Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on May 5, 1973 · Page 5
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 5

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 5, 1973
Page 5
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Ill The Armed Forces Marine Lance Cpl. Larry D. Smith, son of Mrs. Maggie Smith, 932 S. Chambers St., recently participated in Operation Rum Punch in Puerto Ilico with the 2nd Engineer Battalion, 2nd Marine Division. The operation was a combined amphibious tr&ining exercise conducted with units of the British Royal Marine Commandos. Smith's unit is homebased at the Marine Corps Air Station, New River, N. C. Leo A. Bowers, son of Mr. end Mrs. Leo A. Bowers, 1092 S. Chambers St., and David R. Voorhees, son of Mrs. Lena M. Voorhees, Abingdon, recently completed eight weeks of basic training at the U.S. Army Training Center, Infantry, Ft. Polk, La. Pvt. Anthony L. E. Cecil, son o! Mrs. Marjorie E. Cecil, 525 Iowa Court, recently completed nine weeks of advanced individual training at the U.S. Army Infantry Training Center, Ft. Polk, La. Your Horoscope Mayor Issues Job for Youths Proclamation Employers have been asked to list their summer job openings with the Illinois State Employment Service in a proclamation issued by Mayor Robert Cabeen designating the months to come as Summer Jobs for Youth Time. The mayor urged an early listing of job needs so employers may take advantage of the wid est selection of youthful job seekers. Thelma M. Basley, manager of the Galesburg office of the Illinois State Employment Service at 272 E. Simmons St., asked employers to call the office, 343-3171, and place all orders for summer help, as students are already applying for jobs, being screened and are job ready for immediate referral. DUCK INN 2400 GRAND AVE. J43-031S Plat du' Jour (Plate of the day) BEEF BOURGNON Salad— 3 Veg. & Dessert — $5.00 Coq Au Vin (chicken In red wine and brandy), salad, 3 Vegetables and Dessert $3.50 Strvlng 8>t. St Sun. from 11 a.m. BUSTER'S BAR-B-QUE OPEN SAT., MAY 5th 4 P.M. lo 1 A.M. SUN., MAY 6th 2 P.M. to 3 P.M. Hickory Stroked BAR-B-QUE 680 Monmouth Blvd. By FRANCES DRAKE Look in the section in which your birthday comes and find what your outlook is, according to the stars. FOR MONDAY, MAY 7, im March 21 to April 20 (Aries) — Leave no wide gaps in either plans or schedule. Opportunities are up for grabs. Make sure you are in the receiving line early. April 21 to May 21 (Taurus) — More gains indicated than you may anticipate. But there will be SOME obstacles, so pick your way alertly and cautiously — but without anxiety. May 22 to June 21 (Gemini) |— Keep your head when the going may be tedious, out-of-hand or even "rough." Day has many advantages if you keep on plugging in spite of obstacles. June 22 to July 23 (Cancer) — Dan't split hairs when it comes to making important moves or decisions. Neither so diversify your activities that you accomplish tellingly in none July 24 to Aug. 23 (Leo) Avoid a tendency to overdo things. Stars promise advancement if you are resourceful and accurate, but you MUST have a definite plan. Don't rush into undertakings unprepared. Aug. 24 to Sept. 23 (Virgo) — Continue work on worthwhile projects even if temporarily bored. Don't go off on tangents just to relieve tedium, and DO retain confidence in your goals an J your ability to attain them. Sept. 24 to Oct. 23 (Libra) Avoid fatigue. It could dim your .vision, blind you to opportunities, of which there are many now. Also, avoid extremes and exaggeration. Oct. 24 to Nov. 22 (Scorpio) [Bring deals to their profitable conclusions when you are sure the moment is right. You are a productive thinker, can put imagination into things. DO! Nov. 23 to Dec. 21 (Sagittarius) — Some matters will run smoothly; others may need greater effort and better direction. In the latter case, a change in procedure might do the trick. Dec. 22 to Jan. 20 (Capricorn) — Stellar influences excellent for constructive action. If judicious plans have already been made, carry them out smartly; make some, if you note a stalemate to progress. Jan. 21 to Feb. 19 (Aquarius) — In everyday matters, give a [little! You will be surprised at the results. Your lively imagination can give a time-worn or thinly devised project the boost it requires. Feb. 20 to March 20 (Pisces) — Your intuition and perception should be keen now. Under prevailing influences, you should win advancement, increase prestige. YOU BORN TODAY are gifted with the many assets needed for a long succession of achievements and as much happiness as one can crowd into a lifetime. emrv,jr faywrihouqhty