Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 19, 1944 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 19, 1944
Page 6
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Page Six NAUGATUOK DAiliY.NEWS TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, •On The Air To M,-.\I-;C-- Service Time \VOn~Xews; Gambling \v i^Ai'-WI'K;—liackstago WllV •l!li! p. I)!, \VOn-Sunny Skytar WATfv-Dnn Xui-m.'ui Show WL:AF-WT[CSl"lla Dallnn •I:,".!) IL in. WKAK-W'nC —L.oriMiKO .tones WAKC -Raymond Scott Show WATP.-WJX NVws •I;.(.-, p. in. WICAf.'-WTTC -Young Wkldor Erown WJ7, • t-lu|i HuiTlgan WAT ft—Croon Hornet WI'IC—Dick Hnymes U'ABC—American iMelody Hour ...IK-—Diane and Jesters 1:-\5 |>. in. WKAF—News WO'R— Answer Man \VJX -Juun Tighe WT.1C—l-'rico Control, Rationing N:il(i )i. ni. U'ATR-W.IZ — Watch World Go Dy W15ALMVT.LC—Johnny Presents WOR—Xew.-i U'ABC—Big Town 8:IS p. in. WJJJ-WATR—I-.LIIH rind Atjner WO 11—Nick, Curler X.-.W p. in. WTrC-WEAF—-Date with Judy WAI-1C—Theater of Romance U'ATR-W.1%—Xit Wit Court j.R—Varioly Show (1:1)1) p. in. WTtC-WEAF—Mystery Theater U'AUC—l.-lums and Allen U'OK- -Uabriel .MeiUter, News !!:.'«) p, in. WATIVWJK—Spotlight on Dunha rn WAT3C—Thi.-, is My Best U'O R— American I-Yirum Tigers, 'Series In Detroit Today if .^ -' •'.. •' ••• '••• • '.," '.' •.' • " '• '• •• " •'-' "F. Russell, sliown tiore, is ra- ;lio's new .wmmclunnl swoon crooner, hoard Sundays aC 20:30 p. m., c. w. c., Dver NBC on the .lacklo Cllenson-Lrs rron'.nync show. His records are rumored to bo second only to Dim: Crosby's In salr": WATR- Music WAI'.C-- Se:i Himnd ."tim t>. m. WKAF-WTIC -When a H;rl -Vari-i.-M WABC Fun with nuiin. Wol; Ifncli- Dun WJtf-WATi: -'IVrry and (lit- Pi- Wes Ferrell Won Ballplayers' Golf Crown Hard Way By IIETJNABD BRENNKll United J'roKs Sports Stuff DODGER BRIGHT SPOT - - By Jack Sards \VJX--riirk TITIC.V WATT: .\t..'iociy rji-vin- WOU -Ci-iick Cttrti'i' S::ill p. ill. won Tom .Mix Show WABC- Threo Sistursi One ot r.-.clio's prettiest "wives" is !\u:l:i Winsiov/e—sec photo—who nlr.ys Mrs. Riley in "The Life of j RKiry," :ho Willlo.m Bonclis comedy I Rct-ics on NEC Sundays at 10 p. m"., i o iv •• WTIC-WEAF—V/orils at War l(i.-on [p. m. V/AHC —Service to the Fi-jnt \VKAP-WTrC—Boh Hope Show 10:15 p. in. ; \VJZ-Tccl Mnlono j WOR—Nevv.s ! WATU—Duncinp Discs; News I 10:80 p. ni. | WABC—Congress Speaks ' \VKAl- -WTTC—Gov. Dewcy 1 \rOR-Synnphonetto ', ^vJX-\VA'fi:--Li!t Yourself Co 11:00 p. in. : ALt. Stnllor.t; —News ' 11:15 p. m. WEAF-WT1C— • WABC—Joan Brooks \VJZ-Jean 'Collins • ll::in p. m. WOR-WATR—Press I'liotOKf.iphci WATR—Concert Orch. , When baseball players ge'l. out on the golf course they'd get along easier it' they'd take an umpire along. A couple of blue-suited signal callers would really smooth out .some of the fantastic matches the ballplayers stage. For proof of that just look back to the dippy duel between Wos Ferrell and 'Puul Waner for the annual baseball players' golf title in 1!)39. They riiet oil tlie Clove- land Heights course in Lakeland, Florida, on Feb. 5th. And then battled through a 3S-hole malch that can be called golf only by stretching things a long-way. Ferrell was with the New' York Yankees then; He was coming down to the last few innings of a brilliant career in the Ann-riciui league. There aren't ninny fellows handsomer and cleaner looking than thu righthander whose arm had gone dead after lie had made a habit of winning at least 20 games each season for' Cleveland and Koslon. And strangely enough, Paul Waner, is witii the Yankees now. Pan I'a finishing out his diamond parade as u pinch-hitter with the American league chaiii|jX>ns. Bui in 1930 he was still with the Pittsburgh Piratos. Tht> bull-player's golf tournament brought together most of the links hugs among the bat-and-ball crew. And it narrowed down unci Waner for the title. If was 3G roles for the crown that day wk:i at least l.OOo fans tramping along a; tor tlie fading pitcher and' the iel'1-hancled ouu'ieiuer. Ferrell did the straight pitching over !..