El Paso Herald-Post from El Paso, Texas on July 19, 1952 · Page 12
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El Paso Herald-Post from El Paso, Texas · Page 12

El Paso, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 19, 1952
Page 12
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HL PASO HERALD-POST in Cattle Sniggling Case Plan to Carnival By Dick Turner! Six men chrJ with conspiracy to imiiMle from Mexico are; expected tp surrender Monday and port bond !or their release pending redrl tratid jury ction. Nmd in th complaint filed before U. S. Commissioner Henry Clilton are Tom E. Grubb ot Sierra Blanc, a former rsmge rider; his brothers-in-law. Water Babb and Irving Babh, Sierra Blanca ranchers- J, T. Merchant. Midland cattle dealer, ana i rea -ruu w " vrnn Riff Stjrins truck drivers. "No warrants have been issued for the men." HoWey Williams, as-j irfnnt ll s attorney, said. "The' defendants' attorneys have promised to bring the men in. If the men don t come in new weeh.. isndnu will be issued." The defendants are charged with, smuggling 313 head of cattle in from Mexico in violation ot the foot-and-mouth disease embargo. The smuggled cattle, bearing 20 different Mexican brands, sold lor t total of 532,000. Lawrence Fleishman, supervising agent of the U. S. Customs Agency headquarters in El Paso, said in- vestigation is continuing and more Tresis will be made. Sixteen Mexican citi2etis, chargedj with rustling cattle and selling t tn msmhers of a catt) ring! operating in Southwest Texas and: k.,. haon rnnnded LSD' by Mexican authorities. U is believed a large number of the steers smuggled into the; United States were stolen fromi Humberto Reynal. Chihuahua poll-, tician. T ! . T. w. ait. o.- s. fA on rfU 3 Officers Quit Force DKMING. July 19. Thre of the Deming police force have quit and a fourth is ready to turn in hisl commission. The walkout followed firing of Police Chief Hi wedcen or Mayor George Dowdle:. Acting under a town attorney's opinion that the police chief's job. is arraointive. Mayor Dowdle re placed Weddell Wednesday with Pinky Samples, former police chief. Dowd e had been critical ot wed dell ever since he took office follow-1 ing the April elections. Twice ne soucht to have the board remove Weddelt. an appointee of the past mayor, lKe smauey. Three ot trie lour town trustees opposed the removal. 'D&dtii, can't you team to lurtltftt-JAr throat Instead : of beHowing IfVHATS GOING ON HERET" In Theft of $405 PEOPLE... Horseman Shorts Wire Service Compiled From The Hemld-Post's rice Wire Services Officers at Folsom, N. M-, are looking for a horseman who is sabotaging telegraph wires in Union County. For the past two weeks, some- A former employe suspected of one has been looping lengths of stealing 5405 from a safe at the: barbed wire across lines used by Clock Drive-ln at 2731 Montana I iiie Colorado & Southern Railroad street was arrested by detectives: and Western Union Telegraph Co. last night i Until a lineman from Trinidad. The suspect's brother is being j cole can find and remove the sought for questioning. The safe cause of trouble, the circuits are was looted by someone who knew shorted. the combination, Lyle Dautrich,! Fred Pf aimer, special agent for manager of the drive-in, told police. the railroad, said tracks indicate I a horseman unidentified has W M. MAN IS PATIENT ! been riding beneatrs the Lines arid I E BOND SALES FALL ut cUclio utiilY I ia higbw-pnewd imum. "IT kd Sk. "" i .s" mi am mt in m iMt laXUUTJUl OT tt f. Rites Are Set For Frank Rosen jArturo O. Munoi