El Paso Herald-Post from El Paso, Texas on November 19, 1934 · Page 6
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El Paso Herald-Post from El Paso, Texas · Page 6

El Paso, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 19, 1934
Page 6
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Nine Hostesses Entertain For Mrs. Dickinson Birchfield Home Is Setting For Seated Tea For Bride Mi-G. John Dickinson, the lormor Dorothy Danieison, wns complimented U a. seated tea Saturday afternoon at the home of Mr. S. S, Blrcbfield. 1315 Elm St. Hostesses were1: Mmes, I. J. Ayers, T. H. Binkley, H, D. Baldwin, P. M. Towner, W. A. Traylor, H. O. Stacy, O. L. Snyder, D, K. Wilkes, Irvlii W. Clary and S,' S. Birchfield. The receiving line Included: Mrs, O. A. Danlelson, mother of the bride; Mrs, Adolph Hoffman, her jrandmother: Mrs. Ij. O. Peck, her sister, and Mmes. Birchfield, Dick inson. Candles. In silver candelabra and aliased limns cast a soft ft'cw the bowls of chrysanthemums and dahlias la crimson and brona colors which decorated the rooms of the Mmes, David McOraw and Robert Lander sang, accompanied by Mrs. L. B. Rftu, Mrs. W. R. Ivey, impersonating an ojq negro "mammy," presented the honoree with a shower of linens in a clothes hamper. Guests included;' Antelope Turban crftArt - Jr. A, schrock R B. Bryan -C. C Kaekmy JrrtutIU(Jj Albert Por.ilord C.K. Campbell L. W.Hwl Open House For Visitors to Be Given on Friday Allct Curro Mary AU Alien EI Paso Artists To Show Work LAS CRCCES El Paso guest -artists who have accepted an invitation to exhibit their paintings at the second annual art exhibit and tee. be ing held' at the W. I. A. library Nov. 26. are: rimes. Charles Bailev. P. B. Ball, Eula Harlacher, Buford! Wilson, Lois Denton, Messrs. Harry ajaa, jjewis A'ec, irviag aenwartz, Berla lyone Emeree. Other artists are: Broolc Willis, Ajbuguerque; W. E. Rollins, Chaco canyon; Kenneth Adorns, santane; Carmen Levlne, Mexico City; Mrs, Doris Brown Malone, Cleveland. Las Cmces artists -whose work will . bo displayed are: Mmes. E. O. Shannon, John Noyes, Elisabeth Armen- darte, John Livingston, Miss Carrie Realties, Gustavo Guerro. Mrs. O. H. Brown, urcsidenfc of the Las Cruces Woman's club, ind Mrs. Jay Kerr of El Paso will pwide at the tea table. The reception committee Includes: Mmes. Numa Two Hostesses Honor Club Officers Mmes Peggy Palmer and Gallic Palrley entertained officers of Mat ties Temple No. 31. pythlan Sisters. with a Mexican dinner Friday night t uie c uiriey nomc. Members present: KsUwr Klenit Ayera. Lcim CKHTts, MlSKie Mao Ward. Mary Mxtr-Jder. Jr.nlt Kownrd. KjJseU WUUmuj. aoph'.o Schu.Iir, Ruby 0CfE. Evu Millar, Mbi Emily Dobbin, Mr. Rudolph Shrubs Given To Contest Winners 'tie Garden dub has announced the- prizes which will be given to the wirirs In the rcceni Yard and"; waraen contest as follows: A $2.50 shrub to Mrs. Albert V Kunz, winner In the city, and Mrs. F. M Cook, winner in the valley ; a ; . iu snruD cc Maj. Appieton, winner of second prize In the city, and Mrs,' EUa Ht Hedge In the valley; a $1 shrub to Mrs. E. P. Jenness, winner of third prize In the city, and Mrs, G. P. Hardy, in the valley mrs. l v. Wiggins was chairman' m uk iara ana Garden contest. Mrs. W. A. Gekler of Albuquer que, wife of Dr. Gekler, president of the Southwest Medical Assn.,' who to have been one of the hon- orees at the open house on Friday at Homan's sanatorium with Drs, and Mmes,' R. B. Homan, Ralph Moman. jona c. wimcn ana iay GWinn, as hosts, is 111 and will De unable to attend the convention. which opens here on Thursday. Mrs. David M. Davis, wiie or ur. Davis, president-elect of the Southwest Medical Assn., will Rive the resDonse to Mrs. RalDh Homan's I eon on Thursday at Hotel Paso del Horte. ' Dr. and Mrs. Davis will receive with the hosts at the open house Friday when visiting doctors and tneir wives wiii fie guests ana si Paso physicians and their wives will, be in the house party. The Open house is at 4:30 p. m. on Friday Instead of Thursday as announced Saturday. Additional reservations - lor tne Thursday luncheon include: Mmes. a. a: jenness unci guests, j. ju Green.