Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 14, 1944 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 14, 1944
Page 6
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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 1914 Page Six On The Air Today •1:00 p. in. WOR—News; (.'.ambling WATK-Kthcl and Albert WABC -Service Time \VJZ-Uluc Correspondents •I: 15 i>. in. • WABC—Homo Front Matinee WEAF—Stella Dallas WATK-WJ55— Don Norman Show WOR—Rambling with. Gambling .i::;n p, 111. WABC -Off the Record WATR--News \VOR-Full Speed Ahead WEAl-' — Loi-onmi Joni-s •I:-I3 p, in. WABC-Raymond Scotl Show IWEAF-WTLC -WUUIcr Brown WATR-WJH--HOP I tan-lean ,•>:(>!> p. m, WABC- Fun wKh Dunn WKAF-WT1C When a Girl Mar- rleM WOTi Undo Pun WJ/.-WA'lTl Tony and Pirates ,";l." |i. in. WEAF-\VT[C— Lovu anil Learn \Vjy. Pick Tracy WOK Chick Carter WA.TK— Melody Review .'ilKH p .ill. WKAF-WTtC Plain 13111 WATK-WJX- Jack ArrntUrong WAMC--T, Allen. Thn.-e Sisters WO 11—Tom Mis Show 3:43 p. in. WABC Wlldorni'ssi Riinil WCAP'-WTIC- Front Page Furrell WATU-vVVX Spa Hound WOK--Superman li:IH> p. in, WOR--News; Prayer WIOAF Jack Arthur Other Stations-—Ni-ws li:K" p, m, WTrC News WATli- Music- fen- DinltiK WEAF—Sm-enuclc to America \V.I7. -Ethel anil' Albert WARC — Tecl Huslng WOR -Nowsrpei; Hollywood fi:.1() p. m. WOR -New.-: •WABC—Juri Sullavan. Songs WATR—Nowji; Serenade WEAF—Serenade; Bill Stern WJ55--Whose War? Band WTIC—Sti-lcMy Sports ^:4i3 p .m, WOP. -Stan Lurnax NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS SEW .inrl SAVE with MURPHY'S ^ VARD C30D5 25c to $1.29 Mflho longer • woar- Ing, bottoc • looting C I o » h 0 4 (rom thu ttrirjhf flsioffmenf o' ptifrci'ni, colons and G. C. Murphy Co. Your Eyeglasses Shop cTS. Tomlinson Nrary liilllding , Conn. } SI'iri 1 Cliwd ».\t Mmulay } « anil Tuesday J l''nr Kt-liglous lloliflnys <! I D. L1EBERMAN j } ••!•, ciii'iicn sTKKi-rr } 8-l-l'cr. 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WEAF-WTIC—I'Yunlt Morgan Show WA1SC-- Suspense WJZ-WATK—Watch World Go By WOU—News H:I5 |i. in, WATR-WJ5C—Lum 'n' Abncr WOU—Nick Carter «:Ht> |> '»• WOl:—Quiz Show W ABC—Death Vallu. ""..i-ies \VATn-WJ2—Town Meeting WEAF—Third Naval District, !>:UI> p. in. WOR—Gabriel Heatter vvKAF—-Music Hall WABC—Major Bowes Show D:l,"j i>. m. WOR—Screen Tost !l:3l> p. in. WABC—Corliss Archer \VKAF-\VT1Q —Davis-Haley Sho w >. .-\ 1 i;-WJVS---Pultt:e;il Program *voil-. -Starlight Sun.-rui.di: 10:00 11. m. vVABC- -Firsu i-mc WJ2AF-WTIC—Harry Savoy Show WA'tMi—Kaymond G. Swing jo:ir> p. m. WATR—Dancing Discs; News WJZ—Transcription; G. Hicks AF—Dramatic Sketch >v'Ui-.— Dale i^arncgtu L(l:;il> p, til. WATR-WEAF-WABC—Sen. Truman VTIC—March of Time .H:liO p. in. Ul Stations—News .11:.15 p. m. rVATR.—News \\'JZ —Jean Collins. Songs WABC—Cab Galloway .Band 11 :;•;() p. m. WABC—Viva America WT1C- -Canadian Music WOK —Brand wync Orch. WI3AF—New World Music WATP.-NVJZ--Soldiers with Wings JS:00 Midiiixht iVATR--Sign Off WJZ.-Ncws; Oiion Orch. WABC--News; Kaye Orch. Pitcher Came Back To Trim Club That Sent Him To Minors KF.rOKTKD 1I.L Hurno.s Aire.s. Sept. 1'! — (UP) — The .former president of Argen- Ina, Kainon Castillo, is reported n be critically ill. Castillo was ivcrthrown last summer following j ho rm'oStiti'jn s;agcd by military ! eaclers. ADVANTAGE You have an advantage here: the best aciomodations at rates that save you money! 