Senator Urges Curb; On Filibusters Hail Yard Workers Get Five-Da? Week CHICAGO. July 19. Senator Wil liam Benton of Connecticut moved1 todnv to wrest from Southern sena- inn the filibuster wearjon they have used to kill Federal civil riehts hills. He demanded that Democratic olatform drafters call upon the Senate to revise its rules so a filibuster can be ended. Under tbe senate wnerry ruie, nsmpii for the late Senator Wherry of Nebraska, it takes a vote of 64 of the 96 senators to end a lama- ihnn " Benton proposed "a Senate rule hich makes it possible to put anj nd to a filibuster by a simple ma jority vote of those present and voting after 15 days of debate, anri hv- two-thirds majority vote of those present and voting after four days of debate. ,-v f l.ihtr Maurice J. Tobin re- norted todav that agreements for a live-day week for yard workers have been signed uy bu major rail roads and the Brotherhood of Hall-roari Trainmen. The agreements a!so provide for a four-cent hourly wage boost. I the States' Sights Mississippi delegation whose seats were be ing contested before the Creden-dials Committe hy a rival "loy alist" group. "Franklin Hayward of Flint, Mich., cut down a 20-year-ald mulberry tree in his front yard. Growine inside its. hollow trunk he found another, already five :BA' JuZy 19.-In a terse note. Governor jyiecnem nas ordered Commissioner Manuel Lujaji N, M, Governor Orders Employe Gut Again feet tail Tony Villareal. ZB Df Edinburgh, Tex., thought he was drinking wine. It looked like wine. It tasted like wine. Doctors at Grandview Hospital said TDny for a second time to fire 40 per sons in the Revenue Bureau by Aua. 1 rne order incucatea me uoventur Funeral nervlce for Frank M. Rosen, formerly ot El Paso, will ne cortquctro tomorrow in hptt reman and Brand Chapel. Dallas. witn puriai in Lrwn mil Mausoleum, Dallas. Rabbi Levi OUmd Rosen was 72. He cliedi'""' ur Gets Fine, Jail Term EsFor Entering House Rosary for Artuw O. Muuoi wUl! . be said t e P- - wmw-uir if..r nri Mhxoii Chttoel. Kunei a) sei'vivei wilt t neia " o- ( . ,, Xavier Church at 8:30 a m.Mwiday. Bobby K. Pari , 23. wt B1" Burial with military honors will bepk(llled 8U!iiv to charge of in the National Cemetery at 11 . m-LBSllut j County Court-at-Uw to- welvc-fi a 1W nne ana -day. in the County Jan. u- ..... ,.y,UM1-.Mt with brekln Into Mrs. Phil Ramonas house at 1W7 Mundy avenue o" June 2. Mrs. Kttinonu suio uui wu. eran. died in a Fort Bayaid. N. M..," hospital. He was 3- ni - 13913 Caulicitt urcei. Fridav iti Dallas wher in- hud I Rtisarv for Frank Lafayette will ' .. l, noise in lived for IS years. Mr. Rosen waslbe said at 8 p.m. tomorrow i;lh j,.0lt room 0f her house. She formerly in the jewelry business in Memorial Chapel. Burial with mill- (J e( Par ln tu. fl(,m roum. El Paso. He was a member ofjtary honors will be at 2 p.m. Mon- "..y ;.w the wrn,)C house." she Temple Mount Sinai and Ll Malda day in Ft Bliss National Cemetery. t J hj Mr. Lafayette was l. no Qieu, Mrs R;UT,ona sum mat farr Thursday in a hospital, ins n"rnc:aUc!iipted to kiss he AIR ATTACK ON INSECTS Bv United Presi attack on grasshoppers infesting lfi nno acres in union county is proving successful. The Records LAS CKVCES MARRIAGE l.ICEXSES (.',: Parker.' . El Paso, and Shvine Temple. burvivors are his widow Rose: a daughter, Mrs. Marcus Gendel,! Krimcidauiihter, all of Dallas: two brothers, Morris of New York and Meyer of Johannesburg, South Airica, Honorary pallbearers will be Herbert Goodman. Arthur Blau- grand, Sol Krupp, Irving Leib, and Sol Ltvinson, all