Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 19, 1944 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 19, 1944
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ftepw «._ ^*n BONOS Vol. LXVIII, No. 219 ESTABLISHED 1885 'A Progressive Newspaper For a Progressive Community" WEATHER Occasional' Light Rain . Full Iteport On Fa*e a 'T-UESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19,1944. Leased Wire Service of the United Prea/j Price Three Cents Allied Fore I Former Local Resident Awarded Air Medal For Sweep O Holland Scene At Dinner For Naug-atuck Chemical Pensioners Work On Italian Front h:ii ; kills, [[ill. wln-iv :ln-i," tuiim- Staff Sergeant Leroy Pettibone Resided In The Pond Hill Section Staff Sergeant Lcroy Pcftlbone. f.irtm-r resident of Pond Mill, find :hr svn "f Mr. and Mrs. C. II. Pcr- kin.i "f Admiralty Village, Maine, h;is U-'-n awarded the Air M'edal for liix wurk on air rni.s.sioas ov'i-r Fiuiii-i- anil Germany. Si-rgi'.-int I'ettibcmo in ati engi- ru'iT-jjiinm'! 1 on a Liberator bomber Im-vil in Italy where he has hiTii sLiuonod fur the past sorru- ...nli- in Naugatuck, Sergeant F'l-ttil.vni: was employed hy the i Ka.iU-rn Malleable Iron Co. E-Ie lialf-hrtit.'ier. Gilbert Peru-tin still resides on Pond his parents also made until .-dtuu months ago. Tin- Itirai Air Force member en- ti-ivil the service in December, I Ml. and wus sto-Iioned first at Jrt'fi'rsun t'.arracks, Mist-jurl. Be- ,'uix- I'i'ing .shijipei! overseas. Scr- pii.til Ivuitiono received uiuchim- ic.i! <iru; gurmiM-y training at St. I.uu I.", Mo., l.'ort Leaven worth, Kansas. San Antonio, Texas, Port Kiisiis. Virginia, L'ruper. Wyoming. ' Lan-dn. Texas. Minintain Ho.-ne ' Iililio. .St. 1'aul, Minn., Lanj.-loy Fi-ld. V,-i.. Idaho, and Scutt.s- ; bluff. Nebraska. The .\Yu-.-: yonio weeks ago pub- ; lishcd a li-tter from Sergeant Pet- j finoric in wnich he stated tnat Uttly was a vi-ry poor country, la which : :he inlmbilants had llttlo. and that In- was. an.tiuus to Complete his re- . f(uired number nl tniisions itacl ;;i-t i li;n:l« to the states. ' ' Wins Air Medal S-SGT, LKKOY VKTTIUO.VJO New Books Are Listed In The Children's Library Germany's Siegfried Line Soon May Be Outflanked; Air-Borne Units Of Allies In Action Near Nazi Frontier LATE Cracked Westwall YANKS AT STOLBERG Wil.h U. S. First Army near Slolbcrg, Germany, Sept. 19— (UP)—United States tunks and infantry reached the outskirts of Stolberg late today after advancing in the face of a heavy German artillery barrage. HAIL YARDS BOMBED The adore- picture u'as tsikiMi at tlu< dinner last .Sunday ;il. Sullivan's Inn In honor of the-, pensioned em- ployi-.s of (.In- XmiRitlucl; Chemical, who also wi-ro honored guest* lit the Alembic association outing »t J.iiieli-ii park. Top row. 1,-tt to rig-lit, Charl.-.s .Johnson, IVilllujn Kcrr, Joseph Murtha. Factory Manager I'l-.Uip I-;. Kii:c, .lolin Blnni(|, Cliiirli--. Anderson :I:H! Vngvir Citdcrholm. Front row, left toright, Edwsird K.'nly. Thomas Ha.vler. Tatrick Connelly, tVillium Titlcy, Miu>iu<.-l Casey, anil Onufrlo KochanauskiiM. Mrs. D. Nowocinski Died This Morning At Her Home Mrs. r,iidu-ika Nowocinski. wife uf Iininrnic .Vo'focinski of '10 Pros- 1'i-ct jitrr.-1-t. died early this mornini: ;it her home after n lingering illin-M. She was born In Poland !unl liail bi.-i-n a resident of L'nlon City fur ,'!3 yours. Mrs, Nowocinski •v;i:i a ciiiiinuiniciint of St. f-Ccd- wi^'s church and a member of tho I'.ciM-iry sMeioty., besides her husband, «ri. four daughters. Mrs. Alice I'.nin/doivsici, Mrs. Bernard Ttad- wi<:k. .Mrs. John TcdcHCO. Mrs, Chiirli-.j Mjllnr; one son. John and s'-vi-rai grarulchildren. all of Xau- pitunk. I-. \,\ c. Henry Xowocinski, who u-iis killed in action in the ptvsrnt war. ii'as also a son. Tli'.- fum-ral will he held Thurs<'">' fit K:!Ti a. m. from the Fit/- Wralil funeral homo. 320 North it'iui ."ti-(...'t, to St. rfedwlg's church whi-n- a ri-cniii-m -\tass will be celc- m-.-ii.-il :i t ;i r/clock. Burial will be- In St. .r.-mii-s' cemetery. L r'rii-nd.