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Oakland, California
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H. Grattan expected home from Washington next week, Dick Pease and wife are in New York on their way home from Europe. UNIVERSITY ITEMS. SpecUll Btpvrttd far Tribune. Bishop, Clara Sulsberg, Jennie Clark, May Moore, Miss Hopkins, Clara Redmsyae, Pauline Medau, Lizzie Medu.

Jessie Richardson, Katie Hampel, Hattie Parker, Gracie Parker, Annie Hampel, Fred Ham-pel, Henry Murr, T. Redmayne, W. Van Pelt. A. Van Pelt.

Clarence Legal. Frank Hampel, Joe Parker, G. Weaver, Cam Foulkes, J. Eigan, Charles Sulsberg, George Sulsberg, W. H.

J. Bishop, J. Hampel, L. Dubernet, R. Dubernet, W.

Dixon and Elmer HowelL BIRTHDAY PARTY. A pleasant birthday party was given on Wednesday evening last to Mr. Charles Chase by Mr. and Mrs. Pepper at their residence, No.

927 Wood street, which was a quiet, family and very enjoyable affair. Games and pleasant converse were in Berlin ra September for a visit to this coast.1 It is a question or not whether he returns. Mrs. General Houghton and youngest daughter are residing in Switzerland, wnile Miss anme chooses to remain in Pans. The Countess Valentin, for the past three weeks, has had the Misses Nugent as guests at her camp, "Arno," on the Santa Cruz beach.

Eugene L. Sullivan, Collector of the Port, is in Mexico. At last accounts he had not regained his health, which he sought in change of climate and scene. Senator Miller and family, who were in Sn i rancisco during the Conclave, have returned to their Napa county ranch. Rev.

E. B. Spaulding leaves for the East on the lOcb, a delegate to the Epis copal Church Convention at Philadelphia. He will return in October with his family, who are visiting in Chicago. Governor Stonemen has been spending a few days with his friends in ISapa City, a large number of whom met him at the depot on his arrival last Wednesday -evening.

The Governor will be in San Francisco this evening. Chief iTustice Morrison has so far recovered from his protracted physical suffering and disability as to be able to resume his seat on the Supreme bench. Mr. Thomas Sheldon, formerly of Liver-more, but later of Australia, returned to that town on Wednesday last, in company with his wife. MARRIAGE RECORD.

List of Marriages Recorded for the Week Batting September 1st. August 27th Manrizo A. Goncalve, a native of Portugal, aged 36, to Maria A. Gonaalves, a native of Portugal, aged 29 at Oakland, by Rev. McS weeny.

August 11th Fred Miller, a native of California, aged 22, to Fannie Stroude, a native of Arkansas, aged 19, at Oakland, by Rev. Hobart Cbetwood. August 29th Michael Clune, a native of Ireland, aged 38, to Louisa Parsons, a native of England, aged 25, at Oakland, by Justice Jenks. A POSSIBLE CHALLENGE. The Manner In which the St.

Ber nards Take Their Defent. The Chicago Times of August 27th pub lishes a special dispatch sent by its correspondent in San Francisco on the day of the departure of the St. Bernard Com-mandery as follows: To-day the streets of 'Frisco wore a deserted aspect, as com pared with the animated scenes of last week. Many of the Knights and lay visitors left the city last night, and a great many more followed this morning. By Tuesday it is likely that the resident popu lation will be all that is left of the great throngs which the streets bore during the twenty-second triennial conclave.

St, Bernard commandery got its guests together, and this afternoon at 3 o'clock the Chicago party took their special train for home, which thev expect to reacn naay. uenerauy speak ing, the visitors leave San Francisco with the opinion that the conclave was a success. This complimentary verdict is not altogether unanimous, though, for the result of the competitive drill remains a blot upon the last day's events. Tea was to be expected, this result is not accepted by all concerned with the best feelings of satisfaction. St.

Bernard is loud in its denunciations of what the members term the injustice of the decision. Probably there may and probably there may not have been sufficient grounds for their charges. They claimed before leaving to-day to have authentic information that the judges were all southern sympathizers, and that early in the week they gave the Louisville company assurances of tbeir favor. Acting on the hint, they allege, Col. Northrup, of De Molay, who.

was further advised of the character of the programme, ceaselessly drilled his men in double-time evolutions. ihese double-time movements. are declared to have been entirely unexpected, and numerous ones out of all reason, comprising one-half the evolutions, so that St. Bernard was taken at a disadvantage. And further than this, it is charged that the judges did not attempt to keep an accurate score of the movements.

When asked for the score, it is said the judges refused to announce it. A gentleman who professed to be in the confidence of the judges told Capt. Purin-ton, so it is raid, that St. Brrnard would be matter how they drilled. ne rurtner aasurea mm mat any money 1- POTTKR In thl city, August SI, George Potter, XrKriencia am! aeniiAintAnrMi am MmMtMi.

invited to attend tha ftmcnl Moniy. at i o'clock fit. bom tba reskknoo of Mr Charles Potter, wfll be takes to Lawel HUM Cemetery, Man on the Creek boat. Interment private. 8n Freneiece September 1, 188S ArrivnlSL PA.

Aocut JL. wm. Meyer, TJ hour from Seattle: ton etmL to Oregon Improremeut Co. tmr Feradala, Crawford. 28 hours from Mono Bt; rrxxluc, to A Crford nd Co.

I Br hip Hoghtoo Tower, Trouble. 179 days from UryrpooU Bahia day; mUe, to Lowell thai. IjTiimtoD and Oo. SWp Emily bed, Sheldon, 1M day from LiTer-pool; ooal, etc, to Balfoor, Ciathria and Co. ocnr mi tfomeveatura, reteroa, 7 oars from Hueoeme; produce, to Smith.

I day. from Bee, I Bchr Tr.rTZ. sn iMUiwin, tv Tw AUWUI. I Cm: Mo Tw, 177,, Iro I B4 Hirer, Mus. to hour from Coo Bex batcrdav.

8eptemher Si' i J. Welma, boors bom Novo im bow, to Uoodail, 1 erkina a CleavTKneea. Pwoir, August 31 8oLdLdBrSrr' BobertJn' K.hahu; Oeunrteires. Fanxr, August 31. I Br shin HoMbr, Dodd, Queenstown, Bhrp Dashing Wave, Connor.

Tacotna. Bark Ja Chestoa. Keller, Port Gamble, gchr Kailor Boy Mitchell. Bhoal water Bay. Bchr Robot uul Uinnt.

ir.r..ti ing. 8chr Norma. Tjnwdml. TTmnmiA Bchr CH Merithew, Johnaon, Laguna Rcbr Vesta, Minor. Coo Bay! Schr Clara Light.