- W. E. Vandevere. F. P.- Mil- ler. More than 55 reservations have been made. Mis. L. O, Button .will take reservations through Tuesday at her home. 4229 Trowbridge SC. Guests at the luncheon will' bo greeted, by the following officers of tne woman s auxiliary, tno hi rasa County Medical society, and Mrs. James A. Pickett, general chairman of arrangements for the visiting doctors' wives' entertainment: Mrs. Ralph Homan, president; Mrs. E. W. Rhelnhelmer, president elect; Mis. James ' Gorman, first vice Dresident: Mrs. c. H. Mason second vice president; Mrs..T.'.J McCamnnt. corresoondinc secretary; Mrs. J. Hal . Gambrell, recording secretary; Mrs. t. c. juaaen, Visitors to Be 1 Junior Woman s Club Will Mildred Jones Guests at Tea ! Hold First Meeting Tomorrow At Country Club Mmes.-Gorman and Homan To Be Assisted By Group Out-of-town doctors and who will attend the Southwest Mod-ical Assn. meeting in El Paso this week will attend the lev dance lven Saturday from 5:30 to d. m. at the Country club, bv Drs. and Mmes. James J, Gormrn and Ralph H. Homan. Among those who will attend are: Dr. and Mrs,- H, D.. Baum Of Denver; Dr.. and Mrs. Joe" Carter of Marshall, Tex.; Dr. and Mrs. D. M. Davis of Phoenix; Dr. Nell Davis of Houston: Messrs and Mmes. Jack Burrus .of- Dallas; Sauford Nail of McKinncy; Joe O!Keef0' of Sierra Bimica; Mrs. Fay we&D of sarrord, Ariz. . The house party includes: DOCTORS AND MHSDAM35 Fi-iiuk Schusiiir Ul-cink Qooiwln ' ,r The Junior Woman's' club Will hold the first mectiiiK tomorrow at 4 p. m. at tile Womon's clubhouse. , Mrs. Vergil ' Neugobaucr, president; Miss Joy Levell, ' f l'.-st vice, pi-es-ident; Dorothy Littleton, recording secretary: will be in charge' of the meeting. Mrs. R. Sam Watklns, president of the woman's cjsti.and sponsor, pi the Junior. Woman's cSb. will soealc, Mrs. Neuffebauor has :.aaked the young women, wnom sr.e nas & tacted and who ore interested the organization, to attend.. Mrs: Sam Rennlck will have charite ol the regular meeting of the Wom- Citv Government ciut -Jtntats- day at 2:30 p. m, in'the. Green Room .of Hotel Hilton. Mrs. Lytton R. 'i'ayior .win speaec i "Whv I Ma.tc.a. wuir- . mis. aughG! -Shflnnon-rwill give the cot-leer, w ctub-women. - ' Miss Ju la Pool will -. be accom panist ' for the music. Mrs. - L. E. Stork will give two 'readings'. Mpptlnirs nf 'Hift club' arc OOen -. HC- pcrsbns Interested jh civic; affftlrs, Members of the. Austin High school P.-T, A. and patrons of- the scliool will be. guests' of ' the.. Acme Laundry co., Wednesday at e p.m. at the school. ' ' 'An educational ..moving picture show wiii.be shown, . There will be no-aoniisaou. . Proceeds will be lisecl to buy music for the Austin High school band. About Town . Church Notices Girl Scout Troop Planned in Midland MIDLAND, The Midland Rotary Anns held their first regular luncheon at noon Thursday at Hotel Mrs. Percy Mims, president, presided. : Other officers are: Mrs. sailott Barton, secretary - treasurer, and Mrs A. Wadley, reporter. The organization voted to sponsor Girl scout movement in Midland. An invitation to lunch with the Rotary VA nov. ti, was rca4 and accepted. Club Calendar The group is studying "Native Torch