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The Kansas City Times from Kansas City, Missouri • Page 1
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The Kansas City Times from Kansas City, Missouri • Page 1

Kansas City, Missouri
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(THE Morning KANSAS CITY STAR) OTIc linnsKHi (Tihj PRICE 10 CENTS KANSAS CITY FRIDAY OCTOBER 1 1 PAGES VOL 101 NO 29 Jubilant Crowds Celebrate in Detroit GUN REIN BILL CHARED Looking Forward to Weekend Adjournment Congress Steps Action on Several Key Legislative Measures Interstate Mail-Order Sales Out ACT ON DEFENSE' White House HITS AT BM Rejected Nm WALLACE Conferees Agree on a Detroit cap) while more than 30000 fans waited at Detroit's Metropolitan airport last night the triumphant Detroit Tigers landed at a nearby airport bringing the World Series baseball title to Detroit for the first time in 23 years The chartered flight had been scheduled to land at Metropolitan but the swarming greeting party forced officials to cancel all flights Still about i0C0 met the Tigers at Willow Run airport Downtown the celebration which began when Bill Free-han caught a pop foul for the last out shortly after 4 continued well into the night A symphony of motorcar horns and a blizzard of paper enveloped the area-The closing of the main Detroit air field prompted speculation about the eventual landing site Cleveland Toledo Windsor Ontario were among places mentioned More than 1000 fans assembled at Bishop airport at Flint Mich on the chance their favorites would land in that city 60 miles northwest of Detroit Despite repeated denials by airport officials the crowd many of them in pajamas waited and waited before learning they had guessed wrong The Tigers clinched their first series title in 23 years by stopping the St Louis Cardinals 4-1 If was their third straight victory after falling behind the Cardinals three games to one The downtown blizzard was a collection of tissue paper computer cards teletype pa- Continued on Page 2) Washington (AP) The Senate yesterday denied President Johnson's request for a 160-million-dollar appropriation for an increased contribution to the International Development association The Johnson administration had sought the appropriation as an initial payment on what it had hoped would be an additional contribution of 480 million dollars over (he next three years The association makes loans on liberal repayment terms to developing countries that cannot meet the credit requirements of the World Bank its parent organization CHARGES PLOT IN A FIGHT Negro Leader Claims Aim to Disrupt Black Community LASHES At BOHANNON The Rev A Johnson Says Opponent Is "Not His Own Man" President in First Active Campaign Address Backs Humphrey CITES FROM THE RECORD Johnson Notes That Alabama Nominee Once Defied Law By John Caulev (Chief of The Star's Washinaton Bureau) Washington President Johnson last night took olf the gloves in the presidential camapign slugging at Richard Nixon and George Wallace and urging Ihe election of Vice-President Humphrey and Sen Edmund Muskie as the ticket which would give the American people looking In a speech taped at the White House yesterday morning for the NBC radio network Mr Johnson said there is the difference of daylight and between the Republican and Democratic records Mr Johnson said the people that Nixon is the one who cast the tie-breaking vote that killed aid to education back when he was vice-president know that Nixon is Ihe one who said that Medicare do more harm than And they know that Nixon Record Fund of 72 Billion LOW ON FOREIGN AID Sum of 1 Billion Is Smallest in History of Program (New York Times News Service) Washington Congress) pushing for adjournment by the weekend completed action yesterday on gun control legislation restricting interstate sales of rifles shotguns and ammunition The bill the first major firearms control act to be passed by Congress in 30 years was ap-i proved by the surprisingly close vote of 160-149 in the House The compromise bill already approved by the Senate now goes lo the White House for presidential signature thus climaxing a vears-long struggle in Congress over strengthening the gun controls Opposition Crops Up The struggle flared briefly in the final moments of congressional action as representatives from rural districts teamed up once again to vote against the legislation Until the last few minutes of the roll call it was uncertain that the legislation a compromise between bills passed earlier by the House and Senate would he approved The measure falls far short of the gun controls proposed by the WHEN YOUR TEAM WINS THE WORLD SERIES it is time to howl Thousands of Detroit Tiger fans took to the streets yesterday moments after the Tigers beat the St Louis Cardinals 4-1 to win their first series title in 23 years This scene was typical Confetti computer cards and other lightweight objects created a synthetic blizzard in the downtown area (Wirephoto) No person was ever hon- APOLLO 7 READY TO GO ored for what he received Three Astronauts at Cape Kennedy Are Full of Honor has been the reward Confidence as Final Countdown Gets for what he President Under Way Calvin Coolidge (1872-1933) By Michael Salchell (A Member of The Star's Staff) Charges of a conspiracy to foment disruption and disharmony in the black IS one w10 sPeaks for the Recommunity were leveled pa) icun par'-v hat alwa-vs poses so much vital and nrogres- vesterday in another round siVf )lM4(mn 1 stve legislation In an obvious reference Wallace the presidential The Weather Sunny and Fair Mostly fair and sunny today with southerly winds