Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 14, 1944 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 14, 1944
Page 2
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Two NAUGATUCK DAILY-NEWS THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 14. Naugatuck Lawns That Are Brown, Still Alive, State Experts Declare Postmaster Is Third Vice-Pres. Of State Chapter Most Of Them Can Be Brought Back To Normal With Attention, Water Xcw Haven, Sept, M—With yards and grounds in almost every Connecticut neighborhood exhibiting brown, parched lawns after this mire, TOO to 200 pounds. A very satisfactory combination consists Of lawn feYtillzer 20 to 30 pounds and dried manure 100 pounds. -Poor lawns which are the result of insufficient top soil (less than •I inches) must be rebuilt with good loam. Remove Ihe sod will'. adlitM-infj tDpsoil and put to one side. Then take up t«'° £o fou1 ' L'cord-hreaking droughi, i inches of -he subsoil and cart summi-r'M r /ii.-iny homeowners are jrettliiK out I hi- .ipiidf jind ordering jfrnss jieed in an Attempt to insure hriKht. j,-i-i't-n Uiwns next yyur. He-seetllnK in, however-, probubly not neces- .•:iu-y in most cases, according to Dr.' H. A. .Lunt, head of the Soil;; Dcpiircrnc.'nc nt the Connocticui Agi'iciilturiil Experiment Station. Although the honu'ownui 1 muy think chal his !fiv.-n couldn't possibly look more cleiul, It's very prnb:ible thru this isn't actually lln- Griias is pretty hardy stuff. Most lawns .will come back to r.-.jrniiil. given ti little nlten- tinn uml aufficienl water. If. however, at'tcr the ground hii.i received n. good .soaking, tin- j lawn still remiiins dry mid yellow, no iinumnt of effort will bring it buck to life. In these fuses, ru- sceding is. of t-ourse, the only answer. If Ihe soil is sini.sf.'ictory mid the lawn hus always gi-jwn w.-ll in normal seasons, roughing thi- .sin-face of the ground and sowing grass seed is all that is noces- sury. Seeding should be clone this month and tli« sooner the better. Lawns which were patchy or showed poor growth in years of niii-miil rainfall will need special at!enf:-jn. This condition may be the result of thin soil, low fertility or excess acidity, to mention the tli rec most common catisos. The Soil* Department of Ihe Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station In New Haven maintains a soil testing service for Connecticut residents who do r.-jt know what is wrung wilh their soil. Acidity may be corrected by ap away. Replace the oil topsoil, preferably with the grass side down and then built up to grade with good new loam. If lime is needed, it should bo added ot this point together with organic matter in the form of peat moss, rotted manure, comj.osc, native peat or muck or digested sewage sludge. Use four bales of peat moss on 30 bushels of any of the other materials to 1000 square feet. Then add the commercial fertilizer and work all of these materials into the soil. Finally level and smooth, loll, and sow the seed which should be scratched in or rolled lightly. One method which works very well is to proceed as above but temporarily withhold the final top inch of loam. Add most of the I'ime and fertilizer and all -->f the organic matter and work into the soil, then smooth and roll. 1C it is dry, wet it down thoroughly. Finally add the lust inch of loam, apply the rest of the lime and fertilizer, scratch it 'in, smooth, and so-.v tho seed. Rolling is absolutely necessary both before and ai'ter seeding if the soil is dry and loose. If, however, it is quite moist and especially if it is heavy, use. u light roll or and go over it only once. The procedure mentioned in Ihe pre- Postmaster Prank T. Green has been named third vice president of the Connecticut chapter. National Association of Postmasters for the coining year, . The list of officers of the group includes .President, Daniel G. Sullivan. Watertown; first vice- president. William S. M c a n y, Greenwich: second, Timothy J. Sul.'ivan, New Ixmdon; third, Francis T. Green', Naugalucl:; secretary- treasurer. George T. Manion. Avon; national directors. Leola W. Beck, Columbia; George H. Robertson,. South Coventry; natianal legislative committee member, Patrick J. Goodc. New Haven; county directors, Francis I-. Bibuault, Moosup; Clifford 12. Brooks, Moodus; Henry M. Cantlekl. North Woodbury: Nathan Oilman of the Oilman