Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on November 20, 1894 · Page 1
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 1

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 20, 1894
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f - .- 7 THE BEST SUCCESS . Is obtained through the best ' i i 5 medium Advertise in. THE TRIBUNE If you want to participate in the HOLIDAY BUSINESS Yott must ! tv ' f Start Advertising at Once. VOL. XXX VIII. OAKLAND, CAIilPOEAIA TUESDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 20. 1891. NO. I 112. V ) Y : Official Returns Are Me. The Total Vote las 20,675. Cast Aononncament 1$ Made of tie Luci j lines, - . "Figures Telling Tales ct EaUIes Lcsi and 5Toi. The long count by Clerks Alien and Edgar of the votes cast at toe late county election came to a cio3e this morning at 11 :.r;0 o'clock, when 'the list showing the number of votes received lay every nominee in the. contest was banded to the Supervisors. The list was read by acting Chairman Bailey as follows; GOVERNOR. J,H. Budd, D M. M. Etee, U H.' French, Pro J. V. Webster, P. P LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR C. H. Dunn, Pro i A. J. Uregg, 1. P.?.. W. J. .leter. D : S. G. Millard, It., SECRETARY OF STAT L. H. Drown, It -. : P.. M. Maddox. D if. M. McGlynn, P. P.... E. G. Waite, I........ M. C. Winchester, Pro CONTROLLER. w K. P. ColRan. R .1 . 8. Dore, P. P..1 M. Meagher, 1 H. C. Needhani, Pro. ........ TREASURER. J. N.' Barton, P. P , J. C. Castro, D -J.W. H. Magoon, Pro.-'., L. llacklifle, It ATTORNEY GENER AL. . P. Dprland. Fro W. Fitzgerald. P........... U Luckel. P. P A. P. Pans, D. SURVEYOR GENERAL, I). M. Angier, D L. F. liasseil, P. P. . ... .w,. .. ti. 6purrier, Fro M. J. Wrlaht. K... , fi76 fl-Vi i:..;i CI!'.) 1O.-.04 4T2 . km 331 ;.-!) 405 4 ii a 4 low. 5l 417 CLERK OF THE SUPREME COURT. L. M. I.andsboroueh, P.. P 3C9.S . P. W. McOlada. ! 5050 4(12 fc!26 W. P. Netherton, Pro.. T. JL Ward, R. SUPERINTENDENT INSTRUCTION. . OF PUBLIC 8. T. Black, R. ., S25S It. F. Burns, Pro.... 552 N. A. Richardson, T. P 37l: C. S. Smyth, D .' GS2t SUPERINTENDENT-PRINTING. J. j.Currv. D L. C. 1! '.rlburt, P. P. OF STATE 678 37O0 MS 472 A. J. Johnston, R ... V A. G. Bbeehan. Pro'.. ASSOCIATE JUSTICES SUPREME COURT (.uU term). M. Buck, P. P.. E. M.Gibson, P. P..:.. W. D. Gould. Pro........ F. W. Henhaw. R..... " i. E. Murphy, D J.'iemple, D R. Thompson, Pro E. 8.. Torrance; R.v. ASSOC'ATE JUST.CE CGURT (short term) 2745 6278 357 11275 4143 7100 137 5315 SUPREME E. A. Bridgeford, B.... A?W . A. Da-ettF. P t'J02 M. D. Hnrst. Pro......... 403 ' W. Van fleet. It...: 711 REPRESENTATIVE IN CON SRES S. . W. B. English, D S. G. Hilborn. It...... HL. B. Ecranton, Pro... W. A. Vann. P. P Kt34 2fl 2H1 BOARD OF EQUALIZATION O. A. Lane. Tro... .., L. C. Morehouse, R T. D.Wells, D.... S. U Wheeler, P. P , BAluROAD COMMISSIONER. j1 Brtif I I . i V, R. C'ark, li H. L. Knns, Pro W. W. Phillips, D , SUPER OR COURT JUDGES. B. F. Bergen, P. , Leonard S. Clark. Pro. V John Ellsworth. R . J. H. Lucas, P. P.;;. 8. B, McKee, D. and N. P .. Beniamln Morgan, P. P F. B. Ogden, R. and N. P SHERIFF. W. H. Bone. Pro. Joseph Brown, I.. " Robert McKillican. D. . Harrv 5. Morse, I and N. P. ... L. BchafTer. B.v.. CL B. White, P. P. COUNTY RECORDER. E, 8. Finch, N. P.. J. E. Holmes Jr., D H. B. Land, Pro.. ..." C. H. Spear. R. E. W. Thurman, P. P.... COUNTY CLERK. P.O. Jordan, R. .. ; G. W. Krai VP. P.. ..v.. A. J. Roaborou(?h, D. D. A. Sinclair, I ... . J. W. Tompkins, N. P.. H. J. Waters. Pro tAX COLLECTOR. 'J. B. Barber, B- and N.'PV;.."..; i.4, Hanifia Jrn 1 and D 705 7224 7372 12t 6245 .4046 440 iVti 305 . 5)7 3155 470i 217 iH 2") 6595 1411 4481 S81? 