of 10 to 20 miles an hour is the weather forecast for Kansas City and vicinity Partly cloudy to cloudy and a little Warmer tonight and tomorrow with south to southwest winds Precipitation probabilities 5 per cent today and 10 per cent tonight High today 70 to 75 low tonight 50 to 55 High tomorrow in the middle 70s Temperatures CHANCE OF RAIN Highlights on Inside Pages administration in the wake of assassination of sen Robert over leadership Kennedy in addition to restric- Council for United Action lions on interstate sales of fire- The Rev A Johnson who arms and ammunition the ad- un(j fast Friday was in firm ministration had proposed li- command of the organization censing of gnnow tiers and regis- said yesterday that Lee Bohan-tration of firearms non who now claims the pi esi- The licensing and registration dency was his own man proposals ran into overwhelming and was being pushed in the opposition from representatives wrong direction by an outside of Western and Southern states as well as the gun lobby As a Wants Federal Probe result Congress limited itself to The A feels that a fed imposing prohibitions against era investigation is in order and plans to proceed in this direc- in the continuing dispute of the interstate sales of firearms and candidate of the American Independent party the President spoke out against political that are seeking to di-I vide the country and to set the people against each otheiQn mutual fear and suspicion man who stood at the school house door defying the law is now pretending to be the apostle of the President said believe many Ameri-j cans will be fooled by that pose don't believe many people will he beguiled into thinking that -in a democracy can ever be achieved by empty rhetoric and violent appeals to emotion Americans are too wise to waste their votes on a false prophet of fear will they agree with Mr Wallace when he says There is not a dime's worth of between Mr Nixon land Vice-President Humphrey Because the people know the of both of these candi- record One of the longest shots ever the Detroit Tigers won the World Series by defeating the St Louis Cardinals 4-1 to capture the baseball prize four games to three Mickey Lolich the left-hander who kept Detroit hopes alive by winning the fifth game when his team trailed in games three to one yesterday outdueled Bob Gibson of the Cardinals the right-hander who gave every appearance that he would not be defeated in the series Loiich's victory yesterday put his series pitching record at 3-0 Page 14 Missouri residents will spend a record $77100000 this year for holiday liquor an executive of a major distilling firm predicts 6 Vice-President Hubert Humphrey must accept the responsibility for administration failures in Vietnam and for inflation Gov John Love of Colorado says in Topeka 7 Egypt assails the United States and Israel as spoilers of peace in the Middle East but declares support for the mission of Gunnar Jarrin the peace envoy 10 The conservative party in Britain demands severe limits on the entry of more colored immigrants but resists extremists demands for a total ban 11 The French government vetoes a merger of Fiat with Citroen 22 From ancient Greece the Olympic torch will be received at Teotihuacan where another ancient civilization thrived Editorial page 34 Party conferences this week and last in Blackpool could prove critical tests for Britain's Labor prime minister and the leader of the Tory opposition The leading editorial 34 Reports on the latest activities of the three presidential candidates is on page 36 he said Air Johnson made his statement on the street in front of A headquarters 1610 East Twelfth street He said it was by necessity He said that while he and his supporters aited inside the office shortly before 4 o'clock one of Bohannon's supporters loeked the door from the outside 17 The group had to leave through the rear of the building They discussed the situation on the street a man worked to dates' unscrew a bolt and padlock Alter citing the record of pro Bohannon and some of his fol- gressive legislation enacted un Shower Activity May Bring Delay of Launch for 24 Hours Cape Kennedy Fla (AP) Weather was bit of a question but three confident Apollo 7 astronauts yesterday were given a to blast off this morning on an 11-day space flight that could steer America back on course to the moon Even as the countdown clock began for a lift-off at 10 o'clock this morning (Kansas City time) however project officials admitted there was distinct the flight by veteran astronaut Walter Schirra jr and his two space rookie copilots Donn Eisele and Walter Cunningham will not go the full 11 days expect the and we think a distinct possi-! bility to shorten it but we are planning for the full said William Schneider Apollo 7 mission director for the Na- tional Aeronautics and Space ad-1 ministration most important learning for this flight is to determine how the spacecraft added the flight director Glynn Lun-: ney in a news conference can gain just about every systems objective in the first three or four if an equipment problem requires the mission to be terminated early he added is a little bit of a question mark at the as far as the launch is concerned said Dr Wernher von Braun director of Marshall space flight center in Huntsville Ala which developed Sat urn-Apollo rockets predictions are good but there will be some shower activity in the morning And should the shower situation indicate that the wind prior to launch may increase it may become necessary for the crew to (Continued on Page 2) ammunition thus assisting states in enforcing any gun con frol laws they may pass