-.<.- first eighteen holes. ' He slammed his drives straight (..-jwn the fairway and Ills' putting touch was strung and sure. Warier,' on Hie otiier nund. was colder lhan uhristnuis in Iceland, when they left the twenty-third green Ferrell ieci by six holes. He was close to closing out'-the match. ges-f VSAR. BAf WAS 1935" w'4&J Hal Newhouser Seeks 26th Victory, Faces Borowy Tool, Rubber Games May WATR WTfC W.S'/, WOU Another popular radio couple will :o starred On their o'.vti pro;;ra:r •Mr. fnli—S:i!2cr Harrie; Hllltarci, shown ncrn, and tic-r maestro-husband, O'/.'/.lc! N't-'lson, On O:c 1 tl'.ev U-.unch a C'L!3 p. n 1 .., c. w. r.. \VI-:AIAWTrC ^rgl'. Sy Soibcrling of the U. S, Rubber Co. Softball team, which is ir. the midst of a championship playoff ' with the Watcrbury Tool Co;, silid this morning that if the two clubs don't finish their pl^y- off this Sunday, the season wns over for his club; as. far as "he is concerned. The settling of the Dusty sort- alongside the No. 11 i b°" league' championship has been •' the -and a crate of Flor- ,"•:•)" p \VJ7.~-Xi-n lli.und WTiC- Front C.-ig. WATK-\VOIl Supf-rriuiu fltdll |i, m, WOM -Nrws: Prayer WA'tT.-WTIC-WlCAIi'-WJj; --News till a p. in. WAI'.C -'N'ew.M • Air I-'IU-PI- Sh- . I'ror.. Sohcnki-r Klhcl find Alhi-rt Ni-w.-irci'l I) :.'(!) p. in. Bewitching enemy in the CBS •Bright Horizon" series Is Lesley Woods, w'ho plays the part ot the "other woman" In the show, Lesley, shown here, was recently voted one 3f thu live best dressed radio act- ,-csses M-Kiil 1 VV.-ir'.' \Ve.;lt WTTC Sj/irtM WATR- .N'.'M-s; l!:-l. WOP. Sinn ].(i SVAltC- \Voi-M Sor p. !s Mil. -if i:;itnl of nadi- m. tin; WOr:---Sinfoni.;lt.-i WTIC—Polish Orch. 12:0(1 Midnight WATR--Sign Off VV'OM—McOrane, Trace i Orchs. \v'.i/; -iN p (i\vs; Olson Orcii. WATJC---NCWS W.IJ4- News: Olson Orch. WT/C-WBAF—News; Shields' Orel-.. Those comic monoiogucr.-v.-ith- music which Garry Moore, sliown nc-rc. ft'actii-fs on tno .\roore-Uiira:icc .CDS nirsliow may soon DC available in tlic torm ot records. One o: the nmjor disc companies 13 clicKunnc for an alliuin ot rl-.rrn. New Round Log Rafts Replace Old Flat Type Portland, ,Mi?. (U P)—Old-fash- lulled log rafts, long a common sight wherever logging and rivers coincide, will soon come out in a modernized version, C. E. Dui'fy, sueretaiy of tlic Eastern Western Lumber Company, announced re- C"iuly. The new rafts are built like round bullets and throe-fourths of each structure is submerged. They are towed by barges and arc reported to bo more easily controlled aad less influenced by high winds arid strong currents than Ihe old style flat rafts. The lumber company plans to use this new type raft and will ship from the ferry landing at Mnryhilt, Wash., where a 250-foot dock is being completed. Trucks al. the dock will be unloaded electrically. But then Wes ran into 'Die same trouble that 'lie somutimus on the pitching riiound. Ho blew sky high. And Wancr—at the same time, and for no logical rca^-jn-'-- nis touch, Paul took the twenty-fourth, and the next nnd next. Furrcll's lead shrank away. Wes Ferrell didn't like to lose at anything. His temper flared as his lead -died down. He started hoaving his" clubs. The caddy patiently brought them back—' but Wes just tossed Ih'em 'away again as his shots dribbled and bounced in every direction but the right one. His driver slammed into an orange tree hole fairway icla oranges came tumbling down fj thu delighted fans. Wnncr took five of the six'holes after tno- twenty-third. : And then they got to the thirtieth—and trouble, v.aner was just one hole behind him—and pressing to make that up. A'nd Ferrell 1 steamed around the edges. Wes