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The Week's Review from Elmwood, Nebraska • 5

The Week's Reviewi
Elmwood, Nebraska
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HY BILL'S HEAD VAS BROKEN AN EARLY SNOW STORfl A Blizzard That Set the Oldest Inhabitants to Thinking When tfcty KUA KTHVKNs On the Local Side What's the use look like "What's wrong Bill you More or Less Personal had Seen Its Boat yon'd been in a prise tight?" Of going to Lincoln or Omaha for WITH TEACHER AND SCHOLARS Just to show the people that It was capable of accomplishing nent any old thing Nebraska pulled of a snow WALL storm this week that was a Truster and the mind of the oldest Inhahium runnitll not back to the time when it A Tyson A Fw Lhtmi of Interest to Patrons ift Elmwood Schools Wabash Entertainment Specirl Correspondence was duplicated A rain set In Sun day morning and continued spasmod Pays the Freight Monday's storm caused i number of ically alSday followed in Uw'evafdjkf by a falling barometer and a high wind By Monday morning things had thaned Into a genuine snow storm -i Worse tlmn that" said gloomy Bill "had a row last night that's all "How did that happen?" "Well you see I got honie about 2 a in and I thought 1 would have a little fun and siys I looking as solemn as an owl Maria do you know your best friend has "My ife you know Is awful superstitious About a week ago she heard raps on the table which she said was a sure sign that Nunteltody Is going to die and I thought I'd give her a lesson end directly Maria answered No didn't know I had any" Hut 1 told her she had and pretty soon she wanted to know who it was You see a woman can't hold back her curiosity and I knew It I loltLher that 1 would nottell but (bat she Iflbst guess She guessed ahor everybody In creation dead or alive and ended up by calling me he meanest brute in town This compliment didn't tniieli in huerlnnmi ln-iri In clarence Turner Intended diseon- and meets al! competition either of foreign houses or traveling salesmen "tet his prices and compare them Ml day the storm raged with Increas It was better than rain Dick Smith was at Lincoln Tue-liay on business 11 Covell went to North Platte' Monday to visit his parents Corn is yielding better than was expected so the farmers tell us Last week it was dust this vieek it is mud "Jake your choice but don't kick Mumps are quite prevalent among the school children but nothing serious Join the crowd and come in and subscribe for this paper You can't make us fee any happier (' Stevens went up tii the state's eapitol Sunday to see his children who are attending school there Our old friend and former townsman Al Marshall has opened up a new drug store at Avoca Success to yon Al Joe Mapes is confined to his house this week with a severe attack of la iieement that hefV mm iits lim ing furry and at night assumed the rote of a Nebraska bliuard yet lacking in coldness Thus Hie "merry ill school ajrain 1 irier-" continued plavine Jean-inn "A botanical study is being Jfladfl by Coats are Needed We mean liquid coats coats 1 Wednesday lunrijne when old Sol put in a momentary appearance andjthe curtain rung down Since of-pjiint Be in siyle and paint i -j ii then the snow has mostly disapperetl and the mud now sticks closer to the hoof of man than a Kimcse twin does to hi brother Pthe least Khe fumed and tideiied nsheltered stock and I he aides that still hunr unon yuur nuubt? uutssii i ii'iitJtJu TYSON SELLS Sherwiiv Williams Paints i pHE BEST MADE SCHOOL IS ON School books and school supplies in endless varieties at Tyson's ried tears and smiles but to no avail and about every hour in the night she'd nudge me and say 'Pill Mill the trees were chilled but uninjured Potatoes and root vegetation yel in grippe Which is reported quite preva tin1 ground was not damaged lent in this locality woo was ii ma died' i Knew soine-tliing awful was going to happen now tell inc Tins was Aeut un all While tlie storm has incoveniene Pert Ionian brought to town a ed cornhuskers" remarked Mr (i our class delving Into tlieiiv sterlet that causes tlierecus'dnietliat jrinw fm the nurth side of old buUdhijpk An interesting meeting of the State Association of Principals and Super-intendeins was held at Lincoln Friday and Saturday of last week being held in the Seifatc chaniher The attendance was and the program very profita'ole Supt (Jove of I'nver delivered the principal address Dn the ruhject 'Supervision" Principal Smith attended Parents are urged to carefully examine the reports which are issued to pupils this week These reports will be made every six weeks: the first third and fifth giving grades made in classes: the second fourth and sixth examination grades The final grade of the year Will bctlieaverageof these six grades The new language books are proving to be entirely satisfactory A number of persons have expressed a desire to have a private class in Latin organized All those interested in such a move please see the sample of white corn raised bv Loss Dunkle "it has proven a blessing to fall wheat and pastures" night and in the moriing rethought 1 would tell her" Who was it?" Her mother She's been dead Bailey near Gretna that is hard to beat He left a sample of It at this OlHloj-S office for twenty years" II Gerbeling Is grinding