Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on July 19, 1883 · Page 2
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 2

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 19, 1883
Page 2
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FUBLI3HKD DAILY (Sundays Excepted.) ' ATP 13, J 1T K1CHTH STJUCKT TT.I3UKE f PUB123HIHO CO WXL B. OABfilBr IUwrt . asursasa OAaaiaas at nrnKN oBirn pbHj wm. nut, n tun. Km th mm: OS YXAB .t8 00 J 811 MONTHS....! 00 - V: . ' -' "SsaaSBSasBnV TUB ST UfDlMT, ONI TAB........ f8 60 j BIX MONTHS Jl 80 City svad Comaty Offlclal Ptfw its Ta-Nia-ht. OAKLAND TTVOLI Saratoga. BALDWIN'S Fww. GRAND OPERA HOUSE Tas Silver King. BUSH STREET Emerson s Minstrels. . TIVOLI GARDEN 11 Trvvatore. wurB . '.VJMM- TUBVNI kM a. exresUavttoni mttaa dnkl Ut at amy atMer mm pwollehed 1 Alameda Cc-aatT. THURSDAY........ UUY 19 Xfca Stata Dssoaoeratie Committee. ' The peinooracj hu go itself into "regular tangls brer their Railroad Com- mission and the attempt to untangle the snarl baa reanlted thus far io a more oonf ased and worae tangle stilL ' It ia very eTident to every cool-minded " man in this SUte, that the foray was - . A I r. started lor the sole purpose oi giving u Demoeratio party a boost, and helping; the chances of Uncle George Hearst United in i ma esuaianoy iw " States Senatorship. That nf the Demooratio press not portion in tb-j . ... fka ItnA and prv ' hon- - SWJfc Jf - J estry thinking it a real anti-monopoly moremeat. Another portion of Che -Democratic press saw what was np, and took bo stock in the movement. Such honest, straightforward journals as the Cohua Sun, edited with intelligence and sagacity, prophesied a total-failure of the fraudulent boom, and stood olear of the entanglement. Other journals defended their action. But a majority of the Democratic press loiiowea ne ieaa oi - J3B . . , xi the JSxaminer aaarQpomea me movement, so cue of them recommending lynching, i assassination, and other unlawful measures to get rid of their Commission. Bat instead of helping the party, it was discovered that the movement was sowing the seeds of discord which threatened t;An nt t.hA whole concern. In m UM ... " - this - emergency the Democratic State Central Committee was called together, ' estensibly, as the boomers understood fi . ...J.n.tha a inn nr nnn. action. I Mi VVUUVWii vuw - 1 of the majority of the Domocratic Railroad Commission. But, lo, and behold, when the Committee came together it Met in secret conclave: and instead of going after Carpenter and Humphreys with a sharp stick, and recommend- .: . . ) ;i --- t it... T ing ' a j special Hmuu ui u islatara to turn them out of office, they resolved to stop the circus, declare ' the farce ended, and no after-piece in the shape of a legislative session. This action has set the Democratic papers of "the interior wild. They go after the KttA Committee with blood in their "eyes. The Farmers' Journal, of Modesto, says: ? j"The Democratic State Central ' Committee has met at last. The wise gentlemen did their work in the dark so that: little is known of their action. Are they afraid to take a stand against this great corporation? It would seem "so ironv th Mexican dog styje they adopted. It they are, then they are too low and contemptible to be noticed by the people. These men have had every opportunity to do what was - rrhav Wa f ail in everv . llgiAJto - ui mw.w J - . A.1 I. Kt nn remedy; left and that is for the Governor ' to call an extra session of the Legislature. ' We fall back on Governor Stonb- mak to make an example of Carpenter and Humphreys," etc., etc. And so 'the combat thickens, and the confusion is becoming worse confounded. When the boom was started it was clothed in the false guise of a non-partisan movement for the purpose of roping in Republicans. But when it was found that Republicans did not take the bait, it threw off the disguise and went it alone on the Democratic lay-out. And now the . whole ' thing has come to grief and left the party in a terrible jumble and inextricable oonfus- ' ion. ."We have no idea that Governor v the Demoeratio circus together in extra session at an expense of ose hundred and : fifty thousand dollars of more. That would be the last straw that would break the Democratic camel's back. The slopping over will probably continue, however. H ; : Miss Jenht Bitckner, the handsome young woman who figured so conspicuous! v In the Thompson-Davis trazedv at Harrodsbarff, Kentucky, has left for Europe to stay, she says, until the homi oide is forgotten. As she was the sols cause of the homicide, and lied about her friend to divert attention from herself fot as 1 Mrs. Thompsow states, she re turned r much earlier from the theater than was expected, and found the room which, she and Miss Buckser occupied, locked,! and that Miss Bcckher bad company. -. We sdmire the lady's discre tion ia getting out of the country. , Ths New; York Sun says that " "judging from the frequency with which ex- Senator MCLKhald;s name gets mentioned as a ' Presidential candidate, it would almost seem that be has a literary bureau is operation, too." But inex perienced hands must not get fooled with the idea that they can beat sly SAXtrxx at his own game. : .Tax Elmira Advertiser says that the llepublicana of the coantry would be even better pleased than Mr. HexdrickS to see the old ticket nominated, for if they could not defeat it they eould not defeat any other ticket that has . any chance of being nominated. Mr. Tilde would find hard row to hoe right here in New York? ' . 