Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 18, 1944 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, September 18, 1944
Page 3
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MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 1944 NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS r++r+rf~* Page Three Personal—Social—Fraternal Crystal Shower Is Held For Dorothea Abele A crystal whiiwi'i 1 \vn.« held Suii- jnv ivrii'rnoim in honor oi' Miss IKKottii-n !•'.. Ahflo of aSl! Hillside [ivi'iiiiP «' 'h<- homo of Mrsi, Ailnlpli K:m'Miek!i!«. 31 * Hillside nvotuio. An cmi-ilour supper was oiijoyiul. Atti-nilinK wore: Mr. and Mrs. il'fili- II.vilo, Mt-s. I2llu 'Evon, Hi 1 . •mil Mi'"- Kii.vnioiul Sliuson, Mr. niul Mr*. Matthew .Krickcon. Mi'. niul Mi'*- A,. Ku/.rnu'ku.t. Mr. and .\Ii\-i. An!li"ii> r Niivriiteli 1 . Also. Mi'- 'I"'' Mrs. .Edward Mo- Klri'y. .Mr. and Mrs. l-'olix Uiailcow- iilii, '.Mi'- rlnd 3 ' ri '-' < - Charles V«Kt, Mr.jiml Mrs. Clinton Andrews, Mr. mil! ,\rrs. Joseph Xoyjick, Air. nncl Mr*. Arni'Ul I.utuiln anil M'r. nnrl J!rs. John lfo«vi>n# of Seymour. Wallflower Potholders Nona A. Culver, James H. Hansoi Are Engaged The enjraxcment of Miss .Xon Aiii-lr Culver, daughter of Mr, 1111 Mr:'.. Ar.drrU' M. Culvm 1 of Ilif; slieet. t" .fames f{. iianson, son t Mr. anil Mrs. Klllph 1C. JrlinlMO of StutiLfhton, Mass., lias been u) Mr. Hansun is iisnoeinted wit tin- I'-ral L'. S. Rubber Company. Anniversary Of Mr.-Mrs. Carlson Is Celebrated Mr. and Mrs. Rdw : n C/ii'lson ol \Vard stfi'i't wi-n.' pleasantly SUP pris.'i! Saturday evening at a parti lii-lil in their honor at the home uf ,\r:-. and Mrs. Harry Carlson o! '.^ninri stivi't. They svere celebrat- iiu,- their 'J.'th wedding unniversury, Out -uf-tnwn jruests includeil jximi 1 from New Yuri:, ' l''.ant.'L;n and Waterbury. Rummage Sale By Evergreen Chapter, 0. E. S., September 28-29 A runini.'iLCc sale, sponsored by Kvi't'xiviT, chapter. Order of Eastern Star, will he held at Masonic . irir-ple. I'ai-U jilaci, 1 , Thursday and Friday. Sept. 2S and 21). t'rcmi 1 J a. ni. t<> :'i p. in.'H who may have articles tn (.•(xitrihtilc to thp sale but ar tuiiiMi.' to deliver them, are askui to call Mrs. Beatrice Zeun, '1153. Margaret Co^van Honored Guest At Shower I'ATTI'MIN Xo. nii>«3 Why work with ilrah, homely pot- holdersV These colorful JAISICS art citchen bi'ighteners even when not ill active service. Pattern envelope contains hot- ron transfers for three designs, each about T by ~ inches; color- chart, stitch illustrations and full iirectiuns. Our CU-pnge multicolored book if Needle At t.s containing five i'fee inUerns, and many other sugges- ions for dressing up your home ind yourself is now available. Send •our request for this book to tho iddress listed b e I o sv. enclosing wenty cents (L'Oc.) in coins to cov- •r the cost and mailing 1 charges. Send 13 cents (i_-.>in> for Pat lorn <u, rurn'>~> to Naugattick Daily Ci-ws, Needle Arts Dept., P.O. Box 72, Station D. New York 3. N. Y. ".ease Include your postal zone umber, • A miscellaneous-shower was hold recently at the home of Mrs. Harold Newman of Cherry street in honor of Miss Margaret Cowan, who is to be married to Edward Newman, Saturday. Sept, 23, in NuugatucU. She was prasentcd'with many lovely gifts. Tho guests present were: Miss Betty Anderson, Miss Anna Anderson, Mrs. Sally Robinson, Misses Cer.evieve Ncwmiin, Bnbutte Anderson, Bertha Hojewuski, ' Mrs. KuLh Belclli. Mrs. Bertha