Anderson, whaling. -8ATVBDAY. September 1. 8 tmr Granada, Connolly, Panama, i DEEDS AND MORTGAGES. DEEDS.

-f-XO" 8ATDKDAT, September it Martin to Lydta BMillington -Lot at 835 corner venauies avenue and Van Buren treet, 200.1, 143.3. 107, to kegin- 100 600 2375 120 900 York to Allen-Lot 3. block H. Percv trast. Berkeley Beaton to John Lock wood Lot ftnd lit ttlrak CI PomWm.

l.1 i Brown to Isaac Ayer 71x130. Willow 210 from Kailroad Ai.mMl. T8 riser to Isaac Ayer S0xl0, Willow. 1571 from Santa Clara are True. Alameda Mr Perkins to Mrs Sawyer Lot 1 to diock uiinton; lots.

Mock Piedmont Park gift, Ole Jensen to to Annntmmr 2ft i 25 1121, Walnut street; 125 from Pad'n Walnut a Ahuneda. avenee. 775 MORTGAGES. Batcbday. September 1.

Anderson and wife to Daniel McMahon part lot 20, White tract, Uaklaod Township Florence A Aiken to John Dming-Lot 23. 700 too 250 mnvj auuivmwi. cerxeiey Isaac Ayer to 8 Mora-571x150, Willow, 1571 IS from Santa Clan avenne, Hy Weeks and wife to Oakland Brnuk of Bav lngs 75x100, BE corner Fifth avenue and V.i ILtMfinth 11 1 ma Payne to Mendocino Lumber CoLot 18 and 90 feet lot 15 Terminal triL BmV KM BLTeber to Mrs Tucker-Lot 10, Mock i. uuiwur tract, 3000 REAL ESTATE MARKET. The foIlOWintf RUnmim nt Mf.t.

tnnafnH recorded In Alameda County daring the week end ing Awgnst ran, is rarnmnea THB TRIBCKC by W. W. Blow, real astate amnt IU Vint), mtrm. follow: Deeds. Ami.

Oakland, east of Center street. 10 (20.090 EaMUakiand 4 3.179 West Oakland 7 14,452 137,718 8.750 77. 5 1S.656 36,608 86,061 Berkeley Oakland Township tsrooklyn Towns hii Eden Townshrn. Murray Townshin Washington Township. 5 43 Mortgaga S32.925 25,650 ST.275 ease teooraed lot mortgages ever releases.

Ha Heaaowed. Fred. L. Button has removed his law office to Delger's new blocJr. CHURCH ftOIlCES.

St. Paul's Church Harrison street, corner of ruuneenin. ksv. mo Dart Cbetwood, rector. services at li a.

m. and 7:30 1. school at 0:45 a. i Sunday Ckivcrsalist Prsachiso by Rev. 8.

Good enough in ryinian Mali, on Krvadway, between Eleventh and Twelfth street, Sunday morn-ins, at 11 o'clock. All are cordially invited. Tub "Oakland Liberal et!" No. 160. will meet at A.

O. U. W. KaU, S. corner of Twelfth and Franklin streets, to-morrow nigh'.

All are corrtiallv invited. GSUIAa KVAKGKLJCAL LtT KX.A3 ZiOH CBCBCH Corner Clay and Thirteenth streets. Bev. i. Theiss, pastor; residence 668 Sixth street.

Sunday school, 9:16.. A. and Divine service, at 10:45 A. M. BsoRaAsizaa Church or Jesus Cbrist or Lum Dat 8AUT8.

Bfcaituek Hall, Eighth street and Broadway, tuoday school at 11 a. v. Testimony meotinf, 1:30 r. M. PrrechioeY 7:30 P.

m. All are invited. Tub or Christ flDiecrnKsWPifteenth and Clay (treet. Meet for worship Lord' Day at 11 A. M.

and 7 r. m. Services mornins; and evening. W. A.

iieloan, Pastor. Sunday School at 9:46 A. M. Nsw (Ss-kBKKBOKGiAX). 1 Kev.

Leonard Jordan, of Han Francisco, officiating. Service every Sunday at 11:80 A. at the Shell Parlors, corner Twelfth and Franklin streets. AD interested are invited. PliTSOTTH Avbxce Cuircd Thirty-fourth street, near Acjciriapn avenue, aev.

uenige MOoar. pastor. Services at 11 A. M. Sunday School 12 JO r.

M. Young People's prayer meeting- at 6 r. M. Wednesday prayer meeting; 7:80. Cbxtral Miasiox Suxdat School, of the T.

If. C. a. ateets aacn sao'jata at tne Young- Men's Christian Association 1 looms. No.

865 Broadway, at 2:30 T. M. Praia service from 2:30 to The public are cordially invited. Hamilton Cbovcr. corner of Thirteenth and Jefferson ata.

There will be rtg-ular eervice to-morrow. The lesson for the young and old will be la session 1 1 0:30 a. at- All are cordially invited. Osbjiax M. K.

Church Seventeenth street, be tween San Pablo and Telecraph avenuesj. St. Steiohocl, pastor. Preaching at 10:46 I. su and 7:80 A.

Sabbath School at A. M. Prayer Meeting, Wednesday, ISO r. j. Pae tor' residence, 629 Seventeenth street.

Cbacs Stskbt CoseaseATioBAii CntRcS Rev. Freer, pastor. Services at 11 a. m. and 7:30 r.

n. Sabbath School, 12:30 r. M. bev. U.

iu Jones, a former ptsto-, and late of Honolulu, will preach in the mornioir. The -pastor will preach in the evening-. 'All-are invited. Sxcosrn Pbbsbytkiuax Ciicrch Kohler' Hall. Center and Seventh street.

Services -at 11 AO A. M. and 7:80 p.m. Bev. J.

W. Healy, D. Pastor. Residence Bartlett House, Sunday School 1 r. 11.

Fish, superintendent. The pastor will lecture in the cveov ing upon MTbe Heroes of the First ConaaaoATiOBAli CucRcn Corner ef Twelfth and Clay streets. J. K. McLean, D.

pastor. Bev. Joha Bee, associate pastor and Superintendent of the San-day Sen ol. Service at 11 A. and 7:30 r.

M. Sunday School, 12:30. Young- People's Meeting, Go4pel praise service at 7:80. All seat free at night. Mbtuodist EnacoPAl) Aiiurch.

Sot-TH To Men Christian A asocial 1 00 Hall, en BroeA- way, oexween mtbdhi ana cisnsn vcreets. Bev. J. C. Simmons ptor.