13 Kir i BtrrtEB thinks President Arthur, as a candidate for re-election, can unite all factions of., the Republican party. The factions are all pretty well c !nented now. - ' . The- Salvation Army parades and i .reet preaching has been prohibited in I rooilyn, New York. " - - j.. IIexry J. Raymosd, when on: the 17t w York Tribune, invented interview I i f or publication. - , , ' 7'.' I.rz ilee -se receipts under he Scott r i j Ci .osnaati alone foot up over REDUCED POSTAGE. Iaaraietloae PMiait(n .The . New TPw Cent Stamp. ... -J " Washingtos, uly 18th. A circular was issued to-day rom the office of the Third Assistant 'ostmaster-Geoeral noti fying' postmasters .hronfthont the United States of the redui on in peetage rates to take effeotvon the t of October, and di- recting them to mi :e preparations for it. Postmasters are fied that it is desir. a stock of the pres- able to have as si ent three-cent post stamps and stamped envelopes as ble on hand , when the reduction goes in effect, l hey are ac-to limit their requi- cording ly instruci sitions for stamps and evelopes of nomination to suah quantities i this de- upon careful estimate, tfeey may deem sufficient to last untl tbe 1 of Uctober. The circular also directs that, as no arrangements have been made jfor the redemption of three-cent stamps and envelopes in the hands of postmastler, or for the exchange by postmasters of Jthese stamps and envelopes in the hands of private holders, until further notice postmasters will not make exchanges for the public nor return to the department the stock that remains on their hands after October 1st. Postmasters aref however, notified tbat, as tbe two and three-cent stamps and envelopes of tbe present issue will continue to be valid after that date, they mhst be accepted in payment of postage When offered in the proper amount, and that jthree-cent stamps can be used in combination with other denominations on letters requiring more than one rate and on parcels of the third and fourth class. The circular also announces that tbe department will;) be ready to issue the two-cent stamps of ths new design en the 15th of September but that these stamps awd envelopes must not be placed on sale or used by Postmasters before October 1st. No three-cent stamps will be issued after September 14th, unless the requisition therefor is accompanied by the statement tbat they are needed for immediate use, and tbat the full supply asked for will become exhausted by October 1st. No three-cent stamped envelopes will be issued after the 31st, unless the requisition for them is accompanied by -a similar statement The circular further instructs Postmasters as to the design of the new two-cent and four-cents and stamped envelopes; notifies them that the prices of, envelopes, exclusive of postage, shall remain the same as at present; that no change, will be made in postage-due stamps, and that rates on drop-letters will ; remain the same - as at presents I TELEGRAPHIC BREVITIES. The Count de improve. iChambord continues to There were G2 deaths from cholera in Egypt yesterday.) The English rifle team won the Kolapore oup at Wimbledon yesterday. Several changes of time on California Star routes have been announced. Owing to a lcci-out about 10,000 cigar-makers are out of work at New York. Charles ds Lease ps will return to England to complete the canal negotiations. A railroad accident near Koxville, Texas, yesterday, caused about 16,000 worth of damage. Cramp, the ship-builder, says he has been tricked by Secretary Chandler and threatens revenge." " Secretary Lincoln again positively denies that Crook admitted having been captured by the Indians. The Mexican attack on the American Consulate at Monterey is causing , much excitement on the border. Hanlan defeated Ross inthe four-mile race at Ogdensburg, N. Y., yesterday and made the best time on record. The United American Conductors were in session in Pittsburgh yesterday, and elected officers for the ensuing year, Captain M. G. Douglas, of the bark Erne, has been I arrested at Boston for violating tbe Chinese restriction law. The Board of New York have Denis Kearny to to-night. j Park Commissioners in granted the request of speak on Union Square During a game of lawn tennis at Bedford, England, on Tuesday, Mr. Devere shot Miss McKay dead and then blew out his own brains. fHis action is attributed to jealousy. i j - The Philadelphia Produce Exchange has agreed to co-operate with the Commercial Exchange in urging upon Congress the redemption, retirement or legalization of the trade dollar. , In Philadelphia yesterday, Sophia Wartman, aged) 19, who in April last nearly succeeded; in killing herself with a revolver, almost severed her head from her body with a razor. Trouble ia the Democratic Camp. It is said that the official conduct of County Clerk Sesnon of San Francisco will be investigated on charges made by Mayor Bartlett 'of receiving money from his deputies as the