Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 18, 1944 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, September 18, 1944
Page 7
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MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 1944 NAUGATUCK DAILY" NEWS Page Bevea 0 ADS Lost Anything O| Value? Place Ari Ad With Us ..Call 2228 If You're Looking for a BARGAIN V( m'[I I'''"' •'• N'l'vn you |il;ici' :m Ad in the prepaid l«Qf» 3 lines rate *•**•* ^ 3 days CALL 2228 Today "If* rrufilalilc" For Rent I On For JU-nt street son'. i; to nctic rent on Y. M. C. Contractors Merchandise JFouscliold Article's \ Church I A. Dial I'Al'KIl HANGING Announcements AiiimunuuiiuMitM MONUMENTS Special i.i'iocs on All Memorials •V. IUCMARDS 2BO So. Muin St. Nuiigatuck VV. F. ' Tel. C-Ui Cotu, 17 mid I'aintlne. Cedar Street. Tainting PAINTING—1HA.L •fZiid AIIO.KF .1. Ki;i)ZM.\ XKW ilAVJiN KOA1J Merchandise COMVL1ST.I!; Ii o in o bought for .cash. Highest' prices paid for electric refrigerators washers, and stoves, .regardless of condition. Francis Fumiti.ire Co. 4-19 NORTH -MAIN- STERJST jl'ulophonc '3000 Personals jTvTl-: A KKCOKI) MAUK of your voii'o at our booths. Mecca Music O. Mo Hank street, Tul. -l-M-l! VVuti'i-t'Ury IT I- i-ifliT ""if 'if,"i>lll. Wi- in;iki< it fri'sh every clay. Also do cus- tiini i-'idi'r making. Win. F. ^i-liildxi-n. New Haven roucl. Employment Help Wiuitrtl—Male Automotive Aulus 1'or Sale "A sal'u place to buy and .-.oil" 1P-I1 HUDSON S12DAN Only 13,000 actual miles. l > , > ic,k;u i (l-\\";t(.c'rb(ii i y n 'Inc. •ISH Watcrtown Avenue Dial -1-U'.109 Auto I'urts Feed And Fuot OJtDi.<:ii Now—for limited supply of seasoned wood, for alovu, fireplace 'and furnace. Also field stones, Siiiul. gravel, one coal rauge, oni! gas mage, on* water 1 llotitor, niso cedar fcivcc and clothesline poles, and numerous other Reins. Lignt-trucking moving. Dial 2302 after -I p. m. G. Sulir.ardi, D3S So. Main strcot. MHchiiK-ry, JCloctrlc :DO.DG.|!: -- PLYMOUTH |i|,V Urns Howling wnntod l>y Anrnlx-r Alleys. Church street. TUO nii'ii Wiinli'd, (iiirttliiK 1 inorii- in«M, ' ••>, n '-- tu '- 1 P- m - -APPly Peter Paul inc. TWO rxpiTlrn u-iiitti'il. Apply The Ncu-3. •c-d liiiK'-lcc't-pi-rs Box "R" care of Help M'nntcd — «'A.VTKI> TO DO I'ABI- ILV LAfXDf.Y. DIAL -1003. H'O.MAN wafitt'il for genci'iil hoii.Nr- wo"It anil to care for child. Live in. Own room. Wages $100,00 month. Plal 0100 before- 0 p. m. dnlly. Service Parts, Accessories Malcolm W. Starr Corp. S Watertown Ave. Dial 5-1W6 ^ATI-IKS—Several iisod Atlus-Smith Bend and i,ognn. Also Drill Presses, Table and Bund saws, wood turning lathes am! other ninchinc tool.-i. Lincoln Store, liil • VV. M.iin St. Dial Wtby. 5-0.177, Mr. Andrews. 8 I'lKCK' Dining sale reasonable. Room suite; for 171J' Meadow 1 . St. FOK Sale f.lii'Htr, !^|iii'uc dining room set. Call at 1'otters, Pros- poet St., NjUiffntnck Ii. F. », No.2. Ladies' Coals Shortened $1.00 Ladic.s' Dresses or Skirts $.60 Carmen's Tailor, 1-17 So. Main' St Merchandise 2!) Wiiucctl To Buy BANK mifo iTcpuNlt I'oxi.'s <vant(.'