Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 15, 1944 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, September 15, 1944
Page 6
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NAUQATUOK DAILY; 'NEWS FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 1944 SJiASOJN By Jack Sords iteiSi^S &£g£Ai BAi PACKER'S 4&- Waterbury Tool, Rubber Start Series Tonight Game To Be Played At Hamilton Park Starting 1 At 6 P. M. Tho V. S. ruibbt-r Co. MofilKiIl team plays VV'atertmry Tool at .'Recreation Hold tonight at » ]). m, in the first of a --'•'• series fur the Waterbury Dusty °I.,engue championship. The game has been postponed twiri*. but the weather today SIMJIUS- as though it will allow the ctutis to got the 1 set'irs midrru-ay. Mar.agur yy Soibprling. who has made a cdUri'.L- of changes in the locals' ]inc-u;>. will probably start Paul GallatrhcM- against the the Tool, which will show Hardy Drownoll on i'if mound. The second name of the sfrie.s is expected to be played at Hamilton park Tuesday, with the llnal game the following Thursday. .Manager Heilierling expressed confidence in a Ruttcc victory tonight after two fruitless meetings earlier this .summi/r with the.strung VValerlnirv club. "STEP LIVELY" IS HELD OVER NOW AT THE STRAND THEATER i«TI STASIS SliOW... SflT. MIONItC MIOW rHIDAYO>t<V= With musical 1'llms in higher favor with the theatergoing public than ever before, picture makers are greater stress or. getting- catchy luncs and talented singers to sing them. Such a combination insures success; and when you a<id a. hitari- ousiy funny plot, plo.nty of eye- ari-osiing spectacle numbers and ,i ninijKisiny group of stars to your sprigs, 'yuu roaly have something tliat will fill picture pcikicns to capacity. P.KO fuels that it has one of the prlxe plums of the year in it's new- fst tnelody-comeciy. "Step Lively." which opens today on the scroftn of the Strand. .It has an all star cast headed by Frank Sinatra, George Murphy, Ailolphe M'enjou and Cloridci dc Haven. It's story is based on perhaps what was the biggest laugh show in Broadway ;. history, ".Room Service." Pinatra sings "As Long As There's Music" in the hotel's mezzanine, und rpprisios it with Murphy, i]ias do Haver, nnc: the cast I'DI- l^e film's grand .'Inale. "Some Other Time" is sning by Sin.'itrti 'nnd Miss de Haven in n fipoctaculiir roof garden number .-.r.rl is renrL-iod again by Sinatra on n theater stage, while the other two tunes, "Why Must Thorn Be An Opening Song?" and "Ask tho Madame," are sung in the show suqui.TicoH by Miss Jcffres and a chorus, and by Miss dc Haven, Murphy and the entire cast. The second Tuiuure on tho current Strand bill is "Waterfront," featuring J. Cm-roll Naish and Johr. Carradinn The widest choice ol paint colon tvcr offered—till ready to use, no intermixing. Mut*phy Paints Cvcry ihado in every grcdt VAUGHAN MONROE AND HIS ORCHESTRA NOW AT THE STATE "The Most Talked of Band in America," Vaughn Moni'OC and his Famous Orchestra will open a Ihrfe days' engagement on the staff! of tnc 'air-conditioned State theater, PFartford, starting Friday. Vaughn A-.r.rcie. t'i.-at.urc-s Marilyn Duke, popular singing star; Bobby Kickey, sensations 1 IS year old drummrr; and the Four Vs. "JTa.nn- ! oils Harmony SwinKslers." Shoring tup billint,' with Vaughn Monroe is Kenny Youngman, comedy star of Kate Smith's radio program, and one of the nation's f-orcmost comedians. Other .stage aUractions include Chris Cross and his Pal "Looic," "America's Greatest Ventro-Mimic," and Jane Slater, bewitching "Temptress of Taps." Showing or. the screen Curtiss St. Ffet^ firemeri Softb^Bers Brasscos Get Set For Quonset Sailors Sunday Junior . Thompson Or Red Branch Mound Will Toe The Ray "Gido" Murphy, Cornier big loaguor, well known to local fans ,vhon he hurled in the. old Eastern league, will -bring his siiong Quonset Naval Air Station nine of Rhode Island into Municipal Stadium on Sunday afternoon to moot !