of El Paso; and George snd Julius Schepps and Dr. Paul Levin, all of Dallas. PATRICK DENNEHY Funeral service lor Patrick Den- nehy will be conducted by Chaplain Phillip J. u Lonnor at 9 a. m. Tuesday in St. MichHel Chapel at Ft. Buss. Burial wilt be in National Cemetery. Mr. Dcnnehy was 60 and had lived j in El Paso 18 years. His home 3317 Hamilton street. He died Wednesday in a Temple. Tex., hospital. He was a veteran. both worm wars. Arrangements are by Kastcr and: maxon i uncrai iiomc. was 4826 Alberta street. Survivors i are a daughter, two sons, mower, three sisters and brother. FINIS WOKLEY Rntarv for Finii Worley will be i .said at 8 p. m. tomorrow in noae- imver-Miuer unaoei. tunerai acrv ci, ,ini,..-i.ri with him and then pushed him from the house. City Police, called by Mrs. Ramonn, later arrested Parr a few blocks away from the house, A charge of burglary was reduced to aggravated assault. ice will be at a. m. Monday in bt. . - . Joseph's Church. Rev. William H.jChiang Blames KUSSI Ryan will officiate. Burial will be1 in Evergreen Cemeteryy. Mr. Worley was 65. He died Tuesday in his home 13154 North Lrocxcu street. TRANS-ATLANTIC FLIGHT Bv United Preji GOOSE BAY, Labrador. July 19. The world's first trans-Atlantic helicopter flight was delayed today; when the two "flyine windmills" were held here by bad weather at their next stopping place NarsarS- jsuak, Greenland. For Fall of China Bu Vniteii rtrss TAIPEH. Formosa. July 19. Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek today plated the responsibility fur the disintegration and fall of his Nationalist regime on the Chines mainland squarely on soviet missia. Chiang said ln an interview that the Soviet Union has a "master plan for the conquest cf ttic world by creating discontent, class strug gle, contradictions and subversive activities." Kathleen BromfwM. 23. Blairotntton, 11L. fiena Adklns. 39 Kl Paso J Leopoldo Rodriiuez. 27. El Paso, audi AIICW Loa.no 23. El Pasn. ! Jack B. McManon. 22. Ft. Bliss, and: Luce Aiui Arevalo. 20. El Paso. j M. E. Rothroelc. 14. Truth or Conse-I nuenees. aad Doris Camabell, SO. El Paso.. and Verma L. Kemierj'. 22, Ala-1 Alfredo B, Martini Alton E. Hoherti. 2 Alp. iantsdo. 3(1. El Paso, s 1 Cru: and Lucille: .1, 45. Juare?. snd Ma de Jsus cro, 30. Juarei. Perei;, 21, El Pa'O, and Espexacia . 23. El Paso. tvir B L'cero. 21, Las Crccet, and e L. Solo. 19. Las Crucei. Ellis Kendall of 602 North Guada lupe street, Carlsbad, is a medical; sPcts- sabotaging them at convenient was in serious condition from the -js dissatisfied with progress since eiiects oi onnKing insecticiae. itne first order Nlarcn ii. in con trast with the earlter order, yes terday's directive specified that Southwestern General! Livestock CHICAGO LIVESTOCK fly Jnienuitiana! Nevs Scroee CHICAGO. Juli- J9.-HOGSSaJable, jTl.rV.i nnmtnall? steady; top. 522,5; bulk, S17.00tj.22.50: - piss. SlOOftlT.C-5. eteers. $32'.00e3l.25; memoir, i tt i choi t2S.00fc32.00; year "as. S29.0fl36.011; siaoot52s.oa-. bulls l - - n- I l cajves. 31.00; cammon to ho!ci yearlinss, SlS-DHg 22.00; FOET WORTH LIVESTOCK FOST WORTH. July 19.-CATTLE-: feitiBS up mosi Weeks tops Slaughter j steers ano yeariiass. tj, -s"-. bulls, 525-50; stoeker steer yearluiEs. SJS.00; older feeder sleers. S21-W; stacker beiieri, S25.30- Wat's bu!ks Gid and choice slaushter steers and year!us, tZ1.5Ofi;S2.O0; utility and commercial, tie.WCOT.OO; utility cows, SI8.00S20.50: cannei and cutters, S13.00fil7.5O; utjl;3' and commercial bulls. 