Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 12, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 12, 1896
Page 2
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Gladness Comes |lth a better understanding of the I transient nature of the many phys- lUls, which vaiiish before proper cf __ta—gentle efforts—pleasant efforts-- aWrtly directed. There is comfort in ^knowledge, that so many forms of "mess are not due to any actual dis- e but simply to a constipated cond«- » of the system, which the pleasai.c .»y laxative, Syrup of Figs, prompt- 'UTSniovos. That is why it is the only Miedy with millions of families, and is •wrywhere esteemed so highly by all Sw value good health. Its beneficial ••acts are due to the fact, that it is the — remedy which promotes internal inlincss without debilitates the NEW BICYCLE SKATE. A Fncnmiitlo Device Which !• Very Pop« olar in Kncluud. Inventive gcnlua in England has turned its attention to the perfection of n rond skate, nn adaptation of the convention roller skate, which will enable the skater to skim along over any road smooth enough for a bicycle. Two years ago the "skaycyclc," us itis called, rnodo its appearance. It had ,1. pneumatic tire. The original pattern wa« introduced in the United States, but baa never been popular, probably on account of its high ]>rice-$25. There is too much ice skating in the United iniincss wiwiuuu U^M.-UVH.* .-o «mns on which it acts. It is therefore Janmportant, in order to get its bcne- • 1 effects, to note when you pnr- ue, that you have the genuine arti- M , which is manufactured by the California Pig Syrup Co. only and sola by •U reputable druggists. 'II in the enjoyment of good health, m& the system is regtilar, laxatives or ••her remedies arc then not needed. *i —ctcd with any actual disease,, one he commended to tlic most skillful mcians, but if in need of a laxative, «* should have the best, and with the ^.Informed everywhere, Syrup of :«fi stands highest and is most largely - " 1 and gives most general satisfaction. •mmv. a. p. KLOTZ. PASTOR u. CHURCH. vrurerioo, ind., Sept 8,180C. Pepsin Syrup Co.: Dear Slr:-I have bet-n afflicted over twenty years with dyspepsia or sour .ftomacb. I have tried different reuie- dtes without much benefit. Finally I' bought a 10-cent bottle of Syrup Pep•In and fouud that It benefited me. 1 am convinced tbart it will do what It It recommended when taken according; ' 1o directions. I have taken nearly oue : bottle and feel like a different person. 8. P. KLOTZ. For sale by B. F. Keesling. Keep Cool by Using THE KELLEY Shower .Bath; RING Hot Water . , • •. . . Proof Hose (3 Eipnita id. Sic. Prevents Wetting. Bead moor or Walls. Hoinlws Water Closets. ••'"' St nd' lor Catalogue ' .•mt Proof Water Clo««W, Belt-Acting Water Ciciete, Sell/ Stop and'Wnste CocX. THOS/KELLV & BROS., No. 301 Madison Street, Chicago. "BIG FOUR" TO ST. PAL'T,. On account of the Thirteenth Eo- .campment G. A. »., at St. Paul, Minn Sept. 1 to 4, the Biff .'Four routs will eel! tickets at one cent per mile from etatlons on Its lines.,Tickets good going 1 August 30. nnd 31 and September J;. -XOO& returning until September 15, with privilege of extension, until September 30, .1SOC. 'See nearest agent for particulars as to routes. .. • ;' ' Many a day's work Is lost by sieli headache caused by Indigestion and stomach troubles. DeWltt's Little Early Risers are the most effectual pill tor'.overcoming such dlfflcultles.-Jno,, M. Johnston. MEETING. KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS 'Uniform Rank, Cleveland, 0., August 23 to 30..1S90. The Wabash will sell tickets Auguet 22, .23, and M to Clewr, .land, nt one fare for the round trip, -wfth choice of routes by rail or lake. Tickets will bt> good to return to and IntrodtaK AUKUS t 31, 1800. For full partlcuilnrs Inquire of Wabash Ticket The Cheay-inv, •-•--•and Best l-nmil>'M ed ' 'icine in tho World! AN EFFECTUAL SPECIFIC for all diseases ot the Liver, Stomncn and Sploeri' •RcKulnto thoXiver end prevent CMIU.5 AND FEVISK, MALAWI- ous FEVERS, BOWUL COMPLAINTS, KEST- ^—^^--_^—__. .LESSNKSS, JA.UNDICK -.,....