Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on May 5, 1973 · Page 10
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 10

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 5, 1973
Page 10
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10 (Sfolesbura Reai $rer-MoiI, Golesburg, Soturdoy, Moy 5, 1973 Town Celebrates Return of POW WMLOCK, Wash. (UPI) ~ Santa Claus rode down Main Street on a fire engine past holiday decorations and lights Friday in this small town's celebration of "Christmas in May" for a returning prisoner of war. The town's entire population of 978 people turned out to cheer Air Force Maj. Edward Leonard Jr. as he drove through the four blocks of downtown Winlock in an open car. The uniformed officer, who spent five years in a North Vietnamese prison camp, waved, smiled, saluted and occasionally brushed tears from his eyes. Christmas decorations were draped along the street, windows bedecked with holiday lights held signs reading, "Happy Holidays, Ed," "Peace on Earth" and "Welcome Home," and the high school band played carols at a parking lot reviewing stand. Santa Claus arrived aboard the town's fire truck with its siren wailing to cap the springtime Christmas party, organized by townspeople after Leonard told newsmen on his release that the thing he missed most as a POW was Christmas. Leonard told cheering welcomes, in a nearly inaudible voice, that he' was overcome and overjoyed" by the celebration. "There is so much in my heart I cannot say. God bless you all and Merry Christmas." The Air Force major, shot down over Laos in 1968 while flying a prop-driven Skyraider on a rescue mission, received a key to the city from Santa Claus, a sterling loving cup from townspeople, a scrapbook presented by grade school children carrying hand-colored American flags, and a plaque from the Lions Club. Leonard, whose parents live in Winlock, had been under care at Travis Air Force Base Hospital in California since his return to the United States and an earlier Christmas celebration originally planned for April had to be postponed. Food Firms 'Voluntarily 9 Recall Items From Shelves SUPERVISOR'S ANNUAL REPORT Town of Ontario * STATE OF ILLINOIS ) )ss. County of Knox ) The following is a statement by Kenneth L. Anderson, Supervisor of the Town of Ontario in the County end State aforesaid, of the amount of public funds received and expended by him during the fiscal year just closed, ending on March 27, 1973, showing the amount of public funds received and from what sources received, the amount of public funds expended and for what purposes expended, during fiscal year ending as aforesaid. The said supervisor, being duly sworn, doth depose and say that the following statement by him subscribed is a correct statement of public funds on hand at the commencement of the fiscal year above stated, the amount of public funds received, and the sources from which received, and the amount expended, and purposes for which expended, as set forth in said statement. The attached pages two through 4 is a complete list of expenditures for the fiscal year ending March 27, 1973, KENNETH L. ANDERSON, Supervisor Signed and sworn to before me on March 27, 1973. W. M. BOWMAN, Notary Public RECAPITULATION TOWN FUND RECEIPTS Funds Received 1 Amount Taxes from Levy of this Fiscal Year .$ 9,464.07 Balance on hand (at beginning of the fiscal year) 10,520.54 Rent on Polling Place 45.00 $8.78 SS .. 