Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 30, 1968 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, May 30, 1968
Page 8
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sd«, Mil 3tt 19611 Princeton Shutks T/iflt 1950s /mage !j By VICTOR L, SIMPSON H Associated Press Writer ^PRINCETON, N,J, (AP) Princeton University, which gave the name the Silent Generation to the students of the 1950s, has shucked that image in tftis year of campus unrest, )In the past year: A. A member of the radical Students for a Democratic So- cisty was elected president of th$ student government, ,$. A Negro was elected president of the sophomore class. .3. An SDS-organized demonstration for student power drew 1,QPO students to the office of the university president. 4. Thirty students were arrest- e4 c while protesting an on-cam- ptlfi Defense Department research installation. /jfhese were among changes thq-. 222-year-old Ivy League in- stjjiution underwent in a school yegtr in which rebellious stu- degjs seized university buildings on.dozens of campuses across the country. Jet, the protests at Princeton we^e less militant, more refined than those, for instance, at Co- lunjbia University, a fellow Ivy League member. And the trappings that gave ris$ to Princeton's image as a gentlemen's school are still very mu<jh in evidence on the plush green campus in central New Jersey. jMost of Princeton's clean shaven, well-starched underclassmen still cling to the image of well educated, socially minded young men Scholarship Awarded «OK (MHO STM, '•^. Kennedy Soys California Last Chance — Hope Star photo Cynthia Trout, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Trout, Is receiving a $100 scholarship from Mrs, Paul Klipsch. The scholarship is a gift from the Republican Women of Hempstead. By JOSEPH E. MOHBAT Associated Press Writer LOS ANGELES (AP) - Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, calling Call- abide by the results of that test." When asked if that meant he fornia's approaching primary would drop out of the race, he the ultimate test of hispresiden- stuck to his statement, tial bid, takes his campaign on At a news conference Kenne- an old-fashioned whistlestop dy called the Oregon results "a tour today. setback, as I have previously The seven-stop route runs stated, which I could ill afford." from Fresno in central Califor- Kennedy said he wouldn't ac- ''image is a very real part of nia more than 150 miles north- cept second spot on a ticket led life here," said Richard Rein, ward through rich farmland and by Humphrey. He called Hum- chairman of the Daily Princeto- small towns to Sacramento, the Phrey a "fine man" but said, nian, the undergraduate news- capital. "if the vice president is nomi- paper. "Princeton students When the New York senator nated against Richard Nixon work hard and then party hard campaigned in Los Angeles and there will be no candidate op- as hell on weekends. That's part nearby cities Wednesday, thou- posed to continuous escalation of the image." sands cheered him, threw con- of the war in Vietnam and no But the feeling persists on fetti and lunged for a handclasp candidate committed to reme- campus that something, indeed, as if he hadn't lost the Oregon dying the conditions which have has happened to staid-old primary to Sen. Eugene J. Me- transformed our cities into Princeton, something that has Carthy the day before. armed camps." But Kennedy's statements tod changed: — He said for the first time he'll support the Democratic thrust the university into the social concerns of the 1960s. Before the demonstration last fall at the Institute for Defense Analysis facility, the previous party's nominee, time large numbers of Prince- -He said he'll accept one or ton students were arrested was more of three network television in 19G3. That year the students offers to debate McCarthy, of- rampaged down the main street fers he spurned before. A de- of town and past the governor's bate was in the works for Sun- mansion, resulting in about 30 da y- arrests — He stopped directing his fire The ' acknowledged cause: a * v *ce President Hubert H. spring fever. Humphrey— who isn't entered in The Silent* Generation, a term the California primary—and depicting the lack of political said, "We'll now have to beat and social involvement by the McCarthy." nation's college students, was Calling the June 4 primary Ms the title of a book by a Prince- "ultimate