TIME TO SUBSCRIBE Axatuements. MASOrilC HALL, Tw ailUt and Wathiagton Streets. Yoesvl and Instrumental Concert ! NEXT . ' Tbursdsjr Kvenisiir.... .'.October 93tla With tbe following well known artists: Miss Lillian Reed, Sotnano; Mr. A. J. Bbare, Tenor; Bisnor 8. Arrillaga. Piano Soloist: Miss Nellie Paddock, Pianist; Mr. August Hinrtchs. Violinist; Mr. Julias Hlnrichs, Vioh mcellist ; Mrs. M. A. flinton, Acaom-paaist. TleUoto t OO Oa sale at Kelsey A Flints, Broadway and Twelfth streets; Bowmait'a drag store, Broadway and Ninth streets, and at tbe hall on the. evening of the Concert. .. LYCEUM LECTURE C0UR Fh.'st Congregational CliJ' ,4 i'rlda.y BTesiUaws att Blskit e'eio , ' ' October 26. . X. Aa Hour with Sfcavkospeer M I i sasd BUJmnZ (Witk My j 1' 1 - ; Hovamhor l . MTi.StwrTafWDe-XVoxl4-(TltJi j Stereepttisaa maarsttldasX' ' . BE: BOBET MACslEtZtEi V , -' (Te be AMMmMMtA).f:ft: Bingie admissiou 35 cents. Course Ticket, three aw toresli SOeenss. , To be had at tho doa -m Golden Gate Theater; u Kigfath Stseet, be. Broadway I WH. KEU ."..JProprietOT and SATURDAY, OCTOBEH Aedi Berfs-tke-Weelfe:;";f! ;! I Engagement extraordinary of '-'ttfi itmrnvmom . s Astnest versatfla artists oa the vaodovUle stage. ':" ' " "Also first appBaranosot "'.". r.... M'gp as ABiat" OEBJEKVfe, ' "' atswowdeifal double- wilf ii vossHst, who has appeared before all tho orowaxd heads of gnsopo. Also'XB WfCm miUlIU, Oowjediao. roosMst and Daneer, in oaniaasrlen with all the old tas-orites, making of the beat sh saaaad to thepablie of Qaklnnd, Is SO he appreciated. . ' ; OERMAKIA HAXlV Cbossf of Wshstar aad asvenUt strssts)sA1ss4 f -n FBOMBNADC COWOTBT8, - ' T' Oetohar S7th SuX; aa. Tho- ABsttohas-Oataawa ta their "mil asanliai w aaaj soosa. Bsimweaiis, t i. yAdolta Wedne&ysaaV 'ESZZrZiV, It For OenU alowa (beginneral, M. ' r-rr Mastare and Misasa. Satarda. ! toe terms, ete. sooty et the ba, M?id?? Sjasdajrs aM fistanisr aftsr I tvsj.... ,i WKLY MIE 1.883. t- inz:'Z:: : - ' ,1 We-sr To jr -Jja -o- PENHSYLVANIA a. a m gfc 4rs af 1 6 lbs California: aim it'. K-jiy 20'i.BS. CHINA mw Eastern EASTERN SAGE GHEESL Point Reyes Bitter 90 cts. a Roll. - Cap E ATING APPLES (ALL 1TAH Pure Java Coffee;"- 25 - . .... . i . (ROAST OR' HUMBOLDT - Bowen LEADING u Ladies, Don't be Annoyed BPT BIT DIKJKCT. f Tie Great kmnm 917 Broad wj Bet. Where you will j exactly what you pa for, aud 0F HADHSilE iKESEXTH. Yea wUl save employ no peddlers. Prompt attention given to orders. prices alwajs the lowest. , Great American 140 Bixta Jftreet. i 52J Kearsr Street 1419 Polk Street. 9 Polk Street... ....... Sah Francisco .33 Hayes Street. 3S Hares Street t ui momgomery Avenue. . .1 ..... . . J- New To-day. ON 30 DAYS' TRIAL Wi Will Ssss o SO Dats Taut DR. DYE'S CELEBRATED Electro-Voltaic Belts IM Suspensories, iavd eUaor Eleetrle Appllmeers, Kate Yttfar sad Manhood, reraltins? from Abuses aaid eUsar sanara; or. ao any person, aaueteo with RhSiiiaslism, Neuralgia, Paralysis. Spinal Diifi-anliak ,Lame Back, Liver and Kidney Troubles, Rapstaea, and ethor disians of tha Vital Orgaoa. Speedy rauaf and