2000 ROOMS, IATH AND RADIO HOTEL AtfREO Ifv/iS. MOR TAFT Z T ^ E NEWYORK'9 TIMES SQUARE AT RADIO CITY BINC 4 SING MANACIMEHI j The widest choice ol paint colon «vcr offered — sill ready to use. no imcrmixing, Murphy Paints fv«ry ihoc/e in tv«ry gradt CANS, Inc. MAPLE STREET TEL. 3507 Electrical Supplies Lighting Equipment 1JOJIB "KM WITH BOMBS Victor — Coluinliiu — Deccn Record* SWAN ELECTRIC CO. s CHURCH ST. TKL. 2574 The New Yoi'k Giants seem to have an unhappy habit of leaving themselves open to ple.ycrs and clubs out for revenge. One of baseball's best stories c.oncerns the time back in 193'.l when Manager Bill Terry of the peiin-bound Giants was asked what he thought of the Brooklyn Dodgers. The Dodgers had their troubles that year — they didn't win very often. And Terry cr.a_ckecl • "Brooklyn? Js Brooklyn still in the league ?" That crack cnme home to roost late in the season. The angry Dodgers knocked the Giants olT In a couple of important baseball games. And the Giants wound up holding the bag while the St. Louis Cardinals held the. pennant. Back in 1908 the Now Yorkers had some trouble of the same kind, although they didn't do any talking that time. They got themselves into trouble—strangely enough, because they did too much hitting. It all started when'the Philadelphia Phillies brought up a promising young pitcher named Harry Coveieskie at the end o!' the 1907 season. Harry looked good in his brief whirl, and when the 1903 season opened Harry was on hand in a Philadelphia uniform. Jn mid-April the Phils started Harry against the Giants. And the results didn't please anybody hut the New York crew. Everything •Harry threw hit one of the Giants- bills. So Manager Billy Murray sent Harry down to the Lancaster club--a Philly Farm—and went to work. The strong ypungstcr meanX: to prove he-belonged up on the big lime and he did it with 22 victories ihat season. Late in September Murray looked at Harry's record and called hi:>i back to finish out the season with, the Phils. That's whore tho Giants come back into the story. "The Now Yorkers and the Chicago Cubs had battled into a deadlock for the title—and the Oiatits had an important series with the Phillies coming up. On September 2Sth Murray gave Harry another chance at the ciub that had ba'nged him down to the 'minors. And '.his time Harry was the master. The kid threw a six-hit earned the Phils a split in the day'-i rlniihlehcader at New York. Then ihc two clubs moved to Philndeluhia for another twin bill or. October Arst. The. New Yorkers won the opener and Harry Covcles- ide got the call again in tho see- on dirame. And once more Covcles- kie slapped down the Giants—this time the score was six to two. He was making the New Yorkers sorry they had'treated him so roughly earlier in the season. Tho next day the percentage- point gang hauled out their weapons and found that the Giants could win the por.nant by licking (he Phillies t.hat day. And seven thousand people fame out to see i. p the Phils 'could stand off Now York's bid for the flag, ifor the Giants Christy Matthewson took thn mound—find when Matty pitched in those days it was almost as god as a guarantee of victory. A whole batteiy of Philly pitchers warmed up. Manager Murray chose the only