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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 2

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 2

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
Issue Date:

I zALIiAHB-iJAILY i EVENING 1 TBIBTJNE. SATURDAY. eXANATJBX 21, 3893. KAIliROADBk MEW UUSIC HOUSE. CLEVELAND INTER ViEWED. BANKS. STOCKS AND BONDS. tABfxaxcuco, January 31 ICS, Sxb. Axxaaw Bib. axaat TOTITXO STXTI3 BONDS. Cams llSX U'4. Cpnx 1 is registrd 111 J.ig reui XtlBTHS. OltTHS aVHO AU ewrtera er fair eshtxM sausf se efeixaot ent (Aa full nam and mddrttt of tha yersom handing taem sat for publication. AO KM. DOB AN-Ib this city. January 19, to the wife of Jamea Koran, a son. IKS Wmx POPULAR GUT PRICES I Bt Eter. lie bot JlwXsMrfll, 7Mb titles Karri i-st jlito Hears Car tic bo. MlieW Pill. Catb-ara ResalTeal 7S bot CaUcara Oivtateat bos Ks C5ebot Jey nanapanLa esc bo: Totsntaln tyrtBta, Alpha Crease 4a PoxmmU's Powder La bl aane Powder I iffut' Deva Wc I fKe I bot Jjc bot box box kox box i i IriCoodnJ ink UcAf lx. Br. mall ibe itt jbi a ix. Beat, me I too ax Arm -mr't It. baI, aaall 4J-- 4riar (x. Bf. raadlam .7 ar JjUB 90c bo: VoafuaTa Food ic tin laaofltlOoamfc. frx un irMand i 7 5 WHOLESALE AND Icntli an4 Broadway, ALAMEDA. 0f ths City Soath Of the Estuary. AlXXnt, Jxnuxxy 21. An czteution Mo booa ssaooxl xaiuet'iba Ai ouoorff -yfUU oa 4terM o( lorooloaaro (or 7tfl7 03 Ua4. loeaud on Alau xTtaat. Mr. tad Un. a a Ya.s wlU visit GorosnT, snd apon UIr rtlttrt otop At too Wond yir. -v Parbxxa Vbl dtpartod today for WMkv far loo auid oiaar andaa, i a. 0 0 is i OFFICIAL TIMxS TABLiEL ClIUID, SAI LE1IDE0 AID lATIaBi. ELECTRIC RAILWAY. Cars Coaaect at Iw.nty-thlrd Aveaae, Xast Oakland, With eaee aad everr local (broad gauge) train and ferry service, Commencing with tbe bort leaving foot of Market street, San Franciseo, at 6 a. xl. and enoiux with the boat leavlnx r. xT-Traina leave Bros way. Oakland, about sunBies laceb A. L. Stose. fecretary. SOUTHERN PACIFIC COMPANY. Tralaa leave aad sr. das to arrive at L1AVS FB.0M DECEMBERS, lf92. ABMVS a. IBenlci. Kumsey and I Sacramento i I 6:45 r. Hay w.iMs.Niles andSan IJose, -fGilrov. Tree Ph i Pajaro. Santa Crux, I N.ioterey. Salinaa. San VM A. UJOA. Miroel, F-o Boides and Sant Margarita (ban l.uis Obispo) and princi-j 15:50 T. pal Way Stations Martinez, Avon, i San.) ftamon. Vkllejo and Calistoga El Verano and Santa) Rosa Sacramento, Redd-ugJ via Davis Atlantic Express for) Ogdenand East ......,) Niles. Kan Joae, Ptock-' 7i8 a. 758 a. 850 A. 8:30 a. 827 A. 90 A. 9 :30 A 1227 r. 15 r. 825 r. 428 F. 4-28 r. 4:82 r. 5J8 r. 6:27 P. 6:30 r. 17:30 r. 7i30p. 5-30 T. 6:45 T. 9:10 V. 450 r. Jton, Gait. Ion--. Sacra-f m- nto.Marysvilie.Oro viile end Red Blut 5 New Orleans for 1 os Angeles, Ueuw ine. El Paso, New Or-C leans and East Stockton and Milton (Uaywirds, Nile aad Llv. rmore J. Vallejo and 8:10 r. 8:10 T. 6:50 r. 11:45 A. uaywards. Mies ana San Jose. Martinez, Vallejo, Calle-toga. nta SManiuez, Walnut Creek, San Ramon. Stockton, Merced and Freino. 9:20 a. Niles and Livermore. Beniciaaud Sacramento i Woodland and SLos Angelas Express for Fresno, Tulare. Bakers-f field. Santa Barbara, I Los Angeles. 80 A. 9:45 a. 9:46 A. 8:46 A (Middle Route Atlsnrici Eznress for MoiaveJ 8:45 A. and East (Haywards, Niles ex for 6g- ssa for I Marys- I San Jose. 7:20 i. European Mail deu and East I Vallejo 10:15 A. 58:10 p. (Oregon Expresa fort I bacramento, Marys- ville. Cbico, Redding. .7:15 A Portland, puget touud and Fast Narrow Gauge, 14th and Franklin Sts. (HuuterV Train for New 5UM5 ark. Alviso, San Jose, and Los Gatoa 17:59 P. iNewark.Centervi!ls,Sank I Jos. Felton and Seutax Crux 8:19 a. 3:15 6:14 P. i iCentervllle.San Jose.Al-) maden. Feitnc, Houl der reek Santa CrnzV Center ville. San Jose t( l.oa (iatoa 9:44 A A for Wortiiuic. for Aft-rnoon. Bnndeys excepted. ISundava only. fConnectlons made at San Jose. 6Satnrdara only. ill The PACIFIC TRANSFER COMPANY will ca 1 for and check baeaaee from hotels and residenrea Inquire of Ticket Agents for time cards other Information. Local and Ihrouen Tickets sold an a tion given by J. ii. WEIGHT, liX vOXs, AGENT, AGXNT. Sixteenth St. Station. Seventh Broadway, RICHARD GRAY. T. H. GOODMAN, Gen. Traf. Manager. Gen'l Passenger Agent LuUL Ujl lllll.vS. NlBBOW GACOe. To Oakland and Alamkda. from 8an Fran. Cisco. Daily 67:15, 8:45, 1:15.9:45.10:16. 10:45, 11:15, 11.45 12:15, 12:45, 1:15, 1:45, 2:16, 3:15, 4:15, 4:45. 6:16. 5.4o. 15, 6:15, 7:30, 8:30. 9.30, 10:45, 11:45 p. in. From Focrte kth and Frakklin! STRxr.Ta, Oakland, to Ss Francisco $6:4. 7:15. 7 45. 8:45. 9:15. 0:45. 10:15, 10:46, 11:15. 11:45 a m. 12:15, 1:15. 2 15. 2:45, 3:15. 3.45. 4:15, 4:45, 5:45. 6:15, 6:45, 8 30, 10:45. ll m. From High Strket. a to SA! Fban-Cisco. Daily $6:01, $6:31, 7:51. 8:01. 8:31. 9:81, 10:01, 10:31, 11:31 a. vt. 12:01, 12:81. 1:01. 2:01. 2:31,: 8:31, 4:01, 4:31. 5:01. 5:31. 6:01, 7:18. 8:16, :16, 10 Jl. 11:31 p. m. Hound trip tlckots to and from San Francisco, 25 rente. Ticxet offices: 613 Market straet, under Grand Hotel, an at i-errla California Railway TO MILLS COLLEGE AND UU8DBT FIRM. ErrxcTiYX. Novembxr 1892. 8CNDAY TRAINS: Leave Fruit Vale-10 a 12 st. j. 5 P. xf. Arrive Fruit and it. 50 a. m. WEEKD.4V Leave Fruit II A. 2. 