drove from the thirtieth tec. And his. ball 1 sailed far and away into the woods. The patient caddy sioggeu in and found It—half, buried in moss and sand. - '• " Wancr chuckled. Now he'd caich up. But Ferrell'hauled out a scorc- cnrd wi-tn the club rules on the back and pointed to one in small print lhat 'gave him permission to lift the little pill out of the muck. Then Waner blew, Paul roared that they weren't playing witn silly rules like that! " ' " They argued about that like a couple of guys telling an umpire where to head in. Finally they reached a compromise that was more confusing than ever. Ferrell was to drop iUiotner ball—this one out of the muck — and play both of them. Wos did that. He dropped the second ball into the cup in five strokes—but his original ball took six. Wancr took a five himself. | To Wes that hole was a tie and | Mgr. Sy SeiBerllhg Says His. "STEP LIVELY" Club Is Through After Sunday '. i. IS CURRENT LEAD AT THE STRAND " .While Hollywood's ' newest comedy musical, "Step Lively," boasts an impressive sextette of stars, headed by Frank Sinatra and George Murphy, the " principals themselves found themselves up agninsi a lot of competition.' The; film is currer.l at thu Strand. This competition was npt from other players, although there w:ts plenty of that, too. It was from most novel singe props find NATIONAL. LEAGUE Yesterday's Kcsults Boston C. Brooklyn 5. Only game scheduled. Braves Beat Brooks To Emerge Fronr N. fa Basement- "' '" ' (TJy TJnllci) Prr-wO The Boston Braves bounced from the Nation.-;] league cellar to sixth palce as they eked out a narrow G to' C victory over the Brooklyn Dodgers. Boston's jump was 1 accomplished when Butch Kiemen singled to score Phil M.isi with the winnir.g run in the tenth inning.' The Braves scored .their runs singly while l« Brooks hit theirs in clusters. The .Dodgers got three in the ci;jh:.h and iwo more in the ninth to furnish the deadlock. Johnny Mulchings—who started for Ihe Braves — allowed but one safety during the first 7 2-3 innings. But he weakened and was replaced by Nate Andrews who was then credited with the victory —his Mth of the- season. Ben Chapman nrnvj^up a dozen hits before nc was finally yanked in the eighth. Tom Sunkcl relieved Chapman and served up the pitch which Nioman socked to the right field to score Mosi. Browns And Nats Go Ott & Night Tilt In St. Bosox Take On & a*, Newark Wins Third Straight In Playoff The Standing St. Louis ., Pittsburgh . Cincinnati Chicago Xew York .. Boston' Philadelphia Brooklyn W. 36 L. Pet. •i5 .681 S2 5S .580 . .. 66 ... G3 ... SS S2 . .. 57 SI' ,. . 58 S3 73 .-175 77 .450 ,-il- .411 stretched over a considerable length j trick sellings ever turned loose on of time. Siccc competition in the the screen and which greatly on- Icaguc came to a close in August' hanees the picture's E, Q.—Enter with both clubs tied for first place, ' * "" there has been numerous other ioftbnll ccrninjj activities, the the weather but none con- playoff. True, taimnent Quotient. In •jncsconi! .Murphy has a fl.ishy ndngio dance with shapely Rosalie boon unfavorable at times, but there have also been' postponements 'duo to "injuries." Thu Rubber won the first meeting last Friday, and. the second game was scheduled for last Sunday. But the Tool Co. called it off 'Saturday morning, on the grounds that injuries will force several key men but of action. The basketball season was also drawn out, with the final games being played after the major league started their play. Mgr. Soiburiing said that twilight 'ball is 'very impractical now, and several of his players arc not available for twiligght ball, Miller on a black stage that, to quol.c an admiring sot electrician, "does the darndcst things." Tall white pillars appear as if by magic and above them, while candelabra come suddenly into view — and ai rhythmically twirling dancers weave their way in and out, the Today's G.