man he had who could bent the Giants — Harry Covcleskie, who had pitched the day before. Acd the Giants went to work- quickly—one run in the first for u quick lead. Thou the Phils gave their fans n to cheer—they got to Matty for two runs In the fifth—and Harry had a slim 2 to 1 load. Then the Phils found'Matty for another one in the sixth—3 to 1 for Harry. Then that last'chance—the ninth inning. And the Gin'nts opened up. •Buck Hcrxog__startcd things off with n. double. The Neiv; Yorkers came roaring to tho edge of-their dugout—this was their moment. Moso McCormick pressed in' and tripled to right—3 to 2 now for Harry and the tying run on third. And none out yet. Harry faced Turkey Mike Don- Ian—and he got Donlan on a shore fly—one out. Then Cy Seymour grounded to second, and Mc- Corniick was out trying to score- two down. The courageous rookie faced Art Devlin then—and Harry poured three strikes past Devlin. The kid the Giants had shelled out o!' the league had come back to haunt them. Commercial League Has Fine Start- Bowls Mondays . The Commercial bowling league got 'underway Tuesday night at Anncnbcrg'a Alleys for the season of 1944-4C. 'Bill Galgot is the president of the league, now in its tenth year of existence. Frank's took 2 out of 3 from 7- Up; the Icemen shutout Dutch Front. 3-0; the Naugatuclc Fuel lost two out of three to Bronson's, and Andy's forfeited three games to the Falcons. The league will operate on Mon- day'nigh Is starting next week, nt 7 p. m. sharp, Pros. Galgot said. W. Wnrrcn, W. Mivrincllo, O. Mc- Cnnn, and H. Wcnslow arc serving on tho prize committee, while the rules group is composed ot H. Sclilldgcn, E. Slomcensld, H. Simpson, and W. Kosl-oskl. Pctro had high single for the night with 1130 pins knocked for a ride, and then divided honors with Columbe for three game totals with 378 each. The scores: Falconn (S). Brazyckl 'lO'l 113 1X1— .3.1 R Woods ' 113 1-12 112— 367 Galgo .- US'-130 96— 3J1 Lard • 9» 'J3 11— 303 •Serrclla 128 121 107— 300 Total 550 , r j'J9 ^'57—1715 Andy's (U), Forfeit. G. Rusnak Ji]. Slomccnski B, Karab:in . , J. Kaniban .. 7-Ups (I). H. '.Couloumbc 11-1 OS 109— 32 J . 03 IDS IIS— 320 10-1 100 310— 3M . 105 01 07— 303 134 122 122— 378 Total 550 529 557—163C Franks (2). C. Warzack ... . llfi 00 — 2pfi W. Ki,clb 115 111 120— 3J6 W. Warren 96 126 115— 337 J, Kloc 95 111— 200 S. Kloc 107 1M 111— 232 C. Johnson 136 1JC— 232 Total 029 577 573—1C79 GRAND OLD MAIN By Jack Sords STAGG, 37.-ie-kK.-OLV 23HxS6e- Cf - ,L64,D|Aj<5 MlS 55"^ Two Hose Co. Stars May Be On Flats' Lineup Friday Niuig. l-'uol (1). irinella 87 IDS MS— 343 Gorman 91 SS 7S— 257 Frank 216 89102—307 Gentile 8&- 10S S9— 2S2 Petro 150 117 111— 378 Tolal 529 '510 02S—10G7 JJron.son (2). Yank E 9" 89 — 1S6 Joe T ' -03 108 112— 313 Charlie .'. 117 S3'117— 327 Mike J 122 112 13S— 372 Simp Ill 92112—315 Total 510 4 9-1 COS—1592 Ice Men (3). W. Passcck G. Classey . H, Schildgen D. SchultK .. C. Underhili 91 117 91— 200 . 9S 07 12-1— 319 113 130 115— 3C8 . 98,. S3 130— 311 10-J 110 132— 352 Total 504. 5-13592—1CVX) Dutch Front (n). W. EoiMski 921.21 07—310 L. Smcgelski 93 OS 01— 2S2 Vaiskauskas 93 SO 100— 282 Venslow • 12-1 105 116— 3-lfj Fileto 05 122 101— 31S Total 497 538 500—1S3 Stengel Finishes With Brewers Minor League Playoffs Continue fBy i;niled Press) , Tho Jamestown Falcons won their fourth straight victory over the Lockpot't Cubs and won the title in their scvon-p.