Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 30, 1963 · Page 6
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 6

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 30, 1963
Page 6
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Galesbur ister*Mail, Galesbu Tuesdd Prenuptial AlWood FFA Shoiver Draws £ . School Survey Report Is Reviewed by Citizens Group GALVA—Final meeting of the Citizens Committee Monday night fcaw members review the preliminary survey report, put out by Northern Illinois University, DeKalb. The survey does what iss name implies—surveys the Galva with an eve toward the seene witn an eye school system. It covers the school district's curriculum, buildings and sites, finances, as well as the city's population. From this data conclusions will be drawn, and committeemen stated they will make recommendations — unspecified, however, in either form or direction. Issued to Group The report submitted Monday night at F. U. White School had also been distributed to committeemen last week for them to study and insert corrections. A representative of the university went over the report with committeemen, calling their attention to a paragraph which acknowledged the time and effort put in by the committee. After changes have been made the report will be reproduced in book form, with copies to go to each member of the committee and each school board member, A few extra copies will be on display at the administration building, committeemen said. Maginel, Mrs. C. J. Maginel, Mrs. Dwaine Clark, Mrs. Glenn Humphrey and Stanley Ballard. Visitors at Monday's meeting included Milford Jontz of Princeton; Ellis Waller of Thomasville, Ga.; James Miller of Peoria; Ben Koppen of Belvidere and Richard Lebold and James Fulton, of Kewanee. Awards Cerei Held for Scoi At Rotary Me A was Lee Boy Scout court of awards the program presented by Le win, pr ogra m cha i r- man, before members of the Galva Rotary Club when they met Monday at the Galva LeClaire Hotel Eagle Scout Bill Larson conducted the awards ceremony. Awards were made by Rotarians, who are members of the scout committee. Dr. W. E. Frymire presented a tenderfoot badge to Jeff Mohnen; Dr. C. J. Maginel, second class badges to Tim Ballard, Darrel Clark and Roby Miller; Charles Whitney, a first-class scout badge to Jim Maginel; Richard. Liebold, executive for the Spoon River District, a Lite Scout badge to Steven Eckberg; Dr. Frymire, merit badges to Steven Eckberg, Jim Maginel and Darrel Clark. Dale Collis, who accompanied 'the Galva scouts to Camp Pear], spoke briefly on camp life. Larry Lundholm of Galesburg, scout executive of the Prairie Council, commended the local Rotary Club for its excellent sponsorship of the local scout program. Guests, who were parents or other relatives of the scouts earning awards, included Air. and Mrs. Henry Sterms. Mrs: James HOSPITAL NOTES Cottage ADMISSIONS MONDAY Mrs. Jean S. Burgin, Williamsfield. Mrs. Marie P. Norton, 676 W. Loscy. Clarence O. Morefield, Monmouth. Fred E. Sheive, Knoxville. Miss Rebecca L. Dillon, Galesburg Route .1. Dr. Harry C. McKown, Gilson. Cornelius Dexter, 104 N. Henderson. Charles A. Gatt, 204fi Grand Ave. Mrs. Unda F. Genisio. 911 E. Main. Mrs. Gloria F. Fittin^ton, 1009 E. Losey. David A. Shaver, 143 Walnut Ave. Mrs. Patricia J. Hall, 1054 Frank St. Roger Lenz, Knoxville. DISMISSALS MONDAY Louis R. Forsyth, 276 S. Seminary. Ronnie L. Yutesler, 1311 N. Seminary. Mrs. Maude M. Johnson, Oneida. | Mrs. Nancy J. Emery, 420 Hawkinson. Robert D. Standard, 1410 Russell Ave. Fred D. Smith. Wataga. Fred L. Scholl, New Windsor. Mrs. Jennie A. Hoxworth, 1497 Grand Ave. Mrs. Mabel R. Hedstrom. Oneida. Lawrence W, Peterson, 1052 E. South. Oral R. Clive, 771 N. West. Mrs. Francis Cervantcz, 540 W. Brooks. Lonnie A. Seilboldt, Victoria. Harold Scott, Monmoufh. Mrs. Caryl Rohs, 1560 N. Prairie St. Sheila S. Tetzloft, Altona. St. Mary ADMISSIONS MONDAY Timmie L. Mims, 1030 Emery St. Ray G. Hall, 336 Maple Ave. Robert H. Mears Jr., Knoxville. Mrs. Lester I. Carr, Yates City. Frank Jones, 1085 E. North St. Miss Virginia Clark, 379 W. Tompkins St. Mrs. Haskel Sulteen, Maquon. Donald Lovitt. 