The Fitchburg Sentinel from Fitchburg, Massachusetts on August 16, 1893 · Page 2
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The Fitchburg Sentinel from Fitchburg, Massachusetts · Page 2

Fitchburg, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 16, 1893
Page 2
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v few'" '?v- LOCAL NQTZQEB Our store will be closed Ubot Day. 4th. LitoMeW BWfcbliu, OlotblMS an tew. tJ ' liny. Dime Biprese, ti&s plactd A wden promptly attended to. Tei- lektfrtuM It-fend Out sick . wi want to re withe ad. of Doctor Grit- on, we wrentwreraua newer, iu uwwr man in this papa . J20tto I tnleti 8: N. and B r A. itallnwi. tforW WTjOU ceow. ueorge v. auw, who voivmtiu WWo&m A Bbiwb, OItII Bngtneers and fMrrejors, 146 Main Street, Pltob&iirg. Mass. Parcel (MJt Express. Bee maw artw ,yyiteiiw ttat dnee tout wlte fttclitmrg rutinrt. V EDNESDAY, AUGUST 10, 1813. LOV iK MA t i'B&t. nth IaviI, it.t Pug i Local -Liibfilt & SiwbbiuB will c1u3 their atom no Labor t)j. Dr. Kmbb has reiurned aud will be, fguiid hi bis fli:o s u-ual. Important meeting of tbo Young Men's tit-irublicao club at headquarters, this evening. fc L. Druiy and bis eon Leon A, etartfd, tht- morning, for a few djs of recreation At Portland, Me. Officer Kendall resumed bia beat, today, aud Offiaer Sudron will rusticate for, two weeks at Dublin Use, N. H. The giving np of the bioyole tournament, by the Rollstone Cyole club, while perhaps wise oing to the business de-pre&ioo, U a great disappointment to the local wheelmen. . It is hoped they may see their way clear to ho?d it later in the In the Herald's account of the Sons of Veterans' eonTention at Cincinnati, it states the appointment of Past Colonel Charles K. Darling of this city, to be adjutant general, is probable. N. C. Uph&m was made chairman of ifae committee on ntaai. The Nationals of this city will play the St. Leos of Leominter. at Leominster. onSatnrdaj. The bittery for the Na tionals win do Element! and ragan. A fine game is expected and a large delegation will accompany the pet club to that town. A certain employe of an electrical company, who waa called to repair some jroine in the front door, went around to the rear entrance and fell through a bulk- neaa. his inencu are inquiring u ne would luve got any (fuller) if he bad gone in tots irons way. A visit to the opera house, found at tn a tKmo. in .t.oT,Q i-ho J7 n!.k" No extended improvements are bei ng made, but those who witness the perform-1 anoe of "A Social Session," Saturday 1 oSr! The cheap railroad rates to Cottage ; ftraeil MJJMI1M HBook will City, wU? tUWCt!(k,SlDK,ilwch' time vity, oaturuay, will unuouoteoiy prove a;Mrc!i, here at 6 55 a. m., arriving in Cottage City at 12 20. A special boat will leave 'Jottage City at 5 p. m., oonoeoting with a train at New Bedford. Persons desiring may stop over Sunday and return on any train Moo-day. Ihe fare for round trip is 81.50. Miss Lizzie P. E. Evans, the talented ftutboreRs of Boston, and George- Howe Hmsetl, a well-knowu society roan of New York, weie married in NV w Yotk. today. They tuned, after the wedding breakfaon in extend' d tour, and will be giveo a brilliant rectptioo while in tbe Catakills by New York friends. On their return to Mew York in the late autumn, they will give lour r option 1. At a meeting of ih St Jerome Tempera- ce oeie:v of Hulyuke, Simda) evening, i: w- aniiound tbttt tbr Bi-Jfon & Main" i.ffi-ihli. reaneert tl.erate to tbe field av a' Knobburg, Labor Dny, from 8 M to 1 90, the ame rate to bold good from Holyoke and Northampton. The