Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on December 19, 1892 · Page 5
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 5

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Monday, December 19, 1892
Page 5
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OAKLAND DAILY EVENING TBIBTJSTE. HON DAY. DECEMBER 19. 189g THE STAGE. Qara Morris. Will . Present 6ooi lajsBere. . "Incog" Will Be the Attraction for the Holidays. "ff oik H(TW2ges" Tales tie Boards at Ha Fcoph'i Tteater. ALAMEDA. iniietj Is Expressed Oier tbe Sc&ool" Bonds. Determined Opposition Shown Against Them. file German Yereio Association Extending Its Scopi The Clara Morris engagement, which Opens tomorrow evening at the Macdon-oaxb Theater, is being looked forward to With much interest by th tbeater-eoinr people of the city." As en exponent ot the standard drama Miss Morris stands with oat s pete, particularly in tboss pieces that demand lire expression of intense feeling. Her powers ol realism ere alto hrery re-tnarkabie, and it is a:d of her that no other living actress cn portray the human emotions as well as she can. tier eppearai.-ce here wilt be nndsr the rnot fa vers tie conditions, uot the least Important ie:ng her - complete restoration to ttealtii. Nu( a particle of ber former l.lutts remains. Her performances are tr.j;Mer, quickei and more power. ui than ever before. On the occasion of her visit here Miss Horns wiil be seen in Odette and Rente de Moray on Toe-day r& I Wednesday evenings ret nrctiveiy. She is said to be surrounded by one of tne most efficient com-panics ever brought together. On Kridar, Utturdey and Sunday evenings Charles Dickson will appear at the Maedonoiirh in Mrs. lachvco's funny piece, J, icon. On becemiwr 231 and 24ih it will be preceded by 71 SaU Cellar ueteuiuer :in o? me nd Man About Town. on Th rropl.'. heater. Tonight the Craigs will produce Work and Wages at the People's Theater. It is a play dealing with the ever-present struggle between capital and labor, and is fail of thrilling situations. Patrons of tbe bouse will have tbe opportunity to welcome Albert Mosnier's return 10 the stage in this play after a much needed rest. Albert Lando, having recovered from his illness, Will also reappear. The Bewail-Valeria Benefl'. Arrangements are now completed for tbe Joint benefit to Charlie Bewail and Frank Valerga. Tickets are on sale at a number of places throughout tbe city, and ajready a brisk demand exists. There is no donbt that tne Oakland Theater will be packed to tbe doors Thursday evening when Frank Valerga and Charlie Sewall matte tneir farewell bow to an Oakland audience. Alameda, December 19. Thursday the election to decide whether or not the school bands will be issued will tste place. Tbere is some speculation as to whether or . . . 1 T . - . not tney will De cameo, i u n.r.a cy many prominent citizens that at the last moment tbe supporter, of the bonds will aovBBTtsmnt. THEATRE- -XBA8- SPECIAL -XMAS- THREE -SIGHTS. TT?f n r rIAY,ATCftDAT, SUKDAT--E"-" 23"25 THE BRILLIANT YOCNG COMEDIAN. MR. CHARLES DICKSON And His Own Company of Merry Players, tin ner ma airecnon ol lieo. ledkbkb. in JTarleaa, W-reBtle, WmMny INCOGr ! Sy Mrs. Somanldo Pacheeo. All Boar. lOO 'lctta ta w Tork. Preceded Deeember 23d and 24th by THE SALT CELLAE I Preceded December 25th by the I IMZUST ABOUT TOWIT 1 Mb. Dickson is Both Plats. I li t I not stand togetber. Tbe even now loud in their against them while the supporters of the project do not work at ali or if they do, it u m a luktwarm msnner. No reason is given by the oopos Uon, except that the city cannot afford the outlay. Tbere is every reason that tbey ssouid be carried. For tbe election tbe Australian ballot will be used. Each ticket wiil be four and a half by eighteen