Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on October 9, 1876 · Page 3
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 3

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Monday, October 9, 1876
Page 3
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1. t-l jakl;mb btnhtg MONDAY OCT. 9, 1876. 8 erred by Carriers JIOntipaWMH. i The etrealatlea ml she TBUV re tataa. mMe tMa of Mjr tfcr paper amMlehadl ! AtoH Casnntr Financial anil Commercial Xjr gAK Faiiiomco, October 9. 1876. Gold closed In Now York -d.y t 109; Government Bond. U4for 6 . of 1957. and 1135 for 5'i of 1881; Pacino MU, Western Union Telegr.ph.7ik; Sterling. Sio3!4 S. Legal Tendem ere steady '"l nd 92M selling. Broken are buying Half Dollar st 53H per cent discount and ire Belling then at6 per cent. AUconnt. - .... - Trade Dollar re quoted in thi market at 83 bnjine; and 4) selling. The LlTerpool Wheat market is given to-day at 10 Id 10a d for average California and 10 5d to 10 8d for club. PRODl'CR MARKEt. FLOVB Jobbing rate are steady at U 45 to $S 62 H bbl. the latter figure for ailver. WHEAT Private advice from Liverpool re-port a decline of 6d per qr on csrgoea. The market i stead; and firm . 8alea embrace 4.000 aks good Rhipping from store, $1 60; 400 do fair milling, $155: 150 doanpertlne, H 45. BARLEY Sale of 4,900 fc choice Bay brew-ing for ahipment per Yonng A merles, $i 10; 600 good feed, 'Joe H ctl, half silver. OATS The market i abundantly supplied at $1 4(X1 70-V ctl for f sir to choice feed. POTATOES Cuffoy' Cove are still quoted at f 110; Half moon Bay, 60r90c; Sweet, 7Jc to 87 He 1 ctl. ONIONS-Qnotable at 697Sc ctl for good. HAY -Quotable at $7 (XX 18 5ft.- BTRAWQnotable at ft66t 9 bale. CORN Large Yellow, 1 10wl 15, silver. RYE Quotable st $1 S$1 55 V ctl. hslf CORNMEAL Is in fair demand atT3c; feed. 27 ISO V ton. - ' OILCAKE MEAL Selling from the mill at $33 50 ton. BR N The mtll price I f 17 9 tou. ' MIDDLINGS Steady from the mills at $24 a ton. BUTTBR AND CHEESE Following are the jobbing rates: BUTTER. Fa'b R'l, per ft 87 ' jfiir IT'.-c Firkin, per ...2 (hJO c Pu-klcd Roll... .30 (H'XI'-jk Eastern, per " j25 c flala. per IV....10 fil." c KaU-rn, per k) 12 ?I4 c PROVISl0NS---Followlng are jobbing rate Essfn Ham, 1 3 c .Smoked BeefW H c "sl " IS wis1 clLard,tlerce...M ' I c iCaL Bacon 15 I7 "c! Lard, cases,. 14 WIS'-c EUtiS Kstr to chulce are drm at lo(47'ic; extra 50c per dozen. , POl: LT It Y--The Jobbing rate are a follows: Henn,perdox 67 t snTurkey,peT 16J 18 u ...r. A.. A Hlro-.ll Kll Kerne, ur Dalr 1 " 2 2o Broiler, do" I SOW- oOlPncait, doz & am 9 U0 Ouall.BerdOT..l ar.l 5; Small Duels, Venison, per ft 76 I0c Mal'ard per Jul a auro-i ' HIDES Dry, 14a)Uic; light salted, SHoi heavy do, 7c; dry kip and calf, 9c; a.lted kip, 6H(q,0c; salted calf, 6(j,'Jc lb. TALLOW Firm at 54!j6c lb. GENERAL MrtC ANDISE. B V03--Standard Wheat Sacks ara held at rai-Mfcc; Wool Bags, 47X(M5iC forSio4 Calcutta dunble-aewed Fotato Uunntes, lli(j)12c; Fiour Sacks, (k6Hc lor small size and tf9Xc for large aize. BROOM-4 Manufacturere quote a (pllows: Common, $2, i 50 and t-t for the three Horn-ben: CommoB Braid. l 50. $3 and fa 50t Car pet, $3, $3 50 sad $4; Extra, $4, ti 50 and $5; Extra Braid, $4 50, S3 and $3 50; Ship. $2 50; Brewery, $4, $3 and $6; Toy and Wisp, fl 75 S3 50 at dozen, according to size. BREAD We quote as follow: Assorted Crackers, localise: Boston. Butter, Cream Graham. BanU Clara, Sugar Oyster and Water Crackers, and Lunch, Milk, wafer ana wine Biscuits, eacn He; aoaa 1Taraers, oc; riuuc, 7(8c; Jenny Lind Cke. La Grande, Fancy Milk and Overland Biscuits, and- Ginger and Lemon Cakes, each 9c: Frnit and Pearl Biscuits, each lOc; Seed Cakes, 10c; Ginger Huta, 12 l-2c; Excelsior and Medallion Biscuits, each 12 1-2c; Nic Nac Biacuito, 12 l-2c; Congress Cakes, 20c; Ship Bread, 3 l-2c; Pilot Bread, 4 41-2c: Saloon Pilot Bread, 6c 9 lb. COFFEE We quote: Guatemala. W19)4c; Costa Rica, 2tc; Java, 25c Manila, 19c; Ground Coffee, 25c ft lb. - " CANDLES We quote San Francisco Com pany's Crystal Wax, 14-oz ,174c;do Star, 14-oz, 14c; Eagle, ll-oz, 12 Sic; Hoffman' 12-oz,12cto J 2Hc; Eaetern Adauianflue brandaare quoted at 12fc17c; Patent Wax, 20 He; Patent Sperm, 34c H tb. San Francisco Stearic Acid, 14 oz, 15c. CASE GOODS-fEaetern Oyster are selling t $1 502 50 1ft doz 2-tb caus. COAL We quote Bellingham Bay at 9; Coc Bar, 9; California Mount Diablo Steam, $5 75 to $7 75 for tine and coarse respectively; Wellington, $12; cargoes of Scotch and English, t 50rj$10; Cumberland, $14($$16; Naaaimo, $9 50i$10; Seattle, 9; Australian, $8 23 ton by the cargo. ' DRUGS Alum, 3)4c; refined Borax, 9 to SXc; domestic Blue Vitriol, 9H10c; Brim-' stone, 4Jc for roll and 34c for California refined; Cream Tartar, 4045c; Nitric Acid, 12Hc to 16c; Tartaric Acid, 60c; Sulphuric Acid, i to 6cVlb. FISH No. 1 Mackerel are quotable at $11 in Tif bbla and $1 902 25 in kiU: Extra Mess, $3 504; Eastern Cod, 6Hk"c; Paciflo do,5cto 6Hc in bdla and 7c for selected In case: Oregon Salmon. SI 75 for l ib; $2 65 for 2-lb and $2 75 for 2H-K can; barrel $6 5U7; half do, $3 7V4. ' LEATHER Sole. i27c;Harneiw,2i37Me; Skirting, 303Sc; Calf Skina. 50cfll 10 9 ffv; Wax Leather. 14917e V foot; Bridle, $40 aider-Kio Skin. $40(a60 doz. MATCHES Block descriptions, $1 80job-. bing at $1 90: Empire Parlor are Jobbing at - S2 60: Eastern Parlor. 2 II gron. METAL8 Tin Plate is quotable at $7 50r$ $8 50 box; Pig Tin, 18c for Sydney 2425c for Banca; Yellow Metal, 24c; Cast Steel, 14 15c: Zinc. 9 fctaiOc: Pig Lead. 3 l-2r5Kc; Lead Pipe, 9c; Bar Lead, 6 l-27c; Sheet Lead. 10c lb. MALT LIQUORS English Ale and Porter re quoted at I34 V dozen quarts and $3 25 i $4 25 V two dozen pint. California Lager ' Beif7bbl. NAILS The Jobbing rate from store are $3 GO $4 9 keg, with a discount of 20c for lota direct from ship. NAVAL STORES Spirits Turpentine 1 jobbing at 52 l-2(55c 'H gall; Rosin and Pitch, $3 504 50; North Carolina Tar, $5t6; Swedish Tar, $9 bbl; Oakum, $4 50$5 50 bale. OIL California Castor, 95c In ease and 90e in bbl for Diamond, and 90c la cases and 83e in bbl for No. 3; Baker' Caator, $1I 06; California Linseed, 60c for raw and 65o for boiled; Refined Cocoaaut, 60c; China Nut, 65c; pure winter-strained Lard, $1 15 in bbla and $1 20 la tins; California Whale, 60ftfrc; Polar Whale, 60c; Sperm. $1 G0&S1 65; Pesael Olive, $4 80; Plagnoil Olive, 5 25(5 50; Duret do. $6 60$$a 75; extra fine kinds, g9 It doz. quarts. PAINTS White Lead. 9'igtlOkc; Litharge. 11c; Ochre and Venetian Red; 3Hc; Chalk, lkc; Whiting, l!ic; Pari White, 2 l-2c; Putty, 45e m. PAPER California Straw Wrapping, 80c for . ordinary make, and $1 10 It ream for extra heaw. RICE Mixed China. $4 90; do No 1, - 13 7&r56 00; So 3, $5$3 39; Hawaiian Table, $7 0O38 ; re-cleaned Japan, cii. QUICKSILVKB Quotable at 435e ft R. OAKUNII BREVITIES. :Th public sohoola re-openod to-day. Yesterday two ahoven of rain fell ia Oakland, Lelaad Stanford arrived ia New York on Saturday. Tb. Ladies' Fair at .Armory Hall oioaes tonigbt. The Coroner's office and morgae will be removed to Jargea'a new block. The McGibney family gave a free en tertainment at Stanford Hall' last evening. . , ..,...