4:25 p. A'rive Fruit 10:50 a.m.. 4:20 p.ll Passengers from Oakland should take train leaving Bioadway 20 minutes in advance: of leaving time as shown from Fruit Vale. Kocicd Trip Rates. Oakland to Mills j-- OCC College or Laaudry Farm iJ vr. m. bunk: 1003? i Broadway. Oazland. Traffic Manager. Sao Francisco and North Pacific Railway "Tbe Donahue Broad Gauge Route." COMMENCING ECNDVY. NOVEMBER 21 'trains leave from and arrive tbe San i Francisco Passenger vt nan, as louows: From San franrlico for Point T'baroa, Me Ttdrrc and Hna Kafaal. WEEK DAT 9:20. 11:40 a. XL, 18:30, 5KI5, 6:20 P. X. i 1 6ATCKDAY-- ONLY An extra trip at 1.50 r. m. SUNDAY 8 .00, 9J, 110 A. xu; 1:30, IXt, From Kafael 'or ran lr WEEK DA Y6-625, 745,830, :45, 6:05 P. at. SATURDAYS ONLY An extra trip at 630 P. M. KUKDAYP 8:10, 9:40. 11:10 A. xu; 1:40, 8:40, 60. 6:25 P. M- From Int Tibaron to SBn- Franeiaco. WEEK DAYS 65, grJO. 9:55 1:10,44. 6:36 P. X. SATURDAYS OKLY-iAn extra trip at 6:55 p. X. 106. 11 A. 1C. JX54fl5. 5:30, tior. m. i trry work at Ca tboorapct ior BttutM I ia azlttonoo for ih nooa5r; vaa i Itt, eempoaod of tba fo4ioraf curfedt Bt iti city. 1i dt Uu. I'tad, bum dttSonao! tUa oae. 0. cl" Ilaat Traoy Broo. 3, nd 0ors'lUddaz ot fcao- BJB jaxaaspiai ui. 1i Sbenaani Clay Co. Etttbtlth Tbintelvet in Oakland, The bruin ea community of this city baa obtained a very important acquisition through establishment of the mtuic boose of Sherman, Clay Co. ia eommodioos quarters at 1112 Broadway. The store has been elegantly aad chastely fitted up, all the far-nitnre being in white oak and the walla tintedi in a delicate shade of Use, which sets off and harmonizes splendidly the rich colors of the various raoaital instruments The cabinet, in which violins, ban jus, guitars, mandolins and other instruments are artistically displayed, is one of the lazgeat and baadaomest in this city, and it is doubtful whether there is anything of its kind on the other side of the bay that is its superior. The piano room is separated from the main store by a beautiful arch of griddle work manufactured oat of white oak and furnished with rich and elegant portieres. Sherman, Clay Co. have a complete assortment of sheet music in stock. There is no longer any necessity for musicians, amateur or professional, to cross the bay to obtain music which has not heretofore been obtainable in Oak-laud. The firm intend making a specialty of thia feature, and will offer every inducement for the home trade to remain here. This is such a commendable feature that tha public ought to give it every encouragement. Sherman, Clay Co. also keep constantly in stock a fall and complete supply of band instruments. They are also tha ageota for the 8teinway, Weber, Everett, Estey, Emerson and Cornett pianos, and for the Estey, Story and Clark organs, a large stock of which instruments is kept constantly on hand. The fittings of the store are very pleasing to the eye, and the chairs provided for the use of customers and visitors are unique in design and the very acme of cemfort, Tne establishment will be open tonight for business, but Monday has been specially set apart by Sherman, Clay Co. as the opening day. A FES11VAL. CONCERT, Olvaa br tba Toaic Maa'a Cnrlatlaa Aasoelaile. The grand festival ooncsrt given last night nndar the aospices of the Young Man's Christian Asaooixtion at tbe Firat Oonaragxtioaal Cuureb fided tba house. Tua following programme wax presented: Organ solo, "Offerlotare Julet Grtion M. firotberlek. Chorus. "How Lovaly Ara tbe tt faml) MtHfltlnohn Cbolra. Soprano solo, "Non Mu Mvra" Rotiini A) It Kutntrms KlaibAll. Partaonn Coven ranaongx, -Farewell" ScMumaxn Altoaolo, "La Pa.rt.ta d'Amor Fntut) Gounod Mra. Carroll-Mchoibon. r.i. "LallxbT" JJrxAixA fcAnnU aBrto" Back la. octurne fl.t minor. riano aoio, cracoTlanne i'ouerticjti Jobo W. Metcalt Cborua. "Jadga Ma. Ood" MendeUtohn ballad. 'Tba Tboru" Anon Beurl Fairweaiher. Quartet. tbe bad Momeut of Cotta Mra. Martin dcbultz, Mrs. i arroll Nicholson. Maura. W. a. Wood and J. M. Kobiuaou. B.n.i. 10. "Oranny'i Cradle BVcfariin uaiiaox, Mei Tnome Cbornt, "HaUelajab" (ifcMioA) handtl Tbeeummittea wb bad charge of tr-e afiair consisted or D. V. Hugbes. Ben Ciark, a E. oyd. O. M. Vesper, A. T. suiterland, Richard Mould, J. M. H. Brotbenck, orgamat; U. O. Hunt, Mias Uaorgie Koowiton, accompanists; Banham, director. PROSPECTIVE POL.ICEMEV. Thy Will Ba Kt.wiuMl for Appointment on Next Moo 'ar Morn In. Next Monday morning, at 10 o'clock, there, will be an examination of applicants for positions on tbe police force. The subjects include arithmetic, geography, orthography, a knowledge of the city, a knowledge of local ordinances and a good idea of the duties devolving upon members of the force. The examination' will be conducted under the auspices of the Board of Fire and Police Commissioner who will be represented by Secretary Kaufman. Ibere will be, it is expected, at least ten applicants, some of whom it is said are better qualified for the position than men already on tbe preferred list. As far as known, the applicants are Arnold Caccio, Frank Fisher, E. P. Uynes, Percy Jacobus, P. McKay, E. H. Mc-Lartghlio, J. C. Rodgers, George J. Kyte. SLIGHTLY MIXED. IV aide ir loaleee aad Bit WU AM at Outa. Waldermar Poulsen and wife, Barbara, are at outs. She has sued him for 11000, and he in' tarn demands $2315. Mrs. Poulsen received $1000 on tbe amount of a life insurance policy on the death of ber former husband, J. F. Kossennan, and claims that she turned it over to Foulsen. Her husband declares that be used a portion in paying the funeral expenses of Mrs. Poulsen's daughter. He also alleges that his wife has appropriated $2315, which be gave her for the purpose of purchasing a