Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 13, 1944 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 13, 1944
Page 6
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. WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13,. 1944 Page Six Gl Adapts Guard Orders To Mess Hall Feed French Tots on that smell, or Sixlina. Kiin. (UP) — Since mi army supposedly "travels on Its- stomach," and slrico GT's think thu Army has .a rule for just about everything, one soldier at the Smoky Hill Army Baso here d.icid- nd that' the two ideas should be combined. The result—a parody on tho 11 Oi-nc-rnl Orders for Guard Duty: 1. To take charge of all-spuds and gravy In sight. 2. To watch my pinto in a military manner, keeping always thr-' [ilert for any stray steak might eomi: within sight, :.earing. 3. To report any bread sliced too thin to tho muss; sergeant. •I. To report all calls for coffee more dlstiint tram its position thrin my own. r,. To quit my table only attci- there is nothing left to oat. (!. To receive, but not pass on to Hit; m.-xt man, all meat, cal.bago, and bonus left by the KPs or table j •wnitorx 7. To talk to no one, if he cuts onions. 8. In case of (U-c in tho moss h:ill, tu grab nil moat left by others in their escape, !). To cull the mess sergeant in nny case not covered by Instructions and to allow no one to steal anything in tho line of food. 10. To saUif.p all chicken, beefsteak, pork chops, ham and eggs:n;d v«!il. I!. Tu be especially watchful at the tublo and during the time for Curing, challenge anyone who eats rnoru pic itnd ic<? cream than f rlo. • .••.NATJON'Al, ';1,JSAGUK' , .YoHtorduy'H Itenults TTttsburgh 5,"St. Louis 3 (1st). Pittsburgh 0,-'St. Louis 5 (2d). Other games pontponcd, rain. The Standing- W. L. 35 39 79 54 73 37 60 70 Cl 72 S5 -79 55 SO 02 79 Pet. .709 .59-1 .502 ,4G2 .459 ,410 ,407 .397 Sale:: of liquefied pull-oleum gases amount to about 300 million gallons in 19-10, an increase of S3 percent over 1MO. French children, hair neatly cnnilii-ll :uitl \Vt:ar'iiig their l) ilnvssrs, enjoy « "O'.irisliing menl lit a vniiiiDiiiiiil ri-skiiiraiH set up in tin- I'aris ;iiv:i by the Allied rfliff aiil.lmi-ities. VVIii'ii the >':i'/.l* m'C;:|iicil France m".sl of the food was seal tu Germany. (Intermi- St. Louis . .. Pittsburgh . Cincinnati Chicago New York , Boston Brooklyn . .. Philadelphia Today'H Gumes," '.PHchoni Philadelphia at New York (2)— Schanr. (12-13) and Riiffcnsbci'fc'cr l-;iSi 'vs. Allen (4-5) and Fold- mail ill-ID or Melton (2-0). Boston at Brooklyn (2)— Barrel*. (7-15) and Juvery (7-18) vs.- Herring (2-3) and Davis (9-10) or Melton (S-ll). Cincinnati at Chicago (2)—Gum- hurt (10-9) and Housscr (12-S) vs. .Paiiscau (11-9) and. Lynn (3 7 2). Pittsburgh at St. Louis (2) (Twi- nijrht)—Sewull (10-12) and Rescigno (9-7) vs. Brecheen (13-3): and Lanior (17-9), • AMKJUCAN LKAGUE Nine years ago 100-octane motor fuel was a laboratory rarity ar.d cost S30 a gallon, liefincries in 10-11 were equipped to turn out 5DO million gallons a year. Soft Shell Crabs Mackerel - Flatfish Steak Blue Halibut Steak Cod, Etc. We arc the only fish store in this vicinity where Fresh Filets are made each day. This insures that the delicacy and flavor of the filets are preserved so that this type of food may be thoroughly enjoyed in all its freshness. Stop here for ycur next filet. Valley Fish 6 SOUTH MAIN STREET games yesterday. Tho Stunillne W. L. . 70 01 -. 75.Gi . 75 02 . 73 G-l . 05 72 . 03 74 . 04 75 . 53 80 New York Detroit ... St. Louis Boston Cleveland . Chicago Philadelphia Washington Pet, '.551 .KJ3 .47-1 ,4 GO .400 .420 Today's Games,- Pitchers Jsijw York at Philadelphia (night)—Borowy U7-9) : or Donald (13-10) vs. Newsom (12-13). Only game scheduled: Rain Postpones Rubco-Tool Game The U. S. Rubber Co.-Wutcrhury Tool Co. softbnll game scheduled for last night at Hamilton park was postponed after rain began to fall late in the afternoon. The two teams are playing for the league championship a two out ot three series, ,' Last night's postponement has heen moved up to'.Thursday at Recreation Held, with a second game to be played Friday at Hamilton park. MAY STRUCK Boston, Sept. 13—(U P)—Union mploycs of the Eastern Massnchtt- etts "Street Railway may strike Saturday unless the National Wai- Labor Board acts quickly. John H. CiilUin—union president—says that lhe A-F-L workers are becoming lired of waiting for a bonus which was approved • by the Regional Labor Board, but has been upheld Washington. 