-imcx, '/"Hclicrs Pittsburgh at Brooklyn—Roe (1210) vs. Gregg (9-1-1). Cincinnati at Philadelphia (2) (twilight)— He-jsser (13-S) and Konstanty (5-!) vs. Raffensberger (12-1S) and Sch.inz 1.32-14). No games yesterday. -N'o AM'KIUCAN T.KAGIJE games' yesterday. The Standing 1 W. L. Pet. pillars vanish and reappear in mys- litying but eflocttvo fashion. In another sequence, an Ara- I Philadelphia bian Magic number complete with I Cleveland Detroit St. Louis . New York Boston to working hours. Darkness comes | balco harem dancers and a comedy chorus', 1 pretty Gloria do Haven sings a song from a balcony 'on an oddly shaped tower. Murphy, made up us a magician, whistles up a rope that rises up from the stage, hangs ( motionless as he climbs" it, and duc j then swings gracefully ovcr to the early these nights, he stated. Seiberling ,-md Tom Curmody, Tool manager, agreed last Sunday to a playoff this Sunday, But since the Tool won a decision in a protest, they may have to play in tho state Dutsy tournament Sunday if they, win in a game tomorrow. A decision concerning the play- he still led by one hole. To 'Wancr, it was a hole for him and the match was a tie. For lne remaining six holes there was—well, call it tension—running high. Both of the ball-playing golfers grunted silently as they came down to the last green. And Ferrell almost won the match .there withou! any question — but Waner rammed home a 20-foot putt to tie the hole. Then came the fun. Wes Ferrell maintained the match was over, and he was the winner. Waner stood and turned the Florida air blue and smoky as he insisted the match was all square. The clubhouse lawyers joined in and for 30 minutes the debate 'raged. Then iVerrell found the solution. He reached into his pocket and pulled 'out a coin, Wes told Wancr: "Call it. If you're right the match is square. off may be issued sometime today, Mgr. Seibdrling said—"Sunday or not nil." Man-Hunting- Ad Fetches Teachers ny with him as he swings back. But the rope can'!, quite make it — so the towc;', to oblige, leans ovcr to enable him to rc.'ich Chicago ... Washington 7S 62 7S 63 7G 64 7-1 6G 67 75 66 75 6-J 77 GO SI .,1137 .5!>3 .543 .520 .-172 .-1G, .-IS- .426 Tn tho Southern association, the Nashville Vols staved off :i Memphis championship in their seven- game series by downing the Chick.s to 2 in their fifth game. The Chicks have won three and the Vols two. In the Internationa] league the Newark Bears virtually cinched heir seven-game series with the Toronto Leafs by Liking their third traighl win over the Toronto club n as many ' starts. Newark scored twice in the linth inning while the Leafs brought in but one run and a 4 and~-l tie was broken in favor of Newark. A game scheduled between Buffalo and Baltimore was poslponed because of rain. In the American association tho Toledo Mad Hens' and tho Louisville Colonels advanced one game over their respective opponents. At Louisvilie the Colonels won over the Milwaukee Brewers, -1 to 2, to advance one gair.e in their seven name series. And in Si. Paul ihc Toledo Mud Hens beat down the Saints, 7 10 •!. Tho Mud Hens now have three games to their credit while tho Saints have but two. Mgr. Steve p'Xe.'H of thi> t.roit Tigers in couniing on J. Hal Newhouser to take the ' fj.-imo from tho Yanks in the", of their crucial series with ew York Yankee* tod-iy. g southpaw hopes to make ii 2Cth victory today. Ke'n lost i S so far. The Yanks come into the Air Town after being .humbled by * i-niladolphia Athletics in a bio-header last Sunday, and a , a le game late last week. The "Ay -lave h-.-on I ho Giant killers, hit ng started the St. LOUJS Brova on their skid <.o the lower regie;, wi;h a sweep of three out of • 'our game scries about two 'go. At any rate, Marse-Joe : .. hy will start Kank liorowv, v)J sn't too bad a pitcher, a^j c slugging Tigers. A win for Bronx dun will still hax-e u. ame. out of first place. 