Huband. Mrs. Nellie Mutti and Miss Catherine Young. Jr. Club Holds Roast At . Dorothy- Hogan 's The Junior Miss; Activity club entertained Saturday evening at u hot-dof,' roast he.'d at the home o Dorothy Hoj,-an. Club members am Kuosts present included, Lor ruin Giancarli, Helen Donovan, DorothJ Xehnder. Elizabeth Kissiuio, Aunt Doliii'.oy, .'loan Green and Dorothj 1-Jofrnn. Also. Edward FiiL-lado. Willinm JTarron, John Quint, Vincent. He; and Joseph Hoaly. arty Held At leavens' Home On Dunn Avenue Columbian Rebekah . Lodge Members Guests Of Sylvan Lodge Mi-mbrrn of Columbia Rebcka I'lily.-. ,Vo. 3-', I. O. O. R, will 1) mii-st.-; o:' Sylvan iocljfi; of Seymou tills • •vi'niiiK Thr trip will 1 \VMirrbu_ry bi-l<ati lod^o hi- present. at neighbors' nijjht be made by bus. and Ansonia Ro members will also Kenneth Barratt At Willis-ton Acadenvy Kenneth Barratt, sor; of Mr. and Mrs. JrMsi; Barratt of Johnson stii-i-t has left for Llast Hampton, Mass.. win-re hr> has boon enrolled in thi; Inwi.-r middle class of \Villi.s- tmi aciidi'inv. Chester P. Isbell, Jr. At Sampson, N. Y. riii'st..'!- (>. fsbull. Jr.. son of Mr. :ind ,\[rs. Chester I'. Isbell of Hill- siili' avi-iuie is taking his recruit ;r'ii:iiru: at the Xaval Training O'ciitn, s.-impson. X. Y, Dr.-Mrs. E. R. Curran Return From Vacation !>. h.-i'.v and Mrs. iOdwin P.. Curran returned to Iheir home on Main street after a vacation la Vermont and Long fslan<l. •Virth Dakota ranks second only i.-... , . . J \ Mr. anil .Mrs. James Hcnvuns of j Dunn avenue enu-nained Sutur- tlay evi.-ning in honor of Mrs. Annie Sergeant, who was observing her birthday. Refreshments wcru served ant! Mrs. Sargeant \vas presentetl \eilh several gifts. Residents Present At Wedding- In Shelton Mr. and Mrs. C. Foster Gamble UK! son, Henry of May avenue, at- the m.-irringe of Mrs. Gamble's sister. Cox. Francos 1^. Plumb. '. S. C. G. R. (W) to I-icut. Howrd Andradc. U. S. M. S. on Sat- rilay, Sept. 16. at the Church of he Good Shepherd in Shelton. The ride, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. d>nry K. Plumb of Shelton, was ttendcd by Miss Irene Gustiana, '. C-c. U. S' C. G. it. (\V) of \Vash- igton, D. C. William Atkinson, rothor-in-lfiw of tlie bride, \\-as iout, Andradc's best man. Ushers •ere G. Foster Gamble of N'aupa- ic!;. brother-in-law of the bride, and Arthur Hcuser of Shelion, Lieut. Andrndo is at present stationed in i\"cw York. I Hurricane Sank Three United (By 'United • A 'Naval tragedy is revealed to have tiik.en place during 'he hurricane which battered the Atlantic countlin'0 last week'. . The' Navy has announced that the destroyer "Warring-ton and two 125-£oot£Coast Guard craft sank at sen. with heavy loss of life' during- .ho storm. Rescue vessels rxre naid to have picked up some, survivors, Deluding the Warrlngfon's skip>or. Commander Samuel Charles of Nathalie, .Virginia. But destroyers ot the 18-hundrod and 50-ton W(»r- rigton class have a normal crew ' 230 officers and men. The Coast Guard vessels lost vero the Jackson and Bcdloc, cnch -iri-yinjf a crew of about 35 men. Tho Navy says the next of kin are cinf, r notified 0.3 soon as the names f all survivors and missing can be earned. The exact location where he vessels were lost is not rc- oiiled, the Navy merely - saying iat they .sank at sea. Borough Court Has Busy Docket With Four Cases Visitor At Home Of Mrs. Sabio Eleanor Woodfield's Birthday Celebrated Sunday At Home Several friends of Miss Eleanor \Voocltlelrl, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold U'oodUold, Sr,. of Millville. were entertained at a supper last evening, the occasion of Eloa- not-'s bii'tliclay. " A social time was enjoyed i.itur Arthur T. Perry, Yeoman 2-c. U. S. N. R., and \vifc. >lr.s. Josephine Perry of Brooklyn, N. Y.. WLM-C re- ocnt \'isitors at the homo of Mrs. Anna Sabio of High struct. State Police Searching For Two Missing Persons PATTISKN 19T7 The button-on dart filled' style of this house frock is easy to make ind truly comfortable. You'll like in all cheery fabrics such as ginghams, • seersuckers, 'or cham- jrays. Pastels, flower' prints, or stripes with contrasting ric-rac vill make tip beautiful). Barbara Bell Pattern No. 1D77 is losigncd for sixes 3-1, 3G. 3S. -10, 2, -I-I, -IG and -IS. Size ,'iG' requires 1--1 yards of TiD inch material and 3-2 yards . of ric-rac for trim- Plan your fall clothes now! The lew fall and winter pattern book, Passing in Review" is now ready —contains 32 pages of the top nils clothes the boys in uniform ad- re—"Date" frocks, street wear, portswuiir, clothes to wear on the home front—stnappy sclvja! clothes for juniors and children. Price 10 cents. For this pattern, send 20 cents, in coins, your name, iiddfcas, pattern number and sixe wanted to Barbara Bell. N:uig:Uuck D.'iily News, Post Office Box 90, Station C, New York 39, N. Y. Temperature Report Edward' Stufi-vil'of Union uhd Nicholas Imprcsa, Plupji hotel, Watcrbury, who were brought bo. for* the borough court this morn- •ing on charges of non-support, were ordered to turn ovor $10 and $20 respectively toward the uupport of their families by Judjfc Thoma« Neary. Sfujrvil was arrested yesterday by Patrolman Harris Burke, and Capt, Anthony Malone arrested tho Watcrbury man. • Wa«il Ixjslk, of Andrew avenue, was granted a stay to September 23. He ill charged with Violating the rules of the road and was nr- rcstcd by Officer Wilfred Evon, after his car had been involved in ft slight accident with that of Jamea Foy, A fourth case was a continuance to October 30 for John Wuent of Water street, who at the present is In jail, serving a four "months sentence. He was arreutcd in July on two counts, intoxication and breach of peace, by Patrolman John Hanley and George Kogut, Two Men Escaped From The Norwich State Hospital Norwich, Sept. IS—(UP)—Stale police arc scorching for two inmates of Norwich state hospital who have escaped from the criminal 'insane ward. The fugitives are Carl Wilson of Hartford.and Edward Dzcidzic of Unionvillc, who have' broken out of the hospital on several previous occasions. The hoapitnl mfpcrin- tendent Bays thoy forced a lock on a dayroom door and slid down a fire hose dropped; out of a window. The weather was cloudy and a bit _cool tod.iy after a pretty nice Sunday. Red Herman's cnjqyed the day up' in Boston, and returned only to find a change In the weather. But Red doesn't mind—changes arc good In the long-run, especially when the status quo pets boring. .Am! a chanffc is progress, the flame-coloi'-hdired person added. But the change in the weather is one for the worse because it may bring a sudden end to the golfing xncl baseball season. Midnight 3 a. m. C a. m Outing Of State Guard Is Success C. N. Moore Is War Fund Head (Continued from -Page 1) (Continued from Page 1) 0 a. in. JS'oon 1 p. m. . 