-vmc playoff scries of the Pony league. In the association Louisville defeated Milwaukee, 3.lo 2, and Toledo won over St. Paul, 3 to 2 in the initial frames of the playoff scries in the American as- ociation. Tho Memphis Chicles won a 12- nninK battle with tho Nashville V'ols, 7 to-C, in the first pamc of heir Southern association playoff series. Milwaukee, Sept. 14 — (U P)— Casey Stengel says h: flins at. managing the Milwaukee .Brewers in the American association is over. The veteran .big league player j and pilot look over the ; Brewer* in May when Charley Grimm movcc out to take charge of the .Chicago •Cubs.- 'And Casey says he accept od the job with 'the undcrstar>i. ing that he'd just fill Jr. for .the rest of Ihe season to glvu the ciub a chance to look around for a l 'manager. When. Casey joined the Brewers they led the association by 1 gnmcs. He led them t.o a margin th.-U reached 0 1-2 gomes last, and the Brewers won the association pen nun I. by 7 games There are' normally IS million bowlers in the U. S. ALCAZAR TODAY "BATHING BEAUTY" with • RED SKELTON • KSTHER WILUAMS • I-IARBY; J AMISS Anil A Great Cant FRIDAY - SATURDAY "ROCKET MAN" and "THIS IS'THE LIFE" IHJY AND S.AVK AT TUB Highland Grocery 92 HIGHLAND AVE. TEr.. 4KHO ROCCO ISADO. ProD. Weather permitting, .tomorrow evening the Curtiss street Flats will fight it out with the Naugatuck Hose Co. The battle will be one to the death, with no quarter gjvcn and no quarter asked. Nordhill Nauges, manager of the Volun- 'tecrs-said this morning. And Gubby Cowan, mayor of t-hc Flats, hastened to ditto thai statement. Cowan has a strong club on hand having dug into the volunteers players list for two of his best men—Jimmy Sullivan and 'Pat Ahrens are reported to have signod with the Flats. Nauges sent a telegram to Judge Kcnesaw Mountain 1,-indis, notifying him on Cowan's move, and suggesting the judge to get into action, and restore these two stars to his roster. Kcne- saw, however, had not answered .by presstlmc today. The Flats rosier is made up of the following names: Gene "Slugger" R e : 1 1 y, Luke "K i 11 c r" ""rh Kane, Greg "Mountain Home' Phalcn, "Bang" Noragong, Ken "Casey" Murphy, Charlie "Rainbow" Romanoff. Ossic "Whizzcr" Tamppollini, Wnrcl Kopp, Howie "Sinkerbair Meyers. Benny "Snapper" Click, Ed "Whirfcr" Slomczyn- ski. Stan "Zcke" Monahnn. Jim '"Hit Eni' Again" Carroll. Ed "Siid- cr" Blondis, and Bronie Kona- vich. "The volunteers have not announced their line-up—a strategy 'on the'part of Manager Nauges, Flats. It is reported that Charley Who may spring a surprise on the Keller, Ted Williams, and Joe DiM.aggio. former big leaguers, have been signed by the Vols. But "The Brains' did say yes and.., on the other hand, didn't say no. : The game will be played tomorrow night at Linden park, and a crowd of about 200 is expected to attend, as the Vols 'arc a great drawing card. First bal! will be pitched at G p. m. About two million women of nil ages have received training under vocational and war l.raining programs so far. AMERICAN LKAGUB No games yesterday. The Standing New York . Detroit St. Louis .. Boston Cleveland .. Chicago Philadelphia Washington 76 65 63 64 58 Pet. .555 .551 ,.5-i .0-33 .474 .