El Paso Herald-Post from El Paso, Texas on April 22, 1975 · Page 8
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El Paso Herald-Post from El Paso, Texas · Page 8

El Paso, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 22, 1975
Page 8
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European Failure WE KNOW ALL ABOUT "Wiffle," the World Football League, with its bankrupt clubs and unpaid 'players. We don't know much however about its cousin, the European Professional Basketball League, whose clubs were 95 percent filled with U.S. players and which got off to a shaky start last January and came to a dead end in March. It was a bigger fiasco than "Wiffle." Tom Shackelford points out there was this difference. Players of most of the defunct WFL teams could at least hitch-hike home. It was impossible though for players of the EPBL to cross the 3000-mile Atlantic Ocean by hitch-hiking. Shackelford, the trainer of the Diablos, held the same kind of a post with the Belgian Lions, a team based in Brussels. Fortunately, players of the Lions and the other four clubs in the European League had airline tickets from Luxembourg, Switzerland, to Chicago. The league "guaranteed" them transportation from Chicago to their homes. But the league didn't come through and the players had to get to their homes the best way they could. Crowds Dwindled THE EUROPEAN LEAGUE was the brainchild of Dick Davis, a San Diego man who had been connected with pro basketball in this country. The other clubs in the'league besides the Belgian Lions were the Switzerland Alpines, the Germany Eagles of Munich, the Madrid Super Stars of Spain and the Israeli Sabres of Tel Aviv. The playing coach of the Belgian team was John Vallcly, a former UCLA star. ; The league played American Basketball Assn. rules, using the 30-second clock and the three-point goal. "We started off drawing crowds of around 1,800," said Shackelford. "Then it dwindled down to 300 and 400. "Our biggest crowd was at Tel Aviv. It was about 6,000. Many of the fans there spoke English and had a bigger acceptance of basketball than in other cities in the league." The Lions of Belgium in addition to Vallely had such American players as Joe Ellis, a former Golden State Warrior; Eddie Mast, who had been a backup center for the New York Knicks; Mike Quick, a guard from San Francisco, and Hank Simkowski, who played for Villanova. ; , The team's only native European was a 36-year-old Belgian by the name of Willie Steveneis, who was called the Bob Cousy of Europe. Ray of Sunshine ' THE SMALL LEAGUE had to buck the language barrier, arctic weather conditions and the apathy of the soccer-conscious Europeans toward basketball. Shackelford, who was on Ross Moore's staff of student trainers at UTEP in 1972 and 1973, was feeling depressed on that night early in March. Players of the team had been told there was no money to pay them. The trainer was included among those holding the empty sack. ·. "It was 2:30 in the morning when I got a call from Tom Sommers," said Shackelford. Sommers, farm director of the California Angels, wanted to know if Tom could take the job as trainer for the El Paso Diablos. Shackelford had more to come home to than many of DIABLO CATCHERS UNMASKED--Rocky Jordan, left, and' Dave Christiansen, right, who do the catching for the Diablos, are shown with manager Jimy Williams. Christiansen hit two homers last night as the Diablos defeated the Shreveport Captains 7-2. (Herald-Post Photo by Bill Thompson). Umpire Says Hie Jean Not Cheated in Match AUSTIN, Tex. ( U P I ) -Jason Morton says Billie Jean King was not robbed of $50,000 last Sunday, but that if she thinks she was he is willing to play her to settle the mattei'. Morton was the umpire Sunday when Ms. King met Chris Evert in the Leggs World Series of Tennis championship match with 550,000 going to the winner. Miss Evert captured the match in a third set t i e b r e a k e r a f t e r a