The Journal from Meriden, Connecticut on March 20, 1961 · 16
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The Journal from Meriden, Connecticut · 16

Meriden, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, March 20, 1961
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--— TM-rw -- -r ' J -'1 j - y y ' Vto Sfrt:i W“P -"V- “ If - -on store ‘wre -- -- -re- I re ‘ ' ’ iVV Y? 'V " ?T'— ' aV i' ' ' -ross -er -v-i “-' f 'A ? '): y- w ! :rf -lif ’i f ii -i r i r A - ' v- '- -1 ' w"1 $ w-re Afc’:Vv ’' ‘ lPltrUea JounuLHoadaj March 21 1961 (Caatiaucd From Pace 1) mlasioitofjurista tojnvestigate (hr death Lumumb slain la £ J - 'if ! Kalangi Province after Kaaavubu Ur 5 -If 1 ' sent him there aa a prisoner hat 'ii " “January' Iha secretary - gener-al had told the committee ' he ’ v wanted Investigators from Burma Mexico and two African countries -L-fi ‘- The Security1 Council ordered " the Invest featkm in n resolution -7 Feb' JU’The Council also author-" A bed the UN to’ use force if necessary to prevent civil war hi ’? t ‘ The Congo and urged the Immediate withdrawal ' of Belgian and t- other non UN' foreign military and political personnel' hammakskjold since has Rll IN CAR HEATERS (Lars Warm Ones) i Vhls Vrac ram la M Far - rWMraa taSrr 1st - HELD OVER "BY PUBUC DEMAND" Tareiria (Mag Yaar ChiMr! TaM la Traa laureate Urtatl! - - "UNWED MOTHER" (HtMara Al SiSS - M:M ’ tad Tap HM "16000 I UUwun at B:N BUSHNELL I DATS Waiting NEXT SUN KOI A MOTION PICTUR LIVE On Stage - In Person Kbautim S:IS fm Mae mad Tara al 1:11 m Friers: (Irak aa lal Hal $SW (Ml LIS tad Hal (Mi MS arixiAL motxees - Xu aad Tara al S FX Cblldfaa 7Ja Adall IMS tk nt1 now ai box or mi k Wad arWer eroreolly IlileS Wake rherha aaiaMa la aad ill allb alamard rrlara eneeley la: BIHMLL MKMOBIAk Martfard II Iron IUSNNEU PEI APRIL 7 at l:SI pun NATIONAL BALLET CANADA me aaaw aa edb Cmfriiii a rureylete llcl parfaramara a( "COPPILIA- Fait fikaai Onk a Id Hal IS M Ml IU tad Bat 1:0 I IS Mad ardrra amaalli lillrd Mafea rkarka aaablr la aad mail ailk Mama4 rrlara laaa la Bl IkklU MLNOBUL Harllafd li laaa 11 ACADEMY AWARDS DERIDEII ASalHSIM I kU4 U Mans Wr4 H I A Always Floaty tf Freo Forklaq Facilities ft "ROTO-ROOm wwmvu' rkoii K -aaiuMMirMM Otwta lS '( A NdwwiJt Sra A'lbU Lately Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Stops Itch— Relieves Pain Vh !Y T f'rreUt- Far ll-S lrS tiro hs( f4 a mw toaUnf rotot wi'fc K a(Miikir( Ktlilv I krtr-b hrwrertwi-ta t-a rK lag 4 t(!av yai WltMul 1 (trentof raw after tint lag want" wa rap-tel and M- M by a (wui'r tt(ii rn was rid (iwrilt A 4 white f anllf Mliattag rain Mtaal rttua e (-iwlUi lihrlahief I (Iwo AM Wat inuinc af 4 (hit twpreanwanl taired U im Wm a iin Kfati war eti4 ear taiwf reaf rwilxl la (M rare'ia w re m (( Mh IM M !-' U rreht swh oat'-Mahifix ('- written Belgium Kuavubu and Kantanga Provincial President MoiteTshqpibe about the Belgian 'personnel Tomorrow ha ia "£" Taieb Sahhani of Tunisia to Brussels and Richard Gardiner and Francis NwoketB of Nigeria to 'Leopoldville to work on the matter ' Belgium has agreed to pull Belgian military men out of The Congo who are subject to military servica back home But she has denied she has any authority over others and has insisted that the Congolese have a right to hire whatever political adviser they Ike 'Kaaavubu and Tahombe have ignored Hammarskjold's messages on the subject Reports from The Congo said the UN force and Gizenga's Stanleyville regime had launched a Joint operation by ISO Malayan troops and SO