•160 .460 .420 Today's G:miex. Pitchers New York ,-U Pbiladelph.ia (night) —Sevens (2-0) vs. Newsom (32-13) or Christopher (11-13). Only g-ame scheduled. NATIONAL LEAGUE Yeslerday's Result* Cincinnati 4, Chicago 1 CsO. Chicago ',',, Cincinnati 2 CJd). Pittsburgh 7. St. Louis 3 (1st). Pittsburgh 10, St. Louis 5 (2d>. The Standing W. St. Louis 95 Pittsburgh SI Cincinnati "4 Chicago 61 New York 61 Boston 55 Brooklyn . 55 Philadelphia. 52 Pet. .699 .600 .561 .462 .459 .410 .407 Today'B Games. T^Hcher* Philadelphia at New York (21 — Schanz (.12-13) and Lee (9-9) vs. Voiscllc (10-15) and Allen \',-51. Boston at- Brooklyn (2)—Javery (7-1S) and Barrett (7-15) vs. Pier- ring (2-3) and Davis (9-10) or Melton (8-11). Cincinnati at Chicago (2)—Hcus- ser U2-S) rmd Carter (S-7) vs. Erickson (5'-S) and Derringer (5-12). Only games scheduled. BODY FOUND • Portsmouth, N. H., Sept. 14 — (UP)—The body of a missing- Portsmouth widow been found floating in the ocean outside the harbor. A Coast Guard picket boat c ame upon Mrs. Leonore H, Foye's bodv two miles from Portsmouth harbor. She had been missing- since Sunday. FRANK SINATRA — GEORGE MURPHY ADOLPHE MENJOU — GLORIA DE HAVEN WALTER SLEZEK — EUGENE PALLETTE in "STEF LIVELY" SINATRA SINGS: "Como Out, -Come Out, Wherever Yon Arc" • "Whom Doc* Be/rin" • "Some Other Timo" • "As Lontf As There's Music" 2nd HIT WATER FRONT J. Carroll Nalsh — John .Currndinc Loews POLI MON. NITE — 0 P. M. — ON STACK — IN PEKSOX FRANK SINATRA CONTEST Valuable Prizes — Enter Now COMING FRIDAY — "WING AND A PRAYER" Smoky Cityites Take Twin- El Yesterday; Cut Lead Grange Started Man In Motion Once On A Signal Mixup (By Prewn) You can blame it all on Tic Grange. The red-haired -break aw.-iy ball-packer from Illino:^ stirred the sugar into the "T formal ion and now this mixtur is as universal as the hit and ru; play. Faddy l>riscoM, assistant Chi c.-igo Bear coach and a forme Northwestern, backficld start, ex plained the -origin of the deadly '. formation offensive pattern. "The T formation itself is as oli as ' Ihe hills," said. Driscoll. "Bu mixing the man in motion, into U-K T—that's what ijivcs it the' dou blc-strength." Driscoll and th Boars aro currently on a pi-c-sca son tour of the East. According to Driscoll the Chi cago 4>cn"'.s have always used th< T "formation — one mar. just be nind center and three men lined up across further back. The "shor man" handled the ball every play handing it off, latoralling, forward passing, or even sneaking- over guard with Ihe ball. DHscoll remembers how the Bears were practicing when Red Grange was a squad member. The Whcaton icemar. got the signals mixed—as the quarterback called them in a series. He started oui wide before the ball was snapped —and lound himself in the clear. From then on Ihe Chicogo Bears built the man in motion into the T formation. In 19-10 the 1- with the man in motion, spread to .co! ego teams—via Stanford university. And, since it bos bc- comc standard equipment with many college and professional teams.