El Paso Herald-Post from El Paso, Texas on October 26, 1957 · Page 1
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El Paso Herald-Post from El Paso, Texas · Page 1

El Paso, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 26, 1957
Page 1
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B9 El Paso Herald -Post HOME EDITION The Newspaper That Serves Its Readers PRICE FIVE CENTS EL PASO, TEXAS, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26, 1957 VOL. LXXVII NO. 256 I Police Nab 'Amateur' In Bar Holdup North Texas D4-Ai?inc' Rfaat Shivers In r HI Jvri i7 vwm Icy Weather j Light Snow Falls At Mineral Wells; Flakes at Fort Worth By UNITED PRKSS Light snow fell at Mineral Wells early today and some snowflakes were reported in Fort Worth as sub-freezing weather hit Texas. Clearing skies and cold weather is the outlook for Texas through tomorrow with freezing temperatures predicted for the northern half of the State tonight. Dalhart. Amanita and Childress Theresa Krerrjer discusses how ih w held tnirf nniipp "Tm an amateur bandit, I'm no stiekup man" wa arrested . lew minutes after he fobbed tne van uyjte ar t-- - - Adrian Joseph Panis, who admits trying to enlist the aid of a customer in the holdup, was arrested at 315 West Missouri! street after detectives made a house-l.o-house search. The money, taken from the bar- maid, Theresa Kreitles, 21. was; recovered from his room in the. Texas Hotef. The 36-year-old bandit admitted i that he took the money and forced I two customers to lie face down on; the floor. H told another customer who he had approached and asked ifj he would help him in the holdup-; that he would kill him if he did not I go in the back room and stay. Orders Beer Miss KreitFer said Panis entered the bar while three other custom-1 en were there ana oiu - , - . arKe Stfrnotiwed! SpUttllk 'Beeps' ! Heard Again After Night Off tine near f Th ha-r said the man to him to come over and talk him. "He asked me if I wanted make some mon,?y and showed i his gun," Hudspeth said. would get into trouble. I returned .bsh1 NGTON, Oct. 36. Sputnik i to my stool." 'came back on the air today after The bandit started cursing iwi:a njaht 0f radio silence. Kreitler. I At Cambridge, Mass., Andrew Charles Mitchell, 29, and Fred Ledwith of tne Smithsonian Astro-Lehman, 24. were sitting at the;pnysical observatory said the So other end oi me oar dim hhu.h jViet .satellite s signal c had seen the bandit display hishrough-niceiy is morning." eun. , The satellite had made its rou "I told him to shut up when ne;!ast night ia siience, prompting! started cussing the barmaid, Mitchell said. Fulls Out Gun The bandit and Mitchell started "I told Mitch not to argue with the guy since he had a gun," Hudspeth said. Finally, the bandit whipped out' the small pistol and told Mitchell that he was goin to kill him. MitcheL and Lehman ducked under the bar when the bandit waved the gun at them. He ordered Hudspeth to get in the back room, "He came around to where Fred and I were stooped and told us to lie face down on the floor," Mitch ell said. The bandit told Miss Kreitler that he would kill her too if she did not give him all the money she had. "I gave him the WO in the regis-- (Continued on Page 12, Col. 1) ipeculation that its batteries v dying. Found In Valley Freeze Due In Valley Tonight Freezing temperatures were forecast for the Valley here tonight. The Weather Bureau forecast a low temperature of 33, one point above freezing. Some sections will have frost, how-ever. The high temperature today was 59, down from yesterday's high of 67. Low tonight in El Paso will be 38. High forecast for Sunday is 65. each reported 27 degrees early to day, coldest weather since last winter and one of the earliest freezes in' years. The mercurv dipped to 34 at I Fort Worth and 35 at Dallas; otherl lows included 30 at Wichita Falls, 33 at Abilene, Alpine 34. Mineral Wells, Midland and Lubbock 35, San Angelo 37, Junction and Tex-arkana 39, Waco and Salt Flats 40, Lufkin and Wink 41, Austin, Col-lege Station 42, San Antonio 44, Houston 46, Beaumont and Presi dio 47, Cotull and Galveston Corpus Christi 50, Laredo 52 and Brownsville, aa, warmest State. Skies Clear Skies cleared rapidly over the Texas Panhandle and North Centra Texas during the morning, but it was mostly cloudy elsewhere in the State. The weather bureau said a few snow flakes fell at Mineral Wells! between 3 and 5 a. m, and some reports were received of snow-flakes in Fort V'orth about 5 a. m., though none fell at Amon Carter j Lr parham Fields. Rainfall for the 24 hours ended ist 6 a. m. included a trace Mineral Wells, Wichita Falls, Van Horn and Beaumont, .13 inch at IChildress, .07 at Amarillo and lAlnine and .02 at Midland. The coa iront Uiai nit ecuy vestPrdav was felt throughout! Texas before the day ended. Ike Will Go To Paris In December President Seelts Scientific Setup For Free World WASHINGTON, Oct. 26.