-i may call at the funcrnl i-vi-ning from 7 to 10 and VVi.'dnesday from 2 to The following arc some of the now books at the Howard Whitte- morc Memorial Children's library: E''or old boys and girls: May I i Keep Dogs, Barne: Three and a | Pigeon, Bfti-ne; The First Woman i Doctor. Blaokwell; Carol on Brond! way, Boylston; Houseboat Summer, 1 Coatsworth: Separate Star, J2rd-| man; Inside the F. B. I., rilohoi-ty.- 'I'iintir and His Gang. Gaidar; Ynn-l kec Yarns. Mnrpi-r; Augustus! j Drives a Jeep, Henderson: Dorinda, I j [•iou'ard: Have You Soon Tom * "humbV T-Itint; Ann TJartlett at j Pataan, Johnson; Ann Eartlett 1 N'avy Nurse. Johnson. Camping War Fund Goal Here $25,580.00 Quota Is 33,420.00 Less Tha n Amount Sought In 'Campaign Of Last Year Heads Sky Army At the Committee mcotinfr of the Quota _- — of the -N'au^atuclt War and Woodct-art, Kephart; Whoa, j Fund hu!d hc , c on Monday it \ vas Matilda.', Lambert: Trouble at Tarn-; decided to seek the sum o'f S2. r .,5SO Lavender: Secret of the' j n the drive which will run from Closed Gate. Leiffhton; Silver for October S to November 1J.- General W.ishinRton. Mcudowcroft: j The amount is S3<120.00 les^ than Adventure North, Pinkerton; Noah; drive here last FaJI, \ylitfn the VVebNter. Father of the Dictionary,; u le total sought in the War Fund ! P'-oudfit: Flight to Glory. Purncll. ! Enemy Brothers, Savory; Tory Hole. Tharp; Meet the Mnlones, U'ebur. For younuoi- chilclren: Tommy nncl His Dos Hurry, Ferris: Legends of the United Nations, Frost; Throe Gay Fox Talcs from Grimm, Grimm; Youn^ Man of the House, Hunt; Rex nf the Coast Patrol, Johnson. Ll/.zie. Justus; Chuckle. Slc-firns; Golden Goose and Other fairy Tales, Tap pan; Many Moons, Thurber. :l'»-k ' f. in. Iti.. Hl'V nr MOMKS LOOT Kit n. N,.p t . |f, —Author' "iv attompting to jircvent -.' "f stnrrri-u-rpckcd hornesi In i communities In the path " Th-ui-Mdny'si hurricane. In I'-"tlford. Fail-haven, and "•ii-:n-.-,iith. stuta gtiardsmen re[•'""-'I th-,1 trucks «-ore used to 1111111 ."way furniture nnd clothing. President James K. Polk Expanded America's Power J'irm-H K MC , X pon^ lllh y_ gi l( 's:r|cnt, u-a.s a great expun- ;™^t. HP annexed Californlii •<"'< (CXHS. .settled the Oregon onunaary quarrel with Great ^!t,-i;n iin <; opened the groat ••-i\al Aeadoiny at Annapolis, ir «ryl.'incl in IS-ir.. •'"lay America's fighting i'i'i|nii-o backing from '"• fnint In the form of "ndsi. You can got the ffr that hacking by usr^d Hrticlos through ' w " Want Ads. News f. XMAS OVKHSKAS CKAOKs nKFOKE OCTOIIKIt J5TII Hurricane Is The Cause Of A Second Furlough quota was S29.000.00. The drive last year netted a total of contributions that amounted to approxiniaely 520,000, it was stated here today. Carl is'. Moore is chairman of the War Fund campaign hero this your. Crash Victim's Funeral Services To Be Held Wed. rmiiir- '•'"'I r siv<-nti>r>4. IIXI-N fur tin- wi'll «' n r d r 11 li «.— ,\ilv. Sergeant Francis Philinsknn of the U'nilivl States Army Air Force, who recently returned to this country after completing 50 bombing missions in the Italian theater of writ- i;; spending several days with his pn rents Mr. and Mrs. Joseph ns of Melbourne court. Sergeant Shllinskas recently completed a long furlough here and reported back to the Army Air Base at Atlantic City for classification and re-assignment. The htir- i-icanc of last week led Army authorities to evacuate as many of the Army personnel as possible in view of the storm, and the local nil-man received a short furlough home H.I a result. The Air Corps member expects an assignment wffh one of the heavy bombardment groups at an air base (n tho states, it was indicated. Funeral services for Sgt. John Kowalcwski. 331 North Main street, will be held Wcdm;sday morning at D o'clock at the Russian Orthodox church in Waterbury. S;,'t. Kowalcski. who was in an Army bomber crash in Choctawatchec ' Bay, Fla., September .11. will be given full military honors at the services. His body, accompanied by a military escort arrived this morning at the Fitzgerald funeral home on North Main street. Friends may call at the funeral homo from 2 to 5 p. m., and from 7 to 10 p. in. Sgt. Kowalcwski, spending a short leave with his wife and son, John, Jr., a little over a week ago, left for his station on the morning o!' the eleventh, and got a ride aboard a bomber heading for Elgin Field. Fla. The bomber crashed into the bay in some manner, a short distance from its destination. Two others were also killed. Burial will be in Grove cemetery. Town Hall Electrical Survey Swan Electric Co. Indicates Changes And Corrections Of Present Defects Condon, Sept. 19— (UP)— About 700 I'lying Fortresses escorted l).v an c(|iiiil nunilx.'r of fighters al^ tucked rail yards iit Hamm and .Soest in the Kuhr today. / C.