- As proof of its power Notre Dame changed from the tried and true Notre Dame offense to this descriptive offensive wrinkle. The world champion Bears prob- ibly run the T sweeter than any other club, because of long exper- encc and T-mixed coaches. Over iOO plays are graphed from this offensive by the Bear team.. There are twists in that pattern For example, the quarterback no ongcr handles ihe ball on every ingle, play. Once ir. a while the mil is snapped right past the hort roan's knee—to the fullback vho blasts through the center. The man-in-motion—the sugar Grange stirred into the T—is a <.'ide wrinkle. Any of the three iack men can skirt wide as Ihe man in motion. They can go eith- r to the left or right, giving six hoices as the man in motion. Much has been written on the ow^r of the man - in - molion vheuling wide and slopping just cforc the ball is snapped. Ho an block—cut in and hit the op- osinjr end. He .car. pro down for pass. He can take a lateral. He an move back past the quartor- ack and get the apple on a hand- ff. He can lead the convoy of ackficlU blockers. He can do so much xhat the T jrmaiion is the deadliest instru- icnt of football invasion :n to- ay's game. There are 6,-i-i3 local selective | ervicc boards in the U. S. Chicago And Cincinnati Split ;0nly Games Played \ On Stormy Day . The Pil.taburgh Pirates made it their ninth .straight victory over the league leading St. Louis Cardinals with a clean sweep of a double-header, 7 to 3 and 10 to 5. The twin IOKS cut the Cardinal load to 13 ]-2 games,' .the smallest Ihey have held since July 2Slh. Since A-jg. 31st—when the Cards led by 20 games— the slumping leaders have maJlowed 6 .1-2 games to be pared from their margin. And Pittsburgh haji accounted for a large s:harc of that. Rip S'jwell held the Cards to seven scattered hits while the Bucs were busy on Cardinal hurl- crs Hurry Brecheen, Fred Schmidt, and Sylvester Donnelly. Brecheen took the loss in the opener. In the second game, Su Louis had one big inning when homers by Johnny Hopp — his second of the day—and Ray Ganders drove in four runs. But the Cards failed to keep pace from ! he-re on out with the marching Pirates. Xavk-r Rcscigno was credited with the second win and Maxa. Lan- jcr took the loss for St. Louis. The Chicago Cubs dropped from fourth place for a few hours during the afternoon when they lost, the opener of a doubleheader. with the Cincinnati Reds, •> to 1. But in the second game, Frank Secory—who 1 came up from Milwaukee Aug. 27th—homered with O on and accounted for Chicago's win, 3 io 2. The victory put Chicago back into fourth place. Rain postponed doublchcadcrs between Philadelphia and New York at Philadelphia and between Boston and Brooklyn at Brooklyn. Jn the American league a single game between New York and .hiladelphia .was also called off because of rain. VICTORY HIT PARADE BINGO Tomorrow Night And Kvcry Friday Xight S O'CIock at St Michael's Church Beacon Falls, Conn. Cool and Comfortable LIQUOR SPECIALS! GILBEY'S London Dry Gin Gal. P & T Park * Tllford Krsrrve Whiskey A lilcnil $3.86 AMERICA'S "LARGEST SIDI.LIN'G WINKS ROMA WINES '1.04 YOUR CHOICIv—PORT, SIIKRKY, Gal TIARA VERMOUTH $1.23 Bottle Privilege "S WHISKEY 5th Gal. Distillrd and bottl.-H liy American Distilling 1 100 Proof MONTICELLO Uottlcd III Bond Straight Rye Whiskey WE HAVK YOUR FAVORITE BBANI)' OF WHISKE J. K. STORIE CUT RATE LIQUORS - WINES BEER 396 North Main St. Union City; Conn. (OPPOSITE SHEI.I-. CAS STATION) Store. Closod-Monday and, TiioKdit>v pt Ncxt-WePk On Account, •'of Holidays .;-<>-

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