- ^^ K'- A Ni> HAUS.E*. BAD BREATH r Mothlnc Is so unplcnsnnt, nothing so common asbad b '?ati, ° nd in nearly every case itcomee from the s'omach, an" <=»n be so easily corrected If ^uwm take SIMMONS LIVER KECULATOK, Dd^not icKlect to secure a remedy far this re- pidsivc disorder. It will nlso^imprpvc your PILES1 How mrmv suiter torture day utter day, mat. Ine UfcTbnrdcii and rabbins existence of all S«,*uro owiiiK"to thfi secret sulTering from ?i?"s Ye°re of s ready to the hand ol almost any one who will use systematically <-he remedy that has pcrmnncmly cured thousands. SIMMONS LIVEU REGULATOR Is no drastic; violent purge, but » 'gentle assistant to nature. CONSTIPATION SHOULD not bo regarded as a trifline nilment—in tact, nature dcnmnds the utmost riy.Virity. of tho bowels, nn:l nny acyinion . from this demand paves the way often to serious danger.. H is quite as necessary to remove impure accumulations from the bowels 03 it is to cat or sleep, and no health can be expected where a costive hubit of body prevails. SICK HEADACHE I This distressinn affliction occurs most fro- fluently The disturbance of the stomach, am- ?mt from tho imperfectly digested contents. NEW BICYCLE SKATE. States to admit of the permanency of the popularity of any form of roller . Not so, however, in England, where 1he inventor of the skate claims that "» Rknte which is independent alike of the fickleness of the climate nnd tho more or less intermittent enterprise of the skating rink promoter is a long-felt want," The new appliance, which is j pally an adaptation of the principle of the cycle to the old-fashioned roller skates, is furnished with pneumatic .tires and hall bearings, and it will not be lonfi- in all probability before the slight i-sertioti oil energy on them over a reasonably smooth oud solid road is still further reduced by the introduction of the principle of (feared action. The skates are held to the soles of the (shoes bv the ordinary clamp in us:-on Ice skates of the club pattern, but have R.n ankle support, which is kept in position by a leather brnce lined with lamb's wool and which fits about the calves of Uie lejrs. It is claimed that the Fka.tes may be. •saJelv used in both upanddown grades, &nd that wilh practice a speed of ten or twelve miles may be reached on a fairly pood road. Several of the English papers are enthusiastic over the future of the road skate, pointing out that in its use every muscle of the legs, back, neck and unns is brought into play. .This is,, true also of sawingr wood, an exercUHV which has never become a national fad.. REGULATOR. MANUFACTURED ONLY BY J. H. ZEILIN & CO.. Philadelphia, P». FOB OVER FIFTY TEARS, tfn. WInsiow's Soothing Syrup nss *een uaed for over fifty years by mil- iioaa of mothers for th<=:r children »nlle teething, with perfect success. (t loothea the child, softens the gums, allays all pain, curee wild colic, und it the best remedy for diarrhoea It *ill relieve the poor little sufferer Immediately. Bold by druggists In every p»rt of the .world. Tweaty-ftve cents t, bottle. Be sure and at* for "Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup." and take MO other kind. Special Hates via Pennsylvania • Lines for National Encampment. August SOlli! and 31st and September. 1st -are the dates upon -which low rate round trip tickets to St. Paul will be sold via Pennsylvania Lines, the short route through Chicago. Tickets will be good returning. until September-15th, Inclusive, and if deposited with the joint agent at St. Paul on or before September 15, the return limit will be extended to include September 30tl). The rates X'or this occasion will be exceptionally low via Pennsylvania Lines, the -only system of railways over which trains run from Western Pennsylvania, •West Virginia, Ohio and Indiana to Chicago Union Station, the natural gateway from, those States to the. North wast. Dally trains from Pittsburgh, Columbus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Louisville make convenient connection at Ohlcngo with St, Paul trains. Arrangements may.