- . - , : : The 8an Francisco BarJllst Aasocia-tiou will convene in the First Baptist Church to-morrow. There ware1 thirty-six. new voters registered in the County Clerk's office up to'l o'clock to-day.' ' ' 'f There was a very large t attendance at the German School Verein picnic, at Badger's Park yesterday. : To-morrow evening Hon. Zack Montgomery will address the Third Ward Democratic Club, at Armory Hall. The Society of Old Friends gave their eighth annual invitation excursion and banqoet at Fassking's Garden yesterday. H. . Carlton, Miss- Emalie Jayne, Miss G. Smith, G. W. Banks, of Oak-land, arrived from the East last evening. The West Oakland Mutual Loan Association will hold their regular monthly meeting at Felouze's Hall, this evening. A ladies' social and dramatic entertainment will be given at Alameda next Friday evening in aid of Christ's Ckureh. Jane Smith was arrested yesterday for disturbing the peace. The lull particulars will be developed on Wednes-day. MUs Alice Deitrick this morning commenced her duties as teacher of penmanship in the public schools of this city. , Professor Morgan will give the second of his series of .instrumental and vocal concerts at Dietz Hall, on the 2Gth instant. The cases of James Smith and Frank Peterson charged with violatiog an ordinance will be tried in the Police Court to-morrow. Messrs. Cunning aud Eyder, the well-known grocers, to-day presented the Tbibuxe with tokens of their esteem. We return thanks. The stone railing around the County Court House square is a favorite roosting place for tipsy hoodlums, on Saturday and Sunday nights. There ia a prospect that Alameda will soon-be lighted with gas. J. L. Bissell, who has secured the franchise, says he will commence work immediately. P. F. Mangan, the veterinary surgeon who died last Friday, leaves a large family in destitute circumstances. His body has been interred at Sacramento. . Register ad letters are at the post-office for John Mahar. James and Patrick Cullinan, J. Schultz, Joseph Flor, Patrick Curren, and Mrs. James McDonald. The West Oakland Postoffice will be removed in about three weeks to the new building, now in process of erection, on the northeast corner of Pine and Bail- road avenue. The bail of John Thompson was de clared forfeited by the Police Judge this morning on account of the party not appearing to answer to a charge booked against him," A Celestial named Ah Cbing brought suit in the County Court against J. A. Trefry, of Centreville, for settlement of account. '. The case was set for trial October 17th. Captain Badger will this week commence the erection of six cottage?, two stories high, near Clinton station. Each house will contain eight rooms and all the modern improvements Mary Williams, a chronic drunk, v. as again hauled up last night. Judge Jayne assessed her $8, or four days in prison, remarking that it appeared the only way to keep her sober was to keep her locked Patrick Kelly, James Smith, and Thomas Thompson, all victims of the cup, were before the Police Magistrate to-day, and received to usual reward for their indiscretions $6 or three days below Patrick Heron was fined $6 by Judge Jayne this morning for being drunk. The same party was before the Court three or four months ago on a similar charge. He had ought to gain experi ence and walk in the way of the right eous The new brick building sew in course of constnwton at the corner Of -Washington and Seventh streets, has its lower walla 'completed on three sides, and the iron front-pieces in position. The cellar will be used as a wine-vault by the proprietors. and having some difficulty, adjourned to the back yard to settle it. A police officer caught them in the attitude of an affectionate embrace, and took them in charge. They waived trial, plead guilty and were fined $15 each for their little luxury. The Chicago Tribune's Washington dispatch of October 8th, says: Colonel A. E. Bedstone, brother of John H. Bedstone of Oakland, delegate to the Indianapolis Greenback- Convention and International Soft-Money Executive Committee, has written a letter to his party friends in Indiana, urging them to support Harrison. He was an active worker till Wolcott's withdrawal, but he now urges those who have labored with him not to play in the hands of the Democrats. The last of the series of. entertain-1 ments in aid of the Alameda Methodist Church was given last Friday evening, in the nature of a concert under the direction of Professor James, of San Francisco. The proceeds ot these four entertainmentsliterary and musical are to be placed in the hands of the Ladies' Society of the Church, to aid in furnishing the new building, now under roof, and to be ready for occupancy by the close of the present year. The Alameda Encinal of. Saturday says: Our Board of Town Trustees, last Monday evening, fixed the rate of taxation at fifty-five cents on the hundred dollars for the next fiseal year, more than one-half of which is levied for school purposes. The rate is the same as last year, but the sum that will be realized will be greater, as the valuation is $309,000 over that of last year. We shall, however, need all that will be raised for incidentals growing out of our increasing necessities. Onr population is steadily augmenting, r and we hope. soon to see more positive marks of progress than any heretofore presented fn the town. BOARD OF SUPERVISORS. Assessor Boardman Passively Declared Ellgi-ble to Office. Reports of County Officials Elec tion Officers and Polling P lave ee County J all EscapesPetitions. An adjourned meeting of the Board of Supervisors was held this morning. Present Messrs. Burn- ham, Marlin, Overaker, Pumyea, and Shattuck. President Case in the Chair. BEPOBTS OF COCNTT OFFICERS. Beport from M. J. Overacker, Road Overseer of Centreville Road District waa read. The report showed that $72 50 was dne to the Overseer. Report received and amount of bill allowed. HOSPITAL COMMITTEE. The Committee reported adversely as to matter of granting aid to Mrs. Cullen, -who is an inmate of the Hospital. Committee argued that it would be establishing a bad precedent. Report placed on file. Oakland's assessor. A report from the Committee hav ing in charge the matter of the eligi bility of W. F. Boardman to the office of Assessor of Oakland Town ship waa read as follows: The Committee to whom was re ferred the question as to the legal ity of the appointment of Wm. 1 . Boardman, Assessor of Oakland township in place of E. Hunt, removed, beg leave to report as follows: "We find that some two years ago Mr. Boardman removed his family to Brooklyn; he says that his intention was only to remain there temporarily; during most of that time he has had an office in the township of Oakland, and done his business there; that he never exercised the right to vote there, that he always considered Oakland township his home as he has resided in said township for more than fifteen years. it is the opinion of your Commit tee that it will depend npon the in-tentionjof Mx. Boardman when he re moved to Brooklyn township. If he removed there for the purpose of making it his borne and remained there up to the time he was appointed Assessor he would not be proclamation for the election ol $npervisons in the 3d, 4th and 7th Districts. POLLTSO PLACES AKD OITICES. Alameda No. 1 Polling place, Town Hall; Inspector, C H. Haile; Judges. C. H. Foster and John kAls- Aeleted worth. Alameda No 2 Inspector, J. W. Clark: Judges, M. W. Peck and Alex. Innes. BBOOKXYN KO. 1. rolling place Justice Howard's office; Inspector, A. B. Webster; Judges, T. W. Badger and L. J. Rector. BROOKLYN KO. 2. Polling place Three Mile House; Inspeotor, Thomas Molloy; Judges, a. Damon and Ueo. runsen. EDEN TOWNSHIP. San Leandro Polling place, Town Hall; Inspettir, M. C. La Grange; Judges, J. Colhngridge and F. D. Morin. San Lorenzo Foiling place, Union Hall ; Inspector, Geo. H. Vose; Judges, J. L. Shiman and Peter Olsen. Mt. Eden Polling place, Peter-man's Hall; Inspector, F. Brust-grun; Judges, -John Ludwig and Geo. Meyer. Haywood Polling place, Odd Fellows' Hall; Inspector. Jos. Gra ham; Judges, Alex. Allen and Asa Collins. Castro Valley Polling place, Mendoza's Saloon; Inspector, J. L. Hollis; Judges, D. D. Mann and D. Luce,, WASHINGTON TOWSSHIP. Alvarado Polling place Odd