Blaine County Booster from Dunning, Nebraska on April 17, 1947 · 1
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Blaine County Booster from Dunning, Nebraska · 1

Dunning, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 17, 1947
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me 'V Vol 85 A “blue crow means your subscription should be paid DUNNING NEBRASKA THURSDAY Aril 17 1047 $100 YEAR “NOW” NO 38 A WORD FROM DICK SIUNN- MUiU p y u gUUU ttllui'tf U1 IbCM! uue we nave u iiguL ui caikh lb bccuia taubk wide i iw imm uubb iau- urnt-a gu on MkutuinK turn ior a good caon 'leauy i-7 memutis are enrolled 'me cuuiiiy u ui iuil"ui Uie luUr cuunucs ui the Tbed Millie iinaiKuiJy ana siioaid be in 1010 lJlslJcl- K ooH Vne EXTENSION NEWS I PATTERSON— GLIDDEN BOY SCOUT NEW This year 4-H Club work Is tak- Al- Puimms o mming years i t wabciiaM iuiu iuui die Hgu ui mins eaMWM vSHie miisi miASM bmie aie imu aiid mousy sonic better suupe ui t At uie present nine makenui aim years to cuuie mum are iugu’ouitimut'tM uoinc ent mvy euuiu Du m Mi'ikMMsaavM uie mnneaiabe W1ui iu auos ' Tiiey are: ill inct uie mes- ’ 11 UM llJM CnUBt led by Mrs Nei-ui tact uie pies lue ajjjj Margaret Fisher reuuceu or uie wuu is gins at Breuster: The ' Duuimwg “Hot hums ‘ led by Ver in amid uiai mint we sell are ai new uiinuing paid lor ill a sliurber 1JU MntlKin 7 boyi atDun- su rngu 111 pcupie 01 me tune tuaii uie proposed s years umg: toe rewswr Bus) - Bees led : by Mrs Guy Smith and Mrs Bue- cuuuiy aim uie nouuy ibseu me nuiuiing is siinng 111 uie logical wiUi lit gins at Brew- ui me best snape iimancmliy In spot ui Uie county it is located 1 ster- ' ne Vest Union Wranglers K J led by 'y ea wirz ana Delbert Klee history 011 Uie railroad on highway No 2 with seven boys and 4en gins at uu May 20 it comes to a vous ol ’ ifuway No 7 converges with No JJJjJ UnmnSled by Mrs Har Uie peupie 01 couuty us to k just norm ol Dmming A two-jiey Saner and Mrs 'lea Win with ‘b gins at West Union community tu relocation 01 the County Seat wT bus service services the h“lile Kangers led by Hoy It seems to mm that we should give wsy and the County We see peo-1 Spencer and rtaipn Cox witli 13 1 ooys at Brewster: The Dunning mis considerable thougnt Pe from au parts the County I nmnty jjolliii eQ by violet At me tin tne County seat was pms through or stop hi Dunning ‘ btathem and Mrs ImRae McLaugh 1 1 iin wim la girls at Dunning Tne located at Brewster it was frequent intervals At least Ijiorth Loup Ramblers led by Har- imiy expected that Uie raiiroka 1 turee-founh of the people of S r2Su£ would run up the norm Loup riv- Blaine County would directly bene Uuokies” led by Harold Seeley and r la M J d -W W tSSSTSS! STSS locate the County Seat at it pres- rather heavy taxes that do not di- Mrs L F White and Mrs Don Fish nti n 'ruvUD er with W girls at Purdum rectly benefit our County THhese Thoniag untyi next ta taxes go to run our National gover 3 clubs: Tney are— “The Help- I lul workers led by Mrs Lydia Mil- ment or help to run our state ler and Mrs Fern Anderson with 7 tax for a new modern girls at Halsey: The Dismal Riv I er club led by Mrs Ebnm& Bandy j ability It will run for years to court house would directly benefit j andMrs Dan Connell with 7 boys AMERICAN LEGION AUX— ! all of Blaine County and be a land 5 8irls south of Thedfordand the Thedford Trail Blazers led by At 7 0 clock Easter 8unday 7 Boy Scouts were organized morning at the Congregational Duunning sometime ago and Parsonage Miss Edna Patterson me on Monday March 24 under dvchtaof'4?r“&'Mw4QrNkwiur sussri istiss ' iXf"trJSur “REwfA" patterson of Dunning and Mr Harold Giberson The officers Jack Glidden son of Mr and Mrs elected were os follows Secretary-Frank Glldden also of Dunning Treas- QCrald Huffman Itlchard were united lii Marriage Rev J Zutavern Patol leader No l Marti Ipke officiating The attend- Vin Rader Patrol Leader No 2 ants were Mr And Mrs Wayne Col- patrol has seven boys those cr In No 1 are John Field DickMc- The bride wore a gold and orchid Coy Qe0fBe Hartley Don Saner print crepe dress with black acc- Kenney Saner Mike Davis and A— A— A NEWS Farmers of the Thedford Dis-trict (Blaine Grant Hooker and v Thomas Counties) are reminded ' that the last day on which they' can sign up 1947 practices under I the Agriculutral Conservation Pro afS-cr’Bieu'rjeviafHnfflir' Agriculture Is-May 1st 1947 Ail practices that are to qualify