Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 24, 1968 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 24, 1968
Page 9
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Poultry Cooking Contest HOPE ;«»*l STUB, pfintM »r Offsdt AT BR.DOE Julia's Kindergarten Class Friday, M* 24,1961 tet fftoflth of the school were _ of the year's ...... fietdetlthe agenda, with the #>„ V Mtewfff uetivtttes being sug. $tf> ' ggsH%\ Mother's Appreciation wV Tiaif -Valentine Dance & Sihg tiottai project of work; and sev* . etal tmore, Mfs. Gladys Gols- rte'fHs adviser, f fhirty«nine (39) F.H.A.'ers attend the filstriet Federation, Henderson State College, Arke- ^'delphla, Arkansas, Errie Dell " Sc6tt local Vice-President and Federation Treasurer was hon* ored with the presentation of our guest speaker, Miss Sharon Ann Evans "Miss Arkansas 1961"* Miss Evans ufged each girl to be "the real you", The month of November was geared toward initiation of new .members, Also Chapter Pro* -ject • "Our Neighbors Near A Far" • cards were sent to Servicemen, the aged and shut-ins, • The activities of December .was one of our most success- "ful. The Annual Mother's Appre- .ciation Tea was held. A Joint program with the F.F.A. chapter was presented to a large crowd. A former local president Miss Er ma Smith was guest speaker. She spoke from the Theme "Unlimited Opportunities". The students were challenged by Miss Smith to stay in school and prepare themselves for the many opportunities which awaits them. Miss Smith was •highly appreciated by all. . Our Miss F.H.A. Queen for 67.,68 Miss Janice Evans was r crowned by the Principal Dr. L. : W. Williamson. After the pro• gram the parents and friends went to 1 the home economic cottage which was beautifully decorated . tor the occasion. Everyone :.seemed to have enjoyed the en: tire event and many compliments ; were expressed. After the holidays many other ,...activities were carried out in 5. Class MefJioitisf Changes Released •.-parties During the month of February our Annual Valentine Activity was presented. "A Dance and Sing Ball" was an event to be remembered; First, second and third place awards were given for singing, Janice Evans won first place; Ethel Thomas second; Cynthia Hearon third; for dancing Yulonda Fellows was first place winner, Patricia Williamson second place and Arletha Swift third place. Also during this month, Autrey Faye May was the recipient of the Betty Crocker award. Our final affair was the dress revue. The theme was "Through the Looking Glass". Some fifty girls modeled garments made. The attendance was excellent and the stage setting very attractive. The F.H.A. officers for 68-69 •were installed at our last meeting. The Interest of members was exceptionally good, each month the chairman of the social committee gave a gift to the girl holding the lucky number-nine gifts were given and two prizes for the girl finding the highest number of eggs at our Easter egg hunt activity. We wish to express our sincere appreciation to our advisor, for her guidance, cooperation and dedicated service rendered. We hope as years pass on, others will appreciate good leadership •and take time to express them to others, We would also like to express our thanks to Miss Mary Louise Munn, F.H.A, president and the other officers we worked with to make our chapter a success* fill one, ' The following members will attend The District Leadership Workshop June 4th,, Arkadel* phja, Arkansas; Janice Evans, Yulonda Fellows, Joyce Scog« gins, Katte White, Linda Watson, Maple Golston, Reporter— Cynthia Hearon .Advisor- Mrs, Gladys Golston Draft Dodgers Supported by Boston Qroup BOSTON (AP) - Two dra?, tees refused Induction Thursday Jfld their supporters held an an. ; H&&K deniQJistration on Boston £ommofl, where The Resist tftace, an smtidraft organisation -'-'— J tw g9 draft cards 300 demonstrators pa* rfl4*J outside the &>stoo Array ~~ > if fc«r youths who said WmtM r*fu$e Wnetim «Q, m Arwy siM Harold Hector uftry Quigiey refused to Uw symbolic step forward w«« SWA* away, officials EL DORADO, Ark. (AP) Bishop Paul V. Galloway closed the annual conference of the Little Rock Conference of the United Methodist Church Thursday with the reading of pastoral appointments. Forty-seven changes were made