Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 29, 1968 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 29, 1968
Page 4
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Wednesday, May 29,1968 SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. , an outoMown guest, Wedding Vows Are Repeated Calendar of Events THURSDAY, MAY 30 The Mope Men's Golf AssoCla> Mrs, ley Reaves of Malvefh, to second place were Mfs, Ma» He C. Hendfix and Mrs, Marry Hawthorne, the guest, Mrsi tion will have a 9*hole Scramble Reaves, and Mrs, £» P» Young, Tournament Thursday, May 30 Jr. were third, and Dr, George at the Hope Country Club, be- Wright and R. L, Broach were ginning promptly at 5:30 p,m, fourth, Those wishing to play are asked to contact Bill Reyenga at the Pro Shop, Dinner prepared by Jamie Russell will be served at 7:30 p.m. FRIDAY, MAY 31 The wedding of Miss Linda Ca rol Huckabee, daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Samuel J. Huckabee, GIFT TEA FOR BRIDE'ELECT On May 17 a Gift Tea was held for Miss Linda Huckabee, bride- elect of Jakie Honea, In the home of Mrs, William Jones with Mrs. B, N. Holt and Mrs. Dean Murphy as co-hostesses. The guest of honor was attlr- and Jakie Dewel Honea, son of ed in a blue and white frock and Mr. and Mrs. Harvel Dewel Hon- P^ ed - * C0 ^ sage0 ,°^ !*«, .! ea, will be solemnized at 8 p.m., at her shoulder. Similar flowers Friday, May 31 In the sanctuary were presented to her mother, of the First Methodist Church. Mrs. Sam Huckabee. No cards have been sent. All Mrs. Murphy greeted the friends and relatives are invited guests at the door and introduced to the wedding and the reception them to the honoree and her moth- to-, follow at the Heritage House, er. Mrs. Jones showed the callers into the dining room, where - SATURDAY, JUNE 1 the serving table was laid ^M^X^^*^^"~ and-cookie sale in front of Scott's Store in downtown Hope Saturday, June 1 beginning at • m ' squares, nuts, and mints were also enjoyed. At the guest q.n 0 vices where punch, spiced tea, and coffee were poured. Cake 'MONDAY, JUNE 3 All Circles of the WSCS will meet in the First Methodist Church Monday, June 3 at 2:00 p.m. The Chancel Choir of the First Presbyterian Church will practice at 7:00 p.m., Monday, June 3. book was Mrs. Jim Caudle, sister-in-law of the future bride. Miss Huckabee received many lovely gilts, which Mrs. Holt showed to the guests In an attractive display. H&n (MK) StA», f rKJrtKf OffHt Anesthesia by Elettritity Is Studied By JOHN CUNNlPF AP Business Analyst MENLO PARK, Calif, (Af>) Here in a group of nondescript buildings, scholars are attempting to perfect anesthesia by electricity, to forecast earth* quakes, repair eyes with laser beams, design effective urban transportation systems. This is the Stanford Research Institute, a 90-acre compound near Stanford University occu* pled by crowded wooden labora* torles, animal compounds and barracks housing, andpermeat* ed with Intellectual zone. Stanford is one of at least 14 independent, not-for-profit research and development labs that apply technology to basic research, enabling development of products and systems useful to man. Ail these labs, several of them associated but not owned by universities, have their own personnel, facilities and management, and exist primarily for the public interest by contracting research for Industry, government and other institutions. ERI scientists, economists and planners already have made cotton more competitive by devising afabric that won't ab- "sorb dirt, helped modernize world of Sdhotefs and thepraetl* cal worlds of business and gov* eminent. they fit ioffiswhefe between the university owned research facilities AM Hte private (Soft* tract research fifrns such as Arthur t>» Uttle, They afe related also to commercial testing labs and to "eaptlve," of govern* menUsuppbfted researchers, Although still doing 'a. very small percentage of all research and development, their 1nflB» ence is great and growing, and has been since the first of them, the Mellon Institute, was found* ed to Pittsburgh In I92l, Few jobs are beyond their scope, for their staffs easily are the equal of some universities, Unlike university researchers, however, they are always con* cerned with practical results, That is their reason for being, "We are quite able to build up a staff If a project looks worth* while," said a spokesman for SRI, which has a staff of 3,200, including 1,700 professional re* searchers, Since SRI has no sales staff, and since projects suitable to its talents aren't always readily available, researchers have to maintain their own contacts, solicit business and find money for their studies. Because of this, the not-for- profits, which generally pay no taxes, have been accused of competing unfairly with commercial testing labs and also with soliciting