Florence Morning News from Florence, South Carolina on November 15, 1970 · Page 1
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Florence Morning News from Florence, South Carolina · Page 1

Florence, South Carolina
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 15, 1970
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tfkitntt Jltotf ttirn MM The Only Daily Paper Published in Eastern South Carolina FLORENCE S. C, SUNDAY MORNING. NOVEMBER 15, 1970 OUR 47TH YEAR - NO. 319 DAILY SUNDAY ISe College Football Duke South Carolina North Carolina Clemson 42 Wofhrd 38 Appalachian St. 42 Notre Dame 7 Georgia Tech 37 Ohio State 13 Purdue 10 Wake Forest 7 N. C.State 16 Richmond 13 VMI 40 Air Force 17 Stanford 54 Furman 12 Citadel 31 14 Sports Section 10 Georgia 31 William & Mary 29 Virginia 7 Auburn 17 Davidson 28 Colgate MAY HIT 100,000 Cyclone Toll Still Rising DACCA, East Pakistan (API .Barisal. 70 miles south of Dac- - A cyclone anrt tidal wave that j sli& a 14.man leam irmn he -al and Tuck TUt Pakistan" lWnrld Bank- the Ullifed Rtate; persons, officials said Saturday .. . fl , j i , night. They left file town of Kulma smaJJ boat, but may hi 1 were in the area and had not been heard from. The confirmed death toll rom Friday's storm was 11,283 listed er 2.000 persons there were i wn' missing. j ,Vniziissman said the islands Plane With Football Team Aboard Crashes 74 Persons Feared Killed In Crash NearKenova.Va. four ships bearing food ami reached Uatia and other ships were loading supplies in Dacca. A rescue ship left for Dubla Island, where 13,01111 Hindus had assembled for a religious festi- flying trip along the coast and said "the death toll "is quite high." There were no reninls from many oi ine ;ival. There was no word On cas- number of ships and fishin, raUies eratt lost. ! A magistrate on Hatia Island said he eared thousands, drowned when lidal waves', surged over the island. Fart ol Rh.nla Island was washed away! Ijv "the raging sea. Of the ships, one that may he lost is the 5.5t)D-ton Mahajagmi-tra, an Indian frcigliter out of Calcutta on her way to Kuwait. A shipping nfficial in Calcutta said the last word from her was a message savin? she was in the Ray of Bengal "in the proximity "of a cyclone." He added ii was feared she may have cap sized. She carried a crew of 49. The cvclone, with ils liiO miles an hour winds and 20-fnot waves, devastated aUout 2511 miles of the coast. Cyclone is the Indian Ocean cnuivalenl ol the hurricane in Ihe Atlantic and the typhoon in the Pacific. The deputy commissioner at'"? Oil Platform Fire Fatal To Workman W.W ORLEANS AP) - One man is dead and 13 others burned, two critically, as a result of a rputure of a tank containing a hot chemical fluid on an nil platform in the Gulf of Mexico. A spokesman for Humhle Oil & Helming Co. said the rupture occurred Friday night on a platform some 27 miles off Grand Isle, La. "There was no spill or il or gas and there was no pollution ," the spokesman said. Cause nf the rupluce was under investigation. The heated chemical glycol, similar to automotive antifreeze was in the ruptured boiler and spilled onto the men Ihe official said. The chemical is used in the process of dehydrating natural gas. Three helicopters took the 14 burned men ot St. Ann's Hospital at Raceland. 45 miles southwest of New Orleans, and most of them were transferred to a suburban New Orleans hospital. Glenn McSwain, 2(1, of Fox-worth, Miss., who incurred burns over 31) per cent of his body, was pronounced dead on arrival to Eaton Rouge, La., General Hospital -Saturday. Two other workmen bad burns over 911 per ccnL or more of their bodies. They arc Hon Hubert, 19, at Cutoff, La., and John Lcfobvre, 21, of Galliano, The Humble spokesman said the victims were either on or below the rig's deck when the rupture occurred. Eighteen other men on the rig remained there. Work on the platform was shut down immediately, De Gaulle's Words Read In Schools PARIS (API - Millions of school children all over France irose lo their feet in class Satur day to hear esrerpls ll'om Charles de Gaulle's most poetic j reflections On France, the four seasons and life and death. But there were arguments in 'some Paris high schools about i reading from the general's memoirs, and young Maoists, 'despite Communist China's almost reverent onndulances to the De Gaulle family, staged loud protests. 1 The readings were at the ur-idcr of Education Minister Oli- Cinehard. riic began Sat urday, a normal four-hour school day in France, and will continue Monday in schools that ! did not receive the texts on . ..I ,ll'l ..nrWclW m- idling, hut it was beautiful." one grammar scnooi ooy siu. um. !of the kids cried." j The selections, which appear I to touch cniidren mosi, a 'French reporter said, were those final paragraphs from Volume 3 of the general's memoirs, which begin: "Old earth, old France, old man." Mmii-nwt continued to file past the now sealed. tomb of the general in (Jolombev ics ueux F.glises. Vni. ilw. first timd since Ihe fu neral Thursday, the generals widow vtsitea. nis grave, snipping silently for a moment and bending down to touch some of .v.