1 63 IS THE PREPAID RATE FORA Naugatuck Daily News Classified Ad For that price you get: 3 Lines = 15 Words (count 5 words to the line) 3 Days - PROFIT & RESULTS Call 2228 TODAY! ! :: An Ad is' considered Prepaid if paid within one week after first insertion. Cup In'39 Under Great Pressure By nKRNAKU BRENNER , t)nl(cd rr.css Sports Sfciff Perhaps you remember the last time the Davis cup was in competition—the last fight for that nuge silver mug- that stands- lor the'trmnis team championship of the world. It was five years ago—September of 3939—iind the United States .team was defending tho cup. Thai 'was the year and the month that a little man in Germany said: •'Death to 'the democracies!" AnJ started tho second World war. That was Ihe year and the month when two men- 1 one little fellow cind'one big one—stood at stiff attention in a clubhouse at Morion. Pennsylvania. The little fellow was Adrian Quist of the Australian Davis cup team —and his husky partner was Bromwich. The radio had roared out the do- tails. Hitler in motion — Gorman columns' marching- into Poland — England and Fnuicu calling- for •their cards in the murderous gnruo. And then it was quiet' — King .George was speaking, from Engr >luml: He was calling : on Britons, and the men of the dominions bo- the seas to join tho war or. Hitler. . Quist and- Bromwich stood rigid until their king finished. They knew they'd soon bo swappii); Lhcir whites for service uniforms .and turning in their .tennis, raqucts Tor rifles. But they tiad i;oniothing to clear up before going t'o war. The two men from down under made up the Australian Davis cup team—just those twq- against. Uio best the rust ML' the-world had to offer. And they'd come through •to reach the cha.'lcngc round u gains; tho United States. But oven then, as they hoard the king tell them they had a job to do on the Nazis, they stood on the edge of defeat in their bid for the championship. The Davis Cup challenge round is run with four singles matches and one doubles match, it takes throe out of tho five to win—and thrco had already been played. Handsome Frankio Parker had •opened up by whipping Quist in the !irst singles match. And'bound- ing Bobby Riggs hac! made it two straight for tho Americans by defeating mil Bromwich, The Aussies stayed in the running by winning the doubles match . Jack Kramer and Joe Hunt faced Quist and Bromwich— and the boys from down under kept tho competition alive by taking the match. Then that last day—that day they heard the king speak—Quist and Bromwich stood in tho Meri- dcn clubhouse. They knew Clicy had to take both singles matches or lose in what would probably be their last shot at tho cup for the duration. Q'list snapped off the radio —they went out to the courts. It was Quist's turn to face Bobby P-iggs in tho first match. There was steel and a now determination In Quist. He raced through the first two sots and won them almost before Riggs could catch his breath —and then tho hetivy, flat heat weighed down on the slim guy from down under, and he tired. Riggs saw Quist going 1 weary, The cocky boy from Chicago picked up the offensive. He hammered out the next two sets and the match was square. Then Riggs went after the last one—but Quist wasn't quitting—not on his last fling nt the cup. He HUB QUARTER Tack Sards: Cards Drop Twin- Bill To Pittsburgh Pirates, 5-3,6-5 Tho ) on made (By United Press) Pittsburgh Pir.-Ltes opened the St. Louis Cardinals and t '..wo in a row as !hey took to 3 through to beat Riggs and win th set G to •!. The match was his an each team had two victories^)' was up to Bromwich. Bromwich faced Frankio Parkc . that last match. And Bill Tikici himself would have found himsel in trouble with the husky Austral ian. John's two-handed smnshc. cranked clown the lines and clippcc tT\e corners, He just overpowered Parker in straight sets— 6-love, 6-3 and 0-1. And the two game Austral ians shook hands In front of the silver Davis Cup that still rests in a vault in the'land'down under a twin bill from St. Louis, nr.d G to 0. ' Frit/: O.stcrmuoller pitched the first Pirate win and held the Cards to one lone run in the firsl inning and two more in the eighth. It was Osu-rmucilor's thirteenth win against five 