Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 19, 1944 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 19, 1944
Page 5
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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 1944 Hartford Marine Wounded Twice In Saipan Battle At Murder Trial lly Srnjciint. iloM'ph Inn', of •"!' (•l» 1 T.v M.rt'i lurk. C»nii., ii Murli OintKil. i'(>rriv.|n>nili'iit. tor. in'"' i>n wiir leave. SomrvvhiMV in the Pacitlc—>(De- liiveiP Twii-i! wounded in combat, tlr.-t at Tjirawa. and again at Sai- pan, M.'inne Private First .hiltn P. Sullivan, Jr.. 23. son of Mr. an'' Mr"' John D, Sullivan, of JL' Yet-non street, Hartford, Conn.. has been awnrdt'd tho Cold Star :l t .-in advanced Pacitlc post hos- Hnlili 1 !- of ;1 'o Purple Heart for licir.u wounded at. Tarawa, Private !.'!i-«i Cl.-i.--s Siillii'iin received tho il.ilil Star fiir his SiLip.iu. Injuries, in lion i>f a st'cond Purple .Heart. Tin 1 I'lMi-.t'oi-c! Jttifine went Into S:iip:iti with a unit ol' tho Second Pivisinn. Although wounded us he .'ipproai'lii-d tho beach. Private r;rst Ct:isn Sullivan, a rifleman, wilt ahead with his unit and wns hit again, this time by sniper (Ire, as In 1 moved inland. Several hours lister In 1 was evacuated to a hospital ship. (In Tarawa. Private First Class Sii)liv.-in. ser-vitij; as n scout, went <:i patrol with another Marine, after fiavinc l)cen pinned to the h.'.-u-h :'o;- hours by Jap !\:>o. "We lt:iil uiily gone a feu- fcot wln-n [ found myself face-to-face with a .lap." said the Marine, "i hriimrl'.f my rifle up to lire, but i: \v:is full of sand. U jammed. I cnMii'd Cur thr other .icnut'.i rifle ,-ini! nianiiged to kill the Jap bo- r.i,-i' !:i> cniild lire on us. "Two days l.-iter," ho continued in his recount of tln> Tnrau-a liat- !l". "a do/en or so of us \ i ,-et'o on :»!' of a large Japanese pillhox wlii-n the .Japs ootintot'-attacUotl with 1,-retirules and rifle fire. "S-veral of our mfn wpfo killed n:iil we niannged to drive them M!''"." he sail). "Grenada fragtTi'frUs hit me in tho nofk and a Jap bul- I'-! W.TI! through my holmyt.". Tli- hard-llghring .Marino lists rl.-:::sieal music and sports as his prini-ip.-il hnhhies and hopes after :!-,•• war to "u-et a steady joh anil -vi-Mtually get married," And NAUGATUCk DAILY NEWS Vlcturcil in court in Slcrc-rr. J'u., i.s il-ycar-olil Janjco Graham. Slie is cli:n-i,'i'(l with first dcKi-t'c- mur- ili'r In tin.- tripli> slayiiiK o[ Mrs. Ciidii-rliii' A\'llM>(!, Mrs, .Kvi-rctf, Wilson, anil .Holicrt McKay. Thlx is the M'foiid Him- shr has hi-cii on trial in ooiinoctinii with tho cnsi'. The first Irhil was millo prn.Hsi'il,*after .shi.- hud hivn in- iliuti-il mi u oliiirKc uf iM-init an acccfsory Id inn- of (li metimc in the future he wants visit, some of tile places he's 'ti in iho last two years. Private First Class Sullivan joined tho Marine Corps July 2n, 1!M2. He was graduated "from Bulkr-ley hijih school in 1P3S and worked as a machine operator at Colt's Patent Fin-arms, whtro his I'.'ithc'r .'t;ul sister also were employed. S Sixteen states grant special Lax rmicessions to ciofense contractors by allowing .iccolerated depreciation raS'i on buildir.|;s. faciilities and efiuipment. Corporal Warner's Bomber Crew Ready For Overseas Duty Cpl. Lewis C, Warner, armorer gunner, of Naugatuck, Conn., will soon complete an intensive course in combat flying at -the Alexandria Army Air Fields, Alexandria, .,. and in the near future ,ho will go. overseas Oj a comba! area, He is the member of a Flying Portress crow trained by the Second Army Air Force, which has the tusk of readying-four-engine bomber crews for overseas duty. Listed among; the instructors at Ihu Alexandria Army Air Field are many officers and enlisted men v/ho have seen action in every theater -jf war. These veterans direct, crows through, training conditions that, simulate actual combat, sires ing teamwork, formation I'lyin and high altitude missions. Corporal