<l. Highest caah prices paid. Wire collect, write or phone what you have to. offer, J. Ii. Murphcy, Kc- public G08<1, SIS Yeatman Ave., Webster Groves IS, Mo. 2'Jn Articles For Sale IJAHV unto- bods, .<;:!_!)8; baby auto Seats, Mystis talking- boards, $1.70 up. Also large selection of toys. IT-IE-RADIO SWOP 180 Grand St. Waterbury , Merchandise 301- JOHN'S MUSIC We buy, N<:)|, c.'xehancc, anil rcp;ilr nil - kinda' of instruments. Lowest prices ;in .the City, 380-382 So. M;un St., 'Watby.'Coriri. Education 31 Local And Private InH(rn<:tor« Animals Cuttle And Swine JEIISKY COW—mllfclnk 14 quarts. 32 Hondlcy street. Dial Nuuija- tuck 2170. UNITED Fenway (gray) combination oil and lias stove. Dial -1735 after 5,p. m. LADIES' & GENTLEMEN'S SUITS Tailor niudc, .$28.75. New Fall and Winter Stylcr,. JOHN MAGOXE 30T N 1 . Main St. To Buy DIAMONDS And Old Cold Bought. Wai'jh rupairini; our .^pociulty. . GRAND 'JEWELRY 112 Lri-and'Street' Dial 5-OOS2 Letters From Our Readers from Norfolk. School 1 have to my home port VVd.M.AX fur ifi'ncrnl honioworli In .MUlcKebury, \Vcok clays Only, t'art or full time. Good wnRO.i. Call U'thy. -I-'JIT], Mrs. Muncer. For Sale For VA('ANT K-riiiim, unc fumlly IKHIM- Tiu- HM!O. CiTitriilly located. Priced nvuujruiliii!. Also to room, 2 fam- !!;• housr. 'Jrul floor vacant. Price Jf.r.fid. A. Shepley, Tel. 2433, J7 1111,1. ST., K family Jst floor nviiil^ihlu Cor Immcdlntc oc- oupnncy; price $8,000. 121 Hill St.. 3 family house and 2-csir i,-arnfre, annual Income from rents. $1.032. Price S7.SOO. See Joseph V. Roako, 3 Union St. Tel. -1928 or 2502. SIX room, om.-fninlly lirui.xo, all improvements. Johnson St. Two family house on Scoct St. John Ilc.ily. Tel. 003.1. San Pedro, Cnlit'.. Supt. 10. 10-l-i. ttieic Daily Xews, Doar Sirs: After Va's boon transferred in California. I am now preparing for the commissioning of n. new (k'stroyor mine-layer, which noes Irito the water ou the 30'h OL' Sep- tumber. We are now mtikhiK tests of t-dKinecrinfr spaces before beinji accepted. Up to elate alls well anc expt-ct to l)c in I^eurl Harlior foi our Xmus dinner, "i hope." One of tho best pieces of the master mind In destroyer mine-layers, nothing in the wiciu world surpasses our supremacy in building ships for our lighting Navy. \Vol! to my friends who \-.-tsh 10 vvrite my uddruss is A. Uorgnis, \\'. T. 1-c Ij. S. S. Guia Station, San Pedro, Calif. Always. "Jumbo.'' Yanks Active On German Border 'S— Talilu .V Chair Sets, High Chairs, Rockiniy Chairs, Porch Gatea, and Play Pens, LIU-RU selection of toys. Lowest prices in town. BliACON KIDDIE CENTER 73 -GRAND ST. Wtby. DINA. SCHOOL OP MT7SIC STUDIOS—VVATBY. 4-0028 D03 South Main—11 Wilson Street Piano — Voice — Mandolin Children, Adults,.Advanced, Beginners. Rapid Piano Course for Adults .'