Florence Morning News from Florence, South Carolina on November 26, 1961 · Page 21
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Florence Morning News from Florence, South Carolina · Page 21

Florence, South Carolina
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 26, 1961
Page 21
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Sign at 'Police THE FLORENCE MORNING NEWS, Sunday, November 26, 1P61 7-B She Still Seeks Station' Really Her Ideal Role ress f-ucilfe Bnl'l tZt W j ' T AnJ,thel' 0reT Comedian. Gary Morton and his bride, acr- n NeTYork Cifv mL ES? ''f 'S?morried atMarfale Church Tork My. Miss Ball was formerly wife of TV star Desi Arnez. ' (AP Wireohoto) Project Planned LONDON AP) A 6,000-toti, troop and supply carrier capable oi iohg-range beach landing operations was announced this week as a two-year project to be undertaken by the Transport Ministry. FAMILY SUNDAY DINNER Choice of: Cup of Fresh. Vegetable Soup or Chilled Fruit Juice ROAST PLUMP YOUNG GEORGIA CHICKEN "Specially Grown and Selected For Us" Southern style combread stuffing, giblet gravy, creamy mashed potatoes, dixie green beans . . . muscadine sauce, hot biscuits and honey , . . old fashioned strawberry shortcake or ice cream or sherbet . . . hot colfee, milk, hot or iced tea. $1.95 ecial Flavors c HOWARD . Jounsonf DOWNTOWN FLORENCE Theater Calendar CAROLINA Sim-Wed "The Second Time Around," in color, starring Debbie Reynolds, Andy Griffith and Steve Forrest. Thur-Sat "Romanoff and Juliet,", in color, starring Sandra Dee and John Gavin. COLONIAL Sun-Ttie "Samson & Delilah," in color, starring Victor Mature and Ht'riy Laman- Wcd-Tluu- "The Black Pit of Doc-lor M" and "Blast of Science" Fri-Sat "The Girl Can't Help It," in color, starring Jayne Mansfield, Tom Ewel!, Fats Domino and "Go Johnny Go," starring Jimmy Clan-Ion, . Laverne Baker and 10 other Rock & Roll Stars CIRCLE DRIVE IN Sun-Mon "Seven Women F r n m Hell," starring Patricia Owen and csar Komero Tue-Wed "The Grass Is Green er, m color, starring Cary Grant, Robert Mitchum and Dcbora Kerr. also 'Law and Order," in color. earring nonaitl Kegan Thur-Fri "The Mali no fin. ' color, starring Debbie Reynolds and Tony Randall, also "Law and jaKe wade, in color, starring Robert Taylor and Richard Wid-mark Saturday "Onionhead," starring Andy Griffith: also "Alias Jesse James," in color, starring Bob nope, norma lemming and W dall Cory PALMETTO DRIVE IN Sun-Mon-Tues Features King 01 the Roaring 20's" unw Wind to Eden" starring olu (idiiuier in color Wed-Thui-s 2 Features "Nude on tne .Moon" m Color and "Tormented" Fri-Sat 4 Features Creature," "Cat Girl," "Blood oi ujracuia" snd "Frankenstein's Daughter" DARLINGTON THEATRE Mon-Tites "Paris Blues" star ring Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward Wed " FJight of the Lost loon" starring Mar-shall Thraim Thurs-Fri-Sat Around" starring Debbie Reynolds TV REPAIRS? "LET GEORGE DO FT MATNEY TV MO 2-5419 192 E. Exina SUNDAY'S BEST BETS! Walt Disney - 7:30 Goofy stars in the colorful "Holiday for Hen- Pecked Husbands!" Show Of The Week In Color! Top bands in "Chicago and all thai j : JOZli" i 10:00 HWIS -TELEVISION J 10 SUNDAY WUSN CHARLESTON CHANNBt 1 W:M The Christophers 1:30 Country ChuTch 6:30 Maveric'x Henry Fonda Gives Surprising Answer About Actor Chores HOLLYWOOD (AP) H,lr Fonda gives a sururising answer why nc QIVKleS hlR nriina chores between Hollywood and the stage. T make as much monev on ilu. stage as I do in movies," 'answers tne blunt-talking Fonda. "And it's tuubiueramc m both mediums." Most actors and aclrcsspe ally answer that question with a soap box oration on how the stage and the stage alone nourishes the true artist's appetite foi creative expression. m not that artv." sav Fonda. Columnists have Mod tn H-m. nun into a feud with his danjih- actress Jane Fonda, an ex ponent of the Method. I've told Jane and I've told iv son, iJeter. that an actor fan flail his arms or stand on hi h'ead, if that's the method that will get the .iob done,"- he says. Fonda considers himself an in stinctive actor who practices no method. "I just walk out on the stage and do it," How does he earn as much on Broadway as in Hollywood? "When I like a part in a play f not only sign for it but I invest in, it. Then, as a part owner, I stay with the play. I also invest i plays that I don't appear in." Fonda, putting the profits 'in trust for his children, was a heavy investor in "Mr. Roberts," one of Die all time profit-makers both in movies and on the stage. He also invested in "South Pacific." Is for TV Only . NEW YORK (AP) Far nort'i m the Bronx amid the apartment muses stands a grime-blackened bnek building. t iooi(.S( jjisjde aJUi out. like an abandoned public school, but over (he front entrance is a sign that says: "53rd Precinct, but that's misleading, (no. ; rhe building exterior h TV Headquarters of (he two unhappy ijoliccmcn who are the stars ol iSBC's new hit comedy series.