739 5575 7S2 2477 711S 112 741 236 J. R. S-iuloaofch, F. P.......... f A. J. McMurry, Pro lOU.m AUDITOR. A. J. Burgner, Pro. , W. A. Fine. U. W H. I.oomis, P. P.;...s , Myron A- Whiddeo, K.. ....... DiSTRCT A1T0RNEY. ' T. F. Garrity, D... N. j. Mamoh, P. P. y. W. Sawyer. Pro.. , V. K. Snook, R , J. W. Ward, N. P FUBLi: ADMINISTRATOR. A. K. Crawford, Pro A. Fonte, J) L. rnro!i, P. P. and N. P W. H. KuIgUt, It K13 4M9 5187 3117 W9 U045 ASSESSOR. Henry P. Dalton, N. I John O. Haye, L Itobert S. Lecxie, It, . Daniel btuart, P. P.... Eugene Wilcox. Pro .. 6717 4711 -' i t 1J5 COUNTY TREASURER. J. S. Burpee. N. P 'orge Cnase, 1 Jo;pli Hernscher. 11 J. W. J.avmance. D ! . M. anford. P. P...... Iteuben Wiand, Pro 150o M07 .1 1 bS-'.l 21) SUPERINTENDENT OF SC i03LS. Fred-M. Campbell, I., 330 T. .. Crawford, D G. W. Frick, It .1; P. Game. P. P. and P.. Fanny M. Pugn. Pro........... CORONER. It. o. Baldwin, K A. K.Cbilds, P. P.'. - J. E. Geary, D. ......'...,.. ... fc. A. Greene, Pro N. W. Leltch, N. P..... 4;i 5705 3:6 S756 0755! S57 SURVEYOR. 1. N. Chapman, N. P... G. L. Nudbaumer, R E. C. Praiher, D , A. B. Tavnton, Pro K. Wheeler Jr., P. P l 7573 K31 304 59? H SENATE, Twanty-sixth D.srict. J J.C. BnllocK, P. r,;i E. S. Denison, It ... lf'Sl T. H. .Montgomery, Pro s: C. U Pierce. 1. R VV'l II. fcluart, P. P., iu99 SENATE, Twan'y-aighth District. .1. L. Beard. E 2567 J. Keep, Pro 174 H. J. O'Neill. D 22i S. A. Taft, P. P lb'7 ASSEMBLY, Fortv-3ixtii D stricr. -W. W. Brown. P. P ; 2P'3 F. It. Fassett, R. H88 W. W. Mendenhall, i) W& T. B. Russeli, Pro & ASSEMBLY, Forty-3sventh xricr. M. F. Bishop, Pro G. Majors, P. P C. K. Nay lor, I M. I Rawson, D J. A. Waymire, R Ds m. ASSEMBLY, Forlyoiflhth D strict. fi. Rachra:h, D . t7 D. It. Ford, P. P. ... 534 Robert Gay, R H72 F. haidlaw, 1. R 323 C. R, McDonald, Pro 45 ASSEMBLY, Forty-ninth District. H. M. Collins. R . .. . 8"' J. B. McDonald, D . . . ; , S-51 P. McCarar, Pro... 5't? It. G. MoClellan, L. K.. ;...,,.. 270 E. McGuire, P. P 811 ASSEMBLY, Fiftiath District J. J. FerreU, D S. Gocdenouh. 1'. P. ..... . H. H. XortaR... L. E. VarnexJ Pro. ASSEMBLY, Ffty-fi'st C. G. Dodge, R . H. y. Fitoh. P.-P ;.. 5 ...... H4 1274 17 D strict. 184$ 778 . W. H. Latoarette, Pro... US E. J. Pringle, D .... 10S3 IU ERY1SGR, Ssco.id District. O. A. Brown, D. .1355 . H. K. llule. Pro I. B. Parsons, N. P.. W.Ren wick J. R. Taloott, It B. J. Smith 44 413 376 1550 til SUPERVISOR, Third District. W. H. Church, R aPa. Denison. 1'. P E. Everett, I. R R. J. Hunter, Pro G. L. Schmidt, N. P.... ......... W. Watkinson. I. R. 1015 630 24 347 F. Wild, I) 68H JUSTICE OF THE PEACE, Oak land City. J. J. Allen, R., J. R. Elley, P. P P. V. Chamberlain. I 4000 151 274 203ii 1S3 1100 245 2853 W. D. Foote, N. P. D: W.J. Donovan, D., P. P... W. Heaton, J., R. II. 1 Rose, Pro F. V. Wood, R., N. P....... JUSTICE 0FTHE PEACE, Oakland Township. H. S. Aldrich, N. P.... F. C. Clift, R y.. i. P. Hays. Pro H. A. Lultrell, D W. J. Oglesby, P. P.... 18 2813 1S3 , 1S32 ......... 1274 .Townsh p. 1434 2101 1503 1473 1746 wOOO 1897 144S CONSTABLE, Oakland W. E. Blote, X. P J. F. Cron n. K.... C. A. Fawcett. N. P.... D. N. Ferris. P. P M. F. Keating, D Gus A. Koch. P. P..... J. M. Page. R F. Sweeney. D B. Vail, I. K. ....... JUSTICE OF THE PEACE, Barke-lev. ' - Luke Byrne. D C. R. Lord. N. P O. G .May. Pro 102 D. G. McDonald. Pro... v S. A. Penwsll, R. and 2f. P. . C. T. W. Eichter, D. and P. P JUSTICE OFTriEFEAtE, Alameda Townsh p E. N. Chapman, N P.. ...... -210- A. lnnes, 1. ;. J. G. Hu'ley, P. P... Oscar S. Mevsel. N. P Henry Morris, R..... . - B. K Pae. P. P J. D. Rogers. Pro ... A. P. Stiefvater, D 32 193 140 825 ...... 716 217 ...... 