5H 62 0-1 OS C8 O— Helen Starre Vacationing In N. Y. and gifts were vVuodliold. presented to :,:iss Union Delegates Are Now Attending Convention In N. Y. Old Saybroolc, Sept. IS—(UP) — Tho stnto'.s hurricane (loath tol! nC sovcn may ho raised to nine, .'is state police searched for two rniss- ing persons believed to have died during the storm. Being sought wore Mrs. Frederick Sonkbeil of Hartford and AI- hiiro I-. Ryder of \Volhersfield. Mrs. Sonkbcil's husband's body was found near Croat Hammock beach at Old Saybrook 'ast Saturday, Meanwhile, repair crews are working on Communications and power linobroaks, anrl service is ro- portod restored in most comrnun' ities. Miss Helen Starre of Rubber avenue, an employee oC the Lewis Engineering Co.. is spending her vacation in Xcw York. Weather Report Massachusetts-—'•' Cloudy tonight and curly tomorrow with considerable fog and occasional drix- in the east portion, becoming fair in the west portion tomorrow forenoon. Occasional light rain in the southeast portion tomorrow. Connecticut—Cloudy - tonight and early tomorrow, becoming fair lo- morrow afternoon, Rhode Island—Mostly cloudy tonight and tomorrow with occasional light rain tomorrow. En.stport to Block Island — No i small craft or storm'warnings. Klciva, Naugatuck Hangers, score 22 Hand grenade (accuracy contest>: First Sgt. Gyuricsko, Hdq Co., Watcrbury, first; Corp. G. Lc- Cuyer, Co. G, Waterbury, second: Corp. E. Guelakis, Naugatuck Rangers, third. Horseshoe pitching, archery, card games and Softball filled in the sports program. Major P. Costigan gave a talk over the public address system, welcoming the officers and men and also introduced the officers present. His remarks covered the importance of the guard units now and In the future. He also introduced Warden Leo Brophy who mentioned with pride the way in which the Naugatuck Rangers had handled the nfTair nnd also their importance to the town of Naugatuck. He also stated that the administration was grealy pleased at having such an active unit as tho Naugatuck Rangers. ,Capt. F. Baker, Lt. J, Thompson and Lt. J. HarU'ng wish to thank the men of Naugatuck Rangers for the manner in which they handled the events ot the day, also many thanks to Sjrt. Ralph Latcs. Naugatuck- Rangers' regular drill will be held at Tuttlo school grounds, Tuesday at 7:30 p. m. Plans for the next bivouac to be held the end of this month, are now being made. ' George T. Froehlich, John J. Wrinn, co-chairmen. Fraternal and Clubs committee: Joe McGuir*. Religious Committee: Rev, Albert E. Taylor, chairman. Corporate Special Gifts committee: Victor N. Peterson, chairman. Solicitation committee: Edward S. Mullcr, chairman. Merchants and Offices committee, Kenneth Johnson, chairman. Boy Scouts committee: Clifford Teeple, chairman. School committee: Harold Chit- tcnden, chairman. Industrial committee: William A. Buckley, chairman. Quota committee: William G. Boise, Milton B. Lent, Hilding Olson. Victor N. Peterson. Walls of the Mormon temple in Utah are of solid white granite and arc 10 feet thick. Ration Board " Must Know Of Addreis Changes Once >K>ln the NM(jc»tuck Ration Boiu-d I* having IU heiulitcile*. Tbi* time HV about people moving.. They move Into town, they move nut of town, they move from one oection. to another •nd tliry don't tell the Ration Board anything about It. tt IK obligatory upon per- NonH' tilting rationed food*, KUnolfno and fuel oil to notify the nation Board when they move. Such Information nhoulrt Include the full namen of all mem hem of the family, the Ncrlul number* ot their ration book*, gaNollne