• reel Davi's powerful Watci'bury. Brasscos, in what should prove to be a real battle, Under the leadership of Mur-phy the visiting Sailors have won 46 out of 51 games this year, beat- ng such great teams as the Boston Braves, Philadelphia Athletics, in dthc star-studdod New Havun Sailors. The ace of the Navy lads s John "Speed" Patrick, former Pacific Coasl League liurler who vil! toe the rubber for tlie invaders. Patrick has not been beaten his year and has a. string of IS •ictorlcs to his credit. Manager Fred Oavi of the locals vho are out for,'their fifth straight vir. will pitch Junior Thompson, 'ormer Cincinnati Reels liurler, or J .od Branch, late of the New York Yankees, who hns been going great guns for the Coast Guards lately. Davi's infield for Sunday's game will lineup with Bill Johnson, ex- Yankee, un thil'd; liddie Sklandy, formerly with Minneapolis, of the American Association at short; Joe Gryska, late of the Browns, at second; and Aaron Robinson, cx- Yiinkcc, at first. The outfield will be powerhouse with Ernie Koy, late of the Dodgers, in left; Jimmy Gleeson. formerly will-, the Cubs in center, and Reds Walch. former Soulh- eern Assoc. star, in right. A large crowd is expected to be on hand to see those former major leaguers in aciion Sunday af- tornoon at the Stadium. FILM OF THE FLAT TOPS COMES NOW TO THE LOEW THEATER From out of the glory of the smashing victories our Navy flyers have won in the Pacific. .. from the hearts of life gallant men whoso borne is a flat-top and whose flaming courage and daring exploits have thrilled the nation conies the season's first, great drama of our currier force in action—"Wing And A Prayer—the Story of Carrier X," the new hit thrill-packed epic of an expendable aircraft carrier, featuring Don Amcchc, Dana Andrews. William Bytho, Charles Bickford and Sir Cedric Hardwicke, opens today at> the Loew Poli theater. In tradition of "Crash 'Dive" which paid stirring tribute to our undersea fighters, and "Guadalcanal Diary," the rousing salute to our Marines; "Wing And A Prayer" celebrates the deeds of the men who are wreaking havoc and vengeance on the Japs from the mighty "floating air-bases." The film tells the story of aa unidentified aircraft carrier which in the early days of shock and confusion following Pear! Harbor, was sent into the Jap-infested PaciMc and marked as expendable. Ordered to sea with orders to avoid combat, to run away and not fight, back—this bewildered and frustrated force of Navy flyers to take everything the Japs can throw at them without retaliation because they wore setting a trap. With the strategic trap for the Japs set, and the orders to avoid combat rescinded the day of revenge for Carrier X arrives. Look out! You'll laugh yourself to- pieces when Laurel and Hardy come to, the screen in the new CO' hit on this big prfigram "The Big Noise." You'll ixplodc with laughter when these two shivery shcr- iocks mix bombs and blondes in a house of horror completely wired for iUr.! Lots Of Color When Johnny Bulla Gets In A Tourney be "Oh, What a Night!" with Edmund L.OWC, Jean Parker and Mar joric Rambeau. Hotel experts estimale that normally -IG per cent of all mcais in Now Yorlc City are consumed outside of private homes. CANS, Inc MAPLE STREET TEL. 3507 Your Eyeglasses Shop C. H. Tomlinson Nrary Building Xaiiiruttu'U. Conn. UL'V WAIt IJO>'OS AND STA-Ml'S EJectncal Supplies Lighting Equipment UOMIJ ''ESI WITH HOUfBS Victor — Columbia — Uccca Record* SWAN ELECTRIC CO. 15 CHURCH ST. TKL. 3574 \Vllli.N IT'S GIFT TIMK OTRisiiraj +f^+*r£ CEXTKR ST. DIAL Furnace Inspection SERVJCE ' Xo , 0 | it: . lt , on Waterbury Heating' Co: US Spring SI., \Vtliy. 