418 84 W. F. Sullivan. D.... 544 G. A. Bwasey, R 929 CONSTABLE, AlameJa Townshio J. H, Banta. it , N. P C. M. Day. R M. Gias, r E. B Jackson. P. P... R. McCully, D..... R. H. Ohea, P. P.: H. W. Von Kapfr, T. P.. ....... 758 911 519 219 341 534 1024 JUSTICE OF THE FEACE, Brook lyn Townstiiy, W. M, Axtell, I . ....... Hiram Gilbert. Pro 141 Jtmes Lru. E. JU Lawrence. Ti., N. P.. ." C & Marsh; D ..... v.. . E. Ki Moody, r P. P 790 827 203 532 CONSTABLE; Brockn Townshio. 189 G. JT. Calburc, 1... 233 ...ISSIvE. rTT. 1042 6J .V 357. L, S."K 178 Mi 52 T47 419 1S4 947 438 G. W. F.ick. N P F. ILGllIord, R..... v.uuarain, u... J. W. Glaze. R... is. James, L. R. . W. H. McGraih, I. R - a nnite, i. n JUSTICE OF THE PEACE, Eden i gwnsnip. J. D Austin. P. P. 23 4il 214 ',) bC'3 Joh Driver, R.. a. ioveiand, R.. J. Pimental. D F. M. Pratt. P. P... F. J. Raisell, P. am nd N. P. J. ij. damn. D. C0NSTA3LE, E3en Township. J. A. Gallet, D.. N. P . r. Obermuller, D., N. P v. J, Ramage, R.. Jrrl. Kaveiiea, R 47) 171 61 Keid. r. e. t. Sfcrouogna, P. P. JUSTiO OF THE PEA;E, Washiig to i Tjwnsh p .1. B. Barnard, D J. W. Ciiaiuberiain, D. 2: 1 :i;0 J7' A. Richmond, . 1 ss. bandholdt. R l. B. Thompjon, B. and '. f C0NSTA3LE Washington Tow.i- sn p. W. H. Nesmith, I ?, W. T. l:alph, 1 J. W. Ssiuith, N. P J. A. Trefry. D.. X. P. B- Vandevoorl, K... G. Wales, R ' MA JUSTIiES OF THE PEavlE, Murray OWriSU'.p J I.. Baneys. P. P W. Broi hv. I : ' M. F. Macs. 1) .. J. M. Mendeuiiall, 1. r J. H. Taylor. R A. C. andevoort, R. CONSTABLE, Murray Township G. H. Fitzgerald. It W. H. Gal way. It W. W. Kealy, P. P. I.. Lvsff r, V. J. ii. Walton, R: 15 . 170 1 1 11 :;:i i-l A resolution was elected the several adapted declaring candidates above named, who had received the largest number of votes cast for the positions to which they aspired. C. B. WHITE'S DEPUTIES. ! Claries E. Lloyd and J. W, Out ton Booked for Positions. Sher ff-elect Whi:e has received numerous applications for deputyships. 3 4 1 He has not made out his list of appoint- J. O. Otrir. P P - 70jments as yet. It is statsd, how- j ever, that Charles E. Lloyd, a prominent uieuiuui oi iuo i eopie a pariy, win oe ! . 1 , i . . tm . . r appointed l. naer "snerin, to succeea w. . Harlow. ' The latter has heid the po-sitioa for the past twenty years. It is, also stated that J. W. Dutton will be appointed chief jiiei' at. the County Jail Mr. Dutton and Mr. Lloyd were tfdjy engaiied ii: preparing the blank for Mr. White's official bond. BARBER BRAND. Hs Will Filed for . Court Prcbat8 in The last will of John G. Brand, the well-known barber, who died last Tuesday, was presented to the Superior Court today for probate by the widow, Mrs. Cornelia F. Brand. The estate consists of five lots and four cottages in tirs county and a barber shop in tSaa Francieco. The value of the property i estimated at $10,000. The eutire estate is bequeathed to the widow, who is also named to act as executrix without oonds. Tae testator intentionally omitted to provide for his daughter, 'Gertrude Brand, because he believed that her mether would amply provide for her. The instrument is dated December 30, 1884, and was witnes-nd by Charles Knoechel and R. W. Hant, both residents oi San Franci-c j. - N3N-PARH5AN BAN QUET. How the Surpriij campaign Funds Shall Be SpeiU. After paying all campaign expanses. the County Central Committee of the Non-Partisans had that they have a surplus of funds on hand, and it has bean decided that the best way to dispose of it is to spend it for a banquet in honor of tbs campaiga. Oily members of the committee and Nou -Partisan candidate! will participate. It will be given next Saturday night. The place of holding it is reserved. It will be in the . nature of a consolation party for those who were