Warner graduated froi I'&Ustown • (Pa.) high school an also attended Wcsleyan Universit at Middletown. Conn. He is th son of George A. Warner, of 21 Hillside Ave., Naugatuck, Conn. Heads Palau Forces Voters To Be Sworn In Wednesday New voters will be sworn it Wednesday from 5 to 8 p. m. u mooting of the selectmen, rcg straps of voters and town clerk it Town Hall. This is the fifth o: he scries of special monthly ses lions this year: Over -100 have' been ••worn in since the first meeting n May. About 30 applications from set-' co men to he made voters have icon received by Town Clerk Tlny- Tiond J. St. John, and will be ac'l- 'd on at the session. A record vote is oNpccto.d by .11 polilicos to be cast at the eloc- ions in November, The Wai- department's pcnlapfon j,* in Washington in one year sos as much electricity as would required by an avcrafrc Amcr- can city of 100,000 population. 1UV WAR HON'DS AND STAflfTS r?* ¥ -ffeS£* :j -' V ^J^. -• \,-..-s BE PREPARED FOR THAT FIRST SIGN OF WINTER COLDS "Just" a snee/e—sniffle—or cougrh, if neglected can develop into more complicated illness. Be ready to nip them at the start, by having the right kind of remedies on hand. Let our pharmacist show you our selection of "first aids"—and when you require a physician's prescription, call on any store listed here to fill it. Naug-atuck's Quality Drug- Stores Include: Donovan's Prescription Pharmacy 217 Church Street Tel. 4125 Albert R. Adams 2 Church Street Tel. 2680 Olson Drug Store 174 Church Street Tel. 3341 Naugatuck Drug Co. 1 No. Main Street Tel. 42SS Parks Drug Co. 67 Rubber Avenue Tel. 2854 Edward J. Sodlosky 411 North Main St. Tel. 4921 Luuilnr of tho C. S. Third Am- lililbioiiN force tlwt in onifaffed 'In tile Invasion or the I'lilau IshmdH In Vlco Aclnilrul Tliuodoru S.' Wilkinson of liuslyn, Va. His men ur« ru|)orted to In; ineutliiR: stiff oppositliin, Nnvy photo. (Inturnu- tioiuil Soiinilpholo) knives and tenant. Cadet Rodenbach Now Stationed At Texas Field (Spcclul To Tim News) .Pen-in Field, Texas (AAF. training Command Pilot School), Sept, ID—Aviation Cadet Charles B. Rodonbnch, ID. son of Mr. o.nd Mrs. dun-leu Kodcnbach of !5G Terrace avomie in Naup-utuck, has arrived ut this basic pilot school 1 for 1.0 weeks of intensive traiiiihj,' which •will load to graduation as u. 1'lyir.p ofllccr of the Army Air Farc&i. Pcrin Fickl is a unit of the AAF Central Flying TruininB Command, Gives Up Danish Title To Become American Landlords Work Hard In Evicting- Tenants Houston, Texas (UP)—Many and devious arc I tie ruses landlords use to get rid of tenants so' they can. mal^e minor changes in their prop- and get Higher rents under OPA rules, One landlady used three butcher a Bristol in evicting- a the, other side was a woman. The A landlard was more subtle. He (landlord renv.ived the wall belwcen lived in a duplex. The i.cnnnt on the apartments. The woman moved. San DicRO - S (UP)—A Danish nobleman, now u bluejacket in the United States Navy, 'has traded his title for American citizenship. Appearing before -Super/or .Judtrc Cordon Thompson. Baron Julius Eric Mollcr von St. Jernboi'K ilrst in which ho renounced his titln went throufth a special ceremony nntl then joined the Kroup of 23— all servicemen—in swearing loyally to the U. S, Von St.. Jcrnboi'f; came to tho United Suites in :93G ar.d has been in the Navy since April. He is married to the former Harriot Htmlinjrlon of Pasadena. Cal., Ki-cat granddaughter of San .Hunt- lon, a siKner of the Declaration ot Independence. September 19, 1943 World War II A Year Ago (JJ.v United Press) On tho Italian mainland. Hie Fifth Army drove deeper and recaptured AltaviIJa and Battipaglia. Soviet army continued to pile up ains, retaking -,200 places. Marshal Josef Stalin issucil three orders nf tho 'Jay announcing; victo- ics that told of the smashing of Smolensk defenses, and the cap- Lure of thre« strong 1 points. Allied fliers bombed the Rhinc- ancl, struck at airfields in France jild the Netherlands. U. S. nava! forces raided the Gil- icrt islands area, striking at thci 'apanese hns u .it Tarawa, island. Prime Minister Churchill re turned to England after six weeks in Canad." and U. S. T.n t northern J'.Mly, rcmnonts o: the 'Italian -1th Army led bittei fighting in Piedmont area. Gold in Colorado was discovered near Central City in 1S!39. GREATOAKFARMJ OXFOIin IC.QA1) Tel. SOW j MILK — EGGS I Ilutivrry To Alt 1'n'rN (if XmiKittwIt * *^*^i**Vk Smart Fall DRESSES Wools - Crepes up Talbot Scores Needless Expense Ccmzrcssmnn .Tose!