The Comstock News from Comstock, Nebraska on June 24, 1943 · 1
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The Comstock News from Comstock, Nebraska · 1

Comstock, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 24, 1943
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FOR VICTORY Buy UNITED STATES DEFENSE BONDS STAMPS Harvard Boy Buys City Jail WiU Sell Willing to Sell Lots and Property Back to Village for $60 VOLUME 36 MBS sil Working For Best nterests in Comstock and Surrounding Community MAKE EVERY PAY DAY BOJND DAY JOIN THE PAY-SOU SAYIN8S PLAN Comstock Custer Co Nebraska Thursday June 24 1943 NUMBER 47 Sixteen-year-old Robert Pinckney of Harvard Nebraska says he owns the city jail in that Clay county town of slightly more than 700 citizens And brother if you want to argue him out of it you had better get an attorney — a good one “It’s a swell jail” Pinckney said “It has a three-foot concrete floor two rooms electric lights and running water” This is his story of how he bought it: The city held a tax sale last May 11 Pinckney interested in making a judicious investment decided to bid on four lots He looked them up discovered the city jail presumably by error was listed on one of the lots He told the city clerk the city attorney and other officials “They just laughed at me” Pinckney said “I told the mayor — Nels Torsteson — and he said I was wrong Came the sale and Pinckney bought the lots including the jail for six dollars Now apparently the mayor city attorney and members of the council aren’t laughing “I went down to place my own lock on the jail door” said Pinckney ‘ ‘ but the cny smashed it They threw me off my own property’’ But is Pinckney downhearted? Listen: “I figure I can bring three actions against the city I can sue them for trespassing breaking into private property and making money off someone else ’s property ’ ’ Pinckney figures that he has a rake-off coming from the drunks fined and placed in the jail “There have been 16 drunks placed in the jail to my own knowledge since I bought it” he said Pinckney said the city has offered him ljjdn settlement but he estimated the jail is worth “at least $300’’ “I’ll settle for $40 for the property and $20 rent for the time I’ve owned it” he added The whole town wants me to rub it into the council and the city for the mistake they made but I’ll settle — for a profit” The mayor incidentally lives right next door to Pinckney DEMONSTRATION FARM FIELD DAT IS SATURDAY Field day at the demonstration farm will be held Saturday June 26 according to M L Gould county agricultural agent The demonstration farm which is located 2 miles east of Berwyn on No 2 highway features several new kinds of oats and barley in test plots and certified Brunker and Trojan oats as well as Ezond and Spartan barley in comparison with home-grown varieties of oats and barley Also included on the farm are 21 varieties of hybrid corn 3 varieties of soybeans and 8 varieties of sorghums as well as a number of soil and moisture conservation practices Mr Gilbert Webster of the Agronomy Department of the College of Agriculture and J C Swinbank of the Crop Growers association will be present at the field day to explain the different varieties of small grains Farmers who are interested in these crops are urged to be present Saturday afternoon at 2 p m (Mt War Time) June 26 Nebr University Will Take Students As in Other Years Armed Forces Have Not Taken Over Entire Plant and Staff of University EXTENSION OFFICE HAS TWO PRESSURE COOKERS The Custer County Extension Office has two pressure eookers available for loaning The demand for the cookers necessitates limiting loan periods to two days for any individual family There are no charges unless the cookers are damaged The home extension agent still encourages every owner of a pressure cooker to bring it in for checking the gauge and safety valve Two days a week Monday and Friday have been set for regular testing days Thus far new gauges have been supplied wherein the need was advisable Sad but true the outlook for buyiiig pressure cooker gauges is not very bright This is also true of other parts All this spells one thing! Take the best care possible of pressure cookers have the gauge and safety valve checked annually Sons and daughters of Nebraska may carry on their college education at the University of Nebraska this September just as they have in years past The armed forces have not taken over university facilities to the detriment of the civilian students Though the university is providing housing for ASTP trainees Stars and the air crew students the eampus facilities are such that it can amply care for both army and civilians “Rumors to the contrary notwithstanding the armed forces will not take over the entire plant and staff of the university” said Chancellor C S Boucher “In addition to the army training units we now have and have in prospect we can and shall maintain an adequate program for civilian students in all colleges “We expect a normal enrollment of women students and a considerable