761 E. Brooks St. Mrs. James Fields, Galesburg Route 3. Pharen Luke, 1417 E. Knox St. Mrs. Lee Naugle. Cameron. Mrs. Rilla Barber. Williamsfield. Mrs. James E. Morss, Galesburg Route 2. ! W. Rodney Lindsey, Rio. G. Scntt Greer, 1289 Campbell Ave. Mrs. Robert L. Schwab, 1641 Meadow Drive, DISMISSALS MONDAY David Mangieri, Abingdon. Mrs. Clyde Brown, Avon. Wilbur Smith, 833 E. South St. Tern Ann Brown, 1026 W. Berrien St. Mrs. Ted Stevens, Laura. Mrs. William C. Shamon, 1883 Clay Drive. Mrs. Lawrence R. Siener, 1251 Harrison St. Miss Jean Weir, Monmouth. More Than 70 OPHIEM — More than 70 persons attended the prenuptial shower July 23 for Miss Judy Hughs of Milan at Grace Lutheran Church fellowship hall. Mrs: Larry McKinley of Cambridge, announced the program. Mrs. Paul Setterdahl gave a vocal number, accompanied by Mrs. Morris Larson, Mrs. Robert Horberg of Cambridge gave readings, Janet Peterson and Karen Bubon a piano duet and Janice Horberg a piano solo. Miss Hughs was assisted in unwrapping her gifts by Mrs. Russel Swanson of near Rio, Joann Thurman of New Windsor and Shelia Gordon arranged the rosette of ribbons. Color scheme of pink and white predominated in the table decorations and refreshments. 4 Mrs. Ada Anderson was at the silver service and Mrs. James Hughs of Milan, served the punch. Hostesses were: Mrs. Glenn Setterdahl, Rio; Mrs. Paul Setterdahl, North Henderson; Mrs. Dean Anderson, Rock Island; Mrs. Paul Anderson, Moline; Mrs. Robert Horberg and Mrs. Larry McKinley, Cambridge; Mrs. Eric Streed, Alpha; Mrs. Dale Thurman, New Windsor; Mrs. Paul Carlson, Lynn Center; Mrs. Almeda Samuelson, Mrs. Chester Gordon, Mrs. Robert Kelley and Mrs. Mauritz Samuelson, Ophiem. Dorcas Meets Dorcas members of Grace Church LCW plan a party at Henry County Convalescent Home Aug. 17. A film strip entitled "Sixty Hours in Hong Kong" was shown, 1 with Miss Catherine Johnson as narrator. Angela Kelley gave a piano solo. Serving were Mrs. Paul Nelson, Mrs. Ben Byram, Mrs. R. H. Ossian and Mrs. Ada Anderson. Priscillas, Too Priscilla unit, Thursday night planned a party at the Galesburg State Research Hospital Aug. 13. Members planning to attend Fellowship Day at Camp Augus- tana Aug. 8 at Lake Geneva, Wis., should contact Mrs. John Klundt for reservations. Swine Test AlWood High School Chapter of Future Farmers of America is participating in the ne\v Hampshire sire performance test. According to the Hampshire swine registry at Peoria, the test features new, higher goals of production designed to ultimately improve the hogs in a herd, in the breed and in the industry. The tests put AlWood 's herd- sire, Corn King Silver 890423 in a nationwide program organized by the registry. They enable them to get sound and practical information on a sampling of the pig crop. AlWood has 15 pigs from at least five different litters and all sired by this boar on official lest at the farm. These pigs were weighed on test under the supervision of Darl Fike, farm adviser, of Henry County. On Full Feed They are on a full feeding program, the self-feed route, and a' record is being kept on all feed fed. Twelve of these pigs will be slaughtered when they reach an average of 215 pounds and each pig measured for length, backfat and area of loin eye muscle, the standard measurements taken for swine certification. When the test is completed, Al­ Wood FFA will have a rate of gain record»on each pig; the pounds