railroad oi makers wanted at first a guarantee of "j00 from Springfield, but they finally maided the guarantee by making the 500 include that city and Northampton. Mr. and Mm. Fred G. Kinsmen returned homo on Tuesday from Province-town, where Ibey have been for the past three weeks. Mr. Kinsmen' health is considerably improved. They brought a larga collection of sea shells an 1 curiosities, including the drum of a whale's ear, which was presented to Mr. KinMsan by Capt, Emory, tbe retired matter of a whaler, a so the sword of aaword fish presented by Capt. Utber HattL Quite a number of Filohburg people are at Prov-iooetown. The annual reunion of the Billings family will be bald at the American House, Boston, Wednesday, Aug. 30, at 10 a. m. AH persons now beating the name of Billing, those who nave borne tbe name or are descendant, from those bearing that same, are invited to be pres. eat. Dinner will booerved promptly at 1 o'clock. The historian, Charles Billings of Canada, ts rxpwted to bo present. Tickets mar hy obtained from John D. Billings, frmbridpport. Maw , aadahmld bo ordered before Aug, 28; price ! 25. All tbe arrangement for tbe poor obtidrena piosle are oalv needs a favorab tbe hearts of about 500 speoiat train will leave at 9,10 a. m., and retnrning will reaeb Filohburg about 6.45 p. m. A competent oomaittao from each eborob will go with tbe party and look tf-Ur fbool 1 hose parent wbo desire to go UkMnawlm or to provide tickets for eome bard-forking motbers, can obtain tiokets at tho depot, nod room will be prorided iwal!. p tax raMa Cfetanttk jut, U -City Eaguiwr BkrtweB aod tanilr ro wujoyiug uwmwiTev w voltage VHJf. Poftt-On Midway Plaiaanae. Whit vity, iDioapp, Aug. i ot a sob uiHwmDua; w car. ana bits, doujb, oi waoia, Tbp.MJsBH Allisons of this city will gire a iiierarr ana musioai entertainment ia tbeFirU Pariah bail, AalbjWodoes- Mnilager Legto of the Fttobbnrjg morniuft'. for tha (tlub to ntu the, HUm. mont (N. H ) club, at Claremout, Aug. xney win prooauiy aoeepi tne invita-f!ftnnnilman RiirvMi' Wrl nlacb W D. Johnson, and wife Charles S. Johnson and Miss Marr,. O nrgeas, aooompanied by Monin Jobnion of Lunenbnrg and daugbtor, Mias Mary B. JjhnaoD, start, this afternoon, for the World's fair. They go py way w oaitimore ana w aaningti The grand jury fiaiabed their inT tigationp, this afternoon, having heard 70 cased in all 30 on Tuesday They nili report to the oourt on Thursday at 10 a , at wnion boor tbe traverse jurors summoned to appear. Tbe trial of 's will oommauce soon after the grand jury reports. Public eeutimnt will fully sustain juoff tiKiieener in aeutenointr o tmono onmeot eTery man euilty of indecent a ui' or or"anH wnere unnnaied ptgxiou fvnx-nuy ine impel tog motive rortu-itely for the good ihdih of this vty and 6nburba oxse like two before the po-0 cenrt on Tuesday, have been rare in is city and vicinity. The spacious waroroums of Ferdinand & Austin will soon be mode mjreeoiopUte by the addition Of a Hue ne biaei Worh is now in progress and it will be mpleted in tbe near future. It will be well lighted aud rentiUtt d, will be heated hy steam as will tbe whole store. An elevator will connsct it with the nain store, akiDg it easy of access. VVbn finished will be ou3 of the best salesrooms in tb Lynn has a new lyceum the first ijuesuon ror aeoate.nemg: "is the t rog lond on Boston Common a landmark or a watermark?" a damp theme with dry debating club which was agitated oi nis ouerv: -wnich is tne prettiest coii lue or green?" an admirable topic for color-Diuia evening aispntants. Fitohborg