7 Yanks, however, have had tn ie ' with Ncwhousor five ou! he six times he faced them. ? .-ants his .-:ixih win from them ny. The Browns over in Park entertain the Nationals. The Nats, who had more or loss the Brownies' ecu- ins prior io their last meeting % Griffith Stadium, when thty -Mi four straight, .-jj-e expected to fc nish Luke SowelT's boys plenty d trouble- in a night gfime. ;or.ip;t ID c- n n y Galehouse will prohibit CMCG the Nat's -Johnny I\ who once )jurled for the in the days of Fred Kancy. The "A's" follow the team into St. Loo. thcn the Botoi, and finally a four game strie with the Yanks. The Bostonians meet in another night game tonight, and can keep in !hc running the Vigors ajid Yanks, and tit Browns and "A's" kill each others off. Al! in all, it will be a good finish when October rolls arousil Crosby Tangles Ansonia Saturday Fitz To Stay With Phillies Today's Gaums, Titcliers Now York- a I Detroit — Borowy (17-9) vs. Newhouser (25-S). Boston at Cleveland (night) — Cecil (3-3) v s . Giomck (9-S).' Philadelphia at Chicago (night) —j-lores (S-10) vs. Humphries (610). Washington at St. Louis (night) —rviggcling (9-7) or Haefncr 13) vs. Galchouso (7-S). (11- the object of his affections! And then there's Miss do Haven's bubble-bath number, which starts out in a futuristic bathtub , designed to :irouse the envy of j !>o1 ' "Carrier X" comes.. How the Cecil B. DoMillo. equipped with a I rovor.go is won at the Battle of platoon of shapely hand-maidens. ' Midway marks one of the most thriling climaxes ever to blazo WJX -Hi'nry Taylor. N'cwn WTIC-WF.A F—Lowell Thomas, Xo ws 7:IM> p, in. WEAK-WI'IC- Music Shop WATR-W.IS5—Music of Kclgium WOK—Fulton Lewis 7:15 p. in. WKAF-WTIC—News of the World WOK—Ted SUeelo WA17.C-- Dateline WATR- Tnlurlildr; News T.'.W i>. ill. Won—-Confi entinlly YoiH'M WEAF—Everything for the Boys DKSTKUCTIV.K FIKE Lynn, Mass., Sept. 19— (U Pi- Two firemen are suffering from injuries sustained ir. a two-alarm fire in Lynn. The bla>:c swept the Lynn Food Center, causing an estimated S-H.OOO damage. Twenty- five firemen woro ordered from the roof of the structure, just before it collapsed. Fireman George ' and Chief Joseph Scnnlo'n treated for minor injuries. Boot were The 'Food Center contained Ti meat market, restaurant and delicatessen. If not, I win." He fjippcd the coin and c'jvered it. , Paul jjuossod — and he guessed right. They slampcd over to the thirty-seventh tee That hole was even. Then on ..ic thirty-eighth Paul Wancr's patter went sour— and Wes Ferrell picked up his clubs and walked off with a championship he won the hard way. DKATEX AND BOBBED Boston, Sept. 19— (UP)—A Dorchester man has been beaten and robbed by two men in Brighton. Harry Leviric, C2 years old, snid that two strangers with whom he became friendly assaulted him and took his watch and S60. Springfield, Mo. (UP)—Gene E. . Clark, principal at h. Vaughn, N. Mex., sr.hool, figured the. "man" appeal initrht do it His school needs teachers. So^ on a visit hern, he ran a classified- ad in tYic local 'newspaper for two tcar.hcrs with 'knowledge of mathematics, commerce, science or Spanish. Thcn he added this attraction: "good deer, antelope and man- hunting." Clark said most responses to ^he ad came from prospects who admitted they mij;ht not qualify too well on their knowledge of the courses mentioned but were conj vinced they could qualify 100 per ''cent in the man-hunting, department, Clark add-ed that while the man- hunting line was a "psychological approach" it wasn't so much of a joke as it might sound. "Last year," he said, "five out of 10 of our teachers got married during the first school, term." And He said, "they started from scratch at the beginning of the school