of feed required for each 100 pounds of gain for the test pen and a carcass measurement record on each pig slaughtered. If the test pen me'ets certain standards established by the swine industry as being-extremely good, special recognition will be given to the sire of the test pen and to the litters represented in the test. The performance information obtained will help the chapter in its selection and breeding program for improvement and will also be available to customers interested in buying good breeding stock. Visitors were welcomed to see AlWood FFA's test pen. Reviews Trip For Kin at Prairie City PRAIRIE CITY-A get-together of the Fayhee families was held Sunday at the East Park with 56 present for the basket dinner at noontime. Jack, son if the Doyle Fayhees, had just returned from a European trip he took following his graduation from Knox College in June. During the afternoon, he gave an account of his travels in the various countries he visited and showed pictures. His trip to Ireland was of particular interest to the family as his great grandfather, John Fayhee, came from Ireland to America and his son, the grandfather of Jack was also named John. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Fayhee and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Fayhee of Bushnell; Mr. and Mrs. Mike Fayhee and Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Fayhee of Ipava; Mr. and Mrs. Donald Fayhee and Mary Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fay- Mr. and Mrs. Ellen, hee and family, Bernard Fayhee and family, Mrs. John Fayhee and Mr. ahd Mrs. Fayhee and family of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold of Doyle Ellisville; Coultas and family Mrs. Walter Canton; Rowland Mi*, and and family of Augusta; Mr. and Mrs. Ed Foster and family of Morton and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph McFadden and family, Mr. and Mrs. Dexter Emory and family .and Miss Teresa Phillips. PrsJrie City Briefs • and Mrs. at- Mrs. John Fayhee Gladys Markley, Bardolph tended the fair in Lewistown Friday. Stella Mrs. myra Kreider neral of Mrs. of Mrs. Cray and attended Mary Cray, Mrs. Elthe fu- Juett, a in Rush- Two film strips were shown, _ "Everyday Life in Palestine" and OllOtCS r TOlll "Geography of the Holy Land." ^ i Miss Catherine Johnson was nar- x OClciy rator. cousin ville Saturday. Friday, visitors of Mrs. Elmyra Kreider were Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Butler and Mrs. Shirley Sum- rail and sons, of Flint, Mich. With Mrs. Kreider, they called on another aunt, Mrs. Florence Hoagland, who is at the Forrest Serven home. Miss Nancy McFadden had as her guests from Friday to Sunday, Miss Sandy Zimmerman, Miss. Barbara Tonillo and Miss of near Chicago. schoolmates at News Call Up Metcalf NEW YORK York Yankees (UP I have •The New called up Tom Metcalf, a 23-year-old right- handed relief pitcher, from their Richmond club in the International League. The Yankees made room for Metcalf on the roster by asking waivers on veteran Long, who will be as a coach if the Dale through. signed waivers go National Restaurant In Roseville wishes to announce that we will be serving Chuckwagon Dinners on Wednesday, Friday and Satur- There will not be a meeting in August, and the LCW meeting will be held Aug. 1. Hostesses include Mrs. John Edmund, Mrs. Dale Peterson and Mrs. George Green. Ophiem Briefs Ernst T. Johnson, now residing at the Henry County Convalescent Home, observed his 77th birthday July 21. His sisters, Mrs. Eric Streed of Alpha; Mrs. Almeda Samuelson and Mrs. Ada Anderson, of Ophiem, and Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Gustus brought a picnic supper and the group spent the afternoon at Geneseo Park. Mrs. Donald Gould was feted by her Birthday Club July 23 in her home. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bainbridge and two children vacationed in Missouri with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Hall, Thursday through today. Linda Bainbridge will return home with her parents after a visit in Missouri, (Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.) By United Press International HOLLYWOOD — Dean Martin, the actor, on learning that his daughter Claudia, 18, had eloped to marry Gavin Murell: "I don't even know the guy. I'm not very pleased about it but what can you do? If that's the •way it is, that's the way it is." Lorene Futell, They were all Western Illinois University. and Mrs. Calvin Coombs and Mr. and Mrs. Sulli- Mr. and, family Junior Craig and family, van, were weekend visitors with Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Coombs. The families were on their way to Iowa to visit, but car trouble prevented them going further. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Martin and Jimmie were over Saturday night with Mr, and Mrs, Laat guests Verne and family to see the UNITED Alberto Franco Nogueira, Portuguese foreign minister, discussing in the Security Council his nation's dispute with the African nations over Portuguese territories: "It would seem that everything we say is wrong. Everything we state is false. Everything we suggest is of no interest. Everything we propose is unacceptable. We are utterly wrong in every detail; they are absolutely right." Copeland Peru, then went on to see Brookfield Zoo and attended the ball game at the Cubs Park Sunday afternoon. Mr Bill J day evenings All you can eat for a buck. Sunday Buffet Dinners served from 11:00 A.M. Till 8:00 P.M. National Restaurant ROSEVILLE, ILLINOIS REMINISCING Of Bygone Years Wednesday, July 30, 1913 Although the water in the reservoir in Galesburg did not stand as high as it did a month ago, there was strll a depth of about 11 feet in the tank. The superintendent stated that there was no immediate danger ot a water famine in the city; however, a few I good rains were needed, ! i ! The Frost team, baseball champions of the Galesburg Commercial League, received a NEW YORK—Bernard S. Phillips, a sociologist, believed to be the first American survivor to return home from the Skopje, Yugoslavia earthquake: "There was so much debris in the air you could hardly see anything at all. It was the most oppressive sight that I have ever seen in my entire life." ARIS-Pr Charles de silver cup PLAYING NIGHTLY it BYRON GIBSON 'a TWENTY YEARS AGO Friday, July 30, 1943 Barbara Stanwyck was starred \ in the motion ph'ture, "Lady of • Burlesque," showing at the Oi'- pheum Theater. Rev. Alan Jenkins of Elkhart, i Ind., became ihr new pastor of : Central Congregational Church. Gaulle, discussing the suggestion of Russia for an East-West non- aggression pact: France does not appreciate assimilation of the Atlantic Alliance and Communist slavery." Dome Copied Tomb FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) The rotunda and interior of the dome of Kentucky's state capitol are copied from Napoleon's tomb 1 in Paris. Heads Stark County ARC TOULON — Mrs. Bill Jones was named chairman of the Stark County Red Cross Chapter. She replaces Mrs. Douglas Nelson, who served the past year. Mrs. Theodore Kinne of Wyoming is the new blood chairman for (he chapter to replace Mrs. Joanne Williams, who has resigned after serving several years. The budget for the county has been set at $2,704. The annual drive will be held in September. The next bloodmobile stop will be in Toulon Aug. 20. Township chairmen and other committees will be announced later. Wed SPECIAL CHICKEN IN THE BASKET CLUB om AIR CONDITIONED our Comfort Org on \ Every talking about the Always Mori Fun at . . , 9 DATA PROCESSORS