beat tbis? The following members of Company F, Voth Mass. Regt., attended the annual anion oi me regiment at ijeicester on lesday: Cant CbsrlesH. Foss. Commie- aary Sewt. W. Id. Willis. Serot J. C. I Spaulding, Corporals George B Proetor aud urianao r. coss ana jobn u. Drown, all of this otty; Sergt, Oliver D. Wilder I of Lowell, Nshurn Nixon of L-ominsf-r, Putnam Simonds of Hudson. K. D. La- ' I count of Boston, Charles E. Smith of Urange, tAwMd r. Walker of liarduer, William S. Hager, George W. Kice and Sidney L. Reed of Worcester and Francis Uatrs of Gardner. Nearly all of ths J abore named were residents of Fitehbuig wnen toey eniiBtea ana served on us quota I Frederick WMaynard, who served in I Compioy K 'on tbe quota of Hubbardston, 1 but who is a resident of Ficchtiurg, alio . ?. . ,' ; ' fst He o tenant of Company F and also qtermr of the regiment, wa f Btaiof;d 10 thw m b tbe Srand W ng ln B&a810n' Band Concert, Tbl, Evening. The following is tho progrum for the band concert on Brown lot, tonight: iomie, , Gralenber?er, on, Herald Angels, Stral A Star Actor. It was near midnight and tbe young ran at me ironi ooor nan eaia gooai to the girl lor the raaoytb lime and the old gent who was tbe father of tbe girl liad been listening over the banister at ihe top of the stairs until his feet were void and he was tired. "Goodby, darling," the youth again murmured. ' ' Say," railed the old gent, "are you a star actor, Georgt?" for the old man knew ibe youth. deorge gaed iii alarm. ' No uo no, sir," he stammered. "Excuse ma,'' sung out, tlie old gent, "J tl'oogbt you must be, you keep up yur farewell to her so long," ai.d tbe old gent cbuokled and got awy nearly assooucs (icorge did Detroit Free Press. PEPPEKIiLL. Tbe-e are 105 resident tax-payers, nino non-residents and nine firms who pay 950 or more taxes here, tbis year. Atter several meetings in regard to tbe matter, the If artners and Mechanics' club haa dretded to hold a fair and the committee is now mkiog arrangement. Mis Anna Blood has returned trom her trip to the West t be loss by fire on the now PrescoU HuUl hsi Urea satisfactorily aetllrd. Harry trrriib, who has been with L. Sberin & Co. of Ayer for quite a long time, ia no employed at tbo new Prescoit Ira C. Holmes has porahued tbe Hntobinson place near Hovey'a Corner, but will not move there until next spring. The public schools will begin tbe fall term, Sept. 5. Patrick Sexton, a bo j-carrier, fell wutte at work at tbe Faircbild mill, last week, striking on bia bead and shoulder. He was severely but not dangerously hurl. . Toe town is doing good piece of work on Ihe highway just beyond the North Village station. fbe cemetery commissioners have been at work in the Center cemetery, atraightemng the walks end a emrea, re-retting headstones and setting bard-wood stakes at tbe many; graves where there are no headstones erected, so thai tbeir position mar not be lost. They bare made a great improvement. "All flmb is grats," remarked tbe hen- mtm veretariaa as be fell to and devour ,1 a beeftak,-tPbfladelpbi Record, nnbUsbM papers, wbieb will interest a multitude of readers in and out of ootlege eireles. Pub-iubed by Wanes F; Kellogg, 6 Park Sq, 5fT erowi it WJmiom, Sunday, was not as large as owoTr,'anlbe (at of order prt attention.' I took my family to thU beautiful plane for a day's outing. The morn- reputable conduct. We had swung our hammock, near, the rings in the grove andleftitfor wkite for a sad in tbe steamer, but after boarding ber found whiskey bottles freely oirottlated, te diveust. and so