Dear Penny, I feel Just like the woman did who wrote to your column recently about sex being taught in our schools. I'm with her 100 per cent. I think it should be left up to the mothers and fathers to tell their children what they should be told and when. I was around 14 years old when I was told all about sex. I think it should be taken out of our schools altogether. I have been told there are several young girls in high school here In Galesburg that are pregnant, and they are in a special class. I wonder if that is the reason they passed the law in Illinois for abortions to be done. I have my children raised, but I have grandchildren, and I certainly don't want to see them taught sex in schools. That is the reason so many young people have disease. Another Silent One Dear Silent, You are entitled to your opinions. That is what this column is all about. However, I don 't agree with them. It is a rare parent with the ability to sit down and discuss sex and anatomy with his child. The course which was offered in the schools required parental permission. Parents who didn't want their children to attend were not forced to send then* children to classes. Much the same information was dispensed to junior high school students over the years through a program instituted by the Knox County YMCA. Parents were required to accompany their child to the classes, and a small fee was charged. Don't you really believe it is better that all youngsters who desire information and have parental permission should be able to get it as part of their regular curriculum? Whether you are willing to face it or not, there is more venereal disease today among young persons simply because there is more sexual contact. VD is spread only one way . and that is not through any book in any course in school. Ignorance has never solved any problem, but parents who (believe it has had the option of keeping their children from learning the facts from the course that has been offered locally. Dear Penny, , After reading Disgusted Granny's letter about MATURE adults who toss little babies around like a sack of potatoes, I would like to say that I have read that such antics can actually bruise a baby's brain . . . among other serious injuries. Once again tell these idiots to play football with a football and not little babies. May I suggest you ask readers to send mail at least once a week in regard to this serious problem, and maybe the thrill-seekers will read them and wake up. Another Disgusted Granny Dear Another, Let 's hope the two mentions we have had will solve the problem. Dear Penny, Why don't the people of this area help out when they are needed at disaster areas like Oquawka and Keithsburg? To me Galesburg residents don't seem to care what happens in other towns and cities, just as long as it isn't Galesburg. If Galesburg was flooded, we'd want others to come and help us. Two days last week local radio stations announced that Oquawka and Keithsburg needed help and food for volunteers; Galesburg didn't respond too well. I know some people are too busy to donate time, but they could donate food. Many people use these cities along the Mississippi River to leave their boats. When the river rises, they only come down to get the boat... the devil with the town. I believe if you help your neighbor, they will help you. A Galesburg Believer in River Towns Dear Believer, Did you check the origin of every packet of food that came into the city? Do you know the hometown of every person that helped sandbagging levees? Do you know what agencies and groups contributed help for the flood area? I have a hunch that Galesburg did about as well as any place, and I base that on the fact that the city usually responds extremely well when there is a need. Thinking of you . . . Penny Send your questions to Penny, in care of the Galesburg Register-Mail. Penny will answer all letters to which a personal reply is desired. As many letters as space permits will be used in this column. Liz Okay, Now Pearl's Down Galesburg Register-Moil, Galesburg, HI. Saturday, May 5, 1973 5 Flea Market, Sweepstakes Planned BUSHNELL - Promotional plans were discussed when members of the Bushnell Chamber of Commerce met Wednesday at the Recreation Center. Don Pickens, the president, was in charge. Final plans were made for the June 2 antique flea market and arrangements were made for the June Sweepstakes when drawings for scrip will be conducted each Friday during the month. Scrip will be redeemable at participating merchants' places of business. May play days, which in- Bushnell MRS. JAY CLEMENS Correspondent Home AddreM: 860 W. Hurst