snowed under at the polls, and of jubilation ior thoae who triumphed. The latter are not numerous, but they are very enthusiastic. Mr. Win. ton Au.mpti 8u?cid. A dispatch from San Jose states that Mrs. L. . Winston, who recently re moved from Oakland to the Garden City, attempted suicide last night on account of ill health. She will probably recover. Mrs. Winston is the wife of L. Winston, a brakeman in the employ he Southern Pacific Companv, and erly resided at (? East Twelfth et Happy' results are always obtained wnen Dr. i'rics'a Cream Balcinz Powder ia used. It works to perfection. iiic&Aaun to m Attar. VAM. KESIDKSCa. Georfe Alfred Thinner, Sacramento..:. Jetiie Lee Dayton. Oakland.... ..... JUadtVacobsen Moller. LlTermore...... Anna KreuaL Livermore r....... AGS . . . .....Si on 23 ....19 .....y 94 "Henry George Drto Binram. Oakland.. Mary Ellen Aoian, uakiand Balden Joel Goodwin, San Fraoeisro.... Lillian MarXirel Kelly, 6an Francisco.. tAoid Flr.. I Fire Chief Lawiqn is taking steps to enforce the city vdinance prohibiting the damping of hot ashes ia wooden receptacles. Last night Ah Cbow of 1803 Seventh street was arrested for violating the ordinance and lodged In the City Prison, rnia morning in the Police Court he pleaded not guilty and the case was passed uu tomorrow. . - . 4 SruM Direr. Nellie Calignon was granted a divorce this afternoon from George Calignon of Berkeley, on. the ground ot extreme nan left the crne;ty. Toe husband State and ia supposed to be ia Central America. - I lOfBl DIRECT PEALS. SHier Men Try to Arrange a New Schema A Central Commiltee to Handle the Eusinsss. It I: Be. Increased. r Ntw Yokk. Novembsr ''0. Diuiel Guggenheim, president of th (iagsen heim bilver Smeltirg and Refining tympany, nas returuod to "sw York from Denver. Mr. Uugganheim has been attending a confereoca in which all the large smelting interests of the l aited states were reprusen tJ. it ia one ot the first conferences of the kind ever held iu this couutry and the lesults hoped to be achieved by it will very likely have a verv marked effect on the silver inarkts of the wor.d. "We met eiinp v for the purpose of , c i investigating tue practicability and ad- i visaoility of ttia sifvpr smelters and re I liners di-ruiing of the.r product through a central committee ia New York. The price of our siivar smelters, despite the 1 laCi. that we control the world'.' market f.jr ttin commodity, :s made in London. ...r ..." me committee appointed to luvesn-cate the advisability of arrangiug all tiiroagb the Central Commi ttee in New York consists ot Guy C Barton, 'A. II. .Meyer and myself. Our objctin bringing about the sale of silver iu this manlier is to eliminate the epeculatiou on the fiiver which ia now carried on by brokers dealing in this commodity. Ia this way we nope to keep the price stable, and to be able at hi. timtss to tell just where we stand. "Another thing hope to do is to market our own pioduct. The big buyers of silver are now India, China and Japan. They buy our silver through London. There is n good reason why tais ehould b-f so. We should eell to them direct." -! j "What effect will the action of this conierence h'ava on the silver market?" Mr. Guggenheim was askd. "When the business b.cjmes thoroughly adjusted to the new couditiona I beiieve there-will be a s'igbt advance in the price of silver. There will be no boom or sudden j imp. It will be a gradual increase, such as the intelligent management of any business is likely to call lorth." Prof. Charles E. Dwightof WTbesliug, W, Ya., write3: "1 regard D.-. Price's Ballot; Powder as penectly pure and wholesome. 