- in?i Tlwcnn Maval Capt. Philippe de Gaulle, read the names on tne uorai noDous to her. I 31 The FIREFIGHTERS PLAN ATTACK AS FLAMES LEAP OVER SAN BERNARDINO MOUNTAINS Burning on 20-Mile Front, 36 Homes Were Reported Destroyed Saturday Huge Brush Fire Drives 2,000 From Their Homes KENOVA, W. Va. (AP) A twin-jet Southern Airways DCO carrying; Marshall University's footbal team, root era and crew crashed and exploded in flames near here Saturday night, with no apparent survivors, according to State Police and Federal Aviation Agency spokesmen, A spokesman for Southern Air ways in Atlanta, Ga. said the ?3.5 million crail was carrying iv ijcimchkc. tu. a crew of four. They said it was the only plane. Marshal had chartered. nify said the. plane siarnmeo. about 7:40 p.m. and exploded into "a giant ball of Fire." State Police, said at least IS bodies were counted outside the burnin" craft, hut tlamcs were too intense to probe m.e mierio- . of the plane. This was the second plane in less than two months which . crashed carrying e tootbali team. On Oct. 2, one ol two chartereo planes carrying '.he ; Wichita State university tool-biill team, coaches, boosters ; and others, crashed in the mountains in Colorado, killing .' 31 persons including I tootbail players Witnesses said they were locked" out of their chairs ' from the concussion of ihe ex- i plosioti. John Young, who lives about a half mile from the crash site said he "heard this hiud noise ... I ran out to see what it was and all I saw was a big hall of fire." "Nobodv could have survived that," 'Young said strains of Dixie can still be h?orc in Americana. Brazil, the cCn- ' ler of -Mh orea where Americans from the Old South r.cughl refuge offer the Civil Wor. See page 8-A. Mossactcs bave been part of American history since Europeans arrived and hngan t'ighting tho Indians. See paqe 5-A. A Spaniard has come to Florence to conquer the English language. He's a student at Fraticis Marison College. See page 1-D. index Arts 6C Buiidirg 9C Business 6A ,. Deaths 2A ' Editorials 4A Features ID Horoscope 9C SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. (AP) - A 20-mlle-long brush and timber fire that drove i.UOlt persons from fheir homes was out of control Saturday in Ihe San Bernardino National Forest. Pushed by K) mile-an-hour winds. Ihe traineular-shaped blaze charred more than 50,000 acres and destroyed 36 homes, fire officials said. I There have been no reports of serious injuries. Most of the 1,500 fire fighters were trving to save the moun tain community of Running Snani's. where 1,1100 residents were evacuated. Crews were stationed at the south edge of the community, using a mgn- wav Rim of the World urive as a firebreak. The names lapped up to the edge ot thelugnway. Teenage Girl Loses Memory TnunNTn iP'i Ruse Ann Hebert had to be told Friday niiAil lll llio vmrnan who had just walked into her hospital room was ner motnor. Then the IS-year-nld Saint Joan, N.B., girl who doctors say lias no memory of her life beyond a little more than a week ago, broke into tears. Her mother, Elizabeth He-' bcrt, who hasn't seen her daughter for IB days, spent about 3S minutes in the room. 'She seamed very bright and iwmrl llllt ?ho Couldn't T0- memho'r," Mrs. ileben said nf her daughter, "l mcnuonea sev-rol nf her srirl friend? back hnme hut the names didn't mean anything." San Bernardino County a disas ter area, paving the way for fi nancial relief. itost of the destroyed homes were in Smiley Park, a small PSf.rt and nmK'iijin c;ni::iiu!i'.v where l?0 residents were evacu ated Friday. , The blaze, which broke out near Ihe 7.000-mnt level near; Hig Bear Lake Thursday and raced to the 1.0n0-foot level 20 miles southwest, was-the worst of three Fires in Southern Call-: fornia. (n another blaze that had blackened 3,500 acres, fire fight ers roped themselves together on the steep canyons of Cuca-rrcna W ldcrness Area northwest of San Bernardino. The area is so rugged a force of 20C men had to pull in equipment on Gov. Ronald Reasan declared! pack horses and mules. Firemen halted the southwest front of the blaze at the San Bernardino suburbs of Del Rasa and Highland. Some 600 resi dents from the two communities and from the nearby San Man-. uel Indian Reservation began returning to their homes. Elsewhere, the flames were burning wildly, but mostly in unpopulated areas. "There are hot spots all along the 20-mile front," said Rill Makel, a U.S. Forest Service in formation officer. "We're just hitting hot spots when necessarv. trying to pro tec:, the populated areas," added .1 ack McCurnin, another Forest Service spokesman. "We're nnt even thinking in terms of surrounding it yet." j Albert Rich, whose house also is about a half mile from the scene, .said he first thought tile loud noise was lightning. lie i went