for Government assistance under the ACP Program must have prior approval by the County AAA Com mittce About 250 farmers and ranchers of Thedford District have filed thek farm plans at the County AAA office There me about 1 100 ranchers and farmers at the District who have not yet filed their farm conservation plans for upprovoL HKAK&MBER the closing date for signing up for assistance un- essorise The groom wore a gray Tom Drakc Nu 2 -are Vernon suit Mr and Mrs Collier wore Johnson Jr Robert Johnson Paul ier "the ricultuxaT'consMvatlcm dark suits Bauer Ocrald Huffman J R I £"£8 In the Thedford District Both the brhle and groom were schroedrr Dean Fowler and Geo bom and raised In this vicinity Day After the business meeting ” ! a illl MUSilllOO tllbVllll5 tnd attended both grade and high ‘ basket ball was played ' Patrol jschool In Dunning After gradu- No l winning 24 to 23 ation the bride attended Kearney j The patrol losing two games out State Teaches College and has had 0f three must give the winners a several successful years of teaching and spent one year In Nashville doing defense work during the war Our present court house has stood for 38 years and has served Its purpose It has been a vuner state building AM at the timej pride to all of us I personally do not believe shirk ing my duty to the County do not want to pass the small bur It was built it was no doubt on of j den ot BlYlng our County a decent the best In Its class Times have Pace 10 administer its business to my children or my neighbors chil- changed and people may rightfully keep up with the times We are entitled to a modem dren Mrs Bea Terry with 5 girls at Thed ford Hooker has one club The Sand X hill Livestock Club led by Lyle Ben ner with 15 boys and 1 girl at Mul len Grant County organized a club at Hyannls under the leadership of Sidney Manning It Is called the Junior Stockraisers and has 7 girls and 3 boys Burton Hardys club of Thedford It seems to me that we of Dun 'has a few finishing touches to be be made and Mr L D Mercer club ! ning are not unreasonable In call- j t iirtyi ctyrry County will be or- fireproof building This need not be eUborteZXet a ood sensible ! 8 to the attention of the voters sailzed soon A meeting to or-bb ciavvneyH a gwoo ensioie ( ganlze a club in the community building "that will take ears of 0nr of Blaine County that Dunning Is needs A building of th sort losical spot and that Blaine could be erected at a very small j County Is entitled to a good mod-sacrifice to the people of Blalut j ern Arc-proof County Court County It has been shown that Bouae-a modern building suitable to our needs could be financed by one-half mill levy This would cost each taxpayer only 50c per year for each $1000 assessed valuation Just think the price of two sodas four cans of PA or the price of a movie The railroad Which runs the entire length of our County If You Plan To Attend COLLEGE AT KEARNE around the McPherson school southwest of Seneca had to be called off on account jof bad weather conditioins-Some of the features of the 4-H Club program for all 4-H club I members will be the annual 4-H Club picnic at Halsey the County iFair to show exhibits 4-H Club Camp at Long Pine 4-H Conser : " Ivatiou Camp State Fair and an Mrs Alice Davis was taken very ! Achievement banquet ill on Thursday evening and Frid- I wlin8 to form a 4-H club should contact your County ay morning her son Joe took her Agent at Thedlord for further Into the Ainsworth hospital Joe formation returned that evening bringing Mrs Davis and the new baby boy J- D- Patterson who ls teaching Jerry Ray home school at Wood River visited at the Oscar Patterson home last weekend Mrs Myrtle Coates wlio ls employed at the Watts Cafe ls visiting her daughter and relatives in Albion The American Legion Auxiliary 'met on Saturday April 12 at the home of Mrs James Judge There were sixteen members present Mrs Renna Demaray won high score Mrs Flay Ziegler received travelling prize Mrs Annie Doud received first prize In bingo Mrs Mary Demaray second Hospital supplies were cut out and distributed Dunning was the wpner in the rag-sewing contest and will be entertained by the losers Mrs Renna Demaray will enter-ain oh May 9th at her home in Brewster Assisting hostesses will be Sophia Car ruth Dorothy Powers Mary Demaray and Mary Duncan welner roast The second regular meeting was held on Apr 7 at the school Patrol won the two games out