Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 30, 1968 · Page 13
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 13

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 30, 1968
Page 13
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They Learn About Reliable Fabrics ^^ • • HOLLY HAM FULLY COOKED Whole or Half Lb, 59 • VELVEETA Cheese • SUMMER I Sausage • FRESH CUT OUT Neck Bones 594 STICK Liu LB, 4'«». 1.00 FRESH LEAN Ground Beef BRISKET Stew Meat HEAVY SMOKED Bacon Squares 5u 1.00? ;j - Deibres McBrlde photo with Star camera f* £ Hope High Home Economics Clothing Specialist Cora Lee that another opportunity is com- of ready-to-wear clothing will al- £eiass with instructor Mrs. Flora Guthridge about fibers and fa- ing Thursday, June 6, to hear the so be included as a part of the | Harmon, receives news at Laun- brics in today's stores. latest on fabrics. A fabric show fair June 6. Sdry Fair held recently from Homemakers are reminded i*/ 1 * Homemakers Look Over Fair Displays Good Lean Pork Chops Lb. O S Fresh Dressed Fryers Lb. ^W <J Choice Baby Beef Roast Lb. O 3^ Rib Steak u,. 69* Farmr Fresh raoo^resn 5 I _ *.^XL^^,w^j^ -^w ^^SN^ TjXr- tfrLd? *-*m&Mf:S'• '^*^«»A«'. A LETTUCE YELLOW SQUASH SUNKIST CRISP HEAD LB. .. i> ni. WHITE or YELLOW ONIONS 3 . E 21(5 : — Delores McBride HELEN HELP US! by Helen Bottel -TOUTH ASKED FOR IT! ".-•This column Is for young peo- ••ple, their problems and pleas- ;jures, their troubles and fun. As •Svith the rest of Helen Help UsI, : ;it welcomes laughs but. won't '..dodge a serious question with a ^brush off. : Send your teenage questions to 1YOUTH ASKED FOR IT, care of ;Helen Help Us I this newspaper. MOTHER HAS'T YET RE: COVERED FROM SHOCK , : Dear Helen: Last year I was •14, fat and unwanted. My mother .was always trying to push mo Into parties and getting boys interested, etc. It didn't work. This year I am thin in the right places, and all of a sudden I can't walk down the street ^without boys gathering round. I :was surprised at first and real -pleased, but I don't let it go to ;jny head. : But now, my mother has changed completely. She says I can't date until a sophomore, and she lias to know every last detail about any party I'm invited to. : How come she was so anxious for me to be popular when I wasn't and now that I am, she doesn't like it?- SLIMMED D.OWN BUT STILL WAITING Dear Slim; Give your mother time. After nursing along a cocoon, it's pretty hard adjusting to a sudden butterfly. She'd rather be sure your wings are strong before she lets you sail too high With them. - H. , Dear Helen: The girl 1 work with is over 21 so it's none of my business but I think she's pretty stupid. Tills man asked her tp his apartment to fix dinner for him. Ever since, she has been going up three limes a week, to clean, cook, wash, and iron, pon't you think she is being had? f MIL Dear Mil: Probably. - H. who wears them? Those gloves are usually white, but they don't stay that way — not with boys' sweaty palms. They are the dickens to button — and just about the time you get them on, you need to use your fingers for something like pinning up a broken strap, so off they come again. Then when you go out to eat — it's off again, on again, and you're lucky If you don't lose one under the table. And after the dance — how can you run your fingers through a boy's hair, with gloves on! Besides they hide your engagement ringl And they look awkward. Who's with me in saying, "DOWN WITH FORMAL GLOVES?" Dear Down: Count me in. They really ARE a nuisance! Not only during formal dances, but any time they aren't needed for warmth. — H. Dear Helen: This Is in answer to " Lonely Teen-ager" who wonders why boys are friendly but don't ask her out. As a guy who lias dated for many years, I know some reasons why cute, intelligent-type girls don't make it. All males have a nagging fear of rejection, They are afraid that when they ask a "doll" out she won't want to go, or she lias a boyfriend, and they'll feel like fools. Another reason: Teen-age boys aren't famous for their great wealth. Most figure they need a lot of coins to date, and they don't care about bankrupting themselves. Contrary to popular belief, boys do not like fast and loose girls, who are often looked upon joke and a point of ridi- Court Docket Jewell Dixon, Raylield Lindsey, Elmo Manning, Drunkenness, Plea guilty, fined$16.50. Joe Lee Hardin, Jr., Driving while intoxicated, Plea guilty, fined $106.50 and 1 day in jail. John Carlton, Jo A. Dyer, Frank Woods, Jr., F.N. Pigee, Speeding, Forfeited $16.50 cash bond. Freddie McMannus, Jr., Larry Williams, Speeding, Forfeited $31.50 cash