Services at 11 A. M. and r. M. school at 11:30 r.

a. Prayer meeting, Wedneadav evening. yw mHmiw. eA 5tf.K First Baribt Church Corner of Brush and Fourteenth streets. Rev.

E. H. Gray, pastor. Services at 11 m. and 7:46 r.

Sonday School at 11:30 p. sr. Young People's kleet-ing at 6:45 r. if. Preaching in the morning by Bev.

1. 8. Keanard, D. of Chicago-Kveninar nreaehlne bv lhe Miatnr. evening, ''The unpardonable in.

What is It aad oaa be committed wumV All iavited, TRnrrrr BArnsT Orrcaca Medical CoD'rr Halt, Clay street, tween xenta ana ajsvsbui. Bev. H. I. Parker, pa-torsi supply.

Preeeh- tog at-11 bl aad 740 r. m. Mom lac sue- feet, "Fulfilled Piopoecy Proof ef Divine In- eprration" Evening. "The Great Donation Promised" Sunday school at 12:30 r. sr.

Prayer meeting mt Wednesday evealsf All are welcome. i. Fust PaaeeTTaJUAj C8trmoCorTir Fomt nth -and Frank lis street. Service at 11 A. M.

and 720 s. Her. Fraaoi A. Horton, pastor. The pastor will preach mornins; and The Sacrament of the Sapper will be administered at the morn leg service, eebbath school meet at 9 JO A.

Chinexe school at 640 A. M. Prayer meeting -r. ac: Aeordial weieoanetoail. YoTJXe bibb's ChbjstiaJI AseociATiow.

gnmlay goaool at 80 At addrens "to- young mis by Hew. Aj 1. Kerr, cf San Francisco. Young men's meeting In the parlor at Young people' meeting Tuesday evening. Bong service, conducted by Mr.

If. O. Ifovth'op, Friday avenintr. Exposition of the Sunday School lesson Saturday evening, oy Bev. Francis A.

Hort-; Mldiay meeting everyday except aJii Isra 8. Fowler, General Secretary. DIED. A. Glance nt What is Doing in the World of Amvsemens.

CALIFORNIA THEATRE. During the past week the Union Square Company has been playing at the California Theatre to good houses. Dumas' great play, Let was given during the early part of the week and undoubtedly scored a success. The role of the self-denying serf, Ossip. was filled successfully by Mr.

Whiting who did not attempt the heroics of his predecessors in the part. Misa Minnie Conway showed to greater advantage as the Princess than in any other character in which she has appeared during the engagement. The part is suited to her somewhat hard and cold style. Maud Harrison and Stoddart were as good as they always are, and may be mentioned as the only really satisfactory members of the company. During the latter part of the week Daniel Bochat was given, but cannot be -said to have been a suocefs.

Miss Minnie Conway appeared to signal disadvantage when compared with Sarah Jewett, wo was so much admired in the part last year. Next week the Light of London will be revived and will give Stoddart an opportunity of renewing his triumphs of last year in the character of the hard-hearted north country farmer. THE During the past week the Tudors have been drawing excellent houses the Colosseum, and deservedly so, the performance being unique, classical and pure in its tone throughout. To-night is the last opportunity which this community will have of witnessing the most novel entertainment which has, as yet, appeared in this city, and no one should miss seeing the beautiful stereoplicon views and the handsome prismatic fountain display. THE TIVOLI.

The Long Strike has been running very successfully at the Tivali Opera House during the past week which demonstrates that this city can support a first-class dramatic entertainment. Next week the Winniny Hand with James M. Ward and Carrie Clarke Ward in the leading roles will be presented with a fine support. Oakland should take pride in encouraging a company which has clone so much to revive an interest in local theatrical repre sentations. THE CALLEXDEBS.

Crowded houses are nightly greeting the unique and novel minstrel entertainment offered by the Calleoder minstrel', and ft is generally conceded that it is one of the most original and interesting entertain ments ever given in San I rancisco. ZEPHTRS FROM THE WINGS. John McCulIough is 46 years old. Sheridan Shook is said to be worth $3, 000,600. Mile.

Rhea will open the new Kansas City Opera House. Emma Abbott takes her troupe to California this season. It is rumored in New York that Robson and Crane will separate after this season, Frank Losee joins Armie Pixiey's M'liss company, leaving Maud Granger's. M. B.

Curtis may localize Sanit of Pozen and produce it iu London next vear. The. Silent Man is the title" of a new play by Joaquin Miller. Nat Goodwin has a burlesque of The Beth, Irving's great succet-8. Mary Anderson has been pronounced in London to be the most classically beautiful woman now upon the stage.

Minnie Maddern is so pleased with her new play uanita, that she will probably play nothing else next season. Lawrence Barrett will produce Pendragon for the first time ia ston during the coming engagement at the Park. It has been decided that the first two plays of the Irvine season in New York shall be The Bdl and Charles I. Miss Terry will be seen in the second production but not in the first. Florence Gerard, who played "Virginia" to John McUullough's Viririnius." at Drury Lane.

London, is cominz over tit he leading lady in -the stock company of the Fifth Avenue, New York. Christine Nilsson's husband's relatives wouldn't attend her. wed dine. Thev are now fighting for half her property, which she held in her husband's name. She leaves Europe on the 1st of September.

Shakespeare ues more different words than any other writer in the English language. There are about 15,000 different words in his plays and sonnet, while no other writer uses as maov as 10.000. A few writers use 0,000 words, but the great majority do not employ more than 8,000. In conversation only from 3,000 to 5,000 different words are used. John E- an enthusiastic summer uton his farm near Baltimore, expects to resume his stage work in about a month iu New ork.

and star in "Toodles," '-The Vic tims," "Ataj. Wellington de Bnots" "Solon ahinyle and Paw Pry. John stetson thinks Ke has been treated very shabbily by Mr. Charles H. McGon- nell, and says he would not tike his word for a straw.

The trouble arose out of Mr. McConnelHs declination to keerjr a contract of J. H. Haverly's. which he had verballv assumed, as Mr.

Stetson claims. It was a condition of McKee Rankin's engagement at the Union Square, writes a New York correspondent, that he should reduce his weight twenty -five pounds. Hi is accomplishing this in the manner common to athletes, by eating plain, non-fat producing food and taking plenty of exercise. The New York World says Some kind of moral pressure, it is understood, has been brought to bear upon Mr. Wallack adversely to the retention of Mr.

Osmond Tearle in his company. Several of the professional sheets." tw called, which. whatever else they may be, are very often the mouthpieces of actors aad actresses, have openly suggested Mr. Tearle's discharge from Mr. Wallack's company.