1-jsses. Fred Schmidt, Blix Donnelly ar.d Al Jurisch took the mound for Ihc Cards. Schmidt was blamed for the loss — 'hi:; fourth of the season against five victories. Pittsburgh piled up two runs in the first inning, two more in Ihe second ar.d another in the seventh to lead the Curds oil the way. In tho second frame the Cards staged an eighth inning rally and brought in Hi roe runs 1-3 come within one score oi' the leading Bucs. But the ninth inning saw both teams scoreless. Frank Coleman and Babe Dahl- pren each bagged ,1 homer in the fourth inning :'or Pittsburph. Coleman's homer was his sixth and Dohlgren's his ninl-h, Preacher Roe started for Pittsburgh in the second game and was relieved by Ray Starr in the eighth. Roe WHS credited with the win, his icmh against 1-1 losses. Aldred Byerly took Iho nvound for the Cards and was relieved by Ted \Vilks in the sixth. Fred Schmidt came in for the Cards in powered i the eighth and Al Jurisch fol- Naugy Dusty Pin League To Open Friday Night Tho Naugaluck Industrial bowling will get stnrtod Friday nigh' nr. Anncnborg's alleys for organization purposes. The olllcial opening will be hold the following week. September 22. At a nice-ting of representatives from various local concerns, Rudolph M. Hennick, publisher of The News, was elected president of tho loop, Tho league will be mail: up of night trams: T. F. ButierfieJd. Eastern Malleable Iron''Co.,. United States Rubber Co., Risdor. Mfg. Co.. Homer D. Bronson Co., Nau- g.'uuck Chemical and Synthetic. Co., Bristol, and tho Beacon Falls Warehouse. A championship playoff will be hold at the end of the season. SAM SN3SAD DISCHA11GED San Dic^o, Snpt. 13—fUP)—S:in, ' 3D'I2 Professional Golfers association champ—has boon p'iv nn a medical discharge from th njivy. ALCAZAR TODAY - THURSDAY 'BATHING BEAUTY' 1 with • RED SKELTON • ESTHER WILLIAMS • HARRY JAMES And A Great Cant IIUV AM) s.AVK AT THE Highland Grocery 92 HIGHLAND AVE. TKI.. -IKSU •ROCC'O KAIMI. PrniP. in lowed nim v'.-as nnmed f jriVL-s him ono tho ninih. Byoi-ly or '.ho loss, Nvh.ich loss and one win. TWO CARS DJEHAILKD Fi-ainir.Kham, Mass., Sept. 13— flip;—Normal service i.s no\v ro- sumcd on 1 Boston and Albany railroad tracks at Framing-ham after a split switch caused a derailment. The last two cars of a passenger train cnroulc ' from Boston to Framing-ham were derailed, and several other trains were held up moi-o than .in hour. No one was hurt. "SEVENTH CROSS" DRAWING CROWDS TO THE STRAND THEATER If we need say anything more to recommend "The Seventh Cross." the exciLinjr new Motro-Goldwyn- Mny'er film r.ow on the Strand screen than that Spencer Tracy is the star, and. greater even than he has' ever been in such outstanding hits: "A Guy N.imcJ Joe." "Keeper of tho Flame," "Boy's Town" and "Captains Courageous" and all the rest. Indeed, this remarkable actor gives another top-notch performance in "Tho Seventh Cross." the story of seven prisoners ir. "protective custody," .who escape from a G-e r ni a, n concentration camp i arly one moriiing' in 2£'3G. Tracy plays George Heislcr, the only one to make good his escape, who, aided by. 'oyal friends, including a lovely girl (played by Signe Hasso) makes good his escape with the promise to fight on against .he N;.xi tyranny. "The Scvonl.h Cross" is based on the best-seller novel -of the same name by Anna Soghors and has been brought to the screen under FRANK SINATRA — ADOLPHE MENJOU — WALTER SLEZEK " GEORGE MURPHY GLORIA DE HAVEN EUGENE PALLETTE STEP LIVELY SINATRA SINGS: "Come Out, Como Out, Whorcvcf You Arc 1 " • ."Wliorr- Does I-"v ft Ui.'Kln" • "Sonus -Other Titnu" • "As Ij>n«r As' Tlirro's Music" NOW 2ml HIT WATER FRONT .7. Carroll '— ,7ohn C:irr:idinc Loews POLI MON. NITE — OP. M. — ON STACK — IX TERSON FRANK SINATRA CONTEST | Valuable' I'rl/.cs — Enter Now Lots Of New Material Team Question Curiiss St. Flats, Hose Co. Tangle At Linden Park Friday The Curtiss strccl. Flats, the hottest sorUiJiJI team in the borough; h:»vc finally made a. match with the 3s T aui;n tuck. Hose Co. The meeting will lake place Fridny evening ,iv Lir.dcn ;)n.rk. wilh both clubs ready to ;;•-> at G p. m. The br.-j'ins of the both outfits; Mgr Nordy Nauges of the Volunteers, ar.d Mgr. Gubljy Cow.