controversial call went against Ms. King in the 12th game of the final set. "I HATE TO SEE anybody paint a one-sided picture, especially when they are wrong," said Morton, 45, who was also the umpire when Ms. King defeated Bobby Riggs in the Astrodome 20 months ago. "Since it is Billie. Jean-King talking, people listen-. But she is still'wrong. "Billie Jean King was not cheated out of the match, she was beaten.' "If she wants to play me in a match at the same court to settle the situation I'll be glad to and she can pick the linespeople." MS. KING HELD a 6-5 lead in the third set, but lost a point in Uie 12th game when, after she thought she saw linesman Larry E i c h e n b a u m p o i n t "out," on one of Miss Evert's shots, she casually lobbed the ball out of court, Eichenbaum, of Austin, did not call "out,' however, and despite an argument from Ms. King, Morion awarded the point to Miss Evert. the players. "I did get a free trip to Europe and had a chance to see the countries and cities there," said Tom. "But I don't care to go back." While the WFL is going to try it again, there's no indication that the European Professional Basketball League will be able to get off the ground again. Maybe it is the Europeans' way of not only saying, "Go Home, Yankees," but declaring, "Stay Home, Yankees." New Pitcher to Make Bow Against Brewers Christiansen Promises More Homers for Diabs By PETE CICCABELLI Sam Ashford was gettin' mad, Frank Panick was gettin' even and Dave Christiansen .. / w e l l , far be it for this humble typewriter to even make an attempt at describing the character known as "The Spaceman." And, oh yes, Diablo skipper Jimy Williams also had a few well-chosen words of rebuttal a f t e r h i s c l u b d o w n e d Shreveport 7-2 last night in the finale of the two clubs' six- game series in Dudley Field. After losing four of the six games with the powerful Captains, the Diablos begin a six-game set with San Antonio at 7 p.m. today in Dudley. Lip Co-li in Juarez Manny Martinez and Sammy , Lujan tied for first place in the sixth annual Banco de Jaurez golf-tournament held at Juarez Compestre. Each had a score of 135. Other players in the championship flight: Chris White and Mike Ruet 136; Carlos Zuloaga and Charles Richesin 142. Other results: A (light. Paul Ncland arid William Karey 1JJ; Daniel James ond Larry Blakel/ U5; Joe Ramos Jr. and Manuel Guesada 1«; B (light. Raiae' Rodullo and Luis Sallard 1-16; Jce SNckney and Bob Clans ISO; Esieven Sansores and Jaime Canales 151; C tlight, Oscar Herrera and Sergio Perez I5S." RalphS. Calderon and J, L, Calderon 153; /v'arlin Siive and Craig French 161; 6 flight, Jose Hernandez and Allonso Castenada Jr. 113; Gutbcrto Vasque; and Arluro Werge '22; Jacinto Rorno and L. CaslanedaSr. 123; ladies flight, Mrs. Paul Noland. Manners Afraid of Hems' Howie TORONTO (UPI) - The San D i e g o M a r i n e r s w e r e celebrating their playoff win over the Toronto Toros but coach Harry Howell sat thinking unpleasant thoughts of "a guy named Gordie Howe." EPCC Ladies Play El Paso Country Club Wednesday Ladies Nine-Hole Golf Assn. will play a tournament, sponsored by LK Sheet Metal, tomorrow at 8:30 a.m. Newly-acquired lefty Pete Bonfils, up from Salinas to_ r e p l a c e d i s a b l e d F r a n k ' Kenyon. will be rushed to the hill tonight. KENYON, who suffered a collapsed right lung over the weekend, was scratched from last night's start at noon yesterday by Williams and replaced by powerful righty Panick, driven from the hill after three and two-thirds in the series opener on Thursday. The 6-1, 200-pounder rebounded quite well last night, fanning 10 in six and two-thirds frames while permitting five hits and only two walks. "I felt I had to get even with the Captains for the way they treated me in the opener." Frank remarked. "Pitching with only three days rest took a little oul of me in the seventh and I couldn't get the ball down." A two-out walk to the Caps' Ken