Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 31, 1963 · Page 19
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 19

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 31, 1963
Page 19
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THE DOCTOR SAYS Colitis Is Traced To Emotional Acts Are you one of the growing number of persons,who has an irritable bowel? Som.) doctors call if. mucous colitis or spastic colitis. But no matter" what they call it, it can make you pretty uncom fortable. Many a so-called stomach-ache or bout of griping pains is due to an irritable bowel. These pains shift around in the abdomen and tend to come in intermittent spasms. Some of these spasms may make you double-up with pain. Within a few mhiutes or a few hours you may pass some gas or a thin formed or watery stool and this always gives temporary relief. This disease is as common as the emotional tension that is' its underlying cause. Just about ev erybody has had rt at one time or another. In its chronic persistent form the lower bowel becomes so resentful that it pours out a large amount of mucus. The food that is eaten is passed through the digestive tract so fast that digestion is not complete and the victim loses weight. A vicious cycle is set up in that the pain, bloating, and abdominal distress have a bad effect on one's disposition. Emotfonal tension mounts, tempei's flare up and you are off on another round of spasms. Treatments must aim at breaking this cycle by soothing the nerves and soothing the colon. First of all it is important for the victim to know that there is no connection between this disease and ulcerative colitis or cancer. It may, however, be necessary to make sure that there isn't a chronic. dysentery due to ameba that will keep the trouble going until all the amcbas are cleaned out. Every effort must then be made to resolve any stressful situations that may be aggravating the trouble. This is often the hardest part of the treatment. Meanwhile, you cannot neglect the bowel itself. All laxatives must be avoided and for a while at least laxative foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, pickles, jams, and spices must be omitted from the diet. Skimmed milk, cheese, well-cooked meat, eggs, ci 'ackers, and bread or toast should constitute the main ele ments of the diet. Weak tea should be substituted for coffee. Some drugs such as barbiturates may help soothe both the nerves and the bowel. They should be taken for a short period only and not without strict medical supervision because they are habjt- formrng. If, as a result of treatment, you find that you have become constipated you should use an enema of eight ounces of plain warm water held for at least five minutes before passing. In addition you should cautiously add a small portion of cooked green vegetable or cooked fruit to your daily diet. The amount can be gradually increased as you continue to improve but at the first sign of a recurrence of spasms go back to a bland diet. Some people have had to follow a rigid diet for years to keep the spasms under control because of a difficult situation at home or at work that cannot be readily resolved. That's why, if you can't learn to control your emotions as an adult, it is doubly important that you seek help in teaching your children to control theirs. By WAYNE 0. BRANDSTADT, M.D. Newspaper Enterprise Assn. After all, you wouldn't want them to go through life. with colitis, too. Families Hold Reunion at . Andover NEW WINDSOR - A group of New Windsor relatives joined other members at (be Nelson- Johnson family reunion July 28 at the American Legion Hall at Andover Sunday. The 94 who attended included Mrs. Esther Swenson and daughter of Smoland, Kan. Others were from Carson City, Neb., North Henderson, Rio, Oalesburg, Moline, Cambridge, Dixon, Woodhull, Viola, Galva, Davenport, la., London Mills and Ophiem. Mr. and Mrs. Gunnard Carlson of