or fuel oil coupon*, the nddrciui where the rationed item* arc credited., and the new Ktreet number and iiddrc**. " 1'rompt notice'to the Ration Board will *ave B lot of time nnd trouble later a licatlcxfi day. Two Men Believed To Have Drowned Hartford; Sept. 18—CCP)—Police are dragging Connecticut river for the bodies of two Massachusetts men believed to have drowned in a boating accident. The missing men ,ice William Cunningham and brother-in-law, Lewis Earficld, both of Wcstflcld, Two other men who had spent th« day with them on Uioir motor aunch and who were with them vhen their rowboat capuizod. w«ro avcd. BCV WAR BONDS AND KTAMP4 l»l*nd City, M K Pranchised Bottler: Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co., Bristol, Conn. rv'.ival shipping losses of the U, S, since Pearl Harbor amount to about -51,600,000,000. to Kansas crop, President Georfre Frochlich of ..oc.-il -13, United Rubber Workers of \rcwica. 'ind five other members if the union ^roup including Uiss Crnnviovn Pajoski, Stephen <nnpik. John Butler. Frank Wood, ind .Tosr.iii Kenishe.i .ire now in Jew York city attending the intor- ational convention of the United :ul)l.">r Workers of Amoric.-i. Tho convention is bcinc hold -it ho P.-irk Central hotel and start- d at 0 o'clock this morniiis niT 1 ill continue all week. , Miss Fajcski is a member of ihe Credcntiuls committee at the convention FJRST STEP IN EASY WALKING- KIU.KT) BV MOB Rome. Sept. IS—f UP)—More than 7,000 Romans stormed the first, bif: trial of Fascist criminals today, seized .in assistant director of the prison, brat him up then threw him into the Tiber river and kept his head under water until he :f ' drowned. CHRISTMAS CARDS FOR SENDING OVKRSKAS ARE READY NOW! Sweetheart \ rniCK 5 Friend Husband ! ^ I • Pal Nor wash Shoe Store YARD GOODS 25c to $1.29 Mako long or-wearing, bettor - looking clothe* from thii bright rtssorlmont of paHorm, colcrj and fabrics. G. C. Murphy Co. Brother lOc TO $1.00 •* Others SELECT THTCM NOW MAIL BEFORE OCTOBER 15TH . The Ciiril anil Gift Shop SWEENEY'S s^ToSv STORE l S+++*++^++++^f+^f++++ { CRYSTAL I.S VERY J'OI'ULAR S AS A WEDDING 8TRISIFS CENTER ST. DIAL 3-27G2 rrumpt, Kvin-rt: M'.ATC'II .V JIONVICI.KY KKl'.AIKIN'O William Schpero ; .Ifvi-i-lrr ]K() CllliKCII ST. : — i i-'iiBht i;i> — : Electrical Supplies Ligfhting- Equipment 110MB 'KM WITH 'BOMBS Victor — Columbia — Oecctt Records SWAN ELECTRIC CO. 15 CIICKCU ST. TET-, 2074 llb'V AXI> SAVB AT TIIK Highland Grocery 92 HIGHLAND AVE. Tior.. JHHII IIOCC'O KAf>(>. Prop. . ^^r^***s*^*^ VOUR 1IOM1S i Store Closed Next Monday i { and Tuesday ; For Rolljtious Holidays '. D. LIEBERMAN tr**********. CITY BAKERY 171 Maple Street , 1'KLi. 3076 GREATOAKFARM OXFORD ROAD Tel. G040 MILK — EGOS Di'llVrl-j- To All I'nrt» lit NuiiKilIlli'k TO OUR CUSTOMERS: " \ Hurricane damage to our facilities has been most severe. In many sections we have been hit harder than in the 1938 hurricane. Service has been restored-on major circuits which supply war plants and the majority of our customers, but much work remains to be done on branch lines. Our employees are working day and night and will continue to do so until all service is restored. It will assist us if you will report by telephone if your service is not as yet restored even though you may have called previously. We are grateful for your patient understanding and cooperation. THE CONNECTICUT LIGHT & POWER CO.

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