Bearers," a story of-the native missionaries of the foreign fields. Memoers are asKea to ue present. Women's auxiliary of the Man hattan Presbyterian ennren win meet In clrctes Tuesday, at 3:30 p. m, in the following homes. wipi Mrs. nervey Logan, 3519 Louisville St. With Mrs. I. W. McPhillips, 4114 Dover St. ,vith Mrs. J. H. Grant, 2727 Silver St. with Mrs. Phil Force, 2131 Erie St. Trinity Methodist W. M. S. will meet ;n circles Tuesday at the lowing places: No. 1, with. Mrs, H. D.. Baldwin, 1123 E. California St., for a covered-dish luncheon. . No. 2, with Mrs L. R. W&liter, :2fi25 Altura Blvd., at 2:30 p. m. Co- hostesses are, Mmes. C. F. ,Witi and Ji. i. iiayjer. No, 3, with Mrs. Bertha Donald- sot; 1514 Lawton St.. at 10:30 n. m. The (froup will sew for the, South western UHUdren's home. A cover ed-dish luncheon will gc given. NO. 4, with Mrs. E. O. Cone, 13 uumDeriann circle, lor a covered- di5h luncheon. No. .6, with Mrs. George Turner,, 3W9 Sliver at., . at 2:30 p. m. No. S, at the church at 2:30 p m. for a picture show demonstration. No, 7, with Mrs. I. W. Clary, 2W N. Kansas St., at 2:30 p. m No. 8, at the church at 2:30 p. m ior a picture snow demonstration," 1 . No. 9. Business Women's circle, at Mexican community house p. m, Mrs. T. O. Payne and Miss fto. 10, Young Matron's circle with Mrs. H. B. Fort, 3039 Aurora coverea-dish luncheon, The Writers' cotony of -El -Paso will be interested in- a wedding which took place in October in Warwick, New'York that of Miss" Fanny Ellsworth, editor of Ranch Romances and - John Earie Davis, engaged In administrative work in New York state. " The group of E. P. contributors to Ranch Romances will - be interested particularly, .because Mr. and Mrs, .Davis are planning to visit the west soon and will be in El Fnso for the purpose, of meeting the EI Paso , -writers who are "theirs" and to make new-contacts The wedding took place In the bride's Colonial country" place. which has been recently restored oy Hurry stoner, tnc architect who designed the famous class curtain for the' national theater in Mexico. City.. Many well known writers and ..artists were present . at the rites. ...- ; j Eltinge F... 'Warner, publisher, of itnncn ltomances ana Field and Stream,. gave a box party fev the bride at the rodeo in New York. Among the El Paso writers who contribute regularly -to Ranch Romances are Mrs. L'ela-Cole KJitson, who uses the name of Lup&'Loya and who' has a story. 'in the cur-, rent issue, Col. J.1 J.' Boniface and Eugene Cunningham. Mrs. C. W. Betts (Ruth. Morrissl, of Water-town, Conn:, and her husband are friends of Mrs. Davis. mm PLEIADES CHAPTER, No. t3B. 0. E isMts Bt Five Points Masoilc nail i WOODBINE CHAPTER, No. 73S, C WADE HAMPTON ehEPter, GRAPE CONSERVE Squeeze the skins from quarts of grapes. Cook pulp, press uirougn a sieve, comome with tne skins and put in a oreservlnc' ket tle with one-half pound of raisins, four pounds of sugar, one tablespoon oi lemon juice ana' tne pulp and grated rind of an orange. Cook slowly for an hour. Ten minutes before taking from the fire add- a cup of caoppca wamuts. Your Manners afternoon call on a brfde in her ;w nome or should she wait for formal invitation? E, J. when you are sure thut th new jjome is an spick and span and ready to be inspected and "at home" cards sent out with tne weacmg invitations tell you when that will- be by all means call on your brother's new wife without waiting far x .iwr nrf definite bid from her.. This also applies to inends of the newly married couple. . Mr. and Mrs. Ben- Howell are the. parents of a' son born early today Drs. Felix Miller. Charles a.nhi Robert Hornan, Jr., T. J. McCamant