Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 14, 1944 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 14, 1944
Page 1
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BONOS i \'{ N(X 215 'A Progressive Newspaper For a Progressive Community" WEATHER Heavy Rain Tonight Fun Report On P»c« S THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 1944 Leased Wire Service of the United Pres* Price Three Ctntl Amercan Invasion Of Germany Reported Going Well Naugatuck Soldier May Have Lost His Life In Crash Of Army Plane Into Sea Sgt. John Kowakwski Missing After Airplane Falls Off Florida Coast North Main Street Soldier Was Returning To Duty After Furlough TWO TELEGRAMS HAVE BEEN RECEIVED FROM WAR DEPT. Accident Occurred Only Five Miles Fronl Airman's Base In South Si-rf.'i'.im John Kowalowskl, 3St .Vorth Main st:-oet, son of Mr. and M.".<. Timothy Kowuloski of Cum- minus avomii 1 . Oakville. was reported niijsini.' lifter n plane crash in Florida, according to word i-c- cciv.'d by hi.-; wife, the former Miss Alembic Assn. Program Is Listed Today P. H. Kelley, M. C. For Events At Family Outing At Linden Park Sunday World Leaders And Wives At Quebec Conference^ Germans May Be Leaving Preliminary Lines To Fall Back To Rhine Stronghold llrrc Is :in InforiiiMl photo of t.hi; chief participants n tli« history-milking piiMe.v at Quebec as they j)Ose with, wlven lit the ancient Cltailel, homo of Canada's governor-general. They a re (left to right): Mr*. Clnirclill, the Karl of Athlonr, President Roosevelt, T'rlnccNK Alice, wife of the liurl of Athlone; Prime Minister Churchill, Mrs. Hoosovi:lt, uiul Canadian; J'rinu! Minister Muc-ki.-nrJe King-. (Intcrn : itl6nul Soundphoto) SOT. .7OIIN KOWATJiWSKI Irene CXnewski. at her home, SSi ."v'orlh ifain street, from the Wai clepiLrtrr.cnt. The scrireant was returning hi* !,;iso in Klgin Field, Florida, on n I'. S. Arwiy plane, as has been his custom in getting to and from his station while on furlough, when tin. 1 phino crushed into a bay about live mili-st i'roni the Held. His wife wns notiiled Tuesday— the accident occurred Monday «il>on: Ci p. m.---saylnK that his body hiul nnt "been found, Another tele- Ki'iini was received today with no n'.'W developments. A ti.'if'gram was received by his wlfo Monday from Sgt. Kowalew- Jfci's comir.Finding olflccr, for he nad to ivport Monday morning for iluty. Apparently the .sergeant had '.o w.-iit In-fore he got a lift in one °' thi- iirniy planes Florida bound, /topi' has l>ci:n expressed by Mrs. K''iv:il(i\vski that -her husband I'luli-d out nnd has not yet re- turni-il :i, n p\,i C c where ho could communicate with his family or A «n.v authorities. ^S^wnnt Kou-alcwskl has lived in k since his marriage over nr yours HJ;O. Me hns .1 three ycai °'il -i"n, John. TTo was employed at ™' Brinti.1 Co., prior to his cnlruncf. into the Army about two ''"(I n halfyi-nrs ago. ' Ho was a member of the Army All' T-orcrs and had been stationed ln Florida ii Q < hi.H l.asic training. A varied and entertaining program has been arranged for em- ployes of the Naugatuck Chemical and Synthetic Rubber plants at' their Family Outing sponsored by th« Alembic Association which is scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 17th. al Linden Park. Patrick H. Kelley, assistant Industrial Relations manager, will perform in his accustomed role of master of ccrumonlus. The entertainment will be presented at 3:00 p. m. and music for the program and dancing which will follow will be furnished by "Jim" Corll and his band. The complete program of entertainment follows: Put Kelley, master of ceremonies. Eddie Urashka, roller skating exhibition. .Ed. Skoronskt, accordian selections. Bill McCuirk and his gruitar. Marie Marrollo. vocal selection. M. J, Czaplicki, vocal selection. IClaine Poulin, Evelyn Emery, spuei.ilcy d.ince. Marie Marrello, Olive Alberla, duet. Lucy Stakum, vocal selection. Doris Pitschette, Domenic Como, jitterbug dance. Genevieve Pav.el, vocal selection. Doris Pischette, tap dance Put Kolley, songs, Jim Corli and his band, Hurricane Is Expected To Hit Connecticut Tonight Strong Wind Struck The! North Carolina Coast This Morning 1 . . • Advance*'..blasts, of. the great Atlantic hurricane -struck