routine projects Poppy Contest Win The response, at least in the case of SRI and several others, Coming, Going — Shipley Studio Photo MRS. LARRY BROWN The marriage of Miss Janice wore a pink carnation corsage. TUESDAY, JUNE 4 Attending the wedding of Miss Pamela Kersh and Syvell Burke, The Hope Council of Garden j r . m Sprlnghill, La., Monday Clubs will have its installation n ight, May 27 were: Mr. and of officers in the home of Mrs. Mrs. E. S. Burke, grandparents Chris Petre, Tuesday, June 4th O f the groom, Mr. and Mrs. at 2:00. All members are urged Hinton Davis, and Mr. and Mrs. to attend. Ed Aslin and Ronnie. SWEET HOME HD CLUB MEETS The Sweet Home Extension Arkansas Is Homemakers Club met at the AF Commander Club House, Friday, May 24, with WASHINGTON (AP) 14 members present. Gen. Horace M. Wade, a Meeting was called to order by nolia, Ark., native, has President, Mrs. Thelma Warn- named commander in chief Yvonne Martin to Larry Brown was solemnized at 3:00 p.m.Sun- day in the Baptist Church at Spring Hill, Arkansas. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Martin and the parents of the bridegroom are Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Brown. Officiating at the ceremony was Reverend Charles Jones. Mrs. Arthur Strech, and Mrs. William Freeman, Little Rock, provided Lt. the nuptial music. Magi Tapers were lighted by Gary been Van Marcum and Johnny Carroll of Martin, brother of the bride. Us- Mrs. Brown chose a light blue silk with a matching lace coat. She too, wore a pink carnation corsage. Mrs. Vance Marcum greeted guests at the door. Miss Edith Jane DeWitt, Alexandria, Louisiana, registered the guests. Serving the wedding cake was Miss Vicky Martin, Camden, Arkansas. Others assisting in serving were Mrs. Lynn Martin, Uttle Rock, Mrs. Joe Foley, Spring Hill. The bride's table held pink roses arranged in a silver -urn. banking by developing the first **& handled ta industrlal automated check handler and UDS> aided several foreign econo- frijgo A notable result of this type of J^^J^gf research is Xerography, the re- irom researcn production method that has made the Xerox Co. so profitable. It was developed with a big assist from BatteUe Memorial Institute of Columbus, Ohio, the largest of the not-for-profit researchers. Outfits such as SRI, Battelle, nT Research of Chicago and Southern Research of Birmingham, Ala., are intellectual Isthmuses connecting the academic in the public interest, and to for ego research whose substance is questionable. Summer Jobs for Arkansas LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Welfare Commissioner LenBlaylock announced Monday approval by the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare of a project to provide summer jobs for 55 young persons from poor families in Arkansas. DAVID WILLIS — Hope Star photo ' HELEN HELP US! by Helen Bottel States Air Force in hers were Monty Dean Garner and Branched silver candelabra held ken. "Onward Christian Sold-the United u «^ -~ ~. ,, T ,, - u . n llo iers" was led by the song lead- Europe. Jackie t*™ Martin, from Dallas, er, Mrs. J. E. Ward. Devotion Wace also will be promoted Texas, brother of the bride, was given by Mrs. Lelia Jordan to a four-star general, giving The bride was given in mar- reading from the 8th chapter of Arkansas two four-star generals riage by her father, Roy Mar- Mark. All members repeated m the Air Force. Gen. John P. tin. She wore a floor lengto burning tapers. The tiered wedding cake was topped with a confection of roses and a minature bride and groom. • For a wedding trip to Hot lovely in her white gown and veil caught with orange bios- Afterwards, her friends Withdrawal Deadline LITTLE ROCK (AP)-Secretary of State Kelly Bryant said Monday that June 23 is the deadline for Democratic candidates to withdraw from races and :«ep their names off the July 30 primary ballot. The Republican party said anyone could withdraw prior to the printing of the party's ballot. Arresting Officer Pays Man's Fine COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo, they (AP) — A financially troubled David Willis was prize winner In the First Class Division im the American Legion Auxiliary 5 Poster Contest. The Brookwood > 5th grader will enter the state 5 contest. •.,.