>)i E. Tnlbol, principal speaker at the outinK on Sunday of the Republican Jtalinn club of Tori'injjlon, scored what he termed uecdiesK expenses ir. connection with the operation o'. the w.-ir. The local resident ad- vanccd .several proposals whereby economies could be effected in connection .\vilb the war program. Congressm;in Talbot stated that ho \v.';s in favor of selling al] possible surplus commodities aflo: the "Wiir, outside of the Unite--' Suites us a means of stabilizing .ne Americnn ocon-jmic system. Mrs. Frances riedick, secretary of state, was also a speaker on tin; program :ic well as several of Tor- j-inj.Tt.on candidates for office. Suir>n'« Pyramid SuppotUorit* rjuiet:, welcome relief. Their arnruj medi- rcnl comfort, reduce* »irt,'in, K:o»n'« r>ymtnid Surrx>Btroriea nt your drufl wore without drlny—COc »nd tl^O— on matter's Tnoncy-t>nck RU*rantc*.' . 4 \ CUVSTAJ..IS VERY rOI'UJ.AK AS A WEJJOrVG OUT UNTKR ST. , :t-276T There have" bcoi .'j.OO.Ii 1 triplet births in ine U. S. ;.*i 2.'i years. Electrical Supplies Lig-htingr Equipment IJO.MIJ 'BM WITH IlOMlts Victor — C<iluinbi;t — !><!ccu Jlc cords SWAN ELECTRIC CO. 15 cnuucii ST. TEL. 2,"4 I vouit JIOMIC UAKKKY: CITY BAKERY I 171 Maple Street ! •HMT«:il .V JKWXMtY William Schpero inn om;ucn ST. . — i riiKiii. DU — i-lnrc Closed Next Monday and Turadity ••' For It«li(;ious llollday* D. LIEBERMAN S1RKICT IH;V AMI s.vvi-: AT TIIK Highland Grocery 92 HIGHLAND AVE. ' TKF-. 4RHO I ItOCCO HA 1)0. Pmt>. FOUR YEARS AGO, |[aU$ WAS IN OUR SHOES H ANS is a German. Four years ago, lie felt the way many of us feel today. He-thought the war was v.s good as won. He hnd reason to think so. Far more reason than we • have. .France was his. England was bloody aflc-r Dunkerque. The German Army seemed invincible. But the war wasn't almost over. And now it is our armies that a re'on tlie-jnarch. It is our bombers blasting German'cities. Victory is in our grasp. It's up to us to. see that we don't let it slip through our fingers flic way Hans did. . Most of us know that this is the military crisis of .this war—the time when our fighting men must give everything they have, not once in a while but hour after how—day'after day; * - But this alone is not enough. The lives of brave men arc not enough. Money is needed too. For this is the financial crisis of the wnr just as surely ns it is the military crisis. Millions of dollars' worth of equipment is being destroyed. The money to replace it must conic from us, quickly. If every last one of us here nt hone will try to match the constant, day-to-day drive of the men' who fight our battles, we'll raise that money. The way to do it is to put every cent we can possibly invest into D.S. War Bonds. Not some of us. All of KS. Not once in a while during a drive, but regularly. Qm we do the job that Hans couldn't do?.It's up to vou. And hero or* 5 more reasons for buying Extra War Bonds! I. War Bonds are the best, the safest Investment In tho world! 2. War Bond* return you $4 for overy $3 In • 10 years. 3. War Bonds h»lp keop prices down. 4. War Bonds will help win the Peace by Increasing purchasing power aft«r the War. 3. War Bonds meon educctlon for your chl!- . dren, security foryou, funds for retirement. BUY YOUR INVASION BONDS TODAY; This Advertisement is a Contribution Toward America's All-Out War Effort fy The DAILY NEWS I e : J

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