inches in size and will hsve a paragraph stating the object of tbe election and two little squares in which will be stamped the cross before the yes or ro. opponents are j pnce. . BOc Tfte. Si. demonstration i ' Seats now on sale. A SOCIAli SUCCESS. The I'lnk sod Yellow Tea at Mrs. Sin Flair Keaidnco. At the residence of Mrs. Sinclair, 540 Bitnpson avenue, Saturday afternoon and evening, tbere was held a sale of articles left over from the What-Not booth of tbe tit. Francis de Sales Church fair. Tbe affair took the form of a pink-and yellow tea, and was in itself an original entertainment. The parlors of the beautiful residence were quaintly decorated in Pink and yellow. Japanese parasols, fans, draperies and ivy were distributed in a manner charming to tbe eyes of the beholders. while the daintv perfume of La trance roses and other flowers filled the air. The ladies who decorated the rooms are Miss Oicese and Miss Reardon. 'I be following delightful programme was presented during the afternoon: Mandolin, banjo and guitar rio. Mite Price. Miss McCains and JUiss Neb'tlt; recitation,' Mis Kay Wbittaker; piano solo, Miss Kate benafer; vocal solo. Mrs. debater; piano duet, tbe Misses AlcCall. -Tbe remainder of the afternoon was devoted to social conversation. In tbe ditntTg room where tea was served to tbe guests, tbe scene was indeed a pleas, snt one. Tne tables were ornamented with bowls of La France rosea, wbile streamers of piuk and yellow ribbon were bung from tbe cnandehers over them, fink and yellow salads and deserts were served in bowls of the same color. The young ladies in charge of this room were: Miss Marguerite Lynch, Mis Elizabeth Sinclair, Miss Dai-y bcbeffVr, Miss Annie Turner and Mr?. D. A. Sine air. Tbe attendance during the evening was large and fashionable, dress suits predominating, wbile tne sparkle of jewels was frequently seen. The programme presented curing the evening was as follows: Over tare, orcnestra; tenor solo, Frank Valerga; soprano solo, Miss Graves; recitation, M .ss McElroy; vocal solo, Alexander lios-borouen; violin solo, Miss Brady; piano solo. .Miss trice. At l(r o'clock dancing was in order and Continued until midnight. Tbe ladies con. siiiuting the reception committee were: Mr?. E. Groves. Miss U. Day. Mrs. D. A. Sinclair, Miss A. Turner, Miss K. Sinclair. Mrs. a Bowman, Mrs. II. C. Whipple, Alias js. Auainred, Mrs. debater, Mrs. A 1. Sinclair and Miss Reardon. All the articles were sold lor good prices. INSISTED HE WAS DRUNK. The Otiiutn Vereln. The Verein Germania of Alameda has leased the old Masonic Hall for one year. The present quarters of the club are v a le-quate for tLe uses of tbe increasing number of members. Tbe Masonic Hall is large and in a pleasant situation. Tbere are large numbers ot Germans in Alameda who will b? glad to join a social organization of this character. The main bail will be fitted no for tbe general assembly room of tbe club, and tbe ao joining rooms as libraries, smoking rooms, eto. New Year's eve win be celebrated in the true German style. A musical and literary programme will be presented, followed by a ball, to dance the old year out and the new year in. Alameda Jots. Mr. and Mrs. Percy Hatlett have returned from their wedding tour. ' The enumeration of tbe passenger traffic still continues on tbe broad gauge local trains. It will occupy a month. Tbe residence of tbe late Captain Wilson, on Everett, near Railroad avenue, has been purchased by Mrs. B. Kaber of San Francisco. V. J. Stabl, the popular clerk at Ritch-ee's grocery, is tying dangerously ill from pneumonia at bis home, 1960 Pacific avenue, The I'lCKEUING DYING. Newspaper Han la Well-Known C.X r 'mil. Loring Pickering, the veteran journalist, and senior member of the firm of Pickering & Fitch, proprietors of the Earning Call una Evening Bulletin, is lying at the j oint of death in his residence, 1018 Bush street, San Francisco, from maladies incident :o bis age, complicated by stomachic troubles and incipient Bright', disease. Mr. Pickering retired to bis residence at Niles, but too late, and tbe result has been a complete breaking down of his strong physique. Be returned to his San Francisco residence where he continued to fail. For several days he has been very feeble. Every morning from 2 to 1 o'clock be hss experienced sinking spells, and the physicians state that one or two more at most will be fatal. Last nieht his condition was auch that his death was momentarily expected. - -1 LOOK OUT FOlt BL KG LARS. D. Bancroft Company's holiday toel includes all the leading Holiday Publications in a great variety of bindings, also an elegant assortment of Leather Goods, HanrJ-Pilnted Christmas Novelties, Photograph Albums Diaries, Bibles, Prayir Books, Christmas Cards, Etc., Etc The onlr first-clss stock of goods In onr line fn San Francisco, aad all offered at satisfac tory prices. too Beautifully Engraved Cards and Plate for $1.75. B elk Ma Park Stamping Stationery at Special Prices. Holiday Catalogues mailed to all wbo cannot visit our store. SFAi Holiday Books sent postpaid to out of i own customers. Call early in tbe week and avoid tbe rain. OPEN EVENINGS. The Bancroft Company, 721 Market Street, SAN FR A.N CISCO. December Edition of "Bine Book" Jat published Price $3. DO NOT READ THIS NOTICE! Everybody advertises Christmas Goods, and we are no back numbers, bnt strictly up to date. Why not make your invalid relatives a present of one of Dr. G. F. Well's Electric Beits Which will cure them? The best Belt in the United tales. HILL, & SON. 412 7th St-. Oakland Agents fob the State. K a H Q M & OS C M H O o H & o OB m o They Hake s Catton's Call at W. Residence. The residence of Walter U. Catton, on Broadway, near Moss avenue, was entered by burglars Saturday night and several hundred dollars' worth of plate was takeuf Mr. Cat ton is tbe Chilean Vice Consul at San Francisco. Botn himself and wi'e were at -a theater across the hay wbeu the burglary occurred and nobody was left at home to guard the place. The affair was reported to tbe bberin yesterday and several deputies are endeavoring to find the burglars. IT. M. C. A. Big line of boys' overcoats to close ont this week b.-low cost at .raiaca cioas Company, 1003 Washington street. Do not despair of curing your tick bead ache when you can so easily obtain Carte r,s Little Liver Pills. They will effect a prompt and permanent cure. Their action is mild and caturwu Bedroom suits at H. Schellhaaa's grand sale, 408 E eventh street. - A Mlllinerv War. We are in the San Francisco mi'llnery war. f rices m our store, wnen tney are not lower, at least meet San Francisco war prices. All beaver bat at $1 GO. Woll-beim's Millinery, 905 Washington street. between Ninth and Tenth streets. Mike Cooler Afraid of Keing Coaildarad Bnrclar. Mike Conley got druuk .Saturday night. Be declares he was tbe drunkest man in four couutjes when bt was takeu oat ol Grant's saloon at the corner ot Twelfth and Webster streeisearly Sunday morning, "i bad six bears tu O Garas. several more at seventh rtreet, ana some more beers m other p aces, . and 1 was drunk, your Honor. I was so drunk I lost my hat, and 1 don't know where 1 was." Tne arresting officer swore be was sober. Officer Swain swore Conley was drunk wben placed in a cell, ami it was stated -4 hat Captain Fletcher would give tbe same testimony. The case was continued cntil Monday to give Mike a chance to prove that be did not burglarize the saloon, but only crawled in tbrough the window to sleep off his drank ajtd avoid Chief Scbaffer's