•' ..." ,} He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. r The other winning poster to be ' entered in the state event wasi made by Douglas Byrd. - { James G. Willis. Mrs. Willis C lives in Hope while Mr. Willis'? is serving with the Armed For- • ces in Thailand. - 2 McCorihell^l native of*Bobne- Eye Opener was given by the ville, is the Air Force Chief of Vice-President, Mrs. Myrtle staff. Bright. "Cleaning Basket" was Wade will be headquartered the opener. "Healthy Idea" was at Westbatten, West Germany, given by Mrs. Al Paul and roll where he will command the" call was answered with each one numerous Air Force bases in giving "A mistake I made in car- Europe and be commander of ing for my furniture." Minutes the Fourth Allied Tactical Air were read by secretary, Mrs. Force of NATO. W. T. Yarberry. Business old wade will take over his new and new was discussed. A poem position Aug. 1. He will succeed "Forever" was read by Mrs. Gen. Maurice A. Preston. Myrtle Bright, closing with all _ _ , Group Camped at Courthouse A MODEST PROPOSAL -SEV< ERAL, IN FACT A , **..,* .Dear Helen: From now until soms Afterwards, her friends August, society pages will be couldn't wait to Eossip about her fillprt with weridine stories nic- big faux pax: "My dear," thej tares Steldesrtc-mal&: Canted, "EVERYONE, knows a- father, of seven.who leftJLP^so, ( . to,^ fj$d *S^ c W^fifea»M gown of bridal satin and chantil- Springs, the bride wore a dress ahhi,^ rhristmasiuiWrj'dWt-te bfoit'tie'r me ritlffi'aVbibv^ho% ! CountyCoiurttb coro&ab With.4i5ot ....... V ^':.,,^...^ »-»&—*>?« Sa- of burnt orange with matching •w**™** ™>" .uivwtw .. . _.....-._.*-.. ........ „_.__, _...__., ,_ i ™ " accessories. She pinned the orchid from her bouquet to her suspended $5 and Thiede paidj the rest explaining he thougbJU the man should use the jabney, repeating the Homemaker's Prayer. Refreshments were enjoyed by all. Hostesses were Mrs. Eunice Moore, Mrs. Emma Avery and Mrs. Lelia Jordan. Meeting for June will be with Mrs. Lillian Trevillion and Mrs. Elba Reese at the Club House. lace, fashioned with a brina neckline and finger tip length sleeves. The bodice was embellished with seed pearls, shoulder, and a lace chapel train attached The couple will reside in Hope at the shoulder. Her tiered 11- as the groom is an employee at lusion veil was held by a petal Safeway, point medallion of lace embroidered with orange blossoms and seeded pearls. She carried a cascade of carnations and stephano- ties, centered with an orchid. Mrs. Douglas May, Dallas, Texas, sister of the bride was matron of honor. Bridesmaid was Mrs. Jackie Martin, Dallas, Texas. Junior Bridesmaid was Ro- DUPLICATE CLUB MEETS Mrs. Syd McMath and Mrs. R. . L. Broach were the first place JODb di> couple at the Hope Duplicate Bridge Club meeting Monday, May 27 at the Diamond. The four tables o CHARLESTON, W. Va. (AP) — Three Logan County, W. Va., bin Martin, flower girl was Jo- welfare recipients have been hanna Mar tin and ring bearer was camped on the statehouse lawn David Glen May. since Wednesday to protest benefit checks that they say are in- son adequate. So far they've recruited another REHEARSAL DINNER Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Brown were hostesses to the wedding party with a dinner following the rehearsal in their home on the Rosston Road. At this time the bride and groom presented their gifts to their attendants. Mr. Elmer Brown served his as best man. Groomsman was Mike Dillard. RECEPTION Mr. and Mrs. Roy Martin entertained at a reception in the Fellowship Hall of the Church. Mrs. Martin wore a turquoise THE YOUNG (from page one) beard, and the surest way to throw one of these old gaffers into a tantrum was for a smart aleck to ask him, "Grandpa, do you sleep with your whiskers under them? -Christmas/' announcements will start. I have a suggestion: Why not hold these wedding stories and pictures for a year — then if the couple is still together, publish them, with congratulations on their first anniversary? This might save a great deal of space, as by that time at least one- fourth of the marriages would be on the rocks —or so close they'd want no publicity. Also, I think wedding presents should be sent at least one year after the ceremony. We'd save a lot there tool Why donate to a temporary set-up? What do you think?- MIKE Dear Mike: With the "love and romance" set, your ideas will be about as popular as Ralph Nadar at General Motors. But touche, anyway. You've got a good think goin' there, friend. - H could she DARE -wear a veil and orange blossoms?" Isn't it about time we did away for a traffic ticket returned to find that state Patrolman William C. Thiede, who gave him with this silly bit of "etiquette?" the ticket, had already paid it. I don't think a wedding should be Thiede issued the ticket be- a proclamation of one's sins, if cause the man was driving with Dear Helen: Mini-skirts will the covers or over probably last out the summer, His usual tart reply: and females may not cover the with coat. She YOU HAVE A SECOND CHANCE-MAYBE! In the backwash of the wind and hail storms which have struck Southwest Ar» kansas recently, the Anderson-Frazier Insurance Agency has reacted quickly to the need for our claim services by our assureds, We have called in the General Adjustment Bureau (and they have been marvelous) and every company adjuster we could beg and borrow in order