Congolese soldiers to try to mop up roaming bands of pagan fanatics known as “Leopard Men" terrorizing whites and (he Congolese population in lections of Kivu Province Red Regime Hit By Primafe - (Caatinuad Fram Page 1) glove” slapped against the church’s face He also criticized the Comma nist emphasis on production programs uying: "MAN IS NOT made Just to be a consumer animal man is called to something higher What serves man better? Whether he Kcks their (the rul-ersT boots like’d serf renouncing bis freedom his reason his will? Or whether he stands upright professing truth defending his human dignity?" Cardinal Wyszynskl now CO became primate in IMS He was Jailed shortly after becoming i cardinal in 1959 during the Stalin ist era He wu released from detention three years later during the upheaval that brought Gomul-ka to power to ease the Stalinist policies Theater Schedule CAPITOL: “Goliath and the Dragon" 1:41 pm 9: IS pm “The Half Pint" B:ll pm MERIDEN: “Ben Hur" 7:30 pm SEWER PIPES CLOGGED? DON'T DtOm SEMI'S ESrnttK bc into “? 7-7100 Ownls u “pitr ha re eo 4 1 to n rrehUiu' And sm-ry IV a suffarars wr a ey wi t tlety uf ham--fktd ree4iun (aw afKlzN yra’ton4ng Aft this wiih-al the ure of SIImCkI oneelhatte or OeCrlA gents of kind Th et( te new sutulonr (gp Dyeko dieeeeerr af a w-rtd fame ua fh inall tom Alerety tol'jf Is in wU feed f-f tosli-f Injured liaere MS aft Mftl t h kwly Thus 0W hanl-ng IMia-s la uttered te euppMfeey ( al teal soiled t re re tee if Aik fif lajiiitil'-lf feU4 SiM ffiMfllre It ll ilfl( r (yfsl-n It ctito(it with reit sretv-- preeurattrei wlf all drag reualet Retirement Years - BY MARIE DAERR You thousands of retired schoolteachers what use are you making now of your experience and training? " And you who are soon to' Join the pinks of pensioners what (dans have you for filling the leisurt hours that will be throat upon you? ' A 78 - year -old retired teacher Mrs Charles D Barnes has an answer for you Her- volunteer Job far retirement years b teaching English to aRena whose goal b Americas citizenship She does this In a big city-operated hospital whose patients include foreign born -people who want to learn how to speak 'and write our language Also they want to become Americans This goal is moat Important to Mrs Barnes ’If they don’t want to become citizens I can’t get too interested in them" Mrs Barnes Hid Among Mrs Barnes’ students is a Russian born woman who had Major Leaguer Pleads Guilty To Weapons Count Cincinnati March 30 (H —Frank Robinson slugging Cincinnati Reds outfielder pleaded guilty In Common Plena Court today to a charge of carrying concealed weapons and was fined S250 and costs Under the law the Negro ball player could have been sentenced to 1 3 years ia prison The charge againit Robinson grew out of an argument in restaurant here on Feb 0 Robinson wu accused of having drawn a 2 5 caliber pistol during the dispute' He Hid at the time he drew the weapon after he uw a cook in the restaurant make o threatening motion with a knife The cook claimed he did not get the knife until after Robinson drew the gun Robinson claimed he carried the gun for protection because of the darkness at the perking lot of his apartment Robinson the I960 National League slugging champion paid the fine immediately and uid he was returning at once to Tampa Fla where the Reds are ia Spring training Nearing Gets 60 Days In Jail Circuit Court Judge Simon Cohen shook his head a little as he scanned the lengthy police record of Burt Nearing 91 of 3E Washington St “Sixty