out "What then?" "She picked up the poker and for feed at a ratio that beats 16 to 1 all hollow He also handles the test once in her life hit what she alined grades of flour and will exchange or my head and that's why that sell it bandage is there" Lafayette Turner came to town The best anqymost complete stock of drugs and sundry articles in the country may be found at Tyson's Drug Store "I have been here a good many odd years" said Charley Rlrett "but this freezes the batter I can't see as it has done any harm however The apples and ccllery and watercress all came out of it with fresh clean faces And speaking about water-cress" continued Mr Rlvett -just reminds me that during the last two years of President Cleveland's reign the little spring that supplied water for the cress went dry but on the very day McKinley stepped In the laughing water again broke from the side-hill and lias never ceased I don 't know whether to lay it to McKinley pros 1 uesaay and he sat on a cook stove for a scat tell you its a warm thing" said Lafayette when the boys yelled at him 1 Ins has been a great vear for old Little Phil (who was standing at the window)- "Say aunty what's that man carrying?" Aunty 's a juecat Little PhIL "Polecat: Where did tnev come from?" "The Lord made them of course" Little "Well 1 bet If he'd smelt the tirst one he'd never made another" friends to renew their acquaintance and visit the friends of former days The Wabash school will give an en rr Trnrrs-Trfrrnrrrrmm The Omaha exposition has done much perity or not" After wishing us suc tertainment at the Wabash school house Friday evening October 21st Admission 15 and 10 cents Money refunded if not sat isfactory cess he went out Mr Joseph Mullin called at these headquarters Thursday and added his Is best told by a good timepiece testimony to the storm record "I A Neihart's horse made a short A Pair of Accidents While feeding the horses Monday runaway Thursday evening throwing evening Clarence Turner residing north of town was kicked by one of the horses and quite badly injured A good clock is a timely friend In every household LORING Has them to sell a splendid new assortment Jewelry and Silverware of the best varieties at lowest prices receiving a painful bruise on tlie left arm and cracking one of his short ribs J)r Meeley was called and the next day Clarence was attending school A fellow has got to be pretty badly hurt if the doctors can't wAx AH light repairing Watches Clocks Gutu and Bicycles ivC 3A 1 0 in this direction (1 Stark and family came dow from lttiica and spent Sunday at the home of Joe Mullin west of town Mr Stark is one of Ithlca's representative business men I) Luring continues stocking up his store and now has some of the finest jewelry and silverwae to be had His stock of clocks is something elegant and the prices reasonable Mik Wm DelesDernier has been quite poorly this week with a severe attack of the mumps This is a childrens disease but it handles old people with even greater severity than it does (he little ones May field publisher of the Avoca Advocate is keeping abreast with the times by building himself a new residence also a new building for the Advtieate Ote is "standing ii) for Avoca" in the proper way Dr Stockert came up from Una dilla Tuesday facing that blinding snowstorm but lie presents a fine physique and did not mind It "You might just say however" remarked neatly done qj him out for duty in a few days Miss Nona in the niud but nothing serious resulted Dr Hobbs was called Wcndesday to administer to the sufferings of the ten-year-old son of Henjy McLaughlin who had received a serious injury of the eye while playing at school TnE Week's IIevikw Is authorized to say that a new general store will be opened In the Jtaker building about the first of November by Horton and Swarts former residents of West Plains Mo We welcome them Dr A Alton the young man who the people of this community delight to call its own product Is meeting with splendTcT success In practice The schooling he has received seems to have been of the latest and most proficient mode Step Into his new quarters and see his stock came here when Nebraska did or thereabouts said Mr Mullin "but I can remember of but one similar storm Eighteen years ago on the 12th day of October my wife and 1 were driving home from Ashland when a snow storm overtook us and we were forced to stop on the way It was not as heauy a fall of snow as this one but the nex-tf morning It was freezing cold and stock suffered considerable Thisjs the banner snow storm though" "How's this for the 18th of October "gasped Bird Critcbfleld as we sidetracked on a narrow' sidewalk to let him piC Attorney Deles "bad to get up in the middle of the night and rustle a base burner Rosencrans was seen making tracks in the snow carrying a sack over tUi shoulder that looked like it contained coal He was muttering about being caught with a blizzard in the summer-time Philander Williams generally drives a pretty good teamand he is not the JUUUUUl JLOJLJLOJULSJl SULSLSU man to wear his life away pulling on the lines cither He was coming in to town Tuesday through the storm Anything worth mending Is worth mending well at the usual hannv rait when the tongue broke and the buggy stopped The team didn't stop neither did Good