^be made by G. A. H. Poste or parties of friends to travel together on special trains or special cars that will go through from starting point to the- Encampment without change, l£ the number Justifies it. Information on the subject will be cheerfully furnished by representatives of the Pennsylvania Lines. FACTORY GIRLS REBEL, They Had No Use -for the Hygienic Pood Offered Thorn. Tbcrcforo t'lie Firm's Ko«t»nr:int Went to Pieces—Bat the Proprietor* 1'lucked Victory Out of Defeat by Catering to the Bicycle Mania. Anyone who has tried roller _.. .„ can tell you that it is hard work, even under the most favorable. conditioSiB,,. !ind as far removcd-from ice 1 'skating'aa. bicyclig is from stair climbing in tho comparative energy employed. •; The English road skate is a cumber-, some tiling. The wheels are about four ; inches in diameter. ' The skate may be, folded up for traveling. : AMERICAN HORSES SELL WELL.; Be»dy H»rket for Them at F»lr ,Prloe« la Beirut, Ireland. ; According to the United States vice consul at Belfast, there is a. good .market in Ireland for American' horses. He reports: "For several months my attention has bfen attracted to the large influx ol horses for this market from the United States and 'Canada, the ;jnajority com-, ing from the'lutter country. The stock; Is usually bought UR with avidity-and fair prices received. ;Th«y usually, arrive via Liverpool or Glasgow in con-: Bienments of from 20 to. 60 head by, steamer from New- York or Montreal, principally by the latter route. After arriving in Belfast they are turned over to a horse bazar-to be, sold by auction,The auction is well ndyertiBcti several, days in advance, of -the sale, and tlie bidders, consisting of country and town folk, are quite numerous. . _' ' "At a recent sale there- were offered 23 horses, consisting of-matched pairs, broughams, trappers, cobs and ponies and two ...trotters. The lot was consigned .by ft Chicago.firm, and arrived per steamship Pomerania at Glasgow .from Montreal, ami thence ; direct to Belfast. The attendance was exception- oily large, and bidding brisk, although nounsiial prices were offered. The entire consignment, with one exception,,was sold. I learn that the entire cost for transportation, feeding and care .for C&ch animal from Chicago to Belfast; w-aa $37." ,-' : Klhc» Who Married 'Bnbjcoti. . Only three English kings after their- accession to the throne married sub- Ificts,".namely: John, Edwnrd IVVrind' Henry ^11. ! In calling atteoiJon to its superior mlvaimages us a place of residence, Mau'lint'tau, Kan., dwells with especial stress upon the fact that the assessor was a-ble to discover only forty-two pianos i-n that city. ELECTRIC BITTERS. Electric BJtters is a- medicine suited for any season, but, perhaps more generally needed when the languid, exhausted feeling prevails wnen the liver is torpid and sluggish and the need of a tonic and alterative is felt. A prompt use of this medicine has often averted long and perhaps fatal, bilious fevers. No medicine will net more surely lii counteracting and freeing the system' from the malarial poison. Headache, indigestion, constipation, dizziness, yield to Electric Bitters. 50c,and $1.00 per bottle at B. F. Keesling's drug store. A' battalion of zouaves was driUcd at Tunis recently with the thermometer at 107 degree's Fahi'onhdt in the shade. As a result, five men are dead, 40 <1n«?enmsly IH and 20 ° nre Ja ^ lM * pl ~ tal. TAKE YOUR VACATION SOW. Go to the picturesque Macki.nac Island via the D. & C. (Coast Line). It only costs .$13.50 from Detroit, $15.50 from Toledo, $18.00 from Cleveland tor the round trip, iuoiudiug meals and berths Titkets good for CO days, bicycles carried free. One -thousand miles of lake and river riding on new moaern steel steamers for the above rates. Send 9e foir illustrated pamphlets, Address, A. A. Schantz, G. P. A., Detroit. CHEAP EXCURSIONS TO THE WEST AND NORTHWEST. On August 4, IS, September 1, 15. 