days" Judge Cohta uid Nearing had pleaded guihy to a charge of larceny He wu accused of stealing two suits that had been left ia the hallway at SO East Mam St TRIPS TO NY AIRPORTS FRI SUN - MON M1D-1I-3-4-M I NT -t1-l-l-7--tt 5 TRIPS OAILT Taaa Wad Than Sat (-7-13)4 if NT -tZ-)-4-MI SIIVIN )S9 KI4HTS DAIIT (firarlttf Marr 3(1 Caaa lUarelae Strata Im ar 1UT at (il wi HAM SOCIAL Sponsored ly MERIDEN POST 4S AMERICAN LEGION Will to Hold FRIDAY EVENING Mo 141741 H IA to Meridae leql—alrw S Fftaodi loitd MmK ly Jut MmH Otah Dare lay P M f a I AM LUNCH FREE Wa tlMlt mm an rn n - Ma usw ntwi i aw - UaM rare D0N7 MISS — THE LITTLE GAELIC SIHGERS Direct from Ireland Af INI FfoncH T Maloitt HtgH School TUESDAY MAR 21st I p-rii Awpcst f Anctawf OrJof f tf braiM M (knusd Nd I Jfolillll'lMI Hal IllllVsfl ImmpW hew mm 91 1 lift re A V M—hse ?4p met to reteeg re sto dre university education abroad “This woman’s ' gratitude b Kuching " Mrs Baron uid "At holiday time aha gave mt hand kerchief with the wonts - ’Dear Teacher embroidered on It" ' Another of Mrs Barnes students is a Puerto Rku a labor-who had little formal education but who la eager to learn English ’ I couldn’t speak a word of Spanish when we started' but I’m already changing that alto thu" Mrs Barnes ukL “I bor-d a Spanish grammar from the public library "I aba bn language recerds id flash cards as teaching tads The cards ora tacefleat because they give a ward the first letter af the ward ta large print aad a picture that helps an the manning af the ward" Mrs Barnes is delighted with the Puerto Rican's diligence ao far as homework it concerned "H- is really eager to bam which b a great satisfaction to a teacher " Mrs Barnes uid StiU another Barnes student b a professor from the Ukraine who spoke five languages but not English ' Another request for help in English came from a foreign bora doctor who is doing research ia pathology at the hospital Sometimes Mrs Barnes finds herself teaching an American-born patient Not all our people had o chance for much schooling” Mrs Barnes said “Some were brought up in remote rural areas” Teaching isn't Mrs Barnes' only volunteer task She fills in on many Jobs: weighing patients answering phones making out requisitions keeping records Her latest project is helping time pass for free clinic patients who sometimes wait boors to be seen by doctors She teaches them sewing or knitting or reads to them “I started volunteering here IS yean age telling stories la the youngsters" Mrs Barnes u“ "I'm grateful I’n StiU oaefuL" Q — I am a 17 - year - old widow Haw much money can I earn in 1961 without losing benefits from social security? — Mrs GB A — Yen may earn SUN ar leu without bring benefits If you ears mors than SIJOI SI af yew benefits will be withheld for each S3 af yow earaiap above SUN aad iv la SIAN For ev-ery SI of earnings abevo SIAN SI of benefit will be withheld Q — I'm wandering how social security payments to widows are figured it seems to me that the widows of men who worked only few years under social security umetimea get bigger payments than do tho widows of men who paid many years Into social security — Mrs R R A — Social security payments art based aa average muddy eamliga Thus If the aBgbilUy raqulremaatr (based aa quarters worked) wore satisfied and aarw-Inp had been high bewflts would bo sizable — Hits Highway Fence Mrs Madeline Okriotouwa of 76 Clinton St Wallingford according to a police report struck a highway fence oo the parkway Stale Police investigated No arrest was mad