1 am using it in my own family and it gives perfect satisfaction." CONRAD IS DEAD. I d The L 'tfer; f ompjny Mu3t Get a Nw President. New; Orleans. November 20. Paul Conrad died here today. He was president of the Louisiana Lattery Company and of the Honduras company A NEW SYSTEM. Commissioner Loc.iren Wants R3-form in His Office. Washington, Novembsr 20. Commissioner Lochren of the Pension office has Igsued an order destined to expedite business in his office It has been decided not to furnish a claimant or attorney with information a recoil d time as to the status of a ca&.. Tue order provides for a systematic manner oi giving information without occupying much time or making it ueceasary to trace the particular case inquired after into every division where U 14 required to be considered. BISMARCK IS FAILING. The Cid D plomat C in not Much Longer. Last London, November 20. Tue 1'ail Mall Gazette publishes an interview with Count Herbert Bimack, .who sayB that hia father. Prince Bismarck, ia weak and cannot last much lo: gar. While the Count would not Bay anything definite about the relations between his father and the new Chancellor he cave the impression that Prince Bismarck and Trince Hohenloha are not on good term. TIES ON THE TRACK. Attempt to Wreck a Mail Train ! in Obic. ConneIut, O.; November 20. An attempt was made last night, near this place, to wreck the east-bound mail on the Lake Shore road by villas ties across the track. The track-walker removed the ties before the. train came along. Amttanr Athlete. New York, November 20. "Father Bill" Curtis has been elected president of the Amateur Athletie Union. At the annual meeting held here the following board of governors was elected for the 49 year: Central Association, S. D. De- land and F. R, Stearns; Pacific Association, George C Edwards and W. G. Harrison; Pacific Northwest Associa 13 tion, H. . Dodge and G. G. Howe: L. A. W., Howard E. Raymond; North American Athletie Union, Julius Harder. Pol Ficbtlnr Nicholas. London, November 20. A dispatch from St. Petersburg to the Timet says that sixty fwomen and children have been arrested at Warsaw in connection with the issue of proclamation advising the Poles to decline to swear allegiance lOiMcnoias. . - A Cold MlchS. : CtiXTOx, La., November 20. The I Mississippi river at this point froze over last night, closing all navigation. The .Imercurj Dafljufilt atatlj toxeKw THROTTLE THEM Dr, Farktaurst's Advice About the Bosses. He Will Now Go After :! Flatt's Scalo. Mr. I Bigger Coatit N;i on Hind Ttan Tackling Tdrnmuiy. Lakewood, N. J., November 20. Rev. Dr. Parkhnrst has changed bis quarters ia Likswood, N. J., and is now the guest of Mr. Francis P. Free man at E Igemore. He occupies the rooms occupied by the Cleveland when they were being entertained by Mr. Freeman. Dr. Parkhurst said last night that he had read Mr. Piatt's statement. "Mr. Flatt waits till victory has been gained, complete and overwhelming, at areat expense, and then endeavors to get liis work in. "He shows himself an out-and-out traitor to the town. I .wish that the community would assert itself in some ; Ky and put an end to bun and his ways. 1 - "For every good deed-that has been done aud will be accomp.isheu we are liable to suffer because of his doings. "Mr. PI at i is a much worse matt than Croker to deal with. "It is mucti more difficult to reason with him. "I would rather fight five Crokers than this man Piatt, who represents nothing more ttiau a phase of rank American politics. People oi New York hate bjg.ism next to Tammany. "Boseism is distinctly un-American, and now that Tammany is outlawed we must take hold together and throttle its perilous and mischievous conferees." A BLOODY CONFLICT. Germans Make a Boid Attack in East Africa. BtRiix, November 20. News has reached here of sharp fighting between the Germans and the Wahehe tribe The Governor of German Eist Africa, Von Scheie, telegraphed lioin Dares, Salam, that on October 30tta Kiuerenga, thecapital of the Uhebe territory, was siotjiued and captured by Germans. Io the engagement, whicu lasted several hours, Lieutenant Maass and eight Aekaris were killed. Ihe losses of the Wahehe were heavy. A large nomber of cattle, much ivory and a number of guns, lost by the Z.