St. Phone 772-2240 eluded a carnival for children, were held this week. Miss Marianne Thrasher was elected the new worthy adviser when Bushnell As­ sembly, Order of Rainbow for Girls met Wednesday night at the Masonic Temple. She will be installed June 3. The present worthy adviser, Miss Cheryl Ham, conducted the meeting. Members made plans to attend a school of instruction May 23 at Macomb. Bushnell Lions Club members planned a work night for next week. The work will include the arrangement of planters in the downtown area and painting of public restrooms on East Main Street. The club's shelterhouses are also scheduled to be painted this spring. History Panel Heads Listed List Menus Lunch menus at Bushnell- Prairie City schools for the week of May 7-11 include: Monday—hamburger sandwiches, French fries, spiced applesauce and oatmeal cake; Tuesday — macaroni and cheese, green beans, cherry crunch and peanut butter sandwiches; Wednesday — fried chicken, creamed potatoes, peaches, hot rolls and butter; Thursday — beanie wieners, buttered corn, cheese wedges, sliced pears and French bread and butter, and Friday — fish sticks and tartar sauce, mixed vegetables, fresh fruit salad, cinnamon rolls and butter. GALVA - The board of directors and 1973-74 committees were recently named to the Henry County Historical Society: They are R. T. Gustus, chairman, W. B. Olson, S. Leroy Mendel and Mrs. Beverly Spets, museum; Edward Stone, chairman, Eben Coll and Merrill Nystrom, museum lease; Gilbert Swanson, chairman, Miss Frances Rehn and W. D. Olson, library; Nystrom, chairman, historical and historic sites and tour; Swanson, chairman, Mendel, Miss Lilah Peterson, Miss Florence Scott, Mrs. Ronald Birr and Carl Burgston, membership; Olson, chairman, Oliver Gorham, 3 Plead Guilty In Fulton County Bum Check Rap LEWISTOWN - Three persons pleaded guilty to deceptive practices charges Thursday in Fulton County Circuit Court. James E. Redding, 22, Avon, pleaded guilty of deceptive practice and asked for probation. Judge Russell Myers set a hearing for May 22 in Fulton County Circuit Court. Redding allegedly cashed a $50 check at the Tempo Store in Canton Jan. 20 without sufficient funds in the Bushnell State Bank. Ronald Mendenhall and his wife of Altona pleaded guilty to seperate charges of deceptive practice and were each fined $25 and $22.80 costs. Mendenhall cashed a $200 check at a Liverpool tavern written on the National Bank of Canton, and his wife wrote a $103 check to a Canton auto dealer. Galva MRS. SUSAN HEPNER CORRESPONDENT Home Address: 24 NE Third| Ave. Phone 932-2725 SUNDAY SPECIAL — YOUR CHOICE Rib Eye *1.90 Chicken- $1.90 Catfish $3.00 Baked Potato - Tossed Salad KITCHEN OP£N 12 O'CLOCK KNOTTY PINE TAP WATAGA, ILL. — 375-9918 FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH CORNER OF CHERRY AND TOMPKINS Christian Family Month CHURCH SCHOOL 9:30 am "To Love A Child" 6 Galesburg Documentary Film (AN AMERICAN BAPTIST CHURCH) WORSHIP SERVICE 10:30 A.M. Baptism - Lord's Supper "THE GATHERED FAMILY" Table Talk CRESTON S. KLINGMAN—MINISTER OF MUSIC CARLTON G. CHRISTENSON—JAMES E. MILLER MINISTERS "THE BAPTIST HOUR" RADIO WAIK 11 A.M. EAGLES CLUB 74 N. CHAMBERS ST. Benefit Donee "Galesburg's Leading Fraternity" MUSIC BY MAX BAER HEART FUND SUNDAY, MAY 6 6-10 P.M. HI MORGAN'S r SSS $2.00 Per Person "DO YOUR PART TO SAVE A HEART" NEW ORLEANS (UPI) Entertainer Pearl Bailey spent the night in the hospital with an intestinal virus, but she said she expected to be back on stage soon. About People Miss Bailey, 55, was taken to Hotel Dieu Hospital with severe abdominal pains Friday, only hours before she was to open a nine-day stand at the Roosevelt Hotel's Blue Room. "This has fixed me up today," she said. "But I'll do those Blue Room shows." "It's an internal viral infection," a spokesman for the hospital said. "We're going to keep her in the hospital overnight just for observation The X-rays and the EKG (electrocardiogram) showed ev erything was fine." CORTINA D'AMPEZZO, Italy (UPI) — Actress Elizabeth Taylor returned to work Friday following a bout with the measles and a week-long quarantine. A spokesman said Miss Taylor came down with the disease last Friday while on location in this northern resort for the film "Ash Wednesday." He said Miss Taylor was "feeling much better" but would work only half-day schedules for the next week in order to recover her strength. George Swank, Merill Warner and Mrs. Al Evans, publications. June 10 was set as the date for the upcoming historical tour. A class in cosmetology will Baptist Group Given Reports On Flood Aid Community service leaders