and ao injuries reported The WM YERONHEAU — COMPANY -317 South Colony Street ® PAINTS o CESSPOOLS ad SEPTIC TANRS rowu cimho la BIUDZS a 4 SKIXITf N A COUTERMASH paoxt MKBibxa an Aina STORE WINDOW LIGHTING Caa to Improved aasDf call aa be Infs NOBLE ELECTRIC CO TL BE Mill Mridr Cana If aa auww cafl DEMIN Ur Sum 1 11 la totet((M If lad Wan II 1 "CoiorScapE r WraM I nla( aui— 7 ri 'iaTT rue ioesr ivnrarrn -fox tuS(X‘ ( Hobbyist! Hones r -K Cartoon By Wil Ijams Comes By HAROLD a TAYLOR Newspaper Enterprise Assn FRONT ENAC Kan - (NEA) — “Out Our Way" aad other cartoons by tho late J R Williams have no fan with greater sincerity than Sam TOrk of Freotenac a retired Jack r of all trades and a wood carving hobbyist A lover of horses Turk fashions horses and horse drawn equipment but the trail to follows to reach a startling climax in wood metal and leather is bard to believe Every piece of equipment for his wooden steeds is in seal and ia detail Id tho wake of a complete ranch and livery stable Turk yielded to 0 desire of long standing His favorite cartoon of the Williams' “Out Our Way" series with a “Bore 30 Yura Too Soon" theme stows a gray-haired mustached sheriff returning (from a imuian He rides a tired i1" hid lenda two others Gun belu ddletonis and - ever saddlrtonti and a Western hat carried oo one sad-dlehora plus boots dangling from the saddles tell the story la his Intricate way Turk has created in wood metal and leather a duplicate of that scene The i horses arc sue inches tail The tack and firearms are complete to the timrst detaiL Each of the three hones ia shod (to Iron held ia place by hard to ace nails Obvioatly Turk tod to create leech pair of each piece Leather 'saddles are empke with metal stirrups Girth are fashioned from string but In the orthodox pattern Rowell of tto tiny spun oik Tto tiny pistols la totocre Goalby Wins Florida Golf Sl Petersburg (la (W — Before he trod off for the final round of tto mOOQ St Petersburg Open Golf tournament Bob tinstby rematked casually: "I havt a frelmg I m gong to pcMi fall There hare 'aim a filled But starting on Ito eiihth up 17(00 imlay It was aa 04imiiiic siairmenl Alttouch tto talk dark and tomb wan 30 year M ps playing out of Crystal River I la was trading at tto I k r v aquartar mark yratarday with a Id tinsl nearly a dozen player ware Krrathing ftnaa hs arok from jl thu bottom than tto tp so (Latum of fire Mrokna or In ! trim tto fresh mairral mil nut It kaAcd a lilt to too fqdimib-'fall out nc wtoa Tod Kzoll who start j Ttoa r a small amount of ot tto day mw stroke 'Miindpty mu concrete patch is a tewtby caught up wuh fem (Mjctesa tm caa and go around the Imirth hole jriih a lftwr nr yitiy Imfej (inalhy g-4 (knaa to bull nr It Wnlird eight straight tolrs Tto sirrah rnb-4 with a ptr on tto Ifch ami hia 39 JO-49 orer the ird yard par 3619-71 paa dr no course ge him a ton round tell 1 4 91 and vutory by (bred stf-ArS Kroll wound up la uonf smd ith 94 (ary Ptoyer third with 9d Badminton Champ MW LfiriDON - Jms Dlois of Jafcnww Rates Lid te I’rw ito e g 1 1 tod ih awns sioglra title and Liars An4rsie uf fergrut C-dteg JVw Ini Ito wrenona te crown in the Now logtand Inturriattegl io lUdmmbm L hanrewhjw Tto uw (ramref up to win (to mill'd ftni’te'i to drteelng Jtgw Izstwnl sd fi 4to Loftego rert femfta tawing d (mreficvt (id te( 19 7 191! Imrtt la ito (tortpwkp "( lsvref at tiMnlitvl (itrui R tiff itol Ai dare 1 )!! Jay )nyly toff Ito Jwsipwl of the departed bad men are blued: they haw wooden gripe Turk's hobby carving hu at