Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 14, 1944 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 14, 1944
Page 7
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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 1944 NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS , Page Seven WANT ADS -Try The NEW$ FOR Profit - - - Results At Lowest Rates! It You're Looking for a BARGAIN ,-|i||'ll I' 1 '" 1 ' ' ; ' W I K 'U >'"< jilai'i- -'i 11 -'^'l ' ll " lc prepaid £Q/» 3 lines rate OOt - 3 days CALL 222S Today »|fi ITofitnlilo" Announcements NOTICE Personals A KI-H'OKI) MA UK of yimr i- :it "'"' I"" 1 "" 1 . Moccn. Mu.Mlc ;,« iiar.U street. Tel. -1-M'J'.: Employment \Vimti-il—M iiti'il l>y Ani-iilii-i'g i: AlU-ys. Cluirch street. TU'O mi-it wiiiili'tl, piirttimi- inorii- ir.X*. " a. '"• : " 1 !'• tn - Apply ivtrr I'aul Inc. P \Viutt"d—I'Vmiito HUMAN U.A.\TKH TO DO FAM- rr.v i.Ai'.vnuY. DIAL -1093. \V.\rCllKSS and riishirr wanted; fill; nr i'.irt Urr.i 1 . Apply uc Strat- -.nii's Kr.itiuiran!. Is Park Place. District of 1-Ja.ugatuck, ss. Probate Court,'Sept. 13, ISM-l. __ KsUUo of Stephene Koy.icku :ikn Stophotiie Kozicid iika Stopliinic Ko;-.icl(i ukii Stepheniu Kazitskl, luto of Xaugiuuck, in said District, deceased. The Administrator, having exhibited his; administration account with said enlutc to this Court for allowance, it i* ORDERED—That 'the ISth clu> of Septornbof, A. D. 19-M ut •J'olock in the afternoon at the; Probate office in Naujratuck. In: and the same isi as.iigned for a hL-uring on the allowance of said Administration Account with snici I^tatc. and this Court directs the Administrator to cite all persons interested therein to appear at suUl timo and place by publishing this order in some newspaper published in Now .Haven County and having u circulation in said District, and posting a copy on the public sign post In the ' town of .N'utigatuck, where the deceased last dwelt, and by sending, postage prepaid, a like notice lo each of the known heirs residing outside this District nt least three days; before said day assigned. STKl'HEX J. SWEENEY, Judge Contractors Painting i'Al'JSU HANGING und W. F. Cotu-, 17 Cedur Tel. 54Sb. Street Painting. i:\lNTING—DIM, <!•>«« ADOLF ,1. KU1JZMA NEW HAVEN KG A O Merchandise Fcod And Fuel Merchandise Household Articles COIvrpLKTJE Ii o in u furnishing bought for cash. Highest prices paid for electric .refrigerators, washers, and stoves, regardless of condition. Merchandise ' Articles For Sale Frnncis IVirmtm-.e Co. 4<J9 NORTH MAr^SIHBJRET Tolophona'-'Spool'fti'jV.-. ANTTQ'UJ!; iluyenpurtTor NIL)u. Good condition. Tel. 2C23, S to 0 mornings or S to .0 evenings.' Clothlriff Ladies' Coats Ladies' Drosses or Carmen's Tailor, 1-17 .'So'..x'Mn'fn St lADIES' & GENTLEMEN 1 ^ 'SUITS Tailor made, $23.75. New' j^alf anc Winter Styles. f;.f;.' JOHN MACONE 307' N. Main St OKDJOK Now—For limited supply of seasoned wood, for stove, fire- pl:u:e and furnace. Also field stones, sand, gravel, one coal range, cne gad range, one water heater, also cedar fe.ivcc and 'clothesline poles, and numerous other items. Lign:. trucking and moving, .Dial 2302 after -I "p. m. G. Sallnardl, 03S So. Main street. ''BANK sufo ileposlt I)o.