4-M78 Phono i none ALCAZAR TODAY - SATURDAY "RACKET MAN" ami "THIS IS THE LIFE" Starring- PEGGV BY AX And A Great Cust I3.V BKJIN'ABD BKENNJ5B L'nlU'il I'ross Sports Stiiff John 3ulla hit the golf world like a breeze. Ho came into the fairway business as something of a frealc—a guy who tried to win top-flight tournaments -with drugstore golf balls. But he didn't take long .to prove that he knew how nnd whore to hit those balls—and that's what counts. Sportscastcrs and writers always lilted io see t.he North Carolina boy enter a tournament. They knew there'd be color and excitement with Johnny Bulla around. And Johnny seldom disappointed them. He's unpredictable on the links. His long, clrivinp pjame has always been tops—but on the short shots Johnny lias trouble. Sometimes he has n little trouble holding his temper down, too. Back in 1910 Johnny started in the Land of the Sky Open tournament at Ashcvlllc, N. C. For a playinK partner he drew the slow und steady Ralph Guldahl. Every professional who made Im annual round of tournaments ,;:iew of Guldahl—knew how much time he took on his shots, und how; lowly he played. But it was left for Johnny to break. After eleven holes Johnny just picked up his ball and stormed back to the clubhouse, Bulla ragW: "JSycrybody can lake his lime on a shot—but this g-uy was driving me nuts!" An:l .ilthouph everyone liked the good- latured Guldahl— most of them ciuielly agreed with Bulla. Johnny's k'°'f career was a strange one. In IMS he headed for Chicago to see the National Open and look iifound for a job. On the way he stopped off at a driv- £ ran^e — one oC those places nere i^u cents gets you a pail ot bails to whale away at—and Johnny started swinging. Two - hundred 1 - and - twenty five yards from the tec was a fence. And Johnny's drives kept dropping over that barrier. The proprietor came ovor to watch the husky slranser.— and when he jaw another couple of. drives clear ihe fence Johnny had a job. Later he got regular golf ]>io jobs al clubs. And at one of them he met the owner of a chain of drug stores. Once again Johnny rmiue a deal — this time he went lo work for the drug chain as head of the golf ball department. Thai connection kept, him from joining 1 Ihe Pi-jfc.ssiona! Golfer's association. But it didn't make much difference. Johnny took his •lO-cunt-specials and started / playing sensational golf around the lOurP.amcni. circuit. He didn't win any major tou:-nu.ments — but he turned in some heart-stopping performances In almost taking' some important titles. Johnny had the United Slates Open aln-jjst in his bag at Philadelphia in 1939—but he lost his touch on the last round and dropped to sixth. And Johnny's bkizitig 292 over the St. An- tirew.s course nearly gave him -'the British Open thai same year—but Dick Burlor. came in late to beat nim out by two strokes. So when Johnny took his drug-, store bails to the Los Angeles Open they tabbed him as :a good man—but no ir.o're than that—not a winner. And even when he started out with a string of seven throes, -they didn't pay too much attention to him. At the half-way point Johnny Bulla led the field in that rich" $10.000 competition. But still the hangers-on held back arid said: "Watch—he'l