-TPTUBED IJY GERMANS With U. S. Third Army in Europe, Sept. 19—(UP)—Wright Bryan, associate editor of the Atlanta Journal, was captured by Germans in the Chaumont area on September 12th and now is believed to be in Germany. oOo— STRIKE IN AUSTRIA This is one of the most recent pieliiro.s of Urut. C<:n. .Lewis Hrercton, in command of the Allied 1st Airhortii: Army which in- vadeil Holland from tile air. (International) Boro Fire Alarm System In Good Order After Storm The Nangniuc-k firo alarm system is in pretty good order after tho hurricane of l;is'. wpok. Joseph killed j Durkin. superintendent of the fii-e .-il.-irm system, s.-iid this morning. Mr. Durkin has beon checking up nn tlie wires and boxes since the storm and has been making minor repairs. 3t w;'S necessary to cut off Severn! bo.vcs during the storm, he said, but I. hi? borough wns well protected, ncvi.-rthless. Tho local system is run by batteries, and the power ci.'torf did not affect the circuits, he stated. Most of the work has ennsistcd of sawing off or otherwise re- mos-ing limbs of trees from wires or putting wire back on insulators, ho said. NKW VIOLKN'CK Worcester, -riass.. Sept. 10—(UP) — -There lu.iy been new violence in the Worcester High school Ptu- rlents' strike. The home of School Superintendent Thomas F. Power was pelted with stones, only a short time after a school cymmlt- tocrmm broadcast nn appeal to students to return to classes. The trouble began yesterday w li e n school authorities announced that dally sessions would be extended one hour. Pome 3.000 students milled through City 7-Inll, nnd engaged in brawls with police riot •sg uncls. Recreation GroupJParley The following is the complete report nf the preliminary survey of the existing electrical hazards in tile wiring- system of the Town Hal! building as submitted by the Swan Electrical Co,, which firm recently checked over the electrical system there in connection with the genern.1 safely situation of the entire structure. The Swan, Electrical Co. report is divided into six separate parts, and indicates not only sonic of the changes that should be made but also covers economies that couid be effected by the elimination oC certain phases of the electrical setup as it now exists. It is indicated that the main swich board should be re-located, totally enclosed and provided \vith safety switches. On i.hc switch board for the stage and theater operation it is recommended that it should be brought up to date by replacement. Also thai stage lighting sections should be replaced as thye .ire defective. The survey shows that the majority of this repair thought can be eliminated untl discontinued by disconnecting- the present equipment. The wiring in the attic of- the .['own I-!;x;l is said by the electrical Irm to need various minor repairs and rc-insLal.'ation and tile same New York, Sept. 19—(UP) — The Urltixh radio (heiird by CJJS) hays more than 50,000 .-Vuxtriiin and forelirR..workers.rare walked .out of Anstriu'n factories Widespread rioting is rojiorted throgh- ont the country. Immediate commander of the U. S. troops that breached the Siegfried line in the Aachen area was Ueut. Col. Frederick Giblw, of Staten ' Island, X .Y. (.International) American Legion, Auxiliary To Install Officers Wed. Veterans Plan November Event A meeting of tho Recreation Committee of the Service for Veterans will be held on Wednesday night at S o'clock in the office of the organization at 290 Church street. Mrs. Ford Wulfeck will be chairman of the meeting and all members of the committee are asked to be present in order that matters of importance may be acted upon. Commander Gaston Adams of tho ctornns of Foreign Wars announced today that Crusadci- post olrondy looking forward to the nil-key supper to be hold at the 1 post on November 25. Commander Adams states, that plans for the cver.t