new, policemen. GOOD: FOlt THE UNITARIANS. a Good Programme for the Gymnasium Exhibition. The programme lor tbe gymnasium exhibition to be given at the Young Men's Chiistian Association rooms Tuesday even- tne is one of tbe best these athletes have vet presented. It will consist ot wand drill, hor zontal bar, pole vaulting, saber swinmue. parallel bars, club swinging, rings. Japanese wrestling, tumbling and Roman ladder pyramids. Tne proceeds are to go toward the fitting np of their new athletic park. " i Crandall's Might Oat. C. B. Crandall is a brakeman bold, and daily sees tbe "wheels go around." Occasionally be lakes a night off and bowls. Last night was his night to howl, fie did. Wbile howling be entered Harry lnwall's saloon and alter surrounding a annt. kicked. Tbere was too much "collar" on the beer. In tbe beat ot bis bowl he em-phasized a high note by striking tbe bar tender in the face. Denny Holland gathered him in. s - ' A Single Tax Advocate. Hamlin Garland, author of "Main traveled Roads." "Jason Edwards," "A Spoil ot Office," and "A Member of the Third House," a contributor to leading periodicals, and an -adherent of tbe 8ingle fax principle, is announced to lecture in Metropolitan Temple, ban Francisco, on Tuesday night, under the auspices of the biugle lax advocates. His subject will be "A Jew Declaration ot litems." Noted Becralts From th Raaks Sf Coa-. grcKBttomtllsia. Men change not only their habits with inctessing years, but also in these latter days their creeds. It was bnt a few weeks ago that Kv. J. Herndon Garneit, for- merly of this city, announced to bis San Jose congregation that he bad adopted the tenets of Uoitarianim. Rev. U. B. Alien, for twenty years a Con. gregational clergyman. wUhin a month requeued a letter of dismissal from the Park Congregational Church at Lorin. He Is now preaching in a Unitarian Church at Fresno. :.-,.. Key. Theodore Hayea, soa ot Bishop Haven 'of the Methodist Church, who has been a Ceneregationai clergyman in vari- . pus parts ot thia State, has also become a Unitarian. : ; 'Mrs. Captain Blair re at Nice, and Miss Jessie Blair True Heoatomv. No matter how many hnndred doses of any other medicine are offered for a dollar. Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery the cheapest bit od-purifier sold through drusyists, because it's guaranteed and your money is retuuded if it doesn't benefit or cure. With Ita nse you only pay tor the good you get. L'an yon ask mofeT Cowrt Notes. Nellie P. Moulton has brought a suit aeainst J. Alexander Forbes et aL to foreclose a mortgage ot J 1500 on property in Alameda. .Sicmund 8. Beet has filed an answer to the suit of tne Union Bavinsa uanx. against Regina Beel et aL to foreclose a mortgage, Mr. Bset denies the mortgage. The Oakland' Bank ot Savings has bronaht a suit aeainat Assemblyman J. 6. McCall to forcIits a mortgate of $1024 on his home on Eighth and Linden streets. Dan O'Connellisin Chicago. 1 u m Muller's pebble spectacles and eve glasses at reduced rates, suitable for Xmas presents. ST. 15. Cirard Piano Co. The largest stock of pianos to select from instruments sold on easy instalimecs; new and second band pianos rented. Money advanced on stored pianos. Wheelock pianos are the best. F. R. Girard piano Co, Broadway near fourteen tn street. For elegant snd artistic bamboo furniture go to Cbas. FoDg's 6.1 iblrteentn street, near Washington. For A lr'es, cakes and milk breal go to lfccw York Bakery, a. C. GEDDE3, Pro prietor. 4i;-4i9 Kinth street, pear Broadway. 