141.22 Teresa R. Anderson, Clerk for Social Security $50.00 -12.93 SS J T. Whitman, Labor $425.00; 24,88 SS; $19.00 WH; 2 29 State Tax 111. Office Supply Co., Office Supplies RECAPITULATION GENERAL ASSISTANCE FUND IIBI/Eilrlo Fowls Received Taxes from Levy of this Fiscal Year $ 1,807, Balance on Hand (at Beginning of the Fiscal Year) .. 8,941.01 47.07 378.85 48.42 Amount Total ...$ 10,838.83 EXPENDITURES For What Expended Amount Home Relief ,.$ 133.88 Total Receipts $ 10,838.63 Total Expenditures 133.66 Total Receipts $ 20,029.61 EXPENDITURES For What Expended Amount Compensation of Town Officers $ 7,934.19 WASHINGTON (UPI) - An,Labeled assortment of frozen mustard greens—believed to be contaminated by insects, sand and grass — and some canned tomatoes and mushrooms were recalled voluntarily Friday by several food firms. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said the recalled mustard greens were packaged by Southern Frozen Foods of Montezuma, Ga., and distributed principally in Tennessee, Georgia, Arkansas, Texas and Virginia by the Kroger Co. of Cincinnati, Ohio. Kroger could not estimate how many of the 10-ounce "finest peeled pear- shaped tomatoes in heavy puree," the 28-ounce cans were produced by Milos Citrus and Fruits Product Co., Nahariya, Israel, and distributed by First National Stores Inc., Somerville, Mass., in New England states and New Jersey and New York. The firm said the swelling in the cans was caused by an unidentified slow - growing micro-organism. The Four-H Corp. of Imlay City, Mich., recalled more than 200 cases of canned mushrooms because of swollen cans, according to the FDA. The mushrooms, labeled Election Expense Town Hall Expense Town Officers' Expense Other Services and Expenses 154.55 45.00 544.15 209.00 Total Expenditures $ 8,886.1 Total Receipts $ 20,029.61 Total Expenditures ..$ 8,886.89 packages were involved, but it "Imlay brand pieces and stems included all lots on retail mushrooms," were distributed shelves, the FDA said. Some 13,000 cases of canned tomatoes were recalled because of swollen and rusty cans. in Illinois and Michigan in four- ounce cans. There was no indication what caused the swelling ,cans, the FDA said. Ex-Convict Dies In Jail Escape FORT LAUDERDALE/ Fla. (UPI) — Using a tiny concealed pistol, an ex-convict and his younger brother tried to break out of the city jail Friday and wounded two policemen. The escape attempt ended with the convict dead. A blast of buckshot killed Richard Hyder, 32, as he and his brother tried to make their way out of the jail and to a waiting car, using a wounded officer as a hostage. Police said Hyder was known widely in south Florida as a man who had sworn never to be taken alive again by police. Both Hyder and his brother, Lee, about 26, were fugitives wanted on armed robbery charges, police said. They were spotted in a Fort Lauderdale bar along with two other men Friday afternoon by two off-duty officers who called fellow policemen to the scene. The officers took a pistol from each of the men and arrested them without incident. They were searched again on arrival at the jail. Once inside, however, Richard Hyder pulled his hidden automatic pistol. Police said a single shot wounded officer Fred Holmes* in the hand and then hit officer Fred Hollowell in the stomach. Hollowell was reported in good condition and Holmes' wound was minor. Acting Police Chief Leo Callahan said Holmes had offered to act as a hostage to guarantee the safe conduct of the brothers out of the jail so doctors could treat Holloway. Callahan said after a quick conference