home. He therefore enters a counter suit. Tbe xhlbit at Chteage. The Directors of the World's Fair Association met yesterday afternoon. George Schmidt, the newly-elected member, took hie seat, vice Major Mc-Eiraih, resigned. J. L. Welmore, George Schmidt aad J. W. Whipple were appointed a Committee on Viticulture, to look after that feature of tbe exhibit at the World'a Fair. Tba Committee ou tbe Exhibit at San Francisco reported that the cost of that display np to date was $782. The association intends to profit by the experience it hsa obtained in m-petition with the counties of Placer, Butte, Sacramento and others in tbe display at tbe Pavilion ia 8aa Fran cisco. The members admit that while the present exhibit is good, so far as it goes, it is not demonstrative enough to attract the public like tbe displays of the counties referred to. The idea is now entertained of hiring an architect to design a plan for the exhibit at Chicago, by means of which it will be possible for the county to attract the visitor long before he will stumble apon it as is now tha am in San Francisco. Slieiaai SraaM, Jadga Ellsworth yesterdey granted a divorce to Mary L. Farmer irom. W. Farmer on a charge of Loq has been, granted a divorce from Waine af. IiOgg oa the ground of wiUfulgect. xtleeewwxawavi'. i AmoaF: lood, father-'of Pr. W. H. Bjoo ot this ddrcdUed a 7 Chico, this morning. Mr. Blood -was a aativab Rochester, N. Taad was 69 years of age. lHk- Oakland Bank of Savings COS. BROAD WAT AND TWELFTH ST, IxcoxpoBatxd 1S67. iDtfcorizsd Cipittl, -Capital paid in HiSEfU Deposit Jan. 1, 1833 i E. W. W. Gaxthwaits $1,609,000 .782,283 President Cashier W. Darts, John S. Drum, E. A. Haines, TORS. James Moffltt, E. W. Playter. Itaat Kequs, v. js. Miner, raury xtogcra. E. C. Fefslous. General Backing Busines tranated. Interest no ii Term Dpositx Loanaou Real V.i.i. wau I Collateral at Lowest Market Pxiscipal C0BBE6P0SDENTS. Sa Fnneiieo Bank of Caiifn.nt. Anglo-Calx Hank. LA Nevada Bank. i JSfti Tort, Laidlaw Co Cbieaoo, Continental National BanV London. N. M. Kothschild i ona 1-1 First National Bank of N. E. Cor. Tenth and Broadway. I I Capital Stock Paid I a3oo.oorf a W. McNEAR A. D. I O. Presides Presllejt Ol SECTORS. G. W. McNear, W. P. Jone. A. J. Snyder. Wallace Everson. J. 8. Cone. C. D. Pierce. P. E. Bowles. L. C. Moreiouse. A. D. Thomson. W. Mcear L. Q. Burpee. Transacts a general bnxing business. Bn and sells exchanxeon all tbe principal cities t-nrope ana ne unueostatea commer-' cial and trave era' leiters of credit. Coliectiorit" made and prompt returns rendered at ates oi excaouge. CALIFORNIA Bank Trust Company 1006 Brosdway. Oakland. Ca', Capital Stock alOO.OOt A. HENRY JACOB GKEENHOOD. FKANK 0. BK00K5-. Preaidei Preside Caxhl Board op Directors. A. C. Henry, Jacob Greenbood, John W. 8. M. BabMtt, Victor U. Meicaif, w. w. oilman. Charlea Jurttena. Exchange, domestic and forelgo. at enrrenl rates. Acts ax trustee for estates and Individual! American bxenauee ai clonal Bank New York: ihe bather Banklnl Company, aad Bank of California, Ban Frad Cisco. I Fuuds deposited with our correspondents paid here. Union National Bank of Oakland Located on K. cor. of Broadway and Twelfth street. Thomas Pxathxx Hon. j. vvxst Marti Charles K. palmer President vies rr sides Casbia nlRRCTOXX Hon. J. West Martin, l. Henshaw Watt, Bocrates Hnff, Edson F. adsmx, Gen. K. W. Kirkhara. k. s. Farrelly, Thomas Prather. Exchange Domeatie and Foreign, at cone' rstes. CuRRSSPOKDiMs Chemical National Ban New York; N. M. Rothschill 6oos Londo Koihsch Id Freres, Paris; Die Direction de Dl cento Gdseiiacnaft, Be tin: Hank of Calilornli First Naiioual Bank. Crocker WoolWortQ Hi tlonal Bank. Sau Francisco. Funds deposited with Correspondents pa; nere. Union Savings Ban Corner Broadway and Ninth at, Oakland. Transacts a General savings and Comaexc Business. I Capital and Reserve Fond 830O.OO0 BOARD OF West Martin! I R. W. Kirkham. Hiram Tubba, R. B. FsrreLyi f-C. iliner. Herman A. Tubbs. S. Hun, A. Al Moore. Thomas Prather, William O. Hensbaw.S J. Wkst Mauti.n President. ii Wxt. 6. Hxnsmaw Vice President. S. A. E. H. Cramer, Cashier. (f Exchange cn Eastern and Foreign cities. ft Interest allowed upou all savings deposits re- maining three calendar months beginning from tbe 1st of each month, succeeding tbe date i deposit. SO BHTRA9CX PXX. Remittance from the country can be made by express, or check upon banks in San Fran Cisco, and nook will be returned. Certificates of Deposit bearing interest payable at a date 1 agreed upon. 1 IN8TJRA5CK COMPANIKg. KEEP TOUR FEOPERTI ISSUEED- IF TBS OAKLAND HOME INSURANCE COMPANY Of Oaklafd, Cal. cash capital, SJOO.OOO OO cash Assets. 6 60.007 61 cash Surplus to Pollcy-Holdsrs 4 9 67 0 3 0 BOARD OF DIRKCT0R3 Wm. Olft, J. 8, Emerv. F. K. 8hattnck. John Crellin, J. (r. Conrad, Cbas. L. Watson. J. E. Ruggles. Wm. P. Jones, D. W. C. GaskUU M. ii. Eaatmaa, V. D. Moody. WM- P. JOSE3. President WM. F. VLOOO, Secret.ry. 1 HOME OFFICX rampiaT's Bulldlag, V. W. Cora.r Moth and Wasatac to treete. Telephone 118 TYBB1L CUr iismt. Fxid A. Campbzu. EoUcitor. PROPOSALS For Covering Certain, Portions ot the Main IMer and End Section cf the City Wharf With Bituminous Sandrock. FFICE OF THE FOAKD OF FTJBLIC Worts. CUv HalL Oakiand. January 2L189a In accoi dance wlP resolution No. 1421 of the Board of rnblic orks. sealed proposals will be received in open session of the Beard of Pub.ic Works at their office In tbe City Hall on 'luesday. tbe 31st of January 1895. from 7 :30 to r. M. for covering certain portions of the main pier and end ciion of tbe city wbsri with bitumiaous sandrock, la and for the city of Oakland All work done and material fnrnlebed to bo in accordance with tbe plans and spocidcationa bow ou in tbe office of the Department of Pobllc Works, to which reference Is hereby made for full particulars and description of said work. Bidders will ette In proposale tbe price pap square foot for doinc tne proposed work, tba quantities for tbe final estimate being -ased on -tbe certificate oi tbe Citv ng neer. -s Said work to be commei ced within days and be completed within vo davs after tbe sigo-iug of the contract to' tae said work. All work done aad material furnished to be snbjeetto tbe spproval of tbe City Engineer and to tbe satisfaction of the Beard of Publio All bids must be made upon tbe blank forms of the Board, wbiob will ba- furnished apon xp- piieatlon by the tecretary. a All bids mnst be accompanied by a check earofled by some responsible bank, made payable to the order of J-M. Brady.clerk ot the Conn- i aiLfortlouO. which check be forfeited to tbo Cltyol Oakland sheuld the bidder receiving the award fall witntw daya to enter into a con-tract and furnish a good and sufficient bead ta a sum not to exeee 81000 for the laltbfol performance of the same. Tbe Board reserves the right to reject say at all bids i By order of the Board of PnbUe Worka Or. KAUFMAN. Secretary Ho Bsllsvw i the HcKinley Bill Will I Be Repealed. 8TxJlCT82, N. January 2L Grorer Cleveland in returning from the funeral of ex-President Hayes, passed through here At the station this dialogue with a reporter took place: "Do you believe that the repeal law will be passed?" "I hope so." "Do you oppose free coinage?" "I have 'nothing to say on that iiMatim iuvu wjb vaae "Have yon anything public on tariff? Will to the offer the McKinley tariff law be repealed?" "I'd like to know what else we are in power for." Th Mraaka Seaatorablp. Lhrcour, January 21. In joint convention Powers received 40 votes, Paddock 20, the rest scattering. Paddock's friends claim that he has been made the victim of the treachery and base ingratitude of men who promised to stand by him as the first and only ehoiae and who afterward became candidates themselves. A NATCJRAli DEATH. Old John Wtleox Died After a Long II aeaa. John Wilcox, an old soldier, lived a hermit's existence about who eight miles beyond Haywards, was found dead in a creek near his cabin yesterday. He had been ill for some time and is supposed to have died while getting hix daily supply of water. The Coroner's jury returned a verdict of death from natural eases. DECOTO. DxcoTO, January 18. Miss Lilly Graesslin returned Saturday from her trip to Elk Grove. Mrs. George Stoddard and Mrs. Ora McHenry of Modes spent Suuday at Decoto as guests of E. Decoto. Miss Pearl Wells of Oakland has been spending a couple of weeks with friends here. A large acreage has been planted to potatoes on the bills this year and a large crop is expected. School com malice' I Monday with a ful attendance and with Miss May Jenkins and Miss Julia Emorson as teacher. Cotton Brothers are at work building a bulkhead on Alameda creek on the west side of tha Bell ranch bridge. The late high water washed the old one out, and the county will be to quite an expense to replace it. ihe gravel tram has been making reg ular trips tbrouith here this week with gravel for lakland. Miss Krebs of San Francisco is the guest of Mi6 Cameron of Rose Cottage this week. MISSION SAN JOSE. Mission San Jose, January 18. Miss Julia Muldoon returned from San Francisco on Saturday and will resume dressmaking here. Mr. and Mrs. Moulton of Newark were the guests of Mrs. Hebbard on Sunday. School opened on Monday with the usual number in attendance, and with Mr. Kraft of Irvington as principal and Miss Ella Sullivan of Saa Jose aa assistant. Little Elsa Ehrmann narrowly escaped a serious accident on Tuesday evening. While she was sitting in a buggy in front of her father's store the horse became frightened and began to run. Breaking off a post of Mr. Sunderer's puich it dashed down the street and Btruck a tree in front of the Laumeister place, there throwing the little girl from the baggy and breaking away, leaving the child and buggy in the road. Elsa, except being badly frightened, most fortunately escaped unhurt. COURT MOTES. E. W. Woodward bas sued Laurence S. Msgginson to recover $1500, the price of ten lots in tba Christina tract, riaintifl allege a promise of defsndant made on sale to tbird oarties. The Consul at Hall. England, bas presented a biil for $650 for taking certain depositions relative to heirs in tbe Walkerlev estate. Tbis is considered an exorbitant charge, aa only eighteen questions had to ssksd and the answers recorded. A Belllgereat Ooal-Paeer. Deputy Sheriff Lane was summoned to the Long wharf by telephone yesterday afternoon to arrest J. Grady, a coal-passer on the City of Rome. Grady, it seems, by reason of anion yules, was entitled to oe promoted to be fireman. Joe McCarthy received the position, however, and Grady proceeded to render him imapable i siving him a sound beat-imr. When Lane arrived the men had made up and no arrests were made. Good fishing for herring is to be had in the tidal canal where tbe water is tamed in from San Leandro bay. A salmon was caught on Thursday in the canal. Befa.4 Citlxeo.hlp- Fred Zelger and Jerry M. Eelleher, two applicants for citizenship, were this morning refused the