29, •October G and 20, 1S90, The Northwestern Line (Chicago & North-Western R'y) wiillielf HomTSeeKers'"excur- sion tickets at very low rates to a large .number of points In the west and northwest. For full information appty tu ticket agents of connecting Hues or address W: B. Knls'kern, G. P. & T. A., Chicago, III. When the managers of the Newark (N. J.) thread manufactory started a hvgienic restaurant for the girls in their employ they thoyght they were doing a service, but their eilorts wore not appreciated. The restaurant has 'been, closed for lack of patronage. The menu consisted of roast qbickcn, fried ditto, pates of ditto and ditto hash; roost beef, boiled beef, corned beef, any old kind of beef; tomato soup, real butter and delicious bread; wholesome puddings and hygienic* fixings and—napkins. And all for 15 cents. When the threadmakers opened their placft and told the COO and odd girls in their mills that it was their very own and tb:ir the best and wholesoraestfood to be had was theirs, too. ata cost price, every well-regulated philanthropist in Newark said: "Well, those girls arc in luck." The restaurant and the food were all they were cracked up to be. nr.d the thrcadmakers really and truly gave the service at cost, or perhaps even less, because, as they u'gured, a little philanthropy is a good thing, and, besides, it was well enough to keep the girls off the streets at the noon hour and out of harm's way. It worked like a charm for a time, and then the serpent entered this gusta- torial Eden. A very pretty and attractive serp»nt isMame-Ryan. Seventeen years old, which is a nice age in a serpent—that is, a girl. Black eyes and hnii- and a dream of a nose. Mame sa.t down in the model restaurant one day not long ago, and with her dream of a nose slightly atilt, looked over '.he menu. Then she laid the paper down and said aloud: "Girls, what d'youse.say 1o pie?" A gasp of delight ran down ihe table, as it was borne in upon the girls' souls for the first time that in. all that model menu 'uhere "was no mention of pie. "And, fay," the serpent went on, "what's the matter wit'pickles?" Another gasp. There were no pickles in the menu, either. Now, every thinking person not tainted by Emersonian thinking knows that Last and all the time Hood's SarsapariUa has been advertised as a blood purifier. Its great cures have been accomplished through purified blood—cures ot ncrofuU, salt rheum, eczema, rheumatism, neural- gi»,.catarrh, nervousness, that tired feeling. It cures -when others Jail, because it Always Strikes at the root of the disease and eliminates every germ of imparity. Thousands testify to absolute cures of blood di8ea.es by Hood's Sareapnrilla, although discouraged by the failure of other medicines. Rembmber that Hood's Sarsaparilla , is the best - in (act the One True Blood Purlfler. n-ti easy to buy, easy to take, S PlllS easy to operate. 20c. A SHORT JOURNEY .MARVELOUS RESULTS. ' From a letter written'by Rev. J. Gua- derman, o-f Dimondale,, Mich., we are permitted to make 'this extract: "I have, no hestitation In recommending Dr.' King's New Discovery, as the results, •were almost marvelous In the case of- 'iny, wife. While I was. pastor of the Baptist Church at Rives Junction she was brought down with pneumonia suc- ceeding'la grippe. Terrible paroxysms of coughing would lnst.bo.urs with little 'interruption and it eeemed as If she wuld not. survive them. A friend rec-- ommended'br. King's'.New Discovery, it was quick in Its work and highly satisfactory in results." Trial bottles, free at B. F. Keesllng'e drug store. RcgiUar, size DOc and ?1.00. .. LOW RATES TO LOUISVILLE VIA. PENNSYLVANIA tlNES. Special excursion tickets to Louisville. Ky., will-be sold via Pennsylvania lines, August Oth and 10th, account the annual meet of the League of American Wheelmeii. The low rates will be open to all" tickets with return limit Including August IStu may be obtained at ticket'offices ot the Pennsylvania Lines. For details, apply to nearest Pennsylvania Line Ticket Agent. SUNPiY EXCURSION TO CIX- CINNATI. August Oth, via Pennsylvania lines; $2 from Logansport; excursion train leaves 5 a. m: central time; returning leaves Cincinnati 7 p. m. central time. Base baH game, Cincinnati Reds vs. Louisville,. League teams. Lots of time to.see the Zoo; the Lagoon.;, the P,arks ' and other- attract!ve resorts of the. "Queen City." •-'•'' . ' . England's first-gas motor street railroad has been opened between Black-; pool and Lytbaim. , Compressed gas as a means of'propulsion has been in use ; for sotme time in Germany. '. BUCKLEN'S ARNIOA"~SALVR The best salve to the world Toi cuts, tcnlses; forea, uteerg, salt rremn, fever "Boys wJUTbe boys," but yon can't afford to low any of them. Be far the green apple sefi«on by having peWi.tt'8'OoMc &;ChoIcra Care in tie ;; ' Poison Ivy, .Insect bites, brulsov •calde, l>un», are quickly cured by ,D<£ Witt's Wlteh Hazel Solye, tie great pile «Bre.