condition on which they hold their places He is charged with collecting as much i as $1,200 a month from them and possibly will be indicted by tbe Grand Jury. M. Hulwenski and E. Z. Brodowski, two ! of tbe court-room clerks, are said to have made affidavits that he collected $50 and $75 a month from them. Sesnon denies the charges. The trouble is said to have grown out of a misunderstanding with the Democratic political bouses of San Francisco, with whom Sesnon has refused to divide, j Aa Appeal. Papers on appeal from the City Justices' Court have been' filed in the suit of Julia: Reinhart vs. H. N- Morse, A. B. Lawson and D. S. Hirshberg, to recover $176, alleged to have been collected by defendants for the plaintiff. Tbe defendants got judgment in the, lower Court. Aaotber Man. Mr, A. Gates.' the proprietor of the Thirteenth street livery stable, wishes to have it stated that he is not the person arrested on the complaint of John Green for selling a glandered horse. The Home (School for Young Ladles, Osklssd, Cal. ' The Home School, which has hitherto .been under the management of Miss H. N. Field, now deceased, wiU be re-opeued en the 25th inst. under tbe personal suDer- vision and care of Mies Lacy A. Field and Miss Caroline H. Field, her sisters. The Misses .Field, who now assume control, were formerly connected with this school for four years ending September, 1877, and have also had large experience as teachers of young ladies in tbe East. They assure its former friends and patrons and the public, that no effort or expense ; will be spared to maintain the high reputation which this school has attained. The best teachers in all branches will be provided, and every caret and attention bestowed upon the physical, mental and moral weP fare ot those commuted to their charge. Terms for hoarders and day pupils as heretofore. Further information may be had by letter er personal application at toe scBooi. aai, iko Telegraph avenue, Oakland, California. To Sterebauate a Others ; Going- jyrerisuad. ; . The lowest rates can be obtained at the general ticket-office of the Overland Short Line, Ogden, Omaha, Chicago and Northwestern Railway, No. 2 New Montgomery street, under tbe Palace Hotel, where Pullman ear reservations - will Jo be made. The ne arrangement of running eouauctors tnreugn secures to t patrons every attention : and care. The Northwestern being the short line makes the fastest time, hence sure to make limited train CAanetionii at Ohinacm fnt all em cities. Sailings, and tickets' via all steamers to and from Europe, to be had at our office. No. 2 New Montgomery sweet ; .i. mJiM.jaiJi.x ti. ijavlls. lien erai Agsn. j ... . .. . a . .r - - Inswraaeo. , The old anf reliable New Zealand Fire and Marine Insurance Compaay. capital. $5,000,000, and the Traveler's Life and Accident Insurance Company, assets over $6,000,000, have established an agency at No. 466 Eighth "street, between Washing, too and Broadway. Messrs. McLURE 4 ANGLER will conduct - the business of the above companies in Alameda county, and all old policy holders and all persons desiring insurants, wia nnd it to their m- t::c:t tj ri 'y to f-.em. -:- Exearsleas Extrsverdtaary. ' - m .i - a l wilt leave Ban jrranciseo, rnnrsoay, ouiy 19tb, Sacramento Friday morning, July 20th, going overland via the old i pioneer broad-gauge route Central Pacific, U nion Pacific and Chicago and Northwestern Railway. Time to Chicago, six days; New York and Boston, eight days. Rates lower than ever; third-class sleeping ears. For S swage, apply at General Ticket Office, io. 2 New Montgomery street, corner of Market, San Francisco. C. N. COUSEN3, Excursion Agent. j Tne Cloldea Gate Theater. This theater has just been entirely renovated, the interior handsomely decorated, and it now presents a handsome! appearance. Mr. Peru has engaged the popular prima donna. Miss Fannie Morse, and also Mr. M. Hagemsn, the renowned basso. This is the last week of the popular Stanley sisters, Maud and Sadie. The rest of the company, including the merry "Franks" and Miss Lottie EltnWood, are still continuing to please the public. Under the new management the theater has improved greatly. ' A Bargain. j W. W. Blow offers an unusual bargain in real estate being a handsome two-story residence in Alameda, close to Park street station, standing on a lot 50x150 feet. There is a well-kept garden, a stable and a chicken house and the price is $4,000 on easy terms, five years' time. Cash Clearance Hale. Our entire stock of Men's, Boys and Children's Clothing, Gents' Furnishing Goods, Trunks, Valises, etc., will be sold regardless of cost. Do not fail to examine Our prices. GREEXHOOD A MORAN, southwest corner Eleventh street and Broadway, Oakland. PETAR DRESCO, sole agents for GH1RAR DELLI-8 Eagle and Vanilla Chocolate. x R. K. DUrfN, reliable Dentist. 