-leusky expedition, were recovered. The Germans also captured large supplies cf powder and rescued 1500 women and children held as prisoners by the Wahehe tribe. MARS' MARVELS. The Canals Are Now Commencing ! ' to Oou'ale. New York, November to a morning paper from dispatch was received last n.ght from Fercfval Lowell, at the Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff, Arizona, stating that the canals of Mars, as observed last night, had begun to double, and Physon and Euphrates were seen geminated. The duplication of the canals of the planet Mars is a phenomenon for which astronomers have been watching with a great deal of interest. Mr. Lowell is of the opinion that it is dependent on the season, and has pre dieted all along that the canals would not be seen in duplicate until borne time in November. "Crowned queen of the baking pow dera" is what ibe ladies eay of Dr. Price's. HE'S A FATALIST. Czar Nicholas Mill Abol.sh Secret Service. the London, November 20. A Vienna .Jispatch to the Dai'n AVus says that Czar Nicholas, in cousuitation with the Grand Doket, declared that it was his intention to abolish the secret court police and the state of siege. He also favored freedom of the press. He said that if it was bis fate to be killed the secret police could not protect him. It is reported that Governor Hoyden of r inland ha gone to bt. Petersburg to report to the Czar tKat the Fialaeders refute to swear alteeianca to him. KILLED IN HIS BERTH. A Pullman Cinducior Kurdered in Arkansas. Van Btr.Exj Ark., November -20. Pullman Conductor Browne of the Ar kansas Valley Road was killed and thrown from his train at McKay, a small station thirty miles west of here in the Indian Territory. He was evidently killed while in his berth, as he was in his night clothes. The whole top ot his bead was blown off. He left here this morning with $400. The negro porter is suspected snd is under arrest. COUKI CALENDAR Wednesday, November 21st. Department 1, Judge Greene Red-field vs. Oakland Consolidated Street Railway Company. Department 2, Judge Hemhaw Kimball vs. Chase. Department 3, Jndga Ellsworth People vs. Antone Miller. Department 4, Judge Ogden Pang-bora vs. Pangborn. City of Oakland vs. Oakland Water Front Company. Killed la Wrk. r . Potsbceo, November 20. Five peo ple were killed in a wreck on the Pean- sylvsnia Railroad at Larimar station, twenty miles east of hare, last night. They art : George Bice. August Thooe and son, Fred, and two Italians, whois QAAM aC9 aOtUOTB MISSI0MW0RK; Ulss Jessie Acberman Gets a i i Royal RecsplioD, She Has Shown Sptendrd Zeal for Temperance. Efforts SHada 'o Amsnl tin CaisiitiUoii of ilia 'w. C. T. D. .Cleveland, Novembsr 20 At a convention of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union tiday, MrjJ Campbsll of Wisconsin gave notics that at tha next annual convention she would move to amend article 4 of the constitution by aubstitutioa of tha wordi "vicj preat-dsnt-at-Iarge," after the word "president." Mrs. B. Sturtevant Peal of California announced that M as Jessie Acherman, "the Round the World Missionary of Union A," wassaatel with the California delegation. Miss Acherman wa9 escorted to the platform. ; , j When the escorting party reached the platform, MUs Willard