Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 15, 1944 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, September 15, 1944
Page 8
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Page Eight NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, •?* Frank Schofield Of Bethany Killed (Continued from Pago 1) Idmvicx luul James (it till! F'cnton. SHJCIU 1 Of the accident early Kxlay. slated ttint nt the [loint where tho body was found. there wan noted u largo nr.-a of blood, on the sidewalk and iilso on the curbing. Leading Into tlmt uron, for u dlstunci- of sonic feet wrro peculiar marks In the •roncl Unit one witness stated, loolcrd tike I'lm murks rather tliim tire trucks, so deep woi'o they in tin; roadway. The body of the accident victim is said to have been discovered lying just alongside tlu- ntirb, on the west silk- of tho highway. Medical (Sxumincr \Villinni Hill was nolll'Icd of the fatality when the body WHS removed to St. Mary's hospital. N'augntuck police :iro conducting an Investigation in ri'jrard to the identity -jf the driver Involved in Temperature Report We were still looking for Red Hermans this aflon.-ion. as the redhead was last seen in Hie front of a strong Kale of wind going «:i»l. north, south and west in that order in intervals. Red. however, was prepared for an emorgenc;, of that Hurt, and had a carriei pigeon under the rain hat. We expect to hear from the brickto) late today or early in the nvjrn- ing, depending bow far Ihe strong can-led the precious character, and how fast the homing pigeon is. Midnight T'l 3 a. m "•! C a, m 7a U si. m "G Xooa .' SI Qr> 1 p, rr. s~ Damage Caused By Hurricane (Continued from Page 1) .'tin; fatalily but [it press time day had no information to rele ,0n the progress of tin; prohu. to- IHIV WAIt HONDS AND STAMI'S riOVKKNOK'S AGENT Hartford. Sept. 15-CUP)—Governor Baldwin has picked Lewis A. Shea of Bridgeport as his political agent during his campaign for re-election. 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SJmre areas were virtually abandoned as the wind antl hlK'h water rolled over the beaches, inland, some wur factories closed Heavy Loss Here In Terrific Storm (Continued from 1) .-. putriurch- was entirely uprooted, but in fnlliiiK fortunately missed the residence iUelf. ' i One of the most spectacular of.; the tree fulls was on Hillside avenue where a large tree fell across and workers were stitcly in , the road und landed on the light' early their homes when the hurricane struck. Trees were ripped from wiiter-soakcd ground and fell by tin; hundreds. However, there wore few blocked roads, and these were quickly cleared by highway crews before dawn. Bus lines suspended during the worst of the storm but quickly got back to normal schedules, and the "New- .Haven" railroad was gradually doing the samp. High water stalled several trains east, of -New London and a. section ol 1 track was washed out between Mcridcn • and Wallingford. Carrying a heavy share of the damage Jire the fruit growers, whose flourishing orchards battered by wind and rain. Hartford county's IH-million-doIlar tobacco crop, howovrv. rode out the storm without damage. Many Killed, Injured r.'iginj.; hurricane which has battered the Atlantic coast is dying 'U sra off Nova Scotiji today. The mighty storm has spent itu force—the Canadian ' provinces of. New Brunswick and Nova Scotkv report only .strong winds. Before swinging out to sea early this morning, the storm center nar- | rowly missed Boston. But before ! ending its 900 mile path of destruction, the hurricane lashed Cape Cod, where a dozen villages wore inundated by flood tides! Now, with more detailed reports of the storm wreckage, the property da'maito from Massachusetts to North -Carolina is estimated at $."(1,000,000. Al 'least IS persons died during the hurricane, and the injured list stands at 150. The famous resort at Atlantic City, N. J.. suffered the most damaye: A tidal wave broke the city's million-dollar steel pier in half. Furious waves pilr'd '..ons of sand on the boardwalks, causing them In bucklo in a duxun places. Houses and .'