1105 Broadway. PETAR 4 DRESCO,3ole agents for Ghirardelll s coffees and spicee at whole-sale prices. Twelfth and Broadway. x Hbatino ptoves of every description at LYON & KINSEY 0th and Washington streets. ! T CLEwnt, dyeing and repainng done cheap and at short notice at 1305 San Pablo avenue. ' - Cash for Second-hand Faraitiiro. WHARTON BROS., Thirteenth street, one door east Broadway. Storaire for Furniture At 115S Broadway, RYAN A MELLUR. Call and see the "Model Coffee-pot," at BEV-ERTON'S, 953 Washington street. a . t Next. An East Oakland lady killed a duck, which had in its gizzard a card, "rich and poor are served alike at H. SCHKLLHAAS." MISS HUMPHREYS SELECT SCHOOL, 1167 Broadway, will open Monday, July 16th. RYAN A MELLOR sell cheap for cash. R K. DUNN has removed his dental parlors to 1105J" Broadway. Ths nicest lunch room in San Francisco, for ladies and irentltmen, is at the original SWAlN'S BAJikKY, JNo. Vli Sutter street. t Storage for Furniture and Planes, And store and office fixtures for sale. WHARTON BROS., Thirteenth street, one door east of Broadway. Second-hand stoves at 1158 Broadway. Call at DIXON BROS.' produce store, No. 660 Twelrtn street, tsast Oakland. Crrv Numssrbr, appointed by the City Council omce, 417 Jbignui street, at ths Tribusb office, liag-e's Swiss Confeetloaery, Ice Cream and Coffee Saloon, 4 16 Twelfth street, Orders lor families and parties promptly filled ice cream lernisnea in quantities to suit. x Barifalna! Bargains! For a few piore days at H. SOHELLHAAS, be- lore takiniraccount oi stock. Tar PETAR A DRESOO'S Port Wine. x i Never Say Fall. "In tbe bright lexicon of youth there is no such word as fail." McDonouh never fails to love satisfaction. Call and be convinced. A. McDonoug, 1164 Broadway, between Thirteenth New To-day. TAGGART & DINGEE, Real Estate Agents and General Auctioneers, OfTIce-460 and 462 Eighth St., OAKLAND. J. O. ELD RIDGE Auctioneer. Parties having money to. invest will do well to u l I u 1 1 a very uesiraoie modern s mnm 3J. &l)J house with every convenience, newly painted throughout, lot 50x103, situated on Peralta street, Detween r.igntn auu lentn streets, surround ings the best. C 1 OA A A desirable house, 5 rooms, modem, C7 I - ( 3l M natent Btone - walks. An lot ffiiK house alone dost $2,500 to build, Third street between Alice and Jackson streets. GQAA To 8250 per acre, Oakland land in lots OCUU o 10 acres or more, near Mills .Seminary, all level and the richest soil, is offered cheap to close an estate. SO y V A Beautiful cottage, 6 rooms, bath, hot O. 4 0J nu cold water, etc., good stable, lot 66 x 132, Chestnut street, between Sixteenth and ttumteenin streets. S6.0Q0 handsomely pi -Fine modern house. 10 rooms, all conveniences, lot 52 ISO DlaBted. Harrison street, north of Four. teentn street, CgQ AAA-000,1 house, 7 rooms, bath, etc., lot i?fJ.JJU x iuo, nortn side Twelfth street, near Campbell street. Cgf KAn-ATOT desirable home, bouse of 8 'uf. tJFJ rooms, bath, stationary wash Btands and trays, etc., in thorough order, lot 50x109, Alice street, north of Thirteenth. roreeL, norxn oi S4.100 land, fixtures scales, engine i for the right mi -A fine paying business, coal and wooa vara, nunt in center of Oak- tnres comdete. horses, carts, watrnns. scales, engine and saws. This is a fine opportunity for the riant man as business has neon eat&hlinhoii for years. ; tor yeais. S15.0Q0-.lf, in bearing, fine well 1B.3S acres of choicest fm land. kll Dlanted in assorted fruit trees ft. nne weLL and water nirwi, thrmnrhfint grounas, sfaete, etc., sttuateaon ituis vale avenue, near Hermitage. Or will exchange for Oakland property. 2l 1 AAA-Te Thomas Hill place, near u A A. anus seminary, 10 acres elegantly planted, fine modem house, 11 rooms, with every convenience, stable, windmill, tanks, Ac, Ac., quantities oi iruit trees in tuil bearing will ex change tor a good ranah. SO J K A Fine modern cottage, rooms, bath, t). I JIJ stationary wash stands, etc., etc., complete,' Io30xl00. north side Eighth street, near Market. Terms to suit. fl? 4 CAA A Kood Investment, two mndum Wx. tJxjyj new houses, now rented and paying a handsome Interest, corner Fifth and Castro streets, near Nail Works, where they will never want for tenants. . - SOK AAA-164 MiU Seminary, one of the ill.KWW finest Places on the "!nat. ont S3u,uuu, u acres, elegantly planted and laid out. with an elegant modern house m keeping, stables, eve , eve. FrK.MSHED BOUSE TO LET KLEGAXT and eompletely furnished house of 9 rooms, with every convemence, lor six months; situated Thirteenth and Alice streets, rent S100. water Included. We have 4 large list of improved and unimproved properties in au para oi inutiana ana vianlty; also some very desirable .ranches of various sizes and prices. We have also a complete set of Block books or au tne property m tne city, ana win, be pleased to give information at any tram. Care of property and collection ot rents a specialty. Property subdivided and sold at private or auction sale throughout the State. Also live stock and fnmitnre sold at auction. tikkakt S HIMiKK OAKLAND Carriage Manufactory. CONTEMPLATING IMPORTANT CHANGES y J"T present business plans, I will offer for or i lie next tnirxy aays Both Xew and Seeond-Haad. i ,i Com prising Bogfies, both- top and open. Sock, sways, l'hiotoos and Wagons at a discount of ten per cent, from former prices. M. W. ALLEN. WOOD ! W O O D ! ' Two Hsadnd Cords of Cut to lengths for grate and stave use, , Far sale oa tbe ground, at low sates, by W. H. tAtJBBNCB. tMeaamm OAKLAND BREWERY, Telegraph Ave, and Durant St Brwwwd front May 1, 3t88L to May X, !, '88a, 18,511 Ban-wl. Tlin LAHGEST IN