The Kansas City Star from Kansas City, Missouri on February 23, 1969 · 91
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The Kansas City Star from Kansas City, Missouri · 91

Kansas City, Missouri
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 23, 1969
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Films This Week in Kansas City mt THE KANSAS CITY STAR 5 F On screen are these films regarded by the motion picture department as among those of more than routine interest or importance Key to symbols: G— Suggested for general audiences M — Suggested for mature audiences parental discretion advised l R— Restricted (persons under 16 not admitted unless accompanied by parent or adult guardian ) X — Persons under 16 not admitted (All ratings except those marked by an asterisk are by the motion picture industry Those marked with an asterisk are by The Star s motion picture department) "OLIVER!” (Glenwood II) —Lionel Bart's musical may have slight flaws (certainly it bowdlerizes Dickens) but under Carol Reed’s direction it makes a rich tense and engaging movie— among the best film musicals of recent years A special reason to see it besides Bart’s fine music and those lusty Hogarthian production numbers is a brilliant portrayal by Ron Moody of the most artful dodger of them all sly Fagin— G “BULLITT” (Roxy Electric)— Here is lean mean perfection in the treatment of a screen standard the detective melodrama Steve McQueen is in top form as the convention-flouting cop involved m thwarting gangsters dodging a self-seeking politician (Robert Vaughn) and romancing Jacqueline Bisset Peter Yates’s direction especially during a horrific car chase is flawless— M "ROMEO AND JULIET” (Brnokside) — Writer-director Franco Zeffirelli does some major surgery on the fabric of Shakespeare’s drama and finds a vibrant surging full-blooded new life beneath The film is deeply compelling ( especially in the portrayals by Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey as the title pair) not to mention beautiful to see and amazingly relevant to our times — M "FACES” (Kimo) — John Cassavetes as filmmaker not actor presents a devastating-ly personal abrasive series of sketches of a group of middle-aged well-to-do Californians Despite some flaws this is a powerful and important film with a documentary naturalism seldom equaled — M "ICE STATION ZEBRA” (Empire)— Rock Hudson is the captain of a nuclear submarine sent to the North Pole on a special mission Other stars in the Cinerama suspense film are Ernest Borgnine Patrick McGoohan and Jim Brown — G "THE GRADUATE” ( Screening Room ) — Alienated youth and the predatory world that alienates are studied from about every hilarious angle in this touching devastating exuberant comedy directed by-Mike Nichols It’s hard to say which is best — the direction the script or the performances by Dustin Hoffman Katherine Ross and Anne Bancroft Together they achieve a major American film triumph — M "STAR” (Glenwood) — The musical portrait of the late Gertrude Lawrence is opaque and suffers from a bad case of giantism Even so star Julie Andrews has attractive (if unenlightening) mo- “THE OUTDOORSMAN”— William A Bryant producer and photographer of this hunting and fishing adventure is seen with one of his trophies Bryant spent five years in the United States Alaska and Africa making the picture which will open Wednesday at the Ruskin Ranch Mart Centre Granada in Kansas City Kansas Englewood and Metro ments as she sings and maneuvers her way from show to show romance to romance— G "FUNNY GIRL” (Midland) —Barbra Streisand repeating her Broadway role as Fanny Brice is the best of all possible reasons to see the movie version of the musical In short she is sublime— which saves the film as a whole from suffocating under its own glossy ill-conceived hugeness — G “CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG” (Royal)— Shades of Mary Poppins— it’s Dick