Ihe North Carolina ecus', this morning—and S5-mile-an-hour winds, have slashed [ communications in many beach towns. But tho storm center siiirted the seaboard — and is roaring northward, po.sing a threat, to New Jersey, Long Island and New England. The Washington weather bureau reports that the intense center of Bus Line Approval For A Cut In Fare Rate The Public Utilities Commission has approved a petition of the Intercity Valley Line, which operates a bus franchise between Watcrbury! and Bridgeport, passing through! Naugatuck. Beacon Kiills, Seymour,. Ansonia, Derby and Sholton en- route, for a reduction in bus fares. Tho petitioner, in seeking to en- LATE \VAK CASUALTIES Final Battle For Warsaw Has Reached New Climax the storm will pass Cape Halt eras ; courage the use of the bus line on around noon today. From there, certain days i.isked that the following schedule be approved for a period of one month from the effective date thereof:—Round trip fares to the weather bureau says —• the t'lorni appears headed northward toward the lower New England coast— where it 'seems due to s ap- four the completion UTalbot Banquet Speaker In Torrington *"'• a'ldros ive Josoph E. Talbot oss the Torrington Ttnl- ftr >-Anv..ri>nn 'Republican Club's ^ nn 'i"; Iwnquot at Roma Park, ;°Wn«on. Sunday afternoon. The •unction Is. scheduled to start at 1 ncl UlL ' b " n c»<3l' will be fol- v ' I'nll afternoon's outing DiCcnxo o!' Central "ttoi-nny George "liven and _ r ?. cha[ ™an of the State " I Commission. (By iruite<l Prens) The flruil battle for Warsaw mrently is tinder way. Radio Berlin says Russian troops ire lighting the Nazis in hand-to- and buttles in the .streets of War- aw's eastern suburb—Praga. The German radio also says the Mlo for the Polish capital has cached a new climax, Moscow does r.ot confirm the Russian break-through into the treets of Praga. But the Russians o say that Soviet forces are terming the Naxi defenses of the suburb. The bitter battle for Warsaw bc- tran seven weeks ago. The Russians Mrst were checked at the gates of the city by German re-lnforce- mcntji amounting to six divisions. After the German lines' were strengthened, the Red Army wns forced to beat off violent counterattacks. Now it seems the tide has turned. The Russian drive into Warsaw follows immediately the capture of the German fort revs of Lonr/a to the north. The defenses of Warsaw trike late tonight unless H, changes its course. The storm is traveling northward at a rate ot about 25 miles an hour—and its speed may increase as it rolls along. Hurricane warnings are out from SoiiLh Carolina to Portland, Me. And the weather bureau has urgently advised residents of Ncw Jersey and Long Island to take protective measures. The very latest word from the New York weather bureau is that the hurricane should pass inland over the Connecticut or -Rhode Island shoreline about midnight. The outer fringes of the blast are reported uprooting trees and smashing windows throughout the North Carolina coastal area. The gales are accompanied by torrential rains and pounding seas which are whipping across beaches in waves 50 feet high. And thn full fury of the storm is yet to be felt in North Carolina. Storm riding Army and Navy pilots estimate s that the wind velocity in the center /nay be as high ns 1-10 miles an hour. Residents along hundreds of miles of coast from Charleston to Virginia capes have battened down their homes and board up for the blow—which may be the worst wind to whip out of tropics since the. great storm of be charged on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week between the following points: .Watcr- bury and Naugatuck to Bridgeport,- SI.00; Beacon Falls and Seymour to Bridgeport, 75 cents; Ansonia, Derby and Shelton to Bridgeport, CO cents. , Also that during the period c the present hostilities, reduce round trip fares be charged to uni formed members of the yariou: branches oC the Armed Forces o the United States ns follows Waterbury and Naugatuck to Bridgeport. SI.00; Beacon Falls and Seymour to Bridgeport, 75 cents Ansonia, Derby and Shelton to Bridgeport, 50 cents. The commission held a hearing on August 1C on the petition anc subsequently gave its • approval to the proposed plan. The P. U. approval is dated September 12, nnd the one,month travel period began at that time. • Washington,. Sept.;. 