THE STATS Outside of San Francisco. ', OTJH PEER is unequalled for strength and qtial iry. iJeuverod free to any part of ths city or ..is"--: a, liKAx a rroi-s. -Hew. Tp-Day. REPOET OF Public Administrator Six Months Ending- Jnlj 8, 18S3. IK THE' SUPERIOR COURT OP THE County of Alameda, State of California. STATE Or CALIFORNIA, I County of Alameda, j Louis Gottshall, being duly sworn, depose and ays: Tbat he is now, and at ail the times between the 8th day of January, 1888, sad the 8th day of July, 1883, was the Public Administrator of said County of Alameda; that the fol lowing- is a correct return, according- to the best of his knowl-e ee, information aad belief, of mlilis of decedents which have come into his hands during; ths time between said dates, the value of the same, the money which has come into his hands from each of said estates, what hs has done with it, the amount of his fees and expen.es Incurred, and the balance, if any, remaining in his hands for said period of six months. Subscribed and sworn to before me this Vth day of July, 1883. EDWARD C. ROBINSON. fsaau Notary rublie. Estate of EMANUEL HANSEN, sometimes known as James Hansen and 6. M. Hanson. No. 617. Money on hand, including proceeds from sale of per- sonal property g SM0Q Book representing a deposit of $31 48 in Odd Fellows' Savings Bank of San Francisco, value unknown, as said bank has failed, but appraised at 81 48 Expenses incurred 21 75 Claims presented and allowed. 180 00 157 75 Balance of money on hand (ia nank) S 264 48 Estate ready to be closed in August. Estate of HANNAH C. HALL. No. 612. Petition for letters filed, but not acted upon as yet. Will on file. Estate of FERDINAND P. KOMPF. No. 522. Letters denied. Will filed and probated fby third parties. No property in hands of Public auiwiupuMvr, Estate of LOUIS WEST. No. 527. Will filed. Letters administration denied iniDiic Administrator. No property in his hands. Estate of SANF0RD E. "WESTON. No. 528. The estate consists of accounts due and inventoried as value at g 50 00 several actions have been commenced in Justices' Court against parties owing estate. Expenses incurred, about 25 00 no money collected and none on hand. Estate of AUGUST 0ABI0T. No. 544. Only personal property came into the hands of me &uministrater, which was dnly sold, reaiiz in? the sum of (008.03. Honey in bank in San rraneisco, 9i.S5. Expenses incurred. S1U0.45, of which $54.30 has beeu paid. Administrator's commissions will be $42.60. Claims amounting to $385.70 have been presented, out of which one for $74 has been allowed and paid. Balance on baud (in bank), $572.78. Estate ready to be closed in August. Estate of PHILIP REITER. No. 550. Estate consists of personal property in hand, inventoried as valued at $62.25. The Adminis trator ia informed, and so believes, that there is about 4600, belonging to said estate, in the hands of and claimed by a third party, and legal steps win uc lura as soon as pracucaoie ior its recov err. Expenses Incurred, $16.75. Claims pre seniea, sin. v Estate of MARY LUNDT. No. 645. ' Petition of Public Administrator for probate of wiu uufoiisseu. Estate of ANTONIO ROGERS. No. 553. Estate consists or personal property. The same was auiy sola, cringing Expenses incurred Administrator's commissions Amount ef money on hand (in bank) Claims have been presented, aggregating .$367 60 42 00 26 72 867 60 183 35 Estate of LOUIS NOLL. No. 666. Letters were issued for the purpose ot bringing irflnn n i .. V, a u . ... . .i .1 - ... . 1 lands. No property ever in hands of Administrator. Estate of JOHN F. HUGHES, No. 672. Money amounting to $917.34, and personal property valned at $100 came into hands of Ad minis, traror. Expenses incurred and paid, $62. Admin-is ra. tor. allowed aa eommiufnn. SAO S ln.1 count settled. Said personal property and $8?6.94 turned ever to the Public Administrator of the city ana county oi Ban Francisco. Estate closed and Administrator discharged July 2d. Estate of PETER MURTHA, No. 67S. Letters denied. Estate of A. F. BRQNIK0WSKY, No. 680. Letters granted. Prosertr not vet invrn. turieu, uus vaiue or estate is scout tssu. Estate ; of BERTHOLD GERHARD, , No. 588. Prooertv eonsists of real and neraonal aaiaia valued at aooat $40,000. Inventory not yet mium rmhmwm m iuuiki so m morurasra or trust deed,which, with interest, amounts to about $21 ,000. Amount of money received from rents and other sources, $31. 15. Bxpeosts incurred, $178.50. Claims aggregating $2X4 havs neen prwmwu. Amount of snoaeT naki one. eiu- fian m nana ( in nsnri, f isczs. Estate of B.B. GORE, j No. 504. Wiil flUd and Mtit'on far THrohate nankin The estate eoosists of personal property valued at about $400. Estate of EDMOND MILLER, 1. t NaOOfi, , Petitlnn In btliiii ntmAXntr m.l ertv in hanila at Pnhlia Adniniatra nhrf about $100.