20.0015:25.00: medium and iood stockers iad feeders. (2.O0G26.OO. , . CALVT-S-Slaughter offermss SI to S2 lower, Ftoctrers stxonjf '-o El hisher. Good and choice killers closed at S26.D0& merc'lal, $i7.00fe2S.OO; colls, Sl-0Ogl6.0O; Oklahoma City firemen dragged the North Canadian River. Poiice and neighbors searched a 10-hlock area. Mrs. Lupe Martinez was admitted to a local hospital in a state of 'collapse. And Mrs. Martinez's four-year-old daughter, Patricia, who caused the excitement, slept through it all under a cardboard box in her grandmother's yard. Two sntaU boys in Joplin. Mo, prime! aged SIX and eight, sold Edward m. itiompson a tiny lurry animal for 23 cents. Shortly afterward Thompson heard an appeal over a radio station for the" return of a $250 mink. Thompson returned the animal. An alternate delegate, to the j Democratic National Convention I from Jackson, Miss., clutched a nne m his nana as he boaraed a train for Chicago last night. "I'm going straight to the Credentials Committee." Fred Anderson is a member of A habeas corpus aetioc has been started by Frank Grandstaff. 50, to win his release from a Milwaukee jail. Grandstaff is the Tennessee ex-convict whose "Big Spring Cantata" won him a pardon from a life prison term in 1950. He contended in his circuit court action yesterday that there is not enough evidence to hold htm for trial on burglary charges. He was arrested in Milwaukee on May IS and was bound over to Municipal Court far trial after District Judge Harvey Neelon ruled there was sufficient evidence to try him. No date was set for the trial. Grandstaff was granted a pardon by .the Tennessee governor where he was serving a life term as an habitual criminal. Sir Miles Thomas, chairman of the British Overseas Airways Carp,, in London, asked a pilot to buy a parrot for him in Africa. The pilot did, and gave the bird a little coaching, so that on its arrival in London it could say: '"More pay for air crews." the payroil be cut by 10 per cent. : There now are 409 employes in the: bureau, including 10 part-time orkers. jChicago Tot, 4'2, Dying of Old Age Su Ini, stackers. HO.OOfi! 27.00; good and choice, fjs w. .hi: load;" t,m 47S lte.. 32.50; wo loads 424 and 5,' SHEEP-SlauEhtei lambs lulJy SI. low-j1"8 a slaughter ewes airongt sk- ;" c, Grain Bv Unites Press CHICAGO. July 13 Gr, enoJhTi1 fw Z 1SuS?5;tB thelr traiI" hU?e n Bild WaT'and thev were not able immediateiy S or Wdlycios' ihn ay the Upper Valley yesterday and: to find' records of a similar case, jii uk ciose wjicat nuea unenanged Tounc r rar.sacKeo Trailer Ransacked; Suspect Is Held ii futures pricesj Mr. and Mrs. Roy Walser returned CHICAGO, July 19. Medical :necialists and scientists are laced .with a heartbreaking puzzle Ln Chi-j cago today a 4 -year-old girl is dying of old age. J.ne cmia, laenunea ouiy as; Linda, would be five Nov. 14. But physicians at the Research and Ed ucational Hospitals ot tne univer sity of Illinois doubt she will live! that long. lr.ev diasnofe her disease pprogoriia or premature seffilty old ?nei. She is two leet tan and weighs ;i pounds. Her face and hands jare wrinkled like an aged woman's and she never has learned She was born in suburban Aurora and was adopted by a religious ln- situation under a court appointed! guardian. She entered the Chicago ;hospital when she was two months old. Hospital authorities say they "have never had such a case before. The American Medical AssnJ add that the disease is very rare Live Dangerously -Cross On AMBER or RED LIGHT S1G.00; staShter ' ewes. S9.00; feeder I WHEAT-No. 1 red. aXSlig;2.23; No. 2 lambs. S21.50; fder