tr acted considerable attention particularly because of the way he fashions tto harnesses for Ida rigs As la tto cartoon carving Turk follows every detaiL His team and single harness Is a complete miniature copy of tto real even to tiny snaps that snap and buckles that buckle He uses discarded lipstick cases for tto “brass" One set of harness has 23 buckles and 17 snaps Wheels of Turk's wagons and buggies are ia the ume tiny detaiL He first fashions tto hub then tto rim and spokes Spokes are set ia tto bub then into tto wooden fellows and a Time ToSee Hit Hardest BY MR FIX Written be Newspaper Enterprise Amo Now that bad weather la over it iu't likely that you wiU rush outside — as every do It your elf writer urges — to check over house and grounds You will probably and quite srisely move to finish (host indoor Jobs that arc likely to remain undone until warm weather it once again gone Now is the lima to finish interior painting and cleaning putting up shelves and straightening out the bare It's alto a good time to clean up garden loots patch and paint screens and lake (to power motor out of storage hhei It dues get warm and dry you will welcome a Chance M get out and Just walk around when you can cut across the laws without Waving wet font-prints behind the time I right for yuur spring Inspection Winter damage will ahuw up wherever there was hairline crack u the drive or sidewalk Court Releases Two Of 8 Teens Breach of peace charges agninM two id right loraagers appearing ia Circuit Court ualay were united (M pmaetutad) The store wet referred to Domestic gelation Tto caws wdird were three af Inward F I rent hard It and Daniel F Kelly If bah of Wei Haven To DroeatiC grist inns W bani C Sirlef 16 New Hares I'stquale LDAiMtdi 16 Weal Haven Lawraik W (tetrawa and Ml the track Ite aura tojii yew Haven Ldwtrd F out thrm first and to krep ttom wrt fnr several day after you've psutod ttom Breaks ia Matkiri drtret ran too to rewra4 wuh ready mix d romjKhimj avoitabto at nvoi hardware stares I ill (to opening JVy were arrrstod mr the weekend wtoa hdi l(dtd llfc - wwnrehing thrown mg of Ito win- ilh Ihta Sinai fevers tamptng a of an sd Ito lw care f rs J7 sire he id a crate pioced tho rest Sprinkle the ‘lop when liwtef Mreur in toh wall and t(w may tor weathered poorly Is Ito ( of steps c tfemte kng mnrttr tan to a rertou safely haiard ttea mg knw patlrttes thoroughly lutes troth teg to frmh mortar with a Irowul Agsiik lorp damp Lte sirr wore tew Siding fat lM or split tewrd Itol might Ptels IVeLrg paint tewid to wrap mf oft and 9 SHifrea (patetrt (retires hrar hn brant of win tufa sraurert wiSr )Wavy toll af ra and ou may tea reused them M sag 1KI M lu 'Alive' 1 -- metal tirr is added Tto wheels are held on the axles by tiny handmade nuts Springs for tto vehicles are made from springs taken from discarded alarm docks Buggies have upholstered cushions Menu and tails of his horses are made of hair from tips of tails Leather hands of his Idcra and drivers permit them to hold tto reins And each rider or driver has a full toad of hair under bia removable tot In the recreation of the Williams drawing tto sheriff whose gun belt carries o supply of metal bullets his a gray mustache to match his gray locks Where Winter Around Home spills ever and dampens walla Renailing tto hangers perhaps adding on or two wiU generally solve the problem That patio made of bricks and blacks bid in I bed of und may not kxft too even bow Cold weather may have caused several of tto blocks to heava Lift out these