number of men stbdents deferred for essential occupational training We are now accepting reservations in the women ’s residence hall for next September” The college of medicine at Omaha was activated in the war program June 15 for the duration It now seems certain that the Star unit (Specialized Training and Reassignment) will be on the campus of the college of agriculture for the duration On the eity campus the college of dentistry has “gone to war” and the university will have in addition the air crew unit of the army air forces and a basic Army Specialized Training unit for the (Continued on Page Four) ANOTHER FEDERAL AUTO TAX WILL BE DUB JULY 1 Another federal tax on your automobile will become due the last day of June which will be next Wednesday and the stamp must be posted on your automobile by the first day of July 1943 This federal tax went into effect February 1 1942 when stamps were sold for part of the fiseal year July 1 1942 stamps were sold for one year and these expire June 30th of this year The automobile tax for one year is five dollars and that"Vill be the cost of the stamps now on sale These stamps yellow in color will be good until July 1 1944 Stamps are now on sale at the local postoffice and in order to avoid trouble every motorist is urged to purchase and post his stamp by July 1st next Thursday Organizing Farm Truck Conservation Program In State Truck Conservation Program Will Include Poultry and Egg Interests The Office of Defense Transportation ’s farm truck conservation program now being organized for the dairy industry in Nebraska has been extended in the Ainsworth area to include poultry and eggs interests and haulers of produce and dairy products Farmers Who Need Help Should Notify County Agent Gould Labor Cannot Be Supplied on Short Notice Harvest Will Soon Be Here V J Hons district ODT manager at Omaha pointed out that the (places of business for very long at Is there a shortage of labor Custer county? That is the question that County Agent M L Gould is trying to solve During April the extension office sent a letter to ©very farmer and rancher in the county explaining the labor problem and a card for them to return if they needed labor immediately or at some future date Only twenty of the cards were returned out of 3500 sent out Thirteen of them said they would need help during harvest or corn picking A later survey made through the neighborhood leaders which represented some 80 school districts and approximately 900 farms indicated that about one-half of the farmers would need help during harvest and corn picking if a crop was produced It looks like we were pretty sure of a small grain crop barring hail and excessive rainfall Harvest will be on us before we know it The sad part is that labor cannot be secured on short notice There are a few town boys and girls available who would help out in a pinch also & few town men and women who might help in special cases It must be remembered that the businessman has just as much or more of a labor problem than the farmer and it will be impossible for them to leave their producers and haulers were included on the committee because of the limited number of dairymen in that section of the state which includes Sherman Valley Garfield Boyd Loup Custer Blaine and Keyapaha counties The committee is composed of J Q Archer of Ewing chairman J E Mabie of Bassett and Mr Hickey of O’Neill representing processors William Kelly of Bassett and Calvin Allyn of Stuart representing the producers and Bob Brittell of O’Neill and F S Coleman of Ainsworth representing the haulers This committee will stand as appointed unless protest on individuals is filed by members of the groups represented by July 3 Protests must be made to the committee chairman J Q Archer of Ewing Plans for conserving of transportation equipment and eliminating waste miles in farm marketing were discussed at a recent meeting in Ainsworth The ODT program calls for pooling of trucking equipment where possible in order to assure the movement of farm and dairy products to market for the duration It was pointed out that poultry and eggs are closely allied to the creamery industry and that there is no whole milk problem in the (Continued on page four) a time Farmers who anticipate they will need extra help during harvest should notify County Agent M L Holt Qould as soon as possible stating the kind of workYb be performed the kind of help they want and on what dates they would be willing to hire and at what wages Most of this harvest labor will have to come from other than local sources and those who register first will be given first chance on labor when it arrives The set-up at present to handle the labor problem consists of a USES representative located at Arcadia who is in charge of transient labor and the County Extensiqn Office in Broken Bow with the following labor representative in each town in the county: Callaway — Ed Woodworth Sargent — Bert Amos Comstock — S V Emry Mason City — Fred Rosburg Ansley — Jack Grim Oconto — C B Chumbley Berwyn — Chris Christenson