\es wanted. Highest cash prices puid. Wire collect, write or phono what you have to offer. J. 33. Murphoy, .Republic 608J, 810 Yeatman Ave., Webster Groves 1!>, Mo. WllllteU To Buy. \VK are shipping all kind's of liny from Vermont, 'New York stale and Canada. Ask for prices. Reliable Grain and Fuel Co., 5 Cluirch St. Tel. 30.70. Miicliin<!i-y, Electric NOTICE \\OM.\N \v:itU uu:!< a:ul to i;i. tnvn i'i.»i nii'r.Tti. IH:il 'd fi : 4 ,i^f(H-i';il IIOIIM'- fur child, f.ivi: \\';II;L'S $10(1.00 Ijel'ol'e G |i. in. H/).M.\.N TIT !,'iMii'r:il Imtisi'WnrU 111 Mi'.l<!l"bury. NVoek days only. i';n-t r>r full rime. Clood ivn^-es. C:i!l \\'tby. -I-CITI. Mrs. ^ru.^^,' ( >r, winiiiin w:n\ti'il for K' 1 "- isi'work In Catholic ri-c- u.xri'lh-nr wu/Tos. \Vrite '_•- Goodwill iiveniH.', nr Pial Mt'ricien tj.v i^nd tli.' chnrgi-j. For Sale f K»r VACANT X-rniiiii. tun- fuiiiily honsi' I'-.r sa'.i-. Centrally located. Priced ; r *-:i,snn:it/lc. Also 10 room, 2 family !:(/i:.;--. 2nd floor vacant. Price ?r,nry,. A. Sheplcy. Tel. 2-133. 27 Mil. I. ST,, :f floor avaiitibl'- cupancy; ruice Sr.. 3 family family house. Kl '.'or imniedifitc oc- SS.riOO. 121 Hill house- and 2-c*r Kami;'.-, annual income from ii-r,;.,. $t,fjK2. Priuu S7.SOO. Sec J-i.<.;i)i V. Rosko, 3 Union St. T.-l. -r,i2,x ur 20: ( 2. Sf,\ roiini, oiuNrauiily liousr 1 , nil improvement.*. Johnson St. Two furr.ily house on Si-ott St, John Hi'iily. Tel. 5031. > ()l K rii;lil In: first floor of a !>room hous.-; 2 lots, a harn and n ^ara^'e. Nice location. A b»ir- Kain a.t ,$,',200. Patsy Labi-loin, l-i-.V.tnr. 172 HiKh St. Dial 3-ir<,-( nr ,",H,'i-i. Dislrict of Xaugatuck, ss bate Court, Sept. JX, 10-1-1. Fist uk- of Francisco Lampariello filta Francesco Lamp.'irk-llo, late ol -Viuigatuck, in said .District, d COaMOd. The Administratrix c. t. u. having exhibited • her iidinini.stration account with stud estate to ihis Court for allowance, it is ORDERED—That the ISth day of September, A. D. .J9-1-1, at -1:30 o'clock in the .ifti-rncon at the Prubiile o:'flcet in Natigatuck, be and the sanu.- is assigned for a hearing on the allowance- of said Administration Account with said Estate, and this Court directs the Administratrix c. t. n. to cile nl'. pin-sons interested therein to appear at said time and place by publishing this order in some newspaper published in Mow Haven County and having ;L circulation In said District, andpos.'ing n copy cm the public sign post in the town of Xaugauicl; where the deceased last dwelt, and by sending, postage prepaid, a like notice to each of the known heirs residing out- siido ihis District at lonst three days before said dnv assigned, STEPHEN J.' SWEENEY. I.ATJIKS — Suvurnl iisod Atlas South Bend and Logan. Also drill Presses. Table and Band Saws, wood turning lathes and other machine tools. Lincoln Stores, 01 W. Main slrout., Waterbury. Phone !