-Diplomatic sources said to day that President Elsen hower will go to Paris in De cember to push his plan for a free world scientific alliance. In Paris, U. S. Ambassador Amory Houghton said the Presi dent will fly to Paris for a North Atlantic Treaty Organization meet ing Dec. In Washington, neiiher the White House nor the State Department would comment immediately. But C. Burke Elbrick, assistant secretary of state for European! affairs, scheduled a conierence with French Ambassador Herve Alphand. The Paris trip would be for the I purpose of enlisting other countries at a Nato "summit" con ference by the United States and Britain Friday, for consolidation of the free world's resources to counteract Russia's new missile. tiGas Gathering " ISystem Set Up Flu Virus Shows Strong Upsurge Br UNITED PRESS The flu virus now sweeping the United States has shown a strong upsurge in killing poer the Past week, matching in seven days the total of fatal case; reported from jthe outbreak's beginning last sum- At least 186 new flu deaths were reported across the nation since last Saturday. Would Close Schools bill automatically closing down any school to which i-eoerai troops are sent in an integration crisis has become law in Florida. PATTERSON'S BOAT- rotting away in Lower Valley yard, ruin, friends say. Strengthens Theory Of Foul Play Sheriff Examines Another Link in Mystery of Couple By CUFF SHERRILL A decaying boat, which belonged to Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Patterson, missing from their home since March, has been located in the Lower Valley. The discover deepens the mystery of what has happened to the Pattersons. Sheriff Jimmy Hicks fears they have met with foul play. The boat was located by Earl Stedham, a salesman for DeWitt and Rearick Real Estate Agency, Earl Srsdham, friend of W. D. Patterson, stands by FatTersons boat Mr, Stedham noticed the boat in If Patterson wera alive he would not let the boat go to the yard of Oscar Moreno oi in rale road, inursaay ana reported INSIDE WASHINGTON Weekly Size-Up by Washington Staff Of Senpps-Howard Newspapers Cost of Living In America Rivals Sputnik Th West Texas Gathering Co. of: Odessa announced today plans to construct a natural gas gathering system to serve the Emperor, Deep and South. Kermit fields of Winkler County are well under way. Riehts of way for the field gath ering lines and for a transmission line rrom tne ft.ermit area ia uviu-j rmllh arc beine acouired and ac-i f,f ycTictriirfinn will hptrin durinz,- the first part or November. These facilities are being built to serve the local need for additional supplies of natural gas, and West Texas Gathering Co. has executed contract with Pioneer natural Gas Co. to deliver up to 25,000,000 ruhr. feet of eas per day tor use in Texas. The system is to be used. only for intra-State gas deliveries and sales. Substantial eas reserves have been discovered and ate being developed in the Emperor and South Kermit areas. West Texas Catherine Co. has executed gas purchase iagreements with a number of the operators in Lnese iiciua, i presently negotiating additional; contracts with the other operators who won reserves in tne area. West Texas Gathering Co. has; completed negotiations with El Paso whereby Er Paso will purchase up to 100,000,000 cubic feet per day from West Texas Gathering Co. after the necessary Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity has been obtained rrom the Federal Power Commission. An application will be submitted within a short time to the Federal Power Commission for approval, authorization and permit, covering the additional facilities to deliver the 100,000,000 cubic feet dairy to El Paso Natural Gas Co. the Sheriffs Department. Sgt. John Frizell of the Sheriff's Department, said Moreno told him his brother, Arthur Moreno, brought the boat to his yard. "Arthur Moreno works at