Aims at Mail Orders Basically the compromise hill would ban interstate mail-order sales of rifles shotguns and ammunition A similar ban on (lie sales of handguns was contained in (he crime control bill passed last summer The legislation also would restrict over-the-counter sales of firearms to out-of-state residents and ban the sale of rifles and shotguns to persons under 18 years of age and handguns to persons under 21 The gun control hill was one of Ihe last major pieces of legislation awaiting congressional ae-tion before adjournment With many members anxious to return home to participate in Columbus day ceremonies lomor-! row adjournment fever as finally gripping the lackadaisical post-convention session as the leadership began whipping through hills in an attempt to adjourn by tonight Agree on Defense Rill All that was standing between Congress and ad journment were various appropriations bills already passed by the House and Senate and in Senate-House conferences to reconcile differ cnees such as the defense and foreign aid appropriations hills Senate-House conferees i reached agreement yesterday on a compromise 72-billion-dollar defense appropriations hill he HELMSING ACTS AGAINST PAPER Bishop Asks National Catholic Reporter to Change Title The bishop of the Kansas I City-Si diocese yesterday officially con-i demned the National Catholic Reporter an independent weekly newspaper pub-j lished here He added lie did not see how sortie of its writers could escape heresy and excommunication In a scathing denunciation of the publication which he said had a the Most Rev Charles Helm-: sing asked the editors to refrain from using the word on the masthead because it does not contain the teachings is difficult to Bishop Helmsing said well-instructed writers who deliberately deny and ridicule dogmas of our Catholic faith can possibly escape the guilt of the crime defined in Canon 1325 on heresy and how they can escape the penalties of automatic excommunication entailed thereby fairness to our Catholic people I hereby issue an official condemnation of the National Catholic Reporter Furthermore I send this communication to my brother bishops and make known to the priests religious and laity of the nation my views on the poisonous character of this In his comment Bishop Helmsing acknowledged that the newspaper was founded under a policy of editorial freedom and was endorsed by the bishop upon his appointment all times it was presumed that the policy of editorial freedom was none other than that legitimate liberty declared and defended by the 'Second Vatican the bishop said Cardinal Koenig pointed out in his recent address to editors there is a legitimate freedom of opinion to be exercised by the Catholic press so long as it is absolutely loyal to the Church's Bishop Helmsing listed three specific instances in his statement on which he could con- (Continued on Page 2) No Comment From Hoyt On Bishop After reading the Most Rev Charles severe condemnation of the National Catholic Reporter Robert Hoyt editor of the newspaper said he had no comment (the board of directors) will have to consider whether we will publish an editorial response in our forthcoming he said The National Catholic Reporter a national independent weekly published here claims a circulation of 81(j00 In his statement the bishjop of the Kansas City-St Joseph diocese requested that the newspaper drop the word from its masthead is a decision for the board of Hoyt said lowers strolled up to watch the action and then went to the Methodist Inner City parish of-1 fice a block east There the youthful leader who last Friday claimed the presidency of the A in disputed parliamentary loceed i ngs scoffed at Mr Johnson's charges that he was an unwitting dupe for an outside conspiracy Roth Claim Post Johnson thinks that everybody plays by his Bohannon said is no outside conspiracy We need outside help we live here In exchanges both Mr Johnson and Bohannon stated firmly that they were president of Ihe (' A and would not relinquish the job Mr Johnson however began legal action to block Bohannon by filing an injunction against him and Gary to prevent them from taking over operation Sports 14-18 News 12 Financial News 20 21 Deaths 21 Comics Features 33 Editorials 34 der Democratic administrations the President said that Humphrey and Muskie were the ablest and most active ever to serve this country November 5 approaches I ask you to consider the stakes for you Consider the stakes for your family and your Mr Johnson said "When that day comes go to the polls then and vote your con-scienee Vote for housing for yourself and for all Americans Vote for jobs for your family and an expanding economy Vote for better schools for your children and every child for men who will continue the search for ways to reduce the awful danger of nuclear war will work for an honorable settlement of conflicts that threaten world The President criticized Nixon for advocating a in adopting a treaty against the spread of nuclear weapons warn those who postpone and procrastinate or delay this Mr Johnson said will live to regret the day when they threw overboard ev- 175-billion-dollar bill the small- er attempt to create friction in erything that America has worked so long and so hard to try to The President said deeply (Continued on Page 2 i largest single appropriations bill the organization in the history Foreign Johnson said that last Fri-aid conferees who earlier this disruption of the A week had broken off negotia- convention and the disputed tions reached agreement on a election of Bohannon was anoth-175-billion-dollar bill the smallest in the 