-"Car 54, Whore Are You?" io save time and work, the 53rd rrecmel sign was put up perman ently. Then one dav an pvHiI disheveled woman rushed into the uuuuiiigs ioyer, and announced ujcamiessiy to a surprised receptionist: "J want a policeman. My husband lias been beatin me." Now the sign comes down' when ibe "Car 54" company is not shooting the entrance. In its place is the real identification of the w-year-ojcl building: Biograph sfti- the building was constructed as i moaon picture studio in the days when Mary Pickford was Just the "Biograph Girl" ("who wants to know the name of a movie actress?") and D. W. Grif- tilh was cxnerinirnHnff win tu jciose-up ("Who wants fn 5PP lir second Time."1 Jn actor.' ) and, lroiucallv vwiun jcior AiacK bennett was mm movie scripts that nobodv would buy ("What makes you think cops are funny?") Actually, (he whole Bronx is be ing used for- the show, but the hterior scenes are filmed in ho historic old Biograph studios building. "There are a lot of' good things about this place," admitted sad- iacea bred Gwynne, who plav rjncis Mukloon. But it was put up in the silent ays mid there's no sound proof, g except what was ad-lihhod later. We had to reshoot a long .-.eerie me oilier day because. neighbor 5 Ooueminnn-PiiKrW uatKing outssce the slndto." Contrary to some eariv fears. polieemen-tlic rank and file- ally love the show. Gwvntk and Joe E. Ross, who plays Gunther Toody, his partner, report mac real policemen confide, "There's a guy just like you in my precinct." Hy PJEItO DE GAUZAUOLL) ROME (AP) Gina Ullobrig-ida has raveled the movie stud ios of (he world hut she says she is still searching for the ideal role one that would fit me like a Ughl-knit dress." My dream role." adds the ac tress who would do justice to any ugm-Kmt dress, "is that of a mod- v.Yirr.nn. harassed liv prob lems of everyday living a wom- mo faces ttie obligation of be ing true (0 bur husband." Rut the shapely bruneltu sadlv dmits she is going to have (o ait for her dream role. In her next movie she will plav an ualv old woman, and in (he one after (hat she will be a beautiful prin cess. Gina, however, gets to plav e modern woman caring for her lamuy almost every day of her life. Her son, Milko Jr.. A. is the apple of her life. She is seldom separated from her Yugoslav-born husband, Milko' Skofic, who also manages her movie affairs. The 33-year-old actress played lerrily with little Milko as she as interviewed in (he vast villa on the ancient Applan Way. She lives there when in Rome and not off somewhere in Paris, or Spain, or Hollywood, or Canada matting a movie. "It's tough but it's true," said in almost flawless English. "In my next movie I will be an "M- HU-jvar-oId woman, probably the most horrible looking creature ytHi nave ever .ljumnrd mm. Gina will play the title role in a Dim based on "Lady L, a el by Rom a in Gary. Although it isn't her ideal role, Gina said, it was "the kind of part I have always wanted to have. You won't see much of my legs." "Lady L," is the story of a respectable woman who collapses under the weight of a lifetime of integrity to tell, on her deathbed, of her tempestuous love affairs. The movie wilt be shot in the United States. Broadway Stage Hit Stat Began in 1881 ay hii.lia.m OLOVER Shakespeare, acting in 100 movies Associated Press Drama Writer and appearing in sundry stints imh iuniY irti i iwnm iim-iaiier a nnei interval of ret treses has a rare comeback when I ment. - asKed how she finds so much; "Things will never be the same stage work. j as they were and the present ia .juu 1.11 uo K auer au , generation would p. t like it if they "ui '""v.!! fiuuu, aicirae, .sue ueciares. Audiences are smarter than She isn't kidding. The co-star of the new Broadway hit "Write Me a Murder" btfgan acting professionally on Feb. 23, 1381. Spry, candid and full of crisp opinions. Miss GrifHes looks back on one of the longest careers in theatrical' history with humor. they used'" to be. Writers often don't seem to know what they doing. And performers "Well, it hasn't been my good fortune, let's say, to meet many wno Know their business. "Young actors rise so nowadav ood i and, they haven't a chance to m.