It is pointed out that Mr. retired Mr. de Belleville because that actor has run counter to public opinion. If the actors who onnider character of more weight than reputation were to refuse to play with Mr. Tearle, perhaps Mr.

Wallack, like larger capitalists, wonld feel the weight of the objections. COAST ITEMS. A dangerous fire near Astoria has been subdued. Trade, for August, in O'recon has been highly unsatisfactory. The first rain of the season fell at Red Bluff and Yreka yesterday.

Forest fires are ragine extensively near Verdi, Nevada, and Red Bluff. Mollie Wiiite. who poisoned Riley Strahl at Chice, will he examined next Tuesday. Robert Whitney, an old pioneer of Shasta, died suddenly of hemorrhage of the lungs yesterday. The ladies riding prizes were competed for at the Chioo fair yesterday, the first prize being won by Mrs.

BalL An attempt wss made to assassinate M. L. Ewing in Clackamas county last Wednesday. He received a slight flesh wound on the side of the bead. Back Foster collided with Sperry at the Fetal ma race yesterday and 'both horses ran away, Sperry circling tba track several times before) a was caught.

Charles Steele, the murderer of-Perry Vickers, waa seen ia the Cascade mountain a few days age He Isrbeavily armed and will fight file pursuers tothe last, The Northers Pacific Kt press Company, incorporated gome time ago; will establish service and tommenec business on September 1st over all lines of boats and railways on the northwest coast. The removal of lneno patients confined sear ast Portland to Salem has been postponed several weeks owing to the incomplete condition of the pew building. There are nearly 300 patients to transfer. Whet Uvtraur Wsmta. Livermore has imported seven car loads, containing 189,000 pounds, of ore daring the present season, and one merchant of that town has imported five car loads of watermelons, containing 9,000 melons, in the past month.

a How She Dm. Her Rival Frantic With a Ferjreft Letter. Chicago, August 31st The Tribune' Syracuse (N. apecial says: The con duct of a woman who is here, ostensibly in search of Mrs. Hattie Jane Powell, who is represented to have left Rochester recently on account of a forged letter, indicating that some person with whom she was in love had deserted her to marry another, is very mys'eriona.

She passes under the name of Miss Jennie Daniels and has caused advertisements to be inserted in various papers along the line of the Cen tral Railroad, calculated to attract Mm PowelL'8 attention and induce her to return home. 1 ne advertisement reads ATTI The letter which caused you to feel so badly was a f. rgery he will never marry any one but you. Jennie. A postal card also has been extensivelv circulated, offering 5100 reward for infor mation that will enable Jennie to find Hattie Jane.

The card say that the missing person left Rochet ter on Thursday evening, the 23d inst. Her two large trunks were checked for Syracuse, but as she mailed a letter showing that she was going to New ork City, she may have bad her trunks. checked De lore or Alter the train stopped at Syracuse. However, a person saw' her go off at Syracuse and noticed her crying previously on tne train. Miss Daniels was seen to-day, but posi tively reiuses to give any further inform tion than is imparted in the postal card and advertisements.

She declines to say who Mrs. FoweH is, or why she left her friends, or what the circumstances sur rounding the esse are. She has not asked the assistance of the police. An unknown man who is accompanying Miss Daniels, however, said that Mrs. Powell was from San Francisco and.

was well known in that city. She is a lady of wealth and owns property, he said, in Buffalo. Rochester, and in the vicinity of Niagara Falls. For the last six months she has been in this part of the country attending to her property, and -s sold $50,000 worm oi real estate in thw neighborhood She also owns bank stock in Chicago and San Francfsco. Accordng to this story Mrs.

Powell i a widow, engaged to a gentleman to whom she is deeply attached. Mrs. lowell spent but a short time in Rochester, and while there received a letter which purported to be from her lover, saving: "I must choose between love and duty; 1 cannot marry you, but must marry. The man said: "This letter was written by a woman who was jealous- of Mrs. Powell and wanted to marry her lover.

This letter drove Mm. Powell frantic. one said tnat sue wan tea to go to some secluded place, and came to Syracuse, but now we do not thmK she is here. Very likely she nas gone to Europe, for she talked of doing ho. Miss Daniels used to wai; on Mrs.

Powell, and I am a friend of Miss Daniels. I don't think it any use to look for Mrs. Powell any more. She has probably gone to some quiet place, or else to Europe, and I think that when she reads that letter more carefully she will see that it ia a forgery." LIYERMORE ITEMS. Herald, Augunt 30th.

Dr. Homer Bos wick, father of Mrs. F. H. Hawley, of this place, died in New York Tuesday, August 14th.

S. Zimmerman, the jovial proprietor of the Mountain' House, has been quite ill for the past three weeks, but is now steadily improving. Asa W. Brackets, whose death notice appears in another column, nai been a resident of this valley for the past ten years, and was well known. Ex-Governor Anthony, of Kansas, who is a brother of William' K.

Anthony, of Livermore, paid his brother a short visit this week. He is at present in Santa Cruz. Frank Haera, of Midway, lost a sorrel horse valued at $250 one day last week by its jumping on a covered well and break ing through. The animal was said to be one of the best in the valley. The Chinese wash-house in Laddsvillo, near Jose Munos' place, caught fire yesterday afternoon, but was ultimately discovered in time by the inmates and got under control without calling out the Fire Department.

Messrs. Friend Schaeffer, of San Francisco, have rented A. J. McLeod's store, corner of Main street and Livermore avenue, and will engage in the cigar manufacturing business. They will not retail, but wholesale to the trade.

All their goods will be manufactured at this by white labor. An old bar and adobe building on the old Livermore ranch were discovered on fire about two o'clock 'this afternoon, and were burned to' the ground before assistance could be rendered. There was about two tons of hay and some old harness in the buildings that were burned up. The cause of the fire is unknown. W.

E. Miller, a son of Mr. Jas. Miller, of Redwood Canyoo, near Haywards, a brakeman on he-local freight, met with a painful accident to-day at Fleasanton. While coupling lhe cars at Fleasanton.

he had his band caught between the draw-heads ot the cars thereby losing two of his fingers. He was brought to Livermore bv Conductor Kennedy, and had bis wounds dressed by Dr. J. R. Reily.

Four sales of land, aggregating 150 have been made in the new Brookside tract, just west of the Berkeley colony, during the past week. Thomas E. Knox and two of his Berkeley friends are among the buyers, Mr. Knox takes fifty acres and his friends twenty-five each. They will each plant a goodly-sized vineyard this coming winter and spring.