- , te ; Estate - or mary Sinclair. m-. i : no. $83. j; . , - VMltlMi fna Win VA - t heads of Public Admini-trstor, ; V ' - Estate of TTEGINIA H. COOL, ; Petitioa lor letters Cled,, snd sftmrArdt di. New To-day. of JPubUs Aduinutrator. ; Estate of JOHN GEISSBERGER, No. 696. Letters graated, but bo property (personal) has as yet come into the hands of the Administrator. The value of the estate is about $12.01.0. Estate of EBENEZER F. NYE, No. S87. Petition for lattara Alad .nrf mk Ki-j July 16. Respectfully submitted, EDWARD C. ROBINSON, Attoroer for the Public Administrator of Alameda County. FHed, July 16, 1888. TRUMAN H. ALLEN. Clerk. By Willi ah S. O'Bajxs, Deputy Clerk. Edwd. C. RosorsoH, Attorney for Public Administrator, 1003 Broadway. EXTRA BARGAINS. WE OFFER THE Entire Spring Stock at Cost 100 pieces real Sateen, 10 cts. 150 pieces French Corded Pique, 10 cts. 50 pieces Fine Dress Linen. 15 cts. 75 pisoe All Wool Nub's Cloth. 40 cts. -a Bieees Double Width Cuhmim ffi at. 00 dozen Foster Kid Gloves. 5 hooks. 90 cts. 100 dozen Children's Full Finished Hose, 25 cts. uu oozen uiivette lionets, 65 eta. worth Si. BOOTS AND SHOES. Fine Ladles' French Kid Button, $3 50. Ladies' Real American Kid Button, $2. Ladies' Kid Foxed Button, $1 75. Ladies' Langtry Sandals. $1. Misses' Pebble Goat Button, $1 25. Children's Pebble Goat Button, $L Gents' Congress Gaiters, $1 50. Gents' Alexis, best made, $3 50. Gents' Calf Ties, sewed, $2 50. Gents' Calf Boots, sewed, $3 50. Space will not permit us any extensive price list, but all who desire cheap goods call at Great Baur of Dry Goad a, Fancy Goods, Books and Shoos, 903 AXD 90S BROADWAY, Two doors above Eighth Street. Oakland. SITUATIOW vT ANTED Y A YOI N German girl to do npstaire work, and sewing; apply at 809 Jackson street, near Sixth street. jy!9-lwx r .ctiwi ,ir, v . u v . . mavKi mm Da . 1 1 nine, in street, near Hall of Records: finder will please return to No. 267 Ninth street, and receive reward. yi-lwx ITTAVTED - BY A YOUNG ENGLISH WW .An.ui4.....jnn - aunb- U.. Al.. W T T wtnuaui.uauvu anvMua, uao vu ucst uiicioi- ence; apply at 462, BUSHELL HOUSE, Twelfth street. jyia-iwx Amnsements, Ninth Annual Festival ...-.OF THE PACIFIC TDEN-BEM, Under the auspices of the OAKLAND TURN VEREIN To be held at , SHELL MOUND PARK, AND OERMANIA HAIX, ON Angnst 5tb, 6th and 7th GYMNASTIC EXHIBITIONS. Competition for Prizes by the Societies of the Pacific tjoast. SATUKDAY EVENING, Altil ST 4TH. Beoeption of the various Societies. Grand Torch light Procession, with Fireworks, and Entertain ment as uesmama nau. SUNDAY, AUGUST 5TU. uymnasuc jsxhlDluon and Grand rrlze singing by the German Singing Societies of this Coast, at Shell Mound Park. Concluding with a Grand Concert at uennania nail in we evening. MONDAY, AUGUST CTII. Grand Swimming Match from foot of Webster street, wrestling, Boxing, f encing, sooowng, etc., for prizes at Shell Mound Park. Concluding with a Grand Ball and distribution of prizes at Germania nail in tne evening. TUESDAY, AUGUST 7TII. Continuation of Festivities, and Excursions to various points from Oakland, Ladies Free. To Concert, 50 cents a person; Season ticset, gentleman ana laay, vx.au; season ticket, genueman, i.au. GOLDEN GATE THEATER. Eighth street, bet. Broadway and Washington. W. PEBTJ.. . Proprietor and Manager C. ST. MARTIN Stage Manager Saturday Evaning. Jnlr 14, 1883 Engagement extraordinary of MB. AKTHCR IMESSMEK, Oakland's Favorite Tenor, and MISS ALICE MORGAN, The Beautiful Queen of Clubs. "BIUEE TAYLOR." Operatic burlesque, arranged by C. St. Martin, and a bright ana sparkling uuo. THE STANLEY SISTERS Still here and captivating audiences. Second week or the Franks andBIiss Lottie Elm wood. Noticx Curtain rises st 8 o'clock sham. Come early and secure good seats. BENEFIT Good Templars Home for Orphans, Oa Tharsday Eve'tr Jaly 19th, READINGS BY Mrs. LAURA XL DAINTY. PIANO SOLOIST, SEHOR M. ESFINOSA Friday Evening, July 20th, Grand Conoort by tne Oakland Harmonle Soaiaty. IN THE INDEPENDENT OHUECH 13th and Jefferson street. Tickets, Fifty Cants GRAND CALICO BALL GEBMAIfIA HALL ON atstrday Kwanlns Jaly 98, 1883 For the benefit of WM. H. MURTHA and JOS LEONARD. A cash orize of 810 will be siven to the best cent ana laay waitsers. Tickets, (admitting Gent aad lady).. ....SO Cts Mrs. Laura E, Dainty WZZX READ HI 1 . Washington Hall. AST OAKLAND r Friday Erening, July 20, 1888, TICKETS, FIFTY CKSTS. FIHST AmfTJAIs PICNIC OF TUM Ship Caulkers' Association! Badger's Park, July 22d ' The edebreted Phoenix Bead win aewoqipssy the i tne ata noas. . xiesscs, sue. stS Salasi Dasctaf , . A sad easy WITJ reopen at Lirht Cavalry BsJL earner of TweifU sad Washington streets, August 4, 1888, wita a rrano ob boo parry. taaies tree; gen. sieinen kilty Vents. Prtvafte leesons irtvea on snoiieatioa to PRi F". f.ii -uXS, atl,' , ht Cav- airy Uail, or lvTl 1. svwiue, tat Oa.it- luBd. . Hew To-Day TAFT & PENWOYER a 1163-1165 Broadway. SOIX AGENTS FOR Butterick Patterns sssaeae A TD it(tM(t, Butterick Publications. Catalogue Sent Upon Application. TAFT & L PENNOYER, 11B3-1165 Broadway. NOTICE Office of the Treasurer Alameda County. Notice is hereby given that all Warrants drawn on the Treasurer of Alameda County for claims accruing during; tbe fiscal year ending Jane 80, 1883, payable out of the following Funds ana presentea ior payment prior to July o, 1883, are now navable on nreaentation at this office. aad said warrants will not draw interest after the date of this no Joe, viz: General Fund, Infirmary Fund, Bay Road Fund, Brooklyn Road Fund, Dublin Road Fund, EJen Vale Road Fund, Inman Road Fond, . Mt. Eden Road Fund, Hurray Road Fund, Ocean View Road