the Patterson Photo Shop," Sergeant Frizell said. "He said he moved it out of the Patterson's garage when the house was rented." Nevtr I ike That KSEfSEr ! Sergeant Frizell said he had WASHINGTON Oct. 26. There's: found inside the boat a collection ttt . c.TJTikT-T.rtxr -v.f 0vOTir rtav Is riawnincr at the ,v reason to believe tne cost or tisning ;acK:e. motors, gas cans Pentaron Insiders say Defense Secretary Neil McElroy of living, that high-soaring Ameri-; and the "usual junk" a fisherman remasuu. iimiutto , ' tM can rival to SduUiui. will keep on would accumulate, disagrees with any Mr Stednajnt who has known retary Charles E. Wilson. This is true, particularly, ofcit reports Commissi0ner!he PaUersons five years, said: p policies atteaing missues researui Ewan cague of tne Bureau of La- -pat would never leave his bo it dim uctciuf'i'.m. b Statistics, rise more siowiy in out; like thar. he a turn over in Wilson scoffed at basic researcn.;, , . rw mnnths ,han has re- t,;. ,r.nrf rt.it must be where McElroy shows signs of encourag-1 . been tpe case He sees a , . n0w-before he'd let that ing it. wants scientists to come, virtuai leveling off until after; happen t0 njs boat." up with new ideas. KVs giving Cnristrnas and eVen a chance of a sajd he n0ticed the freer hand to Deputy Secretary L,ight dip next sprmg. I n Donald Quarles, a research man, But ne Qng.rangc pressures, fhm.,ni, Pasodale consulting Quarles on policy aSiClague 7eports. go just one way., hheen lookinc for a boat Zhukov Out As Soviet's War Chief i led Prm LONDON. Oct. 25. Russia's Parliament has relieved Marshal Georgi Zhukov of his post as Soviet minister of defense, Moscow radio said tonight. An announcement by the official Tass news agency said Marshal Rodion Y. Laminovsky had been appointed to replace Zhukov. There was immediate speculation in Western Capitals that Zhukov had fallen in another power struggle with Nikita S. Khrushchev, boss of the Soviet Communist Party. well as on scientific questions. are beginning to hope new weapons program actuaj- ill be speeded as the- new sec retary promises. McElroy has asked for weekly reports on mis siles progress, makes clear purpose is to let him know and act ;Kiy on any oottienecics. Saud Abandons Mideast Mediation Svria announced today that Saudi Arabia's King Saud hid abandonedi his efforts to mediate the Turko- Syrian dispute through personal I diplomacy, India Area Flooded Su Vnitr.d Press UALUJUA, maia, uci. --Flood waters burst througli a natural dam on the northeastern frontier and apparently wiped out a villaee of 400 persons, the .news paper Statesman reported today. Hurry, Enter Contest! Clown's Big Feet Gives Kay the Giggles Why Is it the maddest guy in n rgumerrt is usually th on thfi wrong? Kay and Payne, 6, got the giggles when Amelia and Felix Adler, the King and Queen of clowns, compared their huga feet with her tiny ones. Jolly Amelia and Felix are in town to herald the Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus which will be at the Coliseum from Nov. 5 to 7. They will help put make up on winners in The Herald-Post's Circus Clown Contest. Felix, who wears a big bustle which sways when he mov-s, lent Kay his umbrella, which is about as big as a minute. "That's a happiness umbrella," he said. "Don't you feel happy now?" "Yes I do," Kay said. Kay is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Payne of 908 Apple drive and is a second grader at Bon-ham School. Mr. Payne is administrator of Eil Paso General Hospital. Felix invited Kay to ride an (Continued oa Ptje S, Col. 7) jto buy," he said. "When I saw this one, I asked frs. Moreno if it were for sale. t'She said she would find out. And that way "Month by month costs of !ous items particularly in the serv- ire fie d keep edema lorwara, -!,.. r.jvrc "Thtro ie nnthirt that I can see ahead of us to end thati "She made a telephone call, then creep - gave me a number to call. I asked Clague heads the agency, known: her if I might look at the boat alphabetically as BLS, which keeps ; ciosely, and she said yes. f went Other Pentagon projects: n tabs on everything you buy fromm the yard then, and mats wtiea MrFlmv has a 12-man mmmit-Lcnirin m a,itn! and rcMrts how ! I recognized it as Pat's boat." tee at work cn prooiem or getting adequate housing for all service personnel. He'll ask Congress to set up a defense housing corpora- ill argue that t"is