David Bell, a brofher of Mrs. John Armstrong, of thU township, arrived in Livermore from Boston yesterday. Bj mistake he failed to notice the name of the pla when calle I at the station, and was carried by, jumping from the train when hear the Laudaville crossing. He struck on his head, sustaining a severe scalp wound, in the fall. The wound was dressed by Dr.

W. S. Taylor, and will soon heal. A hot-srun was sccidently discharged by C. J.

Stevens in his. office last Tuesday evening, the charge tearing through the wall and entering a box stall in Stevens Wilkinson's livery stable, where was stand ing a large Canadian stallion belonging to Gilbert Farbutb, of this valley. A large number of the shot entered the animal's side, very much to his astonishment. Fortunately some had struck a piece of scantling and were stopped, while the balance of the charge was considerably scattered, and its force spent by passing through the wall. John Jones had a several hours' job of picking out the shot.

HAYWARDS ITEMS. Journal, September 1st. Bartlett pears appear to be abundant this fall. Sun-drying peaches, apricots and prunes appears- to be generally followed In this valley Mrs. W.

6. Long is very ill with typhoid fever. Her condition, at present ia not serious enough to alarm her friends. Will Miller entered the emolovof rthev Central Pacific Tuesday as brakeman osr ne xjivermore i reigns '-train. xa met with an accident Thursday In coupling cars, and lot the firt finger of his left D.

A-TeMerritt and son William depart for their new borne in Sonoma to-day, the rest of the. family taken their departure last Tuesday. He has purchased tract pf 300 acres near the town of Sonoma, 20 acre bearing heavily. 3. f' tIPewswe! -In the statement of complaints made concerning the offensive condition of tha eewer on Twenty-second street, in yesterday' TaiBCHg, by a printer's error it was made to appear-that the nuisance affected the residents of Eat Oakland, whereas it should have read North Oakland.

1. L. Vance, principal of the Altamont echool, has resigned his position. I The Freshmen class have at reed to practice base ball ia preparation for the series of interclass games, which will shortly be arranged between the four classes. Xne sophomore das held a meeting aitfirnoun ror tne purpose of considering the adoption of a new class crest.

A committee was appointed to obtain de signs and present them before the Onion at the next meeting. Several other mat ters were brought np for Consideration, but all action was deferred till a subsequent meeting. The following subjects have been signed the Senior class for. tbeir October themes: 1. A Modern Disciple of Chau cer; 3.

The Creed of Emerson, 3. The Platonic Idei in the English Renais sance, lhe subjects for Junior themes are: i. some unaracterotics ot Scott as Novelist; 2. Could Bacon Have Written the Works Attributed to Shakes Dear? 3. Buskin's Laws of Life; 4.

Soma Ac count of Darwinism. Lieutenant Hutton has ordered the com missioned and noncommissioned -officers of the O. ca Jets to procure pants with blue stripe down the edge of the trowser in order that tbey may be more easily distinguishable. The width of the stripe is to be determined by the officers' nni as ioiiows: cooimissionea omcers. stripe of one inch and one-half in width; sergeant's stripe of one men in width, and corporan stnpe ot one-nail inch in width.

Amongst other valuable specimens that tne Curator of the Museum nas auite re cently received is a splendid collection of European butterflies, presented. by Mr. anelbMrs. Cheney, who are both graduate of the University a rare species of tor toise, sent from Piuo, Arizona, by Mr. Brier, of the class of '82 a verv lanre rattlesnake, found' near Mt.

Shasta, pre sented alive by Miss Scobbie, '84 several rare species of horn toads and a large nest tne paper wasp, presented bv Mr. jeorsre Uolbv. i In Thursdav a iue the Trtri s'K r.rinte.l a list of the Junior Day omcers that had been elected by that class to represent them in their Junior Dav exercises. There was a mistake in some of the name, and tne corrected list is as follows: rexi dent of the day. Ed.

Warren of Hastings; orator ot tne Day, Mr. Hrewer of Han Mateo; Second Orator, Putnam of San rancisco. The choice of an essayist and poet was left to the voune ladi a of the ciass mi seieck irom meir own nuniDer. -1 i The Longfellow Memorial Association heM its hrst meeting last Ihursdav even ing at the residence of Mrs. Morgan of Berkeley.

The attendance was quite large, and durine the evening a number of new members were admitted to the prlvi leges of the society. The programme for the evening's entertainment Consisted of a piano 8lo by Mis Billings, an esav on by Mr. Wanton: violin solo, Al Braverman; poem written by Mi i ul ton, ana read by Frof. Murray; several tableaux taken from Evangeline, and number of selections from that poem, which were excellently rendered by Murray. BERKELEY ITEMS.

Specially Reported, for the Tribune. The West Berkeley Lumber yard re sumed work in their dry house again yes terday. C. H. Burr has moved with his family into their new home on Fifth street at the west end of town.

The repairs on the M. E. Church edi fice, West Berkeley, are nearly completed The church will be formally dedicated about the last of September. The St. Joseph's Fair has closed.

The attendance has been verv unsatisfactory. It beinar held during Conclave week, when most people were interested in question of greater moment, naturally detracted from its success. Still it did good work, and the few who patronized it were much pleased with the evercises and Its good management. Mr. Thomas Hann and Miss Laura Schmidt were formally married at the bride a residence on Tuesday last.

A host of friends congregated to wish them hap piness, long life and prosperity. Mr. and Mrs. Hann will reside in East Berkeley, where Mr. Hann is engaged in business.

Mr. Hann ia a member of the Town Board of Trustees. SUPERIOR COURT. Department One No proceedings. Department Two Greene, Judge: Sep tember 1st: K.

H. Woolsey vs. The Citv of Oakland; dropped from the calendar by consent. O. H.

Slayton vs. Cbas. Me- Clsverty; motion fur a new trial argued and dismissed. 1 rial jury dismissed. Di pa: tment Three No proceedings.

POLICE COURT. The following business was transacted in the Police Court thi morning John Kelley, drunk, fined 910, or five days. feter Youngs, drunk, fined 6. 'or three days. Henry Stoltz, malicious mischief, dismissed.

Joseph Murphy, malicious mischief, bail forfeited. Simetn Kimball. battery, set for September 4th. Simeon Kimball, battery, sentence September 3d. To Liquidate She Indebtedness, A church fair in aid of the parish of the Sacred Heart, will be held, commencing on October 11th, at St.