>0177. Air. Andrews. DIAMONDS And Old Watch repairing our specialty. ' GRAND JEWELRY 3.12 Grand Street Dial S-OOS2 Articles l~or Sulo HABY auto licils, JI^OS; lialiy auto seats, Mystia talkirg boards, $1.70 up. Also l.irjru .selection of toys, THE RADIO SHOP ISO Grand Si. Waterbury "BOY Scouts—^anipoi-N, U. S. Army surplus used equipment: Pup tent $2,95; canteen with coveranu cup, ?3,00; mcsskit $.75; pack $1.00; cartridge belt .$.50. Complete sot $ij,00. Samct Sales coin- pany, Hijij-h Point, N. C." Merchandise Animals JOHN'S MUSIC SHOP Wo buy, suli, .ixnliiuiKi!, and r«p:ilr all kinds of instruments. Lowest prices in the city; 3SO-382 So. Mum St., WYitby, Conn. Education C:>IU<> Aim Swine .)HUSKY COW—milItiMic M ijiinrls. 32 •Wo.'idley street. Dial N.'IUJJIL- tuck 23.79. Services 3'rofcssJonal SorvJoow Horses 30 MISci;(Tnrioouii CIlll.OHKN-S—Tulili; A Cliair Sets, Hiffh Ch.'iirs, Rnclciniz Choirs, Porch Gales,: 'and Play Pens. Large selection ol.~ toys. Lowest prices ia,\vn. •<•• BI^XCO'N KIDDTK CENTER • 73 GRAND ST. wtby. 31 Local And Private InstnictorB YOUNG WICSTEKN*—l':ir:id« I.VIK; bay hoi'.se. Will jump gentle but. not .for bnslnncra. P)'iced low for quick sale. Charles JJoochcl, New H.'ivmi Rorid, Nnugaiucl:. Tel. 4385. ' D7NA SCHOOL OT-" MUSIC STUDrCS—WATBY. -1-5028 .15:3 South Main—11 Wilson Street 'P;uno — Voice — Mandoii.'i Children, Adults, Advanced, Begin- nijrsi. r;apid J?iano Course for Adults I Ms t ructions They keep fighting- You keep buying Ballroom r "P- Tf "*Private or Class Baton TAvirlinK Lconai'd, 73 J2. Muin, Mori; Ihaii 3,500,00 acres of public land.'; in Krax'tnif districts were; withdrawn in 30 western states in 39'12 to be used for inilitjiry purposes. Services Services CUSTOM JlBUr*IIOr,STEHf.VG ~ Special 2-piocf! Suito . . X59 GRIFFIN UPHOLSTERING CO. 3.'» Wunlcd To Ttf.nanr Service* Jil-ECXJUCAi JTlnj);>JrInB- Sorvlc* Applinnces a specialty. Ray Decker, -102 N. .Main St. Tel. -JOOO, Of!, BURNKRS clfjincd anrl rtv paired, AH •work «u=rantccd. Tel. 302. r i, Harry Churchil!. J'AtJI-'.S USIUJtKLl.A SJIOJ* Umljri'Uas & \UKX:ISH .•'Old and n>- puii'Rurit-1 Bi-ook St., Watcrbury. Services EXCK1.I.KNT /{IIUI'nor-S'J'KK- ING anci slip covc-cs. AmazingJy low jiriccs. Allen's L'jiholatci'iny Sludio. llnslorcraft Artist.?, i Grand St. W.itorbury. Dial J-OC-1.1 I4IC!) toj> insulating \\-nol. All lypfs. Insuillod if dosired. T. .T. Mon- t.Tmbauh. 530 ^o. M»in St. Union City. Tel, 2GS3. i A'rrJCNTIOX 1 . Or'a«rs fiikcn for now 3Sl<:clro!ux cleaners. Also parts and repairs. I. Ni&scn. Bonded repairman. 