-in r>f the Flats both admir I hat this is the biggest event for the respective clubs this year. And each man:i.ger is reported to be unmatched by any olher local leader. So when the two met for ai> rangcmcnls there w;i.s no give and take, and a. buttle of blood is in store for Friday. The Flats piled up o. huge .icoi-o against I he Polish American club last Friday, und, on the reputation of th.'it impressive win, arc favorites, 'ihe Vo!s, on the other mind, were trimmed by the U. S. Rubber Co. fire brigade by a 7-5 score a week ago. Bui they, nev- ertholoss. Nauges said this morning, wii: foo ir. there fighting to the last out Friday. . Co\vun i:; ix-j^D.-ied giving hia star pi ichor, W. Howard Meyers, final instructions on liow to pitch to the firemen's sluggers. Gubby scouted the Irxst game the Hose Co. played, and, using up two fairly- iTirge notebooks, got all the in j formation possible about each player. Further details concerning the line-ups will be given as soon as the respective managers make up their minds about their selections. Minor Loop Playoffs Rained Out The International league )>layoffs originally scheduled tv> start last night were postponed until tonight, because of rain. Buffalo will play at Baltimore and Toronto will meet Newark. Hain also postponed last night's Eastern league games. Utic'a was scheduled to meet Hartford and Albany was to liavo played Bingham ton. Ir. Ihc Southern association, playoffs start tonight with Nashville i which won the second half of'tho season) playing at Memphis, tho first half winner. Rain forced postponement of last night's semi-final games in the American association. St. Paul war scheduled to play at Toledo, and Louisville was to play at Milwaukee. the outstanding direction of' Fred Zimmerman. Miss H a s s o appears opposite Tracy and other leading roles are portrayed by such capable names as Hume Cronyn, Jessica Tandy, Agnes Moorehcad, Ray Collins and Felix Brcssari, The co-featuro on the current Slrand bill is "Goodniprht Swce-- heart," which features Robert Liv- insrston and Ruth Terry, Scones of the liberation of Paris are contained in the Movietone Xews on the present Strand program, and there's a new M-G-M color cartoon, " Raid Warden." Speed And Power la Backfield Although Reserves Are Scarce - The Garnet and Grey open their season September" 30 li(;cre.itlon licld .'xKaitist Derby high. The Held is bolnjj conditioned at the present and goal posts will be installed shortly. Bleachers -will also ha set up soon. The rest at the schedule is: Oclb- .ber 7, Wilby (away); October j«. Toi-rington (away); October 21, Shelton; October 28, Crosby; November 3, Commercial (away); Xo- vember, Leaven worth; and Xovutn. bur 23, An.sonia. The Nau«atuck football squad 'under the tutelage of Coach Pttcr J. Foley has beon holding f.ili workouts since the start of school a week ago. Prospects for this year arc so-so, as Coach Foloy has mostly all green material to work -.vith. The Garnet squad is small, with about enough for three teams. Coach Foley may also be h.-indi- cappfid by the lack of reserves, many of whom are light freshmen and sophomores. Five men were being worked in the backfiold during yesterday's practice with Joe Yacek at the quarter spot. Bill Armonat at full, and Jack Cuddy, Bill PhiUijM, and Eddio Juzinski at the halves. Cuddy, a sophomore, has a powerful leg drive and a change of pace that may make him starter after he has picked up a bit more about ihc game. Capt. Gene Kevit and Jack Stin- 'son, two speedy ends, may give the Garnet some offensive power, if a fair passer on the team is found. As yet. Coach Foley has not decided on the positions, as the sum of tho season is still a couple of week away. VICTORY HIT PARADE frowsy ^WHASSO i^ipss _«"th Trrrv More 13,000 lepers arc in Philippine island colonies. Chrysler and Plymouth G. M. C. Trucks J.C.RAYTKWICH, ACCESSORIES Repairing 10G SOCTH MAIN* STl Telephone -tOM I { YOUR HOME BAKKKV: I CITY BAKERY < 171 Maple Street ^ *•*«.-• «*i;"«t BUV WAR BONDS AXP STAMPS no SUCH ANIMAL! It * impouiblft to make • fin* *!• with ""•uitabU w«t«r! Jame. knnr , *«i»wh«h % 'ov«r 65y»ar» ago. h».»it«b-' luh*d him bu*in*M in th« bi*w*ry builf ovm- th« Silver Spring in" Pro»- icienc.. Today, thU f.moui .pring, provid«» for every brow- A water with--. ! u " me un««tc»U«'d propartiM that help main Hanl.y'»<,* fine ** Knt Alt \> con bt! Brewers of Fine /-ALE <tnd Porter Since iSj6 ' < * 5Rt

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