Van Dyke back again with a different leading lady ( Sally Ann Howes) to charm the youngsters with a tale about a nutty inventor — G "THE HEART IS A LONELY HUNTER” (Towne)— A good screenplay based on the novel by Carson McCullers and an outstanding performance by Alan Arkia as a gentle deaf mute who desperately wants to belong combine to make this film a superb dramatic achievement— M "THE SERGEANT” (Towne)— Rod Steiger is excellent as a soldier of 26 years experience who develops an unsoldierlv attachment to a young private in his company —R "GONE WITH THE WIND” (Capri)— It’s back again this time expertly converted in 70mm for wide-screen display Anyone who doubts G W T W is the greatest romantic movie ever made is hereby invited to correct his thinking— M “THE KILLING OF SISTER GEORGE” (Plaza) — Beryl Reid has moments of nearbrilliance as a lesbian TV star whose life is collapsing about her but she can not redeem this coarsened bungled filming of a fine stage play— X “CHARLY” (Embassy)— Cliff Robertson does a fine job as a retarded man given a brilliant mind through surgery However the film — pretentiously directed by Ralph Nelson from a glib script by Stirling Silliphant— is really a sci-fi soap opera posing as something significant— M "THE FLIM-FLAM MAN” (Metro)— George C Scott is the Flim-Flam man and he raises the hilarious devil down South as he cheats and runs from the law— G To Open "T H E OUTDOORSMAN” (Wednesday at Rnskin Ranch Mart Centre Granada in Kansas City Kansas Englewood and Metro) — Hunting and fishing documentary — G "UP TIGHT” (Wednesday at the Isis Dickinson and drive-ins) — Drama about the black “revolution” starring Raymond St Jacques and Ruby Dee — M “THE FIXER” Wednesday at the Towne)— Bernard Mala-mud’s novel about a Russian Jew accused of the ritual murder of a Christian boy is brought to the screen under the direction of John Franken-heimer — M mmwnoi) THEATRES This is "The Fixer’ who didn’t know he had courage until courage was all he had left Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel 1 by Bernard Malamud V the fixer reduced prices DAILY TWI-LITE hour AT AIL NON-RESERVE SEAT THEATRES Alan Bates W wioi ing ill S Dirk Bogarde Hugh Griffith Elizabeth Hartma l£ Ian Holm David Warner Carol White I — — H METROCOLOR MGN fcj I BEGINS WEDNESDAY!'! !$t Kith & i cont U conventioneers 1 AH featuring newest Buries jsrm ExlraMThReADevil't Vl AeWafsT " "“JUSS1 !1 Comedians 1 THEATER plus on Screen Bold andReveahM 'IN HOT BLOOD r and Spec' $Ho w 4:00 MOVid n Downtown 9J ADULTS ONLYl CUFF ROBERTSON CKA5I W CLAIRE BLOOM ' f TfCHN Emb 438 NICHOLS US RD Q TECHNICOLOR EMBASSY I 1:30-3:30-5:30-7:30-9:30 EMBASSY II 2:30-4:306:30-8:30 TWI-UTEHOUK 5:U0-6:30-ADULI5 J IZSj IT'S FRESH EXCITING A MOD ‘MAN AND A WOMAN 20TH CENTURY FOX COLOR BY DELUXE NO ONE UNDER 16 ADMITTED TOWNE 2 1114 MAIN TODAY AT 1:15-3:30-6:00-8:30 TWI-LITE HOUR 5:30-6:00 ADULTS 90c 2:00 PM CONT PARK 2712 s)rong— Te 1-9018 'karlEmaldenn 'BILLION DOLLAR BRAIN SINATRA "THE NAKED RUNNER" CARTOONS I Color Color PARK 2712 STRONG— TE 1-9018 Maricruz Oliver Joaquin Cordero Como Pescar Marrido” "MEXICAN NEWS REEL"— "CARTOONS' A Colores NATIONAL Indep & Hardesty THE BEATLES RICHARD WYLER YELLOW SUBMARINE” 4:00 7:10 m BARBRA STREISAND OMAR SHARIF FREE PARKING! Sallery and Library Film Programs “Modern Times” Char-e Chaplin’s last silent ill be shown at 2:30 ’clock today at the Nel-nn Gallery of Art "The Circus” (Emmet telly clown tells of the ire us) and “Calypso inger” (cartoon) will be hown at 7:30 o’clock londay night at the Van lorn branch library Yiesday night at the outhwest branch Wed-lesday night at the South-ast branch Thursday light at the Westport iranch and Friday night it -the main library "American Music: From "oik to Jazz to Pop” will ie shown at 11:45 and 2:45 o’clock Tuesday at he main library “Vermeers — The V an deegeren Fakes” (fam-us art hoax) will be in--luded in a program of ilms about art at 730 ’clock Wednesday night it the Plaza branch A film on French cook-ng with Julie Child will be shown at 2 o’clock iaturday at the Plaza branch ALSO-LIVE-ON STAGE-ln Person ALL GIRL REVUE a sun EJfijJT SMS ii nanfliinjJiniEreg "THE UGLY ONES" 2:15 5:26 :37 MATINEE 2:00 TONIGHT AT 8:30 & -Leo Mishkin Morning Telegraph “The second time I saw Oliver I found it even more enjoyable than — il — Krl” — Sheilah Graham TriG Tirbli Syndicated Columnist A big robust rogte-iik© T i A 12 jrxitidfrf — Liz Smith : i 1 f ?’ 