Laurence Hall, ad joining the Church, on Evoy avenue, Tem-escaL The fair will su pet intended by Rev. L. Serda, and will be held for the purpose of liquidating the indebtedness of the parish which, during the seven year of its existence, has built a commodious chnrch, a parochial residence), and a large, handsome school house, which is attended byj 150 pupils, who are taught by the sisters of the holy names of Jesus and Mary of this city. The ladies who will take charge of the table? at the fair are: Table No. 1, Mrs.

J. O'Connor; No. 2, Miss Ella Doyle; No. 3, Mrs. J.

M. Brereton; refreshment rooms Mrs. A. McGary; candy stand, Miss Kate Barlow. MINIlVCr STOCK REPORT.

Sak Francisco, September 1, U83. The following sales were made at the Francisco Stock and Exchange Board, voiuroie AL.aa eetruaa aBSsiea. San 1150 Alta 1 05(31 10 400 Andes S0O Justice. 40c ISO Mexican. 703 75 65 Alpha 2 10 320 4c 4 104 20 1250 Benton 2Sc20cj "S55 BodieC 300 California tic 790 ChoUar 2 20 300 Con Imp 10c 615 Con 240 Eureka 0 2 80AF2 85 225 60 200 Navajo .2 00 800 Hsl 60 50 800 1589 Savage 61g6l 70 90c 2 1502 10 Mcorn 103 Sierra 8 70 800 Solid Silver 610 UCon 5 5065 TBSTMDAT imUOOI SAXK -aaouLAm SBSSIOB.

6100 Alta 203 100 200 Bodie. 85.90c 2270 4 2J4 40 100 Jus 30c f05 Mexican 76 no 15c 200 Navajo. ..2 90 626 BAB. ...4 ooi So Belle 60 ...1 At iiu upbtr eo 8 0 Potosi 00c 140 Savage. .2 CUcH 95 SCOSoorpjon flOe 160 Silver 760 terra 66 SO Utah 90 440 California.

600 Co 066e 1250 ChoUar. 2 002 20 10 Crown .101 210 Con SO Day 60c 60 Exchequer see 400 ao 75 77 Union 26 670 feUow J.S SOftS 10 STOCK AND BOND KTf.jRI A.NQ. fiATTAY SXrTKJCBM i-dS A. n. Bid.

Ask Hit ad US Bono, rs, -rz Beak of Oal 167 170 UBBOBM, rum Mas jw.izi vn Pacifie .110 8 Bonds, 4 119 ICenital Ki BPS 48 Sarins Val. 1141 Oakland Gas 29 Central 43 JSP So City K-. SS SO Geary B4 99 96 its fa ao (Atlanta PowdV. 64 KMaaS 2f 67 S3 SB 4-4 46 67 861 90 Omnibus KB. Safety 10 Vnloan Powder.

32 Presidio Sottas StEB. Oal Eleetrto 4t Oml lee Works- ft Canfamia 116 commercial lorn. lot Fimsnao's FmxL 131 Home 142 State Invest Ias.130 125 Sub (full 96 100 Union 117 120 Cal Wtee Wolnu JW4 Gold a 8fk Tel. 96 Haw 14 171 Jodaon aUk Co. S7 39 MattuilaUi Mfs.

10 Pae Iron Si KaU. 45 asterq 110 Bate Deposit Co. 61 a Social Happenings in Alameda Comity and Elsewhere. 'Merry Tramp" Beeeptfem A Mimical and laterary octet jr tn- mul Birthday Party at West Oakland Recent Wedding Society Personal. Communication relating li cited for this Department.

to Social Matter so- THE "MBBKT TRAMPS. The third reunion of the "Merry Tramps," of Eat Oakland, took place last evening, at the residence of J. Watson, No. 1351 Fourth avenne. It was an occasion of mirth and pleasure, and as one camp song succeeded another, and one joke met and turned off another, the merriment of all increased.

A pecial feature of the evening was the presence of genial, hearty, on-loving Jno. L. Cooperl of Santa Cruz, whom the "Tramps" all love and call "Uncle Johnny." With vivid recollection of the kindness and hospitality shown by Uncle John to them, in Santa Cruz, last Jnne, they last evening 'presented him with a handsome black ebony, gold-headed cane, in token of their grateful appreciation. The old gentleman I was so completely surprised and overcome that words tailed him completely, and a song was started at once to cover his confusion. The handle of the cane i square crooked, of gold elaborately chased.

On one end is engraved "To Uncle John on the other the letters M. T. in large mono-oftram, and in the center of one side, "with love of the Merry Tramps, August 25, xooo. a Deautum album containing a photograph of each Tramp was also exhibited. It is intended for Mrs.

Haslam of Santa Cruz, to whom the M. are indebted for many favors while there. Her thoughtfulness and motherly care has not been forgotten. Her absence 1 last evening was regretted, and the album! will be sent to her at once. A bountiful repast had been prepared by the kind entertainers, and the Al.

did ample justice to the tempting delicacies. Then came a delightful surprise in the presentation to each Tramp of a neat little whitewood palette, appropriately painted to represent some little idiosyncracy of or incident connected with the camp life of the recipient. The painting was done by the fair hand of the boat, Mis Ida Watson, and in each instance was admirably executed, calling forth the highest praise from her fellow Tramps. They are beautiful little souvenirs. At a late hour the party dispersed, well pleased with the evening's entertainment.

nd voting that it was quite jolly to) be a iramp. TINOCO-MABSK. Among the recent weddings, decidedly the most brilliant was that at the residence of Consul Tinoco, of San Salvador, Saturday evening. Father Beneditti officiated in uniting the brother of the Consul, Julias Tinoco, to Miss Annia Marsh, daughter of the late Captain Marsh of Alameda. The elite of our Spanish element was numerously represented.

Miss Ena Tucker was the bridesmaid. The Consul acted as groomsman, while among the eruests were Mr. and Mrs, J. M. Tinoco, l'r.

and Mrs. J. C. Tucker and daughters, the Misses Same, Ena, and Etta Tucker, Mr. and Mrs.

J. M. Montealegre, Mr. and Mrs. M.

E. Garcia, Mr. and Mr. Henry Le-fevre, Mr. and Mrs.

T. Labodie, Mr I. G. Montealegre, Mrs. F.

Marsh, Mrs. G. Lang, the Misses Feliza and Louisa Marsh, Miss Victoria Iglesias, Mr. and iMra. Santiago Arrillaga, Mr.

and Mrs. P. Fossas, Dr. J. (J.

Callandran, Jose Certa, Mr. Roderico Zoledo, J. Marino Roma, Jose Gasteazoro, and others. The entire residence was a mass of profuse decoration. The gifts were numerous and elegant.