yearllBis, S15.00. red. S2.20(g2.23; No. 3 red. SZIKifl' Closing bulki Utility to choice 5laush-:2.2I!; No.' 2 hard. SLUi: No. 2 yellow ter spring lambs, S23.0026.00: slaushter hard. S2i6: No. 1 mbted, S2J0e2.2Qi-i; yearlings scarce, cull to good slaughter No. 2 mixed, S2.19Vi2.Z0fe; No. 3 mixed. Ktn,'rmf mlhn and snnd S2.tB3i: Mo. 2 rd touch. SUSaiaZ-ll: feeder lambs, nT.O9e21.O0; medium and No, 3 red garlicky, S2.07; No. 4 soft good jeeoer yearungs, w.wj7. i.au. pvmie iqueii, m.id. CORN-No. 2 yellow. S1.77V,L73i: nvsis fitTT LIVESTOCK No. 3 ytUow. SL75ilSiLT7"A! No. 4 yel- Bi Internatwitol Noes Sertrict -low. Sl l , N o s jeliow. SLSSe For the week Two way r..-icr trend dr- mat.-w.',, i' heavy iiyxed. "aiwiaSSVa vtloped on slaughter steers, top to good;No, 1 mixed. 80WC-, No. I heavy white,! grades and better comorismg bulk of 62 t 85 lie; No. 1 extra heavy white,83'S: supply steaqy to zac lower; lower graoes ioo jc; no. I wotte. ; ivo i steady to 25c higher; heifers mixed year- heavy white. S2'.i; No. 2 white. 79'ic; lings and cows 25c to SOc higher: bull'. No. :i hea-.s white. Mc; No. 3 white. 78c. steady to SOc higher; vealers and slaugh-l tr ralves strona to Si higher:' stoceiers CHICAGO GRAIN FfJTCRES ana teeaers sjeaoi ro sue niKuer; mim S35.0H; other hiah S33.50S34.75; bulk I Douglas is planning a trip through: ar-tom jungies or tne Malay Peninsula. -": 'ioy.ia window to enter the trailpr Sei-cice 5 " " i knocked a radio to the floor, ripped; PORTLAND. Ore.. July 19.-TJ. S. open an emrty toy bank, then stoleiSuprerae Court Justice William O. ja box of crackers and a quarter pound oi cutter. Mr. Walser questioned several! lanorers on the George Wood iann. They reported seeing a man learvej the trailer and flee towards a cotton field. A suspect, 1". of Chihuahua City, jwas found huddled in a field by: Mr. walser. The Mexican farm worker is in the County Jail booked on a burglary charge choice to CHICAGO. J-Jly 19. Grain futures: mber . load U5T lbs.. $29.11; other cammerclalMarch to good grass and grained on grass;iiay gteerc SZ4.D0fi28.50; few utility and low CORN eommeTrial grass steers, S18.00(g23.50; July high choice to mime mixed yearlings Seplenibcr nd heifers, ,33.5034.75. iDecember HOGS Compared with close last week March Uneven lights and butchers 250 lbs. May down, arouift steady; heai-ier welshtsj OATS mostly 25c higher: spots up more; cios-iJuly Ine top S22.00 on cho te-nber choice 1, 2 and 3s scaling 190-240 lbs..: December S21.50ki22.iK: clvjicc 2;.1-27m-. "utrhr; Msv.:I, mostly 2 and 'I! ki :i.;:i few ISO-iMav 32S lb!,, J13.50-T 20.50: sows steady to 25c' RYE higher: 400 lbs. down. 517.50.K18.Lfl: July heavier weights. $15.75(1 17,25. September SHEEP Comnared with Friday December laughter lambs uneven, good to prime May goring lambs. SI to S1.50 lower: cuU and! SOYBEANS 2.41 2.40:i lAPit .2.Xf; 2.40H 2.40; FERTILIZER $3.65 m'L. The Best Plaal Fcod ior Tor Um, Trees. Shrubs and Flowtrj'. Also Ce.ll Ci Far 16-3) Fertniter TIDWELL'S 1700 Tens St. Phone 2-6511 If you go through an amber or red light you are living gerousfy. You can cr pedestrian and Kay tmaai another car. Wt don't ad vine driving dan gerously. We have found that courtesy pay that the cour teous driver u the safe one. We write automoble insurance for courteous drivers. SAUNDERS & McAFEE Insurance Real Estate Loans 214 N. STANTON 2-1436 Lobby of "1SS1 Bnilaing" FEEDS . . . from the oldest established feed house in El Paso and the Southwest. A full line of LIVESTOCK, POULTRY and RABBIT FEEDS and, Ihen, POULTRY and LIVESTOCK