and surrounding blacks and spread Ito sand beneath them Wait until a dry day comaa along to do this If word or other small plants are growing up between tto blocks pull them out now before they turn Into small trees tearing everything apart Roof shingle may have blow km or brenmt broken Pick a good calm day and ud shingle with broad toad roofing nails Pul a dab of asphalt no tto aad head afterward A Cracked shingle caa to nailed down and seated with roof coating Seam in roll roofing may have become loose or curled A fresh ream of roof coating and a few nail wiU usually put things la shape agsia gMst IT Wert Haven Auntie Duikn 16 Wert lUsen aad Jdi L Romany 7 Nw Ha- lu MV1M ml I ml lire i-rei m I— 1 re pter W te —re re rereu re ire i-rerai re WenAea M( if Wrafer M-4 I eel ll r-ureie Salk mm w4 M —4 - reti Z-M ire 4 re — 4 r ire rifi i- re n-4 emre te esiy ire nw m-—( w-m re— i re teerere re e — re y— e— i ii—i m u— -in re t-retrt a re-" l roe— reaare te re-4 Sirere 1- ra4 S (res Hnu1u Hr -ere re tt Ml Mii44 I Vh ll-uu(hil l f Ur— t Ste reire u d Blessing Met : With Problems ' - (Caatiouad Frees Page 1) Una from Paddock Avs to run ia back of Memorial Hospital The trunk lina will be extended to Gypsy Lanai along Ri ne Miller ' Ava Elmwood Drive and Cardinal Drtva (both of which are located la Birch-wood Estates) and than ulqng Paddock A vo and Murdock Ave Mains could be built to connect developments on Miller Ave and back to Overlook Roed where a subdivision is planned If only half of the land that could be sewered is bulk up that would mean another 406 homes MORE HOMES mean more children and more classrooms In' the master pbn Candeub aad Fbbrig city planners rec-uneod o school in tho southeast section of the city More homes also mean that tomething win have to bo dome about low water pressure in the area All of Paddock and Murdock Ave la now served by one water main six inches In diameter To make aura that the trunk line will pay for itself In increased revenue to tho Sewer Authority tho city needa on ordinance to require future subdivisions to be connected with existing trunk lines THE BOARD of' Health has been discussing such on ' ordinance and wiU coma up with specific recommendations to tho Court of Common Council ia another month according to Dr Stoddard PHNOM PENH-Cambodia has nearly doubled its cigarette output RECORDJOURNAL BOX NUMBERS Tto Record Journal will not disdoaa tho identity of any classified advertiser using a box number -Readers answering Mind box ada who desire to protect their Identity caa follow this procedure: — Enclose your reply to the box number la aa envelope — address to the Gassified Manager Meridee Record-Journal together with a memo listing the compaa- lea you do NOT want to sea your letter Your totter wiU to destroyed if the advertiser is ona you've mentioned If not It will to forwarded la the usual manner MERIDEN RECORD MERIDEN JOURNAL MERIDEN CONN Phan BE S-INI RECORD -JOURNAL CLASSIFIED KATES t to I llms I I lines S UmS I llnr S Sims I Una minimum I'arU Hma Inrludt hoik te Journal A runs la IHU Minimum Chart (l uO Count initial an number worn la ih Una aa antis an Hearlai tuns (arm raw la nis adrurs an aupucattiuk Ms ads r-tlS iwr Imam (nr uwfclicaikui la Tt tUmrS Ih Mlawint mornlns ConwcUnna ar rnrliailmia muat also h rclS ur a a m Notk-a S-r enrewriinM In Thu Jaue uai must ht rrm4 Mtora Sam KRKliKB flwnell lOwM Nufh must ha alvu toSwa wiuiS lnrtioa Mher—'sa ctmiii for ran MrlHW rnn4 U ailm ! 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