!2a Instructions Aerobic DANCE T; 'P- Toc Ballroom Pi-i vate 01- Class • Baton. Twirling Leonard, 73 22. Main. iJ-OOJ,'3 YOUNG WKSTJiKN—I'aradc lyp.: bay horse. -Will jump gentle but not for, befrlnnei-s. Priced low for quick sale. Charles Mocckcl, New Haven Eoad, 'Naugaluck. Tel. -1385. Services .18 CUSTOM UEUrilCW-STEBtNG — Special 2-picco Suite *5» CRJKF1N UPHOLSTERING -CO. Naugatnck • Wuntcd To ficrvlce* ICI-KCTKICAJ, Hc|.»lrlnc Service Appliances a specialty. • Raj- Decker, -102 N. Main St Tel. 4000, Services 37 lIuxincHw Serviced 11,-ndcrrd 1'AUI/S UmBHKLLA SHOP Umbrellas Jt hi(fgagc nold and ro- p:iireuat-l Brook St., Waterbury. Service* One .of every 15 families in the U. S, depends upon the 7nilk industry for its livelihood. field. Masseurs needed. Evening Write for free bookie!. College • Massage, 77. Pluai, Bridg-oport, BUY WAR BONDS AND STAJHl'S EXCJSLT.ENT . ING and slip covers. Amazingly \ low prices. Allen's L T phola(.ei-:nB Studio, Maatorcraft-. Artists. 3 Grand St. Waterbury. Dial- 4-00-15 COMPLETE line of Kyanlxc paints and Varnishes. Also, Dutch Boy J'-ead. - .__.-> • OIT, HUltXICRS cleaned und rn- paircd, All work pr«:r.iniecd. Tel. • 3025, Harry Churchill. ATTISXTION! Ordcri* tukfn for new Eleclrolux cleaners. Aliio parts and repairs. I, Niitsen. Konclcd repairman. 3 Tercsn-avc. »;.-;! -1822. 41) Ovcln«- XCaognluck's Great Dry Cleaning Fjrm, offers its firKt class dry cleaning- not in family' Bar- menus, but blankets, ruRS «.nd other specialties in Ihis field. KIEVMA>J'S •7(5 Church Street BV7, England Has More Babies, Less Weddings JIOVK riijhl In: first floor of a D- ronm house; 2 lots, a bnrn ami !\ K.'II'.'IKC. Nice location, A bur- jraln at M.SOO. Patsy J^ibriola, rwiltor. 172 Hi^-h St. Dial 3-ini< or 333-1. MOW >1\ rixiui Mouse for Mile in Rcacnn Falls. All modern con- vf-tili-nci-s. Dial 2?>(',~, Sevmour. first \Vnntr<l To Iluy O.N'H, 'I wanti- Tel. 5031. und thrrf- family liou.scs Al«o farms and lot«. \VK 1IAVT-; JJUYKKS for J-2-.'i fnmily housf.-s. Jo.i. V", l^osko, 3 Union St. Tc-l. -ICi2X-2tiri2. Land For Sale UCI/.IMNCi li>is for sulc, HO x II". Ar.clrow avenue. 7, r i x .110. .\riin- r.i-rn Jivi'inio. Hans Nisrcn, Mun- r.'.-r.i avi-nuc. Dial 5'(J35. Wanted To ]{cnt TIIKKI-: Sliitnlili. idimi.s »'Miiti<d to rent. for a. ccuiplc. Dial 33-12. HP fimr pnimi iipartnii'iit wimtcd. Dial .'!«'.M. af.i.-r G p. m. London (UP> — The stork tinuod to work overtime in land and Wales during the -throe months of this year, a tabulation of the Registrar-General's records show. In the first quarter of 19-1-1 there were 1-1,1-15 babies born, a figure which represents n birthrate ol 17.0 per 1,000 population, tho highest quarter rate.- since 1S2G. But Cupid's arrows appnraruly wont wide uf thoir murk in the siime period. The number of niar- risiKos was the second lowest for any quarter since the war. though the rate is sill! slightly higher than that of prewar years. Up to March 31 of this year 02,509 couples were married, "'his number exceed;: by only 202 the figure for the first quarter kist year, which was the lowest of the war. It is S.32H more, however, than Iho first-quarterly avei-fLE/f: for tho five years before the war, Of the babies, 0-1 .96-1 were boys and iSB.JSl were 1,'irls, Kivin^ a ratio of l,0<3"> boys to every 