Arnold — Andy Nielsen Labor requirements may be left at any of these places Don’t wait until the last minute and expect help immediately — For Victory: Buy Bonds — Buy U S Bonds and Stamps GEARED FOR VICTORY United States Has Ten Million Surplus Cattle Albert K Mitchell manager of the Bell cattle ranch New Mexico’s largest ranch declared last Friday that the United States has ten million more cattle than it has any use for His statement came as the army and navy were finding difficulty in obtaining their full qpotas of beef and civilians faced $he prospect of even lower supjflies c Mitchell in Chicago attending the national livestock and meat board sessions said: “We now have 10600000 more cattle than we have any use for population ever recorded by department of agriculture “In other Words we now have 4000000 more cattle than in 1934 when the figure of 78000000 was reached At that time 8500000 were slaughtered to combat the surplus “These animals must be distri- NO NEW INCOME TAXES THIS YEAB Morgenthau Says He Hopes New Levies by January 1 for The country has its highest cattle stock buted to consumption channels” ' Representatives of three farm and business groups said that uncertainties of subsidy payments by the OPA have caused a chaotic meat situation and have buyers reluctant to purchase live- - Treasury Secretary Morgenthau has said that individuals and corporations need not expect an increase in income taxes until next year but he expressed hope for enactment of legislation in time to make new excise levies before January 1 Morgenthau told a press conference he is in accord with a statement made by Chairman Doughton (D-NC) of the house ways and means committee that no additional taxes should be levied on 1943 incomes and added that as a result there is no hope of achieving the idministration ’s goal of $16000-00000 in new taxes and savings or both in the 1944 fiscal year which ends next June 30 The year he pointed out would be half over before any new taxes adequate to achieve the goal could be made effective He said the treasury’s aim still is to get sufficient revenue to pay for half the cost of the war and estimated that at least $12000000-000 in additional taxes would be necessary to meet this objective Morgenthau said the treasury’s aim in its war financing program will be to get 25 per cent of the total earnings of the people in the last half of this year WILL SPEED COMBINES THROUGH GRAIN BELT OPA and ODT have streamlined their gas and tire rationing procedures to speed up the movement of combines through the grain belt Representatives of the majority of the state governments promised the most liberal interpretation possible of laws and regulations that would affect the intra-state movement and use of trucks and combines Dads May Never Get Army Call D C Observer Proceedings of County Board DOROTHY GLOVER MARRIES LIEUT WARREN OGILVIE Announcements have been received by relatives here of the marriage of Miss Dorothy Glover of Oakland California to Lt Warren Elbert Ogilvie also of Oakland The wedding ceremony was performed on the evening of Wednesday June 2 at the home of the bride ’s parents Mr and Mrs Frank Glover of Oakland The marriage lines were read by the Rev Paul Travis formerly of Loup City Following a short honeymoon the bridegroom returned to army duty Monday June 7 Mrs Ogilvie is the only daughter of Mr and Mrs Frank Glover The Glovers formerly resided in Corn-stock for several years moving ‘to California about six years ago They have many friends here who wish Dorothy much happiness Custom Operators Are Urged to Get in Touch With Co USDA Board Harvest Rations Are Possible Custom Operators Get In Touch With Boards for Washington Observer Gives Three Reasons — Have Enough Younger Men Don’t be surprised if the delay in drafting fathers now presumably put off until October is extended again and — without official announcement — perhaps indefinitely For that according to D C Speaker unofficial but well-informed capital news source is the present prospect for the nation’s dads — barring unforeseen and adverse changes in the current war picture “There are three reasons behind that prediction” said D C the mythical District of Columbia observer who represents authentic but unquotable sources “and the first one may hurt the dads’ feelings They aren't wanted — if their sonB and younger brothers can fight instead “Second reason of course” he continued “is that the planned quotas now are nearly full and the new crops of 18-year-olds are expected to supply most replacements aided by the single and childless married men who have occupational or minor physical deferments “But the third reason is a combination of increased emphasis on aerial warfare and a turning-point trend toward sharpening the present striking force rather than continuing to expand it “In both cases” D C summed it up “the result should be about the same: A lessened military demand for men and one that will affect even older men who are not fathers ’ ’ Speaker said the whole question hinged on casualties