Fellows' Hall; Inspector, A. J. Farley; Judges, H. Carragli and W. F. In-galls. Centreville Polling place, Town Hall; Inspector, M. Tlx ' Sturgas; Judges, H. Dusterberry and J. A, Brewer. Mission Polling place, Washing ton '. Hotel ; Judges, J. P. Chamber lain aud Michael Rogan. Niles Polling place, Schneider's Old Store House : Inspector, James Shinn; Judges, Henry L. Smitband Alex. jr. Bcott. ; . MTJKBY TOWNSHIP. Pleasanton Polling place, Jor dan's Hotel; Inspector, J. R. Pal mer; Judges, J. C. Gilson and Geo A. Whidden. Livermore. No. 1 Polling place, Hook and Ladder Co. s building Inspector, O. S. Livermore; Judges, Joseph Harris and tieo. Ju. freeman Livermore, No. 2 Polling place, Old Livermore House; Inspector, T. li. Jrassett; Judges, Oeorge W Smith and Alex. Esdon. Summit Polling place; Inspector tphraim JJyer ; Judges, W. n. Wright and L. Zimmerman. OAKLAND TOWNSHIP. fourth Ward Polling place. Bushen's store; Inspector, Dr. Bol" ton; Judges, A. Cummings, and Pliny Bartlett. Sixth Ward Polling place, Cro-nin'sHall; Inspector, L. G. Cole; Judges, J. S, Hobart andS, Cronin. Third Ward Polling place. City Hall; Inspector, W. A. Walter; Judges, Walter Blair and Jesse Wall. Fourth Ward Polling place, Alta House; Inspector, George Dean; Judges, P. Scully and Edward Le-fort. Fifth Ward Polling place, Judge Lentell's office; Inspector, Jndge Lentell; Judges, James Gillivray and A. C Henry. Sixth Ward Polling place. Judge Fogg's office; Inspector, E. W. Corner; Judges, James Fallon and Robt. Hughes. Temscal rolling place, Temescal store; Inspector, H. C. Babcock; Judges, John Kelsey and David Berry. Berkeley Polling place; McDonald's office, at terminus of Berkeley Branch Railroad; Inspector, Geo. Doming; Judges, A. Rnnelsburg and M. Curtis. Ti Mi's Dissatcles. tt iris's Disgfe. frees : DlepaJeha Trnmae.? i i V Hth Destructive Fire at Memphis. Latest Election Returns From Colorado. Farther Detail ef the Reaalt la Cole- rade. Denver, October 9th. Tke Chairman of the Republican CentralCommittee claims their majority in the State for Governor to be less than ,500. From officials returns and other information derived from independent and trustworthy sources, the following majorities for Governor are given : Arapahoe, county, 3G6 Rep.; Clear Creek, 36 Rep.; El Paso, 316 Rep. ; Elbert.ll Rep. -.Hinsdale, 150 R.; Summit. 14 R.; Weld 300 Rep.; Caguacho, 123 Rep.; Costilla, 200 Rep. ; Conejos, 68 Rep. ; Rio Grande, SO Rep.; Park, 55 Sep.; Larimer, 50 Rep.; Uilpin, 25G Hep. Total ol .Republican majorities, 2,418. Bent county, 20C Dem.; Douglas, 51 Dem.; Fremont, 10 Dem.; Huerfano, 204 Dem.; Jefferson, 12 Dem.; Las Animas, 500 Dem Pueblo, 187 Dem. Total of Democralio majorities, 1,170, leaving the net Re publican majority for Governor, 1,218 Of tbe four counties , aoi . included in this list, Grand is claimed by a small majority by bcih pariies. La Peta county has a registered vote of 136 and cannot give either forty more than a trifling . majority. $an jhjuan county is Tnsoclaimeu by bbtfiarttes and will not affect the result materially either way, as the whole of the country is small. Lake county is claimed by both parties, but has a very small vote and cannot give either party much. The Republicans have two-thirds of both branches of the Legislature. Deatrnetlve Kirea In Cleveland, Ohio, and Pine Bluff, Arkanaa. Clevelaxd, Ohio, October 9th. A fire broke out early this morning in the elevator of Otis & York, in River street building, and the Contents were com pletely destroyed. The building !was occupied by the Michigan Central Rail road line and the Railroad Hotel. Sev eral.frame buildings occupied by saloons were also burned. The origin of the fire is unknown. The loss of Otis .t York on buildings is about $75,000; insurauce $35,000. On grain etc., about 535,000. The loss of the Michigan Central line on buildings, i?25,000; on contents, $15,-000; uninsured. Loss on other buildings and contents, about 20,000. The Associated Prase Skpatckee t ae "TrlDuae" FOREIGN NEWS. iCaVlacraaae to tka ,tTri.aa," THE EASTERN WAR. Gen. McClellan on the Rack. He is Charged with Accepting Bribe to Secure an Array ; Contract LATEST REPORTS FROM INDIANA Republican Majority In Col orado Probably O.OOO. The Sitaatlea la Indiana. New Yobk, October 9th. The TrU bone's Indianapolis dispatch of yester- terday says: The Democrats procured the arrest of twenty-one of tbe city policemen on charges ef assaalt and battery. Their offense was apprehend ing, under the vagrancy laws, a number of the worst characters left in the wake of the Democratic demonstration of last Thnrsday. Bruisers and repeaters from Philadelphia and Baltimore, boarding at hotels, and dead-beats from no one knows where, were hanging about the railway stations, sleeping in empty freight cars, and waiting for the elec tion. The policemen were promptly bailed, and areon duty again. Their arret-1 was a vary foolish move, and has had no effect except -to create a good deal of indignation against the party managers who are at the bottom of it. The police have keat . oa with their work of making Indianapolis an un comfortable place for Democratic Vet erans -yfco have come to take a hand in the election, and most of them have left town, going, it is believed, to Foat Wayne, Logansport, and other places The Democrat leaders appear to be los ing their heads, as the need for coolness and good judgement becomes g ten test They have prepared affidavits charging Colonel Friedly, Chairman ef the Republicans, with conspiracy to commit felony in arranging for the importation of voters. They have no evidence, and the only thiog calculated to arouse their suspicions is the presence here of three or four men from New York and Balti more, who are in reality detectives sent to look after Democratic roughs and ballot-lxix smashers. It is not believed at Kfiiublio.iu headquarters to-night that the matter will beproceded with on the warrants taken out. If arrests are made on these manufactured affidavits, Colouei Fritdly intends to swear out warrants promptly for half a dozen THE -rCBCO-SKRVIAN WAR. Englaad and Raesla Believed te be la Harm any. - LoxDoir, October 9th. A Berlin dis patch to the Standard, which is con firmed by a semi-official statement in the Post, says the. English Cabinet made a formal proposal to the Powers for a con ference. Russia also urges a conference in addition to this, both .rowers agree to the necessity of a month's armistice There is, therefore, reason to hope that Russia and England are not so opposed to each other as people believe. Russia insists ob excluding Turkey from the conference. Baaala Threatening attitude . Loxdox, October lth. The Berlin correspondent of the Times soys: The Czar's ordtr that no mere Russian hoffieers or soldiers not on active duty be allowed leave of absence to go to Servia, is not in operution. Emigration continues at tbe rate of 7, 000 every week. It is stated that Russia has offered Roumania absolute independence if Russian troops are allowed to march through Roumanian territory. The military preparations of Russia continue It is an ugly sign that Russian reserves have been forbidden te leave their places of residence. Tbe public in Russia look on war as probable. A panic exists on tit. Petersburg Exchange. The Saag-utaare- Conteat HtlU Being Waged. Loxdox, October 9th a. m. A dis patch to the Dally News fronr Bjunio Djunio states that tbe Turks attempted to break through the Servian environ ment on Friday. After making considerable advance they, were stopped and a stubborn fight, occurred, the result of which is unknown. A Belgrade dispatch to the News says Osman Pasha, with 20,000 men, has taken the offensive from the direction of Sariehar. Hie purpose is not known. London, October