returned yesterday . from the state medical convention held in San An nuo. Mrs. Cosette Law- nf Hivr. M., who has been the guest of : Mmes! i.. a. neus, w. j bietcies, W. it. Weeks, has returned, to 'her. home. Mr: and Mrs. Robm-t. s 504 Cincinnati-St., are the parents 01 j. son Dorn yesterday at Hotel Miss Mary B. Gallagher,- daughter of Dr. and' Mrs. Paul Gallagher, is to 'have an active part in'the annual student' Vodvll to be given at Webster College, Webster 'Groves, lagher is' a sophomore . S. L. Woods of Maria is recovertiw ncspitai, v , . .. ., . Harry L. Graham underwent major operation at Providence hos- pita: rnqay. . Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Ritchcr of Hillsboro, N. M, are the parents of a daughter born yesterday at Provi- Miss Audrey Riddle, who recently uiiuwwcne . an operation at Providence hostJitaL J VMterdav'-. rettu-ncrf ISarl' McCoy, widow of the iatc nan jwcuoy, nas returned .from Dallas-for a. visit with Mr.-and Mrs. u. a. Mccoy, 6D5 E, Rio Grande ThP w.'M. s'' of- the First Chris- I Han church will meet tomorrow .at 2:30 p. m. in the prayer room of the . At 2. p, m. a prayer service -will be held in the churcii.,auciiwnum. Golden Hili divisional the. El Paso Gta-den' club' will meet Friday., at n. m. ai ihe home or Mrs. W- ..Barnes. 15S7: Golden HI1.'. Terrace. Making;-gardens yield nowers tne. whiMi. war 'round in' El FOSO and :ianiHHg cr.e yeur s worn, wiu uc auu-Jects for discussion. The' Theosonhical s.o c 1 e t y Will meet tomorrow-at S p. m. in the. finanlali room of Hotel- Paso deli Norte with . Mrs.': H. g. Bonorsen, vice 'president of-the. 31 Paso branch, ns speaker. Tne meeting is open to persons in-Tested.- . j . i Mrs. 'Maud Ebert Ott was elected president of -.the" society at Friday meeting, uinei new omccrs; ivur a. sonoroen, vice, presinenc; i.rs. i-gelina M. . Cotton', secretaiy; J. C Ott, treasurer. Tea followed business. 'Rose Croix chapter No. 7D1, O. E.- 3., will meet .MOncay niffno-ac-Masonic tsmple. ' Mrs. Maud 'Carpenter is worthy matron. A. B. Spinks Is worthy patron. Visitors are welcome, Mrs. Carpenter said. Sallee circle of the First Baptist church-will meet tomorrow of 2:30 y. m. with Mrs. J. D. Thorrnan, 4225 La Luz St. Says Teachers Find Summer Employment With W. B. A . More people are taking an interest in life insurance than ever before In history, Mrs, Sallle D. Bother, supremo, vice president of the' Wo man';: Benefit Assn.. hers from Dal las ' to attend, the Tri-Stn,te. rally, said-today. - y . ' "We are proiid o!. our organization because of the millions of dol lars which' we have invested in municipal bonds, for our membership, not- one penny ' has been lost," she sam. Wearing,, a dark blue knitted suit, with' her ..'alert, ', k'indly face, alight with .enthusiasm, she talked ' of the organization which 3s ' celebrating- its 42nd' anniversary-, slmuitaneously mm mis ..meeting. . , "We have paid out mors than $51,-000,000 in death" claims and 'educa tional annuities - for- children,"' said Mrs.- BotKler. Security - "It is a very secure feeling for-parents to know that when their children reach the age of 15 .they j u t r Liielr educa tion, simply from "the thrifty matter or saving rrom $r to su a montn, School teachers ; have benefited from the organization .through membership' and through, working, for headquarters during the.stirnmer vacation, Mrs. Bottler said. Old Age "Old ' age pensions' are very fine, and I am. in favor of Now Deal -pro gram and' a1 booster. Jor Pros. Roosevelt,'' she maintained: "But I believe in" individual thought for old' age.; We should not. depend too much on a government to take care or us." A net gain record and Texas leadership in jurisdiction is Mrs. Eot2s-ler's aim for the ouadrennlal meet ing' to be held in Cleveland in the spring. . Mrs. 