3 Teresa .ux - e. Dial -1822. And KIKVMAN'S •."Mivs-atuck's Great IDry Cleaning Firm, offers its firm class dry c'co.nin^ not only in f.imily gur- ment.s, but blankets, rags and otli- er speciiiHics in Ihis field. KIEVMAN'S 70 Church Stroist BUZ S/VWYEH By ROV CRANK I THINK I'VE STUMBLED ACROSS SOME IMPORTANT Mercantile Bowling Loop Has Formal ening lues. Tues- nlleys. of the Tues- And 'X \\v-rk.4 old :tll hhu.'k i>uf>p\ p Just. -N'anip "Cinder" on collar. Reward, Dial 5SO-I. '-i iJHHlncss Aruioufice.'iicnts Tim Mercantile Bowling had its first get-tcgether day night at Annenborg's The formal grand opening eague will take place next .lay nt S:30 p. m,, Joe Robintti, president of the loop, said today. AT. teams arc asked to be on mud and ready for action at the given time. Tin following squads tppeftrud for the practice .-.-(wslon: ison's Smoke Shop, Naugatuck Garage. D. Thurstor. and Sons, Reilly's. P.acke's Garage, and Rado's Grocery. GALAXY OF STARS HOLD FORTH NOW AT THE LOEW THEATER Damage Suit For $50,000 Has Been Filed In New Haven Nc\v Haven, Sept. H—fU P)r—A 550,000 damage suit ha.s beeTi<ifled in Superior court becaiisc of a dispute over ownership of u. piece • of property. •', : - > Three New Haven resident's — -Morris Grillin, and Ralph • ami Rocco Aciibbo—charge, -that 1 . Uie Starin Land .-md .Improvement Company or Stamford sold the property to the Socony V.iccum Oil Compuny of New York.' after affreoiiiK to sell it to the New Ha- veners. Grillin and the Acabbos ask a degree setting aside the s.ilc or damages of $50,000. MONUMENTS Special prices or: All Memorials IV. RICHARDS 260 So, Main St. -M-;\\' s]\ rCHjiii house for sa!«- in i'.i-acnn Kails. All modern con:•• :tn';i,-i-n. Dial 2';,"7, Si.'V.-r.cnir, Sit Wnntnl To Iluv Automotive Autos For Sulo II.VK, 'I'sio [ w:nr.i:d. T.;l. K031. md tlirr-i- furiill.v IHIII.SI.'.H Also farms and lot*. «'[•: KAVK IH;YKKS for i-2-x family housns. Jos, V. Kosko, 3 Union St, Ti:l. '1028-2052. \Vunlcd To J4fiit Koorns \viinti-d iu relit. l... I'd,- ;i couple. Dial 33-12, "A sai'e place to buy and sell" Id-n HUDSON SI3DA.V 13,000 actual miles. l':icly'i,nl-\\",'iU'rbiiry, Inc. •1B2 IVatertown Avcnii'c Dial -I-G105 !!),'{I Fnril Komlsti-r for suli:. I'rlt $100, Jesse McLollen, Dial 2371. Anlu Parts "I'l.NT uf I or .", niiiniv. wiintisl. Dial ••"I ''ifti.'rnoims between 3 and •" I'- in. For Kent AUTHORIZED Sales Service Pnrta, Accessories Malcolm AV. yUirr Coij). •ISS Water-town Ave. Dial 5-11-16 Mutorcycles, I'.lcyclo.s Ki MUMS To JJcnt f'l'KMSMKl) lii-drociin uiul kilchi-n '')!' i'-T.t !'ur light housekeeping, 1'i'ivii;,. rntranc-,-. .Dial 370S. T\VO lioy's hivycli-s, 2(i and 2H, for sale. Keasonabte. Apply CS Oal: SI. Dial 2700. The monkey wrench derives its name from the man who invented It—Chin-lug Moncke. SPECIALS!! S 2.99 $1.99 $1.14 GODDARD'S PORTO RICAN RUM ; 4-5th—Ceiling- Price $4.28—NOW . . CHEER LEADER WHISKEY SOUR Full Quart—Was S2.75 PETPJ WINES — White Port, Muscatel, Sherry, Tokay WHISKEY!! Fleischmann's Seagram's With a galaxy of screen favorites heading its cast and a plot crunmn.-d u-ith catchy nines,- side- spiitting fun and novelty numbers, "St..