with fellow officers, he determined "that this thing had to end here within the police building if at all possible." Police agreed to leave an unmarked car at the front door and clear nearly 100 officers with rifles and shotguns away from the building. Callahan said he secretly stationed several officers at key locations inside the building. Hyder spotted one of the hidden officers and swung to fire at him. Callahan said Hyder went down with a shotgun blast in the chest and at least one pistol bullet. Lee Hyder suffered a gash on the head which Callahan said he received when he "bit the dust" to avoid the gunfire and bumped his head. Richard Hyder was convicted of two armed, robberies in Florida in 1962 and later was also sentenced for a third holdup. He had escaped from a mental hospital and was wanted on two counts of armed robbery in Houston and at least two more in Florida. It was not known what offense Lee Hyder was wanted for. Balance $ 11,142.72 To Whom Paid For What Purpose Expended Treasurer of 111., S.S. for 197f Pro-rated Expenses State Employees Retirement System, Social Security Int. Revenue Service, 1st Quarter Withholding Tax ... 111. Dept. of Rev., 1st Quarter Withholding Tax T. Whitman, Labor $475 ; 24.70 SS, WH 25.30, St. Tax 3.54 Lucas, Brown, McDonald, Lawyer's Fees for 1971 ... P. F. Pettibone & Co., Town Meeting & Budget Set Walter Holmes, Audit $15—.78 SS .'. Carl E. Peterson, Audit $15-78 SS Duane Rylander, Audit $15—.78 SS Rio Printing Co., Ballots Galesburg Register-Mail, Printing Notice T. Whitman, Labor $350; 18.20 SS, WH 6.10, St. Tax .54 Walter Holmes, Audit $15.00—.78 SS Carl E. Peterson,'Audit $15.00—.78 SS Duane Rylander, Audit $15.00—.78 SS City of Oneida, Rent on Polling Place T. Whitman, Labor $550; $28.60 SS, 38.90 WH, 5.54 St. Tax •_ _ Walter Holmes, Audit 15.00—.78 SS •_ Carl E. Peterson, Audit 15.00—.78 SS Duane Rylander, Audit 15.00-78 SS State Employee's Retirement System of 111. Social Security Unit 111. Rev. Service, 2nd Quarter WH Tax 111. Dept. of Rev., 2nd Quarter State WH Tax T. Whitman, Salary $350; 18.20 SS; 6110 WH; .54 St. Tax .... Kenneth R. Peterson, Assessor Fee $875; 45.50 SS; 97.20 WH; 15.62 St. Tax Amount 5.25 255.32 112.30 16.61 Balance on Hand $ 10,704.97 Martin & Clark, Truck Parts ... Mitch's Service, Gas & Oil Case Power Equip., Parts Galesburg Auto Supply, Supplies Ken Co., Supplies Glenn Olson, Labor Welder's Supply Co., Supplies ... John difterd, Labor Harvey Brothers, Starter Repair Sec. of State, Truck License — Layo Ruhl, Labor Administration of Funds 4.80 21.15 18.84 9.32 54.20 75.00 21.36 9.00 19.02 5,00 12.00 200.00 Amount RECAPITULATION ROAD FUND RECEIPTS Funds Received Balance on Hand ait Beginning of this Fiscal Year March 28, 1972 , $16,193.34 Taxes, Property 15,182.42 Material and Services Sold 100.00 Refund 14.44 Total $ 31,490.20 EXPENDITURES Transfer to Special Gravel Tax Fund $ 3,000.00 Maintenance of Roads — 4,684.61 Oiling of Roads 1,734.54 Repairs to Machinery 1,326.48 Acquisition of land 3,000.00 Ughts 23.49 Administration 230.40 Insurance - 1,247.00 Total - $ 15,246.52 Total Receipts „..