ith. A dispatch to the Standard from Bagusa reports that Mukhtar Pasha surprised the Montenegrins on Saturday, and carried their entrenched positions, but the Turkish troops were subsequently driven back. The Montenegrins- have (burned La-bin je and other Turkish villeges, and cut the telegraph wires between Trevinje and Montar. ' Trenble in Tripoli. London, October 9th. Advices from Malta report that another controversy has arisen at Tripoli between United btates Consul Yidal and the Pasha, re- garding a fugitive slave protector by the former. Cuthbert Jones, who is to suc ceed VidalJ leaves to-morrow for Tripoli, and is expected soon to settle the dis pute. SAN FRANCISCO BREVITIES. Three thousand illegal registrations have already been discovered. There were 130 deaths last week against 144 the preceding week. Senator Sargent will address a Repub lican mass meeting at Piatt's Hall to- mgnt. - . The centennial celebration yesterday was one of the most imposing demon strations ever held in San Francisco. Georce W. Amos, a fireman whe was thrown from his seat while going to a nre ten daya ago, died Saturday morn ing. Rev. Dr. Strone of Monroe. Michigan, has accepted a call from the Howard- street Presbyterian Church of this city, and will arrive here soon. The body of an old man, apparently sixty years of age. waa taken from the Bay. off Meiggs wharf yeaterday, and lies at the Morgue for identification. John A. Russell, Clerk ef the Board of Supervisors, wboee illneas from an stuck of pleurisy was- mentioned several days since, is now convalescent and expects to be able to resume his official duties this week. The Fall meeting of the Bay District Association commences to-day tne .yre trotting stake for three-year-olds. To-mcrrow;the stallion race, mile heats. tnree ia five, for a purse of 91000, will take place, for which there are six en tries. 50WI 1IK a flhe SO Canto ear weak. . - aw tanas' eat aw new are Una an hU tinea. Co-operative Stove 0.. also lose about Prominent Democrats, along with Hen- MININQ STOCK REPORT. Bpeelarjj Tclafraahed te tte " Daily Erenbig " i- i - Trifcaae.'V 4." aaaaaianem '' - Tkla Maniac's Salae. 1 Salt raaxaece, October 9. The foil owing sales were aaade la ta faa Franelsee Stock sad Klohaipr goerd this axwnlaci M65 aiesa 'wuii 445 Q a O. ........ .14 95 Bt B 5a. 380 Cain 60;61 lSSOSavags . .14 H 14 M 795 Oon Va...64itiftM7t 155 Chollar ... 76078 860 H kit BXSW'i 176 Grown Ft 11 h 1185 Y jacket 34?34 4705Imper 44 05 SSKentack 10 u 156 Alpha.. ..44544a 40 ChallaDfe..- 3)4 400 Succor 35s 900 Prospect. l87cf400TroJa ion Virginia.; a 125 Wood Till 800 Kowrath.. 3 WO Lerl'n.. ....... .80c lecrallv entitled tn tba mfflpf On ffhere will be a Republican meeting I the otlier hand if his intentions were at the Campaign tentthis evening under only to remain there temporarily the auspicies of the Central Club. Hon. I e tnink be has a right to claim Henry Yrooman and I. A. Booth Will Oakland township as his home and address the meeting The T51ee Club 18 legally entitled to the office will be in attendance. Reserved seats Si trnoA JF. K. Shattuck. for 1aita I t H. OVEE ACKER. A Miss Flynn, lately from SanUk.r;umy,comanotnn?er8tan? Barbara, was up inthePolice Court, this fjJSLVul: moraincr. rhanm.l with dmnVenneae T 7' J - " -"" Ra- tw It T7"T;i.:; in?,ni "e two years. - 7ZZ Tl tTT; -ur. unrnnam was of the same tne rosy gou v v go we eesi ox ner, ana opinion tnat sne wunea to go to Ban i raactico. Mr. Shattuck thoneht that Mr. Judge Jayne told bet to go, and sin bo I Boardman's idea was to remain there more. ; I onlv temnoraril-v. and that he was .. Frank Crawford, a' runner for a San yet a resident of Oakland township. Francisco hotel was up in the Police lae matter was not acted npon Court this morning on a chares of viola- inrther than to receive and file the J0KOonVa........m 1050 Confidence 15 245 Belcher. . . -1 ting a city ordinance, in soliciting pat 350 Bullion . . .34935 1 ronage fox. hie house. ' He ' was arrested 30 Utah... ........ 15B1 lot the Point bv a Acer Wilbum who caught him in the ast. He plead guilty and was fined f 20. 385 Ezckq 14 90S Justice.. 17 $17 7. 780 Union ll&107i 790 Julia 5 930 Lady B 1530c 1480Caledonla.SS 1535 Baltl .....a3i'JX 0 Knlcker 50c 35 N York IK 95 Ande..... ...J 80c 300 Monumental. ..30c 30 L Waah 3 300 Tahoe 75c 300 Well r 15c report.. The building committee recom mended that the Board advertise for bids for a supply of blanks. COTJSTT JAIL ESCAPES. Mr. Bnrnham Baid that the Sheriff bad informed him that the late es BORN. UOODWIK At West Oakland, wlfeof T. A. Goodwin, a aoa. October 3. men. A San Francisco livery team collided with . Met it. (iim W.Vmt.att Va.u yesterday afternoon, and got the worrt M &Q County Jail was -w: of the encounter. Horse badlv frihu mg to the bars of the door in the al- eaed, Bhaft broken, and front wheel le7 between the cells being too far knocked into smithereens. The driver ?ne prisoner crawled of the vehicle was1 one Blaitdell. a ?gh this door, secured the keys v .v a r. t. and let the other two prisoners free, A woman named Margaret Hoyle was attm f nn f tbn r4nriAr up in the Police Caurt this morning wasin the reception room of the jail: e 1 fr t r Ol I .a - . aooargevi awuruing we peace. Dneiuiat while the prisoner was talking was visiting in. a house down near the I with him he accidentia pocketed the I foot of Franklin street, and would not keys and afterwards liberated his AT.ltWti-In tlU Mtw fietrAtmr Klin. both, wife of Capt. Wm. H. Blackman, aged 1 Bbe IS at present UOgenng in XttO llty 48 year. IPrlann tn Hen nt ft2Q aiul.and will an. 71Tle&ds and acquaintances are reepeeV fully Invited te attend tbe funeral treat late residence, Ho. 411 Klnth st, TO-UOB- BOW (Tuesday) , at 10-JOA.a. .. - . ' , pear fer trial to-morrow. ' Four young men went 'down ta the I Shipping Intelligence ' OABXANTJ, OCTOBER a. Sclirliaw Touni, Smith, ton See eawaVftS! fflS!! pearance thoroughly washed oat. ? JsadialfiP Oakland, .says fto:Uim"&o&U' . with aand for Kumar ,a Yeaas Schr Bival, Thom brick tor Bcmulard. Schr Haisetta. WMtmoa. for San FraLcNeo. Schr Lore nx and W Ullauj. tijda. for Bear yroeparoua, neanew, iot eea XOXQ WHAJUP SHIP I vacate when ordered by the proprietor. J brothers in distress. PETITIONS. A petition from Mr. Sears of the Oakland Benevolent Society was received asking aid for Mrs. Foster foot of Broadway yesterday, and hiring I Mrs. Thompson. Referred to two row-boats preceded to raoe down I Supervisor Pumyea. the creek; toward .the bar; ona of the I A' man named J." Stotherl. who party broke an pax. and ia trying to re-1 was recently turned; away from the cover the floatina oiece. fell overboard. I Uauntv Jttosmtal. atmeared before His companions hauled him into the I Board and asked to be re-admit- i Traadaco. I boaL the Snndav amartnaaa nf aia an. 1 ted. HO Said he WM the party Who r. Meyr. 1 .J vlj i I emosed -aome f the raeftlitv that was going km' alithat institution.lsBt Summer and that it had become a very" good place to live in sinoe. He was lBiorrned by Jfreeident case that it was ill-becoming for a man enjoy- officers. The matter was referred to THE DEMOCRATS. i Ex- Speaker Carpenter in a New Role A Friend to Oakland and the University. A Democratic mas3 meeting was held at the Campaign Tent Sat-urdav evening to listen to a speech from ex-Speaker Carpenter, the Democratic candidate for Congress from this district. There was a fair attendance. Captain John Hackett, Chairman f the Democratic County Committee called the meeting to order and W. W, Foote was chosen Chairman. Mr. Carpenter declared himself in favor of the Oakland Harbor Improvements and said bill that the merits of the educational introduced by him at the last session