year," The number winds up in a floor show with Sinatra joining in tlie singing. In addition to the Sinatra-Mur- pby-de Haven trio starring in tlie I'itni* Adolph Menjou, Waller Sle- x.ik and Eugene Pallette are featured. •4.110 companion picture on this present Strand bill is "Waterfront;" featuring Carradinc and J. Carroll Naish. EPIC OF CARRIER FORCES NOW AT THE LOEW THEATER , Electric - generators in Grand Coulee dam are said to be the largest in ;thc world. They weigh 2,000;000' pounds each and can -produce 1. ... horsepower. The screen's first great drama of our carrier force in action 20th Century-Fox's epic. "Wing and A Prayer." The story of Carrier X, is now at the Loc\0 Poli theater. Featured in the rousing saga of the Navy aircraft carrier and its crew who came in on the wings of victory and the prayers of the nation, arc Don Amcchc, Dana Andrews and William Sythc with .in outstanding supporting cast. The film tells the story of an unidentified aircraft carrier which, in the early days of shock and confusion following Pearl Harbor, was sent sailing into Jap infested Pa- cifl and marked as expendable sailing under orders' to avoid combat— to run away and not light back.— the bewildered and frustrated crew of Navy flyers are forced to taku everything the Japs can throw «t them without retaliating."With the strategic traps for the Nips set,- and the brdpi-s not. to engage in combat rescinded, 'the day of revenge across the screen, Just when everyone is in need o£ a good laugh, up pops those two dukes of daffiness, Laurel nnrt Hardy in their latest starrinir vehicl" "The Eig Noise" which is the co-hit oiv this big hit program. Cast as a couple of private detectives assigned to guard n. new explosive from enemy agent*, St.-ui and Ollic, replete with Holmesian cap, pipe and badge, urc on their toes and ovcr tho transom, managing, in their inimitable Way, to Kd themselves in and out of tho most side-splitting situations ever filmed in one picture. Philadelphia. Sept. ID—(UP)-Freddy Fitzsimmons will be around for nt least one more year us manager of _lhe Philadelphia Phillies. General Manager Herb Penr.ock says that Fitzsimmons has been signed for the 19-io season. That ends all sorts of .stories Uin: had been making the round of the baseball world. Most rumors said that Fitz would be replaced by Eucky Harris. In July of 19-13 Fitssimtnons was hired by he Phillies to replace Harris under the Bill Cox regime iiv the front office. When Bob C?r- pentcr. Jr.. took over the presidency of the Phillies end hired Herb Pennock to handle the general manager's job. lie announced that he wns satisfied with Fitzsimmons. The football season in these sets -under way Saturday as Crof- by opens against Ar.sonia Saturto at the Stadium. Ansonia is spor.- ing a slronsr team, as the win eve Shelton last week shows. The Garnet and Grey n Derby high the last day of ibi month at Recreation fiold, »cd, Wilby and Lcavonworth comm their fall activties tho same (!EJ with Ansonia and Shelton. Torrir.f-1 ton's Big Red opens against tie Alumni this Saturday. Commercial of Now Haven routed last night hy Hardinf. 25-0. The Garnet meets the I Haven club later in the season. Plywood is said lo be than solid timber, and :s not subject !o changes to such a from the atmosphere. New RKPOUTKD York, Sept. ID—(UP)—The Foundation for Infantile Paralysis soys Ihe polio epidemic now shows a steady decline. Cnses during the first. 3G weeks of this year rose 2.000 higher than in the same period of 1931 — the second worst polio year on record. STRAND NOW — 2nd WEEK RHYTHM ON A KAMPAGtl ALCAZAR TODAY - WED. - THURSi Charles Boyer arid Ingrid Bergman ;' in "GASLIGHT" NIT No. 3 LOEWS POLIlf ICTORY HIT PARADE 1944't NEW • SHOW SE1SONI "O.K. C'MON ur flGHT!" LAUREL and HARDY "The 1>I|»- .%•„!,.«-•

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