$ 31,490.20 Total Expenditures 15,246.52 421.46 50.00 16.45 14.22 14.22 14.22 10.00 8.80 325.16 14.22 14.22 14.22 30.00 476.96 14.22 14.22 14.22 157.04 71.50 9.62 325.16 716.68 Aledo Teacher Is Valley Forge Award Winner ALEDO — An Aledo social studies teacher, Mrs. Wilma Lund, Friday was presented a Valley Forge teachers medal from the Freedoms Foundation, Valley Forge. A teacher at North Side Junior High School, she was cited for teaching students the significance of freedom. Her work ircludes initiating field trips to local governmental agencies, tutoring students in history, initiating literary and exhibition contests and encouraging independent study programs. A Rock Island teacher, Miss Dorothy Dunn, also was awarded a medal for initiating a work study program, encouraging students to participate in the Illinois History Fair and arranging for students to attend local city council meetings. Award recipients are selected by an independent awards jury made up of chief or associate justices from state Supreme Courts and chief officers of na- Kenneth R. Peterson,.Travel Expense - —- 125.00 Walter Holmes, Audit $15.00—.78 SS 14.22 Carl E. Peterson, Audit $15.00-.78 SS 14.22 Duane Rylander, Audit $15.00—.78 SS 14.22 Galesburg Register-Mail, Print Annual Report 67.38 Walter Holmes, Audit $15.00—.78 SS 14.22 Carl E. Peterson, Audit $15.00—.78 SS 14.22 Duane Rylander, Audit $15.00-.78SS 14.22 Virginia Wittaker, Complete assessors books 106.30 T. Whitman, Salary $475.00; $24.70 SS; $25.30 WH; $3.54 St. Tax - - 421.46 Township Offocials of Illinois, Dues 50.00 T. Whitman, Salary $400.00; $20.80 SS; $15.10 WH; $1.79 St. Tax - 362.31 Carl E. Peterson, Audit $15.00—.78 SS 14.22 Duane Rylander, Audit 15.00—.78 SS - 14.22 State Employees Retirement System of 111., Social Security Unit . - - 230.88 111. Revenue Dept., WH Tax — 21.49 Federal Revenue Service, 3rd quarter WH Tax 143.60 Duane Rylander, Audit Special Meeting Sept. 18 $15.00—.78 SS 14.22 Carl E. Peterson, Special Meeting Sept. 18 $15.00— .78 SS - —. 14.22 Carl E. Peterson, Audit $15.00—.78 SS 14.22 Walter Holmes, Audit $15.00—.78 SS 14.22 T. Whitman, Salary $250.00; $13 SS 237.00 William A. Edwards, Mileage and Envelopes —William A. Edwards, 129 hrs. at $258.00—$13.42 SS Neil Rittenhouse, Attorney Fee Walter Holmes, Audit $15.00—.78 SS Carl E. Peterson, Audit $15.00—78 SS Duane Rylander, Audit $15.00—.78 SS T. Whitman, Salary $250.00—$13 SS Walter Holmes, Audit $15.00—.78 SS Carl E. Peterson, Audit $15.00—.78 SS City of Oneida, Rent on Polling Place Anderson State Bank, Rent on Lock Box T. Whitman, Salary $525.00; 27.30 SS; 35.50 WH; 4.79 St. Tax .. E. J. Tupper Abstract Co., Title Insurance State Employees Retirement System of Illinois, Social Security Unit 4th Qt. Int. Rev. Service, 4th Quarter Tax FWH State Dept. of Rev., 4th Quarter WH Tax Duane Rylander, Audit $15.00—.88 SS Walter Holmes, Audit $15.00— .88 SS Carl E. Peterson, Audit $15.00— .88 SS T. Whitman, Salary $325.00; 19.01 SS 2.80 FWH T. Whitman, Salary $350.00 ; 20.48 SS; 7.30 FWH; .54 St. Tax ... . Duane Rylander, Audit $15.00—.88 SS Walter Holmes, Audit $15.00— .88 SS Carl E. Peterson, Audit $15.00—.88 SS Galesburg Register-tMaii, Caucus Notice Carl E. Peterson, Audit $15.00— .88 SS Duane Rylander, Audit $15.00— .88 SS 54.60 244.58 27.50 14.22 14.22 14.22 237.00 14.22 14.22 15.00 3.00 457.41 131.50 147.48 35.50 4.79 14.12 14.12 14.12 303.19 321.68 14.12 14.12 14.12 3.50 14.12 14.12 Balance $ 16,243.68 To Whom Paid For What Purpose Expended Quints Tire Service, Tire Repair $ Illinois Power Co., Lights — Glenn Olson, Labor V.T.S., Test Truck Illinois Power Co., Lights Mitch's Service, Gas & Oil ........ Lee Implement Co., Repairs Glenn Olson, Labor Anderson Ins. Agency, Ins. on Dump Truck 85 GB 371684 Galesburg Supply, Patch Material — Mitch's Service, Gas & Oil — Litchfield Bros., Truck Repair John W. Lewis, Sec. of State, Truck License B. F. Goodrich, Tires Ulinois Power Co., Lights Welders Supply Co., Repair torch & gauge Holmes Service, Gas & Oil John Clifford, Labor Shane Whitman, Labor — Bill Turner, Labor Anderson Ins. Agency, Contractors Equip. Ins. 853ZM285884 Special Gravel Tax Fund, $3,000 to cover overdraft ~ Mitch's Service, Gas & Oil . .— — Altona Co-Op, Repairs Spoon River FS Inc., Fuel Illinois Power Co., Lights Glenn Olson, Labor — Lee Implement Co., Repairs T. Whitman, Haul Rock Clifford L. Anderson Ins. Agency, Comprehensive Liability, Workmans Compensation, Inland Marine T. Whitman, Haul Rock Holmes Service, Gas & Oil — Midwest Materials & Supply, Culverts Mitch's Service, Gas & Oil — Ken Co., Supplies Galesburg Builders Supply, Patch Materials Bill Turner, Labor — Glenn Olson, Labor Lee Implement Co., Repairs Illinois Power Co., Lights Galesburg Auto Supply, Supplies Bill Turner, Labor Galesburg Builders Supply, Patch Material Lee Implement Co., Repairs Altona Co-Op, Repairs Spoon River FS Inc., Fuel & Oil Illinois Power Co., Lights Welders Supply Co., Supplies — : Bruce Shepherd, Labor Glenn Olson, Labor Neil Rittenhouse, Joe Chockley's Contract Clifford L. Anderson Ins. Agency Bal. Workman's Compensation Kenneth L. Anderson, Return money spent for permit request Amount 5.00 1.52 125.00 3.75 5.79 14.70 64.81 150.00 157.00 77.62 16.67 6.25 5.00 35.67 2.40 86.04 16.50 •> 24.00 24.00 150.00 330.00 3,000.00 15.49 34.47 73.25 1.12 50.00 6.26 726.00 RECAPITULATION , SPECIAL GRAVEL TAX FUND RECEIPTS Funds Received Amount Balance on Hand at Beginning of this Fiscal Year March 28, 1972 - f «2 ,4 J! 13 Taxes, Property - - 12,107.98 Transferred from Road & Bridge Fund 3.00000 Total - - $ 18,588.11 EXPENDITURES For What Expended Amount Maintenance of Roads * 8,232.54 Administration ..: - 175 -0O Return money to Road & Bridge Fund 3,000.00 Total - .$11,407.54 Total Receipts $ 18,588.11 Total Expenditures 11,407.54 Balance $ 7,180.57 To Whom Paid For What Expended Amount Tom Whitman, Haul Rock $ 873.30 Abdngdon Rock Co., Rock 398.82 T. Whitman, Haul Rock 760.10 Long Rock Co., Rock 331.16 Abingdon Rock Co., Rock 630.25 Long Rock Co., Rock 323.75 T. Whitman, Haul Rock - 608.00 Long Rock Co., Rock 215.54 Abingdon Rock Co., Rock 599.35 Long Rock Co., Rock .: 27.92 Road & Bridge Fund, Money transferred June 24, 1972 3,000.00 T. Whitman, Haul Rock 59.30 Abingdon Rock Co., Rock 97.02 ~ Whitman, Haul Rock 296.00 Abingdon Rock Co., Rock 70.13 Whitman, Haul Rock 172.50 Abingdon Rock Co., Rock 24.09 Abingdon Rock Co., Rock 738.84 Whitman, Haul Rock . 924.30 Abingdon Rock Co., Rock 508.42 Tom Whitman, Haul Rock 573.75 Administration of Funds 175.00 SPECIAL BRIDGE FUND Amount on hand at beginning of year No Expenditures Balance on Hand .$ 137.76 .$ 137.76 RECAPITULATION BUILDING & EQUIP. FUND RECEIPTS Funds Received Amount Funds on hand at beginning of Fiscal Year — $ .00 Tax Money - 2,890.74 Illinois Tax Distribution 3,406.75 Total Receipts $ 6,297.49 EXPENDITURES For What Expended Amount Josiah W. Chockley & Sharon L. Chockley (Foster Property) . .... ...$ 2,000.00 Anderson State Bank, For Blank Checks 5.90 Total $ 2,005.90 Total Receipts $ 6,297.49 Total Expenditures 2,005.90 Balance on Hand ~ $ 4,291.59 742.00 140.00 42.85 88.80 19.49 135.42 107.53 75.00 50.00 8.53 1.12 10.75 175.00 156.40 5.48 12.00 55.29 1.38 17.69 80.00 125.00 10.00 18.00 15.00 RECAPITULATION REVENUE FUND RECEIPTS Funds Received On hand at beginning of Fiscal Year $ U.S. Treasury 2,750.00 U.S. Treasury 2,641.00 Amount .00 Total Receipts .... - $ 5,391.00 EXPENDITURES For What Expended Amount Anderson State Bank, For Blank Checks $ 5.90 Total $ Total Receipts $ 5,391.00 Total Expenditures 5.90 5.90 Balance on Hand $ 5,385.10 "THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK' Waiter Holmes, Audit $15.00— 88 SS tional, patriotic and veteran or- 1 Robert Henderson, Clerk Service $350.00—$20.48 ganizations and service clubs. 