from churches in Western Illinois met Wednesday at Good Samaritan. Retreat Center near Lake Bracken to hear . Elder Jack Martz, director of the Illinois Conference Welfare Ministry, report the services given: hundreds of homeless people in' the flood areas in the state. Plans were laid to meet future emergencies. Superintendents of associational missions in Illinois also met at the Retreat Center May 3-4. Each superintendent is in charge of a number of churches in his district or region. World War II Club in Alexis To Host Meeting ALEXIS - Mothers of World War II, Unit 61, will host the organization's District 14 meeting May 9 at the Alexis Presbyterian Church. The Alexis chapter of Mothers of World War II held its April meeting recently at the Country Kitchen. Eight of the original charter members were honored at the meeting as Unit 61 cele- b:ated its 29th anniversary. A short business meeting was held at the close of supper hour. Tickets for articles to be given away during Progress Days in July were issued to members Tickets may be purchased by the public from any member of the organization. Mothers of World War II, Unit 61, asks that any mother of a veteran not having his or her name on the Alexis Honor Roll at Village Hall contact Herbert Phillips or Wes Allen. Unit 61 would like to update the board as soon as possible. Montagnards are a mountain Deople of Vietnam who live by hunting, fishing and farming. Now You Know ... By United Press International Oysters can see and hear for they react to light and sound. The pitcher's mound is exactly 60 feet, 6 inches from home plate in organized hardball. YES! Our Kitchen Is Open Monday Nights SPECIAL Rib-Eye-$1.49 Knotty Pine Top WATAGA, ILL. start June 10 under a contractual agreement between Black Hawk College and Kewanee School of Beauty Culture. Students in the program receive 1,500 hours of theoretical and practical experience which prepares them to take the state certification exam. They also receive a certificate from Black Hawk East. Students interested can obtain more information from either of the sponsors of the course. Nineteen freshman students in Black Hawk East's agricultural supply and agricultural production curriculums are performing their 8-week on- the-job training at area farms. Students participating in the program include John Andriotis, Tiskilwa, Seldom Rest Farm, Victoria; Allan R. De- Crane, Altona, Saline Brothers Farm, Rio; Randall J. Edmund, Cambridge, Edmund Farms, Cambridge; Rodney V. Kenney, Aledo, Rio Feed and Farm Supply; Joseph Pecharich, Rb, Olson's Grain and Supply, North Henderson; Bradley Williams, Victoria, Williams Farm, Victoria. STARTS SUNDAY JOE KIDD Clint Eastwood One Show Each Night at 7:30 CHILDREN 60c—ADULTS S1.00 ENDS TONIGHT Choto's Land A Spanish Speaking Movie In Beautiful Color Will Be Shown Sunday, May 6 at 2 Times 1 pm & 3 pm The Movie Is Sponsored By the LULAC Scholarship Fund. Me Canse De Rogarle Starring . . . § Lucha Villa B Manuel Lopez Ochoa % Jose Alfredo Jimenez Open 7:15 - Shows 7:30-8:55 Now Showing! THE ALL-OUT SEX COMEDY RIOT! The hysterically funny story of a wild and wacky Mafia gang, theF.B.L.40 beautiful eirts. and how Seymour became the world's greatest lover. COLOR (R) No One Under 17 —Kevin Thomas, L.A. Times NOW SHOWING! 7:30 & 9:45 SUNDAY MAT. 1:30 | "Might just turn out to be this year's I sleeper and emulate the runaway I success of'BILLY JACK. Mf I > presents I WALKING Mil Starring JOE DON BAKER . ELIZABETH HARTMAN ROSEMARY MURPHY FROM CINERAMA RELEASING <^bW2rCINEMA I & II NEXT TO ARLANS - N. HENDERSON ST. GALESBURG *E«fW:» - HELD OVER They've come a long way since that summer of q?! 7:00 & SUN. MAT. 8:45 of ^Ll 1:45 TFT H Calibrating WarnwBroi. 50th Annlvariary A Warner Communications Company f\fcHASOTES' G A L E S B U R G DRIVE-IN OPEN 7:45 - SHOW At DUSK ENDS TONIGHT "SWEET SUGAR" "SINGLE GIRLS" Sunday thru Wed! ADULTS ONLY No-One Under 18, and Proof of Age Required. "Oh Calcutta" plus "Friiz The Cat" <r iH AI t F1S 0RPHEUM Open 1-Shows 1:15-2:45-4:15-5:50-7:20 & 8:55 . _ i B . - A Great Family Film . . . NOW Showing! A True Joy tojee!, >s company... Three's a RIOT! ...with 250 lbs. of loveabte trouble ^% named / 1 Eastman Color A film for the whole family, filmed entirely in the Swiss Alps. MARSHALL THOMPSON JACK MULLANEY INGE SCHONER iri %lWS£!' the loveable misfit. KAUWIAT i. WALLACE C. BENNETT i«w A SIQH I . MARSHALL THOMPSON ™» JCU it MARSHALL 1H0MPS0N wum 11 WALLACE C. BENNETT k TKOWSOMTtUPOOl PHODUCIION • * SOL fRIEO. DAVID ROIH FHtSLNlAtlUN ' A CAPIIAL PHOPUCIIOH5.BH.EAS.C

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