neceesary papers by Jndge Ellsworth, as they could not prove a sufficient residence in the State. L.1CSKSED TO MARRY, Vixt. axaioxMca W. A. elatoab. Berkeley Mxttie Haaicom. Berkeley IS ward Sebira, Oakland Butb Charter. OaklaCd Jobs J. If ark nana. Alameda Praaeea OaTercora. Saa Franeiaco Joseph Perry, atleakm Saa Jeee Mary utter. xUsaioa Ban Joaa Henry Tnggy. Baa Franeiaco Hannah Cameron, Oakland Robert J. Jackaon. San Franeiaco Boee Salvia. Baa Franciioo STOCK UCOTATIONa WO JV) a Aex. 28 SJ 26 ....22 ....52 21 48 S4 S6 ....25 8V990 800 1 0 60 Mex 1 4001 lue a et a. su iw trpnir i a0 BallloB ..701100 40TAI 4b 100 Cballeoxe 45 i00 Baraga 1 Ool 10 8a A 3 65 to Sea; belcher 10 50 Sier Kb 1 -200 Union (0 tea Yel Jk't so 209 Cwa P. to soo Ixebeoser- as a Oca entire xtockof ladiee' wool and non brtakabie underwear at actual cost Falaee Cloak Company, 1009 Washington street. Great xtargaiaw. t- For tbe next two weeks we offer a1 large aw Stei way piano at $500.: Good second haatd at $22T. A larew new Cabiaat Brand lapricatr piaae at $29a lnullmeets at $10 par monttu i Call and examine oor large stock: iof new sad isnond hand piaaos at Oirard Piano Company, Broad way, near Tbtrteenth. Eye-opanerx, palate-ncklara, and Bight raps at Jos Bouquet's. Galiado Bar. MUXCEXLAKKOiJS BOK03. c. c. W. a 99 101)4 NRefCaHa 10S mmm Dnpoat 1(3 OntnTbaxC. 116 Bat Spa IG3 10 PaOtt 115 PcCBKR 100 w'l at. K. U0 112H r. a. 10414 Montgry at 30 Ke Co or a 109 104 a ut NPukft i P. of aria 99 102 1P.E.K. Ill i P. B. K. S7) 99 iP-BrKS 105 i V. W.tDO 1 VBBtM BS VSSxl iV. W.tas VfA IVi a.x ge JOi BA.NK STOCCi 70 72WU Peril A A. 119 121 ngveHal Bank of Cat Caisfa in AjTratCeT FlrstSat't 266 Uindoa and r. Sank Pacific CB ou Ex U8120H 13 13 WATEK hTOCKi Spring Vy Blue Lakes HP Contra Coxtx 100 Maria Ux OAS STlC3. Ceatrml Loa Angeles Oakland facts. Imp 100 42 Pae Ui Ct San Praa'CB stocktoa 75 76 72 72 KA.LRO.VU STOCCi California i03 Geary Central A 60 City umniou 48 t.etO. H. S5 Preal-lo INSCRANCK STOCKS. 103 65 44 29 191 78 AocloVer. California Commtrcf Fireman. 9. 90 ifome Mat 185 -itate larai jnioa 113 STOCKS. 7 91 168 rowDXK Atlantle D. California Giant Sitra 11 1 100 150 Vigorit to ti IVulcaa EALEi 40 Pxe. Gg Imp 50 8. V. State In vef-tmi'tit 10 Atlantie Oynamite ...40 UKAli bblAl'K lltA.NSACHONS. litKlta. Saturday, January 21tt E. Vt. Woodward and a to H. H. Apt.el. lots 13 to 17. 25 to S8. S'J. 40 block lot 2S. 29. 3C, SI. 82. block lot 39. 40. 41. block B. amended map ol Cnrlatiania tract. Berkeley, tm Same to Frank A. Pratt. loU 26. 81, 13 to 16, block lota in. 11. 12. block lot 61. bluck lots 13 to 16, block ame map. Berkeley; tiO. Same to Lakev ew and ennDj-side Improvement Company, lota 1 to 6, blocx same map; Berkeley; Hi). rame to Henry E. Alden, lots 42, 43 and 60, block tame map, Berkeley: $10. Same to L. G. Vouuk-. lota 7 to 16. block B. same map. Berkeley; tiu came to G. tSuillin-. wife of Warren leg 20 to 'ii. to So, block F. lots 28 to 42, 43, block aarae map, Oakland townahlp; I la. Same to tame, lots 7 aud 8, ock A also lots 71, 72. 73, otic F. a. me map, Berkeley tlO. Same to Zathary T. IDilea lots 30 an 1 31, block also ots 10, 11. l'i, bloc aUo tots 18 to 24. 37 am 38. block lots 27, 61,62, block F. same map, Berkeley; U0. -am to P.ul le Jarlcy, lota 17 and 18, block same map, Berkeley; l'. Same to C. wife of a. O. Werlstorm, lot 15, block B. same map. Berkeley; 10. Fruit Vale Laud Company to ieorge Edge, lot ou uonhwest ceruer of Twelfth street and Cleveland Yenue. wet VX) by north 10, lots 11 aj'i 12, block Eumingtoa tract, Brooklyn township; 120Jl Brice Brown and wife. to wife of John Hareny. lot ou north line of Eighteenth street, lw feet wtit from Wet, west 25 by north loo, portion of ock Barnes tract, Oaxiaud; tlTo A. wife of George K. Welllugroa. to William H. Peunl man, lot ou east liuaof Fulton street, 5L60 feet south from street, south 100 by east 185, lots 7 and 8, block bub-urban tract, heikeley, quitclaim; tl. K. 8turteTnt aud wife, t. to F. B. Pritcbard, lot on south line of Fortieth street, 100 feet east from Adeline street, south 1-3, east 113.76, north 99.74, west o-', portion of .01 '0 C. bohrs' Homestead, OakUud township; S10. Willirtm Veach. J. T.Glenn toCity of Oakland, lot iu south Liie of Thiity third street, 423.95 feet west from leleerapb aveDue, northwest 72.93. west lM, southeast 72.93. east to beginning, for widening Thirty-third street. North Oakland; grant. Jeunie Meyeia to v. H. Meyers, ber lota li, 57, 58, 6i, Kock Island tract, and property iu other (counties), Oaklaud township; gift J. W. Crawford to T. H. Minor, lot on north line of Crawford street, 526.1 feet weat from Hersog, west 50, north loS, east JO, touth east 50 feet of lot 27. ock B. J. W. Crawford tract (iu correction), Oakland township: ciuxDor a. aua u. ueenng to wii.iain btew art, lots 26, 27, 59, 60, corrected map Heiehts tract, Brooklyn towosnip; J-i Charles F. Camp aud wife, to Charles Smith, lot 15, seminary avenue tract, Brooklyn township; tiu. Joseph Kutherfor to Jennett Rutherford, bis wife, lot lo4, block Vincente heralta Keservatlon tract, Oaklaud township: gift. Virginio L. Frey to Charles ncflonald, lots 14 and 15, block Broadway terrace, Oakland township; I0. VMlllam U. Thomas, trustee, et to Edwin W. Woodward, undivided 15-20 of interest in 23 acres, beginning on we-t iiue of i. Feraita xe.erve. 8.S3 chains oouthwest from north wett corner thereof, southeast chains to west line of Jot 2, eubdiviaiou of said reserve, by southwest 40.80 chains, portion of lot 1, subdivision of Domingo Peraha reserve (iu trust, Oakland township; $to. Fred Edwards to lark L. McCord. lot on south lino of Butterworth. 