in the conference but only one change was made among the six district superintendents. The Rev. Raymond L. Franks, pastor of the Pine Bluff lakeside Church, was named superintendent of the Monticello District, succeeding the Rev. J. Edward Dunlap, who was appointed pastor of the Wtnfield Methodist., Church at Little Rock. "the Rev. Loyd Conyers, pastor of the First Methodist Church at Malvern, was transferred to the North Arkansas Conference. The 1969 conference will be held in Hot Springs. The new appointments were: —John T. AdMnson, St. Andrew-Hollywood; Steve Barker, Fountain lake; George W. Martin, Malvern First; George G. Kerr, Mt. Ba-Cden; James F. Richardson, Murfreesboro; William A. Carpenter, Piney Grove; Travis Dale Langley, Shorewood Hills, and Albert M. Elder, Sparkman-Macedonia. CAMDEN DISTRICT-George L. Bailey, Chldester Circuit; Veo E. Green, Dumas-Lisbon; James H. Sewell, minister of education at El Dorado First; W. T. Dunker, Harmony Grove- lakeside; E. Stanely Wagner, Junction City Circuit; James E. Robken, .Norphlet-Callon; Dewey McCauley, Pleasant Grove; Kirvin A. Hale, Stamps; James W. Shaddox, Stephens-McNeill, and William J. Logan, Strong- Union. HOPE DISTRICT - John L. Prothro, Hatfleld Circuit; Osborne E. White, Mena First; William A, Lea, Mineral Springs; Gerald K. Flncher, Prescott, and Claude 0. Hall, Winthrop Circuit. LITTLE ROCK DISTRICT Robert W. Johnson, Benton Park View; Don Williams, Salem-Congo; Carlos E, Martin, Carlisle; Larry E. Maxwell, associate at Little Rock St. Paul; Joseph E, Taylor, Little Rock Trinity; -fames R, Sewell, Little Rock TArenty.Eighth Street; James R. Sewell, Little Rock Wesley Foundation, and J, Ed* ward Dunlap, Little Rock WL> field, MONTICELLO DISTRICT Raymond L. Franks, district superintendent; Colin Ward, Ashley Pirciilt; Thonns G. Uwry, Trinity Circuit; Darreil Van Smith, Eudoraj James P. Anderson, Hamburg charge; James Ford, Hampton-liar re Jl, and George Sam Jones, Star City. PINE BLUFF DISTRICT Thomas J. Nation, Almyra De- Luce; John Shafer, Bayou Meto-Lodge's Corner; Harold D. Sadler, England-Keo; J, Wayne Edwards, Leola Circuit; Elmo A. Tbomason, Pine Bluff Lake ' - S, — Delores McBrlde photo with Star camera Mrs. Clarence Geist, Revenue inspector for Hempstead County, prepares to enter the District Poultry Cooking Contest Saturday, June 1, at the Poultry Festival in Nashville, Arkansas, Mrs. Geist enjoys recipes and has contributed several recipes to cookbooks assembled in the county. She chooses to enter Calico Chicken and Rice in the District contest. Mrs. Geist's children Kim, Kyle and Kerry are always ready to help her promote when It comes to eating chicken. Hempstead County will be represented by five cooking contestants in the District Poultry Cooking Contest. Contestants and dishes to be prepared are: Mrs. Albert Smith, Crisp Fried Chicken; Mrs. Willie J. Malone, Barbecued Chicken Supreme; Mrs. Bobby Ray Harris; Chicken Curry; Mrs. James A. Hill, Paprika Chicken. The contestants will be preparing the cooking entries Saturday morning, June 1, and dishes will be served at a luncheon at noon attended by Poultry Cooking and Princess contestants and other special guests. The Negro Community By Ester Hicks Phone 4678 PR 4474 THOUGHT FOR THE DAY A cunning man overreaches no one half as much as himself.- H. W. Beecher said it. CALENDAR OF EVENTS The Yerger Shover P.T.A. will present a "talent program" In Harris Gumnasium Friday night May 31st at 7:30. Admission fee:- 25c and 35c. The public is invited to attend. P.T.A. ELECTS OFFICERS FOR ENSUING YEAR The Yerger Shover P.T.A. held its 'regular meeting May 20th, at 7:30 p.m. with C. G. Carmichael, president, presiding, Mrs. L. 0. Crofton installed the new officers for the ensuing year. W. V. Rutherford was named "P. T. A. man of the year". Mrs, M, White, Reporter. OBITUARIES Funeral services for Mrs, Bertha Jones will be held at Coulter Chapel C.M.E, Church in Nashville, Arkansas, Satur- i, un- Fun- der eral Home, Inc. r H r Calude E. Bw Ctacult. said the cases were referred to youths' local draft boards Mr, Luther Fulks, a native of Hempstead County, Arkansas, passed away at his home in Perry Town, Tuesday May 21, at the age of 76, He Is survived by his wife, Mrs. Alvain Fulks; three children, Mrs, Birdla