1,000 jrU'ls. Tho average for the 10 preceding first quarters was 1,000. Th(- provisional infant mortality rate of 53 per 1,000 related live birth.s was J-J bt-low Iho avora; for the 10 preceding first riuarters and was the lo-.vest rate on record for this period of cho winter. WE WOULP T£N, MAXBE TWENTY MEN, IT IS SUICIDE TO %StW4i FRCfA LT. SfrmtC Will NEEP (SASOLIME. IF W£ COUlt> SURPRISE THE JAP TROOPS / DO VOU MOTOS, CQMPOUNP ROY CRANK PERFUME! I POSSW-t T KCT10NS ARE Et) 8 HEART NOVi NOT XOUR I ASKED YOUR MWCE ON HOW TO C.ET 6fKS, VAN POORN—,JJOT ^OOft CRITICISM. SINP - El'TA KKTT A Yank infantryman carrying a ntiicnim- p l]n dishes ai.-ri>s.s railroad tracks nrar Jlelv., Friinpo, which is close l,i tin- GiTinaii bin-dor, l.t. firii. Gi'(irK;i; S. ration's Third Army is mi nuircli ariuniil this arra. The Xu-/,is admit that they had (o shorten tln.'ir front ill tho vicinity of Mi-ty. and .Nancy. U. S, Army ,Si(rn:i| Curps photo. (Intcr- natmiiil ,Suiitid|>hoto) PICK EM.UP 15 f?IGHT/- TWcY'LL' P(?OSABi_Y £E THROWN YOUTH WHEIC K/AS A SUCCESS." YOU DID A GREAT JOS OF RU M NINS TK'ECITY.." By PAUL HOBtNSON /-> WE TOLD HIM IF 1 -, / TH= c/rv EVER 6or SC IN A HOLE, AMD THEY - NSEDEDOUP HELP f_ JUST CALL US£J ^^ ATOA5T.-TO ^-<~ UC EX-NAYOB/'qij, ANDpTYOFTHE f SECRET Tips Women Not To Forget The Furnace PRIVATE BUCK " «ci=h man wor» on», Sir, the enemy'd think we're timti itrongtr'n we«l.' "Washington -(UP;—Fall housecleaning this year for \vomon may moiui a little more than pitching in \vit.h a ijroom and duster — it may include cleaning the furnnco, what with tin; men off to war. Looking forv.-ai-'l to ladies dfiy in t!ie furnace i-ooin, the Solid Fuels Administration issued instructions on how to do it, 'It's dirty work, bun "it pays dividends." the agency said, addressing its suggestions vo tho "women who will have to climb into overalls, .pull on old ;,'!ovcs, wrap a kerchief around thoir hail' ruid hcavo to. , ." First, tlio Inside Amateur lady furnace' cleaners should start on tho inside. This is done by first opening the clean- out dotjr "usually located above the ,'lre door"—antl going to work on soot with a lonr.'-handlc wire flue brush, the SFA experts advised. If the I o <•• a 1 hardware store doesn't have n. flue brush, the SFA said it was just as ollicient to take a putty kni:'c or some such "scraping tool" and attach it to a long handle—say .1. broomstick. Tho next step is detaching- and cleaning the smoke pipe, which the Sta described as. the pipe "going from the to the chimney." After that, clean out the soot in the bottom of the chimney through the chimney clean-out dooi'—"the cast-iron dnor in the cellar wall on the chimney side." Brush the G rates Now. the SFA directed. "Clean grates with brisk brushing. Kx- nmine them closely to sco that they turn .freely, are not cracked or sagging." Then comes the complicated part, ladies: Examine the whole unit for aid leaks, most often found around the. smoke box, smoke-pipe joints, the base of the heritor, the doo:-?. and around chimney connections." Cover all joints, flH up all noticeable cracks with asbestos furnncr; cement—"this applies like putty and can be purchased in hardware stores," • . .,.,-,. Finally, all metal surfaces should he painted with "any good black Iiuir.t" to prevent rust 1 .. The SFA, incidently, snkl its pitching instructions assumed thrit the ashes wort; .cleaned out. last spring. VOU f»e '.",;.