Fund, Palamores Road Fund, : Psraita Road Fund, Piedmont Road Fund, ' .Redwood Road Fund, ' Summit Road Fund, Sunol Road Fund, Te mescal Road Fund, Townsend Road Fund, Vallecitos Road Fune, j Washington Road Fund. J. A. WEBSTER, Treasurer of Alameda Coanty. Dated at Oakland, this 6th day of July, 1883. j COUNTY Board of Equalization. NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS Eden, Mnrray and Oakland Town ships. OFFICE OF THE CLERK OF THE BOARD of Supervisors of Alameda County. Celt. lornia. Public notice is hereby riven thai ths sirtnas ment rolls of the Townships of Eden, Murray and Oakland . of .Alameda Oountv. have been completed and delivered to the (Jhn-k of tbe Board of Supervisors of said county, and that the saint will be open for inspection as aid Clerk's office in tbe Hall of Kseords, in the uty of umiiiMi irom v o-eiocs: a. a. to a o clock r, M. ever day, except Sundays, to aad melodise Monday, Aorust 13, 1883. Notice ta also given tbat the Board of Supervisors of said county will sit aa a Board of Eaualisatton on said townehiDS. on Tuesday. July IT.ISSS, at 10 o'clock a. a., and will continue in session, rrom ume to time, untu the business of equalisation ia disposed of, but said Board wtu not an as a tnard of Equalization later than Monday, Aofrust 13, 1883. Applications for radoction or correction of aa- sessmeots must be made ia writing-, duly verified by the oath of ths property owner, or s duly authorized Sfent, Blsnk forma of application may be procured at the said Clerk's office. By order of the Board ot So nervisms of Ala meda eoanty, California. lAiSAJI U. AliLEn, Clerk. By Caas. T. Bail dm a. Deputy Clerk. Oakiakb, July 11, 1883. (All County papers copy). The Eagle Box Factory, Removed o their Spacioua New Bufldinc No, eu, 61S aad CIS Mtfrkat Mtrwvt and increased faeffltlea we shall eaotinae to supply the demand for Fruit and Packing Bazas of ever deseriptionl Ws are also sole gisrmf Inrera of the . , 1 ' LOCK.8TBIF JtOO OAKBISK. i-: Mcln tyre, Abbey & Co. DCTJTAL riOTICG. Has returned from tils summer vacation and w:n rveh,s Twtvsonal attention to business, as usual, s v.m.u uuuigu i; r-jou; j cvvr pu&' c -oe. - 2Tew 0. GHIRARDELLI & SON'S E A GLE CHOCOLATE , By tlie Box, 23c r. w. mrjiFiR & co., 413 Twelfth Street. CHOICE CRAWFORD ALAMEDA SWEET COnil LAVTON BLACKBERRIES TRIOMPH STRAWBERRIES And Everything Else! the Market Affords 460 and 462 Eleventh Street, Oakland, PORTER BROS. & CO. Our goods are received fresh every Homing, LOWEST w. B. HARD.Y: Bookseller and Stationer, 96 j' Broadway J. C. MUELLER. Upholsterer and Decorator A fine stock of Parlor Furniture etc, at low prices. Draperies, Re-TJpholsterlnr aad Bedding to Order. . , 1171 Washington Street, corner Fonrteenth. PURE SCOTCH Also Finest Salad OilJ at KELSEY & FLINT'S, DRUGGISTS, PROPRIETORS OF THB CELEBRATED L ORANGE FLOWER COLOGNE AND AROMATIC SAPONACEOUS DENTRIF1CE' I ,l . . Cor. Broadway and 12th Sts., Oatland, Cal. New To-Day. SUMMONS. JN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE County of Alameda, State bf California. " Action broufrht in Wm. Metcalf, I .the nSuPtrior ftourt of Plaintiff the County of Alameda, rltotin. State of California and Mark F. Jones and Re- hf",?, ?mPln "if1 m becca Jones, Defendants. , aa, in tbe omce of tne Clerk of said Superior ) Court. Tbe People of the State of California send greeting to Mark F. Jones and Rebecca Jones, de fendanta. You are hereby required to appear in an action brought against you by. the above named plaintiff, in the Superior Court of tbe County of Ala: meda, State of California, and to answer the comi plaint filed therein within ten days (exclusive of the day of service) after the service en you of this Summons if served within this county; other4 wise within thirty days, or judgment by default will be taken against you according to the prayer ef said complaint. SgThe said action is brought to obtain a decree of this Court for the foreclosure of a certain mortgage described in said complaint, and executed by the said Mark F. Jones and Rebecca Jones on tbe 28th day of November, A. D. 1878, to secure the payment of four certain promissory notes made by Mark F. Jones, one of said defendants, to The Real Estate Union, a corporation, on same day, for $5,950. One of whioh said notes Is described In the complaint herein, to wit: one for S6,rJO0, and which said note ef $6,600, by non-payment of installments, has become due, and alleging that all said note has been paid, except $3,883 87-100, and which last oagned sum is due, with interest at 10 per cent, per annum, from January 1, 1883. Also $9 81-100 paid for Stile and County taxes, with interest at per cent, per month from February 37, 1883, Also $22 7V10Q paid for insurance, with Interest at 2 per cent, per month from June 1: 1883. That the premises conveyed by said mortgage may be sold and the proceeds applied to the payment of , said balance of said note of $5,600, moneys expended by plaintiff, as aforesaid, and costs of suit. Also that a receiver be appointed to collect rents and pay the same to pKiiitiff en account of mortgage debt. And in caw such proceeds be not sufficient to pay the same, then to obtain an execution, against said Hark F. Jones for the balance