Lee Philpotand Mrs, Lurlean Harding of Wash. Ington, D, C,, and Miss Mary Lee Fulks of Hope; five brothers, Messrs Ceaser Fulks of Prescott, Arkansas, Charley Folks of Omaha, Nebraska, Jim Fulks of Texas, Vernett Fulks of Chicago, Illinois, and Ejmo Folks of Texas; one sister, Mrs. Mag* gie BurtonofPres- cott, Arkansas; fourteen grandchildren and twelve great grandchildren. Funeral services will be held at Mt, Olive Baptist Church Sunday, May 26th, at 2:00p.m. Smith Funeral Home in charge, Mr, Jefferson Carrigan of No-Trump Set U Club Game Sy Oswald add James Jacoby NORTH 24 42 f 32 * A 10765 4KJ843 west EAST * QJ 10t A K8543 ¥KJ74 ¥Q965 • 83 4942 *A96 *2 SOUTH 4 A9G ¥ A 108 4 KQJ * Q 10 7 5 Both vulnerable West North East South 1N.T. Pass 2 A Pass 3 A Pass 4 4> Pass 4 <j Pass 5 A Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—A Q In yesterday's column we discussed the two spade response to one no-trump which shows both minor suits and any strength hand. Yesterday responder held one point. Today he holds eight high card points. Ordinarily he would simply bid three no-trump. West would make his normal spade lead and the defense would collect five tricks before South could get around to cashing any clubs. The artificial Jacoby two spade response asks South to rebid two no-trump with at least one and a half stoppers in each major. King-jack- small is the least holding that qualifies here. Otherwise, South rebids to three of his better minor. The three club bid warns North away from three no- trump but he wants to make a further try for game and does so by bidding four clubs. South could pass at this point but he has the right hand for going on. Since North has shown at least 10 minor suit cards South can count a maximum of one loser in the major suits and his good minor suit cards indicate that there won't be more than one loser there. In fact, South is ambitious enough to make a mild slam try. He does this by bid- Dirksen Fails to Keep Board an attempt to get to a heart contract and must be read as a club slam try. North looks at his eighj! points, refuses the invitation and closes the bidding at fiv^ clubs. Strangely enough the spade lead allows South to make 12 tricks. He takes his ace of spades and knocks out the ace of clubs. It doesn't matter what West does at this stage. South will draw the rest of the trumps and discard his 10 and eight of hearts on dummy's long diamonds. The slam will have been missed but North and South will have avoided getting set at three no-trump. (Newspaper Enterprise Ann.) By ROBERT T. GRAY Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - Senate Republican Leader Everett M. Dirksen has lost another round in his dogged bid to keep the moribund Subversive Activities Control Board alive beyond this year. A desk-thumping, shouting speech in which Dirksen suggested he had backing from President Johnson and railed at Atty. Gen. Ramsey Clark failed to rally enough Senate support for the Illinois Republican's cause. , Dirksen had proposed a crime control bill amendment that would .allow the attorneys-general of each of the 50 states to prosecute alleged subversive organizations before the board. But amid opponents' complaints that the precedent-shattering approach went too far, the Senate turned him down, 49 to 27. The board was the subject of widespread publicity last year with the disclosure it had not handled any business for nearly two years. Its five members each draw $26,000 a year. The agency was spotlighted in mid-1967 when it was learned that the latest appointee was a 29-year-old accountant, Simon F. McHugh Jr., who had married one of President Johnson's secretaries. That development prompted inquiries into the board's operations. When its inactive status was disclosed, cries arose in Congress for its aoomion. But Dirksen moved to preserve it. He finally won approval of a measure providing that it continue in operation provided at least one case was brought before it by next Dec. 31. Otherwise, it would go out of business next June 30. The agency was set up 17 years ago during the anti-Communist activity sparked by the late Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy, R-Wis. Its original authority was to identify subversives and subversive organizations