Early Monday morning the married oouph started on their wedding tour to Monterey. They will remain awhile in Alameda, at the bride's home, previous to their departure for the groom's plantation in Guatemala. RECEPTION BT THE MUSICAL AND LITIRAKV BOCICTT. The Musical and Literary Society of Oakland and San Francisco, gave I their annual reception at their elegant i-ooms on Poat street, San Francisco. Over two hundred invitations were sent out and responded to.

A violin solo by I Fred Stanford, of San Francisco, called forth the applause from all parties. A song by Miss Marline Clifton was received! with marked attention-by all present. A zither solo by Guy Leighton was prominent "long me musical selections. A recitation by Miss Valerie HickethierJ was delivered with remarkable skill by the young lady, who was greeted with elegant tributes of flowers by her numerous friends. At the close of the literary exer cises an eiegant repast was partaken of.

iter which dancing was indulged in to a late hour. Daring the evening the mem- oi im society presented Miss Valerie Hickethier with a magnificent diamond nag as a mark of their appreciation for tne way toe lady has filled several offices of the society. An elegant gold-headed eane was also presented to Mr. Audly paJtoa by the association, for the way he baa exerted himself in making the society one not only of pleasure, but also of BVRPRIRB PARTY. A I vuv ui me most successful surprise tMuver given in west uaklaod was that of Wednesday evening to M.

and Mrs. A. Myer, at 944 Wood street. The surprise was in the formation of the company into a sheet-and-pillow-case Iparty, on the occasion of the fifteenth anniversary or the crystal wedding of the parties. The company arrived at an early bourjarmed with refreshments and Chinese lanterns, the former of which were spread Sn the garden with the decorations of the flatter.

The company was equal to the occasion, and a splendid time enjoyed. The snipper was served in the dining-room and garden, and all were well filled. The Phoenix Band, of San Franciso-, was present, and after executing an I appropriate serenade furnished the dancing music which was continued until the supper hour, after which the merry maze was renewed. The decorations were neat and the presents profuse, including lamps, crystal shades, pitcher, goblets, pickle dishes, etc The guests present on the occasion were Mr. and Mrs.

F. and family, Mr. and Mrs. L. HufsChmidt, Mrs.

Ballard, Mr. and Mrs. Benlar. Mr. and Mrs.

Mr. and Mrs) Wett-man, Mr. and Mrs. Ulrich. Alvin.

Amelia and Addie Ulrich. Mr. Bartaana. Mr Kratz. Mr.

Hoffman. Henrv Si-hnmUn. Willie Scbomberg, Mrs. Schomber. DCHXsVPCKCELL.

Ad vices from Texas convey the news that Mr. J. C. Dunne, formerly an attache of this journal, now clerk (of the Motive Power and Machinery Department of the Galveston, Harrisburg and San Antonia Railway System, was united in marriage to MUs Laura Purcell, of this city, on the 18th of June. On Juee 16tb, Mr.

Dunns, who is located at Houston. left that city meet hie jCaneec, who on wn huh uy started irom uauand on the Southern Pacific express. They met at El Paso, Texas; and at the conclusion of the ceremony, continued on to New Orleans. After a sojourn in that several days, they returned to Houston, I where they now reside. The many friends oi, -ir.

ana mx. Aunne extend their best wisses ior toe nappy coupi future pros perity juiu weuarew BtTRPRIBI PABTT. A serpriae party was given to the Misses Jj.lla and beresa Eagan by a number of their friends oa last Saturday- evening at East Oakland. Dancing and games were indulged in till 11 o'clock, when! suDDer was announced. The following ladies and gentlemen were present Mrs.

Eacren. xs 1 and There Eagani Lizzie dulged in and the congratulations followed. Among those present on the occasion were Mr. and Mrs. 14.

A. Chase, Mr. ana airs. A. Kohler.

Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Chase.

Master E. A. Chase, Mrs. Hutchins, Miss Emma 1 epixrt Mrs. busie Pepper, Air, and Mrs.

John Fepper, Miss fcdith Keene Ed. C. Chase, Charles Chase. A FAREWELL PARTY. A complimentary farewell party was given to Mr.

and Mrs. Fred. Horner on Thursday evening of last week at the town hall, Centei vil'e, prior to their departure for the Sandwich Islands, where they intend to make their future home. The party was largely attended by the friends of the young couple. "Dancing was kept up with Kpirit and supper was served at midnight.

Mr. and Mrs. Horner started on Monday last for Honolulu. BROOKLYN LITERARY SOCIETY. The regular meeting of the Brooklyn Literary Society was held last evening at Odd Fellows' ill, East when the following programme was well ren dered Vocal duet, Mr.

and Mrs. Rich ardson recitation, Muton Laurence piano solo, Mrs. Kemp; recitation, L. bernple vocal solo. Miss C.

or they recitation. Miss Marsh recitation, J. YV. Cuthbert. The next meeting will be held Friday eve ning, September 14th.

PERSONAL. Chief Justice and Mrs. Field will prob ably not vuit Japan, as was his intention. since his official duties will require his presence in Washington; they will leave in October. Mrs.

Governor Stoneman is yet in San Gabriel, but will return to the guberna torial headquarters about fair time. Her daughter is at ptesent the guest of Mies Ella Good. Mrs. Crook's eldest son completed his vacation here by leaving Friday for the East, to resume his studies at Williams College. Mrs.

Ed. Hopkins has teen entertaining for the past week at her Menlo Park residence Mr. and Mrs. Russ Wilson, also Mr. and Mrs.

Robert Crocker. Mrs. Collier returned from Monterey to keep open house during Conclave week, as also Mr. Judge Thorn ton, whose guests for the present are the Misses Naglee. Alexander Del Mar returned from Europe on Wednesday.

He brought with him thirty volumes of "Hakluyt's Voyages" for the Geographical Society of San Francisco. W. H. Fiske. son of Dr.

H. M. Fiske. of San Francisco, is engaged to be married to Miss Mary D. Warden, daughter of Hon.

T. M. Warden, of San Luis Obispo. The wedding will take place early in September. Edgar Mills and Miss Addie are looked for in September.

They are at present visiting in the East. Tbeir trip across the Atlantic from Southampton is spoken of as being the shortest on record. At the last meeting of the Directors of the Hahnemann Medical College of San Francisco, held on the 21st of Angust, Dr. ohn F. Geary, of Oakland, was elected to the Professorship of the Therapeutics.

Mrs. Judge Denixon has rejoined her family in Santa Crnz. After indulging in the festivities for the past week here, they will doubtless remain until the expiration of the Sacramento vacation. The judge was to have assisted at the last-spike ceremony in Oregon. In anticipation of Mr.

and Mrs. Bonynge and daughter immediately departing for a two years' residence iq Europe, they were sumptuously dined by Mr. and Mrs. Cbas. Crocker at their residence Tuesday evening last, a great number of Eastern friends assisting at the evening reception.