could save money, speed construction, make it possible to retain skilled men by ending gripes over housing. At Eisenhower s request MCbl- roy is getting together information on how the Lordiner plan modern- ilitary pay structure- would affect next year's budget. No guarantee it will be adopted- just a chance. Note: Here s one reason McEl roy will have trouble holding de fense expenditures to JJ3 billion, Using 1947-49 prices as 100, price of of aircraft material is now 152.4 and going up. That's twice the rise in consumer price index and wholesale price index. WATCH FOR Eisenhower Ad ministration to start telling the Dublic more about what goes Current tiooci or imormaiicn about our missiles and rockets is only the beginning. Russia's prop- ( continued on rage i, un, much it all costs you each month. Did Not Cill Back Yesterday he reported that Sep-: Mr. Stedham said he returned tember living costs had hit a newinomej caIed tne number Mrs. Mo reno gave him and asked about buying a boat. He was referred to another number which turned out to be Patterson's Photo Shop, and was then connected with Herbert Roth, who is managing the Patterson Photo Shop. "He wanted to know who told me about the boar," Mr. Stedham k yivited 1-f.ess said. He insisted. 1 mst told him An unconcerned Turkey prepared man j. knew by sight. He asked today for the general elections that I get the man's name and call Russia has said would precede anhim back." American-inspired attack on Tur-j Mr. Stedham said he did not call key. liut Syria rppeared to be suf- back. He called the Sheriff's Offering from a case of war jitters. fjce instead, he said. Sergeant Calm Turkey Ready to Vote Saud Will Marry High School Girl flu IndernniJotiirl News Servict BEIRUT, Oct. 26. King Saud of Saudi Arabia soon will marry a curvaceous modern-minded 17-year- old high school girl related to the; premier of Lebanon. The family and friends of Ferial U. S. Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodce. in a eloves-off speech at the Uniied Nations yesterday, accused the Kremlin bosses of creat ing an "artificial" war scare along the Turkish-Syrian border. The Soviet charges, Lodge said, were designed to picture Moscow as the "savior of the Arabs." Top Detectives Work On Gangland Slaying Frizell then investigated. Mr. Stedham said Roth, wno has declined to discuss the Pattersons with the press, did not tell him if he knew about the boat. Pat Would Be Mad Mr. Stedham knows the Patterson boat well. He pulled it to Guaymas for the Pattersons in October of 1955, he said. Mr. Stedham with a friend entered fishing competition there. The Pattersons went to Guaymas but were not in the tournament, he said. Mr. Stedham said he got acquainted with the Patterson Detec-; through a mutual friend about five ives under direct command of Po-; years ago. ice Commissioner Stephen P. Ken-I "Pat would have a fit if he nedy worked nonstop today to solve! knew his boat was going to ruin the methodical slaying oi uang-.une oiai, mr. siyunam sum. u ster Albert Anastasia and head off i (Continued on Page 5, Col. I) a possible gang war, A beefed-up detective unit ques- j j J Ynur tioned about 50 persons during the llsluc 1 WMI ! night while a 15-state alarm went Mumtaz said an official Saudi Ara- a s3ughtercd Anastasia bian delegation is expected t0 "jyestorday morning while he waited Jf 7C . , j ito be shaved in a oarDer shop. Riyadh within the next 10 days to- conclude tne arrangements. Ferial, who's never worn a veil and likes hi,;h-heel shoes, is the niece of Lebanese premier tami She would be Saud'; CLOWN AND CONTESTANT Kay Payne gers giggles under '"happiness umbrella lent to her by Clown Felix Adler, left. His wife, Amelia, adds to fun. Pope to Bless Station VATICAN CITY, Oct. IS. Pope! Pius XII gives his blessing tomorrow to a powerful, new Vatican radio station. The 100-kilowatt station is expected to crash through rhe jamming of Iron Curtain countries. Youth Who Shot Pair Captured year-old boy sought in (he shoot-inc and woundinc of a boy and a jgirl was caught today. Police said; ,Charles Smith was carrying ; caliber rifle and a shotgun. Albert Jacobs, 46, owner or tne ore where the shooting occurred. died shortly afterward, apparently! of a heart attack. Herald-Post weather Bureau Forecast: Partly cloudy and warmer tomorrow. (Details on Page 5.) 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