bond. William Walker, Disturbing peace, Forfeited $31.50 cash bond. Jewell Dixon, Disturbing peace, plea guilty, fined $31.50. Rayfield Lindsey, Resisting arrest, Plea guilty, fined $106.50. Jewell Dixon, Aggravated assault, Plea guilty, fined $56.50. Jessie Ray Hill, Assault with a deadly weapon, Plea guilty, fined $106.50. Doish Williams, Assault and battery, Plea not guilty, tried, found guilty, fined $25.00 and $6.50 cost, Fine and cost suspended on good behavior. Gerald Lindsey, Carrying a concealed weapon, Plea guilty, fined $56,50. Gerald Lindsey, Jessie Ray Hill, Discharging firearms in City limits, Plea guilty, fined $56.50, Mike Murphy, Running stop sign, Forfeited $5,50 cash bond. Charles Sanders, Petit larceny, Plea not guilty; tried, found guilty, fined $25,00 and $6,50 costs; fine suspended, defendant paid costs, STATE DOCKET FRESH Leaner Williams, Drunk. ;: Dear Helen: My gripe is long gloves for formal dances. Yes, I'know it's etiquette, but are they ^cessary? After all, hats were fttiquette a few years ago, my mother tells me, and now as a cule. So my advice to L. T. is: Make sure the guys know you are un-attached, and don't have expensive tastes. Don't be witty to the point of making them feel inferior, but don't act dumb either — and keep youi- morals fir ml EXPERIENCED 18-YEAR OLD. enness, Forfeited $31,15 cash bond. Gerald Lindsey, Dorris J, Nelson, No driver's license, For* feited $26,15 cash bond, Robert M, Ford, Driving while intoxicated (2nd offense), Plea not guilty, Tried, found guilty, fined $386.15, 15 days in jail; driver's license suspended one year, Notice of appeal. Glen D. Holland, Driving while intoxicated, Plea guilty, fined $136.15 and 1 day in jail. Michael L, Landers, Jimmy R. Stephens, Speeding, Forfeited $26.15 cash bond. Warrior Constructors, Inc., Operating unsafe vehicle on high- photo with Star camera Homemakers look at displays at the recent Laundry Fair and pick up some 30 different pieces of literature available free at the exhibits about what's new. Communists Blamed Partly POMONA, Calif. (AP) - The chancellor of California's state colleges says the recent rash of U.S. campus disturbances can be blamed partly on Communists. "The leaders are exactly like the anarchists and nihilists in Russia from 1905 to 1915," Glenn S. Dumke told a Chamber of Commerce breakfast Tuesday. "It's not all Communist by a long shot, but a lot of it is. It's simply anarchy—destroy everything andstart all over," Dumke said leaders of disturbances "are using time-tested revolutionary tactics of splitting the moderate center." way, Forfeited $71.15 cash bond. Robert M. Horn, Malicious mischief, Plea of guilty, fined $71.15; fined $50.00 suspended, defendant to pay $21,15 costs. Damaged property has been paid for. Lewis E. Tolliver, Giving an over draft, Dismissed; check and costs paid, Joe Fleeman, Disturbing the peace, Dismissed, Joe Fleeman, Carrying concealed weapon, Dismissed, Chamical Trading Corp,, t ro« zen Food Express, Garrison & Associates, inc., HUYielf Fertilizer, Schuman & Son, Western Tank & Steel, Overweight, Forfeited $46.15 cash bond. Jimmy D, Boring, No ACC Authority, Plea not guilty; tried, found guilty, fined $100,00 and $21,15 costs; $75,00 of fine suspended on good behavior, Jimmy Duty, No ACC Authority, Plea not guilty, Tried, found guilty, fined $100,00 and $21,15 costs; $75,00 of fine suspended on good behavior, Evelyn Mobley, No driver's H* cense, Dismissed, CIVIL DOCKET George Pugh, by his Mother and Natural Guardian, Helen Pugli vs. Bob Odpm, Action on account for labor for $110,00; Action for motorcycle $35.* 00, Judgment for plaintiff as per precedent. •TOMATOES -25(5 BANANAS Crisco • Shortening :3 Can Hunts Peaches O Large 2^1 O Size Cans J_ 00 Extra Special Chiffon Oleo Lb. My- T- Fine Pudding All Flavors q oc lJ Boxes ^*_J Folgers Coffee f 69' •^•••••i Folgers Inst. Coffee 10 oz. Jar 1 J_ 39 Midwest Pure Ice Cream 59* Xa Gal. Tomatoe Juice 3 46 Oz. I Cans J. LAUNDRY DETERGENT • AJAX J JACK • MACKERAL J NABECO • CRACKERS • KRAFT APPLE, RASPBERRY J JELLY 5 LIPTON TEA • UPTON TEA A T GIANT SEE BOX CANS LB. 18 OZ JARS % LB. BOX . 7QP lUV i nn I-VU BUSH PINTO BEANS DEL MONTE TUNA 8 S SWEET 1.00 390 23(J POTATOES REGULAR 12's KOTEX 1.00 : 1.00; 49(5* 3 BOXES I, 3 FLAT CANS O LARGE 2M SIZE CANS PET MILK ASSORTED BRAND LUNCHEON MEAT 6331.00 • • Meyers • Bread 5 e i Lb, i oo 9 tj Loaves JL Fresh Large White Eggs Del Monte Cut String Beans Jack & Bean Stalk Yellow Cream £ Corn : § • • $ WE DELIVER • PHONE 7-4494 •••••••• ••*•••••••••••••••»•••• ••••••••••*••< . MAIN ST. HOPE, ARK,

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