1-1—(UP)— Announced' U. S. combnf'onsual- ' tics have reached a total of 3S9,- 125. Secretary of War Stimson announces that Army casualties in all theaters through ^August 29th were 327,616. Includhg 62,357 killed, 172,042 wounded, 'IS.ISI prisoners, nnd .'15,036 missing. Navy, .Marine .Corps, and Coast' Guard casualties announced as of today total. 01,509, including 2-1.-I50 dead, 23,06'1 wounded, 9,529 missing and .|,.!66 prisoners. oOo FIGHT POSTPONED More Than 100 Boys Are T- Swimmers Juniors Enjoy Special Privi leges At.;y,, M.V.C. A. Here SecretECry" Cox States Hartford, Sept. U—(UP)— Tlie 10-ro'und non-titln fijjht hctwe<m Willie 1'ep nnil Charles (Cahey) L«>wi*, scheduled for tonight at Hartford, has |M;OII postponed 1X5- catiNK of the weather. The l>oiit now Is slated foi- next Tuesday lliRllt. —oOo FICllTIXG IX BRKST Church Helpers Have Scheduled Several 'Events (Continued on Page 8) St. Francis Gub Meeting (Continued on Page 8) Veterans' Service Meeting To Be Held Tonight , — AllV. A meeting of tho members of the St. Francis' club who ni'e Intcr- tci'ostccl in a one-day golf tournament and outdoor roast, has been called by Chairman Ernest Allen, of the Program Committee, for to- nlghl at S o'clock tit the office of he Naugatuck Daily News. Chairman Allc" hast already contacted a miinbc.' of members of the club in regard to the proposed plan and that grffup and any other Interested members, should be present at tonight's meeting for tho event must be held within the next two weeks. A meeting of the members • of the "Service for Veterans" will be held tonight, at 8 o'clock in the parlor of the Naugatuck fire house on Maple street. The meeting will be presided over by Clarence E, Jones, chairman of the organization that recently officially began to function here. It was indicated today that Chairman Jones may present a number of resolutions to the meeting. Miss Helen G. Moroney will introduce Mr. Jones and the latter will present Mrs. Ford .Wulfeck, administrative secretary of the Service for Veterans who will be the principal speaker tonight. Mrs. Marshall Bronson announced today that the Church Helpers of; St. Michael's church at the Pot Luck supper nnd business meeting held here on Wednesday, decided to hold a dessert bridge on Oct. !)th, a rummage sale on Oct. 25 and 26, and a Church Fair on Nov 15 and 1C. The Pot Luck supper was a great success and the committee in charge consisted of Mrs. Bronson as chairman, .assisted by Mrs. Jessie Howcll, Mrs. William Schofield, Mrs. George Wood, Mrs. John Trowbridge, Mrs. Hadlcy Cox and Miss Alice Johnson. London, Sept. 1-1—(UP)—Allied headquarters-reported today that American 'troops are fighting in the city of Brest and west of the city in the submarine pen area where German forces still arc holding out. Board Expected To Act On Appointment To ft S, Faculty More than 100 boys have enjoyed the swimming the past summer at the Y. .M. C. A. pool, Secretary, A. S. Cox reported today. These youths have been giv^n full credit'.for each payment made for the privilege of swimming- in the "Y" pool,' and this money is applied on full junior memberships, that must be paid in full by Oclober 1st, the official stated. The youthful swimmers includ cd the following: Auprustine Ag- rlzzo, Jose Augstoeia, John Adam- alls, Douglas Anderson, Richard Boncal, Frank Bignoid, Edward Belo-t.. Michael Brodcrick. John | Berch, Edward Kerch, Ronald -Bryk, Robert Bolanger. Albert Eutkus, Sam Brady, Charles Brest, Anthony Brecolnik, James Berne Also Jack Barnet, Donald Bu kus, John Brady.v Henry Cabra Donu'.d Carrin/jlon, Alcides Dilel Rodney Camp, Arnold Carringto: Donald Doirwtin, Donald Dufou Earlc Douty, George Dinkle, Wi liam Dubay, Grcgoi->- Dausy, Rob ert ditcher, Anthony DaSilva, Al gel-o Errichctte, Ben Edwards, Da vid ISdwards, Charles Footc, Ton Freeman, Donald Fowler. Also Kenneth Folett, Lester Foi cst, Louis Farrar, .William Fenton Robert, Fcnton, 'Stanley Gruzos Juck Horn, Charles Hackett, WiJ Many Lives Lost In Train Wreck Today Passenger And Mail Train Collided In North Terre Haute, Indiana (By United Tress) In North Terre Haute. Indiana, the crad'. Dixie Flyer collided head-on with a mail train in the early morning fog-. The army's Fifth Service Command has announced Lhat 25 dead have been •amoved from the wreckage, along: with 6-t injured. Many of the dead ai'e soldiers, who were riding in Ji<i first three cars of 1-h'e fast Dixie-Flyer—on its way from Chicago to Miami. Some of the soldiers had returned to this coun- .ry only recently from fighting in Italy. .»