blacksmtthing is as necessary as anything else Philander lie seemed in a wild bur ry to get out and they ay the way he went over the dash-board was a FotTiny-A black ice wool' Call at this oftlee Wm Mueller caution He lit In the mud and snow but fortunately was not hurt The the doctor "that it didn't do a thing but storm" Is Elmwood's practical workman Don't forget this when you want blacksmithing Mr Kraft the verv courteous team came on toward town and were caught at Jake Fleischman's place Mr Joe Mullin came along and took Philander in and together they found the tearfriij' damage of a serious and Competent agent at the Missouri Pacific depot was a very congenial Will Mapes has moved into the old Jacobs' building southeast part ofthe town Wm Mueller is putting arlw 100 lb vise and a new work bench in his shop this week 6 HORSES SHOD caller at this office Tuesday Mr natu Kraft is a thoroughly practical busi ness man arid serves his employers faithfully by him have no sore feet He understands his business Wagon and wood work a specialty Miss Penrl Kiggs is here from XobnA Today's paper gives some splendid articles written by our corps Of com and intends rcmainlngall winter 'with brother Charley Charles May and daughter are 're from Madison countv afu -sis at the Edwin Jearv President Mullin Vice-Preiidest Clark Hardware Mr Clark and Mr Voorhees arethc gentlemen who recently purchased the hardware stock here of I) Smith Co They come with the best of recommends froth Pella Iowa thefr old home and the citizens and farmers will find them honorable just men to deal with Aside from the already choice invoice of hardware kepi on hands by their predecessers Clark Voorhees have added largely until now they nave one of the mist complete and liest appointed hardware em-proiums in thecoiiiitry Farmers arc especially asked to call and see the line line of stoves A Swell Turnout State Bank of Elmwood Capital $2500(X00 Ohas Walker domicile In at Clark Votroees and the new ranfe'i tvau-ty llioli' new" nij-ubt stove Mrff Kegeris and wife if Keith county are here "Shis week visiting With Mrs Carolina Current and family ir and Mrs A Rigga returned home Monday night from a two weeks visit with ffienda and relatives in Iowa petent cor spon3ents ervorC Is invited to send in items along 'any line- The people have a right to discuss live topics of moment and we extend the privilege to them to use tlh so coliiiuns There wit! be a union silver rally in Elmttood at the Hobbs opera house next Friday evening October 2H 8 o'clock Hon A Pdynter ana1 Hon Meserve treasurer of Nebraska ill address the people on the issues of the day 1 Everybody cordially invited to attend The mulct law of Iowji has been invoked against a number of druggists in Sioux City The assessors refused to assess these stores the sane- I' i-ivo leiKilp ayil issue certificates therefor payable on ilemaml or subject to ii-lit the depositor muy prefer buys ami wlls exchange on the jirincilial cities dlsCOtint notes makes collections anil transacts a general banking business ITS APPEARANCE TsS'T TBI ONLY Til INC TO RECOMMEND IT -I 1ST AS MICH A -TION is PAID To gf BBJSGTH AND DURABILITY AS TO LOOKS leTers he very bct facilities for the promet transaction of legitmate banking lnisint'- Pays Interest on Time Deposits A Dead Town teTlIAT'S THE I'll 1 NCI l'IE ON Mr A Parriottof Pleasant Dale Neb visited a few davs this week Sav gentle resident of this metropolitan "village did you know this town is dead? Well it is deader than the proverbal door neil and heroic measures should be taken to in- WHICn WKIii'N OCR BUSINESS WHETHER IT'S HARNESS OR CARRIAGE OR ANYTHING ELSE WE EVERYTHING HAS TO BB JUST RIGHT AS DIRECTORS RIVETT I CLAPP JOB "ILIN STEVENS WM ATCHINSON ED JEAEY HOBBS with our worthy townsman i Stevens Loulie niuHHftle Stiller were visiting friends east oftown this week 'They reside at Butler Mo but formerly lived here Mr Rivett showed us a letter yes-terdayfrom England announcing the very discouraging news to Mr Hi vet that the personal effects of his son Albert who was killed in the East India war had been sold according to the custom of the English army as 'saloons an assessment which some claim can be made Thus if three persons of the county will make a request to the auditor that official shall proceed to make the assessment This was done by the residents of the little town of Salix and as a result the full liquor tax has been placed against nearly every drug store in Sioux City The outcome of the assessment is awaited with interest by the druggists of the county some of whom will appeal to the courts fuse in it the eath of life Let's do something to make the place lively Let's have some fun People do not care to trade at a place trtoere there is no amusement and goodness fellows Willsonville has been utterly devoid of entertainment this summer unless kinetoscope and Root shows can be classed as such' Why can't we have a game of ball a toot Will team arid a brass band: anythirvereate excitement A Kansas jupvr will blow us over the great divide ife continue to dry Willtwlre' Review I We meet all competition in the harness business We allow none to undersell us Get our prices MILES The Week's Review $100 a year in advance.

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