and compel them to register. But Supreme Court decisions have stricken most of the basic authority of the agency. Lists Wife as House Speaker LARAMIE, Wyo. (AP) - Albany County Assessor Rose Rasmussen found on one property assessment tax form a man listed his wife's occupation as, "Speaker of the House." S. Vietnam Desertions Hit Record By DICK BARNES Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - Hamlet security and enemy defections in South Vietnam hit new lows while Communist infiltration and South Vietnamese army desertions rose to record highs in March, says a Senate Foreign Relations Committee private analysis of secret Defense Department war statistics. The document, dated May 13 and obtained Thursday by The Associated Press, said the percentage of hamlets secured was lower in March than anytime in the past two years. The period covered by the statistics followed the January- February Communist Tet offensive and preceded President Johnson's March 31 peace initiative. Carl Marcy, chief of staff for the Foreign Relations Committee, prepared the report for committee members. He said he did not include the figures on which it is based because they are classified. Ambassador Robert W. Komer, in charge of the U.S. pacification effort in Vietnam, ac- w. — Hppe Star photos Members of Joella's Kindergarten Class are David S. Harris, Dwayne Toliver, Trenace Maxwell, Wesley R. Brown, Reginald Easter, Ronnie Reed, Anita Rea Perkins, Jennifer Jones, Joslyn Williams, Stephanie Porter; Mrs. Joella Evans, teacher and P.H. Mrs. Doris Brown. knowledged in a March 28 interview with the AP that "we unquestionably suffered a real setback" in the Tet offensive. He said, however, that only about 200 of some 8,500 hamlets with a degree of government presence had reverted to Viet Cong control. A Komer report made public May 13 referred to the "painfully slow but apparently steady recovery of the pacification momentum" since March. Several members of the Foreign Relations Committee, Including Chairman J. W. Fulbright, D-Ark., have long criticized U.S. war policy. Wants Regan Buttons Returned . PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) Bob Hazen, Oregon chairman of the Reagan for president drive, is asking people to "bring back Reagan buttons they are not using." Hazen said that 20,000 Reagan campaign buttons have been distributed and there is no money to buy more. Q—The bidding has been: South West North East 1 N. T. Pass ? You, North, hold: 42 V32 • A 107 65 *K J 8 4 3 What do you do now? A—Respond two spades. (See today's column for further bidding.) TODAY'S QUESTION Again your partner opens one- no-trump. This time you hold: *2 *K2 • A 107 6 5 *KJ 84 3 What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow Took Some Doing to Regain Road COOS BAY, Ore. (AP) _ Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Marino of Medford, Or3., couldn't get their car going, and it took two Coast Guard ships, a tugboat and a log puller to get them back on the road, The Marinos were driving their amphibious car on Coos Bay last week when it got stuck on a mud flat. The boats pulled it free, and the Marines putt- putted across the bay, up a boat ramp and onto the highway, Stands as Proxy for a Marriage DENVER, Colo. (AP) Charles Cooper stood in as proxy for Airman Le Laverne Friedman, 21, Thursday in a marriage to Sheila Faddis, 20, who was a babysitter for Cooper's four children, Friedman is stationed in Turkey. The new Mrs. Friedman said it was simpler that way than trying to get married in Turkey. She will join her husband on leave in Germany In July and then they will go to Turkey. day May 24, 1968). Funeral arrangements will be announced by Hicks Funeral Home, foe. ton Ftoetside Pickup ONLY CHEVROLET GIVES YOU ALL THIS INNER STRENGTH: "y^ _A TOUGH COIL SPRINGS FRONT AND REAR ON ';- AND '.i-TON MODiHS DOUBLE-WALL STEEL SIDE PANELt lAILGATE-FLEErSIDE PICKUPS STRONG CABS WITH DOUBLE WALLS OF STEEL IN IMPORTANT AREAS SPE'CIAL FRONT FENDER I INERS TO HELP (Kjtir RUST AND CORROSION RIDE-SMOOTHING TRUCK-DESIGNED INDEPENDENT FRONT SUSPENSION STURDY LADDER-TYPE TRUCK FHAMf OF HIGH QUALITY STEEL GET A STRONG PICKUP AT YOUR CHEVROLET DEALER'S, NOW! Joo Tamer trucks fV I'JI-'

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