-p Lively" ranks us one of the better type screen musicals, '1 he sextette of stars comprises Frank Sinnira. George Murphy, Adolphe Mor.jou, Gloria de Haven, U'altur Sk-iuik and .Eugene Pailetto. SVith the aid of a brilliant supporting cast they make a hilarious event out of a Broadway producer's troubles. The plot itself is a corker! Gordon Miller, a fast-talking showman, is endeavoring to put on a musical comotly. He and his assistants nnd his whole arc living at the Hotel Crillton on credit, thanks to the fact tha his broher- ir.-law Gribb'e, is the manager, and he is trying to land a wealthy backer to put up the money to stage his production. Six catchy songs by Julc Stync and Sammy Culm, four of them and clever production numbers | sung by Sinatra, and some unusual j worked in as part of the snow- with-in-a-shou- that Murphy is trying to singe, add to the gaiety and entertainment qualities of the sparkling picture. Tim Whelan directed, with Warren Dull' and Peter Milne writing the screenplay based on the play "Room Service" by John Murray and Allen Borutx, as produced bv George Abbott, This picture, incidentally, is one of those that goes direct to remote combat areas for display to the armed forces without charge, through courtesy of the motion picture industry. It is shown in 1G mm. form, to reach those men who are posted where fully equipped camp theaters arc not installed. The co-hit on this big program is "Waterfront" with J. Carrol iS'aish and John Carradine. Postponement Likely Of Tool-Rubber Game TTlio U. S. P.ubbur-VVatarbtJry Tool tilt is scheduled to get off at •I p. m. at Recreation field tonight. Howovcr, a steady rain nil morning, and plenty of rain last night niifrlu hnre caused u-et grounds, and the game may be postponed. Weather rcporis predict rain for the rest of the day. The two teams are fii:ining for Wntcrbury Industrial league honors, having llnished the past season in a tic. A two best of three series will decide the champion, but the ilrst game is likely to be postponed for the second time. IS "'SEVENTH CROSS" FINISHING RUN AT THE STRAND THEATER Six nations share in having the lowest infant deaith rates. They arc Norway, Sweden, Netherlands. Australia, Now Zealand and L'hc U. S. in that order. Schenley Reserve Canadian Club — Calvert Special — Crown Seagram's 5 Crown - Seagram's V. 0. — Calvert Reserve In VOL'B FUTURE { Klil.'i;, \TION, UH Kivi-n J l ivlll ,-nro- .sou fur In S Ilii- liiisiin--.-. wurlil. Ciinrsi's nip iniirii- J V ini.' or cvcnlnc. Call -I-T'jK^. { . I.VVIiST S IU;SINKSS > In Ilii', -rlh THE PERRY SCHOOL ul <iri<).