500 Astracban capes at $1.50 this week. Palace Cloak Company, 1009 Wasbington street. Ot O 00 a p CO r-t- CD ef Ul P P p g ta o O D m Tj o H H m j0 61 0 4 tj H i 0 0 f 0 9 0 H et V c t 0 a o p cn POTTER TRACT i V o 7 $ 0 ef -5 CD () GO m H H (or A special back and white borsei weddings, parties, etc. Telephone 333. Christmas Tree Ornaments! Candles Cornucopias, 'gold moss, bon bon caps, and pure candies " at Lehnhardt s, 471 Fourteenth sti eet, near Broadway. Scores of lives are saved every year by prompt use of Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. the Fancy rockers and chairs for holiday presents. II. Schellhaas, 408 bieyentb st. All lines of ladies', misses' and children' s coats reduced this week. Palace Cloak Company, 1C09 Wasbington street. That tired, languid feeling and dull headache is Tery disagreeable. Take two of Carter's Little Liver Pills before retiring, and you will sud relief. Tbey never fall to do gool Tbb most perfect gift is perfect vision Obtainable at C Muller. tbe optician. Welch The largest snd only reliable Installment house n Oakland to buy a first-rlasa watch or diamond on easy terms. Everything guaranteed as repre sented. Coady & Eutley. lh Wash, st, nr. 13th. sod At the drag store, a valuable package, worth its weight in gold. My hair has stopped failing and all dandruff has disap-teared since 1 found "bkookum Root Hair Grower." Ask your druggist about it. Thoegbt It Wm tbe 9mrtH Car. "Now, mv dear, yon know the way to tbe Grand Central station . " "Well, not clearly, John." "ow listen. You take the Fourth-avenue car." p "The foorthrv . -"Yea." - "Oa which avenue ?" o m m C7T IS" H & 9 Si I ? 9 o ef 0 H o o e The only Pure Creaa of Tartar Powder. ItO Ammorna; No Alnrav - Bridget. lrobalt. Husband Did "yon drire all these nails yoorseli?" Wife Yea, I did. "Let me see your hands ?" . "Here they are not hart a bit.",. : "Ham! Who held the naQsT" ; A. Btate Laaaratto. The bill to be presented to the Legislature nrging the establishment of a 8tate lazaretto la ready and wilt be taken to Sac ramento by Mayor-eisct ' EUert of Ban Franelsco and a committee ot the Board of Health. . . - : : CO CO SB 0 ef I 0 pi 0 a 0 3 BANKS. THE Oakland Bank of Savings COS. BSOADWAT A-HTI TWELFTH ST. ijccoxroxsTsn 1S67. iotberized Cspitzl, - - $1,600,000 CepiUl paid la - - - - 480,000 Hessna 80,000 Deposits Ju. 1, 1892 - 5,102,698 60 E. C Sxsnoss -W. W. Gabthwaiti President Cashier E1KKCTORS. W. B. Davis, James Uoffltt, John & Dram, . W. Playter, E. A. Haines, Isaac L Kequa, W. K. ULler. Henry Rogers, E. C Sessions. General Banking Bnainess trant acted. Interest allowed on ali Term Deposits Loans on Real Estate and Approved Collateral at Lowest Market Kates. FSIKCIFAL COBBISrOiCDESTS. San Fran ci tea - - Bank of California Anglo-Cala. liana, Ld Kevada Bank. yew York, Laidlaw & Co Chicago, Continental National Bank. JxmrioH. N. M. Kotbschlld & tout. Central Bank FOBMSRLT CAU.CO HOME SAVINGS BANK, BEOADWAT AND FOURTEENTH STREET Oakland, Cal. Capital Stock, l,000,O0O. Catt. 3. C. AISSWORTH W. G. HALM4KTBEB - C K. Yatbs - - - - President Vice President - - Cashier EXTRAORDINARY :-: VALUES -I2ST- Stylish T Iress loo s Our determination to immediately relieve the OVERSTOCKED condition of OCR GREAT DRESS GOODS AND SILK DEPARTMENTS prompts us to THIS WEEK offer another and even greater list of bargains than last w eek attracted such a rush of buyers, and in directing attention to the HEAVY CUTS IN PRICES quoted we de?ire to draw the, particular notice of intending purchasers of dress materials to the fact that the lines offered are among THE NEWEST AND MOST POPULAR STYLES, and that equally POWERFUL INDUCEMENTS are offered throughout the balance of our Peerless Display of Fashionable Fabrics. T. Peleer, Charles P. Pieice, K. K. Bhaituck. J. V. Phillip. W. U. Falmanteer, DIKECTOE3. Geo. C Perkins, J. C. Ainsworth. L. C. Morehouse. H. B. Ainsworth, Jobu Crellin. Transacts s general bxnsing business. Interest allowed on term deposit. Loans made oa real estate aau approved collateral. Buts and sells exchange on all the principal cltlei of the Cnited States anil Knropa. Principal coi respondents: First National and Nevada Banks of ban Frxncitco. Nebraska National Rank. Omaha. Metropolitan National Btnfc, Chicago. Chase' National Bank, xsew York. COLORED DRESS GOODS At 50c. 50 pieces NaVY BLUE DIAGONAL, all wool, S3 inches wide, extra good value for 65c, will be placed on sale at SCc a yard. At 75c. 50 pieces NAVY BLUE STORM SERGE, all wool, 43 incbes wide, extra good value for II, will be placed on sa'e st 7ic a yard. At .51. 