2M feet west of Kaiston. west 4J by south lSo. portion of lot 2, block 4, Stato University Homestead Association. Berkeley: 1200. Jamea L. Barker -and wife, M. C. to Henrietta L. Smith, lot oa soutueust corner of Haste and tberman or Grove, east 125 feet, south 50. west 128. 7u. north 50.18, portion of lots 19 and 20, block 6, amended map of blocks 5 and 6, Barker tract. Berkeley; llu Henrietta. L. to James L. Barker, lot on south line of Bristol, 100 feet west from west 50 hy south 12j, portion of Hardy tract, Berkeley; 110. M. wife of G. W. Sweeney, Todd, to James M. Smith, lot ou uoitb side of Todd street, 50 feet west from Paradise, west 50 bv nortb 185, lot 14, block Paradise Pari. Oakland townihiB; lis. Mary T. to Charles G. Bimnds, lot on south corner cf Hudson and second streets, feouthw st 20o by southeB lOo. lots I. 2. 5.6, Lull subdivision of Vernon Park, TBfbescal; $lo. Louis R. Lull and wife J. P. to Mary T.O'Don-nell, lot on south corucr of Hudson street' and noyd avenue: southwest 5U8.70 by soutneast 2u0, lot lif. to 46, 50 tv 75, Lull BUodivUlon oi Vernon Park, 'lemeaual; $10. Lucas t. Brown and wife S. F. to Mark B. Temnlutbn, lot on north line of Sixteenth street, lot) feet west from feaixet. wet bu bv north l5, lora 17, 18. por ion 12, and it. block ma. need traci, Oakland; Jtiu. Matilda to Auders W. Suudell. ber huaband, lot uu east line of Chestnut st eet, 2X feat south from Tntfty -second, south no by east 132, portion lot 4. block Peraha Homestead Association, North Oacland: gift. Scotchler and wife Nellie B. and Mary A. Fitch to Anuie J. Nahl. widow, lots 6 and 7, block map portion Pitch tract, Alameda; $10. Andy L. Stone to Jackson Leboo, lot on the eatt line of Sunnyside street, 14j feet south from Orchard avenue, east 62.21. north 14J, eat 6. 51, south 140, lot 12, Marion tract, Brooklyn township; $10. Levi Vt. Kimball to Herman H. Bromley, lot on the southeast line oi Everett sire-1, 14 feet northeast from Central avenue, northeast 73:1 by southeast 132. lot 21 and 22, block 1, Chip-man blocks. MORTGAGES. Satceday. January Slat. Oeoree Edge to Fruit Vale Laud Company, as in aeed of acquirement; K03. Joae U. Berual to Charles Duerr, 109 acres on line of divided lots 47 and 49, Berual portion of raucno 11 Vaile de fcau Joae. 2J feet eat from i northwest corner of plot 49, southwest 45.71 coaiBj. southeast LB7 chains, etc portion oi plot 49, Beinti portion oi said raschu, Murray township; $2J00. W. H. Foaniman to Berkeley Bank of Savings, aa in deed of acquirement; James Williams and wife. A. to Oakland Bank of barings, lot on tbe southeast line of Elgateentb avenue, 105 feet southwest from Eaat Sixteenth street, southwest by southeast 125, portion of block 27, San Antonio; tiwO. Zachary T. Landea to E. W. Woodward, as in dead of acquirement, Berkeley: SiOOJ. Jennie b. Men-lit to Home security Building end Loan Aasociation. lo1. on the south Lne of Tnirteentb atreet, 177 feet west from Wilow. west 25 by south lad, portion of block A. Oik-land Point Homestead tract, ast Oakland; S60Q. Lizzie Halbertand William to Oakland Bank of tarings, lot oa eaat line of Fran kit afreet. 1103.2 feet north from Fourteenth, north 30 by east 1 Oakland: $2 00. J. W. Uusser to same, surrey 87 or lo: 40, ex-Miaalon San Joae, containing 87.47 aerea. except a IS acres conveyed to Brlaco et aL and Il9.n6 acres conveyed to gaa, Wasblngion township: 65uu, Alary E. Twyman ard husband, Joreph to same, lot on east line Telegraph avenue (sine widened). Lis feet aorth from Temescal avenue, north 25, east 131, portion tot 26, Temetcal park, Temeacal; tSA August WiBberg to Oakland Bank of Savings, lot oa eoothweat line of Eaat Twenty-second street, 47a fet southeast from 1 we utv-first avenaa. aontbeaat SO br aoathwest 140. sou 29 aad 21. block tj, jionbem addition to Brooklyn. Eaat Oakland: fkAOO. PIANOS 0Mtx or instathneRta. Beated adloraead for drcnlara, and Xepabad. 803 Batter i rsAjrctscfi. CURTIS January 19, to tbe wife of Bartholomew Curtln. a son. Co Januaiy 14. to tba wife of H. L. Cowlea. a daughter. IX' Kt January 13, to tbe wife of Milea Luke, a aaugniec PA OK January 16, to tba wife of J. H. Pad kin, a daughter. so it January 17. to tbe wife of Robert Em met Scott, aeon. St mi K-January 18. to the wile of Henry Schunr a son. lo t-Xf: January to the wife of St To aiAKKIEIk saw raAsrsisci. acKKm bikn January IS. Henry Aicaenna ana Bessie Burns, ootn or eaa raucirca v- hunt December 22, Hirold Mason and Belle Hunt itU -tLL-HKOWN January 19, Harry Buasellof Chicago and Mary Brown ox oak-laud. DIED. BLOOD In Chico. CaU. January 21. 1803. Amos, F. Blood, father of Or. V. H. Blood of Oakland, a native of Mew York. egeu 59 years, 9 months and 22 days, can franeiaco pspo a please capy.j Further uoiloe will appear Monday morn ing, January 2Sd. SlNDtLL-Ij thi city, January 20.M athllda, beloved wife of A. W. Suuaeil, a native of Sweden, aeed 46 Tears. 