hil a bad streak and blow il." And in the third round it seemed that, they had called it correctly. Somehow Johnny got mixed up. Dusty Girls'Loop Opened Wednesday With Good Crowd The Girls' Industrial . Bowling started out with • n • bank at Annenberg's alleys Wednesday. All the- girls showed up, practically making: a. perfect attendance. A big 'year Is' in" store for the loop. '* A'nn Moruska captured all honors with a 148 for high single and 3M} for tho set of three. The rest of the girls, we arc told, have hoi, gotten in. their stride. The scores: Clerks (3) M. Halaslk . B. Fail-bank A. Moruska ; A. Butkus .. . 89 80 104 1 85 86 108 148 95 130— 2g!i 79— 273 ' 98— 350 75— 2-13 Totals , .. M. Bowers D. Roberts M. North . A. Hughes E. Book . . .... 463 360 IS. M. I, (0) 70 83 81 79 01 8C :.. . 89 ... . 100 83 102 464 '1487 • f>5— 224 81— 244 88— 238 82— 204 79— 281 Totals 413 483 390 1241 I>wls OHIcc C. Rapioff G. Hoppc I. Currier F. Ycnches M. Erinckerhoff 80 75 103 108 100 98— 283 yrj 005 79— 20G 81— 278 114— SOU Totals W. Krykoski M. Fecley .. R, Conroy . .. P. Scanlon . . R, RieKy . .. . , . : 427 477 447—1301 U. S. K. • SO 71 84 ,96 93 94 96 07 91 99 108— 282 77— 244 96— 277 97— 284 105— 297 Total 424 477 483 13S4 .1. Ruggeri V. Mengacei P. Forchelli Average .... Average .... . Totals L. Anderson M. Malonc . D. Pichctlc . M. Kiernan . H. Hadzega . Totals .... Jx:wls Factory 90 73 94 7g 110 78 ... 407 420 Chemical 71 89 GC 84 88 79 118— 296 101— 234. 89— 2G1 70— 225 75— 220 458 1291 SO— 235 87— 204 S9— 23-1 92— 2-14 95— 23-1 375 303 443 1211 Rubber Cost A. Dowling .... D. Durr M. Brown H. Slobodianik V. Heavens . . . Totals . . C. Zapatkn C. McCarthy H. Moruska R. Quinn . .. H. Patterson ... 407 428 Synthetic . ... 83 90 S3 OS S3 91 93 109 445 12SO 85— 258 94— 275 91— 2S3 9(5— 272 92— 2S7 Totals 433 484 45S 1375 Peter Paul Inc G. Kazanjian .... 81 90 7-1— 2-15 R. Schildgen ,...7S 70 SS— 2-15 D. .Sandell .... 77 S3 SS— 2-JS M. .Beck 95 91 89— 275 A. Durr S3 72 8(5— 2-!7 . Totals -120 -115 -125 3260 Shonti™ M. .Nixon ...... 08 fiS 67—203 L. Goncalvcs . . 78 SQ SO— 2-10 .F. Prtusc ....'. .-10 fi!5 Dfl— IG-t G. Marftino Ave. 7C 7fi 75— 22!> C. Realle, Ave. 75 75 75— 225 Totals 336 365 356 1057 He played someone olsc's ball by mistake. And tho officials swooped .down and penalized him—Johnny's touch flew away—-he finished the round with a sorry-looking 75. But Johnny Bulla came buck for the lost round of |.hat Los Angeles Open with something new—a blazing new kind of golf — a stretch drive Unit didn't miss. Just CO strokes—'that was all he needed. And it was good enough. The next day he airmailed the winner's check to Mrs.' Johnny Bulla in Greensboro, N. C. He'd finally hit the top with those drug-store specials. BUY WAR. BOXDS AND STAMPS m;v AM> SAVK AT THE Highland Grocery 92 HIGHLAND AVE. TKI.. IKKO HOCCI) H.\n<l, I'ron. -WING AND A PRAYER' with ' DON AMECHE — DANA ANDREWS " ' WILLIAM EYTHE — CHARLES BICKFORD SIR CEDRIC HARDWICKE nnd Kevin O'Shea — Richard Jaeckel — Henry Morgan Renny McEvoy — Richard-Crane — Glenn Langan A 20TM CENTURY-FOX 1'ICTURE 2nd HIT LAUREL & HARDY THE BIG NOISE . NATIONAL T.J5AGUE 's Results Cincinnati 3, Chicago 2 (1st). Chicago 4, Cincinnati 2 (2d). New York 12, Philadelphia 1 2nd frame postponed, rain. Brooklyn V Boston 4 CJst). 2nd game postponed, rain. Only games scheduled. The Standing W. St. Louis .............. 95 Pittsburgh ............ 81 75 C2 62 !3G Cincinnati Chicago New York Brooklyn Boston Philadelphia 55 C2 Pet.. ,'<;no . .5f>0 MS • .-16?, .-IS 2 .