retreated. I . will ear to toe oreait oi too manager mat tma nap-peaed in bis abaenoe. On returning to our hammook we found it rarrounded by a crowd. I beard and saw some moat vile and unseemly language and cond uct, mooh of which came from a female member of the urowtt. I ask if it is not a shame to have this obarmiog spot killed by such disreputable conduct, for no respectable person would take hie family and friends here a second time. Cannot the authorities use more vigilance and do away with this nuisance? BROOKLINK N, H. Tk ordination of F. E. Winn wilt take place at the Coorreeatiooal ohnrch. Tburs day, Aug. 3L Edwin W. Smith of Cam. onoge naa oargatnea ror the larm or tne Farrar brothers, but will not take poises until next spring. Horoc- Ror- baa purchased the Jos ob Lawa place. E B. Parker has moved into tbe house with bis eister. M.ia J A. Putnam W. W. Wood of Pioua. Ohio, has spent a few days here among old Kcqnaintanoer, tud George U. Peabo-iy aud wife ol tbe Btdger Bros.' qnarriea struck for higher wages, last week. Tbey wore then reviving f'om 82.50 to S3 per day. Tbey were an immeai iteiy tmonargeu. wniie at worn in tne mitl-jarJ, Perlev Pierced team borses broke through the bridge over the old wheel pit. Tne horse had to be kitted. J. M. Belcher of Pepperell had quite a tims with a cow ht driving through town recently tne got furious ou seeing some ladies on the sidewalk, and overturned tbe wagon Tbe horse cleared himself from the wagon He was captured near J . A. Hall's, nifanwbile the cow. Mr. Belcher. the haroees and wagan were in a tngle: injured. The fountain p;pe hn been repaired, and there is plenty aftin lor mauanfl tieast AUGUST 7 the month for bargains. Whatever Congress may do or whatever it may not do, we shall continue to supply our customers with the best goads in the marlctt at prices to correspond with th times. W e shall accept in pay ment gold, silver, silver certifi es, broken bank bills, or currency that has the credit of the Government behind it. There never was a time when an American dollar of any hind would buy so much as at preent. We realize the fact, and shall mak prices accordUiaJy. IVe buy fur rush, save all 'he discounts and therefore cannot bit undomuld. ; i Ooodri Clothier, Hinnt. Furnishers. Hemorrhoids May Sound hWtA- onlikr all Jf-rmer rrtnf i5i. It m w rn'.j rrsftJ tal jirintipU. It i hrte4 Mtr.V!vcffffptiTiM, atT-lieiJ dlrcrtlr If ihe nffrrlrt jun. The mmm-M r.e will jitl.-J ti 1w& lh-f-;.ni:i. ri-i sre n.ih flrcril-m, .ion. Wt any draxriH w wtid to (tfiorge C. Goodwin & Co., 38 Hanover ai., Doston. MAttAOHtTgETTB. Normal Art School. OmfUatM for arianstlwnjwaat ikroMlvMA Um eh'l. tmtr f JTewWrr t21fT Item ta your Mowltl'f Dr t "The V KomciiaGln Caloric 1 'Stffi ""-y' " A&VYeiMatV ari VEBTTHtN(L bkn AmrleaiSera bi tfi" fovorJto for town names, baring (JO olttas calif dntterWm. reduced again to palp and then notded into 1U Onal form. In some parts of Bnjsta snow la pro-served in great straw, sand and manure- covered heaps to Irrigate 'the land ln sum- mer. The Atftba have a superstition that tbo stork ban a human heart. When one of these birds builds Haunt oa a housetop they believe the happiness oltnat Household is luaured for that year, In HUlsboro county, N. H., there la a solid rock with a channel 70 feet deep and 80 feet wide cut through its elde. A flight of rude untural steps lead to the top, where there ia a natural pulpit and pool for bap tism, providing converts are made. The Sultan of Turkey has returned in kind tho doubtful compliment paid to him l j the Czar of