-Jno. M. Johnston. , .. Don't trifle away .time, when you have cholera morbns or diarrhoea. Fight them in 'the begfnnlBg witn DeWltt's Colic A Cholera Cure. You don't have, to : walt for results.' .They are Instan; taneous and 'It leaves the bowels ln ; heoltny condltlon.-Jn'o. M. Johnston. ':-.. Japan, -within five' months of taking; pcfi^easiori it : .F : orniosni bad 'built t\so> 'lln.es, of Deoauyllle railroads, one ithirry-; flvo.'mlles,' : tne.'other flf'ry miles long:; rrieorjes. :of cure, tnay, -be length by. physicians, but .the. aufferew,. •want ''• Qtrici : relief; ' and -One ..Mlnutt' The total sum subscribed up to this •date for .the: re-endowment fund of, Guy's ihospitai;,.Londoirn Js... just .over; $800,000 toward the $2,000,000, which 'was asked for. : C«ugnlCtM" : win''eIyej'tt; to theii; ;A u raf.e/^^'for'^ldreo.flt to "the only.. , . iorea,' tetters, chapped hahds. •'ijbrnrf'dnd all'skin ;; eruption8 and/.poal-; tfvely cures piles or'no pay requiredJ (t .is guaranteed to glye perfifrt .^^ (action or moaey refowJei.. Price: 25 cents per box. For ssJe by B,. F. ' • If you have ever seen' a little child In .the agony, ot .suminco', comp^ialnt, you 'can realize .the.; Ganger; o£:- the. ttonblq and WABASH. LOW RATE. Homeseekers Excursion, August 18, September 1, 15, 20, and October .6 and ^20, ISOO. Tickets will be sold at; one fare for the round trip plus $2.00 from Logansport to points in "the west, south and southwest. .For full particulars In- .of, Wabash.; ticket agent. EXCURSION" TO NIAGARA FALLS. On Augnsi 18 the. Wabash Rallroftd company will run" a'cheap exciirslon to Niagara Falls'' by' specjal train. Hate from lognnsport '.tcn'^lO). dollars, for the round trip: .".Return limit three, days from date of sale, ,C. G. NEWELL, Ageu{. The diphtheria- epidemic at Burrowa Js abated;'but wae'loniy'overcome W the hard work of the ph'yaloiains. : , . .St Joseph'Is; a-most "delightful resort during thle extremely torrid. Wither. Fare for ^he--round:.'trlp,\$2.00.. .;TralD leaTes Vnndalia station at 7 U» a.^ m, every Sunday!, The. whole system .'to. drained and undermined by Indolent ulcers and open gores. DeWltt's Witch Ha»>l Salve apeedlly'-heals them.; It is the best.pile - •-•' ••--':•'-v---:.^ jolin«ton,\ '" PRESENT USE OF THE .RESTAU- ,RANT. pie is unhygienic food, and that pickles are.cn abomination. These unwholesome delicacies ha'd been purposely left off the menu, because they were unwholesome and harmful to the growing turn turns of thread mill girl operatives. But. the "gods" -bad scented the fruit of the forbidden tree, and there- offer there was no living with ihem. Mame Ryan became the center of a storm of protest." She became the pie queen. Under her corrupting influence the girls scorned such dainty fare as "chicken" roast and broiled ditto and 'flittb hash. They clamored for pie and pickles, and would not be comforted Because they were not on the bill of fare.- . , " .'. .• • ' ;' .O'f course, it you set up a : .model hygienic restaurant you have to be consistent. The managers refused'to place- pio.upon their tables and turned down; •pickles-with emphasW. Then the-real,, trouble'came. Outside-the rriill 8 ?^j other restaurants','which are not modi, els, and whose owners' souls arc not above pie.' They set snares for the^re.- •calcitrant mill girls and caugbt"thein. : Gradually by twos and threes and dozens tlie girls strayed out of tha E&fM: at noon .time, and abandoned them- gelycs to debauches in'fje and pickles.