•< OF DER NEW PRISONERS, NO? VV VOU PUNCH Dl*. /VAN, LEJ0ERT- By ROBERT STOKfc PRIZE FILM IS THE CURRENT LEAD AT THE STRAND THEATER GOOGLK AXD SNUFFV SMITH KKO fouls thui it has onn of the prize plums of the year in it's newest melody-comedy, "Step Lively" nou- on the screen of the Slrund, It has an all-star cast headed by Frank Sinuli-a, George Murray, Adolphe Menjou and Gloria dc Haven. It's stoi'y is based on perhaps wl-ui;. NV.IS '..hc bi)-, r p:est laugh sho\-. p in Broadway hislory. "J^oom Service.'* Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne wi-ote the sparkling melodies for "Step Lively," Murphy und .Miss dc Havon sin); tho first one, "Where Does Friendship and Love Ec^in." Sinatra joins in with Miss de- Haven and a girl chorus on "Come Out, Cciv.e Out Wherever You Are." Sinatra sings "As Jl,onjr As There's Music' and reprises it with Murphy, Miss de Haven and the cast for the lllm's grand linalu. "Some Other Time" is sung- by Sinatra and Miss clc Haven. The other two tunes, "Why Must There Bi: an Opening Song" and "Ask the Mfidamc," are sung in the show sequences by Miss Jcffrcs and 'a chorus, and by Miss de Haven, Murphy and the entire cnst. The second feature on the current Strand bill is "Watertront," featuring J. Carroll .Naish and John Cai-radino. USUTENP.NT SNODGRfVBS IS 6&N9P.P.L ROSEUOATER TOOPN ? BILLV BECI 'WE OLD (V\ftU S WftO (V\E WOPPlNG EUERV SECOND SINCE VOU LEFT--FIRST U\T\AER--T\AEN TM\ 6RCK ftNO FORTH- ; f«esw VES.SIR -- VES,SIR. /TUlNfr!!. BRICK UKADFOHn O! J A K15GULAT1ONS Washington. Sept.- 18—(UP)—The O-P-A has acled to cut, retail prices of servicemen's gifl. packages containing • food. A now-'regulation allows wholesalers lihd. retailers only a five per cent markup over, actual cniiinyprices of'm'atcr'-' ia:s in ihc parcels—or 10 .per cent if fancy containers aroused: O-P-A says some distributors have been charging higher prices .-for the 1 gifts than legally allowed. About 12 million gallons'of brnn- .ire used annually in the II. S. in tho -manufacture of wino. BUY WAIi BOXBS AND STAMPS BRICK, WHM'5 GOING ON DOWNSTAIRS GOLLY, LISTEN TO THAT YELLING.' 50MEBODY MUST'VE MAbE A TOUCH DOWN CAN THE CLOWNING, Klfc- WE'VE GOT TO-SCRAM.' IJy \VILLLV5t RITT and CLARENCE GRA1 WE'LL WRAP THE MIRROR- IN THE6E OLD PILGRIM' RAGS ANb TAKEOFF.' MU<3£ 'EM A NE.W SET OF THE Sl-BIES TvJo WE PASS ON THE ciP(.iee~THE P\QST DKSIT CALL"S>TUE PLAY- TME MEVT 1MTESEC OF THE NUMBee IS THE BALL CAPRIBR- 9 IS TUE LEFT UAl 6 IS R'SHT TACKLE, So _i-?7- 9O IS LEFT HALF THBO CISWT -Tb.C.KLE.~ ITS -. SIMPLE- LET'S eow OFF THAT PLAVASilW- B.v \\.\I-LY HATtt TUE ONE VJHO

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