George Hearst left Friday to attend to bis mining interests in Mariposa, while Mrs. Hearst entertained' her Eastern friends, Mr. and Mrs. E. C.

Waters, by a tfipto Monterey, accompanied by Willie Hearst, his friend Follensbee, and several others, returning Tuesday, on which evening she gave a dinner-party and reception to a number of guests. Wednesday last the officers of the Ranger, now at Mare Island, gave a most delightful lunch paity on board the ship to Mrs. Charles Sonntag. Miss Dodge and Miss Adams, who were visiting friends in Be-nicia durine the week. The afternoon was devoted to music, driving about the island, and steaming about the bay, wBich proved a most satisfactory programme.

The same evening the party were entertained by Mrs. John Boggs at her elegant home in Benicia. Miss Birdie Cannon, of Los Angeles, who has been visiting her aunt in this city, returned home Thursday. Geo. Fabens is confined to his residence by illness, which it is hoped will be of short duration.

Mr. W. H. Newton died of typhoid pneumonia at his residence ou Walnut street, near San Joie avenne, last Wednesday. Mr.

Thoa. Davenport is lying dangerously ill at his residence on Pacific avenue, ana tnere is some oouds as to la recovery. Capt. R. R.

Th on sailed on the Oregon steamer last Wednesday for Portland, to participate ic the ceremonies of the opening of the Northern Pacific Railroad. Town Trustee Bryan was in Sacramento during the fore part of the week. Mr. J. Warren 1 Lano, of the Charleston (South Carolina) Sunday Times, is visiting his uncle, Mr.

E. B. Hayden. A dispatch from Portland, Oregon, dated August 28th, announces the sudden death at that, place of Joeeph Sherwin. Mr.

Sher win was an architect, and formerly resided in Alameda, where he had an office. He planned the Park Opera House, Porter School-house, and Tucker's Block. He was an Englishman, and reputed to be a very competent architect. The recent purchaser of D. A.

DeMer-ritt's oachard near Hay ward's, is John H. Boden. a Custom. House broker of San Francisco, who has taken a great liking to that valley, and is now residing on the place, transacting his business in the city and.retnrt.iDg borne daily. W.

H. Jessup and daughter, Mrs, J. A. Collins, departed from Haywards on Wednesday for a visit to the southern, part of the State. Charles W.

Caryl arrived at Washington Corner from Philadelphia last Tuesday. His sister, Miss Lulu Caryl, who has been visiting in Los Angeles county the last month, will go East with him when he returns, which will be in a few days. Mrs. Duster berry, of Center ville, who has been quite sick, is able to ride out. Consul and Mrs.

d'Empervin, nee Val-lejo, are in San Francisco visiting friend. Leak Marshall, son of Attorney-General Mar hall, is to be united to Miss Susy Thorne, ef San Fraacisce, on the 27th of September. Sunday ex-Lieutenant Governor ohn-son and daughter, Mis Ada, returned from their three month' stay at Miss A. R. Owen and Miss V.

A. Hasv sell were at the Hotel Roese, Baden-Baden, the first of the month. Sir Sydney and Lady Waterlow have left England for their trip around the world. Mrs. Commander Maury is for the present stopping at San Rafael.

Lord Rose berry proposes leaving England for Australia, via San Francisco, next month. The Stanford are ftV Paris, at the Hotel Bristol; the Governor, much improved in health, contemplates returning to this coast in November. Saturday, Richard Savage, was wedded to Mrs. Ida Sawyer. Ex-Senator and Minister Sargent leaves put on St.

Bernard for first place would better and has Wt the l.t SoK farmer, ana nas spent tne lost. Such the declarations which. Owens, who is are with or without foundation, are circulating to-day, and they are causing somewhat of a sensation. The judges have as yet made no reply to the charges, and it is not likely they wUl do so. Whatever truth exists in the accusations there are one or two things which strike those who witnessed the drill.

This matter of the prize-drill has caused a very strong feeling of bitterness, and it is likely to result in some unpleasant things. Calm observers can only deprecate spirit which prompts the begrudging of an honor to a company, northern or southern, which judges, selected for their technical knowledge and impartiality, have awarded to them. It is said St. Bernard will challenge De Molay at the earliest opportunity for the championship. ILLICIT LOVE Ending in Harder and Suicide at Elgin, Illinois.

Chicago. August 31st. The Tribune' Elgin, (111.,) special says: A sickening tragedy took place at the Nitting House in this city at an early hour yesterday morning. Edward W. Joslyn, the eldest son of Edward S.

Joelyn, well known throughout the Northwest as an attorney and Democratic politician, and nephew of Hon. M. L. Joslyn. Assistant Secretary of the Interior, shot his mistress, a chambermaid employed at the hotel, and followed the murder with the blowing out of his own brains.

The woman's name was Etta Buckingham. It seems that Joslyn had been keeping oompany with her for two "years past. About two months ago he beat her severely, after which she refused to continue the acquaintance. Joslyn has been hanging arour.d the hotel ever rince he fell out with bis mistress, importuning her to make np. This she persistently refused to do.

At an early hour in the morning he entered the hotel, unknown to the clerk, went up stairs to Miss Bucking ham's room and the two were found dead side by side in the hallway a few moments after the pistol-shots were heard. The woman was in her nightdress. Everything showed Kigni of a severe struggle previous to tne killing. THE SPEAKERSHIP. Hew Carlisle).

rKolneky, Wnnte fo Ran for Two Places at the Sane Time. CmcAoo, August Slst.The Ti-ilune't Washington special says The announcement of Congressman. Blackburn, of Ken tucky, that be is not a candidate for Speaker, bat is" a candidate for the United States Senate, may make it necessary for Uarlisie to more definitely denne bis po sition. Carlisle at present is a candidate for both places. Failing to secure the Speakership, he intends to make the race for the Senate to succeed Cerro Gordo Williams.

This doable candidacy has been an embarrassment to Carlisle's Kentucky friends, bince the Speakership campaign began several of them stated that tbey could scarcely work for Carlisle for both places at the same time. Blackburn's decision to retire from the Speakership con tett and concentrate bis energies on the Senatorahip will undoubtedly make it necessary for Carlisle to abandon one contest or the other. Carlisle's Speakership strength will, coarse, bejincreased by the) extent of iorces, bat the retirement of Blackburn is not to be regarded as giving any comfort to KandalL.

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