-107 .30-1 Game Is Scheduled For 6 P;Mv iarp; Early Dark Reason Today's Oilmen, ?llchcr« Brooklyn at Boston—Herring <23) v.s. Tobin C1G-1G Or Andrews (1-311), Cincinnati at Pittsburgh Cnighi) —Wallers (20-8) v.s. Strincevich (12-6). St. Louis at Chicago (2)—M. Cooper (2-C) and Wilks OV-31 vs. Chipman (11-9) or Vandenberg (fi-3). Now York nt Philadelphia (night) —Feldman (11-13) vs. Raffer.sbcrg- cr (11-18). AMERICAN tK. Vrsfcrdny'N JtesultM New York-Philadolphia, postponed. The New York Detroit, St. Louis Boston Cleveland Chicago . W. L, Pel. 7G Gl .550 75 (H .351 75 G2 .5'." 73 W .C33 65 72 c: CaS For Dogs Is Issued By The Army And Marines The Marine Corps and the United States Army arc bolb sccJdns more dog.-; for training to serve in the winning of the war, it is reported. The crill from the Marines is for purebred Dobcrman pinschers nnd German shepherds who must be males, one to four years old and weigh C5 pounds or over. The Army is open for dog ro- crunts from a wider variety including: German snepherci, Kcl- sheep dogs, farm collies, Siberian huskies, Malomutes, Eskimos and crosses of these breeds. They rruust be between 14 months and'.two years old, weighing at least 50 pounds. Any dog owner interested in sendfng his dog into military service in :i.v;-:ed to contact C. H. Dexter of West lljiriford, telephone 3-7S9S or Captain Herman Schcn- del, Manchester 74GJ. Philadelphia Washington G-; 70 .-ICO 53 SO .-5 20 CD 7-1 .-!GO Today's Gami'-, l''itcliors Chicago a, I St. Louis (night) — Grove (33-32) vs. Calchouso (-3-S). Detroit at Cleveland (2) twi- night) — Trout (24-11) and Xcw- housur 12-1-S) vs. G:-Jmek (S-fi) nnd Smith (7-10). Boston_ at \Vashinjrton (night) — Bowman'(11-0) vs. Niggcling (9-7) j or Haefncr (30-33). Only scheduled. Linden Park To Be Sight Of Biggest Game Of For Each Club Manager Cubby • Cow.iri morning promised more fury •-he hurricane l.'iat night when his Corliss Street Flats the Xaugatuck Hose Co. i rtl. Linden Dark tonight at,0 p. m. Cowan said that'hl; W* arc v brinxing their big bats saom. tonicht for a real slugging jnnj^ Manager Js'ordhil] Xaugcs of th» Vols stated this morning. th at hli Learn will be handicn.p_ped by ih» lack of Coach J'imes J. Grant, M-^ picks out the riirht hurler from On firemen's pitcher rosier. Coai>h Gi-ant Is reported to be one of tht finest pitcher handlers in fjie E^ nnd always gets the moat out t>; i his hurl'-rs. ]• Cowan in an "obiter <!ictua" tMs morning, said that he had given Pat Ahrens and Jim Sullivj,, permission to play with 1h>> Voli ori their efforts with other icaj-n, but in the big game of the year, fc. wants them back or. his squad, zj both arc hard-hitting, hustling i»'j players. This hs-s caused some con. corn on the part of the Vols. Whether they play with the Host Co. or tho Flats remains to be s«a, as ixll contracts, due lo the shortage of paper ivcre oral. Both managers request t!jefc men to appear before 0 o'clock, jj tho darkness falls early this limt of year ,snd_ seven innings should be played. ~ Cmpircs 'or the biggest brow] o; th'> season have not yet bcc named. Of 22!) firms in '.ho stove industry in 1942, 171 had sales of lea | than S2 million. IHELD OVER 2nd BIG WEEKI Joyful shenanigans in New York's swankiest hotel... when showfolks with big ideas embark ' on a bubbling adventure in glamour, music, laughs and romance . .. just for the fun of it! BROWN * CARNEY' «»N7 HUM MITCHELL* JEFFREYS SINATRA SINGS: "Coint Out, Comi Out, Wftirivir You *n"."Wlieri Does Love Bum" "Some Other rinu" "AiLoniAsThtri't Music" WATERFRONT J - CARROLL NAISH v *** with JOHN CARRADINE TODAY Moves To Buy More War Bonds r

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