Florence Morning News from Florence, South Carolina on April 11, 1970 · Page 27
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Florence Morning News from Florence, South Carolina · Page 27

Florence, South Carolina
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 11, 1970
Page 27
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yiurfttrr jRnnilng 3ftma Saturday, aprii n, 1 970-11 Kathleen Hughes Says She Is Still Growing Up Kathleen Huahei Hidn M AV- I lifting T-c.jn.-fin 'f, i r - Kathleen Huabes didn peel typing to be part of her secretarial duty. She had trouble the firs day on the job. "All the keys got tangled up," she said. "I wish they had warned me ahead of time that I'd have to type. I would have practiced." Fortunately acting was more important than typing, so she itejit ner jod as "Mitch," secretary to producer Kevin Grant (Peter Haskell), in "Bracken's World," colorcast on me nuv Television Network Fridays (10-11 p.m.). "I've played an awful lot of secretaries," said Kathleen. "I had the ninning part of a secretary in 'The Survivors," loo. I . took typing in . the .seventh grade. I've always wanted to study shorthand. When T grow up, I'm going to do that. There are a million things I want to do when I grow up." Kathleen Hughes looks young enougn to make the comment sound natural. It bcepmes amusing with the discovery or Kathleen's impressive credentials, professionally and personally. On the personal side she is the wife of Stanley Rubin, the actual producer of "Bracken's World," They have four children one girl and three boys, ranging in ase from 3 m 13 years. Kathleen became an actress apparently for two reasons, "When I was 13, 1 saw a flfm with Donald O'Connor," she said. "Acting looked like fun." The oilier reason involver her uncle, playwright F. Hugh Herbert, autbor Df "Kiss and Tell" and "The Moon Is Blue," among others. "My uncle always told me I could never be in pictures because I'm too tall." said Kathleen, who is five-feet-nine. He saw all the leading men are short. I think one of the reasons I stuck to acting was to iirove him wroner. He workri at this stuido and, well, here I am. Kathleen was "discovered" in a little theatre oroductinn in 1948 and signed to a seven-year contract with Mil Century-Fox, vhere she made 14 films She made five films for Universal Studios. TV credits Include snows with Frank Sinatra, Alnn Yoime, Alfred Hitchcock, Bob Cummings, John ForsyHie and others. Sh9 considers "Th Glass Web." with Edward C. .Robinson, her best film and credits Pau! Henreid with liv ing tier the first major break ivnen ne chose her lor the alluring blonde in the film "For Men Only," now ap Bearing under the title of "The Tall Lie." Her . favorite stage role was J he Seven Year Itch," though it interfered with her own hon eymoon. "The nlav started the rtav following our wedding and ran a month in La Jolla," said Kathleen. "We were 100 miles apart the first month of out marriage." Kathleen credits yoga for her youthful look. "It's the onlv kev In PrnwiTif.' . J a via wimout acnes and pains she said. "All four of our childreji can sit in the lotus position, even the baby," Suddenly she asked, "Aren't you going to ask me about karate?" Karate? "Yes," Kathleen renlied "T got interested in it while doing i'ne JTesMtent's Analyst.' The sal in the film skidied knrafp It was such a funny iijea. I started the children on judo lessons. I washed and became so exicted that I asked if I could join the class. Tliis wasn't w).ssible. so T took private lessons in jukado, which is a mijeturp of iudn anil karate. The boys have an orange belt. I'm working on a blue belt." Anything ehve? "Yes," smiled Kathleen "I plan to take un naintinsr. . when I