Russia, wbo a few weeks ego scut to him an album of paintings of tbe Russian Black sea fleet, by causing to be made for the czar a similar album of pictures of the whole of the Turkish fleet. The Difference It Would Make. What a difference it would make If the congress which has been convened in special session at Washington to meet tbe prescut crisis were as strongly ftepublicnn in Ijotia brunches as it Is Democratic Would tbeve be any uncertainty in that casff as to prompt action upon the presi dent's rvcommendation of the uncondi tional repeal of the purchasing provisions of tke silver law? Suppose the question could bo remitted now directly to the Re publican members of the two branches of congress, ail others beiDg left out of the (recount, has any one any doubt what the result would be? The handful of free sil ver Republicans would be completely overborne by tbo overwhelming majority of s. hi nd money men tn ihe party. Will hiiv Democrat among our readers tell us whether he would not feel safer to bnve this question settled by the party iv men in tne last congress gave in tne oU n vote of more thau two to one. nn tilt; house of more than six to one against free silver tlisn by the party which re corded its majority on tbe otuer side? It would not take a Republican congress n month to repeal the purchasing provision? of the lnw. And after that, whatf As it, is now, every one knows that if, after a protracted struggle, the most acute phnse of the existlnj: distress ia relieved hy tbe repeal of the first section of the Uw of there will remain the paralyz ing uncertainties of tariff legislation. The Democratic party is pleased to revolution nry changes in the tariff, affecting not schedules meri'Iv, but the principles oc which the tnri1 Ls founded. The president is committed lu this policy. Jlo declared Iniiiself plainly m ids inaugural address and he has just reaffirmed bis position in his message to congress; The Democratic party has full power to carry out its policy. iiik it may ao, anu wunt may ue Iti consequences nr wuat it may ao. one can predict. Closed mills on every hand aud thousands of workmen thrown out o employment attest tbe impossibility of successfully doing business in the face or such uncertainties. Iftbiswerea Republican ennpress, only would Hie silver question bo dealt wiiii promptly, but there would be Dieltctisiun of tariff disturbances. Less, which has become adjusted to the MoKinley tanlt, would go ou along Tin? lints which characterised last year's oper ations. v nut a diUerence in is assurance would make in the present outlook. Nations, lite individuals, must learn by ex-IwrieiMs;, hM. the .process ia often a paiu-fulone. In this case It is also uuneces- Miry, Cor thew consequences of Democratic ascend rui r-y were cluarly foreseen aud pre- rlitn-c,. Lllostou Journal. Saturday trentae, Auij 19- The Spar iing Coiiey -Socciss, h Social Sesjon One ol tlie tuuQlesi play- r written. ACcohi" panled ty die fmiuius BLACK HUSSAR BAND, Magnificently Uniformed and Elegiotly Hiiulp-peJ. Tne Rfitre-entati ve Travrlms Band of America 00K STAR ORCHESTRA ! Every M-mber a Solnijii. Kvcty s.'lolst an LI i Our tiraud BaiM l'., occurs at 12 o'clock Evening otiri-rlat T.IC. Prices 25, 35, 50 atd 75 cents, Seat- on sale at Joel's Drug Store. Before joo start for tlie WORLD'S FAIR Bectir an accent ilcket tn TH W TH4VKI.LKKS death, and 9 1 G per ftck in r-ase ol hccideotal injury. CHAS. E KIR BY AGENT, 162 Hiln StTHet, PUf-liharit. Telephone 201-S. IHE K EMI TOM TYPEWRITER Is still to toe Mtd. C. E. HKBV, Dea1n 162 