complete restoration to health fwaraoteed. These are she only Electric AppU-aeoss that have ever been constructed upon ad- SBttBar prineipies. Their thorough emoacy haa :v prove tna u aoosc wonaatrni W4ave the testimony of whs have beea quickly and radfcally ouraAby their use. All wa ask ol any person ia to kit - -Lf ' M ...... Wl 1 ' m Send at once, for lllurtrated tPamphlet, glrm all a aa I lie, free. Addrass a VjVJsAAAV ' AJJESJU A ' ' VVa, a t wcvitniirrrc r i I If BTIIIHIVM . s as v 1 .: 11 11 1 s n j - --wT' - Carriage manufactory; Kt -V"W VtV A TV Vll aVsal kJli S V - ! Bel week franklin andrTebst t streets.' I kill ix S : ... -- -b , A; U4t SpECIALATJENTIOlNl Xm I' i c- gTT. b, ,r?j Ga hat olaaa work a mil smtiprl a ia- HaUrfswiton JAPAUESE DAZAR, ! . , 1100 Brtmdwuy, - Kaar iaroaath , , OAKLAND; 'V Lacquered Ware & CHriositles V l ! ACT tatrwDO, FAKS, tXC " 1 ."--j China and Japan Teas, Ivor? Beta, Cuff Buttons j - and Otwameata. , : i .. .s . t, .M, fci .1 11 ; 1 1 1 A i B. SI. WOOUH. . ... .,..1 aWSHAlJ. Mercantile- C6Hctlen 3 Agenoy, i Buoeessor to Adams sTOo'a low and Ootlastioa Arency, Ho. S64t Broadway, southeast eoraaref Eighth street, Oakland, UeiiiornU. - Oot-leetieai and insnraoes a SseskUVy.' RoaisaojT Dm Coua, situs as ys te sssoa. ttwSt Bmedwas. . ?. - day. n BOOIAT. Raisins for $ t . ..anw'.iv ! 1, Mt ti lad RICE FOR SI. J 5BT I EPJ cts per: IK GROUND.) H ) t i POTATOES. . - .- .- i.-i .i .j,..,- -4 i .i i 1-.' I 't o GROCERS. Tea Peddlers Iippriii Tea -Co. Sth W 9th, Oatland,' roar owa eboicelof a verv lAatesi lnltTarVT ' ooaaiderabla money and be-much setter nieased. We f Goods ddUvored to all parte of the city. Our : T Importing Tea Co. 1 917 Brcadwav 617 3 Stfeet. 1 .....Oakland .Sacramento . .Stockton 287 Main atrset,. Aad fiaa Jess. 5ew To-Day. SD r.l ET H INC WE We Taatt Makes a Iieniige or st Bed!" FOR SALE BT THE ' Inilianajiolis-Chair "f.Vfg Co. Who haveithe Beat Aaaortmeot- 'of Furnituro and at Less money than any other Houre in the city. We wiU save yo i at least 16 per cent, by buying youri Furniture from u. InfllaftApbm ;ChaJr Manufc,g Co. No. 16U New noatiroBaorf StV Near Howi SAN FRANCISCO. At AeWftIadlMpi, Irdlan. - rr. etcbibltioe at .Hecbanlca' rairv. ionsEs FOR SALE ram "r-' TMrtBemh-: Street IStablBs, feet- tlrosdwayasrffraa&ua,conaitinf;of ltlaSfibadst SfatetiedV Th lest sufck aver .fferod is Oaklandi i ALoO, . ' 1-' t KtV I- XkECXfcEIt. JL. : priR ppiuinAi ' j ' : AAdraas, statins; particulars, ; ' T. 11 Tribune 0 12c. :IiUCXaLM & RAVAGE, Real Esiatexnj tcsn flints Oier ft aale'-aeveral WecaS of s prop- mrtja esaaa TtewSLji aareaar Improved places on or near Fruit Vaia avenue, amons whtcli are soma well suited for fruit and aa. latV aOUlsT alllW''v"si a w. , .: t - .f k,i eiucaen ina. . -. Also for Kxthtngs tor Oakland r Bail Iaa- i -.'iv. .. sisea Fruyut'. ' A hotel wall furnished and doing a food tmstnea. ' altsetad la a thrifty town in the interior. . odnsh. ofCarjrs j anazGx "01. The Oludr K : ;'T. f;V I' Cottage t-"r-s IJ-T 4 1 ' N - I

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