of the Legislature were imperfectly understood by the public: that in stead of retarding the sphere of the TJnivesity he was in favor of extending it. The other points in the speakers addresss criticized the acts of the liepubhcan party. In the absence of tiov. Haicrht Judge Lamar made a speech at the conclusion of Mr. Carpenter's ad dress. REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS. 1 , . The following deeds have been placed upon record since our last report, up to I o'clock to-day: ' SATT7BDAY, OCTOBKB 7i Catherine Winslow to F. T. Collins, the west 25 feet of lot 10, "block 402, West Oakland; gl.oOO. J. V. Webster to Mrs. Nellie A Dodge, (wife of J. W. Dodge) lot 300x125 feet, in block G7. East Oakland: $3,600. s Henry Sweetapple to Michael Quinn, lot 'B," block 7!t7, map of "B street, of Watts tract, Oakland ; $200. MONDAY OCTOBER 9. John 8. Kelley to Joseph J. Southern and Catherine Southern, lot 2, in block 2025, map No. 2, Whitcher tract, Oak land; $750. V. A. Ku and Alfred Kix to James A. Brewer, 411 46-100 seres of ex-Mission San Jose, Washington township; $2,000. Mountain view Uemetry Association to Horace G. Pratt, lot 227 in plot 1, M. V. Cemetry; ?44. Mountain View (Jemetry Association to Steuhen Henry Smith, lot 88 and 89, in plot 11, M. V. Cemetry, Oakland; $140. August Fromm to Iieonhard ocherer. ?1,000 on stoves stored in the elevator; no insurance. During the progress of the fire on River street, a fire broke out in the Second Presbyterian Church on Superior street, between Erie and the public square. The building was almost entirely destroyed. Loss, about $50,000; insured. It is supposed the church caught tire from sparks from the elevator fire. American Mining Board. Nkw Yobk, October 9th. Transactions in mining stocks before the call of Board this morning amounted to 2,700 shares, at the following quotations: Belcher, 52; Cleveland, 7,1(S.7Ji; Grsnt V&V'ti Merrimack, 39.(140, ex-divided; Savage, 17,'4; Sierra Nevada, 46. Deatrnetlve Fire In AlempbJe. Memphis, Tenn., October 9th.-;rA pri vate telegram fromPine Bluff, Arkansas, says a destructive fire occured there last night. Three business blocks were entirely consumed. No particulars. Marine New. New Yobk, October 8th. A.-rived steamship "Helvetia," from Liverpool. New Firm ' Vf. H. Bluett and George Moore have this day entered into a copartnership for the purpose of carrying on the photograph business at 1161 Broadway, under the firm name of Bluett & Moore. This partnership has been contemplated for some months. Mr. Bluett has heretofore conducted these photograph parlors, and has associated with himself Mr. Moore, formerly of Boston. He has had lb years ex perience in the business, and ranks among the finest photographers in the State. Prepare for Winter Mr. D. Stuart, the popular boot and shoe dealer of 905 Broadway, has just received a large stock of goods, purchased at auction which he can sell at very low figures. Boots for the ranch, or city, of every style and grade, and all should be prepared for the wet weather which will soon be here. Also a complete stock of the finest and latest styles of gent's, ladies1 and children's dress and walking boots, lie sure and examine this stock. FOREIGN NEWS. Cablegram ta the "Tribune." THE EASTERN WAR d ricks himself Wolcott, Greeuback candidate, who resigned, was a K" publican, while Harrington, who takes his place, is a Democrat. This is regarded as a great blunder, and must materially strengthen the Bepublicans. Steps are being taken to unite Cooper's and Tilden's votes on one Electoral ticket in November, the Electors to be divided among them according to the number of votes cast by each. Good judges say the Republican majority on Tuesday will be from six to nine thousand, though the Democrats claim the State, of course. The Bepublicans held a significant meeting yesterday afternoon, of all old men who voted for General Harrison in 1810, and are going to vote for his grandson on Tuesday. Of these veterans there were 285 present. Speeches were made by General Banks, Governor Woodford and W. P. Cumback. "Charge of Corruption A (rein at McClellan. New York, October 9th. The Times publishes this morning a long article charging General McClellan with receiving money in connection with the use of Cowles fc Co.'s moth destroyer by the War Department. It treats the subject in an editorial as follows : First, it seems thai in August 3, 1872, Geo. A. Cowles a vjO. oi A'nuaaeipnia, made an agreement with Geo. B. McClellan to pay him five per cent on all sums received from the War Department for the preservation of army clothing, etc., from moth and mildew by a process of the arm in question. Second, that on November 20, 1872, George W. Brega of the firm of Cowles & Co., authorized General R. B, Marcy to hand General McClellan an agreement whereby the commission of 5 per cent doubled aud whereby General McClellan was enabled to claim 10 per cent on all payments made through the War Department for the use of the moth exterminator. Third, that between May 27th and September 2, 1872, four checks were paid by George A. Cowles & Co., through the Girard National we. a W1 V e i . tr 1 ttanx at rniiaaeipma, to aicvieuaa, in i rwauna Bim pursuance of the last-mentioned agree-1 Donovan Mi Maggie ment. The total amount of the checks GREAT BRITAIN. Bnlllon Stntement BngUahJMnrketa. Lokdon, October 9th. Amount of Bullion withdrawn frem the Bank ef England on balance to-day 28,000, Consols, 96 3-1G; 10-40 bonds, 108,5J; 67, 108,4; Erie, 9ji; New York Central, 95. Liyhpool, October 9th. Cotton, active. Uplands, 5 JJ; Orleans, 6. Sales 1.8,000 bales. Keceipts Wheat past week from Atlantic ports, 95,000 quarters; Pacific ports, 5,700; other sources, 17,750? corn, 60,000 quarters.' UnMft ShJnmeat te America. Lobdok, October 9ta.-The steamship 75. The article explains that ..n Ti.,T tv I General Marcy, Inspector-General of 650,000 in specie for the United States. J tte J?11-1 ? M' Fire. C lei an, and says that Mr. Cewles ad . t, October 9th.-The new wharf mils the payment of the checks and In with flour and rice mills at Botherhith WANTED. Furnished Heuaev WANTED A RIATLT FCKXWHXD BOTJSX efvwht roeM,er thereabout, Vj rraUeawa and wife; win rent for as Booths or a year. A4-drnnP. O. Box IK, gas Traariaee. octT4w Hers and Phaerton TtTAXTED A LIGHT -PHAKTOH AKD ii aeaue lamur aome. win tmy separata. Aaareaa m aoa tiaiiaiM I et-iw SeeonaHarMf Engine) t Boiler WAKTED ABOtTT a 1 tKCU CTLnrDXlt. Add re "fconlae," care ef Wm. OearUi. onr- nrr of RcTtata ad Broadway, Oakland. Mt Wanted. rpo CT TOR CA"H, gKPOKD BARD ttuki X tore to any amount. CaN at If rflor'a Fnmltnr Mora, DC V plxter attvrt, rnrnrr of ElrMh. a3-la PCJj '77 a week to arrnto. tamptea t KKK. tJg'rjPl I P.O. VICKKBT, Aagnata, Maine Heuaa- OS SECOND 8TBKET, BIT. WEBSTXB AKD Harrison, U, No. S3. Boaae contain S rooms coal and wood reoaaa. Frier, ?