1 1 Ci ill C k Cosmopolitan Magazine OLIVER" IS AMONG THE BEST MOVIE MUSICALS OF RECENT YEARS” Giles fowler KC Star “The best musical 1 ever seeing 5 New York Daily News RON MM OLIVER RED HAPRSECOMBE asfsgm asc af as'Mr&xotY- and SHAM 'vyAiDaTDv' SI SupgtoUd for GENERAL udinc tv 'A) iNTne ArtfJ tfedger'aasi tyJO All) Bo (tsciy-cs!ftjCltL BARI PYMxed bv lX)HN VvODLF Drsdeo Dv CAROL REED m "funny Girl " Are The luckiest People In The World TO ORDER TICKETS BY MAIL indicatedate tune number of tit kets Sendcheck or money order payable to Midland Theatre and enclose stamped self addressed envelope PRICE AND fndor Sjnoor Wetnetder Tiur UP- it under end me 1 tundor Thwtd or Me!ay Neuwy Uiwdof SCHEDULI I " M$voot H PM 00 ML 0BML 2 00 ML 130 ML MI0LAM0 GOtO 275 275 300 275 2 00 ORCHESTRA 225 2 25 2 50 225 2 00 MATINEE AT 4:30 TONIGHT AT 7:30 MIDLAND 1228 MAIN STREET CALI GR 1-7725 FROM 9 A M BOXOFFICE OPEN FROM NOON TO 8:00 LI DeteelH Frank Bullitt tnar Other Kind nrCnn! KOOK HUDSON TIM BROWN “Ice Station t Zebra” REMEMBER THE NAME- YOUR LIFE MAY DEPEND ON IT! Super Panavision® and Metrocplpr TO ORDER TICKETS BY MAIL Indicatedate time number of tickets Send check or money order payable to Empire Theatre and enclose stamped self addressed envelope a no M I 10 ML $ TO r tt 275 2 7 S3 00 ti 79 S7 n 9290 MATINEE AT 2:00 TONIGHTAT 8:00 CALL GR 1-8525FROM9 AM BOXOFFICE OPEN FROM NOON TO 8:30 rviccUEEIN AS 'BULLITT m bUG:-r ’ TD FOR MATURE AUt fCES TECHNICOLOR FROM WERNfR BROS SEVER ARTS TODAY AT 1 : 3 0-3:30-5: 30-7:30-9:30 TWI-LITE HOUR 500-530 ADULTS 5125 M C Him CHITTY BANG BANG FLIES 3 TIMES TODAY! cDickcVancDyke NEGATIVES eegins Friday F E BRUARY 28th UNIVERSAL present DAVID WARNER CILLA BLACK ZIA MOHYEDDIN DAVID WALLER ELIZABETH SPRIGGS ONE WEEK ENGAGEMENT ONLY! 2:00-4:00-6:00-8:00 NOW IN 12th BIG WEEK JOHN CASSAVETES' FACES 2:00-4:15-6:30-8:40 DAY E SCORE THEATRE j TODAY 3:00 SUNDAY and CYBELLE 7:00 ‘1 LOVE YOU’ ALICE B TOKLAS" DOUBLE MAN 3:20-8:501 FINAL 3 WEEKS! NOW AT POPULAR PRIZES 6 TRACK STEREOPHONIC SOUND 70 mm WIDE SCREEN! PBRING YOUR FAMILY IT’S Family TASTIC! 3 PERFORMANCES TODAY! 1:30-4:30-7:30 CALL GR 1-8525 FROM 9AM BOXOFFICE PPFN FROM NOON TO 8 00 (LARK GABLE VIVIEN LEIGH GONE WITH THE WIND” MATINEE AT 2:00 TONIGHT AT 7:30 - SEATS NOT RESERVED! ELIZABETH TAYLOR MIA FARROW IT S TIME TO SPEAK OF UNSPOKEN THINGS CEREMONY” IN TECHNICOLOR TODAY AT 2:00-4:00-6:1 5-8:1 5 TWI-LITE HOUR 5:45-6:) 5 - ADULTS 75c NO ONE UNDER 16 WILL BE ADMITTED! acLondtu Hunter AND FROM THIS MAN WHO COULD NOT SPLAT OR HEAR THE GIRL HLAR0 MANY THINGS IN COLOR AT 1:45-4:00-6:15-8:30 TWI-LITE HOUR 5:45-6:15 ADULTS 90c Stalking Moon U IN COLOR AT 1:00-3:00-5:00-8:45 TWI-LITE HOUR 4-30 5 00 - 50c A 75c JOANNE WOODWARD raCllGlrachel IN COLOR AT t :30-3:30-6:00-8:T 5 I GEORGE C SCOTT TWI-UTE HOUR 530-ft 00 — ADULTS 75c fhM-WMMflH N COLOR AT I :0( d STEVE IN COLOR AT I IN COLOR AT 1:00-3:00-5:00-7:001 McQUEEN 2:00-4:00-6:00-8:00 TWI-UTE HOUR4 30- 500 - 50c & 75c TWI-UTE HOUR 5 30-6 0C-ADULTS 75c A IVSan Aivd a Woman': IN COLOR AT 6:00-8:00 JOANNE WOODWARD rachel rachelj IN COLOR AT 2:15-4:15-6:15-8:15 the STALKING ® “T MOON INCOLOR AT 2:30-4:30-6:30-8:301 N c0l0R AT 2:15-4:15-6:15-8:15 TWI-UTE HOUR 5 30-600 — ADULTS 70c TWI-UTE HOUR 545-6:1 5 -ADULTS 90c TWI-LITE HOUR 6 00-6 30-ADULTS 90c TWI-LITE HOUR 545-6:15 — 50c &75c Xj X- & & &

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