arc now tii tho process of being completed and | that all state and district officers 1 of thd Veterans of Foreign Wars will'be guests of the local post at the event. A special turkey event for the Saturday' before Thanksgiving is alRo being planned by the V, F. W. here, (Continued on Page S) Former Naugatuck Clergyman Now With Army In France Olliccrs of the Naugatuck post, American Legion, and its auxiliary will be installed in a joint session at the post rooms in Pythian hall Wednesday night. The auxiliary will meet at S p. m. and the installation will follow the business meeting. Charles Melville and Fcnton Niver. past commanders of Cpl. Coylc post, Waterbury, will have charge of the installation of the post oilicers and Miss Margaret Driscoll of Wntcrbury will have charge of the induction of the auxiliary heads. Post olllccrs are Commander, George E. Lewis; first vice-corn-* mar.dor, Joseph Raytkwich, Jr.; second vice-commander, Henry Bagley; adjutant, William W, Da- vision; assistant adjutant, Edward Gerber; finance officer, Alex Nolde; chaplain, Albert Rat- kiewich; historian. Victor Anderson: sergeant at arms, Frank J. Wylong. Olliccrs of the auxiliary arc: President. Mrs. Ethel Weber; first vice-president, Mrs. Mary Van. Vlandrcn; second vice - president. Mrs. Katherinc Desmond; secretary, Mrs. Thcrosa Ocmcke; chaplain, Mrs. Hazel Gunnoud; historian, Mrs, Gussie Anderson; sergoant-at-arms, Mrs. Ethel Simmons; assistant sergeant-at-arms, Mrs. Maud Lewis; treasurer, Miss Anna Noklc. • Local friends of Rev. Fc'.ix We pecho-vvski. former assistant pas- t-jr of St. .Hcdwig's R. C. church hero, nnJ now a. captain in the United States Army, have been'in- formed that the former local clergyman is now with the American Army in France. Rr : v. Werpechowski has been in the service for three years and for a long period was stationed 'at Camp Blandinjr in Florida. Some months ago the Army chaplain went to England with an American Army contingent and after a stay of tome months there, went to France with the invasion army. It is not known on what front in France, Rev. Wepecliowski is Veterans Group To Meet Tonight Letter Received From Frank Rado, Recently Wounded Private Frank Rado of the United States Army- "recently reported wounded in France, is resting in nn American Military hospital in England according to a letter received here recently. Private P*ado. wrote to his brother William, Town Treasurer and ! United States Rubber Co. employe, land stated that he had been-injured j in the foot n.nd had been shipped | back to England to recuperate. ; The wounded soldier indicated ! his belief that the letter would get ! to his family before tho War department sont ou;. 'tne oilicial noti- n'cation of his injury .and says that his name has been put on the records for a Purple Heart, insignia. Private Rado wrote that he would send the Purple Heart badge home when he received it .and told his brother, a Xavy veteran to take care of the medal for him. He inquired about Naugnuick and his friends here and hoped that everything was going along alright. Private Ratio's address is No. 3340535S, Department of Patients, •UG9, U. S. Army Hospital Plant, A. P. O. 133, A. in care of Postmaster. New York. X. Y. The Enemy's Troops Are Facing Very Serious Double-Threat GERMANS ADMIT LOSS OF BREST, FRENCH PORT ON ATLANTIC American Seventh Army Draws Closer To Route To Southwestern Germany (By United forces are sweeping over Molland and Germany's Siegfried line soon may be outflanked. A United Press front line dispatch says Allied-air borne units- are in action beyond the Rhine river at Arnheim, near the Nazi frontier. That- means a double threat to the enemy first, by driving south, the ail-borne fighters could move in bchintl tho Siegfried defenses, turning them exactly as the Germans outflanked the Maginot line in 1940. Second, the paratroopers and giidcr borne doughboys could strike 30 miles east of. Arnhcim to t)5e German frontier. Although tight censorship cloaks the exact movement .of the air borne fighters, it's apparent that they are trying to Jiold iheii- LCV- ritory unlil the British second army can join them in its drive up from the south. Powerful reinforcements have been landed, and