'Botaler praised Miss Frances Partridge,.' supreme secretary, whol also Is here. Praises Official "she is the personality which rep resents, the tniit fund of $37,000,000, lor our.memDers," said Mrs. sotz-.' ler. "She is a genius for management and -aiTangement of this financial! program, she said.-. A. continuous-leadership, for. 42 years, under Mrs, Bina west Miller of Port Huron, Mich., is another reR- son for, the success of'W. B. A., Mrs. Botzler sald.: To Be Bride Of Dr. Rutherford Wedding Will Take Place In Del Rio Home On Thanksgiving . The wedding of Miss' Mildred Jean Jones, daughter of Mr. ana Mrs. Guy R. Jones, 3068 Bishop 0t' and Dr. B., J. Rutherford of Del Rio, or Mr. and Mrs, J. B. Ruther ford, formerly of Morcnci, Aria., now of Del Rio, will, tako place during Thanksgiving week in Del Rio. Announcement of 'the engagement, today was m&de.bjr the narcnta of the bride-to-be. rne-ceremony will be performed. In the home of- Dr. Rutherford's sister,' Mis. 'Floyd Jeff ers, and Dr. Jeffer's. with Rev, Gilbert of-the First Baptist church officiating. . Miss Jones will leave- tanleht for Del Rio.- Her parents will 'leave later in tne weeK to c present at tne Miss. Jones come Lo El Paso from Columbus, O.. five months ago. She was . graduated from high school in Columbus. Her father is :country circulation manager for the Herald-Post.. She-has a-brother, Bobby, in Crockett school,' a sister, Mary, in. Austin High school,: and another, sister. Miss Vircinla'Jones: -in -Colum bus. Dr. Rutherford is a chiroDractor. He is practicing in Del Rio where he and his bxide will live; ' He at tended the Ariaona- schools. Tuesday Calendar ForW.B.A.Rally npOMOftnow'S calendar of eventf X r the W- B. A, TrhSmts School ( mmuctlon Luncheon,, Honoring- s RataBoT hull o TlBltolo, win i. Elvlrn McLaushlin will tlnff. iHSscntatlvei at all cirit ormnlis-buslncM nBd Iru-tcrnal MdetieB Maggy Rouffs Blue Face Cloth Blouse L -J- ilSliiiif mil i i To complete the ensemble of chlne tweed, Magjy Rouf f designed this blouse of blue face cloth, vrfth its novel brown leather fastening and two sfde closlnff effect. . Regents to Be Honor Guests . At Dinner Party Mr, and Mrs. Holliday To Be Hosts at Home Tonight ', Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hollidny will entertain with' dinner party today at 8 p. m, at their home, 1706 Madison St., to compliment ths " members of the board of regents of Tckos university who are In El Guests will include: Messrs. Buford Jester of Corsicana, chairman of the board of regents; Charles 1. Francis of Houston, member of the board of regents; Reps. W. E. Clayton. H.il Hankamer. H. R. Jackson. Dean C. A, Puckett. acting presi dent oi tne conege or .Mines; wean John W. j'Jdd of the College of Mines; Adrian Pool; customs collector; H. L. Bimsy, E- H. Simonsp manager of the Chamber of Commerce; Dr. C. M. Hendricks, Jack McDonald. TUNICS TAKE SPOTLIGHT Tunics have turned ' the comet into the spotlight of winter style. They are- out in all lengths and fabrics to givo 2B34-1M5 touch to costumes for every hour. Often thy lengthen with the day, being short for mornings, medium. for afternoon and longer for night, ' though there. exceptions, sometimes tneir de signs have a Russian touch, again they, hint of Persia, but more often they arc simply Paris' idea of "What the well dressed woman may wear," It lin't a Day Too Soon To Be Thinking About Tho ChrTstma Photogra phs Of course its only a matter of moments to "pose for. your picture." But we are sure you realize that to' fashion a. worthy photograph, is a time-taking art. In Justice to yourself will you arrange an appointment some, day soon? Priced as Low S'fout-Feldman Studio 1330 Montana. St Phone Main Zl Delegates to State P.