COMPUTER PROGRAMMERS NEEDED Men-Women 16-40 Keypunch-IBM Data Processors. IBM Computer Programmers. Qualiiy tor one of these jobs. Basic salary $5,795 to $12,620. others higher. Civil Service Hating—7 to 12. Plenty of jobs when you qualiiy. Train at own expense. Low tuition financed. Short training period. Training need not Interfere with present employment. Write including phone number: PCMT Box 722 '< Galesburg Register- Mail. UNUSUAL OPPORTUNITY MEN W TRAINEES URGENTLY NEEDED MACHINE TRAINING Persons selected can be trained in a program which need not interfere with present job. If you qualify tra.fl­ ing can be financed. Write today, please include home phone and age. AUTOMATION TRAINING Box P6$ O RegUier-MaU Class of 1948 Has Reunion BUSHNELL—The School held a reunion Sunday at the VFW Park with a potluck dinner. Jim Kipling presided at the business meeting. It was decided to hold another reunion in five years with Alma Brooks, Mary Elam in Brewer and Virginia charge. Those attending were: Phoenix, Ariz., Mr. and fkrs. Robert (Joanne Bartlett) Legge, Marsha. James, Marilyn and Jer- aid; Glendale, Ariz., Mr. and Mrs. Dale (Dorothy Whisler) and Di- (Dorothy Poulter, Debra, Daniel Mr. and ane; Jim and Burlington, (Joan Dell) Mrs. Burke, Janice Melody; Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Kipling, Kent, Karen and Kim; Midland, Mich., Mr. and Mrs. Jack Shene- bergcr. Canton, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dercnzy, Danny and Donny and Mr. and Mrs. Vic Mason, Ricky, Sut and Lu; Hinsdale, Mr. and Mrs. James Spiker ' and Ann; Great Lakes, Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Nicholas, Bruce, Becky and John; Peoria, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne (Barbara Rogers) Kimler, Cheryl, David and Terry; Smithshire, Mr. and Mrs. Grover (Mary Jean Smith) Dunbar, Sally, James, Edward, Marilyn, Patrick and Lindell; Macomb, Bryda Cramer and Mr. and Mrs. Russell (Norma Jean Huffman) Parkins, Randy and Rex. Prairie City, Sam Huffman and Mr. and Mrs. Jerry (Mary Likes) Taylor, Pamela, Lana and Melody, and from Bushnell, Mrs. Mary (Hilton) Brewer, Kathy, Randy, Karen and Jimmy, Mr. and Mrs. Bill (Alma Brewer) Brooks, Brett, Bonnie, Brenda, Muir Prairie City Park Concert Announced Prairie ctty —The Bushneii- Prairie City High .School band will give its last concert of the season Tuesday night, Aug. 6, at the East Park in Prairie City. The Citizens Park Committee will have a concession stand and will sell home-made candy, pie, coffee and pop and are asking for donations of these articles. All proceeds will be used for the park upkeep. Miss Birthday. Marked Fern Muir of Dixon and daughter of the Tom Muirs spent the weekend in Prairie City. July 31 is her birthday, but the family celebrated the event with a picnic supper at the Edst Park Sunday. The table was centered with a pink and white birthday cake and Fern received birthday gifts. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Guy Homer, Mr. and Mrs. Warren Thurman, Mary and Linda; Mr. and Mrs. Harold and family. Mrs. Martha Beverly, and Bette, Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie (Virginia Powers) Elam, Nikki, Cynthia and Tommy, Mr. and Mrs. Harris (Pat Roley) Lafary, Rick and Vicki, Mr. and Mrs. Charles (Shirley Kimler) Myers, Ronnie and Janet, and Mr. and Mrs. Locie (Frances Thompson) Smith, Judy, Kevin and Connie. family, Muir, Mr. and Mrs. Art Winkler and Karen, Elzie Drury and May and Walter Muir, of Bushnell, Shaw, Mrs. Nora Kruzan and Bushnell News Notes A hamburger fry was held at the park Sunday evening in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Poulter and family of Glendale, Ariz. Present were Mr, and Mrs. Kenneth Edington and family of Macomb, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Hobbs