grow up." Wed. Night TV Schedules 7:00 (2) Marshal Dillon (3) Lucy Show (5) CBS News (fi) Wednesday Night Movie: Affair to Keniember" (9) VV'SOC Wednesday Movie : "Munsters G o Home" (10) News Report (13) Rat Palrol (13) - Sgt. tlilko (25) Hennessey 7.31) (2,25) NANNY AND THE PROFESSOR: "The Philosopher's Stone" Nanny's psychology backfires when she gives unconfident Hal Everett a stone that is said to fulfill three wishes for its owner. (3) The Virginian (5,13,19) HEE HAW: Guests are: Merele Haggard and the Hagers. (10) THE VIRGINIAN: "The Drifter" The storv of how the Virginian first arrived at Sililoh Ranch and found himself working against Judge Garth. 8:00 (2,25 ) THE COURTSHIP OF EDDIE'S FATHER: "Bully For You" Mrs. Livingston brings out the girl in tomboy Joey Kelly, thereby saving Eddie from more black eyes. a:dU (2,25) ROOM 222 "Our Teacher is Obsolete DUKE OPTICIANS Complete Eye Glass Service PH. 63-04?l Flo' While Liz Melnlyre acts as substitute teacher in preparation for marriage class, students petition to have her replace older Miss Tandy. (,13) - MEDICAL CENTER : When Dr. Gannon's teaching assistant becomes ill he feels there is an underlying psychiatric reason for her behavior and begins to investigate her background to find the cause. (19) Run For Your Life 9:00(2,3,25) - JOHNNY CASH SHOW: Guests: Judy C'ohins, Bobby Goldsboro and George Jones. (6,0,10) - APOLLO 13 COVERAGE: Audio portion of descent and lauding on moon of lunar module. rrank McGee i s anchorman. 9:30 (5,13,19) AQUARIUS ON THE MOON: Flight of Apollo 13. Walter Cronkite and Wally Schirra report 9:35 (2,3,25) - EXPLORING THE LUNAR HIGHLANDS Jules Bergman and Frank Reynolds report. 10:00(2,3,2 5) THE ENGLEEERT HUM-PERD1NCK SHOW: Guests: The Four Tops, Elke Sommer and Carl BaHaiitine. 11:30 (5,13,19) - Merv Griffin Show (2,3,25) - Dick Cavett Show (0,9,10) Tonight Show 1 :00 (3) - Cameo Theatre (5) Laurel and Hardy Theatre (9,10) Lunar Walk (13) The Invaders (19) - TEA 2:00 rX5;iS,19j'- Lanar Valk BOY AND A BALL Brandon Cruir young star of ABC Television Network's "The Courtship of Eddie's Father' aggressively boots ihe sorter ball during a playtime period between classes and acting at MGM Studio whore he attends school and where the Wednesday night series is filmed. Coffeehouses Sponsored By Churches Examined the phenomena behind the growth of church-sponsored coffeehouses in the United States will be examined on "The Coffeehouse Ministry" on "Look Up and Live" Sunday (10:30-11 a.m., EST) in color on the CBS Television Network. A highlight of the broadcast will be the public debut of this year's theme song of the National Conference of Christians and Jews, titled "Brotherhood Begins With Respect." . There will also be a segment studying coffeehouses In such disparate areas as Worcester, Mass., the Harlem ection of New York City and Chestnut HjJl, Pa., and a- discussion of how such estaolisnin'critV' are founded, their theological implications and church involvement in their operation. Participants are the Rev. George M. Chapman Jr., direc tor of youth ministry fur Tmmamiel Episcopal Church, Wilmington, Del., which operates a coffeehouse in its basement, and Kathv Kovacs commons, O., secretary and founder of a Methodist Church-backed coffeehouse there. CBS News Reporter Steven Young is the moderator. - - "Look L'p and Live" is a presentation of CBS News, with Pamela Ilott executive producer. "The Coffeehouse Chalmers Dale-and riuxcted by Portmah .Paget-. .-. . WHAT'S NEW 111 THE "i Sec us for the most modern floorinjr Complete selection of colors flFCoO'? COVERING j IB' . T '.'T"' TIB fM ESTIMATES CALL CALL 669-7471 1 m s, cajHua. dr.

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