REMEDIES. HEID BROS, cokp Tes at Dallas Sts. C We Deliver Dial 3-1431 W ANITA BLAIR AND FAWN All Voters of El Paso County ELECT ANITA BLAIR To Represent You in the Legislature Best Qualified Of The Six Candidates, Place 4, District 105... Two College degrees, followed by 7 years of nationwide success in conducting and managing her own lecture business without the assistance ot any otiier person and in spite of her blindness. As a professional educator and student, of government she can apply her knowledge of public relations, radio and lecturing to carry out her platform . . . To Preserve Free Enterprise, Individual and States Rights. To Improve Schools With out Increasing Taxes. Vote For And Ask Your Friends to Vole Far Anita Blair. Fmiul ad gait far br D. L. Pillow and Friend. f Anita Blair; 130.25 on choice a . 2.0S'. 2.07 2.07 ..3.32 3.27',i 3.31 ROCK WALLS fl.tne owner. Keek In your hack yard far ttle u S300. FHA terroi with nothing dewn and 3 month, to nay. CALL 2-5103 Just Arrived! ! the NEW wfl LIGHTWEIGHT 9 HP DISSTON .... 2 52. 2.S1 AUTO INSURANCE TWO EAST-TO-BUDGET FATMEVTS instead Z on. larr. nremlnm payment The Stmtt Farm Matnnl Automobile Insnranee Co. 117 Wyemlnc Dial 4-1501 INTERMEDIATE CHAIN SAW FDR SALE 1900 ACRE ARIZONA COTTON LAND LEASE LEASE EXPIRES JULY 1958 GOOD TERMS CHEAP WATER $5.00 FOR 4 ACRE FEET 900 acrei in cotton now with bale set to acre. Crop goes with lease Ranch has 2 bale record. Balance in Alfalfa. 62 head Black Angus steers and equipment goes with sale Good Labor camphouse 170 people. Present manager will continue if desired . Contact: Martin Shutt P. O. Box 1988, Parker, Ariz. CALL NOW FOR TOUt All DiMONintanoH With 4 Fool RMEX?fiS Trl.nrlr at rirSr.. l J Mamta. & Mrrtir UNLIMITED BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY $1390.00 to $6950.00 CASH REQUIRED (SECUREO BY INVENTORY) Wanted, a financially responsible man or woman to supervise a business of NEW AUTOMATIC COFFEE VENDORS, in El Paso and surrounding territory. Drop in a coin and out comes a steaming hot cup of coffee, sugar and cream if desired- Each cup made individually. Installed in large business establishments, manufacturing plants, etc. Earning power unlimited. Can be operated in your spare time. Probable earnings to start from $20 to S50 per day. Three to five times more, depending on number of units you are capable oi handling. AH locations secured for you. If you can follow instructions and supervision of a large national company with Dun & Bradstrcct rating, you should become financially Independent within a very short time. PLEASE DO NOT ANSWER THIS ADVERTISEMENT UNLESS YOU HAVE THE REQUIRED AMOUNT OF CASH AVAILABLE AND ARE A PERSON WHO CAN MAKE AND GIVE A DEFINITE DECISION AFTER YOU KNOW THE FACTS!! WE ARE ONLY INTERESTED IN PEOPLE WHO CAN START IMMEDIATELY. WRITE FULLY ABOUT YOURSELF, INCLUDE PHONE NUMBER, TO NPC BOX D-74. 1 1 KROD KEPO i i KELP KSET j KTSM , 600 690 920 j 1340 1380" gj C8S; mmC: ' 13,1 MBS t- NBC tSTmhehi: CBS C; Snthwert--S: ABC A: LBSt: MBS M; NBC K. Praarama Sahject to Lai. Chanto - SATURDAf EVENING, JULY. 19. IMS ' (:H Music: Saturday C Stwlent Symph. Aj2hnl3mn. Tn Time TrTNBC Summer oie Chart C Orehjstra A Platter Party Tunes I SyniDhony I- SIZ nS, Smoke C Goodwill Hour Platter MujJ? of Bob Crabeau Onb' the Last Ml giS ISoke C Chrittlan Science Pt A Party Pee Wee Reese Minion , H Broadway 1 C World News . Melody Tnty Question. E. 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HirmeaJ THE ROY OF RAD I I (DMOBIOa

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