remaining due, and also that the said defendants, and all persons claiming by , through or under them, or any or either of them, may be barred and foreclosed of all right, title, claim, lien, equity of redemption and interest of. in and to said mortgaged premises, and for other and further relief, special reference being made to tbe complaint on file herein for further particulars. And you are hereby notified, that if you fail te appearand answer the said complaint, as above required, the said plaintiff will take default against yon and will apply to the Court for tbe relief demanded- in the said complaint. Given under my hand and the seal ot the Superior Court of the County of Alameda, 8tate ef California, this 14th day of Jul v. in tha ,au lofour Lord one thousand eight hundred and j XmuJ TRUMAX H. ALLEN, Clerk. 1 By W, B. Thomas. Deputy Clerk. M ETC Alii? Se METCALF, Plaintiffs ,Unrsowa, i1 : 2ToUe ef Application for Leare ' to Sell Eeal Estate. IM THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE County ef Alameda, State of California. In the matter of the netition of tha First AMr aternoaim Episcopal Ufiurch, a corporation. Pursuant to aa order of the Hon. A. If. Crane, Judge of said Superior Court, notice is hereby given to any and all persons interested b t. real property of said Society, and in any matters day, tbe 23d day of July, 1881, oa that day, or as soon thereafter as tbe same can be beard, at ths Court-room of said Court, in tbe City of Oakland, County of Alameda, why the Trustees of said Church should not be authorised, by order of this Court, to sell tbe real property of said eonmration. situated in Oitv of ucioui. au mhiw i iissi is anv umv rain a iim. Oakland, County of Alameda, State of California, and described aa follows, to wit: Lots numbers six (6) and seven (7), in block number ninety-seven (07), as laid down on J, E. Whi toller's official map of Oat-land, and to make, exscute and deliver a good and sufficient deed of grant, bargain and sale there.'or ia the corporate sum of said corporation. Witness my hand and the seal of said Superior Court, this letn day of July, 18?3. . TUUMAlf O. ALLEN, fSSAU Clerk. By W. R. TffoMAV Deputy Clerk. M ETC A LB" t RTCALr. 111.,... ys rsimsssr. s7 Brsadway, For Sale ata Barcain. OWUiU TU HICKNKBS KKQUIRTNOf RB-' Uremeat Sob all bosiness. a nartv in'a nroa. perous nuninr-town fat Ariaona offers fcraaie, or wUI exchange for (nod im proved teal estate tn Saatf. Barbara or Uakland, or other etty along tbe eoar; of uuwiii. a ssoea cs wenseai Hmunrfiia ing to-tai-Onfr, saw mill, toUroad. eatt. aw fiwwj mtan, warenouea, dwetlbuL far nHur&ete., about S6,000. BuauTeseieBsed last rear PS, 8a -mill l&MXw5i Tto April. 1883, For Bartioskra . . Wholesale ckoceks. ' 109 axid 113 Csliftraia It. Raa Trandsos Girls and Boys Wanted. Girls snd b'ws fnd err"TovmeTit asoneratives at the CAI.Ir'0..N!& J ' ",LS, I.,,- f.-.n-l 1. Pi. Jt I t 'y to J. i . To - day. Per PoTxnd, at Hext to City Market. PEACHES, and we guarantee their superior quality. j PRICES; WHISKy . FOR i ' MBDICINAI4 TJSK Hose Dealers. Cotton Garden Hose. Weighs less than one-half as much ss Three-Pf Rubber Hose, and stands more than four times the pressure. Is not injured by exposure to the sun end does not deteriorate with age when laid a war as Rubber Hose, TRY IT. . W. T. T. BCHRXCK, 36 Calif ornia street Han Francisco, I Agents for Pacific Coast; riEMCK st CO. Agent? for Oakland. Frnubber Hose Belting snd Packing, Crack-Proof Boots- COODYEAR RUDDER CO Bi H. PEASE, Js, . - ' Bj vl b,uyon , A"enU- STTaad 5T9 'Market 6 treat. r. Ocean Travel . O. and O. S. 3. Co. For Japan and Calna,. Leave wharf, oor 1st sad Bran nan sta, San Francisco mm AC IS M. tar ; Yokohama arid Hongkong Connecting at Yokohama with stmra fur flfrrmghat,, . i lssa. . - ' ntOX SAX FKAWOISOO. I , COPTTO. , .Saturday, July ST ARABIC . Saturday, September IV..' OCEANIC 1 :ThnrW IlliW vr ' OOPTIO j?.'.., Thursday, October U'i iiuunusiiaia to xoKoaama ana return as-reduced rates. I Cabinplans on exhibition and Passage Tickets fotr sale at f. P. R. R. Oo's General Offlsas, Room 7 ' cor. Fourth and Townsend street. San Francisoo. For frelEht apply to GEO. H RICE, Freightt Agent, at the Peeine Mail Steamship Go's Wharf, or No. 303 Market t-, Union Block, San Fraodaoo T. 11. GOODMAN, Geu'l Pass. AS4DS. LELAND STANFORD, President. New To-day. J. H. BACOW'S PALACjE OF SWEETS Will Remove July 21st ...... to THs..L.i-''-'.;;;c.,'i' TST 33 W O T O R S3, - ees BROADWAY. , J. L WETMORE, Real Estate Agent 44 TEJfTH STKEET, OAKLAND. RICH, FRUIT LANDS AT A BARGAIN', Ma. Wmou will be temporarily absent on trip to Oregon, during wbieh tiue Mr. J. J. Uardins" iuviusn business. TAYI.OR tt LOnSE, Pioneer Soda Vorkes Have removed te their spadons new buUding. 1US Vsbstor ptmt, car. Tb.irteew.tlx Soda Water. Conrress and Seltstw Waters. Tt. ern Cider, Ginger Ala. ; Delivered to all parts of tbe. city.- I i i . . ... SUE WOO .SING & CO., 465 ISs-elftli Street, between Broadway and Washington (south aider. " 'I - BAVK ' ON : HAND , - A SPLEJfDID STOCII Chinese Japanese To Which the' attention of tbe public la-respect-" lilly invited. DEWEY fi CO'-l ccirrmrro rnzsc J r rf i '

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