2 months and riava. xV iriends aud acquaintances are re- specuuny invited to attend lue tunerai 10-MOKBOW (Sunday), at 2 p. from ber, late residence, 20 io Chestnut street. Interment Aiount iu view cometery. IN SAX HtSCUSa I KKGCON-January 20. George Henry Fer guson, a native ot Aaniucxer, agea 54 years, iu rnouins ana 10 aays. J.nuary 20. i avid M. Tanxney. a native of Ireland, aged 19 years, 9 months ana 9 aays. Janurv20. Joseph Wilson, a native of lie. and. azed 62 rears. Jauuarv 20, WiiUamA, Brough. a native 01 cou ity. itconsiu, agea 37 years, 2 mouths and 2 dsys. jilouaay, January 23d MARK3 THE ADVENT SHERMAN, CLAY CO. (Tbe Most Extensive Mtuic Store in tbe West) INTO 1112 BROADWAY (East Side) Bet 12th and 13th Sts. A Comp ete and Well-Appointed MUSIC STORE! A place where our patrons east of tbe bay may procure PIANOS, OKGANS and Other Musical Supplies. AT oca San FrorictKCo Prices And be able to choose from the same superb assortment. PIANOS Stmnwav, Web sb, Everett, Estxv, lmeb on and coksett. ORGANS ESTEY, STOHY CLARK. Bold on Insta'lmeLts at Cash Pricea FKOPOSALS For Constructing an. Outlet Sewer for the Market and Brush Street Sewers. OFFICE OF THE BOARD OF PUBLIC Works, City Hall, Oakland. January 21. In accordance with Resolution No. 1469 of tbe Board of Puolic Works, sealed proposals will be received in ope a session of the Board of Public Works, at their otiico in the City Hall, ou Tueedav, tbe 31st day of January, 1893 from to 8:30 o'clock P. for the construction of an ontlet sewer for the Market and Brush street sewers, in and for tbe city ot Oakland. Ah work done and materials furnished to be in accordance with the plans and specifications now on file iu the office of (be Department of Public Works, to which reference hereby made for fuil particulars and description of the said work. Bidders will state iu proposals the price on the folioniflg items, to wit: Price per lineal foot for pipe furnished and laid. Price for each manhole complete With casting and connection with sewer. the estimated quantity of pipe required is 6" lineal feet of 11 inch pipe and 3 brick manholes. The said work to be commenced within 5 days and be completed wltnin 29 days from the date ol the signing of tbe contract for the said work. All work done and material furnished to ba anbject to the approval of the City Engineer and to the sUsi action of the Board of Public Works. All bids must be made upon the blank forma of th- Board, which will be furnished upon application by the -c-retary. bids must be accompanied by a check certified by some respon-ible bank, made payable to the order of J. M. Brady, Clerk of the Coum il. for not lets than tec pereentof the proposal, which check shall be forfeited to tbe. City of Oik land should tbe bidder receiving tbe award fail within 5 days to enter into a contract aud furnish a eood and sufficient bond in a rnm uot to exceed for the faithful performance ol the same. The Board reserves the right to reject any or all bids. By order of the Board of Public Works. G. C. KaCFMAN, Secretary. HUTCHISON SANBORN HAVE REMOVED Their Nursery, Flower, Seed Store From lath and Washing-ton St TO 517 14th, bet. Washington and Clay sts. Too Late for Classification. ipOR SALE AT A BARGAIN OR EXCHANGE for ciiy property A ranch, near Eunol, of 111 acree, with a cottage of Ave rooms and a barn all newly built; borders on Alameda creek, with abundance of water for bathing purposea all the year round; spring water In abundance; sultab'e for summer or health resort, or for sanitary purposes; several acres in fruit and nader cultivation. Inquire of J. H. FONtS. southeast corner of Ninth sad Washington streets. IN aborthsB'1 and typewriting in thia city; has bad experience; wags Address K. L. 420 Grove street, sa Franeiaco. T7OR KALE- BOABDINO AND LODGING boue: twenty rooms famished: neatly arranged xitehea: good range; free water: good stock of wood: one cow: two Pigs: good wagon; foorteoa boarders: wUI sell as a bargaia. Apply to T. R. business agent. 862 Broadway. LEAVE YOUR ORDtB- AT 968 CASTRO street A flrst-elaas mis for a piece; Be baa unexceptionable rafereaeee; wanes a pax-maneat -plaoe. Cail at oace if yoa went a good steady man; eaa manage ear A GOOD BOY, COLORED. AT 771 SIXTH street, wants to work; pre far tba country; age is, 4 tmeptrftla. Seat's Caster a Syrup of Plge All' oca 'a Flaters Ayer's Hair Ayer a Hln r.tftiArcth'a puis Lariat 4,. ebet bot 2.V txt 3-C bot 10c ea eoe bot lie lot lkj box loo hot K. T. Eyrlnre (wsrreilted). aa Bula PjAugr. 3 lpe Wc aa Pev Seep. 15c. 2 tor 25e Cniicar -op. exka deQaiaue but Tllet Vlacfar 7V bot Colgate' ioiiet Wtr. SOe bot Crotro Lmler 6 Uallln'a Fool, imall Mallin'a Kowd, larfc Walled Milk amtil Ma' ted Milk, larfa Horllck'a ood. mtll Harlick'a Food Urga Laeia'od fool lara Lctat4 ood. lAciaiad Food, .830 soo ...663 Trowbridge, RETAIL DRUGGISTS, 4 Oakland AT SEA. preparing to Extend "Forties Wharf" Into the Estuary. A distinctive "Homo Industry" that by certain Oaklanders has long been regarded aa conducive to health, longev ity, and good digestion, ia "water front jonpuu." The particular Utas of these jumpers ia now being determinad ia the courts, and with that this txle of Jnraper has nothing to do. This tcjla of a novelty, napaUnted innovation of joraping. Thia mornint oaa of tha employes of tha Oakland Water front Cam pan wxd aiarUatlto tea the jamper who have jampeJ tha foot of Mark at aad Castro streets and dabbed it "Fortin'e wharf," oat where the tarbid sea of the bay usually waves. They had scraper horses, swearing laborers.and a load moathed all the paraphernalia of water front jamp-ists except shotguns and dynamite, and they may have had that in their trousers pockets. "Great John Dameron!" exclaimed tha Water Front: man. "They'll jump Augel island before night," and the wind whistled against hit back teeth as he ran, open-mouthed, to tell his tale to his superior officer. There is a bulkhead