took a valise from Miss Acherman' hand andaaid: "This is a bag that has traveled 150,000 miles in tho last seven years. It has contained 2J.00O pledges from niua and dOtX) membership certificates from women all around the world." Tue convention applauded vociferously and Miss Wi.larJ rapped vigorously with her gave;. "Not for order," sue explained, "bat for applauso." j Various reports were rfiseated. GROCERS AROUSED. -1 ' ! Tiieir Profils Swaliow8J b; Goods Men. Dry New Yokk, ' November 20 A meeting of the Retail Grocers'; Union of New York was held laai. night and a sharp, discussion ensued'concerning the sale of groceries by the large dry goods stores. It is claimed that there is a great deal of deception on the part of the big dry goods stores in selling groceries. The union members declare tho object is to attract peop!e into the. stores by advertising great reduction sales of groceries, and if they do not buy that claia of goods they are tempted to purchase other merchaadiee. - j A committee was 'appointed to draft resolutions denouncing the eelling of groceries in department store?. SQUARED THE. OtiECIiVES. Bui They Are Now RjJhot Afttr ! Crawford Again. NEwYor.Kj November 20. A special to the 'ortd fiom 5?an Salvador Baya : Crawford, I an American refugee, charged with robbing the Adams Express Company of $41,000 and fleeitfg to Honduras, has left for Guatemala. 0.ik epeciall ' says he has no occasion to fear th , i American detectives who, it ia reported. Boston says a r, off him K.a. .. aiva. uiui u)u 'i u w aa eiicstau an ! Honduras in! ISSO he made zood the amount it va.s c. aimed he had appropriated and ws. assured that be would never be molested. " - Christine Terhune lierritk. ( Jauehter r Marion Hariand) writes; "Every American housewife Who wishes to have the certainty of achieving the btst results in her i cookery should use Dr. Price's Baking Powdar." . HlGhW aY MiN. A Farmer H;ld Up ani R.bbeJ in Oklahoma. Guthrie, O T., November 20. Near Woodward. Jams Patton, who had just arrived from Michigan to buy a farm, was held up and robbsd of a large sum of money by two masked m m. v -- Patton resisted, and in the malee that followed was severely beaten. . A neighboring' farmer who came to Patton's assistancs wa roobed of $125 and a gold watcn and received a shot in the leg. The robbers escaped. Pt'lcrw and tlia "KTOlt " Siocx FallsJ S. D., November 20. Senator Pettigrew in aa interview concerning a dispatch today stating that he together with Senators Stewart and Jones will launch a new political party on behalf of the silver men if the Republicans do not put a fres silver jAwft. in their platform in 18, says such is entirely false. - Cholera Amour Hog. Joltet, 111., November. 20. The ' tifc. era in Wdl and adjaining counties ara suffering a great loss by their hogs dy ing from cholera. There seems to be a great epidemic in this section as thou sands of 'hogs have died in the pas; week. Many of tho farmers are hauling their swine into the market and selling them for whatever they can get. i Corbatt Not Bear! From. Bostox, November 21. Both Bob Fitziimmons and Captain Glori, bis manager, said today regarding the statement from Chicago, that Corbett had offered the first named financial aid ia his present trouble, that as yet no tender of assistance or sympathy had been received bv them. : ,Trl at UaytL Port-ac-Prisce, November 20. The Cabinet has censursd President Hippo lyte and the Ministers are resigning; - IS IT SAFE? Over 30.000 Gallons of tWs Oil aoll in Oakland so Ui tola mom 10 Gallons - $L2& 30LB.A51STS, E. G. Buswell Paint Co. 8. L Cor. 4i h & Broad Waj, , I Opp, EaU el Eecoid. CAXIAIT.

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