-T. A. Meet . ' The following official delegates !TJrcsen:.ine e.-r. . a:s di left Saturday for .'the state ; parents ana ucacners convening-) . uorpus. unrtsti... Mrs. William B- . CitldWell, presi dent of the Council Of Parents ana Teachers, representing the council and jkusii jf.-T. a.;.mts..ivi. ij. jut- representlng the council; Mmes, E; W, Wotipka'and Raymond' Sherman, representing Crockett; Mrs. J. W. Dunn. Houston'. Mrs. B. H. Sa&r, representing the. council ana uucuey; -mrs,- j... t. i'arKer: Rusk; Mrs. W.' J.. Hooteh, Alta "VJista. . Mrs. Clai-ence Longhccker, . first vice, president of the 15th district; Mrs, :Edwai'd d: Hodge;- historian, 15th .district; Mrs. W.' T.' Anderson,'1 county council representative; Miss Louisa Moon,, fourth-vice president of. the 15th district,-Will: attend.-: . .Mrs. Lois Huff aker, . city supervisor of narent education, who was I to .have', been a "speaker at. the' con-1 ,'enwon, will. not be Rble.' to. go, due o ins saite parent education su pervisor expected visit her, . The El Paso women will endeavor to 'bring, the 1B35 .'convention' to El I Hotel Nueces. -. ' ' FALL SPORT SUIT A sport - suit for fall designed es pecially for the' active vounc irlrl- a'bout-town.is the one worn by Pert Kalton, screen star. The' fuZI-lengfii mannish tailored ' coat is developed in a worsted 'mixture of browr, orange and : white,: as is the skirt which features an inverted p: the left side. A turtle neck jersey sweater. o'f-.brown, abrown soft felt nut ana crown jca curass cores et: Hawkins Dairy Sf Paso'i Oltwt- KB Inrjjest J sexless of .Schilling. Mustard. :." It'sf so strong and full of f!avor: Schilling DRESSES WITH JACKETS Woolen dresses with msitawno- fur-trtmmsd'packets are newer than tWO-Tiiece suits: . Onr? -oart cuTarlv handsome model consists of a dark green, rough- woolen -dress 'with' a bright red .velvet, belt-- and a- hip-length swagger Jacket, trinimed with tsars crown seal. tfB Scientific. Dry Cleaning UNION DYE WORKS LOS AKGEIES' Kresl. Most Contrally Lotrn Downtown H!el THE MAYFLOWER yj5 SOUTH GRAND AVE. OUrjTANONG INNOVATION N Exlro- Chorg fee Two Peiwms Occupyinj th Santa Boonj DtliciiePubliBhed Botesl i You don't tior ia horgninT . tor Douhl . B3 and Tvrin Bid Jtooma, pri:inr ceujid br B.or two poni. All rmiBI jud. blnnilon mk and how. A SUEDE JACKET'S A TRICKY THING TO CLEAN BUT ACME KNOWS HOW! It takes special equipment and special handling to do a good Job on suede and leather; and thatrs exactly what Acme gives you. The result is soft pliable finish and. bright, '-new-iooking color. Send your jackets to Acme 1 ACME LAUNDRY & CLEANERS MAIN 4300 and EASY to own a Modern Gas Range provided you take advantage of special, prices and terms now being offered' by your gas company. ItV an .opportunity to start a. new era of saving and efficiency in your kitchen at a saving! Illustrated is but one of many models on sale. You'll need the help of modern gas cooking in preparing holiday meals, so look them over and pick out, the one best suited to your needs. A purchase now is an investment that pays dividends in leisure hours and better, surer cooking ! Down payment anil monthly Term y low at $2 Modem gs tppllaftCK trr ili&iHc for mol ernizetion hews under the Natidntl Housing Act. Remember, ivodtm gas eppOanca !t available also from your dealer. See bn playt. oj ' A.G. A. approved ir j. , Texas Cities Gas Co.

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