test," he said, "I will ton politics professor, Otto Butz. It consisted of interviews with Princeton undergraduates who discussed their concerns and goals. Involvement is now more intense- Princeton students are demanding a greater voice in the running of the university. Last month, nearly 1,000 students, including SDS students and sympathizers, marched on Nassau Hall, where President Robert F. Goheen has his offices, to press for greater student-faculty voice in the administration of Princeton. Tliis touched off a series of faculty and administration meetings and a study is now in irogress to determine what the :ole of the students should be in running the university. But Goheen, Class of '40, sees no radical change taking place. "Princeton is always chang- g," lie noted in an interview. 'he 49-year old president, who vors tweed sports jackets and ties, acknowledged, howev- r, that today's Princeton un- lergraduate differs from pre- ous students. "Students then were less diversified, less prepared and 'reren't as competitive as toy's are," he said. A R B S If letters arrived as promptly as bills do, who would need airmail? * * * // they left the driving to us, very few people would dare,, to tak.e. bu$e$ t '. Mother is cherishing the few days she has until school vacation. DOCTOR'S MAILBAO True Dislocation Of Knee Is Uncommon By WAYNE G. BRANDSTADT, M.D. Q—What would cause a person's bones to go out of joint? First it was my shoulder, then my knee and then my ankle. A—A dislocation occurs when a long bone is forced into an unnatural position and the joint capsule tears, allowing the bone to leave the joint. True dislocation of the knee is rare, but locking of this joint due to a torn knee cartilage is common and is often erroneously called dislocation of the knee. If you are an accident-prone person, you should learn to relax when you fall, like a professional tumbler, or avoid rough sports. Q—My husband has water on his knee. What causes it and can anything be done for it? A—Water on tiie knee is an accumulation of synpvial fluid in the joint, due to inflamma- coming from preparatory ton.' pools Today, GO per cent of institutions like Prince- me undergraduate come from high schools, and half of ^11 students receive some form f financial assistance. Elliott Moorman of Newark, Protest at Princeton has so far oeeu unmarked by violence or vehemence. Princeton SDS had considered Pile of about 50 Negroes among a one-day sit-in at Nassau Hall, 3,200 undergraduates, is j )U t the plans were canceled at President of the sophomore t| te urging of the "social Demo- pss. He chose Princeton over cr ats" in SDS, as one student irvarcj, Yale and Notre Dame p u t it. pcau.se at Princeton there was Goheen, in his llth year as I 1 the challenge of changing atti- president, believes that what tics." luippened at Columbia could oc- l-'xcept for several Negroes c ur a t Princeton. fc'ho attended Princeton in the "A few radical revolutionaries |700s, there were no Negroes at W uld be very happy to see the university prior to World university brought to a halt," Causes but it it most unlikely "But it's a very- even of SDS it- H. The school has accepted Goheen said, 'ore than TO for next fall's till iall number ian class. self." "Kver since World,War n The SDS chapter, headquar- l«'ve been looking for qualified t t , re d in the basement uf a stu- students," said Goheen. d e nt activities building, num- Unfortunately, &r too * ew ters a t*>ut 100 studnts and sev- p-ue.s receive schooling op- eral hundred more sympathiz- pi'tunities to permit them to do 0 , vs . that it is caused by the screw Ann ) SHOP The store that cares about you! —*•! Si7/lm Goorl Swppr Right" Meats 1 A6AR CANNED „„... OUAlltY 6RAIN FED HEAVY BEEF SWISS STEAK &5T ••SUPER.RIGHT" OUAlltY GRAIN FED HEAVY BEEF GROUND CHUCK SWANSON CHICKEN, Swiss stEAK, OR CHOPPED SlRlOIN Ib. 39c TV DINNERS Chicken Fried Steaks iLb. S^ pk g- 89C "SUPER-RIGHT" QUALITY GRAIN FED HEAVY BEEF POT ROAST Ctart ,,.-. . t 43c "SUPER.RIGHT" QUALITY GRAIN FED HEAVY BEEF ANQEl sofT LUNC HEON POT ROAST ShouW ., A«..b 63c "SUPER-RIGHT" QUALITY GRAIN FED HEAVY BEEF CHUCK ROAST Bonelesi Ib. /"C DIIIAIIC'TC "SUPER-RIGHT" QUAJ.ITY GRAIN FED HEAVY BEEF ^^ D|f |lf ||lt1 I V Chicken Fried Steak Sandwiches 69c BONELESS HAMS ,.$1.49 d ftft PERCH FILLETS COP-* Mn-t M«« . ha. $1>.?