21-year history of the the community foreign aid program and nearlv the same old trick of less than requested vide and conquer The whites by the administration (Continued on Page 2) on Unofficial Missouri river stage at 7 yesterday 75 feet no change fromc12 hours earlier FLOODS CLAIM 1600 Death Toll Mounts in Indian Weekend Disasters Calcutta India -Flash floods in the Jalpaiguri area of West Bengal state last weekend washed away 400 persons at Mai and left 500 dead in Alipur Duar the office of the Jalpaiguri deputy commissioner reported yesterday This was the first official toll announced in Jalpaiguri where unofficial sources earlier reported at least 350 were killed Counting casualties the official death total due to landslides and floods in Darjeeling and nearby areas mounted to 1600 Unofficial reports claimed more than 3000 were killed Official figures also included 200 killed in Bhutan and another 110 in Sikkim They are small Himalayan realms COURT-MARTIAL BILL Legislation Favoring Servicemen Sent to Washington The House sent to President Johnson yesterday a bill increasing safeguards for servicemen tried before military courts Among other changes the legislation provides that an accused military man may refuse to be tried by a summary court-martial an informal court consisting of a single officer He may demand qualified legal counsel at general and special courts-martial and this must be provided under all but extraordinary mili tary and geographical circum stances Robert Taylor Lung Surgery Hollywood Calif (AP)-The right lung of Robert Taylor actor has been removed because of a fungus infection known as valley fever St hospital said yesterday He was reported doing Small tumors were found during surgery Tuesday but it has not been determined if they were malignant a spokesman said Taylor 58 a veteran star and host of the Death Valley Days television show is married to actress Ursula Thiess He is expected to be hospitalized two weeks DRUGS GO TO BIAFRA Firms Sending $400000 Worth of Goods Washington The Phar- maceutical Manufacturers ciation yesterday said more than $400000 in antibiotics vitamins and other drug items donated by 25 American drug firms have begun to move inland to refugees in Biafra of the urgently needed drugs arrived early this week by air with the balance to move by ship next the trade association said FEDERAL STUDY GRANT The University of Missouri-Kansas City has received a $9-404 grant from the Department of Health Education and Welfare to study students tak-: ing vocational courses in the Kansas City high schools toi help them select fields bestj suited for them Anderson Fete Is Canceled Phone Sunday Want Ads in before noon Saturday BA Adv Dally rental and or leasing Broad wav Mtrs Broadway Adv Save afety parking worries ride with Yellow Cab OR 15000 Adv FCC Cautions NBC About 2 Quizzes ports from hanging over his head The attorney general ended the August primary election contest more than $40000 in debt He is challenged in the November election by John Danforth a wealthy Republican who yesterday announced that he had received the support of an 8th ward independent Democratic club in St Louis formed to support Sen Eugene McCarthy for President The dinner which Anderson canceled was to have included a cocktail hour at a private residence in the Ozarks and then a trip by cruiser to the resort The $1000 price was for a couple The sales office in St Louis for the resort said the dinner arrangements were being handled by Brick Storts who is in charge of the consumer-fraud division of office By Henry Clay Gold (The Star's Jsfferson City Correspondent) JEFFERSON CITY Norman Anderson attorney general of Missouri last night canceled a S1000-a-plate dinner which he had scheduled tentatively to raise funds to finance his re-election bid-The dinner which was to be held October 19 at the Tan-Tar-A resort Osage Beach Mo would have been the most costly fund-raising event sponsored bv any candidate this year in Missouri More than 50 tickets already had been sold The dinner was canceled amid reports in St Louis that pressure was being used to sell Ihe tickets Anderson a Democrat said no pressure had been applied WASHINGTON The Federal Communications commission yesterday rapped the National Broadcasting company for what it termed in connection with two television quiz programs The FCC said in a letter to NBC that while there was evidence of contest and no violation of FCC regulations the network and a Los Angeles affiliate KNBC to have failed to exercise adequate supervision of the production of the The commission said investigations revealed several celebrity guests on the quiz programs Hollywood Squares and had received either questions or questions and answers before appearing on the shows In its letter to NBC the commission said it recognized changes have been made to lessen the chance that improper practices might take but said it considered the changes inadequate No violation of FCC regulations occurred since celebritv contestants do not receive prizes but the commission said it felt advance knowledge of some of the questions or answers or both by guest artists the The commission asked NBC to more closely supervise the nationally-a i Hollywood Squares and told the Los Angeles station to take similar measures with the less widely distributed Hollywood Squares is shown in Kansas City at 10:30 Monday through Friday mornings on NBC's affiliate station WDAF is not shown in Kansas City Norman Anderson and that he wanted to cancel the dinner to keep such re Moseley Company Business Properties Adv.

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