.hops near'the beaches were flooded. .ISf.t the la.rge.Kt • loss of. life oc- ourrcd in New York city, where 12 persons died. F.i>;ht of the victims were; electrocuted —seven by stepping on damaged power lines a.nd nnnUier by being blown against the third rail of an elevated line. wires but was .so-heavily branched that It covers the entire front of the Snyclcr residence, anil keeps the residents from using: their front door. Three trees are down on the Tuttlu school property and one on the Whittemoro property on Church street. A tree fell on a ear on North Main street near the Valley Grill, and another came clown on Rubber avenue near the Veteran of Foreign Wars homo. Another was reported down near tho residence of Patsy Mastropie-' tro on Goodyear Avc., and on the cast side of the town the toll was indicated to be just us heavy. In addition to (.rocs being down, thousands of limbs were broken from trees and today littered yards! and streets, furnishing additional work not only for residents, hut. for members of Superintendent of Streets Hnroid Murlha's department, that was active almost nl nlirht, and today was again hard ;U: work. Wnter was reported in many cellars throughout tho town today, and It la said that the force of tho wind-driven rain was so yroat that it even managed to penetrate thn airlns of many houses where residents have novel 1 before seen Kiioh an occuranoc. Elm trees rind mnplu trees seem to have linen the greatest sufferers ciiu-itiK the. storm with the elms in many C;LSOS s|)Ii'tting in half, \vhilc " show that the New York area got the'-'lull force ol' 'the storm an hour before this area WHK struck. 1-iis" 'barometer readings 'that will bu 'published In full in The News on Saturday, indicate that utter the. crCHt of the hurricane was past In'NaUKatuck that l.he wind maintained' a fierce pressure until close to 1 o'clock, and it Is believed that "during this period of 1'iurcc short gusl'a, that Ireos here, already IOOH- tincd" by the curlier pressure gave ,way and toppled by scores. A large tree was reported down near the Peerless Ijiundry on North Main St., half blocking the main thorougnfure_ at that point, while another large tree was said to nave fallen near Curtiss Court. The wind" velocity is said'to have approaened 00 miles an hour at some''moments during the storm, and the entire occurrence ib one that few NauKtxtuckians will soon' 'forget.' . Roads in the country tire said to have buen blocked by trees and milkmen had a great deal of difficulty reaching Naugatuck from the outskirts this morning. The United States Rubber Co. did not operate a morning shift !oday| starting this afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. The Bristol Co. power setup came through intact, however, its did the Kisdon Mfg. Co., and both plants , were operating in full scale this morning. The Kustern Mallacble Iron 'Co., how- uvcr, wasabli! only to operate some departments, and the Lewis Manufacturing Co. ' and the Peter Paul Inc., had no manufacturing departments operating this morning, t'ho Naugnluck Chemical Co.-und Synthetic plants carried on this morning as best they could until power was resumed in full about mid-morning:. The Naiigatuck News was without p'o w e r until nearly ten o'clock' today, and the current is- sue was concentrated greatly in order to make the daily prcsw hour The U.'S. Rubber Co, toduy asked that llrst and second shift workers report on Saturday at the usua' Satuj-duy ' starting time. Candles were put In uae In many homes when the unexpected blackout occurred. Police used an emergency lamp in police headquarters but also used candles. Chief of P-ollce John Gormlny directed police and-'extra olUccrs were on hand. They had to direct traffic nt different spols where trees fell Naugatuck firemen, Red Cross and war council workers were well p r c p a r c d for emergency. Both shifts of paid firemen were on hand, Fire Chief John J. Sheridan ouid, and Herbert' Cockroft, head of the volunteers, also had a group ready to assist in case of fires. Red Cross disaster relief units made preparations as early os 5:30 p. m. Arrangements had been made to use Salem and high Hchools as exacuiilion centers if necessary and the medical corps was set to use the medical center at the Y, M. C. A. Food, clothing and registration committees were also' on hand for service if needed. Air raid wardens were alerted before the storm struck the borough but their services were not needed. A plate Jrlass window in The Naugatuck Fuel Co., Church St., was smashed in the gale. Emergency telephone service was rigged up here as the main i wires -were damaged. Beacon Falls, Bethany and Strailsville were also without electricity. A main transformer in the Straitsvillc section was put out of commission, plunging: this sec tion into darkness before olhei areas of the borough. There arc 1 about 22,516 acres of forest in Washington, ROGERS-PEET CLOTHES FOR TUMN FIT INTO THE PICTURE NATURALLY AS THE MONTH SEPTEMBER. 