Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on July 24, 1974 · Page 17
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 17

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 24, 1974
Page 17
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Doctors Discuss the Male's Dilemma in Today's Social Upheaval By Sandra Gittens NEW YORK (AP) - Drs. Anne Steinmann and David J. Fox are in total agreement — the male in today's society is in a dilemma. In a major social study Drs. Fox and Steinmann have written from their accumulation of research over the past 20 years "The Male Dilemma — How To Survive The Sexual Revolution." Dr. Fox says the last seven or eight years he and Dr. Steinmann concentrated on male concepts and male roles. "That, plus the feelings which naturally emerged as we got more and more data that everyone, in the last five years, or maybe the last decade, in society was overly concerned with the adjustment problems of women but nobody was paying any attention to what seemed to us the obvious impact of these same situations on men. That's what oriented the book towards men. We could have written the same book on women in terms of the data." Dr. Steinmann says the research goes back to the time when she was doing her dissertation. "In 1951, as a matter of fact, even before that, I started to investigate the concept of roles for women. Of what they felt about themselves in terms of what was happening. The traditional role vs. the so called liberal role. The home oriented role as against the new career woman." What she found was many more questions than answers. Taking college girls, their fathers and mothers, she found tremendous discrepancy in what women felt they really were as people and what they thought men wanted in a woman. That's when Drs. Fox and Steinmann found each other. Having the same interest, they started questioning more and more people — doctors, lawyers all types of professional people — in America and abroad. "Whenever we gave a research paper, we found the same discrepancies," she says. "Women felt a man Times Herald, Carroll, la. m Q Wednesday, July 24, 1974 I O wanted a home oriented woman — one to sit home and take care of the family. But women also felt they were entitled to a life of their own." That led to the questioning of men. What did they think? What was their ideal woman like? "And we found that the ideal woman for the men was exactly the same as the woman's. So you see we had this problem that either somebody was lying or somebody was mis-projecting a feeling that he or she had or didn't have about the other," Dr. Steinmann said. The problem she says the men faced was that they wanted to be aggressive — the traditional aspect of the male role. The man's ideal of himself was even more outgoing and more achieving, but he felt that a woman wanted a home oriented man. "A man who would be home with the kids and help around the house. 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In plaids, patterns and colors. Preschool and school-age sizes. Sale prices effective thru Sunday. man, "she says. The women, she adds, felt their ideal man was aggressive, maybe to some extent home oriented, "but actually, women said they wanted a man like the man's ideal — more aggressive. "The problem is one of communication, I think," said Dr. Fox. "That's what we're really talking about. These people were not effectively communicating to each other what they would say to us. And there is discrepancy between what they think or express on the one hand, and how they behave and the bahavioral cues they give to each other. This is the major problem to which we address ourselves in the last chapter of the book." Dr. Steinmann, however, feels the gap stems from the fact that women have been promised through their education the same opportunities as men. "They have been out-jobbed in their homes. They don't have to do the weaving, the actual creative work in the home. Their jobs as homemakers have been taken away by technology," she explains. "When the middle class woman started becoming educated she was promised the fruits of achieving roles yet nothing was forthcoming." Dr. Fox points out that the generation they studied were between the ages of 35 and 55. They were children during a period when society in general had a different set of expectations. "But," he says, "in the last 15 years as adults these people have accepted intellectually a very different set of expectations. When you speak to them on a verbal level they Astrology For Thursday, July 25,1974 Bernice Bede OSD ARIES (March 21-April 19) In your dealings, you'll be confronted by one who has more authority or a stronger position than you. Tactfully back off. •-•••• TAURUS (April 20-May 20) It may prove wiser in the long run to call in experts to perform a service for you rather than trying to do it yourself. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Don't buck the odds at this time. If something you're involved in has a poor chance of winning, drop it. CANCER (June 21-July 22) You are likely to open your purse a bit too wide and let most of your household budget escape in one big burst. If you do, you'll regret it. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) If you're a little too headstrong and unyielding, you'll be hurting yourself more than anyone else. Loosen up a bit. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Don't buy anything sight unseen. If you're making a major purchase, examine the will tell you these aggressive expectations, yet their internal feeling-response is still very different according to specific situations. "Take for example a wife who is going out to a meeting and the husband is staying home to mind the children," he says. "The husband understands why this is necessary, he understands that this is fair, he understands that his wife is allowed a life of her own, yet he still feels a reaction that "My father never had this imposed on him, what the hell, I'm seen here as a babysitter.' And he effectively communicates both the words and the feelings to the wife. The wife therefore responds more thoroughly to the feeling and says, 'He really wants me to stay home, his acceptance of my freedom is a lot of baloney.'" Both Dr. Steinmann and Fox go on to say that these discrepancies are part of the building basis for hostility in marriages today. "And I want to point out that you find the same discrepancies among college students today. Whether they are reacting to this generation that we are writing about is something that we still have to investigate," adds Dr. Steinmann. Dr. Steinmann and Fox have each successfully combined marriage, family and career. Dr. Steinmann is a consulting psychologist, psychotherapist for Social Research in New York City. Dr. Fox is the director of Research and Graduate Studies at the School of Education, City College of the City of New York. merchandise in person. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) This is not your day for club or organizational activities. Someone in the group is apt to rub you the wrong way. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) A clever maneuver you have devised to further your aims will backfire if you put it to the test. Keep everything out in the open. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) Don't try to sell others on an idea you've heard about. It may not work and could cause complications. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) In your business dealings, it would be foolish to let your guard down. An unexpected condition will suddenly give your competitor the upper hand. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) A few ill-chosen words may be all it takes to alienate an ally worth having. Be considerate of companions. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) Be extra careful today if working with electrical tools or new gadgets that you're not familiar with. YOUR BIRTHDAY July 25,1974 This year offers exciting and unexpected changes. Don't let events sweep you off your feet. For best results, think all moves through carefully. Chile's Junta Can't Find Voting Lists CATALOG PHONE 792-3524 STORE HOURS: 9:00-5:00 Mon., Tues., Thurs., Sat. 9:00-9:00 Wed. & Fri. 1:00-5:00 Sunday OPEN WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY NITES TILL 9-SUNDAYS 1 to 5 SANTIAGO — (LENS) Symbols do matter. To most people, it has long been obvious that the Chilean junta has no intention of holding any sort of elections in the near future. It has outlawed all forms of organized political activity. The recent decree-law naming General Pinochet as president of the republic (instead of merely president of the junta) made it plain that he is there to stay. And now the junta's official spokesman — a man distinguished by his numerous public relations blunders — has reported that the country's electoral registers have been burned. It is true, as the junta claims, that Allende's electoral officials did more than a little ballot-rigging in their day, and there is some evidence that the registers were padded out with the names of fictitious (or dead) voters. But if the junta had wanted to make its point about electoral corruption under Allende it could have done so by publishing a detailed white paper, giving chapter and verse. Instead, it destroyed the registers — which will confirm the growing fears of those who supported the coup against Allende because they believed that he was breaking down Chile's democratic institutions and who at first hoped that military intervention might save them. For that reason alone, the burning of the registers is an egregious act of folly. The junta has already isolated itself from the majority of its original supporters by needless brutality and the contempt it has shown towards civilian politicians. Certainly, the siege mentality of the new rulers of Chile has been heightened by the campaign the left has mounted against them from abroad. The sad thing is that, step by step, they are confirming some of the gravest charges made against them. Red Cross Bingo Twenty-two guests enjoyed bingo at the Plaza on Monday July 15. Abe McMahon was king, Harry Schroeder, runnerup. Laura Mazz was queen and Minnie Renike runnerup. Other winners were Anna Weisack, Laura Hell, Edna Johnson, Emma Karsten. Trina Hansen. Volunteer Red Cross workers were Minnie Jensen, Florence Schroeder, Mary Steen, Regina Mohr, Elaine Struve, Pearl Kuhl, Edna Vollstedt. Mary Souter, Felicia Campbell and Bonita Hagedorn served.

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