hard fighting is reported. One junction between the airborne troops and the BHtish already has been made farther south, and the -combined forces have captured the industrial city of Eindhoven, in southern Holland, Two towns four miles north and east, of Eindhoven also have been taken and patrols arc at a canal livo miles above the city. Front dispatches say ,thc hard hitting paratroopers are spreading panic and confusion through the German rear. And reporls from Allied headquarters raise the possibility that tho British second army will be able to sweep into Germany's industrial Ruhr in much the same speed that carried the American third army across Continued on l j agc 3) Naugatuck Soldier In Ordnance Company On New Caledonia Soldier Awarded Good Conduct Medal Corporal Henry Adamson of the United States Army, who is stationed at Greenwood. Mississippi, been awarded tho Good Conduct Medal for c-VO.mpl.iry conduct n his soldierly duties, his parents, Jr. nnd Mrs. Oscar Ad.imson of iorlh rtoadlcy streel, have been | informed. fill mem- j Corporal Adamson has been in Veterans | the service nearly two years nnd is a member of the Air Corps. His address is 2122nd Base Unit, G. A. A. F. • Section C, Box -SOO. A general meeting of bers of the Service for will be held tonight at S o'clock in the parlor of the Naugatuck fire house, The principal speaker will be the administrative secretary of Greenwood, Mississippi, the grouty Mrs. Ford Wulfcck. Mrs. Wulfcck will be presented to the meeting by Director Clarence E. Jones. Mr. Jones will be introduced by Miss Helen Moroncy. It is expected that there will be a. large attendance as matters of utmost importance are to be discussed following the addresses. (Cpcclal To The Now*) Now Caledonia, South -Pacific, Sept. 19—Private Joseph C. Rusin- kovic, whose wife. Mrs. Harriet Ruzinkovic, resides at their home at 37 Ward street. NaugiUuck, Conn., is on duty on this island base with an Ordnance Supply Co. Pvt. Ruzinkovic's job consists of checking incoming and outgoing automoctivc parts for our forces on this and any other islands. His unit is n. source of supply for almost every kind of automotive supplies that you can name. Everything from radiator caps to bumpers arc stored and ready for ship- mem on :x minute's notice. Private Kuzinkovic is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ruzinkovi£, -19 ,HiU street. Waterbury, Conn. This Ordnance company is H. part ^ of the huge South Pacific General Depot, one of. the largest supply bases in the entire Pacific ocean area. Local WAC Now In California STRIKE SJ'KEAUS ! to one o'f the groups now fighting in Germany or on the frontier of that country. —Wih tin- Hiiiin at Full In i lie nlr, iDnrm Hiiil lliiil tin- nii-nn lit Jcff'M lti.«tminml. Clmrrli Ntri-rl., KITH* nnrp wjih llin w r n i. li c r i-linnets. — A<lv, Birmingham. England, Sept. in — fUP.l — A strike at the Austin Motor company plant now includes about 20,000 workers. The walkout, which is said to result from a \Vjvge dispute, originally affect- j Cd some 2,000 employes, So. Main St. Man Injured At Foundry Antonio Coito. 4-t. South Main street, was treated for second degree burns of the left leg yesterday nl Waterbury hospital yesterday. An employe of Manufacturers Foundry Co, in Waterbury, the local resident was injured while pouring molten metal at the plant Friday. He- was not kept at the hospital. <—Sinn drmvttinir ymil'iM'lr In ;l Itihfill or ivnrk. Srml tin* .liiumlry lo >41i:ili^l- l.nv. Tiill Wlhy. 5-11«K far M-rvin- <li:K. will iilrnxr ,v«n. Drivi-r will rail,—Adv. Private Mavcjorie Squires, a mer.iber of the WAC. is now stationed at Camp Roberts, California, according to word that ha-s just been received here. The locnl resident, a former em- ploye of the Naupatuck school department clerical staff, has boeii a member of the WAC for the past two months, and received her basic training- at Fort Og'lothorpe, GiiOr- ffia. Private Squires address is A- 1S070T, WAC..F, A. R. T. C., Camp Roberts, California. —Whi'ii you think of tnimlr, ililnk- «r M<-in> Miislr Mnrt. MX Clintrli utrn-t. Nhivt muhlr, riYtirriM. r(r. Jntnrd nut- Kwiird Cluli? Why not imlny?--Adv.

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