• The Flyer collided with a parked' mail train shortly after midnight— 'n a heavy fog. Witnesses say the two engines of ttoe trains were ammed together up to their cylinders and the first car on each of he trains was demolished. Other cars were probably also derailed, It is estimated that 400 pas- cngers were aboard the Dyer when t crashed. Railroad officials say an nvestigalion will be started im- nediately. .• Meeting Will !e Held Friday On V-Day Plan Allied Force Has Crossed Into Holland, 17 Miles Northwest Of Aachen > AMERICAN THIRD ARMY MEETS WITH STIFF OPPOSITION Patton's Men Appear To Have Ended German Hope For Counter-Attack The school board will hold 1 its monthly mooting this afternoon at Tultle house, the first meeting since its session last July. The board is slated to appoint a teacher to the high school faculty, which became vacant upon the resignation of Lauriston Noyes at the end of the las!, school term. The board has been reported to lave been in a deadlock as the Continued on Page 3) Risdon Mfg. Co. Awarded Star For Army-Navy T' President Lewis A. Dibble of the Risdon Manufacturing compan> announced today that his firm has been awarded the first star on the Army-Navy "E" which wns prb- three Republican and three Demo- scntcti lo <- h c firm by the Navy, in WILL TAKK VOTK Boston, Sept. 14—(TJ P)— Some 1800 employes of the Eastern Massachusetts Street Railway company arc preparing to take another strike vote tomorrow. The AFL workers seek to force action on a bonus issue already approved by the Regional War Labor Board— buthcld up in Washington, —\Vhrn .vim llilnk of iniiNln, think of Sli'tru .Mrixll! Jlurt, H» Chliri<ll Ntri'H, slitH't iiniMlc, rworilN, ntc. Joined our: Kcrnril Club'.' Why not taauff —A<)v, crat ' members have their choice foi' the post. Elizabeth Cass, high school librarian, who has been reported as possible candidate for the high school position has reportedly submitted a request for a year'js leave of absence in order to obtain a master of arts degree. The board own , March ot tills year, for excellence in war production. President Dibble stated that the notification in regard to the star, has been received from Admiral C. C. C. Eloch of the United States Navy, chairman of the Naval Board of Production Awards. No formal ceremonies are planned in connection with the star, Presi- is expected to act on the request, dcnt Dibb]c stated and ' t ho ncw today. Others mehtioned for lion arc Elizabeth Mccgan, Cdn- tral Avenue school principal, and Delia Nyberg, eighth grade'teach- er at Salem. Miss Meegan is reportedly supported by the Democrats, and Miss Nyberg by the opposition. Several reports arc expected to be .given by Harold E. Chittendcn, superintendent of schools, including enrollment, and financial report. awards will be placed on the Army the posi- i Navy "E" banner today, it was indicated. . " The local manufacturer indicated the "greatest of 'satisfaction 'with the grant of the star to the Risdon Manufacurlng. Co. He stated tha.t the honor came through tho maintenance of Svar production and quality, arid also was due to the fact that absenteeism has been at' a very low level during the six months since the receipt of tho Army-Navy "E" award. the monthly —'Don't mlN* tin; MR H:U'|II£M In ilu> Aili;Suli* nf Fnrw now timlrrwa.v lit RII- Rl 1 *, Nnilttntiick'N VitNhlnn Ci'ntw* iruir Hlrt'Kt. A vliulcv M'h'ctiuM,—Adv. —liitilicM, Irmk lovely! r«i»i> flrprmlN iilMtii uupi'iimnm, . lliivo that imrmrnt or dri'HH clviinril li.v $s|i»lrll-r.iix. Call W'lliy. ii-llilM, nnil uur driver will mil.