out to see. "I heard this one bang and a I minute later there was this ter-Irific bang which shook the v,:w.f .ions;-, i ran i utsiuc lo so' if there was a storm, and T saw this flash over the hill," Rich said. He said the plane skimmed the top of an abandoned house just betore it crasnco. A light rair. hampered rescue efforts, where Ihe site was accessible only by a narrow, dirt road which had turned mostly into mud. Only a few emergency vehicles had made it lo Ihe scene, including an undelennineil num ber of ambulances. No ambulances had left the scene, how ever, by 10:30 p.m. WEATHER - Mostly cloudy and cooler through Monday wirh chance of occasional light rain. High today and Monday, mid SOs. Low tonight, upper 30s. De. tails, Page 2-A. Syrian Moderate Gains Upper Hand (Sec CRASH, Page IIW DAMASCUS CAP) - Syria's eiuht coud in 24 vears of inden- dence was described here Satur day as a battle for infernal political survival hv ermms of i the Baalh Socialist party, with itoreign policies nor an lm- Gen. Hafez al Assad, tho de- Ifense minister and cniet cr site j Soviet-equipped Syrian a i r force. The losers were Gen. Salah Jadid, leader of the party. President Noureddin Atassi and former Premier Youssef Zay- jyen, all extreme Marxists i ninlrtmnfe sniff it was not. iclear if the postmidnight coup harl duuIViv tn Hn wilh lllp rip-1 feat handed Syria's tank forces in Jordan's civil war in September. It is known that Assad re fused to provine air support lor tlm tantc nif krapl's iets Haunch retaliatory strikes,. Assad was described as a moderate. Arab diplomats said that while the basic cause of the Eight Americans Killed In Vietnam War Action SAIGON (AP) Enemy mines and a hoobv trail killed eight American soldiers and wounded eight, ihe U.S. command reported Sunday. A spokesman said Viet Cong guerrillas hit a U.S. Army supply convoy Saturday with a series of command-detonated mines that killed four American soldiers and wounded four. He described damgc to the convoy, traveling on Highway 1 about 2H miles northwest of coastal Tuy Iloa and 260 miles northeast ot Saigon, as "very light." The command said a reconnaissance unit of the 101st Airborne Division on a scouting mission near Firebase O'Rciliy northwest of Hue touched off a booby trap and four U.S. soldiers were reported killed and two wounaea, A spokesman also said a U.S. Army helicopter was downed by enemy ground fire, raising the number V choppers lost in the war to 4,120. Two crewmen were wounded in the crash, he said. South Vietnamese military headquarters said government marines killed 44 North Vietnamese and Viet Cong and cap tured :I4 in a stiff engagement in eastern Cambodia. A government spokesman said seven Soulh Vietnamese marines vcro killed and 18 were win nulcd in Ihe clash near the Cambodian town of Prey Vcng alwnl. 211 miles southeast of the capital, Phnom Pnh. South Vietnamese troops are making a sweep along the Mekong River in the area. The U.S. command said North Vietnamese troops al lacked two 101 st Airborne Division units Friday and oariy Saturday in South Vietnam's northern jungles. coun -was internal politics there was a possibility that Syria now would abandon its go-it-aion.e at titude in the fight against Israel and cooperate more closely with the rest of the Arab world. Syria refused to sign the U.S.-initiated Middle East cease-fire last August along with Kgypt and Jordan. Sources close to the Israeli government said Saturday in Tel Aviv the coup came as no surprise and officials expected cha'ir.c :n -', r.r Imf lllc a:t.i tude toward Israel. "IL was only cuestion ot waiting to see whether the military or civilian wing of the ruling Baath party would tnumpn," one source said. Unlike the previous coups and (tie dozen minor revolts in Syria since it gained independence from France in 1946, this government turnover lacked the usual tank rumblings in the streets and the presence of mili tary powei In fact, most inhabitants of Damascus awoke Saturday- morning unaware that Assad had seized power and that the old leaders were in jail. In its broadcasts. Radio Da mascus made no mention of the coup. The capital was calm Shoppers thronged the bazaars as usual and government ministries were open for business, According to the Arab diplomats. Assad and his followers surprised Atassi, Jadid and Zay-yen at their homes late Friday, the Moslem sabbath. Although Jadid was listed only as assistant secretary-gen eral of the party, ho has tho power behind the regime. 'the dinlnmals said Assad's move was not an immediate attempt lo make radical changes in Syria's policy. Jadid tried to drum Assad out of the party by removing him as oetense minister, ntte iriinlomatic Informant said. "As- SOUTH VIETNAMESE MARINES MARCH GROUP OF CAMBODIANS FROM SMAll VILVAOE 1 sa(i simply moved first to assert. The Group Include Refugee find Suspects From Bottle Area Neor Takeo I his authority once and for all."

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