to get to everyone having damage as soon as possible. We are proud of the job our adjusters are doing, One sad thing las come to light, though, as we handle these claims, Many property owners do not carry enough insurance to recover full value of their destroyed property. If you're one of the lucky ones who has been given a second chance, please be smart and take advantage of it. Catastrophe can strike at any time! We urge you to contact us now and let us review the coverage on your home and other property. Anderson-Frazier Insurance Agency,Inc Insurance Corner Hope A.Q. Bright Bldg. Fulton and you to find out," Kids in grammar doesn't somebody invent a "knee- school girdle?" hold it in, or smooth it out? Of before credit course bending the knee would would spend weeks trying to A gal's worst leg problem is learn how to wiggle their ears, often the fat bulge on the inside For some obscure reason they of her knee— and it gets worse thought that the ability to do after 301 So why not an invisible this would impress their little elasticized nylon band that would girlfriends. In the days cards, the national motto was be a Uttle tricky. - INVENTOR "In God We Trust— All Others Dear Inventor: I've got a bet- Cash," ter idea? Why don't fat-kneed A Beau Brummell was a guy women - especially over 30- whose wardrobe sported more consult their fulHength mirrors than three clipK>n bow ties, and "skirt the issue?" - H Railroad dining cars were widely believed to serve the Dear Helen: I was at a wed- best meals in America. And you ding last week. The bride was knew you were in a pretty high* «»»••«•§»•§§••»•• ••§•« toned restaurant if it kept the pies in a glass case to protect them. Mother wept secretly when her young son returned—hot, dirty and boastful—from his indeed they can be called sins. Why must a girl "confess" her loss of virginity by omitting a traditional part of her dress? By the same token, then, a non-virgin male should be required to wear a colored shirt, or maybe a red carnation in his buttonhole. This is a small thing, perhaps, but the "veil for virginity" custom emphasizes our foolish attitudes. Why should the male demand a perfection he does not have to match? Why must the woman— even in this enlightened age—be brought up so frightened of sex that she may be a frigid wife? We carry a conglomeration of fears and unhappy suspicions with us into marriage. Sometimes even the kindest of men can't change them. We are made to feel weaker, inferior, something to be "used." Society still wills it. The double standard is far from dead. We have accepted many attitudes toward women that are 4 downright distasteful, but we don't throw them out because they're what we learned, and so it's second nature and somehow comfortable even is it hurts! Many men don't like them. But we'll never really change until we throw out outmoded customs like the veil and orange blossom for virginity. At least, that would be a start! -JUST THINKING an expired temporary permit. The fine was $20, but the judge MAY PERMANENT WAVE SKOALS, (Your Choice of Type) •** Curv-Body-Curty $6.50 and up ••••'• B«auty Salon 114 W. 2nd PR7-3118 > •3 LET'S TALK ABOUT MOVIES By VFLDA SEAMANS Tonlgnt at The Saenger, "THE ALL SEASONS," starts SUNDAY first overnight Boy Scout hike in CORRU Vr ONES" with Robert at the DIXIE, the woods, She knew now there aaftk ^ Elfe} sommev, For Late Show, Sun.Jrton, for fun, romance and adventure see Audrey Hepburn andjAlbert Fifwey WOMAN" is showing-for was another man in the family, actl th}s movie has p i' enty of and things wouldn't be quite the u _ At ' the Dlxle Drlve m 4 A same again ever. ' If a farm family was short of cash, the doctor was willing to accept a sack of fresh vegete* w «!?-^* to ^ miss the 'King of Keaton in "WAR Those were member? the days! Re* ^ at the 9^^ second feature is Science-FictionAdven* ture, with Michael Caine in "BILLION DOLLAR BRAIN," Fri.-Sat. at the DIXIE is Doris "SUL. the Language Died Out The use of Aramaic, language probably spoken by Day in "CAPRICE" plus Jesus, died out in the 7th LIVAN'S EMPIRE." century of the Christian era. one of the most outstanding Arabic took its place, except natures of all times "MAN OF in entertalumeat, in a few isolated villages. in "TWO FOR THE ROAD," June will be a big month for movies; "BLACKBEARD'S GHOST" June 6th, "BONNIE AND CLYDE" June 9th, "HOW TO SAVE A MARRIAGE, AND RUIN YOUR LIFE" Jwe 16th. "GOOD THE BAD AND THE UG« LY" June 20th. Also, "THE DIRTY DOZEN" and "COOL HAND LUKE" will be shown to the month of June, See you at the Saenger 4 Dixie for the best You can charge food and accommodations at many motels and hotels on your BANKAMERICARD (Check into it) Pay in 25 days from statement cj^tf without service charge with |3ankAroerj§ajrcl Hnt Hitlml ink

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