-miie. i ve no (tUm-r-. ;,-ic : e::ir.rkb;: f?hr- ha-i'l mic-h nnihiKloem rr with a (winkle in her brown eyes. drama schoo1s-"in my heyday , '-"" ncuc.j i youiigsiers nati a fi!ta:ice to watch - , aim worK wun good performers- - "!e PdSfanu men you either -;ti';: Griflius, surveys ' rlirln't." it or decades that have embraced trouping the English countryside, romping in music halls, limning Baptist Church FMtbaU Adv. 33:110 nr. TTcnli WBTV CHARtOTTCCHANNEl 3 My Feet 1:3 Tro Fnothall S-.00 Flri Sill Up S:(W an Dyke 9:fl0 Thcalrc s Utf P-M CoTlcce Howl" 9:3P Jk P Twlar . ...n 2!!r trtnturv ir-.i-i CsnJid LIFETIME GUARANTEED If ever replacement la needed, you pay only a service charge. MUFFLERS FREE Installation IS MINUTE SERVICE GET THE BEST FOR LESS GET A MIDAS MUFFLER 726 S. IRBY ST. NEXT TO PHILLIP'S ESSO PHONE MO 2-2901 The daughter of two acting eralions, Miss Griffies recalls her early debut came about fhrmiob accident. The company ran into a casting emergency for "East i.ynne. .Several players defected, taking the sole child mime with (hem. EtheL was hurriedly rusited onstage to sortray a boy. a precocious streak kept her busy in parts for several years. For a considerable stretch Miss iJtj.'t;es continued to barnstorm Eventually she made London and Stratford-upon-Avon, taught at. the iwyai academy tor jjramatic Arts and go to appear with such greats as George Arliss and ttfion Ten years ago Miss Griffies tired from the stage, along with her husband, Edward Cooper. When he died soon after Hi larfv flung herself back into action. "I couldn't Jive alone -in the country." Her role in "Write Me a Murder" came along while she was appearing in the West End hit, "Billy Liar." "George Schaefer the pro-ducer-director didn't appproach me about it, he attacked the 'Rilly Liar' management," she reports. "The first answer was 'no,' and then suddenly "yes"." ennis t 11:00 Herald of 1 11:30 Movie J2:4- T.inm.tler WECT WILMINGTON CHANNEl 6 1B;D0 Dul'ont Show WBTW FLORENCE CHANNEL 8 11:00 EatSiS- Nbt WIS-COLUMBIA-CHANNEL 10 I The Christopher i Ncinhbora " 1 Pulpit 3:I1 UtilkTI 3 ?.!) Winter 4:2, Sport, 6.30 MUSIC i-.li White House Nw 7:00 Meth. Men's Hour 7:25 Speaking ot SbotH UiOfl KnVl t NEW BABY FOR ACTRESS Demise Darcel, French screen, star, leaves Cedars of Lebanon Hospital m Hollywood with her one-week-old son. The baby's name is Christopher, his father is Robert D. Atkinson, manuFacturer's representa-fve. (AP Wirephoto) TODAY! WBTW - CHANNEL 8 AT 5:00 P. M. "Dale Carnegie's Turning Points" STARRING MORGAN BEATTY TV-Radio Network Newscaster ' DOROTHY CARNEGIE President, Dole Carnegie & Associates, fnc. LOWELL THOMAS . World Traveler and Commenlalor SPONSORED BY: FLORENCE JAYCEES For Further Information Call LEE SMITH - MO 2-6341 There is one thing about college students. -They arc always comins i:p 'with some MARION THEATRE Sun., Mon., & Tues, Nov. 26, 27, & 28 "THE SECOND TIME AROUND" A Real Cule Comedy, Starring Debbie Reynolds and Trie Ccirolinos Own Andy Griffith. Thru Wed. 1 viifin-eoTwecrts I 1 wSLilTOtViiOtl OK f DEBBIE REYNOLDS And - ANDY GRIFFITH Together In A Fun For All, Free For All! ! ! new ian. ; 7 S1 I CTftOTC t ... 1 TOII I 10 PALMETTO -theatre I Worrying and Start Liv- I Mg&& 1.7 n , NOTE: If You Ar Not Lougl-.ing in the First 30 Minutes , See'the Manager!! You're Sick Man and Need Attention NOTE! Features Today at 3:15 - 5:15 '-9:15. Come Early You Wilt ?f o t Want To Miss A Single Scene. ThE second TIME WpUNQ NOW AT " REGULAR ADMISSION BEAUTIFUL COLOR KlOXf rOR FLORENCE TO T1IRILI, TO!! TT I Sibils Ton Never Dreamed Possible'. THE COLDSSJfcLDMmOF THE MBSHIttSI CllLOSSUSWHQ lM LlVBl Cecil B. BeMi'lles mm " -iMMSUf BtL IL An LKMAS R - YATU RE SANDERS- lANSBURT-WILCOXOtl SPECIAL NOTICE-. Due To Unusual Length of This Motion Picture Two Shows Today at 3:00 9:15 Tonite WHERE HITS ARE A HABIT 1st Exclusive Outdoor Run! PATRICIA OrVNSDENJS DARCEL CESAR ROMERO-MAR61A OEAN-iOHK KEJfll htlittl if HJUSY SmOIKG IDiriClcJ ii 0MT EU Wrilttn y J Sit MU, JJ. Hi W SllW CisiefviAScope mmtmm $ 1 a mmmmmm OPEN 8:00-SHOW AT 9:00 TONITE

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