Now Windsor and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Johnson of Moline were named In charge of the 1964 reunion the same date and at the same location. Dn't use iodized salt for pickling because it may cause discoloration. That's Gratitude? CASPER, Wyo. (AP) - Floyd Baca, 16, of Casper, decided to play Good Samaritan when he saw some motorists changing a flat tire. He offered to help. While Baca was changing the tire, the car slipped from the jack and fell on his leg. The car owners jacked the car up again, put on the spare tire and drove off — leaving Baca lying in the road.» Golesburg Register-Mail, Gafesburg, lit. Wed., July 31, 1963 19 Cream Cake Will Please Dinner Guests Your guests will love this elegant dessert. Roast Pork Buttered Rice Red Cabbage Cottage Cheese and Pineapple Salad Raspberry Cream Cake Beverage Raspberry Cream Cake 1 package HO ounces) frozen raspberries 1 single 8 -inch white cake V2 pint heavy cream 3 tablespoons sugar V2 teaspoon vanilla Defrost and drain raspberries thoroughly; reserve syrup for another use. Slice cake layer in half horizontally. Whip cream until stiff, gradually adding sugar and vanilla toward end of beating. Spread one of the cut surfaces of cake wilh some of the cream; arrange raspberries over cream; add another layer of cfeatft. Us« about one-third of the whipped cream for this filling. Top with remaining cake. Cov* cr filled cake with remaining whipped cream; garnish as desired. Refrigerate until serving lime. Always melt paraffin over hot water — never over direct heat. Artichokes Add Prestige to Ladies Lunch Sliced Chicken and Ham Platter Artichoke Hearts Vinaigrette Hot Rolls Strawberry Meringue Beverage Artichoke Hearts Vinaigrette 1 package (9 ounces) frozen artichoke hearts 2 tablespoons olive oil 2 tablespoons red wine vinegar \\ teaspoon dry mustard Cook artichoke hearts according to package directions, using the amount of water and salt called for; drain. In a shallow flat container, beat together with a fork the olive oil, vinegar and mustard. Chill, turning artichoke hearts in marinade once or twice. Serve on salad greens. Makes 3 to 4 servings. Double recipe if desired. Nice for company: unmold vanilla Bavarian cream 011 a large round platter and surround wilh slices of old-fashioned jelly roll. If the cream was made in a ring mold, you can fill the center with fresh fruit. /A RED& WHITE FOOD STORES Banquet Chicken, Turkey or Beef Dinners *«•< 39c Red & White Brand Frozen 6-oz. Cons Lemonade 5 c 6 -. 59c Fine For Grilling GREEN ONIONS each or RADISHES Solid Heads LETTUCE Peaches Each lb. 10c 10c Our Value Brand Pork & Beans Red Beans or Kidney Beans 15-oz. Cans 10 Cans 1 Mix 'em or Match 'em CHUCK STEAK Smoked Cottage Butts Ground Beef .49 Try this on your rotisserie Tender Hickory Smoked Boneless . D Pork Shoulder Butts 49 Ground Fresh Daily LBS. Longhorn CHEESE Sea I test Six Pack Novelty Sale 00 Red & White Brand /} Marshmallows L CLIFFCHAR CHARCOAL 10 & 49c Gulf Brand Charcoal Lighter ----Q— &» 29 C PUFFS Facial Tissue c ^_4 „ 1 White Big Roll Luncheon Napkins 50 Count Scott Towels 2 *» 59c Scotkins 2»«« 33c Duncan Hines CAKE MIX 4c OFF SALE 3 Boxes 99C LUCKY QALS SWEEPSTAKES GET COMPLETE DETAILS HERE Flovorkist Saltines«••>•«« 29c Regular 89c Bufferin 69c Deodorant MUM «' "» 33c DREFT 2 £t 69c Sta-Flo uqu,d 23c vm *B • aw STARCH Quart •••^w Sta Puf FABRIC 45c V * • *mm SOFTENER Pt. M Sta-Flo SPRAY 49c W M • " W STARCH «-o«. • * Flovorkist Saltines«••>•«« 29c Regular 89c Bufferin 69c Deodorant MUM «' "» 33c DREFT 2 £t 69c ZEST Soap 2 & 29c LAVA 2 1% 35c Ivory Flakes • 2 Box 9e5 69c IN LONDON MILLS IN ABINGDON IN WATAGA C&R KRONSTED'S Anderson's MARKET MARKET Market IN KNOXVTLLE IN ONEIDA MEL SAYRS' H&J GROCERY SUPER MKT. IN GALESBURG JERRY'S PETE'S EVANS SUPERETTE MARKET GROCERY 497 East Berrien 788 North Seminary St. 632 South West St.

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