Mclvin and Steve Nicosia's ensuing single convinced Jimy to bring on workhorse Mike Overy, who quelled the visitors for the duration. "FRANK GOT tired and I didn't want to waste any time getting him out of there," Williams allowed. "And contrary to the belief of some people, my reliefers are going to do the job here. They're young and they're learning. Sure some of the guys have had some rough outings but heck, if you give up after that you might as well pack your bags and head on home. There's nobody on this club who's ready to toss in the towel. And you can print that, please." Batterymate Christiansen provided Panick and Overy with sufficient offense, pounding two long homeruns for four tallies off S'port reliefer Mike Gonzales and Gil Flores added a nightcap with an eighth inning "dinger" deep to left. "BATTING EIGHTH in the te M Me in Los Angeles' CINCINNATI (UPI) -- Pete Rose complains Los Angeles Dodgers fans arc "driving me crazy" and has asked Cincinnati Reds manager Sparky Anderson not to play him in Los Angeles. Although Anderson concedes the tossing of objects at his star left fielder "really gets to him," he still intends to play Rose. "The next time we're in Los Angeles, play someone else instead of me," Rose asked Anderson after last week's four-game series in L.A. "They're driving me crazy out there. I can't concentrate and I'm hurting the team." BUT SAYS Anderson, "he's got to play." "I think he just got fed up with all that bull," Anderson told reporters. "I think what he went through out there last year loused him up for the whole season. It really got to him." Rose hit under .300 for the first time in 10 years last season. The Reds lost all four games at Los Angeles last veek but don't play there again until Aug. 1. "I've forgotten about last year," says Rose, the national league's most valuable player in 1973. "I'm just happy to be over .200 and that I don't have to face the Dodgers again until August. "LET'S JUST SAY I can't concentrate out there. I'm always playing out of position in the field because they're throwing things at me. I don't want to be hit by a bottle. "I do all I can to win the fans over. I throw them baseballs and all they do is throw them back. In Chicago and New York it's different. They boo me there but it's in fun. Not in L.A. "I don't want to get to the point where it's hurting my teammates," added Rose. "The other day it was cold and they stopped the game to clean the garbage out of left field. While they did that (Reds pitcher) Freddie Norman had' to stand around and wait. "It had to hurt him," figured Rose. "I don't want that hap- 'order allows me the opportunity to take some pretty good cuts," Christiansen, a free. spirit in the mold of no one you'll ever meet, proclaims. "Tonight I got the chances and hit a couple. There'll be more." Ashford, a vet flyhawk slammed two doubles, raising his average over the .300 mark, the highest it's been this early in the season in many years. Sam was forced to play the last five frames at third when Paul bade moved over to replace injured seocnd baseman Dan Beerbower. A muscle pull will keep Beerbower out of action tonight and Williams, with only catcher Rocky Jordan left on; the bench, will use Sam at the hot corner tonight. "AFTER PLAYING AAA the. last one and one-half years you're darn right I was mad about coming down here," Ashford assured. "But there's nothing I can do about it. Me and my roomie (Dadc) are just gonna do the best job we can and hopefully somebody will want us." Sexton ss Diakanson dh Page cf Mitchell Ib Grundler 3b Nicosia c Olivarcsri Stsridortp Gonzsicsp Totals SHREVEPORTIK .DIABLOSiT) ibrhbl ibrtibl. :*,,jrifcih o i | Machemer ss 1 0 0 0 3 0 0 Ashford tf'3o ' 1 2 0 , . 0 l o Lopeicf il 1 0 0 i ft Dadejt)-2b J C 0 1 5 o o Rush lb 3 ' I » 4 1 1 1 Flores rf * 1 U 2 o Q o Wilsond!) 