30 pieces NAVY SLUE MAGOXAL, all pure wcol, 51 inches wide, extra rood value for tl in), will be placed on sale at II a yard. At $1 SO. SO pieces NAVY BLUE DIAGONAL, extra fine. i2 inches wide, extra good vaine io J.!, will be placed on saie uii out yara. At S2. 20 pieces NAVY FANCY WEAVES, extra fine. 52 inches wide, an pure wool, new ae-Hgns. good value at 2 7a, will be placed on eale at tl a yard. At $1 -lO and $1 75. TAKTAN OTTOMAN PLAIDS, new coloring. new designs, just received, at u w ana n 7 First National Bank of Oakland N. E. Cor. Tenth and Broadway. Capital Stock Paid Up - 300.00 A. D. TnoMsos ... President. V. Uesdersojj, - Vice PresiJent. L G. Bcrte - - Cashier. Directors V. Henderson, A. L Beligrcan, W. P. Joner. C. D. Pierc. .V. J. Snyder. V. i. Hensiitw, F. K. Shattact, L. C. Morcaouse, W. 3. hhelan, A. D. Thomson. Transacts a general bm!tij bnsioes. Bu re and sells exchange on aU the principiii cities of Europe and tha Cni:ed states. Isns commercial and trarc er' letters of cradit. Collection nsde and prompt returns rendered at market rates of exchan?. Tbe Standard Building & Lean association OFFICERS D, Edward Cllixs. President: Albert Bnovs, Vice President: Kkr3ert F. KELi.or..5. Secretary; I'.vios National Bask, Treasurer: Cary HowaRp. Attorney. DIRECTORS D. Enwisn ollis. Albsrt Brown, Charlks W. Kellogg, a. D. Cctlbb, J. O. CaDMAN. (iliORGE UUP.EBCK, K. A. 11 EBON, E. II. Moeoas. OOi. 4GO Ninth t treat. Ffiih Series now o pen. CALIFORNIA Bank & Trust Company 1006 Broalwiy. Oaktaad. Ca'. BLACK DRESS GOODS. At 75c. 23 pieces 41-lnch extra and all-wool FRENCIT DIAGONAL-, good value for fl 25, will be offered at 7oc a yard. At $1. 20 pieces 49-lncb all-wool imported FIGURED STORM 8EKGES. extra good value for $1 M, will be told at L At Stl. Z'j pieces 43-Inch Lr.tett Novelties in French Creponc. extra vs.uo for l .J will be sold at II a yari. At 91 -" 0 pieces 42 inch Fine All-Wool Fancy Weave", latest designs, rcznlar value 1 "j; will be pieced oa sale at ?l -o a ysrd. At 1 SO. 25 pieces IS-inca Superior Qusiitv French Henrietta; extra good value for ?l; ill be offered at 1 :-0 a yrttd. SPECIAIi. 20 Fine Imported Suits wl'l bs placed on sale at fJU, 15, :J, tx end !0 ench. SPECIfiL EVENING HOLIDAY SALES. For tho benefit of those who are unable to make purchases during the dav we will keep open evening during tbe remainder of the holiday season, and a special feature of these sales will be c oding out of an immense consignment of booas just received from a leading publisher with instructions to dispose of tneai regardless ot regular prices. Capital Stock 8100.000 A. C. HENRY President JACOB GHKKNHOOD Vice Preside ut J-1UNK II. BKOOKS Cashier HOLIDAY PRESENTS THAT WILL. LAST A L1FE-TI3IE Board ov Director?. A. C. Hcurr, Jacob Gronhood, John W. Phill-ps, H. M. BabMrt, Victor H. Meicaii. W. W. Wnitman, Charles Jnrscut. Exchange, domettie and fnreirc. at enrrent ratss. Actsastriiktee foraiatei and individuals. Correspondents American Exehause National Bank Now York: ihs tjerher Banklitt Company, and Bank of California, Sau tran-cisce. Funds deposited with dur correspondents paid here. Union National Bank of Oakland Located on N. W cor. of Broadway aud Twelfth