&. Apply to Mrs. Gaxaate, K2, aeetbeast corner 1'lrn and Franklin utrortis. ocW-lw New Delivery Wacoa. The enterprising firm of Cushing k Ryder, grocers, coiner of Ninth and "Washington streets, have just shown npon onr streets ah eletrant new delivery wagon, built to order and expressly adapted to their busi ness. It is one of the most com plete wagons of its kind we have ever seen. It was built by "William Gordon, of Twelfth street, ironed by Murrny & Koberta of the same shop, and i minted and lettered in the most artislk- style by Armstrong & Bon, the artist - of Oakland. The elegant nickel-plated harness made to order by. Lentell shows to spledid advantage on the trotting horse "Will-iam The rapidly increasing business of ashing & Jiyrter has necessitates the running of two wagons to accommodate the want3 of their hundreds of customers. Furnished Room. rpo L FT PLEASANT, SrNKT FRONT BOOM. J. well famished, with mantle and grate; two lock from Hroodway station; between t astilng-ton and mar. 51C Ninth street Two Front Rooms. . mo LET: PIAIKXT rORKISHKD: MANTEL X. and arete; at fat per Bwata. street, near Alice. No. Zl Elshth Xarga and Extensive Sale. Fnxsitare Furnished ReSldervoe to Let. ANEW, 9TTLI5R AKD BOKNT RESIDENCE ob the Ea side of Jackson street, near Lake renusa: Brst-class location: coatauinc etoTen soa- cloas roams with ail the awdern UnpreTeaenu; rrench rasgr; larfe caraen in rroni ana on siaes: newly and coratiteteiy fomlaBed and ready for boasekeeplna; alM aqnare, seven-octave piano. Will he rented for not less than one year to a responsible party at 22S per anoata. Apply at S3 Clsy fctreet, San rrandsco, room 1. aai-ini Board and Lodging. fnNT 81 OE HOUSE. OOBAKR 131 O Harrison streets. Furnished a tut nnfurntshod rooms, wtta or witnent ooara. uuow stw aan newly furnUhed. Pleasant locality. TweUlh street cars ran wUhtn a half bioA of th hotue. A. Bald- win. Proprietor. ; lea an FOR SALE. Wason and Phaeton. I ttW TI BTfLlM RKfXTEST WAGON. A also a ladles' eanoey toe pbeeteB at Durham S Ballet's tectory, corner ef Elshth and Washrney lenstreeta. onn express Wagon. TX)R SALE EASTERN MADE; BEEN IK TSE X1 (boat two weeks. Inqnlre at Sohst'a caniaee hop. corner Eighth and Franklin streets. o7-lw Uakland s well known and popu; lar auctioneers; Messrs. M. Lnlly & Sons, will sell at their sales rooms, 301 Twelfth street, under the Grand Central Hotel, on Wednesdav, Oct 11th, commencing at 11 o clock a.m., a large consignment of parlor sets. bed room sets, dining room and kitchen furniture of every description. Parties in want of fnrnitnre should not fail to attend the sale. Goods open for inspection previous to sale. Prevention the Beat Remedy. To guard against colds (at this season jvhen susceptible persons are most in danger), ladies especially should provide themselves with the best of underwear which at O'Con-nell t Co.'s "cheap (or wrong) side" of Broadway, can be had the best and cheapest. Cartwright & "Warner's and all the best makes at wholesale prices. Bone Hia Best. At wholesale, Matches OF ALL KINDS, SOLD AT THE VERT LOW-estSan Francisco prices, to the Ti ade. Hotels and Peddlers. Remember tbe place at too Red Star Tea Store, corner CUy and Fourteenth ats, the cheap pioneer cash grocer. M. CAVELL. oc7-lw For Sale or To Let. i LARGE NEW HOCSE OF TEN ROOMS A. with store, on telegraph avenue, between Twenty-fourth sndjsrTwenty-nfth streets; terms reasonable. Aptity to J. E. Wlcht, Twenty-fourth street, between New Broadway and Valley street. o-lw A Bargain For Sale. HOCSE AND LOT IN THE VICINTTT OF the Oourt Hoese; lot fOxtOO; house contains rooms; prtre 3jKO; two cash, balance 1, 2 and 4 years at 10 per cent. Apply to Koeaig ft Brtnek-man. Seventh Street, between Broadway and Washington 3w For Sale or Exchange for Oakland Real Estate. HALF INTEREST IN THE PATENT RIGHT and manufacture of a valuable domestic article already Introduced and selling rapidly. The patente requires a partner to work at tba mann-tactnre and introduction of this article throughout tbe Htate. This Is a splendid chance for a man ef small means to realize a fortune In a few yeara. I have standing offers already tor State and County rights. Addresa E. BaabeU, S Twelfth street, Oakland. Dr. Price has done his best to make his American Perfumes superior in sweetness, freshness and permanency of odor to those made in this or any other country, and ladies of most exquisite taste have decided that his intentions have been successfully carried out. For Sale. HOCSE AND LOT ON TELEGRAPH AVX-nne; lot sOxUSb; house well built; nearly new; contains 7 sunny rooms, bath, ga, and all' other modern conveniences; flne garden; neighborhood unexceptional: will be sold very cheap and on easy terms because of removal to the country. Parties meaning business address Real Estate, Box S3S, Oakland Postoffice. Elegant Home for Little Mono pOAHD LOOK AT THE HOCSE JUST OOl VA pleted, on east sld West street, betwees 14ti aiHllidth streets, ror sale on installments. 7M Fourteenth atreeU J. E. gomerv street. San Francisco. Key at Damon, 807 Mont- m-tr LIST OF LETTERS. Fullowiag are the letter remaining ia the Oakland Postofflee, October 9th, 1876. Please ay advertised, and give date: Adams Mrs M 8 Allawae Miss Mary A Aratza Sra Dona Hosa Arthur Mrs M A Baliran J Bancroft John Bartlett John M Beet John A Bet A Bloeaineld HJ Buecher Mrs Bradahaw Albert Brumasin Mr J H Bryant Mr M J Buckley Mia D fjaan a Adams Grove Albrecht Armea E Ayrea D M Bsll Miss Eunice Baroa Miss Berth Beck Mrs Laara Bunen O E Blackman Arthur Ronton Albert P Braain Wm Breea Pat Brook Mr Caroline Bryant John Burgelln Louis carter John THE NATIONAL. GOLD HlfiDAL waa awarded to Bradley & Rnlafadn for the best Photograph in tba United States, and the Vienna Medal for the beat in the world Ascend in the Elevator. 439 Montgomery street. Ran Francisco. Real THE te Esta Union SITUIONS WANTED. A Competent Lad lea' Nurse. WOULD LIKE ENGAGEMENT BT THE week or month: good reference. Leave orders at Ladles' Employment office. Red Mar Tea Store, corner Clay and fourteenth streets, Oakland. oct7-lw Ceneral Housework. WANTED BT A MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN a situation to do reneral hnie work; will work for low waees. AppIS at 0 Ninth street. In rear of Union Bank. octj-w Housework SITUATION WANTED BY A MIDDLE .' V ared Iri.h woman to do housework: Is a coed wanner and lroner. Call at 517, North skis ef Third street. oMw OTTER THE FOLLOWING HOUSES FOB Sale npon the INSTALLMENT PLAN. I Carroll Mia Margaret Carey Joseph H Case Mlas Amy Clark Miss Martha Coombs Rosa Coekley John Colmon Mis Mary Con Ion John CottrellMia Hettie Craddoek Mrs K R Crosson M Cartier Mr Ada CaaaldyE Clark Hogh( Jamaa Can men Col Allen Cole Allen M Oopp Frank P Ooughlan Jahn Crowley John X Crocker Mrs HP Dahl Mr Annie' Dalle Mr M Daorice Mme Jeaans Dawes Mia Mary A HOUSE on Ban Twelfth street, north side, 9 room and bath. Lot 48x125; Charming View. HOUSES en Eighth street, mirth side, between Kirkham and Poplar rtreets; 8 ro"uu and bath. Lota 16x110 2-12. HOUSES on Adeline street near Fourteenth, west aide and rainy exposure, 8 room and bath; Lota 35x101, 35x128, and 3xl28. HOUSES on Filbert street, east aide, between Twelfth and Fourteenth Rtreets: 8 rorams and bath; Lots 40x113. Fine Cypress tree in front yarri. THE ABOVE HOUSES ARE ALL ENTIRE-ly new and with tbe exct ption of one are now oflered for the first time. They have ail been built with great care nnder onr own su pervision, and can be realird npon aa being ex ceptionally nne buildings in every particular. They are supplied with every modern convenience and have been BUILT BY DAY 1 me. iltaach prise of Saturday, is spreading herself km size and population more perceptibly rany city of CeHforni. The pest r month have speotany been prolific; ia the building line, -while thrboilding AiwIwaeV. themaalVwsr ara-afitftieTnl. IkrVarf: ft&ra tria TThimiral trVtmmi'UaA' 8hirrwk)u tuard,uioM wheat or Bdfwtl County Superintendent ; Lynca r aatlaeV ' x v ' 'til 1. Jl.-J S.-:X l.'ii 1. I Mh'Umul 4 s mm s(Va DnlifiiUt wedeivtar. . aaterior dste. -, , Coda loruse in bis oftlce. iReferred .saiaJaaV.-s.. -t 1 ' . i.i;t,. j,-, ( fThlnOceaa Kinic.from Livernool. with coal far I . .The Rhnrla TaSeTirT Aleve-?