section of Boxrnh: Hurry Polhi'.l, Bristol: WiJIiam J. Kcrnbcrg. Mnnslleld Depot; Jamos J. Slattery, NorwalU; and A. I-auretta Plumlcy, Clintonville. State Ahead In Jobs For Veterans Letters From-\ Our Readers ' Sept. '8, 19-ld. NaugaLucJ< Dully .News. •;" • Duur Mr. Hcnnick; I'm writing this letter to, thank you for your swell address' 1 ' book u-hicli I received in tonight's- mail. It will really come in handy and I' upprccia'to it very .much. I've been meaning to write you for quite some time now to thaTik you also for the Daily News which I received since my days In "boo It surely means a lot to a fellow Cur away from home to .get' a paper iVj.m his home town, It makes him- feel proud too, a.-; there tire fellows hero and nt every base I've been at so-far, that come from bigger towns und have no paper. It sont of brings one closer to home und that's really somethinfr. Since 1 his!, saw you and old "X.'uig-y," I've been through 18 different states and part of Can- uda. In nil of my travels, I've yet to see a town that can com'o anywhere close to "Naugy."' Tha.t applies to the'people as well 1 as Iho- :ov,-n itself. One doesn't really appreciate the beauty of "Naugy" till hoy have seen the flat, barren and desolate waste lands through-, oul. the West. California is ol'l'right Meriden Marine Tells Of 2|-0ay f . " •'*?•'' V Drive On Saipan (By Sertfcnnt Joseph P. Donahue, of 5!t '.Cherry ' street. Nuugutuck, Conn,, ii Marine Corp* Combiit Correspondent;, formerly Naiitriituck, Conn., S'CWM iniintiiflnK editor, now on lejivt; tor ivar 'iiervice.) Somewhere in the Pacific—(Delayed)—Despite a heavy concentration of Jap sniper and; artillery fire a 'tun-man Marine reconnaissance patrol directed nuvnl gur>; fli:a on Saipan objectives, for 20 days without suffering a casualty. But on the 20th day, according lo.Marine Corporal Roland E. Dcs-, 32, whose wife,'Mrs. Fran- 'Ces Glrtdons DesSureau,' lives at '1753 'I_«ilcfi Park avenue, Chicago, five wnre killed and the other five wounded in the explosion of a land mine, Corporal Dessorcau. a native of Meriden, Conn., related that a great deal of his'''tlme on Snlpan ' was spent digging- in, moving up to new 'positions, and being pinned down by enemy weapons and am- jushes! ' ' ''".'. but for my money anything'West- .".We directed gunfire from a de- of Connecticut can be given back ' sti-oyer, in support of troops wher.- Lo the Indians, if they'll take it. lever the outfit'to which we'wore World War II A Year Ago September 14, 1943 (By United Prey*) Allied Fifth Army at Salcrn meets tough Na/,i competition an is forced to give some ground; re Inforcemcnts continue to pour inl the critical area. In southern Italy, Allied force capture Coscnzu, about 323 mile from the Naples-Salerno region while troops, from Taranto .id vance 65 miles along the Adrinti coast to capture Bari. Eighty Italian' 'warships havi now reached Allied ports. German troops take over policing of St. Peter's Square in Rome. report 'center here for security purposes in spite of the lessening of 'danger of an air raid. . He al£,o stated that he did noi know whether any more air raid tests will be made the future. A tesl. ir. the metropolitan area of w York city was made last plying from r>0 to 100 pounds of ground limestone for each 1,000 S([uari.- 'Vet. A soil low in fertility will need frrtlliist!! 1 , and the t'ol- lowing materials can be Used, alone or in rombi nation: Commercial grass fei-tillxer. 30 to 40 pound?;; wi-ll-roottfd. weed - free barnyard m/iniii-i- or compos!, 30 bushels (I 1-2 t.-u, ytls.); commercial dried m:i- ceding paragraph provides a firm base but does not compact the top inch. Use only good seed, for while expensive per pound, it is cheapest in :he long run. In fact, the same can be said for the whole job, the initial investment in time, labor and money is considerable, but the result is good lawn that will la.