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When the power went off .about D o'clock, and all lights wcnKout, stores and restaurants that were open and factories here- closed down and a general exodus for home lu'giin, Many residents h:Lfl groat dilllculty finding their way about in tho darkness, .and one man reports a very bad fall in fhu Green where benches .blown by '.ho wind, vwero in the path of unwary pedestrians, groping along, Records on the storm kept by John J. \Vrinn of 17<j \V;i.rd street on a barometer that he constructed himself, show that the height of the storm in I\'utigatuck was from 9 o'clock to 30:3!) o'clock. During that time tho barometer road-, intc showed a drop from 2S.75 to 2S.70, and the temperature also fell 3 degrees. Many fences wore down about the. town today, and fruit trees were stripped oC their produce by liio fierce blasls of wind. Mr. Wrinn's records on the storm For Casual Wear — it's the CAMPUS CLOCHE The hat you'll see on every campus . . paired prettily with sweaters and skirts . . . good tweed skirts . . . casual dresses.' All new harvest colors. Cnnn CENTER ST. ]20 "< ! " T "" rs to 9:00 I?. M. Carmine: Time Is Here We have an excellent supply of the famous BAM, IDKAK FRUIT and BAT.!, I DEAF. MA-SOX — :uso — • JELLY • EXTKA COVKRS • .JAH RUBBERS TEMPLETON'S TEMTLHTON-.S CORNER WATKRUUItY DIAL 40X0 (No Toll Ch»rj>c) T.OV1XE ELECTRIC CO. 8 Church Slrcrt Summer Dance Program! For Friday, Saturday and Sunday Evening* JOE ROCK and HI* ROCK and RYK BOVS In Polkas and Modern Dance Music Sundfcy Danclnjr 5 to 9 P. M. White* EagU Restaurant BRIDGE STREET Member of Connecticut^ Restaurant Association m (FOUR BED ROOMS) OF INDIVIDUALITY AT THE GLENRIDGE ESTATES QUINN AND CHESTNUT STREETS (JUST WEST OF PARK AVENUE) NAUGATUCK, CONNECTICUT GOING FAST — DON^T Big TOO LATE! • • • REVELATION IN MODERN SUBURBAN LIVING • « • RESTRICTED COMMUNITY, BEAUTIFUL WOODED RESIDENTIAL ^SECTION • e • PERMANENT CONSTRUCTION OF PRE-WAR DESIGN AND WORKMANSHIP • • • HOUSES MAY BE PURCHASED ON LOW MOTHLY PAYMENT PLAN OR MAY BE RENTED LOOK AT THESE FEATURES: S:inllJiry Sewrr,.Cit.v Wiiter, Gas ami Electricity. ,'i Coats of I'histcr Hot Air UrnliliK' System Economical Hot Watrr Unit: , \VrcitherM,rii>i>C(l Boors. Insulated. Loaders and Gutters, Durable Asphalt Shiiiffln Roofing. Ornamental Shutters. Concrete Stoops buth Front and Side. Landscaped. Sidewalks und Curbs. Special Jf:irdivar<,> and Dltrii Modern Electrical Fixtures. Colonial U^ht and Knocker at Front Entrance. Modern Hath and Kitchen. Domestic Sciontu* Kitchen Culiinetw. Spacious Clothes anil Linen Closets, with doors. Built in Venetian Crystal Mirror Meiliclne Culiinet. Inlaid l.lmilonm. •noiihli; Flooring:—Special Oak. All Wax Finished. Many Klecirical Baf.e I'liius. N 1'oured Concrete Foundation, Providing Spacious Cellar for Large Kecri-ation Room. Mail Ijollvory to Your Door.' Modern 1'luinhing Fix-turns. ' Laundry In Basement. ,Rooms Beautifully Decornted. FIIA Insured Financing. KACII DWELLING ON A 1'LOT APPROXIMATELY CO FEET x 150 FEKT; 1'LENTY OF GARDEN AND YARD SPACE BUYING A NEW HOME? Your Savings Bank Can Help You NAUGATUCK SAVINGS BANK All Deposits Guaranteed QUALITY RUBBER FOOTWEAR Made lit Naugatuck Is Serving All Over The World UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Naugatuck Footwear Plant Naug-atuck Conn. FHA Insured Financing 5 INSPECTIONE DAILY AND SUNDAY 9 A. M. to 9 P. M. *J MODEL HOMES READY' FOR BUILDERS FOR 36 YEARS, WE INVITE 'COMPARISON.- - - - LAWNS The hot, dry weather has ruined many of Naupatuck's beautiful .lawns. Before the fall rains set in it would help to apply a. fronerous amount of Driconupc. This l» peat moss and cow manure—treated to remove we'd seeds. This is aji excellent' fcriiljxer and ground conditioner for new and old lawns. \Vc Have rionl.y In Stock; — .Also — ~* Turn in your fuel oil coupons and have your tank filled now—this is important. The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 Church St . phone 5236

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