at the end of For-tin's wharf. Bevond this one gets oat of California and" into the United States that is into navigable waters governed by Federal law. That is where the scraper are working at each low tide, and. it ii alleged, undoing the work that Colonel Mendel of the United States Army haa recently done in digging oat Oakland's harbor. In abort, having jumped everything in tight on shore, the jumpers are now jumping the bottom of Uncle Sam's water where he sails his ships. Mor than this, it is said that the wharves are to. be extended over the place where the scrapers are at work; that is if Uncle-Sam by his Colonel of Engineers Mendeil does not object. The Engineer Department was notified today and it ia expected that there will be interesting developments from that quarter Mjudar. OSCAR FITCH'S CASE. His Trial on the First Charge pf Embezzlement Oscar Fitch, the former superintendent of the Whitney Transfer Company, is being tried in tbe Police Court today. He was arrested on November 1st on three separate charges of embeaalement. It is claimed that while Fitch was acting as superintendent of the company, be. from time lo time, nsed various small smoants collected by him, instead of turn in them into the company's funds. The dales and amounts of the alleged embezzlements are: April 1, 1392. Angust 1, 1892, $4 50; DecOmber 1, 1S9 2, 3. The charges will each have a separate trial. The trial of the first one began Ui is morning before Jndae Ogden. A special venue of thirty-six jurymen was ifsued this morning aad it required the examination of thtrty-foor of them besore a jury waa secarea. It was not nntil nearly 1 o'clock that the last man waa secured and the case wss continued until 2:30 this afternoon. US. SCH I'bTKR WOK. Har Dtaaarrer ia ih llet Bait Baa-taiaoel br tko Oaaru The divorce esse of Phillip Schuster vs. Louisa Sch otter came ep yesterday afternoon in the Superior Court. Mrs. Schooler ix a dewcipia of "Koresh" Teed and her hatband baa sued for a divorce on the around of desertion. He is wQl- inz to allow his wife tne custody of their two daughters, but will not consent to allow a share in tne community property. His wile Interposed a desaar rer to the suit, which was sustained yea tetdty; -V Thia dacixion will co pet Schmrtav to adopt a new liae of attack if he. insists anon carrying out hie desire for a He aJlegea that Teed Is backbit: Mrs. Schuster ia a desire to obtain a Jir tratnp and atoah-; lOfck-Z cut, ttoet to lbo raaittanoe of B. CCsto tinooln aTonno U)ta aaitoblalaf fowa btitfad omttbinK to aoW At It tu a Try bnty day with tra fajBUrfaivroqdcat waa darned. Ha tuoro- npcako fit to enraa tbo aorranu and tua am Co rat UatuMa. fla waa arroaiod, and ra tan broo bi bafora Juatioa Fro bam tUd auilty and wax aant to tha County i Jail kur twaaty-flra day a. V- A rocmllar laataaca.4 4 atealUt laiunoa of dentlalry waa ro- t3u4 tbia morniac by Dr. Vlamins. A ti'jlady patlantof his taaj a ia go pat on ooo of bar front Tea th aoma tstiBoa whieb broka oil and aba awal loaaa it. Ii wax abaoqatnUy racoTarad aadrapUotd by tbo aocior. 4 A Raor4-r a Caao. 44 Ueordar Frod St. 8ura triad tbraa jnV btoralni who wara arraatedlaat KNr lot diMnbatinx tba band- bills of tat, adatarcaaat. Tba borwsra v. b9 J. Town 'add K. Jacobton. Thar xti- i $9 aaelt sad aent on tbair ways. Ci JliB-t' traa. 7 wba is JowMac artar Con-rTMrs'-wborn'aJaiorwfa bra, haa carod tvftHMtbraa afldaTtta from partita at awaar taxi tB Totad fdf xfa. UiJaorakaadt ha txiwu to rai mora toon aa eaa And tbam. Ha baa looiaa into ua taauar rrr eriuir. ana, VisdtioK from iba avrrtaoeo no obtained. aria eoobdrnt tbxt Hbborti ba ai-fawad to raiain bis aoau FECIAL 2 finished Vribbed TU-Vfata, second pf the regularMC roods, and 'aside cf a slight iffipcrfectioo axe good ralae at 35c Exunplea of UnrJDKERGHlEFS -2c 3c 5 Oc All worth THeta on Display In Our Windows. rw, Leave riMttnatinn i Arrive gan Francisco. nett'natioa. sn Kranctsco. Wf.EX SCS- I WEEK pats, days. 7:40 a. 8Ma. Petaluma A. Z-M r. aud A5 r. 10:30 A. 6A5 p. 5:00 p. f-auta 2o r. p. Boaa. i "FultoB, I'M -Windsor, I An Healdsbarw. i tM a. Lsttou feprinxs, 730 lx2 A r. Cloverdale 1 and i Way Stations. I Uopiand and 7:40 A.j 800 A.j Ukiah. 730 6 .10 p. a. I 60 A-r Guernevllle- 7 JO p. 8:30 6:10 p. a- 5x4 fi.OO P.j Gieo Ellen. 8:50 a. y. a. A.j S30 p.l 6:00 p. kebastopoL Ilu-W A-ilOOA. I p.j :10 Stagee connect at eanta Roa for Mark West Bpnnffs, at Ueyfcerville for fkafgs' Springs. Stewart's Point, Gnalalaand Point Arena: at Clover-dale for the Geysers; at Pleta for Highland bpriBga. Kelseyvlile. Soda Bay. takrport aed Bartleu bpnnxs; at Cklah for Vieby Sprloxa Saratoga bprlnga. Blue Lakes, Witter Upper lakstort, Wiilftts. Cahto. Mendocino City. Fort Brxgg. Westport, Usal, HydeavlUe and Eureka. i I EXCURSION TICKETS from Saturdays toMon-days To Peuluma, 1 50; to Santa hosa, $2 35; to Healdsburt, 13 40; to CloverdalaL S4 SO; to Hopland, To; to Uklah. 86 75: to Sebaatopol. 82 V0; to Goerneviile, 83 75i to 60; to Glen Ellen, 80. EXCURSION TICKETS, good! for Sundays only, to PatAlaxaa, 81; to Santa Bote, Si 60-. to Healdsbnrg. 26; to Cloverdale. S3: to tTklab, 84 60; to Hopiand. IS 80; to $1 80: to Goerneviile, S2 SO, to Sonoma, Glen Ellen 11 84 H. WHITING. General xfaasgak PETER 3. McGLYNN, Gen. Pasa. A Tk't Art-Ti eket Offices at Ferry; Mootgemary street. Ban Fraociaco, aad 3 Montgomery streat, saa rraaaisca BANCROFT cnoADnAy.f: i -i I slice of hia property.

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