-t for- many yoars and require only a moderate amount of upkeep. .Infant death rote in the U. S, is -17 for each 1,000 .Jive birihs. The U. S. stood sixth in the world with Norway's rate o.' 27 per 1,000 us the lowest. Hartford, Sept. 1-1—Some C00.000 veterans of the present "World War hnvc been placed in jobs through- n-_"t the various parts of the nation bv the Veteran's Employment Service of the War Manpower Commission since the war begun. Chairman Paul V, McNutt announced today from Washington in a communication to State Manpower Director William J. Fitzgerald. Connecticut, Mr. Fit'/.gerald said, placed more than -2,000 veterans of the present war ir. jobs in Connecticut industry since the war began. The State Manpower Director-said lhn.1 it u-ii.s pleasing to see tht> cooperation given the veterans by employers in the state. Many of the firms in the state have reciuostod voter.ins far placements while others gave back to the veterans their old jobs immediately upon application. Mr. Fitzgerald said that Con- n.r>cticut was far ahead of the other states in placement of veterans and said t-hru this was due to the fact that the War Manpower Commission in Connecticut made advance plans lo take care of them when thev came home. As you can see from ray address I'm now in 'the Amphibious rh'.ot of the Navy. I can' safely state without any exaggeration that it's the. 'toughest branch'of this or any other service.''We'are very close lo the completion of our training arid will soon be 1 moving-on, I hope 'to see good old "Naugy bpfore Japan but right now Japan c-jmea' first. I'll close now and once again thank you for the address book and also the Daily "News." Hoping to see you soon, I remain, Sincerely yours, JAMES AITERN.' P. S. Give my regards to all the "giing" at the office. assigned -was 'In the assault. At night we directed 'illumination by 'star-shells 1 from' supporting ships," 'he said.. A former painter and outdoor showman, Corporal Dessereau "h been-awarded the .Purple Heart at an 'advanced Pacific 1 base ,"Fiospil.a!, where he is . recovering from his wounds. He enlisted in the Marine Corps January 12, 19-12. Corporal Dessereau attended St.. Rose's parochial, Jefferson Junior high and JleHden high schools, at Merjden,''where his father, Emile R. Dessereau, now resides 'at 100 Meriden street. Series Of Court Reforms In Conn. Is Suggested BUY WAIt HON-OS AND STAMPS World famous since Modernized throughout for comfort, safety and smart service Centrally located near leading ntorer, and theatres Smartly appointed rooms. Single from S3.85 — Double from S5.50 The Now Cafe Royal flower lobby! renovated and cif-conditionod v.-horo guests ir.ay enjoy our famous New England Specials. Hartford. Sept. M—<UP>—A sc;'- ios of court reforms has been siip- irestcd by the Stale commission to study the integration of Ihe stnte judicial system. Tn a report to Governor Baldwin, the commission recommends that probate judges be removed from the fee syslcm and pkiccd on a salaried basis. Their terms would be extended from two to four years. Another proposal would shift some of the work of. the common i;!eas courts to tlio superior courts, and 'reduce the number of common picas- judges from 13 lo 11. It also was suggested that municipal court judges bu appointed by I the general assembly on nomination of the governor for terms of four years- in order, to eliminate what the commiltee calls "politics ir. the iipprobious sense," War Council Still Needs Report Center A room at Town hall is still necessary for the Naugatuck Wai- Council, Clarence ID. Jones, chairman of the council, said today. The question was raised at the meeting of the Welfare board Monday night who!her any changes in the office' used • by the councils would 13C recommended. . • 'Warcjen Leo J. Brophy snid then that he did not expect any changes to be made. Mr. Jones feels that it is si ill essential [hat the counci! keep its % mvnt. t h r N c '-nonuliie "Ok-nniri- ItloKNOJU'.' . II I l| K M ,, r( . ,.,,(| rl .)y >vorlli>— IlK-lr Ix-nuly -mill valnr • r«. .wnt'ininllc-d, PIERPONT^S ir.o JIA.VK sTitr:r.T Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 HOSPITAL r Boston, Sept. 1-1—(UP)—The State E. T i;erj, r c.icy PubJic Works Commission approves a proposal L'o construct a new state hospital ill groat or Boston. The new institution-—which will cost four million, 200 thousand dollars-—will treat chronic diseases. Surprise "hand/'says 3'Ring"handy says NO SHORTAGE OF FLAVOR! Y "VkV H HERB FARM SHOP'S Savoury French Dressing '/j. cup Garlic Vinegar l/j lip. lugor I 1 /) cupi oil y, lip. tall I. ftp. Salad Horbt '/2 ^P- popriio i '/4 tip. muilord Sleep icoioningi in Carllt Vinegar, heated ilighily, lor t minulet. Strain. Pqur into a bollle whon cold, odd oil and ihoke woll. 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