street. mo as Pbatbkb - Prendens Hos. J. vbt MabtuT - - vice Pr- side w CHAELS K. PALMKR .... Csshler DIRXCTOBS. Hon. J. tst iir..n, 1. Henshaw Watt, Kocrates Hu.T. Edson adams, Gen. K. W. Kirkham, K. s. Fsrrelly, Thomas rratner. Ex chanjte Domestic and Foreign, at current rates. . CoRRSsroyDKMS cnemicai iatioaai nana. New York: N. M. Rotbtchili A Sons. London; Kothkrn Id ireres. Paris: Uie Ulrectionae in- cento G ;eiiscrof t, Berlin: feenk of California. Pirst National Ban!;. Crocket -wooiworia a tiotial Bank. Sau Francisco. Funds deposited wiin correspondents ps.o here. Union Savings Bank Corner Broadway and Ninth St.. Oakland. Transacts a General Savings and Commercial Business. Capital and Reserve Fund - 9300,000 EOARD OF DIRECTOR5 J. West Martin. R w Kirkham. Hiram Tubbs. K- S. farrel.r. C. E. Plmer. Herman A. Tubbs, fi. Huff. A. A. Moore. Thomas rratner, viuiam u. ncniaaw, j. WIIT maktiw - - rresiaem. . Wm. G. He.hshaw - Vies President. A. E. H. Cramer, - - - Cashier. Tirhsnire ei Eastern and Foreien cities. ini.nit iDnwinl dboi all savioss deposits re- mainloa three calendar months. bt-cinniaK from tbe 1st of each xooatb. succeeding tbe date of deposit. Rmittan(n irnm the country can be made by express, er check open banks in San Francisco, and book will be retnrced. Certificate' of Deposit bearing Interest payable at a date agreed upon. ISSCBAUCE COMPANIES. KEEP TOUR PROPERTY IHSURED IS THI- OAKLAND HOME INSURANCE COMPANY - Of Oakland, Cau cash capital, ... - fioo.ooo oo Cash Assets, - - 80,007 6 J cash Surplus to Policy-Holders 4 s I, B7 0 SO BOAKD Or DIRECTORS Wm. CHft. X 8. Tmerr. F. K- Bhattnck. John Crellin. i. a. Com red. Cbaa. L. Watson. J. . Bncrlea, Wm. P Jones, D. W. C. Gasklll, U. H. Xastman, V. D. atooay. Wit P. J0NE3. . President WM. 7. ILOOD, - ' . Secretary. ' - ' OatS OFFICK Ceaapaaya BralMlaw, V. W. Cerwer Htatst aat Waealaartes . g treat. Telewkesse lis, . tTitBlI, City luat Pus A. CAJtrsaxx, BoliaUesv - - - : "x OFFICE,BANK 'M' U JbdisI X'X' U --LdS Ifannfeetared Iff A H. H. AN- DBJtWa ca and other saakprs. CHICAGO. I 'T. . C WEBEB & CO., Cor, Fott & Stockton st Eaa Iraaoiaco r, MFJi' J 5IUKPIIY BUILDING. Market Street, corner o? Jones, SAH FRANCISCO. -AT - R. W. EDWARDS, DIAMONDS, WATCHES, Etc. 963 BROADWAY. yAll Warranted as Represented. Watches and Jewelry a Specialty. aUSriSl OAKLAND BREWERY, Oakland BROOKLYN " East Oakland. E. OAKLAND HOFBURG If East Oakland West Berkeley. i use ELK LAGER from John Wieland Brewing Co. C. A. THILO Manaeer or Alameda County. GKNKIlALt OFFICK. 408 Eighth Street. Oakland. O. V. CRAY, PSJiSlOtyT. VT. U. B6SIO.N. Masagee. ii- ". LiSAY, 1 KEAblatt V. F. WARD, SeCretaxv. THE GRAY BROS' Artificial Stone Paving Comp'y (INCORPORATED) SCHILLIITG-BB PATEUT. efriCES-il Tenth Street, Oak'.ar.d ; , 1506 Park Strc-t. Alttnn: Vo Mortgomery Street, EiO NEW JAPANESE HOLIDAY GOODS rarAEBivEDToWING CHUNG LUNG, 1163 Wasbington Street 1000 Eeautiful and Ornamental Silk Handkerchiefs. Emokinj; Jackets aud Ladies' Dressing Gowns, tc. . , . . Don't hesitate, bnt come to onr place and you will find hundreds of articles suitable lor pres enta for yonns and old. Eeantlfnl Reed Curtains. f H J fl ' P Wlth th bnefit V7rontywh?ch' s 'uieardsst! 1 116 UaKianQ I uYiriR lU.e toughest aud mort dunlble yet used for macad- . ,1.1. ci.. m ....r.nnirinil and nritata eootracti for all brancbes of street work, and will eomlnue to nil orders for the shipment of Its rocs to othet cWea. office, room 7 Blake 4 Jioftitt building. - . L. DKESCO & CO Successors to PetAa A Dmsc Wholesale) and lu-tall Dealers , ta AlX KIUDS Of FOKSTION AMD HATXTB WINESandLIQUORS lOl'J BKUAliWAI, Cor. XwelfUs strea. OJkWULB. Eole Agents for GbirardefaTs Celebrated Cads Cboeoiala. 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