3 1 0 0 3 1 2 0 Cliris'ianscnc ' 3 2 * 3 0 0 0 Becrbciver2b 7 0 1 0 0 0 D 0 Froocie If 1 0 0 0 C O C O Panick p 0 0 0 0 Overy p 0 0 0 0 , 32 2 6 2 Totals 33 7 11 SHREVEPORT 00: MO 001-2 DIABLOS 200 103 Olx-7 E -- Sexton 2, Flores, Grgndler. DP -- -Machcmer-Ecerboiver-Rush, L03 -- Shrevepcrt 5, DIABLOS 5,28 - Ashlord 2, Besrbower. Rush. HR - Christiansen 2 (2), Flores (1), Grundler (31. ' S B -- Flores, Nicosia, Methever. PITCHING IP H R ER 66 SO SfandertilO-!) 3 ' ' 2 I 0 3 Gon:ales 5 4 5 5 3 6 PiniCkwIM) to S I I 2 10 C'jery 2Va 1 1 1 0 4 V.'P - Gonalcs. PB - Christiansen. U - 'Babich'Galbrailh, T - 2--2Z, A- 655, El Paso Herald-Post Edited by Bob Ingram A-Eight April 22,1975 2-HV Lone Star Aluminum Mags 2-F60-14 Peerless Sprint GT Blemished 'fi3/ 4 " Wide-White Letters Installed Including Valve Steams For Most Ford, Chrysler and GM Cars BLEMISHED TIRE SPECIALS I SUPER WIDE 60's70's RAISED WHITE LETTERS DAYTON WIDE TRAC BLEMISHED NEW TUBELESS WHITE LETTER TIDES WITH SLIGHT iff EJRJBCEIKREGULMITIES 2 MAG WHEELS , Ll 2 WIDE 60'S TIRES * TRUCK CAMPER TIRES PEERLESS HD NYLON HIWAY TREAD DESIGN PLUS TAX 560-14 WHITE 1st .,..18.95 600-12 BLACK 1455 A78-13WHITE 1655 C78-13WHITE ..1655 C78-14 WHITE 1855 E78-14 WHITE ..1955 F78-14 BLACK 1855 F78-14 WHITE 2055 G78-14 WHITE ....2155 560-15WHITE 1555 G78-15WHITE 2155 700-15 TRACTION 6 PR ....2555 12-16.5 HIWAY8 PR ........4755 12-16.5 TRACTION 10 PR ..5755 A70-13 E70-14 F70-14 G70-14 H70-15 B60-13 o » » . i i . . . lOnfw WHITEWALL -99 QK ............ ££9tJ WHITEWALL 23,95 24.95 27^5 2U5 minium iiiiiiniiii .mini.... L60-14 E60-14 reO-14 (80-14 F60-15 L60-15 mi........ ........··If ...in...... ............ BELTED *«....'. mi ...···I..... 2035 3345 Hill PIN SIZE,- PRICE 700-13 ,8 25J5 ?OH4 8 2SJ5 SIZE PtrMT,,,,rHIC£ 700-17 5 38J5 700-17 8 41J5 4 PLY POLYESTER OR FIBERGLASS BELTED ,|*v n i n i t i . w . . . . . . . . . -- - T - i » p ft Hi AE I7W5 8 23J5 7-173 8 34J5 iH^i',,,,,,, t IIIIIIMI *ij» TH-1i,,,,..8 3155 Ttt-tl....... 6 ·· 2855 ii ! MIIIIIII *M» iiiii.i . .MMIIM wnN Illlllll 9 M i l , 1 1 , 1 WWW 8-19i5 IIIIHII 8 , KK 750-17 1 «J5 700-18 8 41J5 WIDE TREAD fIM5 8 US 875-183 1 ,,,,·,,.,,«» KII-IS 8 ,, 3855 950-183 8 49.S5 KTM"!i--M wuZw'iZTw TRACTION TREAD 3935 W18 8 n» «# 875-1S.5 8 095 48J5 950-16,5 ,,,,, 8 51,95 ,,,,,,,,,28,95 10-16,5,n,,,, 5 MM 58J5 tt-IW 10 80J5 C78-13 078-14 E78-14 F78-14 G78-14 J78-14 G78-15 K78-15 L78-15 ( I I ( I ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... $17 21 22 23 25 26 25 26 27 PEER BR78-13 ER78-14 FR78-14 GR78-14 S STEEL BELTED RADULS · Two Wide Belts of Dense Steel Cord t Up to 10% Better Gas Mileage · Whitehall Tubeless Premium Quality t 40,000 Mile Warranty · Superior Handling Ride and Traction HR78-14.... 4355 3255 GR78-15.... 4055 3755 HR78-15.... 4355 3955 JR78-15 .... 44.95 4055 LR78-15....4655 40,000 MILE WARRANTY PEEBLES STEEL BELTED SADIALS ARE GUARANTEED TO V.EAR FOS «,000 MILES, SHOULD THE TIRES FAIL I TO WEAR JC.OOO MILES CREDIT FOR THE REMAINING MILEAGE WILL BE ISSUED TOVARD REPLACEMENT I TIRE. PEERLESS PASSENGER TIRES ARE GUARANTEED AGAINST ALL ROAD HAZARDS, WRICMANSHIP AND I MATERIAL DEFECTS. [NO LIMIT TO TIME OR MILEAGE) IF TIRE SHOULD BECOME UNSERVICEABLE,! CUSTOMER PAYS ONLY FOR THAT PORTION OF THE TISE USED! ALL ADJUSTMENTS ARE PRORATED ON THE CURRENT PRICE PLUS FEDERAL EXCISE TAX. (EXCEPTIONS: misalignment, guio mobile malfunction, abuse, ran | fia; arc! r«srat*e pictures ' Bod and H^tnl IOM AMI (hot o At Ii wm ou irfwi frwd wvo r Wb*on or. ILL PRICES PLUS F.E.T. I.S2 to 6.13 UNO 5% SUES TAX. H78-15 i L7J-16 870-15 901 TEXAS MARTIN TIRE CO FREE MOUNTING master charge THE INTERBANK CAdO 532-6519 LONE STAR ALUMINUM MASS 13x5.5 2545 14x5.5 .2SJS 14x7 3045 15x7 32J5 15x8'2 3845 15x10 4345 16.5x8,25 .....4745 INCLUDES NUTS-INSTALLED ROCKET STAGE I N 14x6 .....35J5 14x7 111111111137i95 14x8 ii.iiiiin47i95 15x7 39J5 19x8 inMMiii47i95 INCLUDES NUTS AND CAP-INSTALLED WHITE SPOKE FOR PICKUPS Mil 4 WHEEL DRIVE 14i7 33.95 15i8 36.95 16.5d.25 .4945

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