- t Tus.l W .u(s vwuiuu.kw. , ""ieetts- ,T uii. Z? -lie Sheriff pettuooedfor supplies : rr , i or stationery for' use in nu omce n uuaut ouernuuiv sua - lam zeaaiOE oi a I rtrmnto bojtoly tJ. 11. te-iwn.. tte f oHowisg tjhtihishxd nusnriss. omcers were eiocwxt to serve nunni? uie 1 rm.. mtlH-r nf nt Tra Ma A,T,Glsadin8,Treamer., , r nutisWct, was all wed for , Jowph Sorrel and W. F. Edwards, I T""" , ii.eAmi;- .e,M.v The Board.proeod6d to fix the ,o(- f--4 7" '"e JayiMS tats acuaine; chtarred I io paw w i V . ti2. It (pesrs 4&al -ttrr I suing Election, as XoUpws; iia the iBhIn Trlnmphant, Llbbey, wheat for Liverpool. Ship Anrisa, McKinley, wheat to Cork for ordrrs. Bark Jtinma J. Monlton, Atwoed, barley for Jiew xora. ' - . htp AlsaAnrlerson, wheat w Tilverpeht ' . Sfiuipi awo, wear.-wneai ToriaverpeoL , :?'-:-, . . SslaeallaMaaaBiarfTf. - - j.- Th barte ExeeMor hroncht down from Stockton ' en i&tory, a hugeamcunt of rraia which I b '-. ix't trsnwrred te th Trlnmphant." t i Mveral v.sels are delayed somewhat waiting for . yr)n to snive. It icomifi Is as fast a tu car t- fceo'-iained. . 1 ne ' t- -. "ttr WHch till mrn1r5 "tH - ft r f , Fnr'ro, aseow lr.iwl silk - -i ' ' ' "v '" ""I t conL.ur, mw t:j- wm bnraed on Saturday. 'Damage re ported at 450,000. , narine Kiwi, . QuKMSTOWN, October 8th. Amired ttiamship delphia.. ' Losdok, October 6 th Arrived steamship! "City of Richmond" Servia," from New York, lot corner of Santa Clara avenue Second avenue, Oakland; $600. Frank Joseph to Charles Cnrwen, 11-100 acres, San Lorenzo; f ,000. . . Slonkhtar Pasha and compelled him to retreat to the frontier. It is stated that 850 Turks were killed, while the Mon tenegrins Killed ana .wounded were about 115. The oppoaina forces are now confronting each other in a line extending eight miles.';' Attltade ef Use Powers. Anti-Coolie Densest tratioa ,An anti-Coolie meeting took place on Saturday night at the oorner of Broadway and Seventh street. E. J. Kelly presided, and John Baker acted as Secretary. A commTUuca tion was , received, from Einstein Bros.,' shoe manufacturers, saying that all oi their workmen intend to organize anti-Coelie 'clubs and'toj oo-operaie wiu uie wuito uax .makers. It is intended 6 have a large meeting in Oakland after the elee-tidrl is over. Communications were received from different parts of the State, savin thaV the anti-CMnese movement is r gsininTr? strength a a w a ' a tnrouguouc tne country, ana irora the reports received tnere-are en the roll of active' membershiD in this State 20,000, ho are working steadily in the cause. . v Dokscrn paper rashlona asaeer, 10M Broadwar: .' at the SeaaasUe Kxwan styles Paper Pattern at Qrerwei Baker Sawing Machine office, 1012 Broadway, .. .... . 4 I ' 1H IM l " BAVSV TOVB FUtUOTimJE paired by Bchell t aas , ,r. ,.rAJ tla whlia voa will aee ceraoaa witk a smile ea their countenance, brushing for borne te make mn for a lot of fnroltara boncbt for ad 'little money from 8ohUhajat Pcyen A lUSSt Od4 Kill Mr Oarrie Brans Thomas SHak Mia Mary Yindly Thomas Fox Miss Emma Fraaer Hngh B eaffney Mlaa Delia uarsifa humb Oiddias Mr L M Goer sen Henry Oantbler Frit Haar Henry Hain MlssAlviraB Hall 1 W Hart Jamda Harris Joseph t. ont and Haywood Mia Alma L Haycock H Hedges OH . , Hernandez Aatouie Hswett M D Hicks Gwin Hicks BW Homlsh John - Hoyt Thomasfor Howard Mlas Sate T Sampson Mrs V Hicgtns Mia Clara Jones (care of June) Johnson Sam D Judaea Mrs Anssetaa aavanaaga sua atana aouajirs TUly ferentially the existence of the agreement, but in spite of the wording of the agreements. Mr. Cowles states that the checks were paid in return for certain services rendered by General McClellan in recommending the nse of the moth Penn8ylvania,.,,fromPhUa-j0ratorto Ymaiui and other foreign Governments. As all the pay ments made to General McClellan are dated before his departure for Earope, and, as it is admitted that no practical aasaawilA aama A tSlel arTk1tl f in tTVaaflll Afll yJ BY i ivouii weiuo vi eas vhvw www-w Vletarw to tne Heateaefinrla. I " eiseruwaievw v5 v.w.v.-- wi t rk.KQtH a.t..w nSoht I ments. this exnlanation is a somewhat I Lander Mlaa Lizzte mm i tnafaanara tna ann ar aa TiraauiTit s.. 1 the Montenegrins naving recetred rein-1 , ' ,7, V Look cha N torcemts of ,1,500 ' men. " attieked rhefore, ' uiit, uie wiivk hmsws wv - Haja Mn M A a-hom it cnienr concerns ana to uie judgement ef the American people. Tae Colerade EleeUea KejraaUeaa Hajwrltiee Caafiraaea Dswrss Col.), October 8th. Later return 'rrom' comiUes not heretofore offieiallv reDorted only confirm the re-1 Naser Senaine sim in this Stats as heretofore reported V . 1 ft.!. Sa.w.i.mm .tf I t . . . - . , mi L . 4 I "r" . - camio,. vswuu wus. Awwsuui - m utese oispawnea. in agKreKaw ui uanluvan r Damon Mrs B Donnat Mr D Darklnaon James DsvU Miss 8 M Dickinson Mrs F O Eaalabrook C R FiskWmH Fischer Geo Ford John W Franeeeeho Toviaao Qslleghar Miaa Rosa Osvin John Oillard Annl Oraea A D Hagan MIdk Nellie Hal Mrs 8 J Hamel Mme P Harweod Amos Harris Mrs Mary yFor price end fnrther ' terms, call office. Boom 12, Wilcox Block, Oakland. WM. H. JORDAN, Manager Kanfman F KirwinMissMsryA Lamb (for alalia Manriee M McEnny P McooTera Mies Keosh John King Mis Ella Lens Louis Loadreaa 9 Lemons Hoot ' LewlsUrs C Lowdea James . Lnatpford Tboma M alley Miaa Maggie Matthew DrOeoO McFea Mrs Mary McOranahan J MeOnlgaa MrAnniJ MOrw Bartholomew McPhea-idge U P Moore Fred Mohrmaa Henry Moatanden A F MoyaaFO latanseaor mi4m l.fxrmslinn MMieerl hem. none I P.xiUImti ntnrttta fn n anthers af I Palmer Mlas Lottie - . , I "r . . " iPaMMrseeo of the nowers have, np to taa- present 1 the LecialAttire will exceed two thorn-1 rvrss Mrs L moment proposed a eosf ereace,-.thosghfl aaacV - X'Ms is pro&aaiy aas to us mm JJ-g- I. .e..1lw snAts rtAnefnl feelinff. 1 that th Legislature has th selectien Of I Pienoa Mrs Mary J U?. TIT' r m..'-.. 'rl.a elerel wotaa of CtAanAo, f or ?K.tr Sylria A isveiyuung is in suspense, xaa jpeia i - - ----- --- , price Lytuetoa Mr ar. filled it..r-lw Pvt'e Aefitiit intwsr tn nrorxisal of I '"' " I Bees Mrs Heme A rr" iTTT p -u 3;f . both braaehes. - v'-x - - - ; I Rickard Mies Mary W WUO puwwa. . . ....aaaaaaawaamamssssssssss-ai r,,.v MWSMWn nere eerTiam -rraeae neeoea. . r Tlse Cawe e Msnat. . ' lZTf.Lr BxLOJtADX. October ath. General Michel Mose Momt Mrs James Moore Mia Annie Xalhollaad Hugh ' Meckel Joan Jflrolan Zode COradyMr Belle Palmer Mis Battle B Pedro Jgaaaio -Parkin Mi Annie PhiUbrtek TO Pierce Harry O Pool 8 a 1 Perter Mr J C racy. ; Jhe counsel argued the dp. I spsacstkrajse epeaeer toWi J-JZL - v77?-v.v mm fWnns I StSBWOOd J BL , WlU He' ll v.. v.a.tiCLMw , intha CJountT (JOUTt SO-CST Ull SaaBaea Mrs x.eru-j "w, Z,'tt-1 "n.a I Boaaaa J wa- TiaJubaeeathssciiaiJldWyeaTSloase oi mwm nuut waa - isni i genntltstat ft T, , , ,i. ;-oji:uv.r-1slfiiJiiitvvlMBnwl-U iba ia-1 Sholl Mia - Da cauea on in anuapauon m. a twi .- , : I Rmitk air Mary newalof Bastmuef mtlie trpWnfc W -ill tuuwou,uu "'.'-1 ramr joe RMsMaklai-- Prwaauiair totmAtT- .i c Ai.aita.-' ? S 2 . murrer and the Court set October BucHABXsTi Obex 9th. Th Prince 1 11th as the day for decision -- a s . a J lull IV. I - ' i " . .. Ol HOiawua nu Uniu vtu H gcrJ EUH 4 EMPLOYS NOXM faar armw and ' reserve tO assemble for I Bat ike seat of ateohaalca. j : L ? . ili : - tnanouvers. .-'r Vlaa Casaala Ceaeralai mw esse BASoixoiiA. October, 9th. -General Martines Campos has not accepted the jav a a e a a Uaneraiaaip w uaoa. ;. . Te Taw laBosTne place te aw year Hats Is 153 Broadway. Sere yonr aos . ras aaiaSS SO worth SS 09, Walktng hak S3 0-worth 3t5. OiUdreas aatsS cent worts COS. CaU aadaeaadeaaaafl4. Whsaler Baymond Mr J K Beam Mrs John RldalaCL Roman BB Bobiaion J A Baddy Miss Xactia Buill John Bargeat Mrs Batma s 8 arrant Timothy Ml' WsUTSVINCt Beat aad easasrst -atoee tegetytrar whitening dea mat How DooJit- tWa, corner Ninth aad Bxoadwayppoait Oaiea Also, atga pa'nnng, patata, m, etc aUsxsas Paicaa Accovn Boos.