1 Robert Henderson, Travel Expense L. Anderson, Supr. $600 00; $35.10 SS; 69.40 As the Hyder brothers and Freedoms Foundation encour-i Kenneth Holmes left the cellblock and,ages support of fundamental! WH; 10.95 St walked to the second floor!freedoms through education and!Kenneth L. Anderson, Travel & General Expense lobby, Callahan said Richard (awards programs. J Kenneth L. Anderson, General Assistance $150.00- Gunther Construction Co., Oiling Roads ~ —- 1,734.54 Altona Coop, Repairs on Dirt Loader 291.30 Illinois Power Co., Lights - 112 Glenn Olson, Labor - 100.00 Josiah Chockley & Sharon Chockley, Foster Property 3,000.00 Anderson State Bank, Blank Checks 5.40 Galesburg Builders Supply, Supplies 287.50 Harvey Brothers, Repairs - 1310 Glenn Olson, Labor - — - 50.00 Illinois Power Co., Lights - 1-12 Mitch's Service, Gas & Oil . 29.17 Ken Co., Supplies - 7.83 Mitch's Service, Gas & Oil 83.85 Altona Co-Op, Repairs 139.74 Spoon River FS Inc 105.87 Glenn Olson, Labor 75.00 John Clifford, Labor 20.0C Shane Whitman, Labor : 24.0( Illinois Power Co., lights ---- 1.12 Galesburg Auto Supply, Supplies - — 21.0C Illinois Power Co., Lights '- 112 Lee Implement Co., Repairs 77.86 Holmes Service, Gas & Oil 20.80 Mitch's Service, Gas & Oil 41.53 Peoria Tractor Equip., Repairs —- 271.96 Glenn Olson, Labor 50.00 Johnson Construction Co., Grade Lot 800.00 Illinois Power Co., Lights 4.55 14.12 j Altona Co-Op .. ... 118.43 329.52 Lee implement Co., Repairs 50.00 Glenn Olson, Labor ..... Shane Whitman, Labor J aX T is"/- r"c 484.55 Holmes Service, Gas & Oil T-„.^I B. n i c 150.00, Lee Implement Co., Repairs Illinois Power Co., Lights ... 8.00 75.00 16.00 12.70 8.45 1.12 :mmm Over th* put decade "Th* Fpuk* Monster" has periodically terrorized people in this •maU fanning and ranching community in Southwest Arkansas near Ttxarkssa, Ar­ kansas. On several occasions nallon-wlde publicity has be*n locusad on th* appearance of th* creaiura, dsscribad by *y*« wlinasMS as Marly asvan loot tall, weighing an asiimaiad 290 pounds, smslUng lika a "pigpen" and abla io walk uptight and run unbaliavably last on two lags. Tha craaiura •mits larrifying aarlh-shaklng scraams and his ayas report- adly shin* Aright rad In th* glars ol lights. Savaral paopla hava required treatment for shock after their encounter with th* creature. Scores ol attempts to track down th* "monster" have been thwarted because ol his elusive habits and U's apparent high level intelligence. He seldom emerges from tha thickly wooded forest and swampland of th* Sulpher Hlver bottoms, and only then under th* covet of night. Dogs *«* terrified of th* creature even to the point where trained tearless hunting hounds refuse to track it after picking up lis scent. Traps and other schemes to capture the "monster" have met with no success. It would lsk* at lsast 10.000 men to encircle and sweep th* woods to capture him. This composite picture of lh* creature that emerged is th* sub]*ct of "Th* Legend of Boggy Creek." STARTS THURSDAY Thii It A True Story . . . Orpheum Thtarrt 1

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