*7 CICU 61*l^l/Ck Cdp'rt JdM'i *9 '•'•**• • riOM 3 I lv/l\3 fraiert fried . . .fit PRgi. SWANSON Step, CHICKEN 6* fOSKEY ..a 55c MEAT PIES 4 te 99c ALLGOOD BRAND SLIC6D Each -lb. 55 Big Weekend 1 Big Grocery Buys' ANGEL SOFT LUNCHEON NAPKINS HLH SHOESTING -•% 10* Potatoes 3 W 25* FONDA PAPER 89* PLATES .^69* -^ •"- —— — - • ~ -—••--•- t nciPft n«nr\u«nv7i.»\ onvtuw vikb. /VtAnTCi. MSOI u t>* ^^ ^^ ••SUPER-RIGHT" QUALITY GRAIN FED HEAVY BEEF |>l A If I Fl^ JO^ IAC I* DC A U CHUCK STEAK 7c ;r c "' , 49c PICKLES a *t 49* ICfc UHtAm 6 CUBE STEAKS 89c HEINZ HAMBURGER SLICED DILL SALAD DRESSING MIRACLE WHIP LIMIT ONE WITH $5.00 PURCHASE EXCLUDING CIGARETTES yidual circunistances. These include keeping the knee elevated and applying ice bags for two or three days, withdrawing the fluid and injecting hydrocortisone into the joint or, in chronic cases (those of at least three years' duration), injecting a colloidal radioactive gold solution. Q—What are the symptoms of a torn cartilage in the knee? What is the best treatment for it? A—A torn cartilage in the knee will cause intermittent attacks of locking of the joint, pain and an accumulation of fluid in the joint. X-ray films are negative because they do not show soft parts (skin, blood vessels, nerves, tendons, muscles and cartilage). Once torn, a cartilage rarely heals and the only cure is surgical removal of the torn fragment. Whether this needs to be done or not depends on how much trouble the knee is giving you and how well you can manage with ice packs, rest and protective bandaging. Q—During an operation (art h r o d e s i s), a screw was placed in my ankle bone. How can 1 tell when the screw should be removed? If some pain returns, would this be caused by the screw? A—Arthrodesis is a surgical freezing or immobilizing of a joint. When a screw is driven into a bone, it is often left there for life. Any decision to remove it should be left up to your surgeon. Pain in the ankle following this operation might be from a variety of Please tend your questions and comments to Woyne G Bronditodt, MD, in care ot Ih/i paper. Wh//e Or Branc/iloJl cannot answer indi tidual fetteri, he wi'/ Oliver fetter* ot general I'nlereJt in future cofwmnj FAIRMONT APPLE BEER MERICO BUTTER ME NOT BISCUITS BIRDS EYE FROZEN AWAKE COASTAL FROZEN LEMONADE JANE PARKER MIX OR MATCH CRESCENT POUND CAKES PEACH PIES -61. Cant In Pack \ vo f CHO I 6-OZ. WMID C V H O O"C" E CAN CAMPFIRE 89c MARSHMALLOWS DERRY'S 49c LEMON JUICE ALUMINUM FOIL REGULAR WONDERFOIL JELLY ROLLS ty,-ib. Size 11-oz. Siie J 0 F ° r JL 10-62. 1 Q- ....Pkg. li7C Size 59C 2 \2"*25' AQr Roiii *f:7C ALUMINUM FOIL ALCOA H.CW Dut¥ ;.....' 8 ^; 59c JANE PARKER BROWN 'N SERVE FRENCH ROLLS 2 V 0 ^ 45c IANE PARKER CAKE DONUTS 2 ^ 45c SUGAR DOMINO PURE CANE 5-lb. Bag LIMIT ONE WITH $5.00 PURCHASE EXCLUDING CIGARETTES WISCONSIN LONGHORN CHEESE ANN PAGE EXTRA DRY DEODORANT 2-lb. Jor Jk63c ARRID '-89* AUTOMATIC DISHWASHER DETERGENT CASCADE 3=45* SHORTENING CRISCO -83* 2 Balh Bar* Qi. OC~ an. LJ\, BEANS w " h Tomo10 4 'con 35c AUTOMATIC DISHWASHER DETERGENT ANN PAGE CIDER VINEGAR ANN PAGE APPLE BASE JELLY CAMPBEU'S WITH PORK DEODORANT SOAP BEANS 3c±49c INST/NT NESTEA J 'j°o; 79C LIQUID CLEANER POTATO^ •£* IO PJOB Se9 * SHir™i4»^3ie CINCH SPRAY 5=79* A&P EVAPORATED un if a i3 -<" c ° MILR 0 in P«k CHAMPION SUGAR HONEY GRAHAMS V£29c A&P VACUUM DRIP OR PERK COFFEE 2c ' 0b n$1.29 ANN PAGE BROAD, FINE OR EXTRA WIDE NOODLES 3;i b ,:$1.00 SEE PRODUCT LABELS FOR FREE HEMISFAIR TICKET OFFER. 25c Off Label King (£1 Ifj Detergent ....... - .............................. Size !4>l.iU DETERGENT IVORY LIQUID ........................... S 59c IRONSTONE DINNERWARE WITH $5.00 PURCHASE SAUCERS 116 47c LARGE HEAD Lettuce SEEDLESS Grapes FKESH Corn VINERIPE Tomatoes FRESH Cukes 2 FOR LB !•>]$*•—• 29<J 494 SUNSHINE COOKIES HYDROX A&P CHARCOAL LIGHTER FLUID 'c«n 69c TABLETS BUFFERIN 0 ^39e ANN PAGE TARTAR SAUCE ' OVs * 29c SNOW CROP FROZEN Orange Juice LAUNDRY DETERGENT CHEER LIMIT ONE WITH $5.00 PURCHASE EXCLUDING CIGARETTES BOUNTY BEEF STEW or CHICKEN STEW Can 4 EARS 39v 6-02 Can _<6O^ Can.. MISS BRECK HAIR SPRAY 79c MAXWELL HOUSE I NST COFFEE ;97c :5S ! $1.55 13-oz. Can.... EACH 3 FOR 29C f>ri<«« Oood Thrv •>«>« Quantity Rlghti lti«rvtd If «n«kl» l« puicheit nay Him., pl««»t 't«V|« « rota NO COUPON NEEDEtv—GET 25 EXTRA PLAID WITH THE PURCHASE Of GH16TTE STAINIE5S INJECTOR BLADES YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE WITH Plaid Stomps .the Plaid lassie*

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