Main Street. Tenements to Rent H. P. C0GG8HALL HURLEY'S Dry Goods Store 210iDd2l2Miin:treet, GRAND FINAL Closiflg-Out Sale BEGISN1SH Thursday Morning We wDl take another big out io urK-ei f n our Shirt Waista and Wrapieri, in ntder to dote tbem all oat tbis m nth WRAPPER DEPARTMENT. Lot No. 1 innlndes abfnt 5 doz. Light and 10 doz. Dark Print Wrapuets, wtirtb $1 25 -md$l 39, that iya will cloe out for oi cents. Formerly SI.60, now 01.O. L t No. 2 i.icludrs all our 4150 ( bambray ;md ft 1 09 (rubric Wrappers, th;tt tvl- will tFr-r at I.m No II i.-c-l.i.Im .nit ..m 1 75 Wrapptra in libt, ne-lium and Hark t olor, now vl ereH at 1 3;i SHIRTWAIST DEPARTMENT Lot of WhitH ami Colored Wtiibts, formerlr 50 cnt-, nuw 25 cents 20 doz C-l'.-ed CaiDbiiu Waista, with ruffle ;ow i fnmt and in empire tylr, that hav bt-en S7 1-2 reuts a!id gl.00, offered at 49 renin Addled l-.t of li d z Whife Liwn v' aisU, til whit- and with olitred uirant iijj tiiat haves-ild at SI 75, S2 0iJ am $2 25, chuice of tb J t fur 18 ci. BOYS' WAISTS. All our Bots Waiats that stild t 5U cents each, nw of fered at 25 cei U, KAR.EY'S Dry Goods Store, 210 and m Main Street. LITCHFIELD Sqaare Dealine;, On PHce I loihlcnt tA Hrtn. 'fWAI- fKKRT-' -rR5t Uv- , Who like nice Fluffy Bangs or Curly Hair Should use . Shaw's Curling Fluid. It will keep the hiir in eivl from foiir to seven days. Warrant ed harmless, is not sticky. CU1 for Siaw's a d take no other Inere is no ewbatmite. 1'rfCP 2 rents Mde bj Utorge W. Shaw, Nashu t, N. H. On sile at BURGESS' CENTRAL DRUG STORE, UAH W!in St COr O'ivfir Str Make a Note of Thrse Prices. 320 Shin Waists and Bloaeee, Domet flannels, cheviots and priots, were twenty five, now 19 cems eavh. Black Satioe, black wilh polka dot, black with white stripe, also cheviot waists and blouses, were fUcv cents, now 35 reuts euch, or ttt-ce lor $i.m. Blouse that were $1.00 and $1 50, now 50 c nt e ch. Knte Pants for ages 4 to 13, 25 cents a pair Men's Ofhje Coate, v9 Cfllts each. Men's All Wool Suits, $7 75 li Suit, from ten. 10 for Suits thnt were fifcen. 2t'0 NeyJiglee Sbirte, laundt-ied col ars aad cuffs. 75 C lit- fflCh, wfre one dollar. All Wool Kn-e Pant Suit-, $1 50 eaih. Cut prices ou all summer stuffs. KIMBALL & CO 178 Main Street, THE CRISIS OVLR ud pt-ij!i' uf.Mtiu confident liut tbtt d ivi no: prevent u from setlioir goods at almut on--hal price. W e n-e tht money, not good Will sill WATCHES, DIAMONDS, JEWELRY, Clothing, Cloaks SILVERWARE At your own price and te rns. FittlviLSiiA Co, 1M MAIM KTRKET. NNE WATCH DEPA1MNG. Tho Operator from iSDR. KCNISON'S - J09TO uBOd WDl Of M FHcbtorg Hetet ftnnst 21, Frwn ft m.t7p.m.M r l- Own 4M Greatest Offer Evdr made in Fitehburg. in Actaal Sacrifice from Wholesale Prices. To dose out all onr Light and Medium Suits we offer them in two loia $9.00, $10.00 and $11 00 Suite for 7.00 $1200, $13.50, $U Q0 and $15 00 Suits for lO.OO. Nw is the time to get a full anit for two third actual value Don't mias it. Nine y-threw suits to select from. & STEIBIM Fitchbure )T1CK Imolved. iind ItlP sulci mpfiny; nnd 1 .it i .rjinyn)''ir.iiMi nil person itirebted to tbe sh d Ut firm Rr- r. quested t mnk pavmnt ift tne ssn E s F Iik. bo mote bus Auiiorlty to make An I dustmnt Oi il I bo timioe s of tbe ssid ute (Inn K FUST. !Kmre a. WALLACE, S.'Utb A sti Mi nitwit, Auk IS, 18t.. 21 29 IKY DE'iHWs BLACKBERRY CORDIAL, For Dianhcna, Cholera Infantum etc. J. P. DKRBY, Onicrist, 375 If AID STREET. 1R lf01V Ms femoved till oBcs to Room I, Stiles' Block, Km'wiw tntitni:

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