of the three of the basket ball games The losers are planning a welner roost to be held on the river on ( for a longer visit April 14 which is also the regular j meeting night Mr and Mrs Ed Oswaldt and family have returned to Blaine Co after several moptha spent In Washington 8tate - They me' now staying with Mr and Mrs' Cbfet Baxter Mr and Mrs Oerald Foote went to North Platte last Saturday at which place Mrs Ftoote took the train to Cheyenne Gerald returned to Dunning that evening At the business Hartley were elected news report- meeting Kenneth Saner and Geo ere You should write soon to the Dean of Men or the Dean of Women requesting application blanks Thi is necessary If we- are to provide die additional instructors needed as well as additional classroom spacs DORCAS SOCIETY The Dorcas 'Society met at the home of Mrs Chas Riggs on Thurs day Mrs Oscar Patterson led the devotlonals The business of the afternoon was planning for the Junior-Senior banquet to be held on May 3rd Also a Mother-daugh ter banquet on May 8th A de licious lunch was served Mr and Mrs Harley Saner vlslt-Mre Della Riggs Patty and Jim- rtives and friends in Craw mle and Mrs Bessie Chrismaii went to Mason City Friday where jthey met Mrs Alene Riggs' who ford last week Mrs Mary Dugger who has been spending the winter months In :took Patty to Ravenna to spend a eut¥m part of the state and weekend Mrs Chrisman visited Custer County returned to Duun- 1 her sister there also turned that evening They re- Ow enrollment-for -the -current-school -yearls 741 We believe that for the school year 1947-48 it will reach the 1000 mark We can take care of this nnmhtr if we know long enougk in advance to permit us to provide the necessary fixities Books and certain supplies must be oruered far in advance if we are to be assured that they will be on hand for the opening of school September 1 Now is toe time we must secure instructors We have nc intenWow of dosing oar registration as long as it b humanly possible to aooommodate students and offer a sound educational program You can help us greatly by applying at an early date if you plan to enroll SumiiMr Session Begins June 2 Foil Session Begins September 1 KEARNEY Nebraska State Teachers College Herbert L Cushlna President ning this week e - Mrs- Laurar Zimprich who has 1 Mrs Nettle Hanna Mr and Mrs been a patient at the Broken Bow Marvin Hanna and family of Pur- hospital returned to Dunning on dum and Mr and Mrs Jerry Ed- Saturday wards and family were visiting at Grand Island with relatives MAN WANTED for Rawlelgh busi-Miss Ella Weimer of Phillips ness sell to 1500 families arlrved on Monday to visit at the! WMte today Rawlelghs NBD-111 home of her cousin Mr N A Haw SA Freeport HI (lwk) thorne and wife j Mr and Mrs: Henry Tomlinson I returned home Wednesday from j ! Lindsay and Osceola where they visited at the homes of their dau-1 For Thorough Scientific Eye Ex-ghter Enroute they visited their ! amlnatlons and correctly Fitted daughter Mrs Fred Body who is a j Glasses 8ee patient at the Lutheran hospital Dr C W ALEXANDER OD ! and Is recovering satisfactory : optometrist at Mrs Rogers In ! Mr and Mrs Delbert Rice ' and Thedford Tuesday April 22 PM 'Judge and Mrs Rice visited at the at Hotel Dunning Thun Apr- 24 Elmer Estes family near Broken" 1mA H At Mrs Riggs at Brew-Bow on Sunday I ster Thurs Apr 24 P M The All-Purnose Farm Vehicle 1 T1 Gome in and see the new all-purpose farm MJeep” Drive around in it Feel the mighty surge of power from its world-famous Willys-Overland !Jeep” Engine and the sure-footed pull of “Jeep’ 4-wheel-drivc This one vehicle operates plows harrows mowers seeders and other farm implements It tows 5300 lbs or hauls 800 lbs The "Jeep’ takes you across the pasture or into town It powers your farm machinery See how a "Jeep” can spread its cost over a wide variety of jobs the year around You will use it as a light farm tractor a truck a runabout and a mobile power unit Find out how the "Jeep” can save you 1 real money “Let Us Demonstrate On Your Ranch or Farm Just What The Jeep Can Do!" I Pirnie Farm Store BROKEN BOW NEBRASKA ?WWWHIHHI 1 1 ) ) ) )) DONOVAN’S HATCHERY Phone 1196 v 819 M SL Alliance Nebraska BABY Quality Baby Chicks that will grow and produce We specialize in White Leghorns White Rocks and Austria Whites 00006000000000000000000000000060000060000000060000000 ' fc t K

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