-k- >,OHH,| \VulrrMir. C'l.i Miniiliiy inn." Tui-sday Ji-wlsli Holidays tit WIIKN IT'S GIFT IT'S TIME Harry's Liquor Shop 23 South Main Street Pop's Liquor Store 24 Church Street I » CEXTEK SI'. MAT, 3-27C2 I-'iirnncfi Inspection Phone Us! 01 -, on Waterbury Heating: Co. 33 Spring St.; Wthy. 4-C4T8 At la=t Hume Cronyn, noted for his sexagenarian screen cha;-acler- izalior.s, looks his true age. Ho plays the ro.'e of Paul, Spencer Tracy's yjung friend, in "The Sev[ enth Cross." il-G-M's screen adap- • ti'Ltion of the best selliny Anna j Seghers' novel and which is ciir- l rent on ihe screen at the Strand, ! Cronyn is the Tv'cw York stage actor who made his screen debul in "Shadow of a Doubt," followed it with a vivid portrayal of the French prisoner in "The Cross of Lorraine," and then was featured in "Lifeboat." He won fame on Broadway by playing "oldsters" in such hits f,is "Mountain Ivy," "High Tor," "Mr. Big." and "Three Men on n Horse." Interested in procluc- lion and writing ns well as acting, Cronyn has iie.'ped spons-jr the stage successes, "Life With Father" and "Charley's Aunt." He recently sold his piny, "Angel ,ol Miami," to RKO. As Paul, the young husband and father who helps Tracy evade the Naxis despite danger to himself and family, Cronyn ha.s the most imporlant role of his film Career. • "The Seventh Cross" stnrs Spencer Tracy with Signc Hass-j. .It ends its run at the Strand tonighl. Co-l',ealured with "The Seventh Cross" at the Strand is Republic's "Goodnight, Sweetheart," featuring Robert (Bob) Livingston and Ruth Terry. The Liberation of Paris is in the current Movietone News now at the Strand, as is-.ii. new M-G-M color cartoon, "Beir Raid Warden." » The mountain peaks of''Popo- catepetl, 17.520 feet, and Ixtucci- haut:, 17,330 feet, bolh in Mexico,' arc iiighor than any puolcs to b't! found in the United States. Husbands! Wives! Want new Pep and Vim? '''- ' of i|«i>il lurc-i ii. vitniuy, try u Miiln ijt.'^t-ii i- snU< in .'ill •rywln- I ta le BUT IT'S A JAP KATE EVEN HAS THE JAP INSIGNIA ANYWAY, IT'S A PLANE. HOW ABOUT GAS ? I CAN GET GAS, BUT LAUDING A JAP PLANE ON AN AMERICAN AIR STRIP IS GOING TO 3E A PROBLEM WE'LL FIND A WAV. THIS PANGED CAVES DRIVING ME NUTS, SAWYER. HOW ABOUT SIGNING ME ON LISTEN, SAWYER, t'O LIKE TO TALK TO YOU. t HEAB YOU HAVE A HIDDEN PI&HE on THE ISLAND. AS VOUR CO-PHOT MILITARY IN- .FORMATION. I'VE TO GET THIS is YOUTH WEEK:.'- '-I SH= M U ST MS AN WHITS'/ J br-i MES CHEF Or c= LOO< AT ALL.THS = CORE-MUSTS5 ESCORT ING A CSLESRl7V-? MUST3ELATe FDT2 HIS DATS GOING TD A MOVIE -= VJHATS P AU.7W= .- TBArFIC 71 SISCUET AGENT IJy ROBERT STOil>, TWC UV DOWN UNO RRENDER! l-iOP£Lf=5... DE.'J, IN GUI? HOUR , COMES VORD FFC FUEHRER, VE GOT TO FIDE TO OER UA5T /,WN ~ TO PS LAST BOOLiT .' TVs NiTW ARRIVALS AfS WGERLV gLJESTIONED 5V Pg|gON£gS..,F/Ullt.liOg PUCES, BATTLES ND SNC'FFY UJtLL.DON" STAND LIKE ft IDIOT - - CWECK UW-I'LL PHONE,SIR' CLftOS"4« GO TOR ft VOUR N\GWTCftP. VO'J MUSTN'T CftPVVOL \VII.T'.1AM UITT Cr,,\RKNCK GRAt IF I HAVE LIED/MAY LIFE QUIT, THIS BODY OF MINE AS QUICKLY AS IT WENT FROM YON BRIMS YOUPTEAM tPOSSTUE TPACKS TDIS AFTERNOON! AMD WELL PLAY t&U-AMD COME PREPARED FOB A GOOD/ HARD CAME/ BE KMOVJ VJUY \VE LET ) SO/YOU GOTA FOOT&ALLTEiM TMATS MICE To MICE TO KNOW/

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