—AUv. The meeting here on Friday night in the borough court room at S o'clock, called by the Naugatuck Post of the American Legion, is expected to pave the way for the official celebration of Victory Day here over Germany. Commander George Lewis of th Legion indicated that' some pla should be formulated in connc< lion with V-Day for a safe an sane celebration, yet with cele brants aware that the war is sti only half won. « The 'Legion has issued • invita tions to the meeting to industr.% business, religious and fratcrna organizations here, in order tha sound opinions may bo formed 01 just how the celebration shouk take place. School Sales Of War Bonds, Stamps Amount To $959.50 War bonds and stamps to the amount of $05fl.!50 were, sold in th ocal public schools -this week, it ivas announced today the of- ice of . Supt. H. E. Chittendcn. Salem school hcnas the list witf a' total of S3S2.-10, Central avenue vas second collecting S18-J.40; Hop Brook, $121.20. Rubber avenue S71.00; Oak street, S51.45; High H.15, Local Man Named To Grand Jury Louis L. Curtis of High slrect. Union City, is among the 24 jury- ion who will servo on the federal rand jury.- when it convenes in •Jew Haven, oil Wednesday, Sept, 0. CONDITION CRITICAL Wichita, Kansas, Sept. H—(UP) —Philip Johnson, the president of 10 Boeing Aircraft, company, is in critical condition - following n stroke of-paralysis. (By United Press) The American invasion of Germany is going- well, so far. Headquarters spokesmen indicate the Germans may be abandoning their preliminary lines to fall back to fortifications on the Rhine, 35 to 70 miles inside Germany. So far there's no. concrete evidence of such a' withdrawal—only Ihe /act that the three American first army columns now digging nto Germany have yet to meet real German resistance. Latest field dispatches say General Hodge*' columns aVe continu- ng a genera ladvancc'' along -vhc front in Germany. United Press War Correspondent Jo » c p h w. gg says several- ••' towns have Been captured. • It appears that an outflanking mo.vemtjnt is being: developed against Aachen, also known as Mx-La-Chapelle, the first, city of any importance in the Yanks' path. An Allied force has crossed into Holland l" miles northwest of Aachen, while the Americans last .-ere reported -three miles south- vesl, and nine miles southeast of he city. To the south, the American third rmy- is up against stiff German opposition, but General Patton has managed to bring up powerful reinforcements into the bridgeheads ac:oss Ihe Moselle river between Nancy and Metz. A dispatch from Allied headquarters this morning said that Patton's troops appear to have ended the lost German hope for a major counter-attack. The Americans in The Thionville area are throwing shells across the Our river into tho Siegfried line, but Nazi batteries remain silent. Here arc. other developments on the front before Germany. British troops are dm-ing Ihe Germans from their Albert canal positions in northern Belgium. The Tommies have broken across the Albert and Escaut canals in force. Far to the west the so-called sideshow battle for the channel ports continues without pause and the Germans at tho Atlantic port of Brest have rejected another American demand to surrender; Ihe assault on lh« port continues. To the south, the American seventh army still is closing in on Bclfort, tlic town in eastern France ihat spills toward southwestern Germany. The French are 1C miles below Bolfort, the Americans — about 20 miles to the northwest. Other French forces are 20 miles or less from Chaumont-;—a city which served as headquarters for General .Pershing "in the first World war. Despite ncw Allied gains, however, Ihe Germans lire showing stiffened resistance. American and British- forces iii western Italy today are well into the main Gothic \ii\e fortification!!. Fifth army forces swept over out- pos! positions between Pistoi.i and Lucca. British eighth army fight- - ers moved closer to Rimini, on the Adriatic, but heavy battles continue in-the Rector, Restaurants Are ' ' / Reminded In Regard To Filing Menus Restaurant menus must be filed n triplicate and the forty ilems n posted menus must bo received . y the Nnugntuck ration board by Saturday, September 1C, it was nnoiinccd today by Marl-in Lynn, hairtnan of the local OPA board. All restaurants must also conr- letc ration form 1309 by Satur- ay to avoid penalty of cut in ration.

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