and the replacement program that it concerned the available forces of all United Nations A major setback on any front would change the picture he said but added that otherwise much drafting may ease off after the first of the year Custom operators are urged to get in touch with their local USDA War Boards before starting out on their season’s Work in order to make the best use of the OPA -ODT harvest ration provisions Here is a summary of the procedure: Motor fuel for highway truck operation: The operator should apply to the County Farm Transportation Committee of the USDA War Board in his county for sufficient mileage and motor fuel to operate his truck for the entire season’s trip He should estimate as accurately as possible his mileage and needed gallons of fuel From this information the County Farm Trans portation Committee will make recommendations on mileage and fuel for each applicant to the district office of the Office of Defense Transportation The necessary certificates and rations allowed the operator will be sent to him from OPA and ODT offices If the operator needs additional fuel for Ms truck during the trip he should apply to the nearest County Farm Transportation Committee which will take the steps necessary to help him obtain the needed fuel Fuel for operation of tractors and combines: Since fuel for operation of tractors and combines is rationed by OPA the operator before starting on his trip should apply through the County Farm Transportation Committee to the local War Price and Rationing Board for a 6 months’ ration of fuel The operator is entitled to a 6-month fuel ration even though his operations will be outside the eounty in which he makes his application His re-( Continued on page four) Board Held Two-Day Business Session Wednesday Thursday June 16 and 17 Proceedings of the Board of Supervisors Custer County Nebraska Supervisors Room Court House June 16-17 1943 Wednesday June 16 1943 8:30 am The Board met with all members present As advertised bids for the furnishing of bridge lumber and piling closed at 10 a m The Atlas Lbr Co was the only bidder Moved by Ostergard and seconded by Chumbley that the contract be awarded to the Atlas Lbr Co for the ensuing year Carried A recess was taken at neon until 1:30 p m Wednesday June 16 1943 1:30 pm The board met with all members present Moved by Ostergard and seconded by Chumbley that the request to cancel village of Callaway tax on tax sale certificate No 128 be granted Carried A recess was taken at five until 8:30 a m Thursday June 17 1943 8:30 a m The board met with all members present Report of Bridge Committee Moved by Ostergard and seconded by Chumbley that the following claims be allowed on the bridge fund Carried John Hayes $8760 A W Miller $11000 Glen Price $10500 F A Bates $164 Dierks Lbr Co $275 Melville Lbr Co $835 Miller’s Service $400 Stanford Motor Co $165 Lynn Sullivan $585 Wen-quist & Sons $ 53 Report of Bond Committee Moved by Ostergard and seconded by Chumbley that the following bnods be approved: H T Wykoff road overseer of Lillian Leslie Crowad 'overseer of Arnold T (Oont itinued on page two) NEW MEAT CONTROL IS OUTLINED IN NEBRASKA Although Nebraska the second largest beef producing state estimates a 50 per cent increase in the 1943 beef output farm authorities have been recently compelled to initiate a meat control program to stamp out the steadily growing of “black market” slaughtering in the state Under the food distribution administration the meat growers ' of Nebraska are licensed in three forms 1 The farm slaughter permit registering farmers or ranchers who deliver less than 10000 pounds of meat to either wholesale or retail merchants over the year 2 The local slaughter permit which is accorded to packing and slaughter houses the size the majority of plants in which will deliver in excess 000 pounds of meat annually 3 The butcher permit which includes all slaughtering in between the first two categories and those varying in capacity and type production I ft a Luxury in Decreasing 'Even the replacement problem The frills of civilized life are fast becoming harder to purchase With many of the essential consumers goods rationed or controlled there is danger of increasing shortages of some “luxury” products Among these commodities are cigars beer and liquor Manpower and raw material shortages and transportation difficulties are contributing to the growing gaps in the stock of those items officials reported doubt tailors on a percentage basis Meanwhile cigaret production is booming with an end to the demand not yet in sight It was estimated that production of eigarets today stands at a level of 14 per ' cent above last yesr’s huge total of 253250000000 eigarets A curtailment of beer production on the other hand is threatened but has not yet occurred Although beer manufacturers are restricted to 93 per cent of the malt used last year they have judiciously spread the been less -vf - v' si of - - - I - 4 gjm mem I: i r m-' mm 2H - - v 1 V i -

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