-, Pretty soon the model restaurant wns without that fir^t requisite of all restaurants—patronage.. It languished and died. ..The Clarks gave it up, and the big, light, cheery rooiu was ompry. It is empty no- longer. ..The thread men have plucked 'victory out of defeat. When the failure of the restaurant could no longer be blinked, the proprietors tore a leaf from the book of experience and determined that if they couldn't make the girls like what they didn't like they would let"thehi; like what they did like. In a word,, they'set up'a bicycle school in th« empty restaurant and invited th<i girls to oome. They came. Pie is an appo-, tite but bicycles are a passion. Every, girl operative in tnc mills owns a b cycle, or,-a*pires to;owiron«. Tl*ey.a!,t "patrpnizc^tic new'soKbol, and in .the, -. •-•- * -^._-^_: i ; ->«,*-rt^ an awheel XvoVk' ..off inir^eHecti of'tli TO CALIFORNIA IN • v ; FIRST CLASS STYLE The Southern Pacific Co. "SUNSET LIMITED" TRAIN. Over the Sunset Route— New Orleans to Los Angeles and San Francisco. Was discontinued April IGth. The japerlor accommodations given the treat number of patrons of the above :.r»ln during the past tourist season, *»rrants the announcement of plans .'•r'nest season of finer service with equipment superior to anything yet tnown in transcontinental traffic. Look for eariy re-lnaugnrctioo of •SUNSET LIMITED" this fall. For Home Seekers. The Southern Pacific Cu. "Sunset Bovte" in connection with the "Queen »nd Crescent Route" are running the mly line of through tourist Pullman keepers leaving Cincinnati every Thursday evening for Los Angeles and tan Francisco. These excursions are specially eo&- lacted, and the object Is-tc enable tbo*e »ho do not care to buy the first-class ronnd trip or one way tickets, to enjoy t comfortable ride with sleeping car •rlvlleges and no change of cars at the 'try low second-class rate. For further Information, address 'VT. fl. CONNOR, Commercial A«t. S. P. io., Cincinnati, O; W. G. NEIMTER, G. W. Agt. S. P. •o., Chicago. Hi. B. P. MORSE, G. P. A T. Ajrt. 8. P. to., New Orleans, La. TRANSPORTATioN CO. TWICE DAILT BTEAMKRS TO CHI- '' •Ooucift,. -We'cOTldnot:^ord^to.^wnl^aona;thl«; as a c^^. j u3^^;it"W5nre'a ; core.--Jno. M,, • - - ' '~ cures by; *»,w-jnwu"»-DiirB»pai"iui*^.»"** yet-uicy^ na'nnl^ i^nedy,ttat proanceB .imineoi- BT6 6 imp]eand natural;=-Hood's Sarga. ate rMulrs."—Jno. M. Johnston. ' _ J parilla makes PURE BLOODi , i£rs. Dr. itox. wife .of Dr. ,Oox w.ho attained"much uotiodiety.ln tlie.death of Thomas Myers, who was luwjued by ihe ForesterB'aiid otiher 6rgmiiza*If>ns, : ha« been taken to C^umbus, : ^-belug a ; victlm 'of -o: f'tlic . It aoesn't matter much wl?eU».8li* headache, hilioueoew;.indigestion, ond fconstipatton. sire ^caused-, by:.negtoct: or, by , '.misvoidable '-drcnni*tfliicaB{.-. .p^ Witt's tittle Early' Rlsere wfll BpeaJUy cure them all.—Jno. M. Johnaton. Tbero W«« Ftooty of . A hypochpodnac, who was ,rt»j.--o.. with Fatiei-^ieoV, n* Bwy; In tie'Kop* of obtaining, relief from ,^9"", ?.?*• •tb* beach with-his host-.i/rl-baye^o^r; rlv^i relief fron>'drinkinga. ; tuiabl0rPt 'salt water fresh from the;tide," saidtU; ^ralid, Bok»ply.; »*>...you think; - t I inrgnt' ;6fl»:ar ; eeooodT r^eU/, said, '^,1Ti:'^L ; ' ; Tf'^«i.. lJ '*i'-V+>t" nnnnil nerioi CAGO. '/THE VANDALIA ' WAY ,A- ST SEPH. JO " Beginning May ,25th and continuing •ntll abqut Sept. "30th the steamen bt this line ivlU make" two trips each way tally between St. Joseph and Chicago, »n the toHowIng »chednle: ' Leave St. Joseph at 4-^0 p. m. and toao p. m., dally. Including Sunday. Leave Chicago at 9:30 a. m. and 1130 p/m., dally, Including Sunday. ; Extra irlp» on Saturday leave St;Joseph at la. m., and leave Chicago at 2 p. nv Bnnnlng time across lake 4 noun. "Trl-weekly steamers to""" leaving St. Joseph Monday, ind Friday evenings. "" 'The equipment of this line Inciudet ihe side wheel steamers City of Chicago and City of Milwaukee (the largest and Inest west of Detroit), and the newly. »bnUt propeller City of Louisville. Bervlce flrst-claas. Connections with all fandalla trains. Tickets on sale at all Fandalla Line stations. Chicago dock foot of Wabash avenue. J. H. GRAHAM, Pres., Benton Harbor, Mich. Going For A Lake Trip? You'll folly "Joy* 1 * <*tt» delj * ii *' 'if you*ak»)'ono.pf.Uie 'J^KE MIOTGAHiAWD LAKE SUPEWOB TRAKSPORTAHOIf Qp'S . aecbod woold ,bft jnisscd." ^Wirt»>.»rlou«: :i rc.^aWe;

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