-Onr stock of Acoount Books embraces every kind which can be kept ready -made." W buy direct from the la stare Kanttfactarer, and believe ear TJrlcet are lower thaa Baa Yraaeisce retail prieeB. we would aarneatry aoUclt aa esaav taattea of ear stock aad" prices front all who propose tarylng." Special patterns of aon books made to rdar prompUy, tjjmtn B .Seaborn Mrs Sekacker Hsary oaarp arrs a a , , Smyth Mrs J H 1 Smith Shea Mary ? --je--e- Steven Henry (for Steven Mrs Bella weraaaa atias at mt Dtepaeosoa suss cam iepaeaaoa atlas I Moat Jamea - - Tavler John V A - Tet-hMuajwleda inompeoa wm , , , atary . Twwaawad O K - - t Teohig Mr Kate Tncker T J (for Mr Hedinetrm TadetaiU AOs rraad .Wadham Mr B L . . WareOeoW ' weeuers sare aeas. i trWh A BT ' t" Willy aUssSarsB '.Williams Kiss Litita '.Wintame Mrs Lewis . .WUseae-B - Wilson Ml Jails A I W.naot Hark Woodward Mra Bsallw Waloost Mm JallaB ' Wood MHs He'ea - j Wright Mis Bmata Travte B M Tneker Vr John TT risen Mr Jaae ' Telkers Hsary ' ... Wadsworth Mart . Walker Wm A Ward Mrs B a . . Wheeler Mrs . t Wtekwar Fred Williamsoa a A (fur -JohaSMewain . wusoa w. Cook. AFIRST-CXAS3 COOK WISHES A SITCA-tton; would do general homework; one baa lately arrived from tbe East. Address Mrs. Thomp-son, Oakland postofflee. o4-lw Amerioan Clrl. A CAPABLE AXltRICAN GIRL WISHES A petition to do drewmaklDg and plain sew-ins in a private family; best of references. Call at 711 Fifth street, between Castro and Brush. o3-l Chambermaid or Housework. A GOOD GIRL WAKTS A SITUATION AS J. chambermaid awl waitinfr, or seneral boeno. ty. Inquire of Dr. work, in Lllienkrantz, imaU private rall , 353 Twelfth streeu A Dressmaker WI5HKSTOOOOCT BT THB DAT. at 7IS Sixth street. CALL o-w A Competent Clrl TIT ANTS A 8ITCATI05 TO DO DP STAIRS v v won ana we care or children. 408 Thirteenth street, Kranklln. north side. between AdoIv at Broadway and oJ-lw Situation Wanted. WASTED BT AH R3GLUHXAN ANDWIFI sltnatlnaonaraach or private family; the man la a practical cardeaer. also anderstands the care and manarement of horses, driving, milk lac, etc, the woman la a first -class cook and general bouse servant; wm take separate places. Refer - srwi a i a law emce. s8-a LABOR. at the N OTI C E ! It is refreshing in these days of ex travagant rents for business locations to notice that there is one large establishment which has for years occupied the largest salesroom in San Francisco at a nominal rent, sarinir by location $2,000 per month, where can be found an immense stock of staple Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes and Clothing. I offer the best, yard wide, all wool, Bed and White Flannel, for .50 cents per yard, erer offered at retail. Also, my Canton Flannel for 15 cents per yard. is not to be equalled. I would respect fully invite aa examination bt my stock, when it will be apparent that my immense saring in expense tells in the price of goods. ROBERT FLEHHIKEII, T d TS8 HONTGOMKBY STREET, Bet. Washington and Jackson streets, San ITranoisoo. Crocer. OTTCATIOW WANTED BT A YOTTKrJ MAW O rn a rrocerv etnr. Hat a knowledM of book- keepiog; can sat aeeslasmaa, o make himself sen- erauy asasi. - Ataucs v. a. tt, oetaatcetjqx l Rooms and Board. T)LKASA5T, BDSBT BOOMS WITH PI EST- elaa heard eaa a he at Mr. M. B. SnaWs. ttoaal ehercb; day boaieera Mo. Noe Washington street, opposite Congress- eera also oeeirea. ee-lw Tm Lett. A BlCB,sinrwBT PBOkT BOOM WITH BAY J. window and all medara conveniences. Apply at corner of seventeenth street aad Telegraph avenue. , v ... eo-tw Mrs. O. Mitdahk. PBTHCIPAL OP THB OAKLAKD KIBBER-garten,S3S Brash street, wenM Bke te take drawtne, arDelng Term liberal. more pnpils for sewing and by machine, fancy vawmir, smyina mom ucrmaa rnstone, TB aer SSliKCT SCHOOL, from S:M to S o'clock r. a. catt at tae achoet.eetA.lBi Silver watch. TobBta, maker, was toe aaonocrara "A. A. B." ea tbe case. Tbesamc waa mach valued, aa n waa a gift frem a relative. Tb Snder wm therefore cen- ler a areat ravor aae tvetv a setts M reward bv leaving il at the residence n J, f stbews, artb- weas, . corsar xewgrapa aveune son seventeenta street. ee-tw frltuaUan Wanted. BT ATOUSG GIBMAH GIRLIJTKAESOLD, te take care of Wren or do housework. Ad- eresa "Aeee" tM -ee-twe i Children to Board. rrrWOOBTHbKB T'HJXO CHILDBTB CAB JL have a good now by ai plytng to Hi, HJA. Onrtia, MyrtM street Between Third aad Fifth: ae ether children In the family; tens reasonable: best ef reierence iri vea. , - w -, Futniahwd Boom. i.i. r.cTiia street; soitabte it honkeepttg sntteB sad wtfe: canv.tite.nce of not arm cold aam: Teter- mrrm riven -1 rwini-!, f 0 TTiOLT-TWf) irsKnHED- X. riarvtson tree4, bei weiB Seventh sd . BUSINESS NOTICES. Dressmakins. BT A TIRST -CLASH SBsSMAKICB, WORK, br the day In families: will do enttin. m mi. tla at home. BrMal aad party Si seats a spedalltv; anderstands rreneh draessaaktag; also plain aaam streaa and nnUaer aeairea wort; will famish asa- cnine. erms reaaoeaate. aaaresa ua Washlac- toe at., eor. Thtnaenth at. ects-tw Mllilnenr. AKD TASHTOBABTJC HATS t Mr. Jaaea nvu miih Keoma, oa Saa Pable Aveaaa. between RlitBtk and Beventeenth streets. orts-tw TOB CHIA A? pleaaa call at Mr. Jaaee Private Dress Plttins. MBA A. S, BAKER, tT AKD C EXTRA, Meek, career ef Twelfth street and Broadway, Oakland, devotes her time exclusively ta teething th celebrated Leak system far dress Biting. Also to catting and fitting all kinds of ladies' and chl.dTV-n'a garments, ot.Iw I Ladles' Employment Office. rtORNKB CLAT AKD FOURTEENTH STS. i rirst-dsjw female help ef aa wattes alwaya ea hand; an orders promptly tilled by casting or leaving orders at Red Star Tea Stem. OSke hoars from ( te 11 A. M. and 3 te t r. M. es-iwv lit. ffAVBTLIj. 1 Chinese Servant. ' JUST TBI FLACK WHXBX SELLABLE VHI-aes help can he had. Md beads, daj labor er, w mtiu wammim, sim iue aa Klgnta street, near Webster. tOO-lm AntiChineae Employment Office NO. FOOSTH STBEET, HAS OX RlVn , a nnmber of Brst-claas antsb. J. fclawle i.elejd eUi occupation, and wfll furnish them to, aB sartiea waataag hen on the shortest notice. Jena Baker, Iprietar. aolnt i Oeod Servants. ntt ACKHOWLEDQED BT ALL WHO HATS etreaiaed them that the beat ni mJT SSlIC. r7tivC5l jiSJ- C- Helbre A Oo'a, Ka, 1 Fourth street, Saa Fraedsce. hrlB-ia. I LOST. Losttft Reward. SATTJ RDAT, gEFTJWBr R ajth, GOLD CHA1 JT wBIbitw' tkaadeee ii r Lonl Wharf. Leave at this omce. e7-lw i tft Reward. T.)5r"i.'CT0BS BAB TSTB TIBET." A J eBmaa,gray ,eral.aasetha eM; has her haw nnwrousisriiie we taa aad around I near,- Has a eeftar and Ate aN.ZZ ?7. s BroSfi.- rr- DENTAL. Oantiar. D 35l'52?IF8' raTMT, 10SS BROAD war. Central Blnr. tkimmA l . H Chester Heath. TheTformet . aoad .i t.tw..r !f 7 swMBvaiaee, ana snces tor i mtammi sn.sjes rannrriss, ira . terasa. - iyiw Teeth Filled fKSTH AvTD.FlLLniq TEETH A A.i anectalty; inu, euver ase neae W mn warranted: heaatlral Set ef Teeth for tuTsnd Bp ward.- Learning gaa admMsteieS. Tea year' o isns pvawtsre. uviv, Msm dbhoc sweet aeavj Montgomery,. Take the elevator. Dr. MorSeie. Peetiss. -- . - JyMVlm HELP WANTED. ra ,-WesnTesSjajars',"a.'-..;.f: - -A CAWVASSIB WAHTXD AT THB STBCXB J. sewing Baacbiae eaBce, 10U Breadwav, Oak-aand. - . - . - ecta-lw - i American or German Clrl. WAKTBD A TOnfO AMERICA W OB GEB-tnan gM to take care ef cbiHdrea aad ee Bahter an-atalrs work. Betereno rsqntred. Apply ta person at 18 tearteanth street, comer of Foeneeuth snd BnMh. .- . ... ea-lw aVov VVanted. k BOY HOB MTEABSOLB It WANTTD XT A the uakland BUiku Parter, Feawwv, FT-v.ris "k, diwi., vmm was rssiocs wtta f. enm pi mjm i i.i. I - - Two Lresmakera. "TT WAWTED At BOOMS IT AND M, CTTTAL - Bloek. -!- .' r. . , " A Purs a ok. gATrTJAT rrrs-i vtef at 4- Twei.!! rwi. .f TWTJND A - B osd T'VTf s "m v

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