and family of Adair, Mr. and Mrs. James McGrew and family of Avon and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Whisler of Bushnell. A potluck supper will be held Wednesday at 7 p.m. for members of the Bushnell Assembly of Rainbow Girls and Billy Muir and the Tom Muirs. Prairie City Briefs Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Coombs have received word of the birth of a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Dale Coombs, Galesburg, who also have another daughter and son. She has betn named Cynthia r Sue and is the 27th grandchild of Mr. and Mrs. Coombs. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Harding are parents of a son born July 26 at the Saunders Hospital. He has been named Jon Andrew. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Formhals have bought the house just southeast of business block which was last occupied by the Robert Ambrosis family, who now live in Galesburg. Mr. and Mrs. Elzie Phelps have bought the house where the Donald Favhees live. Swimming will follow. Fayhees live. Phelps is guests. [ building the new house for the Fayhees. Meantime, the Fayhees The Green Bay Packers are seeking to become the first National Football League team to the championship three are moving into a nearby prop erty which they also own. win straight times. The University of Arizona basketball team leads its long series with Arizona State, 81-38. NOW SHOWING SHOW STARTS 7:30 ADULTS 65c • t • * AIR-CONDITIONED CHILDREN 25c EARL THEATRE, Knoxville ST Exclusive Galesburg Showing Now Showing Open 7:30—Show Starts at Dusk tell you,chum...laughs it is! . FRaNKSiNana ContE Biow Your Horn PARAMOUNT PiCFURtS presents Techiicoioi Ltc J MOLLV BARBARA JUL COBB PICON RUSH SI JOHN OAM PHYLLIS fk BLOCKER • McGUIRE • BILL f 4 Gray Mac Puductoo • A Unnercal lotefiwboui Refeuf Calendar TUESDAY, JULY M dftPftfWM: "Bye. Bye ^ BJrdie,* 1 :30. 3:35, fi:30, 7:30 and 9:35 p.m. WEST: ,"The Lontfest Day," 1:30, 4:30 and 3:20 p. m. DRIVE Iff: "Stagecoach to Dancer* Hock," 8:45; "Come Blow Ymir Horn." 10 p. m, On* complet* showing nightly. Conservation Day Set In Fulton County Plans have been advanced for the annml Fulton County soil and water conservation field day Aug. 8. The program will start at 9.30 a.m. on the Merle Bearce and Ray Chipman farms and last until about 3:30 p.m. The site of the Field Day is a lion I one mile east of the new Farm Bureau Building north of Lewistown at the Junction of highways 97 and 100. The first major event will be the plow adjustment demonstration at 10 a.m. under the supervision of Wendell Bowers, agricultural engineering at the College of Ag. Bowers will also supervise the contour and level land plowing contest. Activities for the day include terrace building, grass waterway repair and construction, and land preparation for legumes seedings. A soil sampling demonstration will also' be in the program. All Fulton County farm men and women 16 or over are eligible to participate in the contour and level land plowing contest. Farm- owners, however, who are not actually engaged in farming or not residing in the farm are ineligible. Contestants, however, under 21 must have consent of their parent or guardian to enter the plowing event. READ THE CLASSIFIEDS! COMfORTAIlT COOt OPEN 1:15 At 1:30 • 3:35 5:30 • 7:30 • 9:35 COLUMBIA PICTURES MEKNTI A KOHLMAR-SIDNEY SOON A boy... a girl... on encer untain HfNRV •tAURMM FONDA O'HARA COMFOtTAKV COOL w T At 1:30 4:50 - 8:20 P.M. i i INTERNATIONALLY ACCLAIMED HIT JUST AS IT WAS SHOWN IN THE MAJOR CAPITALS OF THE W0R10I DARRYL F. ZANUCK'S WITH 42 INTERNATIONAL |^*..^ STARS I &4»«i on It* foot fty COWHiUS * YAH * mm mm mm* w ^* ^ | _ SPECIAL BARGAIN Matinee 90c 'til 6 P.M. j

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